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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jul 26 1919, Page 3

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - July 26, 1919, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia correspondence the Cost of living. Tat play writes Reading the enquiry How taking place relative to the High Price of i fill to Bee where the Benefit if Jwj is coining from by taking depositions from she wholesale Man. It is i fact that for fears the grocery retail Trade became cd now is simply a distributing Trade for the whole salers. They and they alone have All alone reaped the Golden Harvest. The retailer became their Humble Bondsman. To simplify matters a is Well known to the Trade the wholesale warehouses banded together so that if the retail trader acted fairly to his customers he could procured elsewhere. But the retailer More Espe 4 scially noticeable since the armistice was signed is. Or it seems to Roc hastening to get to the expense of the consumer and i think it would be 110 More than just to make a few enquiries As to prices charged to customers during the last twelve month. I smiled Over s assertion that the profits on butter Only show a 9 per cent margin. Or. Keven roust be without guile or be conducts his business different lines to his co Peers. Let me enlighten or. Pc Vern. He attends the Saleroom and buys his produce from one or the other. Does or. Kevern always buy the Best brands top prices and sell at a 9 per cent profit if he does this he ought to be presented with a testimonial for his honesty in Trade. How Many of his brother traders Are doing the same Sot Many that i know of. As Long As a Pound of butter has the separator Brand that s All that s required and the trader notwithstanding he May have bought this same line for 1/4 to maybe even 3,6, has the effrontery to charge his customer 2/ and often Over per Pound. This is where enquiry u needed and All bran of butter registered so that a customer could have an idea As to the Cost and Worth of same. Kiss too Are being grossly profiteers a. Last summer when they dropped to a. Per dozen i knew a. Retailer who charged 1/. Xot too bad a profit but when Bev use to / he charged 1/8. Just now i have a Man calling with butter eggs a. He is profiteering Glossy. He deals with pickled eggs almost unsaleable this season. Yet he started his prices at 1 6 a dozen making the modest profit on the consumer of 8d. Per dozes. And so it goes on. It seems to me every one in Trade from the highest to the lowest is trying to Over pc teach the other. A Federal breach of Promise. J. A Largs Bay dear old federation i thought i loved her. A her Virtues were so veil explained. I saw admired &c., and voted for her. One Grace did through her whole body Shine. That was by consolidating the whole of our National debt in lieu of each state acting or borrowing independently. We would save from i to i per cent. That saving would pay and More than pay All the additional Cost of Fede ration Federal parliaments Federal taxation acc a. I now feel i would like have i federation up Lor breach of Promise. What s wrong with the world e. J. Nigie writes there is no reason l Why Independent should become pessimistic because he has Sot been Able to secure representation in parliament the trouble lies in our i present system of voting and there is a remedy at hand. \ the Eri sting method of electing Bers does not give a True reflex of the will of the people and there is Little Hope of any per on outside the two big parties securing representation for their views. The Reform needed la improve matters is proportional representation. Usy politicians advocate a is measure Ween on the hustings seeking the suffrage of Che people but they forget All about it when they Are re turned to parliament however it is pleasing to note that there is each a. Growing body of Public opinion in favour of the Reform that it can no longer be ignored. People Are beginning to Realise that the two party system has proved ? curse to the country. National Well being his been sacrificed to party interests. Hence the present demand for a change is oar electoral t a Wem seeing hut the labour rational and formers and settlers parties have proportional representation on their platforms and that a number of Liberal members also support the re form there is no legitimate reason Why the measure should Sot be placed non the statute Book during us life of tiie present parliament. If Independent wants politics purified he should work for proportional represent Ion. Or. A. Hughes Grenfell Street writes or. Kessop s contributions under the above title make very Good Reading but 1 have a. Suggestion to make for the consideration of your readers. Itis that the Federal government or the state governments shall As Early As potable offer sub Stantial prizes for competitive essays not Only to find out what s wrong with the world but what is of greater importance to All people ? s. Practical remedy for the wrong whatever it May be such remedy to be one capable of being put into operation by act of parliament. There is nothing unreasonable in my suggestion. Governments offer thousands of pounds As bemused for the discovery of Goldfields for oilfields and for the production of certain commodities which will result in the establishment of industries �11 of which Are valuable but Are Only of a temporary nature. What is wanted is beyond All these and the prizes therefore just be such As would command the Best Talent available and a Fere a the world. Fifty thousand pounds for a remedy would be a Small Price say three prizes viz., �15,000, �10.000, and �5,000, and �25 000 for the judges who might consist of three University professors three state judges three Liberal leaders and three labour leaders with a judge of the High court As Umpire. Let Australia take the Lead in this great matter. Intens world where there is enough and to spare for All there must be a remedy for our difficulties. If there is none then our civilisation and our religion Are a Larce and the sooner our churches universities schools and Parlia ments shut up and let might Rule the do not however think the latter necessary be to 5 1j1v1 god that he by provided for u Jar i. A remedy Ai be found if it honestly looked for. Foe Sammy a cos. -3k axe. E. Tandy Plympton writes Haring read during the last few weeks of the reception Given to sir Harry Lauder and of All he has dope for the soldiers in the old country for which he received Well deserved recognition i would be glad to know what the Public is going to do for one in this City who has worked night and. Day for the boys of Australia. I Don t want to mention any name As people can see my in the streets rain bail or Shine. He is at tote station welcoming the boys Back. I am sorry to say there Are thousands who will never return. The chaff act. Hoy Babr re spectre so. 129 writes Peing one of the 101 inspectors i might state that i have Beer trying for Over three Vears to get the Diaff act altered. The mail and horse owner have done More Good in one week than i did in three years in bringing it before the Bers of parliament. Now they hate seen the flaw in the act i know there is not one member that will vote against it for the Sake of the suffering animals. If Hore owner had said thousands in place of in boreas be would have been nearer the Mark. I Nave bad Over forty years of practical experience with horses and Many a bag of chaff i have had to throw away As it was not fit for food. I have spoken to the government in electors about it but Thev cannot do anything in the matter while the present act is in Force i Trust members of the House Voll enquire into the position. School children s Heth. E. Hayes Xor Man . We read in the reas that the Premier has ? stated that several Adelaide dentists have drawn up a scheme for the establishment of a dental clinic under which noted children would be Able to Hare As extractions and fillings at a very Small Jee. This reads like a Beneficent movement but ii in the duty of the writer to Point out that it will prove an utter failure and involve the government in Ca. Greater outlaw than they have Eny Conception of. Tins assertion is not made without serious and due consideration of the deplorable condition of the Teeth of australians Cna pne immense amount of induced Iao resulting therefrom As evidenced by paper read More branches of the British medical association by chief medical officers of hospitals. The a Riter expresses the Hope that tic government in look carefully into the matter and not enter Uhn fold into that will prove a Culdesac and he will give the authority for his statement in verbatim quotations from the High test dental by Hiemst in the Southern hemis phere viz., professor pickerill who won prize essay of the Koval College of 6nrgeons of England on the prevention of dental caries and Oral sepsis. Professor pickerill is a fully qualified doctor of Medicine Bachelor of sorcery and master of dental surgery from the University of Birmingham and at the present time professor of dentistry and director of the dental school in the University of Otago . Professor pickerill in his epoch making work Points out that All this dental inspection of Cabool Gumren is utterly useless and is reparative and not preventive it is equivalent to shutting the stable door when the Steed is out. Be Pirrot the preventive treatment of dental caries must be made one of the most important brandies of the Public health service. To initiate and organise a department to Deal ? ? efficient with this Branch alone would be a source of National Economy. The present so Eicem of inspection and advice is Good and Neces sary but in itself is futile and almost a Lopno item the tide of this National disease. The proposed system of treatment by Means of the Moat extensive and costly scale can hardly be much Beuer. No Universal method of treating disease can be recognised As being upon right lines no enormous expenditure of Public Money for the treatment of disease can be Justi fied unless the treatment strikes at the cause of the trouble an gives some reasonable Hope that the incidence of the. Disease will be materially lessened. If the simile May be pardoned such schemes Are an if in army of Smill boys were pelting a Glass House with stones and the owners instead a attacking and dispersing the came of the trouble employed an equally Large army of workmen to be constancy repairing the a nacre As it went on. There would be two inevitable results the Vit our and the number of to Tacker would incr a daily and the work of the workmen would deteriorate. The pain end suffering the lowered mental and physical condition of the Little children cry aloud for help. The people their parents Are for the Roost part Blind and ignorant As to tie cause and remedy. For the remove of this Igno Rance for placing Means for combating Tho Dis ease Wilburn the reach of All and for making disease causing factors less accessible the state nut be responsible by the removal of the ignorance professor pickerill refers to proper education in dental Hygiene of parents and guardians for he is in direct Accord with Willis djs of England in that preventive Mea sures Mist commence with the first baby tooth ind the reparative work is at its Best but palliative. The writer has handed to the press for publication a brochure on the True cause of denial euries Ami dental Hygiene in which Ruo tit ions from the most eminent dental authorities appear which he trusts May be of service to tie Public. If the government Are in Earnest Ujj. Tie matter of dentil Hygiene the Only sen sible plan would be to import a nun of special attainment in dental Bogie re such As professor pick rail and make him chairman of the dental Board. He would certainly begin Iris labours by trashing Correct modes of living to our Ris ing generation through their parents teaching them How to rear their children with Ned Teeth up to Anil after the time of their earliest school age. By it time children Are ready to enter the kindergarten and the preparatory school they have struck the opening chapter of a Long Etory of sorrow and humiliation the wont Fea Ture of which is tint it is beyond permanent cure. Iof a past government very wisely paid a hand i pome Premium to an English Engineer to design ? oar deep drainage and recently imported from America an expert in looking Rivers and More recently from Tine Straits settlements a railway expert to teach us How to manage our railways economical. So government in South Australia has Ever spent Money More advantage ousely by Siho Ald not the present government do something of like nature for the rising Gene ration and those yet to come by importing Auch a Man As professor pickerill random rhymes to Commonwealth politics Ano in Federal affairs generally there seems to be a decided tendency to postpone various matters until after the return of or. Hughes. In fact recently the Federal ministry seems to be sadly devoid of any initiative As Well As lacking a driving Force of which the prime minister is a most effective example. Twill be a really splendid Day when or. Hughes returns. Well have to yell a loud Hooray when or. Hughes returns. For Here and in the other states the Public patiently awaits that All eventful Date of dates when or. Hughes returns. The Parrot cry heard every Day when or. Hughes returns is bidding fair to turn us Grey Ere or. Hughes returns. Each different party rolling loft the Commonwealth machinery dogs we re truly Point to the dogs till or. Hughes returns. The ministry is Idle still till or. Hughes returns. They cannot even pass a Bill till or. Hughes returns. There seems no go amongst the lot the wheels of even Willie Watt can t be accused of running hot Ere or. Hughes returns. They can t do this and can t do that till or. Hughes returns. To wonder voters whip the cat till or. Hughes returns. The Cabinet seems made of Wax Reform the strikers crude attacks. To Jar ministry a Backbone lacks till or. Hughes returns. They say Well hear some joyous news when or. Hughes returns that ought to lift us from the blur when or. Hughes returns. Dame Rumour plies a Busy Trado regarding Cash the Hun has paid we wait announcements to be made when or. Hughes returns. Although it s More than overdue Ere or. Hughes returns Well get a Tariff Bright and new when or. Hughes returns. For countless things we have to trait the Little Man who s somehow great. So let us cheer at any rate when or. Hughes returns. Seabee. ? ? ? the world nowadays seems to be in a turbulent ferment and from practically every Quamer come tidings of strikes riots and other commotions. Our Jing Ler will now proceed to disturb the peace we had our jag and cheered the Flag because of Welcome peace. As War is hell we re glad to Tell that martial fighting cease. We celebrate the Blus Ful fut and then we get a Shock for on the map there s still a scrap or two our Joy to mock. Yes now it seems our peaceful dreams Are my tical at least. As still tie world in strife is hued to North and West and Dago Brood that chops tie Wood to run Kalgoorlie mines Matilda packs and. Downs the axe on truly Union lines. By Day and night the allies fight the Ovy bolsheviks. Poor Russia thins while famine grins and beckons o or the styx. ? where Wilson lives the Yankee give his negroes cause to flee the Cable sings there s rioting in Washington . An-3, too alas the khyber pass. Is scene of an attack Sid tribal foes the ferment grows. But still we Nurl them Back. A Melbourne crowd with shouting loud gave Battle to the police. A healthy Way some people say of celebrating peace. ? is they Sav the Dove now wines acre Witt olives in its break. At least it ought for we were taught peace happened yester wee this gracious Pax a something lacks it s Rotten at the roots. Though people cheer Well make it dear we emn How Hae Oor doors a message from mars.? the doctrine of other Dom. Or Hugh d. Mantosh s newly organised company of actors opened their Adelaide season in the Tivoli theatre to night to a very Good House. Robert Anthony s play in three acts was the production and the simple Well known Story of the a wakening of Horace Parker to the fact of Bis own utter selfishness was in folded to the audience who showed their appreciation in marked fashion. The visit in a dream of the messenger was accompanied by Good stage effects and the Snoie play was Well mounted and produced under the direction of Robert ? Grieg with Charles Brown As stage manager. The bulk of the work fell upon Charles Wheeler As Horace Parker and lie was at Bis Best in the second act where his transformation from the Ryan of selfish Case to the indigent tramp was cell portrayed. In the other scenes he was not so convincing and he needs to cultivate More ease of manner and pay greater attention to his Aspirates and enunciation. Maurice Nodin As the messenger was appropriately dignified and impressive his resonant voice being Well suited to the part. Noel Geddes was charmingly natural in the role of Minnie Templer and her stage presence a especially pleas ing. Gwen Burroughs statuesque personality stood her in Good Stead in the part of miss Parker and her voice is an asset in such roles. Charles Brown is a character actor of no mean order and his presentation of the tramp was a lifelike Atuf. Of the minor parts that of Joe the Coster stood out by reason of Tom can Aam 6 Clever acting and Rawdon Bland Ford made the most of the somewhat colourless character of Arthur Dicey. The test of the cast Are Good support to the principals and a message from Mars i will be repeated until replaced by Tair and warmer among those present were or. And . G. Me Bride the misses Mcbride miss Edith Daw. Mrs. Herbert Woodham Rangoon is sir Green. Hiss Ryfa Crowe or. Stanley Hill Hiss Effie Green., or. J. A. Gibson or. And . Barton Henderson miss say Fisher capt. Max Gore . Frank Rymill . T. R. Scarfe misses Irene and Ellinor Scarfe misses Joyce and Marv Warren. Or. And . W. H. Gillard miss if lard . W. T. Mortlock or. J. T. Mortlock or. Ranson Mortlock . Snow. Miss Harvey. Miss Hayward miss Alice Hayward or. And . A. V. Benson or. Colin Campbell or. Torn Steele or. And . E. H. Luke or. And Villeneuve Smith. Or. Jack Rymill miss Paul Ine Schom Borik or. Dick Schom Burgk miss Madge Rymill miss Kitty Sullivan and or Wilfrid Zeul. The goal shortage. Yearly ticket writes in these Days of trouble and dislocation of business caused by the Coal shortage i consider it a Randal for the Raif rays department to attach to the port Pirie trains on july 23 and -24 a coach for the convenience of four gentlemen Only. It was the coach Baroota which must be much heavier than the Ordinary coaches. While recognising that officiate Are perhaps entitled to a certain amount of privacy having regard to the position they occupy i take objection to the each tra Velling practically empty when it could have at Leith Aan Taer Loa Pawliw. Very first class Carriage had persons travelling outside on t3r platform who could not obtain seats and i believe the Leeond class carriages were Over allowing with passengers who had paid their fares. I h asking too much of those occupying High positions in the state to take their share of the inconveniences that Are common in these Aas. And be thankful to have & seat without a whole Icaca to themselves . Cricket Pellew and Stirling on top. Published in the times lox Dox to Day. The follow rep Are the averages up to Date of the . Touring team c. E. Pellew s.a.1,053 runs average 42.65. H. L. Collins n.s.w.1,196, 5154. Trennert a888, 38.60. H. Wilts a951, 36.55. Taylor xjs.w.836. 34.83. S. E. Gregory x.s.tv.601, 28.61. Bull x.s.w.478, 26.55. Lan Pard a687, 2b\38. W. Stirling s.a.559, 25.40. Stirling Heads the Bowling with 36 wickets for an average of 16.6c. 1 others prominent Art h. L. Collinsson j ?3 Wickete ave rage 16.92. S. E. Gregory n.s.w.96, 17.89. Docker n.s.w.34, 1854. Lampard a66, 21.33. Yorkshire is top of the counties. Hen dred 1,100 leads the batting with an average of 106 Ducat 1,287, 80.37 Gunn 1,037, 64.81 Hobbs 1,298, 565. In Bowling Waddington took 28 wickets for an average of 13.07 Rhodes 83, 13.61 Woolley 62, 13.70 Parkin 34, 13.82. Bolshevik win 30,000 prisoners claimed. From the mail correspondent Paris to Dav. It a reported that the bolsheviks Are attacking strongly on Gen. Denikin s front. They Pri Nereu 30,000 and made a great haul of provisions and War material. Wide hips please fashion s latest decree. Published in the times Lomox to Day. The times fashion correspondent at Paris say larger hips is the cry of the moment. The new Winter fashions will show a Width effect gained by designs rather than by Quantity in View of eco Nomy in the use of material. The hips Are broadened by the use of ornamental pockets strapping it itching and buttons and the narrowness of the skirt near the feet. The materials show bold Brilliant stripes wide apart. T boxing. From the mail representative London. To Dav. The weekly dispatch bay6 Jimmy Wilde expects to sail for America within two months to fulfil a contract for �12,000 to Box sixteen four round exhibition notches. --.-? personal . Richmond Baker of Park Terrace North Unley has received the following letter from the officer in charge base re cords Victoria i am directed to trans Mit herewith one congratulatory card and army order issued by the general officer commanding the 5th army British expeditionary Force referring in laudatory terms to the conspicuous manner in which your son the late Lieut. T. C. R. Baker Conran cod himself in the Fana it #3ia enemy the following appeared in the London Gazette of february 8, 1919, relating to the conspicuous services Ren dered by the late . T. C. Rich mond Baker . And bar 4th Strad Ron australian flying corps awarded the distinguished flying Cross. This officer has carried out some 40 Low flying raids on. Hostile troops Aerodromes a and has taken part in numerous offensive patrols. He Haj. In addition destroyed eight hostile machines. In All these Ope rations he has shown exceptional Initia Tive and dash never hesitating to Lead his formation against overwhelming Odds nor shrinking from incurring personal danger on monday a pleasant Surprise greeted or. Frederick Harman when a gift suit ably engraved from the staff of messes. Good Toms k co., Adelaide was received by Hon at Bis residence King William Road Hyde Park. Or. Harman has been partially confined to his room through illness but is Well on the Road to recovery. Application for probate of the will of the late or. A. C. Megarey of Rose Park has been lodged by . E. L. Megarey in conjunction with elder s trustee and executor company of Currie Street Ade Laide. The Gross value of the estate is sworn not to exceed in value �9,000 the late or. T. A. Macklin of King Street Brighton who died suddenly on july is was the son of or. Caleb Macklin of Clarence Park. It is somewhat Pathe tic that he bad just built a new House and that before he had occupied it More than a month or two he expired within its Walls. He left a widow Nee miss Rosie Stubbs youngest daughter of the Rev. Albert Stubbs of Rose Park and two Kettle daughters. Our London correspondent cables that or. Winston Churchill was severely shaken As the result of an aeroplane crash at Croydon. His Pilot was badly injured. . F. R. Chalmers. D.s.o., com manding officer of tie 27th battalion ., is expected to arrive on the Ormonde on tuesday afternoon. He will continue the trip As co. To Brisbane and return to Adelaide. Majestic theatre. Magnificent offerings. Many Fine programmes have been presented to patrons of the King William Street playhouse but even the Best must suffer in comparison with the magnificent offerings staged at the wkly change of programme to Day. Travelling restrictions were judging from the packed House a secondary consideration. Those who were fortunate enough to secure seats Tihe House full sign was exhibited Long before the commencement witnessed a delightful programme amiss Pearl Ladd and or. Villiers Arnold established their presentation of the haunted Gar Den was mip Erb. Or. Arnold appeared As Johnny Walker and migs Ladd made a Dainty picture in an Early victorian cos tume. Her exceptional voice was heard to advantage in the latest English song i go my Way singing and together with or. Villiers Arnold in a duet entitled shadowland because Sung by or. Arnold Drew merited applause. The huge audience showed their appreciation of an exceptional offering in no unmistakable manner and an Extension of their season will be welcomed. Jennings and Gerald figured among the known favourites. Miss Jennings Sang Are you from heaven and have a smile or. Gerald is a comedian in a class All his own. Unrestrained merriment ruled while he occupied the boards and most of the time the Louse rocked with laugh Ter. Watson and Waldron prov if i � turn of More than passing Merit. Nine wonderful kiddies appeared As a result of the Billing Fuller s nine wonders to describe their presentation is an impossibility. They simply took the House by storm. Two Little wonder jazzed delightfully and All the Little wonders essayed acrobatic feats and tumbled in a manner that at one moment held the Audi ence enthralled and at the next occasioned a Roar of laughter due to their quaint antics. Goner any an audience is sym athletic where kiddies Are concerned Bat sympathy in their Case was a negligible Quantity and the excellence of their turn truly merited the acknowledgement it received. The Harry Burgees revue com Pany was again responsible for the Cemond half of the programme. Gus Franks Harry Burgess lies Wharton and Ernest lash Brooke the Las named As mar. Buddington kept the Bouse in sustained hilarity. Lashbrooke is most versatile and the other comedians Are of a rare order. A railway tangle has been previously staged in this City and its reception to night bore testimony to its pronounced Success. It May be described As one of the Best of the Many Good revues the Harry Burgess company Nave offered. Miss Lola Hunt maintained her reputation for exquisite gowns. A Dainty and accomplished artist and one who knows just Bow to Wear Dainty clothes she met with instantaneous Success. At the stutters. Ball was one of her beat numbers while miss Billie Mavis was delightful in teach me How to love miss Edna Seaton scored a decided hit in her rendering of hello. Central give me France and also together with Ernest Lashbrooke in my Bonnie Lassie Harry Burgess was inimitable in buckwheat cakes and gave a Fine interpretation of a Nigger. Les Wharton was quite at Home in ire land will Welcome her own it was indeed a Fine revue and coupled with the exceptional turns of the first Naif ensures crowded houses during the ensuing week. Parliament s comedians decay of manners in the House shameful waste of time by our special reporter there is a journalist in Adelaide who tells a Good Story of How a fellow press Man years ago had the courage to inform parliament what he thought of its Delibe rations. The debate bad dragged on wearily for Days when in the feeble hours of the morning a member moved that the House do now adjourn. It was too mild a proposal for the Buffer ing Pressman who bored to death by Tihe wearisome Diimig mat be Nau Yeeu spelled to endure Rose in the majesty of his Wrath and shouted fiercely from the Gal Lery and i move that the House do now adjourn for 40,000 ? years that same Pressman on the Morrow bad to stand at the bar of the House and the ? sack swiftly followed him. There was however one member of the Assembly in those Days the late or. V. L. Solomon who considered that the journalist instead of being punished should have been Given a medal. For Bis Pluck and sound Sugges Tion. This penalised Pressman is not in Ade Laide now but if he were be would prob ably find very Little difference in the conduct of parliament. There is still plenty of talked talked Only More so. Despite the fact that Strong though fruit less representations were made to the government this year for an earlier re opening of parliament even after the House has met the real business of lie country has had to take a Back place to a Long and tiresome discussion on the Posi Tion of sir Richard Butler which on the very face of it could Kave but one ending utter defeat disgraceful delay. It May be justifiably argued that sir Richard had a right to present his ease in his own interests but it is difficult to understand Why the government sought to regard his motion As one of Nocon i Dence and thus allow the question to be debated at such inordinate length. The result is that matters of vital moment to the state and of very real concern to the soldiers have been thrust aside at a time when they should have been con fronted by members with an earnestness of purpose and resolve. Neither does the Outlook appear to be promising so far As the remainder of the session is concerned i there is to be an other revival of the discussion on the wheat business on August 13, when the chairman of the Angus commission will table a motion seeking the adoption of its report by the House. The people Are already fed up with wheat yet they Are Likely to have More of it for a con e durable time. Or. Angus motion is cer Tain to entail prolonged consideration of the various findings of the commission and throughout this period the Argent business of the state will again be shelved. By this time the report of the Webb commission might Well be anticipated and Here again there is bound to be plenty of material for a. Further outburst of talk. And so there will be wheat and still More wheat until the whole dirty Busi Ness to borrow the phraseology of the. Premier has Ben cleaned up. Buffoonery and personalities. It is Little wonder that the people Are developing a growing disregard amount ing almost to contempt for parliament and the politician. ? the state House ? is pot in order and it seems unlikely that it Ever Wilt be while important business is either thrown aside or dealt with in a perfunctory and indolent Way. The trouble is that Many parliamentarians do not undertake the work with which they have been entrusted in a sufficiently. Seri Ous vein. One has Only to make a casual visit to the Assembly to prove this. On tuesday last for example during sir Richard s speech what time some of the members were not indulging in pitiful personalities they were attempting to out Buffoon one another. There should be no place in parliament for Patter comedians or for men who Are not fully seized with the responsibilities of their position and the proper amenities of the House. So soon As the Knight of Barossa. Commenced his speech this week the House settled Down to a period of Sloch Rui ease and abandon evidently re signed to the utter futility of the proceedings. One by one members disappeared from the chamber and soon there was an array of either empty or partially occupied benches. In the Lap of ease. On the opposition Side Acme labour men sprawling the fall length of of Cir human forms on the cub turned seats tucked in Early in i tie speech Only to us any arouse themselves when the spirit prompted them to Wax funny or other Wise. The member for Murray or. O Flaherty was the first to take to the lounge and he kept sir Richard Busy and irritated with a it Wade of Chueng int interjections until g of his efforts he spread Hie limbs a Little More and buried himself deep in & Bulky report a Short distance away or. Chautran who ordinarily comports himself with the dignity and Grace of a literary society aspirant Laid himself to rest while even or. Reidy jumped tiie seat of or. Edwards during the Batter s temporary absence from the cd Antler. From this Vantage Point be got a Square look at the Knight at whom with to hibernian flavour he rained noisy and constant interjections. Sool him called a Ber across to or. Reidy but he really did t require the encouragement. The big four the Treasury benches opposite were also considerably depleted and Tihe few rom mining members on that Side of the House were either restless or facetiously disposed. The Premier the Green b Plains humorist or. Peter Allethe attorney general and or. Robinson were a Hsiung brotherly quartet As they inclined their shoulders one towards the other and engaged in Friendly Conversa Tion the while sir Richard from the rear benches thundered Forth his protestations against the treatment be had. Received. About him there were Many vacant seats but neither this fact nor the flagrant inattention of members whom he was addressing appeared to dismay sir Richard or to divert him from the task which he had undertaken. Not far from Tihe late treasurer there were at least two Earnest listeners pro Fessor Angus with his Hack to the Wall both literally and figuratively and or. Hamilton immediately in front another member of the Angus con Mission. They bad reason to be wrapped up in every word that sir Richard uttered because it was the report of the commission on which they had sat that was being raked fore and aft injured Brothers. At the Back of sir Richard or. Styles took up a seat during the address. The late chief Secretary had been through his trying ordeal and now he was an Oral. Nary visitor in the chamber listening intently to the defence of Bis one time ministerial brother whose Fate had been similar to his own. It May have been the fellow feeling which prompted or. Styles presence but whatever it was there were the both of them now right in line Ministeri ally scrapped and abandoned. Sir Richard started his speech with the soft pedal on his voice but it soon Rose to flights of Power and emotion As be pleaded for a just Deal. The House How Ever was not in the mood for the address and members either impatiently Flitte across the chamber passed in and out of it or loitered about the corridors without the whole business was futile. The stage or the House i something a drastically i wrong with present Day parliamentary methods ant manners. There is a lamentable and wicked waste of time on the one hand and a pronounced inclination to sidestep the things that matter on the other. In the near future it will be for the people who Are Superior to both the parliament and the politician the say How much longer they will tolerate such behaviour. There will be at least one Section of the Community which is sure to Rise against it and that will be the soldiers. Whatever else these men May Overlook they can never forget that one of the things they did in the great War was to win it. Many of our Patter politicians who staved at Home appear to be Little concerned about it for As yet they have not tackled even the fringe of the Many pressing problems of the hour. For them Vaude Ville seems to have a greater Charm and if they were lioness about it they would quit the House for the stage. Before Long they might be compelled to do to. That is if the Soldier and the citizen have a Little of their own Way sex emperor Karl May live in England. Published in the times bios Don to Day. The limes correspondent at Copen Hagen Karne from Vienna that the sex emperor Arf will shortly visit the King of England and endeavour to arrange Finan Cial questions. There is a possibility that he May reside in England. Dodge cars sales. The Public esteem in which the Dodge Brothers motor car is held is indicated by the sales made by the Cheney motor company limited this week numbering 13 up to 5 o clock on Friday. The Pur chasers were or. G. C. Randall fyn Doch or. A Growden Gladstone or. H. Overton Auburn or. W. Hayes Wir a Rabara or. A. Piper Wir Rabara or. E. A Cunt , or. F aukner9 Al Hotnit Gambier or. K. 6. Brougham broken Hill or. J. Carter Payne am or. J. B Pfeiffer Anunda or. C. E. Keen Bute or. R. Mcdonald Gilles Plains or. Harris Kadina. Goodwood peace Day demonstration. To Day vac Given Owr to the Nurea of Good Wood when Spotte vere and rated on the local recreation ground. It was an entirely Success Ful affair Sod the procession was a feature. Up cedes were made by or. Oban Tan Agudo director of education and Aid. W. 3. Hill sad there were Many Otter prominent men of the District in �t�r.t. Or. W. In h Steed was re repair. Be sous of sports girls 50 yank Flat Stacee 7 to 8 yes h. Kec Fcker d. Harrington a. Erk g. Steed. 8 to a m. Nelm k. Trotter. 9 to 10-d. Shannon i. Beard k. Hat Boas g. Rowtan b. Freeman l. Play. Is to 18 so abates e. Miner. In to a. Kush Irenr e. Bridget ant h Aad Over a Itaf cent Reber. 76 Yards sopping race 7 to 8 h. Keef crw �. Oarker. 8 to of. See Kun. H. Fraser. 9 to 19 g. Rain Worth Rita Tii r 10 to ii seed u. Steed. 11 to 12 e. Idler. G. Wesley. 12 to 14 g. Benson be Cujow. Of a face a. Saddle s team f., � team. Tug of War. Goodwood school St. Thonus. Donkey toil Baker . Ohree Gred race Armstrong and Lor ing. Loser and Bootle jacket and Sims j. And p. Dumb cd Black and Habib sir Aston and Evee Mantle whip am and Dank Steed and Foster Vinke and Duggan Youey and Jacobs link and Carroll Snath and Jones bed and Dodd Cha easy and Fuher. Pick a Taek Burns and Fox ii each and Fiew san Wadhans and other. Tranae and Oliver Sims and joke i wig Ley and Dunk Stewart and hasten dories and Wood v. And k. Dunk Nel son Aad Shepley w. Joke and Farroh. West an Swift b. Linke and Duggan Kac Kliu and Michael. Medley race matters Leech foe Swa Natoo Adi. Deeper. Tug of War. Goodwood school St. Thomai. Boys Flat slices w. Scott j. Brother h. Hoher d. Harrig a. Mills h. Jones l. Bane. E. Armstrong h. Britcher it. Fleming j. The in j. Abbott Locklio Oliver Wate Bouee Kerr joke Hennesey Fleming Daries my Grami Bartlett a. K. Mor Puirtt a. F. Creeper g. Hicks Ludeman v. Steed Daws. Says Bampi Ondris Lan Turis a. E. Mor Pett. Wheelter crr races t. And it. Williams col Ley and Jacob Reed and Dodd Willoughby and Greco and Swift hirer and Wil Vaisuli s rebels spaniards massacred. Published in the times in dash. To Day. The times correspondent at Tangier save incoming troops report that tiie losses in the fight cabled on july 15 were under estimated. Raise log tribesmen took no prisoners and killed Nany hundreds of Ivr Nom a Large proportion were brutally massacred. The corpses were not buried and left amid rocks and Brushwood attracted the Racks of Bemi wild Doss infesting the Region. The provision for the wounded was Piti Aby inadequate Many lying at the out posts for a week unattended. A severe and decisive fight is pending. Both sides have been reinforced. Ii the Spanish troops Are properly equipped and a Kilfoy handled their Victory is assured because the tribesmen Are not provided with artillery. Mean Rhue Hawaii relies on guerilla War fore. Egyptian affairs. London to Day. The times correspondent at Cairo states that 15,000 rifles were recently seized in upper Egypt. The bedouins continue to in Maggie in miscellaneous arms from Palestine. It is expected the traffic will shortly be suppressed. They Are not dead. By Fred Johns they Are not dead our heroes of the War. They la live for Aye and do not dwell afar. In every worthy living thing they Are As real and True As every shining Star. They Are not dead nor have they gone away from those they loved with them they la Ever stay to brighten life to lighten darkest Day will live and love and dwell with them Elway. And Down the years their names Mankind for All they did to lift the world s great stress their deeds do live nor they themselves tiie less for giving heritage of happiness. These comforting lines were written by or. Fred Johns. In connection with the Burn Side District fallen soldiers memorial Trees which were planted at Rose Park on saturday. Or. Johns who is Secre tary of the memorial committee desires to raise at least �500 for a handsome Monument to the District fallen Brave. The memorial Monument is being a warmly supported by the Burnside District coun cil. Subscriptions towards the fund can be forwarded to this office and acknowledged in the mail new plays and players. Theatre Royal. Attractions. Or. Herbert flyers resident manager at the theatre Royal for j. C William son limited returned to Adelaide on thursday after attending a conference of managing directors to rearrange dates of theatrical enterprises set Down for show ing in Adelaide. Or. Myers spent a Busy time and a wealth of attractions was secured for this cite. One of the chief matters which engaged the attention of Tihe conference was concerning tie Bigo grand. Opera company a season for which Haa been a ranked to begin at the theatre Beyal on saturday. Nib attraction had to be postponed until after the Sydney season in consequence of the restrictions and although it has been temporarily abandoned pending a compulsory arbitration conference it is hoped Satis factory arrangements will be made for the company s re formation in which Case an Adelaide season will follow later on in the year. The. Company includes miss Amy castles As Prima Donna. Next saturday. Rex Beach s picture hearts of the Sunset will be shown at the theatre and the following week a super William Fox film featuring Wil Liam Farnum will be screened. It is entitled True Blue and is said to be the greatest of All this artist s successes. On saturday August 9, or. My b. Figman. Tihe famous new York Star sup ported by miss Lolita Robertson an actress of ability will inaugurate a three weeks season the opening production Beinor. Nothing but the truth which has already repeated its american and English triumphs in Sydney and Mel Bourne. The company includes among others Mac Barnes and Pirie bus a de Tsi Lorande Man in which the con Ramr is now appearing in Melbourne will follow and for the final week seven keys to Baid Pate will be produced for the first time in Adelaide. Fred Niblo achieved a tremendous Success with thib piece in the other states even surpassing get Rich Quick a bin Ford and it a being Speed ally put on in Adelaide. Or. Figman not Laving. Presented it else where in Australia. Saturday september 8, will see the reappearance of miss Muriel Starr who will play a four weeks season prior to her departure for America. These will positively be miss Starr s last appear ances and a fitting programme has been mapped out for her. She will play the Man w3ao came Back common Clay and the silent witness three new pieces. The Lasto amed presentation is being played to capacity Bouses in Syd Ney. Miss Starr will pro Batty revive some of her former successes notably the Bird of Paradise Madame a and a item Bie Daw possibly for. One night a fed. This gifted artist is sure of a i genuine Welcome. Then Fondow those three phenomenal successes which theatregoers have bees awaiting with some expectancy the Boyal comic opera company in Katinka of of a plane and maytime a Rabieh were original in produced by or. George a Highland whose efforts with going up on its initial staging gained him so much distinction Here. Going up by the was. Is now in its fifteenth week at her majesty a Melbourne and there is no damnation in its popularity. Has is All the More remarkable in View of the troublous times. These plays were originally booked for Adelaide last Martic. Bat had to be withdrawn in con sequence of the quarantine restrictions then in Force it will be seen that local theatregoers Are particularly Well catered for for weeks head. To correspondents. Enquirer bail Wood there is to Taos or ship on news from Egypt. Soldiers be free. To in nil i with bar relatives. C. D. A port Adelaide we regret we Are unable to r18 verses submitted. Onlooker there is no hard Ann fat Rale. In any Case the list is officially supplied to As. S. 3. A tour ideas an All right and the sentiment is Fine but to craps a be Btte do Sot a lit cry musters tint shows the spirit of our Soldier Brave to the end of a fight. Defeat is not in his vocabulary to him it e a do Graceful sight. Bat Atas that night at Roireau arid the cold Winter s Frost the officer read and then be said three Hundred Gallant lads we has lost. Subscriber Heddie ask for a Cood method of tanning Rabbit Ekins. Labour unrest miners accept terms. Published in the times lox Dox to Day. The miners federation Lias accepted the government s piece rate Basia for Coal mining. The Yorkshire delegates have not yet been consulted or. J. R. Dynes in an article in the observer says British statesmen and employers do not Realise How rapidly pub he opinion is growing in favour of the nationalisation of railways and land ownership placing the people s advancement a a 13 Rivota Iuda Lesho j.iu19 9 ukr a to yield the Best results although the management would perhaps not Accord with Ordinary business ideas. Published in the times Ixos Dox to Day. Berlin telegrams state that strikes have paralysed the Sil Aan nines and Par tial strikes have caused dislocation in Ber Lin Nuremberg and other cities. The Tramway men Are out in Westphalia. Herr Koske has prohibited open air meetings. A general strike is proceeding in Vienna. The Rome demonstration strike against the treaty is proceeding quietly. Many unions including the Rai Raymen and Tele a rapists refused to join it. Home again. Lieut. R. D. Radford of tie 12th Bat Talion recently arrived Home from service abroad. He joined the a of. On August 4, 1915, and participated in the Battles of be barque Oligny Khi Lloyt Loureval Bour flies Agincourt Bull court and Ypres stunts and finished with the last 1st divisional engagement at Jean court where the cuter defences of the Hindenburg line were Droku on Kepi Ewuel Jimo. N uni Ca leave or. Radford took the Opportunity to visit Paris Cologne Bonne and other leading centres on the continent As Well As cities in the United kingdom. He will shortly resume his old position at messes. Cook son & co., Hindley Street. To Day s social happenings at the races. The glorious Sunshine attracted a big crowd to Victoria Park this afternoon when Tattersall club fild its july meet ing. ? -.-.-? i among those present were his Esee ency the governor 10 was accompanied tar or. A. J. Gun . A v More Garr Sis. Alfreo Stokes or. And . Hugh Mccuan or. And . A. H. Bennett Sass Gladys Cox misses Cura and Frene Suddon. Jar. U m. Darby miss Alison. Graff mar. In Lewis. Or. D a Gar to Kim do ? v ? a ii fun Lii to a Lar. Firm its. F. G. Scarfe miss Audrey Scarfe. Or. Artu heal or. Clifford Deeley or. Aad . Vates Drand ? a a a Hin Ritton miss imbue a Tutol. Ind . . Toll , or. Arf . T. & outta an. Mrs. W. A. Blackler mis Edna Buckler or. A. D. Yea Teum or. And or. .6. J. Asher or. A a Laidlaw opt. And mis. Rice or Haavis. 3.t. Jones. Or. Herbert Solomon misses we a a j Penn or. And 1 Marcus a Teaford . Ben Nett misses Gladys and Constance Ware misses Morris miss Brenda Barrie or. And . C. S. Toms miss Ellis Glam iient1. Meade Lieut. B. V. Bod Ulisses Clara of Jfe Cuddy a Caurie Gliddon or. E. A. Abcox Powell or. A k. Sov Rard hon.xl-. Falwell or and . Reginald Walker or. S. A. Cowan or. H. 8. Nov part or. Darey Cowan or. S. Oust Atkinson a aet. Sigel Wavell in. Burton Hardy . Laurie Kakaes Sydney or. Jack Eaines miss movie Proctor or. Way Eaines miss Joyce Warren miss Alison. . Or mos ten Owen miss s. Valenti we. Miss Nina a sunzere . D Arenac or. Pea fold Hyland Mig Jevel Yri Hylana. A miss Winstle Fenner or. End . Seville Bangley or. F. O. Ward or. Nil . Leslie bid Ford . Austin Hewitt flight Lieut. Hewitt mjr.1 and . J m. Irwin miss Jessie Segol -6ydney i or Douglas Fotheringham or. Robert Lair. Mrs. Nat Campbell or. And . B. E. Fir Hope or. And a. G. Gebhardt Mia Gebhardt mr., and . W. G. Thomas Lii. Frank John son . John pile. Miss Jean pile miss Gwen Sach. Or. And . F. Villeneuve Smith or. And mis. E. H. Luke or. T. C. Walker or. And . A a. Blouson mias Sita Crowe. Or. And. My. Leslie Aldridge or. J. H. Aldridge. Mrs. V. W. Andrews misses Dorothy Ana Blu. Andrews or. Anstey us or. And . P. A. Mora or. And . E. M. Twins or. Allan Josefar Loe Ian. My. And . Barton fact Durann. Mis May Fisher . Hugh Bell or. Lister Youey or and . Jack Movish it j. Primrose Mal com. Miss Lucy avers miss Heather Hammond . J. A. Biley or. And . 3. G. Edge miss b. Frins Dorr . H. Torrens Wrd tirs. Harold Bickford . W. T. Morozek or. J. T. Mort lock . Peter Hill Miffy Doreen Hill . Snow misses Maida and Hetty Wrigt. Mrs Claude Beresford . It Ratoft Brock miss Ewa Beran or. R. A. Paxton misses Wishart . W. Walters or. And . A. F. Lynch or Fred Simpson or. Claude Fisher or. A. E. Jouy or. And . W. G. Pryor or. Charlie Easop or. And . Albion Tolley or. Tim Tolley miss Maxine Tolley . Qura Scott miss Western or. L. Konrad or and . A k Gillard hisses Gillard or. Harold Bruce or. And Fri. A. E. Soft . . Gibson miss Kaleen Gibson i. F. J. Wimble Hiss Harvey kiss Alice Hayward capt a Horwood . W. Wyke miss Kathleen Gib son. Mrs. B. W. Tear miss site Castine. Mir. Bardie . C. A. M. San go. Or. And ure Herbert Walsh or. Artinr Carr miss Barker . John Rounsevell ? or. Tom hard . George Eraser its. Julian Ayers . Her Bert by Miu or. Arthur by Mill or. Keith Angas dry. W. Hog or. A. J. Brooks mis Birdie Nikon . James Carr misses Carr . C. Gouth comic or. C. Gordon or. T. B. Bright or and . C. A. Hayward . Harold bid or and . Fred Tennant miss Hada Power or and . Claude Martin . B. E. Gooden or Fred Porter. Or. Herbert Myers 3c . Cud Moore or. Frank Osborn miss Milicent Fearon. Or. Grant mat been . A. V. Benson. Fierce pogrom jews killed in thousands. London to Day. The Paris correspondent of. The Man Chester guardian Days the conference a officially informed that one of the most terrible pogroms in history is sweeping Over the Ukraine. Over 120,000 Peop have been killed. All the jews in eater in slav and fit Whitine ? were massacred. Grigorieff s army is blamed for the Augh a profitable haul. Sydney to Day. It ? 1 ? 1 ? h a. _ ? one uie in out. Us in trawlers to be put to work has tet Umed to Sydney with 16,380 lbs. Of fish captured principally in the Vicinity of Eden and to some extent on the Home grounds to the eastward of botany Bay. The Stoh embraced 6,240 lbs. Of Flathead 5i520 lbs. Of Gurnard 2,160 lbs. Of Kate 960 lbs. Of Barra Couta 660 lbs. Of John Dory 360 lbs. Of saw Fiffy 360 lbs. Of Morong and Jack Aas figh and 120 lbs. Of Cucumber nah. Regent jus. From weekly of facade Oathie a borates. Allen John Thomas totto �3fisk-. ?. Antoneson Magnus Theodor Hundred of Fine �3,200. Bald James Prospect �4jboo. ? ? ? Bennett Allan Fulcher Bedford Park �150. Dahl Eduard Ambleside �300. Edwards Mary aim Solomon town �150. Gaudy Annie Emily Park de �111. Grundy Robert Marray Bryabt of Foo. Guppy Edward broken Hill �310. Haiga John Henry port Lincoln �i&g0o. Johnson William Prospect �950. Juergens Carl Friend i Julius ties data �e60. ? .-.-. ? ? Lliott Pat Hin Maissi �,145. Preuss Joaan Traugot Eros uni Tweeddale. �800. Smith Albert Victor Thomas Cockerill Okroj Don. �380. ? Teasdale George Norwood �3,400. Wilsdon John Prospect csjb50. Wishart Jota. Hosanj �120. ? letters of \ Ashley Thomas �89.Down Clarence Park �290, Friend Ouarles Ang Abtan �1,613. Harm Dennis Teabo Magill -�200. Howard Frederick Kew Tom Watala so Tii �133.hughes Lawrence Lancelott. Ten Pinata �300. Bedding Lawrence Henry. Semaphore �530. In Arthur William �163. A licit James Patrick broken Bui �50. Fob probate. Application for probate Tif the Mil of the late Walter John Osman of a due b6a, so Park who died on is it has been 16ed by elder s trustee and 4hicutiar gom pair limited the sole executor. Ite Grem ? Alflen of to estate a Sstrom not to exceed �1,780. Ai vocation for air quite of the will of the late George Harding of Orr Oroo Farmer who died on May 19, has been lodged by elder s trus tee and executor company limited Adelaide. Tint Gross Yate of the estate is Edom not to exceed �4jsw. %.? a i a Jar Date of the will of late Joseffe stir Enop Pstein Tat ctn Iye. Thi Juh who died on june 19, has teen Loed by Wert trustee and executor company limited the Sola executor. The Cross value a the estate is atom not to exceed �53,00. T ,-.? 1 the. Magnificent rec a of artistic successes has maintained for the j australian Wall a reputation f unequalled by a Al a other instrument. Their Sterlia integrity iof construction delightful Asch pleasing tone. Remm Obj Bhoj durability elastic touch and artistic finish have made them the Choice of conserve i a Orums of music leading ? colleges. Convents schools 4c., where Quality alone governs the selection write for catalogue posted ? free or inspect at. Piano warehouse 107 Runholt Star to Suidt factory Rich Nind vie. ? it Aaaw-1 / attractiveness a woman s greatest asset ? 1 in Home business and society my depends upon a Graceful Pariage defined figure Radiant Haltli a hand physical Jove ulness. ? a i a our ladies physical culture i i Remans a Triplas flesh and weight and braids it where lacking. ? ?&js�1jk1m makes new lines Fob the Figdor. My bats a is restores. And by Reaves. Strai Gatens strengthen. Lmh Energises Eta Buset and does web a a tech mobs that Mattees. Is bib a veritably enjoyable. Al Fiffi a a matured experience the for Winter and Quality of our coarse u Ella he As our ability to i Ritiro f1 satisfy bus made Many pupils of All sees Wib a sntet�1 you too can enjoy life ?9 and be More contented so Send for prospectus at once. I Ibba Abbt Shorthose Herbert a 41 ode Etab Street. Bahai Selth bar bulb and be Natian exercise remedial treatment cods is ileum . Pets Oral or postal Mistou Riox. Volta or. ? ? ? ?. Misc pfc a i Joade de Teeth imply bes is � m a. M sic rxtrft1t of l Rij ii i t w ? a a by miss Leworthy s business College. Day and evening Fly join. Modek ads teas to Banso Fob it bulb. Positions secured for graduate St Deats. Intending Sto Denu May join at any time. Two free i a. . Eza Minauro it june. Bushway Giru desiring to obtain better positions an advised that even the classes Are now forming to a Tab Lor Commonwealth typists i examination Aad for Pitman s hew rapid of Bose of shorthand Complete Sytten to Speed in 24 lessens. I or aspects and put Caurs from principal. J British medical House of ext . J Hokd Marsh Square Adelaide. I Telephone ventral 602s. Ass jars. W. E. Cornelius has been advised that her son Cpl. W. E. Cornelius will arrive in Meldon Rne about August 14 by the Dunvegan Castle accompanied by his wife. Opl. Cornelius is a Nephew of Mies Ham nce port Road Hindmarsh. Guaranteed Relief for asthma sold and guaranteed by All chemists on the Money Back plan. Asthma or never fails to give prompt Relief in the worst cases of asthma. No waiting for results its action is immediate direct and certain and a Relief is obtained in All curable oases. Immediate Relief is guaranteed even in severe attacks no matter How violent the paroxysms or obstinate the Case. Your Money will be refunded by your chemist without any question of whom a 2/9 packet of asthma or has been purchased in Australia and failed to give entire satisfaction. All leading chemists Supply asthma or on the guarantee plan of satisfaction or your Money refunded or can be obtained Post free on receipt of 2/9. From Fassett and Johnson ltd., wholesale distributors. . Box 1401, 233 Clarence Street ,

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