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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jul 22 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - July 22, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia dramatic Rescue of boys lost in Bush Britain confident of Tennis Victory both hid As search party passed them nobody expected to discover them alive Melbourne saturday. The dramatic finding of the two Little Kelly boys who were lost in the Bush near Orbost for three Days and three bitterly cold nights was like bringing them Back from dead to the people in the District. Nobody expected to see them alive again. They were found by a searching woodcutter after one of the biggest Bush Hunts Ever organised in Vic Toria. About 400 people headed by police on horse Back and on foot combed the Bush today the Climax of continual searching since wednesday night when the boys were first missed. Footless and with nothing to keep them warm the boys aged seven and five snowed amazing endur Ance and resource. They had camped in a hollow log and covered themselves with Bracken. They were obviously distressed but apparently they treated their ordeal As a great adventure. Nevertheless it is doubtful if they could have lasted much longer. Woodcutter s amazing Story i could t believe my eyes when i saw the two youngsters going Down to a Creek for a drink said or. W. Morell. The woodcutter who found them a few Miles from their Home. Their clothes were badly torn and their Lees and faces were scratched by the thick undergrowth. What amazed me Dost was that they had no idea that any body would be looking for them. They were a bit dazed and talked a lot rather wildly about shooting dingoes and positrons. I asked them if they were hungry and they said they could do with a bite. They were shaking and obviously distressed. I boiled a Billy and made some Tea. And Jave them All the food i had they seemed More thirsty than hunks by and ail the Way in wanted to Stop and Pirink from the creeks. When 1 came across them they had been preparing a shelter for the night in a hollow log. They were going to build in some Brush at the and to make themselves snug. Saw horsemen i asked them if they had Felt the cold but they said they had t. I think they must have been delirious today because they told me that a party of horsemen had passed them not Lone before. They did not think that these men were looking for them and it have hidden from them because one Laid. It would have been fun to have spat on one of the horses evidently the horses had been close enough almost to be touched. They seemed to think that they would find their Way Home eventually but i do not think they could have stood another a Wirht of it. I was on foot and i had to carry the younger boy about two Miles. The other Little Chap could not travel very quickly. F kept shouting and bending out Coo yes. Hut i attracted nobody for a Lone time. Eventually people came to meet me when i had almost reached the Road. I found a car there and Broucht the Little chaps straight into Hospital Aid sir. Morell. The elder boy. Stanley who is seven walks eight Miles every Day to the Brod Ribb school and Back and is a hard youngster. Maurice is Only five and has not been to school. The boys were lost when they tried to return from a House about a mile from their Home. They were sent by their Mother. Mrs. Parker to borrow Tea and Ciurar from a neighbor. Boy spreads news mrs. Parker had Given up Hope today that her boys would be found alive. When they were brought out of the Bush a mob Sage was sent to her by the postmaster s son. The boy ran about four Miles rushed into the House panting out the news and then spread the glad tidings to about 100 searchers who were having refreshments outside before taking up the search again. You need not look any More he gasped. They Hare been found and have gone to the Hospital a great cheer went up. Then three shots were fired into the air. This was the prearranged signal to spread the news when the boys ? were found. Thus one of the greatest sensations the District has known was Over. Pilot Woods arrives at Karachi i Karachi. Saturday. Pilot James Woods the Western australian aviator who is flying to England landed safely at Karachi this afternoon. The floods had subsided. He left Jodhpur this morning in spite of a warning issued by the Karachi air port authorities that the Drig Road Aero drome was waterlogged and unserviceable because of the heavy rainfall. Mollison off mail special # representative London saturday. J. A. Mollison and mrs. Mollison Amy Johnson hopped off from Pendine Sands Wales in their monoplane seafarer at midday today to Fly across the Atlantic to new York. From there they intend to Fly to Bagdad in one hop to break the world s non Stop Flicht record. Britain s doubles pair to meet United states England s leading doubles players. G. P. Hughes left and f. J. Perry who Are meeting Lou and Van pm the american pair in the Davis cup inter zone final Al the state Ronald Garros Stamm pan today. This picture was taken when Perry and Hughes Defeated qum and Mcgrath m the final of French doubles recently. Round world flyer now Over Canada Fairbanks Alaska saturday. Wiley Post the american flier who is attempting a record breaking flight round the top of the world reached Fairbanks at 10.22 . Yesterday from Flat where he lost seven hours in a minor Accident to his plane the previous Day. At 5.45 . Be left for Edmonton Canada. 1,500 Miles away. His nest hop will be to new York 2,000 Miles. As Post has until late on sunday to beat the record of eight day6 15 hours 51 minutes made by himself and Gatty in 1931, there is every Chance that he will succeed. Addict Sells children to buy opium Calcutta. Saturday. An Indian drug addict said today that to Purchase of us he had sold his two daughters. He confessed this when giving evidence before the Assam drugs enquiry com Mittee. To satisfy Hir Ravine Fror the drug he said that he had first sold All his moveable property then he House and estates and finally his daughters. Is . On Way Here again bread meat Tea to be dearer steady rises bread meat Tea motor cars and radio sets Are some of the commodities that Are to follow wheat and Wool into the realm of higher prices. So the ques Tion has Arisen whether our old Friend h. C. L. High Cost of living which gave housewives so much trouble Sev eral years ago will be soon with us i again. For some time economists have been talking about raising prices to free the world of its depression trouble and to would appear that . Has taken its Cue from the economists and has already started some prices on the up Grade. Following the steady increases in the prices of our Staple products wheat and Wool there has been talk of increasing prices of other lines. Flour has gone up and Bakers have decided to charge More for bread. On monday therefore bread will Cost a Halpenny a 2-lb. Loaf More than it is today. This decision on the part of master Bakers was made when flour Rose to �9 10/ a ton. Although there has been a Good Deal of criticism of Bakers because of this the president of the master Bakers association or. M. G. Linn said today that flour had since risen to �9 12/6 a ton. So thai there was no reason to alter the Deci Sion. Export quotas another regular article of diet to fall into line with the general trend of rising prices is Tea. A Penny or twopence a Pound More will be paid by housewives for Tea on monday. The principal proprietary lines of packet teas in Adelaide will be concerned in this increase which is attributed to successive rises in Pri Mary markets. Standard teas in packets now retail at 2/3 a ib., and special lines up to 2/6 a 1b. Lower grades cell at i various prices Down to l/9� a la. Adelaide merchants said today that continued rises on the Colombo. Java and India Tea markets were the cause of the increase. In the past two months values at those centres have risen nearly 100 per cent As a result of the operation of the plan for restricting production and limitation of exports by quotas. Meat according to or. W. Angla esl m1.c, of one of the biggest Niesl mime in Melbourne is also Likely to join in the movement towards a higher Ost of living. He Eaid that meat prices shortly would be raised considerably following the general rises at the Eale Yards which had not yet j been passed on to the Public by butchers j or. Angliss said that the Rise was the result of the Long dry period. Stock had got out of condition and As a result not j nearly enough Stock in prime condition j was coming Forward. I will radio Rise i even motor cars and radio sets Are not free from suggestions of higher prices. Sir Herbert Austin British car manufacturer has foreshadowed an Early Rise in car prices because of the increased Cost of materials. Certain requirements of manufacturers he said were already from 5 Toj 15 per cent dearer. Already British manufacturers have indicated that radio prices will be increased and it was stated in Adelaide today that local manufacturers might be compelled j to follow the Lead of British makers. The higher Cost of steel brass and rubber if Given As the cause for higher prices for completed Seta. The payment of royalties on patents was also Likely to increase the Price by �2 or �3 a bet according to one local dealer. Three companies were claiming rights to patents he said and although their patents had not yet been proved in Australia manufacturers had to make provision to pay royalties. Prompt action prevents Holden s fire what might have been a serious fire at the leather trimming shop at Hoiden b motor body builders Ltd., Woodville. To night was extinguished by the prompt action of the port Adelaide fire brigade. The fire was put out before it got a hold on the premises. The brigade received the Call about 6.13 . And attained a Speed of More than 50 Miles an hour on the journey to the scene of the fire. Safety sprinklers which Are installed on the premises sounded an alarm at the port Adelaide fire station. The water which flowed from the sprinklers prevented the fire from spreading. When the Bri Gade arrived the fire had not gained any Ereat proportions but a Small Quantity of leather goods was destroyed. Lucky prizewinners in obstinate artist Competition All a Milfs these Happy pictures of some of the big prizewinners in this week s obstinate artist Competition were taken today after they had been told of their Good Fortune. Top mrs. E. E. Fletcher left of 3 Bellevue place Unley Park mrs. G. Hurrell Centre of Victor Harbor and mrs. W. Brent of 54 Northumberland Street Rusmore. Who divided the first prize winning �137 5/2 each. Beneath or. A. Parslow left of 18 Stewart place Adelaide third prizewinner of �102 18/6, with his wife and son or. S. Faulds of 25 Morgan Avenue. Colonel Light gardens who was awarded the fourth prize of �77 4/ and mrs g. M. Huxley of the Anau Avenue Prospect whose entry was awarded the fifth prise of �51 9/3. Prize adds Joy to City wedding has lode been Loc Tedt it. Crawford Gold claim the main lode at mount Crawford j is claimed to have been discovered 10 j it. 6 in. Below the surface at a spot j close to where the two nuggets were i found some weeks ago. We have panned off eight dishes of dirt and have lined the dish snid or. W. Kollosche working on the claim near mount Crawford where he claims to have found the main Gold reef. Clai to Ain reef. Or. O. M. Barron tonight. He Esti mates that the yield was equal to about 20 ounces to the ton. The mine is being guarded. Or. Barron has been working the pro Perty with or. T. Vale on behalf of the owners. Messes. W. A. Kollosche and f. Barron. He Eaid that he struck the reef a 4.45 . Yesterday and sent for his brother and or. Kollosche. They were motored to the property by or. J. Myren of Glen Osmond Road who has the lease of a Block adjoining. The partners de emended the 6haft and claim to have uncovered the reef to a Width of 4 it. And s. Depth of 1 it. 6 in. Or. Barron who. With or. Vale has seen Eink no the Shaft for about a fort night said that there was visible Gold showing. He intended to continue sink me to discover the depth and direction j of the reef. He said that he was arranging for or. Kollosche. The finder of j hip first Nugget to open the reef on j tuesday. I the reef was composed of crystallised Quartz show no visible wire sold the com position being similar to that of tile to Nii pets discovered on the property. Or. Barron explained that the Only out 1 crop on the Block was showing on the South Eastern end and much Anstee ninja i had had to be done to follow the forma 1 fion. The a ice a re the lode Hari Heen truck was about 300 it. From the Outcrop. The lode had a did to the East of about me in one. I or. Birron said that the men working on or met a s lease which adjoined tie South end of the Kolios Ohe Barron b Aik. Lead struck cerebral sea me dipping towards i he East and carrying Good values. Liev iad sunk a Shaft on the Western Side of j he Outcrop with the intention of driving i East towards the reef on the adjoining weeks of hard vaulted in the Dis covery Vester Dev afternoon which or. Barron claims is the main lode. The find is about three and a half Miles Oast of tie new Deionne mine. Officers of the mines department have visited the Workings and advised the men j to continue their prospecting. Bridegroom wins �77 Windfall from title contest three women Divide �411 the obstinate artist brought Joy to a quiet Little wedding celebrated in St. Paul s Church Pulteney Street City to j night when or. S. Faulds of Morgan Avenue colonel Light gardens was i married to miss Lorna Walsh of car j ringtone Street City. Or. Faulds won �77 4/ As fourth prize in this week s title contest. J a number of friends and relatives j gathered at the Church to wish the couple ? happiness. J 1 of May be sure that we re grateful i Eaid or. Fri ult before the ceremony j that prize Money is a Handy wedding present. We Don t know what Well do with it yet but there Are plenty of things on which it can be used the Rev. Canon blebs officiated. Mire ? Franca Walsh was bridesmaid and or. I Phillip Walsh Best Man. After the ceremony the couple were i cheered by their friends As they came j out of the Church. The reception was held at the Home of or. Maui do parents at colonel Light gardens. I three married women share the first prize of �411 15/6 in the contest each receiving �137 5/2. They Are mrs. E. E. Fletcher of 3 Belle vue place Unley Park. Mrs. G. Hurrell of Victor Harbor and mrs. W. Brent of 54 Northumberland Street tue More. During next week More than 200 cheques will be posted from the new office Toj All the winners. Won other prizes mrs. Fletcher in addition to sharing first prize won a Consolation prize of �1 with another title. The Winner of the fifth prize mrs. G. M. Huxley the Anau Avenue Prospect also gained a Consola Tion award or. L. K. Hartmann. 330 King William Street. City sent in four winning entries each won Consolation awards. One of them divided with three other entrants and a second shared with one other. In several other instances More than one prize has been won by a Reader. Previous Success in the Competition does not Debar a Reader from winning a prize. This is How some of the winners took the glad to diners today i go on you re teasing me said mrs. I Brent. She was thrilled with her por i mod of the first prize and was even More i that As it had to be divided Al j country woman had received a similar j you must be joking. Never did i i think of anyone receiving such a Lane turn for a first prize Aid mrs. Hurrell. She is a invalid and her husband since j lie came out of Hospital a few months i , has had to employ labor to continue i his milk round. Mrs Hurrell intends to i discharge the Hospital debt first Register j her husband motor car of that he can a i it in the business and then ?. She 1 Hap not yet Fini he her Happy plane. Three years unemployed Milton Williams of a Apolonea. Is Only 1i. And is Iea Minc to be an Orchard St. J he has decided wisely to consult his i j father before making plans for out j this �128 13/ second prize. I after three Vears unemployment. Or. J a. Parslow. Of Stewart place. City who j won �102 is/6 third prize would not let himself believe his Cood Luck at first. But was soon planning out a Little business i to Keri his family going until bricklayers were in demand Acain. In different competitions i have re carded myself As a Winner. And have j always been disappointed so i was not Iver optimistic this time said mrs. Hux 1 i Ley who won �51 p/3 fifth prize. J 1 full details on Page 5. Bold theft from old Temple Buddhist guard tricked Calcutta july 22. Tales of tragic revenge following ti3 pilfering of sacred jewels from Eastern temples Are recalled by the theft of jewels which has just been reported from the Shway Dagon Pagoda in Rangoon. The Pagoda is a famous Rangoon Temple the history of which is shrouded in mys Tery. It in the most venerated object or wore fair in Alj the indo chinese coun tries and stands on a fortified Hill. It is guarded night and Day by Buddhist monks. How thieves could have entered the Pagoda and stolen the gems is a mys Tery that the priests will risk death to solve. Rangoon is one of the most curious and mysterious places in the world. A town has existed on the site of Rangoon since the sixth Century . It was always called Dagon Down to the capture of the City by the burmese Sovereign Lompra towards the end of the eighteenth Cen Tury. That Prince rebuilt the place and called it Rangoon. It was taken by the British in 1925 and held until 1827. They Cap tured it again in 1852, and have kept Possession of it Ever since. Strange and mysterious atones Are told of famous jewels. Of All the of great Dia monds the Koh i nor is carried by tradition Back to legendary times. Ii is known that the Sultan Ala de Din in 1304. Acquired this Gem on the defeat of the Raja of Malwa whose family had possessed it for May generations. It had an interesting history having been acquired by different Indian rulers by ruse con quest and confiscation until 1849, when it passed into the hands of the East India company and was presented to the Queen of England. The Diamond is believed to bring ill Luck to its possessor. Stop press . Defeats Britain i a Ryn . Defeated Perry and he Hes bit Iii in the Davis cup i1 to. I inc i. The scores Wco v. N. Rit. C a. Having won two tingles games Hist take one of the re i k. to meet France for in of. City wrestling ii a n Bui lit Defeated Hugh j a a on n the wrestling match at the City Baths to Light. Each Man scored one fall. The decision or unpopular. Big fight in doubles on today american Star off his game parts. Saturday. Bunny a stems astounding straight set Victory Over Ellsworth vines. Last year s Champion in the first singles of the Davis cup contest Between Britain and the United states followed by Perry s easy defeat of Allison .has made Britain confident of winning the inter zone final. I most critic think that the Davis cup is As Good As won for Britain France being considered easier to beat than America. They Are doubtful about win Ning the doubles but believe that at least one if not both of the remaining singles matches will go to the English men. Other expert6 say however that Bri Tain will still have to fight hard to beat the americans. I the decisive matches yet to be played Are Perry and Hughes Britain v. Lott and Van Ryn. Austin Britain v. Allison. I Perry Britain v. Vines. America Mut win Al of them to beat Britain. She is quite Likely to win the i doubles and vines if he shows anything iof his Wimbledon form has a Good Chance i of beating Perry. But Austin is Likely to prove the stumbling Brock to America s Success. The scores in yesterday s matches were Austin d. Vines 61, 61, 64. J Perry a. Allison. 61. 7-5, 64. Vines never so bad opinions expressed on the match and Britain s prospects today were the times London. His incessant practice in Paris obviously made vines stale. But Austin was the better stroke player and cleverer strategist on the Day. The news chronicle London. Vines has never played so badly since he reached championship class. Bunny Austin the conqueror. Vines was not quite up to Standard. Ellsworth vines the vanquished. I was beaten. I have no excuses. Harry hop Tan australian International. Anything can happen now. Even if Britain wins i Don t think she will beat France. Britain s two victories Page 2. Scores in the doubles match will appear in the Stop press when received cart Wright Labrador saturday. Col. Charles Lindbergh and his wife hopped off from Here for Greenland yesterday but after two hours flying fog forced them to land at Hopedale Labra Dor 150 Miles up the coast from cart . A special offer of upholstered suites i �16/16/ i ? Best Quality Genoa velvet or tapestry Large i s Chesterfield and two easy chairs fully i i sprung arms seats Back and front edges i i Eddy s Ltd. I i 12 Rundle St., Adelaide i ? Eddy s furniture is More comfortable i prize Quality Hospital Brandy cum Uii ii him i Iii Iii incr Iii Iii Iliin ? Iii nimm re i Curet Haiml 1 mid get i flu mis i a edition a flu s 1 at All chem1st5 and stores. � prepared by Burden Ltd. Adelaide. Snatches girl from train line Rescue at \ Peterhead a fatal railway Accident was narrowly averted at the Peterhead Cross ing shortly after 1 . Today by the prompt action of the Driver of a Woof cart. Or. James Young of close Street. Birkenhead. He sprang off Bis cart and pulled a Little girl aged about five from in front of an Adelaide Kund train which was pulling up to a to the Peterhead station. The name of the Hild is not known. It was a most courageous act. And one which undoubtedly saved the life of to. Little girl said the Rev. T. P. Willason. Of port Adelaide who witnessed the act. Or. Willason was seated in his motor car. Which jihad pulled up at tie crossing i allow the train to pass. Another eyewitness. Or. R. Craske. Of military Road. Largs. Who was waiting at the crossing said that the child who was dressed in Blue was nursing a Large celluloid doll. A train from Glanville to larg had just passed. The child began to Croas the rails but failed to notice the up train. The wigwam signal was swinging. There was a screeching of brakes and a loud blast of the whittle As the Driver of the train apparently noticed the child. Without any hesitation or. You leapt from the shafts of the Wood cart and Rushing Forward grabbed the child by one hand and the Back of her drees., and pulled her to gaiety As the engine flashed by. Narrow squeak it was a narrow squeak for in kiddy said or. Young this afternoon the engine almost touched her and had i been a half a second late she most surely would have been under the Check and killed or. Young said that he did not Stop to think about anything when he mar the child step Forward. He had his whip in one hand at the time and just grabbed hold of her. He did not know her name nor did he ask her what it was. After the incident she walked unconcern edly away in the direction of Mead Street. Or. Young is employed at the of his brother or. T. Young. When the mail made enquiries about the incident nobody else there knew anything about it. Or. Young had not told i brother. Both or. Willason and or. Craske paid High tribute to the courage of or. Young he Etna bed As he jumped from i Dray Eaid or. Crake but dashed to the child and called her to ? safety. His horse became frightened and began to play up. He rushed Back and soon had the animal under control j there Are no Gates at tie crossing. They were removed sume years ago when the wig wag warning signal system was put into operation. There have been Severr eerie is accidents St the Crossaig. And residents in the District have made Strong protests about the removal of the Gate

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