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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1920, Page 6

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - January 31, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia theatre Royal i direction ? ? ? j. C. Williamson. Ltd. A age _ ? Herbert Myers. I to Day to Nicht j ? Fly Jimd twice dash by there after. A Theda Bara was never seen to better advantage than in her latest production. Fie plays the role of a. Spams Juanita one of those languid dreamy Sylph like women of funny Spain. See How a woman makes love unmake it makes it again Breaks it Only to remake it. A passionate powerful love Story. Also on the Axtt. Programme George Walsh in a five part comedy drama i la say so a humorous Story abounding with land inter and thurlus. with gazettes a. Prices 2/, 1/, and 6d. Hooked 2/6, plus tax. Plans at Allan s. After 6.30, theatre office. Phone 952. % i Unley wonder graph next wednesday nights programme i Wax include the career of Eatherine Bush by Elinor Glyn. Dorothy Gish in out of Luck Mack Sennett comedy treating pm rough wonder graph direction the greater wonder graph co., Ltd. I managing director ? i. Finkelstein. Hindley Street and open air Pavilion i same programme at Bote Pii aces. Next wednesday ast every Aiter Koon and evening. The world s sweetheart. Mary Pickford in Captain Kidd fun by Rida Johnson Young. This Story is literally packed iritis All the elements that go to make up Ideal screen work sprightly Humour adventure Peppery action heart interest that grips and entrances making As pretty a Romance As Mary Pickford has Ever figured in upon the screen. Thos. H 1nce presents t Dorothy Tine is considered Tihe beet Dorotihy Dalton picture since the flame of a Piri vrho paid in remorse for one right of madness. Box plan at wonder graph. Prices As usual. wests monday j afternoon at 2.30 evening at 7.45 i ? the screen divinity by Asfe Kimball of by the Road through the dark Ibe Road far Nab the dark is a Story of the French secret service. Europe and America form the background for the action of the Story and the characters Are tinged with Romance and High adventure. Special local production through the Adelaide Hills a motor trip to mount lofty specially photographed by or. H. . A it i flt of the /2f to. The greatest example of modern or of i la ill a screen fiction. 7�/- a Jose one to she after another. It is thrilling thousand. All proclaim it to be without question the most thrilling picture Ever made. Any one of the thrills in pirates of fhe air could be the feature of an Ordinary thrill picture. Miss Mabel Watson in vocal items monday ? february 9 Norma Talmadge in the Way of a woman Book at Dohse s or phone theatre 23m after 6.30 . Waw a Valaw Dwiba tuesday february 17. Unley town Hall. One summer s Day comedy in 3 acts by h. V. Esmond. In Aid of solwebs1 Melf Obial Tower st. Augustine s Church. Tickets-3/, 2/, and 1/. Box plans at cow of s. S Seabee organiser. Your last Opportunity at the Pav. Monday of seeing the wonderful Pec tube. The sentimental Bloke the picture that Bas proved that australian made films axe better than the Best imported. A picture without the slightest taint of vulgarity or suggestive Ness throughout its eight enthralling acts. A picture that you can take your Mother your sister or Yoor daughter to see. A picture that will make you smile through your tears. A picture that every admirer of c. J. Dennis should see for Bas not the author of the imperishable verses written i came away from the private screening almost believing m miracles. The characters i created were living on the screen it is the mo6x perfect blend of Humour Anz pathos Ever seen. My Jbv 1 a Hon Lllan Jbf Han a. / Nawaa aah Bis waa Aaan \ j Sanaa Amaal re hot i aaa snap no Nav \ a Nataani . Bib Snabb i a aaa Aaaanda sir it Rawla a a Saab a Baa Aarav Maacal the sentimental Bloke occasionally you will get & Lump in the Throat and a. Tear in the Eye but right through you will be laughing at Bill and Doreen and Ginger Mick. Sir Henry Galway wrote lady Galway and i enjoyed the picture very much indeed. It a excellent the Best i have Ever been note owing to the sentimental Bloke being in eight acts the starting times wih be advertised in the daily press to give patrons the Opportunity of seeing this wonderful picture from the Start prices Day sessions 3d., 6d., plus taxes. Night sessions 6d., 1/, plus taxes. Henley sunday evening and wednesday and saturday 4th and. 7th february 1920. Tramways military band under the Baton of bandmaster Christopher Smith. A Fine programme will include sem Amide overture Britannia selection Safte the conqueror in three parts 1, bom Anoe 2, Entrance and dance of children a dance of Balm trombone Solo. On pro Kotos soloist or. Geo. Dover enter acre chert Sana parole hymn tunes and other tuneful items. Important to persons about to furnish new system avoiding purchasing on time payments. To enable you to do this we and Vanoe the Gash to furnish upon the following economic terms to if Yon require �20 you have to pay a Deposit of �3, and we and Vance you the Cadi charging you �3 Only for the accommodation for 12 months. Should you require �40, �50, �60, or �100 or More you have to pay a Deposit of 3/ in the � Only. This Deposit in the Only charge Mode for 12 months for the accommodation. Yon can pay by either weekly poet nightly or monthly instalments to suit yourselves. Should any balance remain unpaid it will to renewed for a further term wit ii interest in proportion added you Are thus enabled to Purchase your furniture for net Gash at the very lowest Price in the cheap est Market. Instead of paying time payment prices for name thue ensuring you the Best value for your Money. To the event of sickness or want of employment or. Strikes you Are not expected to pay your no extra charge is made for this privilege during the above exemption. Should you require Only a bed room suite sideboard or any single piece of furniture to beautify your Home you can Purchase Sauna. We mention this fart As some clients understand that they could Only Purchase furniture for the Ivole Home upon lie Art Ove terms. Asher & King old Exchange Pirie st. _ ? dec of Majestic at to at 2 so ad8i theatre a8 co Rewiug director Ben. J. Fuller. A imaging director ? Bert i Ennon i the Mecca of amusement seekers. Pig change to Day and a bigger show than Evee. New vaudeville features. More of America s big laughing acts. Sta other important engagement by Bea and John Fuller. Artois Brothers in a thrilling and finer National offering. Hist appearance of Zeldine and Klimo the Biz bang Cycle Oom Duns. First appearance of the pictorial Littles in an entertaining Novelty. First appearance of Kitty Gourlay the Bovary scotch Lassie first appearance of the Fletcher Sisters Maraio Nisinoff girls. Joe and Vera White Titi rewind jazz duo introducing Hula Hula dance. Kitch and Gliftie wonderful Stilt performers and comedy acrobats. Marshall Crosb e lie popular baritone. Baron the inimitable ventriloquist and his a i. Robbier Mcnamara and Cunt on musical comedy in tit bits of vaudeville. Book seats at Majestic. Bing 2366. Phone to Kings kept till 5 minutes before commence ment of performance. Prices-8/, sind v Haas Nee a lit do Jssie theatre theatrical Boom. Coming attractions at theatre Royal. Or. Herbert Myers manager of the theatre Royal returned to Adelaide on Imlay after a twee weeks business trip to the Eastern in tapas and brought Back with him. A sheaf of theatrical at crack. Tons. 1 had a conference with the managing director of the firm he remarked and the outcome of my chats with or. George of this is that in the future Adelaide Mil be regarded As an important Centre and Bea Aona will As a Rule i think Ibe longer than has been the Case in the past. Under the new arrangements the doors of the theatre will open every week night in the year. Between the big theatrical at. Traction the famous Selznick pictures will be Elhouti. In Sydney they Are attracting tremendous patronage. We have ranged to screen Tiro Seknicka pictures in every programme. The first Selznick will be shown on february 14, but May be for a j and k. Tait season with the Sara Aligood co nip any in Peg o Aly heart i i this company does not open on february 1 it is es5-ected to commence a season on february 28. Sat urday March 13, has been reserved for the i Oyal comics who wiil be Here for four or five weeks. However the enor Mous successes being achieved by the inn s attractions in Melbourne and Syd Ney make the Date of their appearance in Adelaide Uncertain. Tentative arrange ments have been made for the Royal i comics to open in Kimring time while included also in their repertoire is Theo Dore & co., and of of Delphine while it is probable there will Ibe a revival of Katinka and the Pink lady in eluded in the comp by Are the misses Florence Young Gladys Alon Czreff and Maie Faird and in cars. Theodore Leonard a new English comedian who stars in the main Portarthur tit Thant and Reginald Filberta. The new revue company Are playing to capacity houses in Sydney at present in the Bing boys in Broadh a the company including the new a no Jsu artists align Jennie Hartley a delightful comedienne an Agar a new comedian and Phil Smith. This company will of Osiow the Royal comics Jere. A new company is now being organised in Melbourne to produce Tilly of Blom Risbury a great English Success. The comedy will shortly be produced in the Eastern capital and a visit to Adelaide will Frohow prior to the company going to Sydney. The idea in future is and every thaw to Adelaide from Melbourne before it goes to Sydney. The sleeping Beauty the Panto now allowing in Melbourne looks like running on until easter when i it will go to Sydney and new zealand 1 Fletr cards coming to Adelaide. Lightning the phenomenally successful comedy drama in Wimch John d. Ohara has scored such a signal Success has broken �11 records in the Eastern states. It trill be Bent to new zealand at easter time and a visit to Adelaide will follow. The new comics have not produced a new piece since they staged going up much it will be remembered received its premiere in this City Over 12 months ago. 1 hey Are now in sew zealand and Are preparing to put on yes Uncle which i will be shown in Melbourne and Sydney and will later come to Adelaide. While in the City there will also be a revival of going up arrangements have been made for the j. And n. Tait Panto old Mother Hab Fard to be shown Here while Jamilie Poteni who has scored such a Sig Nal Success in the Little Dami Ozel in Sydney will be seen Here in that Delight Ful comedy during the year fir. Myers announces that he is negotiating for the formation of an Amateur operatic society in Adelaide. He has been Given carte Blanche to go ahead with the formation of the society and the firm s wardrobes scenery costumes a will lbs at the disposal of the new organisation. It is up to the people of Ade Laide to Accord the new project practical in port. Adelaide has proved that she possesses Talent said or. Myers and Here is the Opportunity to utilise it in Western Australia and Brisbane operatic societies flourish and there is no reason Why such a company should not prove a great a Ueless in this City. Norma Talmadge. Among the film stars Norma Talmadge stands out pre eminently. Sis years ago then a Mere child she suddenly conceived the ambition to become a motion picture actress. 1 had to do something miss Tailmadge says and one Day i breezed into a studio and was Given a part. In those Days there were no great film actresses the Art of the Cinema was in its infancy. Everybody got 25 dollars a week and when my first pay Day came around i opened my envelope and when i found the actual Money these i took it Home and asked my Mother if she thought this could be really on the Square no one who talks with Norma can fail to Rea Lise the temperament expressed in her every word and movement. It needed Only the hard work of training to develop the Talent for dramatic expression and miss Talmadge deserved credit for the thorough Ness with which she has pursued that training. To Day she is acknowledge Day one of the Small group of universally popular film stars but that does not Minimise hard and incessant labour. From 11 until 6 she is in her studio most of that time being spent in planning working and devoting herself to projects. The Way of a woman is miss Talmadge s next feature film at West s. The Market of souls at wonder graph Dorotihy Dalton is coming to the won de graph theatre for a week commencing next wednesday. The Market of souls has h. E. Herbert photo Mogul Ough Dorcas Mathewe and Donald Mcdonald in the cast. It is heralded As miss Datton s greatest picture and shows her in the role of a pretty Young nurse coming to new York City. She visits a woman Friend who with her husband is entertaining an unscrupulous Young Man. The four at tended g. Celebration in a fashionable Din ing resort where the Yoang girl meets the quiet brother of the Neer do Well 6he is accompanying. Good brother is Wor ried about whether his brother took Good care of the girl and Calls on Iii. In self defence the brother tells him the girl risked him in his room but that he re pulsed her. A quarrel ensues Between the two Brothers and one is blinded. It was the first nursing Job the girl had and she used an assumed name. They Crow to love each other. When the erring brother is caught by the girl trying to Rob her patient she persuades him to go to France with the army and make a Man of him self. He does this and is killed. When the operation i9 performed on the Eves of her Pat ent he wants to see the nurse whom he has proposed to. He curses her and As she leaves the House Ehe learns of the death of his brother in France and returns to him. In the meantime the err ing brother or his ghost has Viar Ted him and vindicated her in her Lover s eyes and they Are reunited. May Allison at the Pav. Tie up listers the test metro comedy Diudina with May Allison As Star and which will be shown at the Pavilion on thursday nest is adapted from lie Story by Wallace Irwin. It Teli of Hor tense Routh s venture into the and of Bohemia and of her thorough disillusion ment. Listening to the lurid talk directed . Society and capital by a woman socialist she begins to think that she too is one of the Downtrodden. She gives upper posit in As stenographer and seeks the 3ady of oratory who sympathies with her and persuades her to join the unshackled free Hortense accepts but soon finds she is Only exchanged one kind of Drudgery for another and that being called Comrade by a lot of Long Iba ired men and Short haired women does not compensate for everything the unpleasant people expect her to do. Tie comedy is amusing and is filled with unusual and unexpected situations. One summer s Day. On tuesday evening few Bruni a 17. At the Unley town Hall one summer s Day a comedy in three acts by h. V. Diamond will Ibe presented by Well known local artists. The proceeds will be de voted to the soldiers memorial Tower which will Aid in beautifying the new erection of st. Augustine s Church. Miss Helen Seager is the organiser or. C. B Brooke the producer and or. James q. Slee the stage manager. Those Afcin a part in the entertainment include mrs Percy Trevor masses Maud Brooks Edith Ward eve Warhurst Helen and Nina Seager and messes. John Walsh Stanley Oloughlin see Cooke Thomas Nave and h. Sando. The Box plans Are at Cawrthorne s. Clara Kimball Young at West s select pictures will offer the Road through the dark with Clara Kimball Young and her own company at West s on monday. The Story deals with Gabrielle Jardee Clara Kimball Younga French girl who becomes the mistress of a Ger Man Prince and a spy for France. Gabrielle has fallen in Iove with John Morgan an american. Her father wishes her to marry a Frenchman and with her brother ? and sister sends her away from Paris. They go to visit their aunt Madame be Coutier. The War comes and the Village is invaded by germans. Gabrielle is offered shelter in the personal quarters of the commandant Prince Carl of Strelitz Wybo tees her if she will give herself to him he will punish the rioters and save tra town. To save the peo Joie of the town Gabrielle becomes the French mistress of the German Prince scorned by All the Vil lagers for whom she has killed her soul. Karl is transferred to the intelligence department in Berlin and takes Gabrielle with him. Gabrielle searches Bis room and confiscates some strategic papers. Earl learns of her duplicity and in the ensuing struggle she kills him. She escapes to France where she gives valuable information to the Council. She again meets Joihn who tells her he still loves her. Mary Pickford in Captain k1dd, or once before has Mary Pickford played a scotch role in the Pride of the clan one of her most popular Hartcraft pictures. In Captain Kidd jr., which will be shown at wonder graph on wednesday next she is again scotch but transplanted from the Heather to somewhere in ame Rica As die granddaughter of Angus Mac Tavish. Keeper of a curio and Book shop where the buried treasure which is tie Basic idea of the Story is first noised about. Mary is said to foe a most winsome dose listed lovable and Ait the same time irritating Little person. She keeps Jim Gleeson engaged in writing a novel Dang Ling till the very end. She a a Demon at a Trade so that when the Book with the secret plan of the buried treasure appears she is one of the Foremost in arranging for the search which takes them to cab Hage Centre. Thereafter the tale is one of the most engrossing amusing and whimsical character. On the stage this play by Rida Johnson Young was a great Success. In the films with Mary Pickford in the Lead it seems destined to create even a greater furore. Frances Marion adapts the comedy to tie screen. A wonderful cast supports our Mary Douglas Mac lean if the leading Man. Captain Kidd or should prove a Welcome attraction. The sentimental Bloke at the Pav. Picture lovers who did not see the sentimental Bloke when recently shown at the theatre Royal win have their last Opportunity of doing so at the Pavilion on monday next. This picture has proved that australian made films Are equal to most of the imported articles. Throughout the eight Reoe Tibere is Nob Tibe slightest taint of vulgarity or suggestiveness. The Ivole Story is Fai 4 fury produced even to the smallest detail. Or. Arthur to chert As the Tobe enacts the different moods with much Success. The rounding up of a two no Rohnol provides scope for the hero s display of has Early ways of touching Johns and then follows Bis love Maung with Doreeen impersonated by miss Lottie Lyah. To the characters of the sentiment fatal b8oke step straight out from the Book to the screen. It has caught a whole spirit of the Book the Fidelity of its pathos and its Humour having amazed even c. J. Dennis. Theda Bara at the theatre. J. C. Williamson limited will present Theda Bara in the she Devil at the theatre this week. Lolette coquette and Siren of Juang nera a Lair Little Vil Lage in Spain is adored by All the Gal lants and they engage in desperate fights to win her attention. Attracted to Marice Tabor a French artist she be comes infuriated when he refuses to take her to Paris. Tiger a notorious Bandit in love with Lolette holds up a treasure 1 Laden coach he can Lay the Booty at i the feet of the Siren. She accepts the loot tout escapes him and leaves for Paris by coach. In Tihe French capital she goes to Maurice s Home and while posing for1 a new. Painting he makes violent love. The Tiger Bandit pursues Lolette and Dis covers her sitting in a theatre with Mau Rice. Spying him Lolette leaps to the stage and does a Spanish dance. At Maunce s Home the Tiger is overpowered by the artist when he attempts gun play and escapes Weirough a window. Maurice discovers Lolette has received offers from numerous theatrical managers and he persuades her to return to Spain. In route the Tiger makes Maurice a prisoner in his Mountain Lair and Lolette mses the Tiger to prepare a feast in her honour to show she is Foi Siven. During the feast one Tiger becomes intoxicated and is bound to a. Chair by Lolette who then releases Maurice and escapes with him. In support there is a William Fox secret service comedy featuring George Walsh and a topical Gazette. Incidental music is rendered by the popular theatre Royal orchestra. Theatre crumbs. At the Pav. Monday the sentimental Bloke and the thirteenth episode Ozone Iron test serial thursday May Audibon in 13�e Puii teis the face at the window w3rich will be the attraction at he Pavilion on Mon Day week in on adaptation of the big stage Success of the same name ? ? ? the face at the window be High is to be a duh at the Pavilion on Sij onday week is one of the biggest Rocc Assefi be presented. At the strand theatre Bris Bane this attraction broke All records. ? ? ? a Lazy Little Riuas in Southern Spain is the scene of the Story of the latest Theda Bara production the she Devil at the theatre Royal. Miss Bara As a Spanish Siren dangles at her Finger ends the hearts of her Spanish sweethearts. ? ? ? in the William Fox production these Devil at the theatre Royal in which Theda Bara portrays the leading role the screen Star carries a Dagger that Lias a remarkable frit of history. It is said to have been the property of a famous Mitjan Bandit. I love flies out at the window is a pro Verbial saying and it was never better demonstrated than in the latest Theda Bara production the she Devil which is be ing screened at the theatre Royal. In the play love flies in and out of the window on Many occasions. ? ? ? Zeldine and Jimo described As the Whiz bang cycling comedians will make their first appearance at the is a Clever pantomime comedian and knockabout acrobat and Tumbler while the other is a trick cyclist of no mean order. ? ? ? Kitty Gourlay a delightful Glasgow born scotch Lassie brings her Kilts and swagger to the Majestic. She introduces a characteristic sword dance. The sword used was the property of Gen. Gordon who gave it to miss Gourlay e father who later accompanied the famous Soldier in his chinese Campaign. The inimitable screen Star miss Theda Bara will appear in a Spanish drama the she Devil at the theatre. It is described As the Story of a Mountain girl who braved the anger of a Bandit to follow the Man Ehe loved. In addition there wih be George Walsh in i la say so a Clever secret service comedy. Or. E. J. Carroll announces the screen ing at the Pavilion on monday of the sentimental Bloke who Meh tells the life Story of Bill and Doreen in proper dramatic sequence. All the scenes and characters drawn by Dennis appear in the picture which i Rich with delightful Humour and tender pathos. ? � May Alison s new play is called the Puii teis and it will be shown at the Pavilion on thursday next. Miss Allison prey i the part of a girl caught by the allure of the Bohemian atmosphere but who water is Giad to return to More conventional existence. Every evening during the run o the sentimental Bloke at the Melbourne town the House Fuu sign bad to be displayed. The types of characters have been append idly detected and he Bloke Doreen and Ginger Mick of c. J. Dennis live a.3a- n upon the scene. This austra Lian classic win be shown at the Pavilion on monday. Mcnamara and Clinton at the Majestic hold a reputation for smartness and satire. Their musical entertainment deals with the Humour of the customs House the Little lady of the act impersonating a tra Veller arriving with truckloads of clothes and the Man proving himself an agile comedian of unusual methods As the examining officer. A special local Scenic series will be screened at West s on monday through the Adelaide Hills by motor photo graphed by or. H. Krischok. The series is one of the most charming imaginable and Only proves that the camera Man need go no further than Australia for scenes that Charm and Beauty that is rare ? ? ? the Artois Brothers in their Black set Ting and White make up work on the horizontal bars at the Majestic theatre pre sent some startling and sensational feats. They do somersaults from bar to bar and finish with a double somersault from the bar to the stage. Clever comedy is introduced into their turn. ? ? ? one of Che keenest pleasures of May Allison who wih be seen in the up lifter at the Pavilion on thursday is speeding in her powerful roadster. The Young metro Star is never More Content than when attired in sweater and Sporte skirt Witti a Xam o banter she sit behind the wheel of her Favourite car. Mary Mactavish is an excellent part for Mary Pickford. A Quick witted and engaging Young person the Boot other s granddaughter in just in her Way and then a or a o ? ? ? favourites invests the other Mary with All the old witchery of her Tanque and Multi ing Charm. See Captain Kidd jr., at wonder graph on wednesday. Sir Henry Galway is among Ibe Many warm admirers of c. J. Dennis senti mental Bike which will Roe presented at the Pavilion on monday. His excellency wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Southern Cross company in of Cion he said lady Galway and i enjoyed Urie picture very much indeed. It is excellent the beat i have ver seen in her new super production the she Devil at the theatre Royal Theda Bara As a Spanish Siren spurns suitors by the score. Her heart is set on one Man and a leaves nothing undone to win him. A Dagger used in a struggle scene recently caused a painful wound to miss Theda Bara. The knife grazed the right Cheek i and she Tad to one tie wound cauterized j. A this week twice daily at the theatre i Royal j. C. Wik Amaon. Ltd., will present Theda Bara in a William for super production the she Devil it is a passion ate powerful love Story of a w3h Spanish girl in addition there will be screened a William Fox comedy with George Walsh in the say so this is a secret service drama with a punch and a laugh. Howard Gaye is seen in tee amusing Rode of Tihe Harvard tramp an exponent of unshackled Freedom in the up Herbeis Tine latest metro play in sri Ion May Allison is starred and is the Amus ing adventure of a girl Wao is persuaded to become a Comrade of rated socialists but who eventually finds her greatest Hap piness lies in the More conventional life. The play wiil be shown at the Pavilion on thursday. J Beauty truth and love in tie persons of May Alison Kathleen Kerrigan and pe51 Trenton meet again in the up hate is to be shown at the Pavilion on tsar Day next. This Ideal Trio appeared in Ever woman the Henry Bavage production in wix9ch miss Allison made her stage debut. She was seen As Beauty White mias Kerrigan enacted troth and Pell Trenton the King of love. Clara Kimball Young who will be seen in the Road through the dark at West a is considered one of the most Beautiful women on the screen. Miss Young has a wealth of wonderful Brown hair we Kali she wears parted in the Middle and drawn softly Down to a simple Coil at the Nape of her Lovely neck. The Etyle is vastly becoming. Miss Young believes it is not unfashionable to ignore the popular styles of Faai dressing. Adopt the becom ing Mode and stick to it says she. Clara Kimball Young in the Road through the dark win be seen at West s on monday. It is a sumptuously and beautifully costumed play in which Lucille lady Duff Gordon has had a very Active part to play. Miss Young came to new York this Bummer and she was very Active looking for new styles for the filming of the Road through the dark Day she walked fifth Avenue on the Lookout for something that would be particularly suited for her picture. All of Mies Young s gowns were ordered from lady Duff Gordon. In the Road through the dark in which Clara Kimball Young will appear at West s on monday she takes the part of a Young French girl in love with an american. In order to keep them from marrying her father sends her to live in a Little Village on Hie Mease. The first few months of the War finds her a captive add sons. Becomes the companion of a Ger Man officer to save the lives of a Tow Ful a peo be girl s associations with the officer and the events which follow with her As a spy for France that fur Nish the plot of the Story. It is a thrilling tale and one in which mias Young appears to great advantage. ? ? ? Blue eyes Golden curls and a sunny smile these were characteristics of Mildred Harris when she made pictures like the Price of a Good time and for husbands Only under Lois Weber s direction. For a while during the year she retired from the screen and she was thought of As the girl who married Charlie Chaplin. Now we think of her quite differently As a Star in Lois b. Mayer productions As a woman Sioss grief Over the loss of her Bay son has taught her to feel the deep emotions which she portrays in pictures and As an actress whose ability should make her career an interesting one. All the new Mildred Harris productions have been secured by West s. ? ? ? it is unusual to see a Parson on the vaudeville stage but the Rev. Frank w. Gorman sees no reason Why his cloth should Debar him from using his gifts of entertainment. I have not left the Church he says emphatically and i see in vaudeville Only a stepping Stone to reach my aspirations and permit me to ran j my Church without outside interference. A Parson should meet All people. If vaudeville patrons won t go to see the Parson in Church the Parson must go to All the vaudeville people in the music Halls. I am not preaching in the act that i present. It is to please and amuse and i do Hope Patron will come and hear1 me in the pulpit on the Majestic programme there Are no fewer than five new Star acts. Princi pal among them Are the Artois Brothers probably the Cleverest bar performers seen in Australia. Witt and Sang Are an american couple presenting an act that is it to of Chon. The pictorial Littles pre sent a unique offering. While the lady is singing the gentleman paints a Beautiful water Colour picture. Katie Gourlay is a scotch comedienne of note. Another not Able engagement is that of Zeldine and Klimo Clever trick cyclists and Knock about acrobatic comedians. ? ? ? i the Market of songs starring Dorothy Dalton. Wifi be screen at wonder graph on wednesday next. It gives her the Opportunity of appearing As one of the society revellers of a Hijosh class cabaret and later As a Sweet modest nurse and she captivates in both situations. Forti fied with a most excellent Etory and sup ported by a Fine cart Ehe registers appealingly. Hie direction is Good As Are also the sets photography and Laboratory work. A touch of is injected. The women will Especial if enjoy this Pic Ture As it is sympathetic and suspensive throughout. # let no possible Kuhn escape was the Rule governing the making of Captain Kidd jr., the latest Hartcraft picture with Mary Pickford As the Magnet to be shown at wonder graph on wednesday next. In its original form the play writ ten by Rida Johnson Young achieved considerable Success upon the stage. It told a pleasing Story with Good heart interest frequent witty dialogue and an interest ing set of human beings As the characters. Phe screen version prepared by Frances Marion follows the main Points of the lot and contains much new material. Joe Nick in the secondhand Book store of a quaint old Scotchman whose grand daughter is the Ani Didiw spirit of Tiv Flace. The first third of the picture is Lisman brisk of action and sufficiently novel of situation to entertain a classes i of Pickford fans. Recent wills. From a e weekly Trade Gazette fkobate8. Att wih Catherine Marie North Adele id �2.100 Hogarth John Strait Blieu �26,000. Lowe Charles near Palmer � pc Kersey Francis Yorketown �8,750. Urier Patrick Crystal Brook �1,100. Of Arr Andrew it Bael Golden Grove �5 000. Pin Citon Margaret Gardner Kingston �170. Pie men Job Aima port Pirie �880. Blade Smotel Adelaide �6,00. Slomma Dora we pc med indie �3,200. Steer George Bordertown �30,000. Taplin John wira or Payne Nam �2,300. diehard Mcdonnell belch Park �1,083. Williams. Minnie Kingscote �300. Letters of admits Thilton. Clarke Mary Ann North Cray Dos �1.120. Davidson Charles Lingard Unley �460. Davidson of Amu Scott otherwise Lambert Thomas Doo Lakine. Western Australia �50. Mccredit Robert bums Adelaide �110. Mitchell Francis Adelaide �150. Kottage John Walkerville �750, Bee Man Rosellen Wal Kerrine. J jus wed can you Tell me How a lady resembles a newly be a Bache Lor no. How jus wed because you never know what sort of Metal she s made of till you ring her. J

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