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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - January 21, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Haig the father of a scotch whiskies established 1627 agents Cropton it co. 148 Flinders treet Adelaide. Did Board ban leg theory tactics at Ballarat stated note was sent to Captain Jardine Speaks out in defence of Larwood ? Woodfull May retire Melbourne saturday. A letter from the Board of control forbidding leg theory Bowling against the englishmen was read to the Ballarat players before they took the Field today it was re ported late tonight. It is stated that the Board s prohibition was decisively worded and that the Captain h. Rogerson obeyed the instruction. Jardine spoke in defence of Larwood and body line Bowling at the official luncheon today. I ask you to con Sider Only one question he said. How Many times has Larwood hit the wicket in Melbourne today it was hinted that the australian test Captain w. M. Woodfull might not play in the re main tests. It is stated that he would be glad to retire from the game. Several balls 6ent Down by the Balli rat bowlers were on the leg aide apparently through Lack of control and Suteliffe and Verity were struck. It was Clear that the englishmen did not relish them. ? when it was reported in Ballarat to Day that the players had a letter read to them from the Board of control forbidding the use of let theory Bowling the Captain denied it. He said that it had been left to his discretion and he bad decided not to use it. Late tonight however it was reported in Melbourne that the Board had issued a prohibition of this Type of bowline in letter to the players. When spoken to tonight the Secretary of the Board of control or. W. H. Jeanes said that he had no information to give on the subject. I cannot Dis cuts the matter he said when pressed to state whether the communication had been forwarded by the Board. Although the two Ballarat. Fast bowlers. Alexander and stalker hurled several balk Down on the leg Side apparently through Lack of control there we no packed leg Field. No brute Force the acting mayor of Ballarat or. J. Harrison when speaking at the official luncheon today Baid be was gratified that Woodfull had not adopted leg theory. That is. Your method he said turning to Jardine. I Hope Australia will never retaliate. Australians Are admirers of skill. We should not like brute Force drought in to supplant it he said that it would in a bad thing for Cricket it the leg theory was t not suppressed. You have considered Only one. Side of the question said Jardine in reply. It is not my place to debate it but 1 believe that it has been said that a cricketer is easy Money and that you cannot libel him. I want to ask Only one question of Yon How Many times has Lar Wood hit the wicket it is a fairly familiar cry of the australian bar Raeker to bowl at the wicket i think Yon might consider Larwood s record in that respect Jardine s Contention that. Larwood Rene rally bowled at the wicket is not without truth but it Only needs a few High bumpers in Between to injure or Discon Cert a batsman. Larwood s record Larwood in the first three tests has bowled 10 batsmen obtained one wicket . Had 10 caught off his Bowling and caused one to retire injured. In almost every Case where a Man was clean bowled however the leg theory had previously been adopted. In Oldfield s Case he admits having lost eight of the Ball that struck him. In Sydney today he said previously i had been ducking to Dodge Larwood s fliers and i have no doubt that my Knock was due indirectly to leg Field tactics quite a few of those Larwood clean bowled could support that statement in then own cases. The average australian Follower of the Fame decries Larwood s adoption of these Jnet hods because they Realise that he is far too Good to be compelled to stoop to such tactics to secure his Wickete. Fingleton s blows in addition to the blow which Oldfield received on the head and which broke a Bone in the forehead Woodfull waa struck Over the heart by a bumper in the Ade Laide test and then bad the leg Field placed for him while still in great pain. Ponsford and Richardson were bruised on the thigh. In the earlier tests Fingleton received 11 severe body blows. Mccabe and Pons Ford were knocked about by bumpers and in Melbourne Woodfull was reduced to a state of collapse by the battering he received. Years ago. At a match at lords George Summers of Notts died As a result of a blow from a fast hamper which struck him on the Temple. The feeling is growing in Melbourne Cricket circles that Australia will not eee much More of Woodfull its test Cap Tain in big Cricket. People who prof is to know his intentions hint that he May not be seen in the remaining tests of the season. Woodfull silent Woodfull himself in keeping his own counsel but it is known that he is thoroughly distrusted with what has happened in the tests so far and would be glad to get out of it All his protest to the. Co manager of the English team or. P. F. Warner about body line Bowling contained a phrase which supports the View that he May re tire very soon. If they the tactics of the English men Are persevered with he in re ported to have said it might be better if i did not play the game this remark coupled with other re Marks that he is known to have made recently indicates How he Feek and it would not Surprise if he decided to take a step which has been in his mind for some v time but Cricket followers Hope that the australian Captain will come to no such decision for the present at any rate. Woodfull has been and still is too great a Man in australian Cricket for his retirement to be regarded with equanimity Oldfield s View i am totally opposed to body line bowl ing with a packed leg Field of four or five men close in and two on the Fence said Bert Oldfield the australian test wicketkeeper when he returned to Syd Ney from Adelaide today. It is not Only dangerous but it is definitely pre judicial to the game explaining the unfortunate incident in Adelaide which compelled him to retire from the game Oldfield said that the Ball which bit him was pitched on a line with tie wicket. I lost it and it bit me. Previously i had been ducking to Dodge Larwood s fliers. One Nae to be so careful with the Field placed in that Way. Larwood s Pace is such that a. Batsman has to make no his mind in a split second As to what shot to play or whether to play one or to Dock. The Bau May come stump High or it May Fly and with All these things to be considered it is a most difficult Job to defend without being caught in the my file of it All i lost tight of the Ball and to that extent most not Blamo anyone else Midfield was naturally reluctant to Dis cuss reports of bitter feeling Between the respective teams but he paid a great Tri Bute to his Captain. I have nothing but admiration he said for the magnificent manner in which Woodfull has handled Many difficult situations that have Arisen. As a Captain he is great and a a Man he w still greater. Undoubtedly he is the right Man in the right place and the team is with him to a Man Oldfield Hopes that the doctor s report will be subsequently sufficiently favourable to allow him to play in the remain in tests. I feel All right he said and my general condition gives no cause for alarm. I am of course in the doctor s hands and it would be unwise of me to disregard his views bumper hits boy the danger of the bumper was further illustrated when Leslie Springall aged eight of Mascot Sydney sustained a de pressed fracture of the Skull when be was struck by a Ball of this Type bowled by his brother while playing Cricket outside their Home. ? at the Royal South Sydney Hospital a surgeon performed a delicate feat by lift ing the Bone which had been pressing on the boy s brain. The boy now has a fight ing Chance of recovery. After the operation the boy turned to his father and said they knew the Lar Wood Etoff was the Only thing to get me out. Gee and i was going Well too Walker s test claims in Adelaide today there was keen Dis Cussion on Walker s Chance for the next test. Although love the new South Wales wicketkeeper is a better batsman than Walker he is not such a Good keeper and he is 14 years older than Walker. There was a definite swing in favor of him in Adelaide today. Andy Smith Captain of West Torrens said that Walker was smart and Safe behind the Sticks and was Peerless As a stumper. He did not know of a better Man than Wal Ker to take Oldfield s place. Clem Hill old time Champion left band batsman said today that if it were a question of wicket keeping alone there would be no doubt about Walker going in the australian team. Batsmen try to get out in Cricket burlesque in an astonishing Cricket burlesque on the Alberton Oval today the spectators saw batsmen trying to get out and bowlers and Fields men trying to keep them in. It happened in the match Between port Adelaide and Colts. Colts batting on a bowlers wicket had lost eight wickets with 35 minutes of play left when the Captain c. E. Pellew. Seeing that the Best thing to do was to Send port in As soon As possible on the wet wicket and in the failing Light rushed on to the Field and told the batsmen erred and Dangerfield to throw away their wickets. The port players however had other ideas. Deverson bowled to Dangerfield who spooned the Ball in the Hope of get Ting caught but no one attempted to take the catch. So he walked about five Yards out from his crease and waited to be stumped. Again no one moved. Not wishing to waste time he tried an other method. Deverson bowled again and while the Ball was still Yards Torii him Dangerfield turned his Back on it and drove Bis Bat Down on to the wicket. A. Walker replaced him. Facing Dever son he made a lunge Back toward the wicket but miscalculated by a few inches. He looked round amazed to see that the wicket was not broken. Next Ball he carried his Bat Back into the wicket. No mistake was made this time and the Side was All out without any addition to the score. Then rain started and it looked As if port would not Bat after All. But 15 minutes later g. W. And a. R. Harris opened the innings for the be asides. The anticipated collapse of the opening bats men did not eventuate and stumps were drawn with fort none for 15. Bertram to try again says mate new parts for plane on Way March or april Melbourne saturday. Capt. Bans Bertram the German flier will probably return to Australia from Soura Baya and begin his flight to England again As soon As he receives parts for his damaged monoplane Atlantis. This information was Given today by his co Pilot or. G. U. Scotty Allen who arrived in Melbourne from Adelaide. He left the afternoon for Sydney. Or. Allen s plans Are not yet definite but he May rejoin capt. Bertram who is Likely to Start his flight again Early in March or april when there will be a full Moon. Or. Allen told of the ill Luck that at tended Tjie Atlantis when in an attempt to take off from the surabaya aerodrome it ran into a ditch and damaged the undercarriage. We saw the ditch ahead and capt. Bertram tried to turn the machine but it was not going fast enough be said. We struck the ditch broke the under Carriage and Bent the tip of the pro peller. Never at any time in Australia or on the flight was the machine overloaded. Repairs to the propeller were easy to make but certain steel parts for the undercarriage had to obtained from Ger Many. Otherwise the machine is ready to Fly or. Allen said that the spares were expected to arrive about the end of february and capt. Bertram expected to begin his flight from Darwin a Little before March 11. When the Moon would be full or if that Date was not suitable before april 10. Story of stowaway meanwhile capt. Bertram k remaining at surabaya but May visit the picturesque Island of Bali to fill in time. Or. Allen returned by Steamer to Fremantle and came Overland to Melbourne. The australian Pilot tells an amusing Story of the stowaway who was found aboard the plane after it had left Dar win. ? after i had had a spell of flying capt. Bertram went into the cockpit to he said. I was working out our position in the Middle of the timor sea when i saw a hand appear round a door. X looked no to see if the machine were flying itself but Bertram was still there. When i recovered from my Surprise i looked through the Hatch doorway and pulled ont the stowaway. He was vex a scared. He was a tasmanian. Who had bought him a passage to Melbourne and then to Adelaide. Then for borne unearthly reason he took the train to Alice Springs. He walked from Alice Springs to Darwin where he went on the Dole. He remained on the Dole for three or four weeks and then secreted himself on the plane the doors were locked and he had to break one of them open but it was so done that we never noticed it inside the plane which was pretty dark. He had no Torch but found this Hatch. There were no White people in bima to take charge of him to. We took him on to surabaya. I believe he has returned since. Briton Given credit for War debt move mail special representative Washington saturday. Much of the credit for the United states decision to discuss War debt re vision is due to the British ambassador or. Ronald Lind say says the Chicago Tribune sir Ronald has performed one of those feats. Of diplomacy for which his government often confers a peer age says the article. It was the Ambas Sador who succeeded at last in commit Ting president elect Roosevelt to a debt a Cussion. Linked with the proposed world economic conference sir Ronald Lindsay it is Worth while noting says the news paper that or. Roosevelt expects great things from the world conference in the Way of Tariff Exchange and other eco nomic reforms. He is believed to have accepted the British View that nothing can come of the world conference unless the United states agrees to Ecale Down War debts. Earlier references on Page 4 Beach pyjamas for week end Comfort Tod ats snap of cooler weather did not doer misses d. Johns and Lois Migney from dressing in i hair. Beach of James. Not Lois i y in Puja is. In Wake of storm lightning starts Many fires rain puts them out following the fierce electric storm which broke Over Adelaide on thursday fires goods and wholesale destruction were caused As the storm passed Over three other states to the East and North East last night. Light Ning set crops and scrub afire in Many parts of Victoria cattle were struck dead in new South Wales and Queens land and wind wrecked houses and other property in All three saturday. While weary men fought grass fires round Balranald Rochester was covered with a Mantle of hailstones and floodwaters menaced Pio Perty in Rupanyup. The storm which struck Victoria was described As the worst for 20 years. Houses were rocked by the terrific claps of Thun Der. At port Phillip Heads and Queens Cliff fishermen had to Rush to save their boats but several foundered in a 40mile an hour Gale. M6re than 4,000 acres of grass stubble crop and fencing and a House were destroyed ? by at least 48 fires. Which were 6tarted by the lightning but the rain which followed saved Many Farmers from big losses. At Inglewood the reflection of grass fires lit up the town and then the rain flooded the creeks. At Donald duet Thunder and Hail stones were experienced All within a few hours and the House of or. J. H. Abgel at watches was wrecked. Proper ties on both sides of the Murray were ablaze but timely rain fell and saved Large areas. Echuca was thrown into darkness for four hours. Nearly washed to death Sydney saturday. Two heavy thunderstorms accompanied by lightning and wind which for a while blew at Hurri Cane Speed did much Damase at Forbes last night. Between 6 and 7 . 120 Points of rain fell in 20 minutes and two Large Sheds on the outskirts of the town were lifted from the ground and demolished. Sheets of Iron from the roofs were car ried a considerable distance. Telephone lines were demolished. A second storm occurred at 10.15 ., when an Inch of rain fell in 30 minutes causing reeks to flood. A 70-year-old pensioner Donald Mcdon Ald who was camped in a Gully was swept with his Camp towards the Golf links by a torrent of water. Mcdonald was car ried against a Fence on which he managed to get a grip thu6 saving his Hie. Heavy Rains and hailstorms have swept across most of the North West and Western parts of new South Wale Saad in Many cases extinguished Bushfire. Stock were killed by Hail at Inverell. Sheep drowned Brisbane saturday. During violent thunderstorms heavy rain fell in various districts and big losses of Stock have been suffered. Several Bridges Over the co Damine Are under water. At Pittsworth and other places the water is Teet deep on the Plain country. A Branch of the co Damine broke its Banks and flocks of sheep were trapped by the storm Waters. Nearly 7 in. Of rain fell at Woody Camp. Gympie received More than 2 in. Of rain in an hour. Trees in the Parks were up rooted by the Strong wind and buildings were damaged. _ cattle at goo Moorian were killed by lightning and several houses were in roofed. Not since 1900 has such a deluge been experienced at Black Plains. Thieves throw Pepper snatch Money Sydney saturday Pepper throwing bandits secured �5 from Matthew fran Cis Fegan of double bay., today. Fegan was driving a laundry delivery Waggon when two youths hailed him near Bellevue Hill and asked him How to reach Fairfax Road. While he was direct ing them one threw Pepper in Hie eyes. The other youth then snatched Fegan s Money bag Aad. Both escaped. London bus dispute paralyses service London. January 21. The unofficial strike of London bushmen against the new ppe Eniti up order begun in an East end garage on tuesday has now spread Para Lysing half the services and involving 10.000 men and 1,891 buses. Communist agitators Are prominent in fomenting trouble. They Are distributing red literature in All garages. Officials of the transport workers Union Are vainly trying to persuade the men to return to work. Councillors in the mud and Brighton is laughing ratepayers May often dream of poetic Justice but it is Seldom that they can enjoy the spectacle of a councillor bogged in one of his own Road. As for a whole Carload of them ? Brighton ratepayers were Able to enjoy such a sight today. Today was the Day of the annual tour of Brighton by the members of its coun cil and a motor bus was chartered for the to. But the bus got into a rut in an unmade Road behind King Street. And there it stayed. The mud entirely covered one Mudguard and the whole Council turned out to help. Aldermen and councillors undoubtedly carry a lot of weight but their combined efforts were rot enough to shift it. It took two hours three men and a Corpora Tion lorry to do the Job. The tour was finished in a car belong ing to Aid. Qurban and a corporation car. Left to his Fate in Alps Finkler search abandoned flier gives up mail special representative Lausanne saturday Bert Hinkler the Gallant Little australian flier who has made his name ring round the world for his Aerial feats is apparently to be left to his Fate whatever than May be. Capt. W. L. Hope the English airman who has been searching the Swiss Alps for five Days has abandoned his perilous quest because of bad weather. For five hours a Day this English flier he too has made a name for himself As an air race Winner has flown Over and around the Snow Clad Alps. Every minute he was in the air spelt danger. An engine or slight structural failure in his plane would have meant almost certain death in that rugged coun try. He is the Only flier who has searched the Alps for Hinkler since he disappeared on january 7. Although land parties of foresters and police Are still searching for traces of the lost flier nothing More can be done from the air it is said. When lady. Bailey disappeared on her flight from London to Capetown a huge search of the Sahara desert was organised almost immediately. But Hinkler had been missing a week before any serious Effort was made to find him. The delay was attributed to Hinkler s having kept his plans a secret. Capt. Hope s plucky search was made Only at the instigation of Hinkler s friends in England. They found funds to finance the search and Hope is re Porter to be paying for half the Cost self. Hinkler left Feltham aerodrome eng land at 3 . On january 7 to Fly to Australia in record time. He was reported from Many sources to have been seen Over Switzerland that afternoon. A few people still hold to the once popular saying Bert will turn up but Many believe that this hero of Many world record flights is buried with his plane beneath the Alpine Enow where he body May never be found. Picture on Back Page jockey out for free years Battery found in Boot Brisbane saturday. W. J. Tucker a Queensland jockey was disqualified for five years by the Stipen diary stewards at Albion Park racecourse this afternoon. An instrument was found in the jockey s room. This is alleged to have fitted in the Heel of one of Tucker s boots making a connection with a Battery. P. Matthews who is in charge of the jockey s room picked up an instrument with two Sharp Points on it. A close watch was kept and subsequently the stewards took Possession of Tucker s Riding boots. It is alleged that the Points of the implements fitted into the left Riding Boot making a connection with a Battery. Tucker told the stewards that on tues Day he bought the boots for 30/ from a Man in Toowoomba. He did not know any thing about the Battery and he did not use it in any of the races in which he Rode. The jockey s father. W. A. Tucker was exonerated from All complicity in the matter. ? �1,200 Worth of Gold found j i j Rich discovery at Mon Golata ? Burra saturday. A Rich Gold find at Mon Galata has been reported by messes. John and Don Pex ton who since yesterday have banked 151 of. Of pure Gold at Burra. The Gold is valued at about �1,200. One piece at the latest find weighed More than 3 la and another nearly 2 la. The sold was discovered late yesterday afternoon and last night 98 of. Was brought into Burra and lodged in the Bank. Another of 56 of. Which was obtained today was deposited tonight. The claim is worked by or. John Pex ton and his seven sons. A pocket of Gold comprising 56 of. Was found on this claim in july last. Two assays of Ore recently dug from Pexton e chum showed 132 and 140 of. To the ton respectively. Good Gold has also been obtained from several other claims. The Battery which has been in the course of erection for months is now nearly completed. It is very cheering news said the director of mines or. L. K. Ward to Day. The pocket is one of the Best to have been found in South Australia and should give a great impetus to mining on1 f he Field f 80-ft. Fall eve car Sydney saturday. Trapped in a touring car which overturned on a Steep Cliff near Kiama thie afternoon a Man and his son and daughter had remarkable escapes from death emerging with bruises and scratches. Allan Shepherd his wife and two Chil Dren were returning to Dulwich Hill from a Holiday. When they reached the deviation two Miles out of Kiama the car skidded violently in a deep mud track and crashed through a Fence where there is an almost sheer drop of about 200 it. Mrs. Shepherd leaped out ju6t As the car crashed through the Fence but the othere were unable to escape. The tourer and began a mad Roll towards the Bottom. The Hood and underwear were wrecked. Eighty feet Down the car crashed into a tree. H Wae caught there and Shepherd and the children scrambled out practically unhurt. Cabinet to discuss vital Issue . Party waiting for Premier to define his attitude will meet on monday by the mail political writer with the political situation still clouded with uncertainty the state Cabinet will meet on monday to consider the programme to be referred to the meeting of the parliamentary labor party on the following Day. Ministers will look to the Premier or. Hill to take them into his Confidence. They will want to know what attitude he proposes the party should adopt to Ward the letter received this week from the president of the citizens league or. William Queale Sug. Gesting the Early formation of a National government. Or. Hill has definitely declared himself in favor of this. Will he try to Force the Issue in the face of threatened opposition from an influential Section of his own party be monday s meeting will be the first full Cabinet meeting since the holidays. The chief Secretary or. Whitfor who has been attending interstate conferences in new South Wales is due Back on Mon Day morning. Primarily the party meeting which was postponed from last tuesday has been called to Complete plans for the elections. So far the . Has endorsed Only nine candidates. The remaining electorates to be contested and candidates for them re questions yet to be determined. Seat for Premier a seat has to be arranged for the pre Mier who now represents port Pirie. It is realised that he would be More free to Lead the state wide Campaign if he ran for a ? metropolitan constituency than if he engaged in a country contest. That is we he has been urged to stand for East torrent. ? on or. Hill s return from Tasmania it was expected that he would take the first Opportunity to announce his intentions. A Wek has passed since then and the government party is still no Forf Cabej ahead with its election plans. ?. The week has however not been with out incident. Important fresh develop ments i the direction of seeming closer co operation Between the two parties sup porting the premiers plan have occurred and these have for the moment Over shadowed the question of allotting seats. Future of the Paramount Issue now emerging on the political horizon is what is to be the future of the . Although excelled from the official labor machine most of or. Hill s followers have been Visualising their continued political exis tence As a moderate labor party which. Treed front the Fetters and dictation of the trades Hall would enjoy a healthy growth and gradually establish itself As the recognised democratic organisation in this state. Members who think along these lines contend that to join a coalition with the Liberal and country league would destroy All Hope of achieving their object. The Premier s attitude apparently conflicts with that of a Large Section of Hie Paity. His immediate is to do we i he considers is Best for the state. He has led a government which has stood solidly for the premiers plan. Continuance of that plan he believes is the dominant Issue at the elections. The Liberal and country league agree with him on hat Point and he fails to see Why both the Pap. And the cannot face the electors As a United Politi Cal Force f if the two parties Cave but � single purpose Why should a flow. Sent each other on the Hestia a and trios a danger the policy which each holds to sear v _ Hopes up to die present or. Hill has not of f failed to convince a majority of his own followers but he has aroused Little sym Pathy among . Members toward tic idea of a coalition. The -l.cx. Would have been More inclined to join forces with the Bill govern ment 12 months ago. Today having selected most of its candidates and Luck ing Forward to governing on. Its own after the elections it is not so keen. Outside of politicians themselves their Are Many people who think that if there is not a non party government before elections the two parties epo Boring the premiers plan will be forced into a coalition afterwards. A do As i say to ? Wou Lont be v Law of without it an0 Purchase a Avis fowlers Vacola �$1 bottling outfit Al Psi the popular no. 2 Sjef Fejt Fil size outfit ijp1 Lei pc f vat Ditavi be a Titti Lily \ 41 Doht \ in it s a Good investment us Tell i a in lk8 fan a of a season this outfit a. ,. J will pay for itself if you take Adan undid be net Feu Home of the i in Tufui fruit crop and pm a Supply while it u cheap. Write for new reduced. 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