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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - January 7, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Haig the father of Alt scotch whiskies established 1627 agent Crofton & co 149 Flinder Street Adelaide. I or \ ? / 2rut\ Best circles sedition radiola Sii Ira Cherkassky the world s greatest boy pianist praises the famous Money saving family remedy for coughs colds bronchitis and influenza costs 2/ saves � s Over one million australian citizens annually prove that the Best remedy for banishing ailments of the Chest and Throat is the mixture so easily made by adding sweetened water to a two shilling bottle of concentrated Reenzo. A i a jew web a ready made of cough and influenza 88iisiiimbb5 can the Given to even the roundest j�-1-m ii i a shura Cherkassky the i i % a i in recitals in Sydney created a musical i i a vase Al a a audiences to the Sydney town Reenzo should be used in every Home Hinkler s flight astounds All dash to Australia kept strictest secret flies off in dark mail special representative London saturday. When Bert Hinkler secretly took off from Felt Ham aerodrome at 3 . Today for a record dash to Australia Only a few members of the aerodrome staff and a customs official saw him go. His departure has astounded even his closest friends. Drome officials who helped him to prepare his puss Moth monoplane which is specially equipped for Long hops were pledged to the strictest secrecy. Nobody else knew the australian had gone until he was half Way across the continent. The wintry darkness was broken Only by a few lights on the Landing ground when the Little plane roared across it Rose perfectly and sped into the night towards the South. The first stage of the flight is expected to be to Athens or Brindisi. Only a few Days Ajro Hia Kjer said his australian flight plane had been abandoned because they conflicted with his arrangements to Lead an Aerial circus which was aiming to raise �20,000 for British hospitals. Australia House reported yesterday that ibis intended flight wag cancelled. Even the Oil company which was to have arranged for his fuel supplies across the world was taken by Surprise. Hinkler who is regarded by flying men a one of the greatest Aerial navigators Hopes to beat the record of 8 Days ?0 irs. 45 min. Made by or. C. W. A. Scott last april. The australian took 15% Days for he memorable flight to Australia in february ld2s, which made him famous and earned him the name of hustling Hinkler that was the first Solo flight made from England to Australia. His machine for this flight is fitted with extra fuel tasks enabling him to remain in the air for 24 hours. It is expected that he will make unusually big hops. The Plame is also equipped with in Cen ions devices of Hie own invention to ? facilitate Long hops including a new method of engine lubrication and a specially illuminated instrument Board for night flying. Registered in Canada he is flying the same machine in which he made his daring South Atlantic flight from Brazil to Africa. It is registered in Canada and bears the registration Marks Clapk. The plane is equipped with a 130 . Gipsy major engine similar to that used by Amy Johnson mrs. Mollison on her recent flight to Cape town. This engine will enable him to lift the overloaded plane quickly to that it can take off safely from Small Fields. Golf clubs with him Early last month it was known that Hinkler was preparing for a big flight. He then told a Friend he was not after the record. He was taking his Jrolf clubs with him and was joins to see the beauties of the Countryside. This statement was discounted As the plane was equipped for Long distance flying then on de Bert Cember 18 it was reported that he had cancelled his plans because he had accepted a regular Job. Hinkler would not comment except to say that a Syndicate had asked him to form an Aerial circus to give displays in important towns in England and he might accept the offer. Church service to Victor storm victims Victor Harbor saturday. At Yelki Church tomorrow the re. Charles Watte president of the congregational Union of South Australia will con duct an in memorial service to the late David Rumbelow who with his Cousin Walter was drowned when their Cutter the ferret was wrecked on Wai pinga Beach on december 23. Or. Watte said today that his service would be one of condolence and Hope based upon Whittier s immortality of soul the address would be chiefly for the relatives. The cricketers of local clubs will a t tend the service testifying to the esteem in which their late Comrade and team mate was held. Yelki Church is built near the 6ite of the old Tabernacle. Yelki is More Fame diary known As Rumbelow town bum below families have occupied this Village since their forbears of the whaling Days attended services conducted by the late eve. Ridgway Newland. Cricketers of the Hindmarsh Valley and encounter Bay teams stood in silence for a minute today on the Bay Oval when they resumed the match in which the late David Rumbelow captained the Bays. James Lee was elected Captain in place of David Rumbelow and Charles Johns vice Captain. S. Malm Rumbelow a brother of David reluctantly played. It Wai mrs. David Rumbelow s wish that the game be played instead of being abandoned As was previously suggested. Queensland Skiff wins first of title heats Perth saturday. Victor Iii., the Queensland representative easily won the first of the three races to decide the Skiff championship of Australia held this afternoon Over a course of about nine Miles on the Swan River. Weather conditions were Ideal for sailing. Victor Iii. Took the Lead before half the distance to Crawley on the outward trip had been covered and it was never afterwards seriously challenged. The new South Wales representative Swansea did not race up to expectations. There were 10 contestants eight of which were from Western Australia. The Best performance among the local boats was that of Marjorie the second boat which led the Chase after Victor Iii. Throughout the race. Result Victor Iii. Queensland skipper Lucas ? 1 Ilar Jorie wl., Mitchell ? 2 Velore w.a., Howell ? 3 Verona w.a., Oliver ? 4 Victor i. Is the present Holder of the championship. . Yachting on pane 9 water in sight but Man Dies Alice Springs. Saturday cutting his thick dozens of times re finishing within sight of Harper s Springs Weli w. O Grady died Only four Miles from the Well. Hig body was found by a United Constable Lynch today. After his aimless wanderings o Grady took off his flannel rolled it up for a Pil Low and Lay Down to die. Baby cries holds up Tennis a consultation about a baby in the spectators stand was held on the court Between a doctor and a Layman at the Unley Oval Tennis this afternoon. As a result of the diagnosis play was adjourned for several minutes to let the baby Stop crying. Ron hone the Burly fast server was playing with his brother or. Gar hone in the final of the men s doubles championship. Ron was serving when the Little mite started to cry. Ron looked round a couple of times and then paced the Baseline waiting for the noise to Stop. The Little lungs still kept in the crying so Ron went up to the net to his doctor brother had a few words and then came Back and sat on the grass behind the Baseline waiting for the child to Stop. The hones opponents Don Turnbull and Len Schwartz grinned Good Nat redly and did not appear to mind the crying. One wag in the crowd called out to Ron hone get on with the play. Haven t you Ever heard a baby cry before hone turned round and replied Curtly i listen to them All night and i Don t expect to have to put up with it in the Day the the interruption came at a critical stage in the game when Turnbull and Schwartz were losing. When play was resumed they went on to win that game easily. The hones lost the match. Going to Canberra on scooters Sydney. Saturday. Two Glebe boys Ray Mitchell and Bob Lye. Both aged 12, will leave Sydney on monday to travel to Canberra on scooters. Adelaide Beach girls in their element with the return of warm weather today s Sun brought out the Beach girls in All their gaiety. These Happy lasses were snapped on the Sands at Glenelg this afternoon. They Are left to right misses if. Bigland m. Tyler Maureen Howard Dorry Robbie Thyrsa Ball Dot Hall and Hannam hot again tomorrow crowds in the open tonight extra trams phew let s get outside Adelaide puffed put on Light clothes and left the Stuffy confines of four Walls tonight. It was Back to Normal for i summer saturday night after an unusually Coo opening to summer. Adelaide has had few hot week ends this summer and everyone was eager to make the most of the break tonight. Today the temperature Rose to 91.8 at 3 o clock. This is slightly above the average for january. Tonight it was 72 at 8 o clock and then fell slightly nor Mal for this time of the year in the even ing according to the weather Man or. Bromley. A Fine Day warm to hot is his fore cast for tomorrow. The pressure is Flat and anything May develop but it is not Likely that the warm spell will pass. It should be in the nineties tomorrow ice Cream Sells Well theatre attendances slumped tonight but proprietors of shops Selling ice Cream and Cool drinks were smiling. Today extra supplies were obtained particularly at the beaches ready for big crowds to night and tomorrow. Good business said one shopkeeper. We ordered 20 Ner cent More ice Cream and Cool drinks today than usual from 7 . Tomorrow one firm will have six ice Cream carte out in the City and suburbs and probably another three at port Adelaide. They will be Busy replenishing supplies of cafes and Cool drinks shops until Well into the afternoon. There were big crowds at the beaches this afternoon and tonight. Extra trams were put on the Glenelg and Henley Beach lines Between 7 and 8 . Open air dancing j dancing Halls had fewer patrons but where open air dancing was held at several beaches there were Rood attendances. Band concerts at the beaches entertained big crowds. On the River Torrens Many boats were lured and tomorrow night there should be scores rowing on the River. Beaches Hills gardens zoo and Park lands Wil All be popular tomorrow. At the National Park Belair. All the seven ovals have been booked for cricketing Par ties and More than 25 Tennis courts have been engaged. Excursion fares to beaches will be available of both trams and trains. Petrol Sellers estimate that a Fine week end Means at least a 50 per cent increase in trainees and they expect this Toni or a Row. An improved demand we noted to Jay. In t that just like a girl Sydney saturday. Climbing to the Balcony of a House at Ryde yesterday a Young Man stole into a bedroom and was immediately confronted by a revolver. He stood As if transfixed to the floor too amazed even to obey the command to put pm up snapped out by the Young woman holding the revolver. She was in pyjamas. The girl called her Mother who Tele phoned the Ryde police. When told that the police were coming the intruder wept bitterly. He told a sad Story that so convinced the girl of his sincere Repen Tance that Ehe told him to get out. A few minutes later detectives appeared and listened to the Young woman explaining Why the Bird had flown. New guard and sailors eve vocal clash Sydney saturday. The departure of the new guard Leader or. Eric Campbell in the Oronsaye today caused a vocal conflict Between 500 new guardsmen on the ferry . Who escorted then commander As far As the Heads and the Crew of the . Australia. A Sailor on the Australia started the trouble with a Catchall which was swelled by a howl of derision from his supporters. The new guardsmen replied but they were interrupted by a chorus from the Man o War of one. Two three four and out the new guardsmen promptly counted out the opposition. The ferry band then struck up the National Anthem and a truce was called. Great swim by Noel Ryan Sydney saturday. Leading All the Way the olympic swimmer Noel Ryan won the state 880 Yards swimming title at the Domain Bathe this afternoon in 10 min. 52% Sec. He was not extended and won by 25 Yards from his club mates s. Herford and w. Furey. Betting commissioners at the races four members of the betting commission which is enquiring into the licensing of bookmakers visited the races at Morphet Tville this after noon to get the atmosphere of the meeting. Left to right or. A. Mcarthur map or. W. V. Ray chairman of the commission or. W. Hannaford , and or. J. O. Crutchley my. Article on Page 5 How suspect was traced Swift move in murder Case Man in court Sydney saturday. Leaning quietly against the rail of the Dock in the Central police station today with his Chin resting on his hands Eric Roland Craig aired 25, Salesman was charged with the murder on december 9, in Queen s Park of Iris Marriott also known As May Miller. He appeared in court at 3.30 . 2c% hours after his detention. The charge resulted from an amazingly Swift move by the . Homicide squad. . T. Mcrae played the chief part. He received the first due which led a squad of police to a House at Centennial Park where Craig Wae detained a he was leaving. Close questioning Craig was charged by . K Jrae after close questioning by the chief of the . Inspector prior and detectives Miller Keogh and comans. I Craig a alleged to have Jurj Velhi full de tails of his movements on the night of hay1 Miller s death. His statement will prob a ably not be produced until the City Coro. Ner holds the inquest the Date of which has not yet been used. May Miller was found at 10.30 . On december 10 lying face downwards in a clump of Lantana Bushes she was naked. Her frock stockings and shoes were some Yards away. The rest of her clothing was missing and the police recovered it from some Bushes on the Day on which Bessie o Connor was taken to National Park and battered to death. In was first thought that May Millar j hid been killed with one of the Many Large pieces of Stone which littered thai place in which she was found. It is now believed that a stick was used. A motor car which had been stolen from the City and later found abandoned was thought to have been used to drive her to Queen e Park. Clue after eight hours eight hours after he and det. Wiley had been assigned to the Case Mcrae received the clue for which he was search ing but Only he knows its source. He and three other members of his detachment held a conference and at 7 o clock last night they and det. Campbell and Constable Bell went to the Centen Nial Park District. There they detained Craig. He was taken first to the Paddington police station and then to the . Police worked throughout the night and the crime was reconstructed by detectives. Craig was then taken to Centennial Park and later to where May Miller s missing clothing was found. Then the party returned to the . And later Craig accompanied by police j was taken to the National Park. J . Mcrae and det. Wiley with their assistants Are Eaid to have recovered i certain property from a House at Centen jail Park. They took it to the . J they will probably produce it at the in-1 just. Craig who it is understood will spend j the week end in a cell in the Central j police station will appear before the court again on monday. There was an emotional scene when Craig s wife a tall fair girl visited him it the police station. Walking into the charge room she said in a broken voice j my name is mrs. Craig. I would like to j see my husband she was escorted to the cell. Craig was lying on the floor huddled under a Blanket when an attendant called to him that his wife had arrived. He jumped swiftly to his feet and ran to the Grille. His wife talked to him through the Grille. Australia lauded in England lord Somers in Adelaide lord Sorters former governor of Vic Toria has come out to Australia on the Moldavia on a Holiday trip. He said in Adelaide today that people in England admired Australia for the wonderful recovery it had made from its financial and economic difficulties. They Are Prat inc australians for hav ing accepted the premiers plan which involved Jerreat sacrifices and for determining to balance their budgets and pay their debts said lord Somers. If the rest of the world had done As much As Australia has done towards re covery we All might be wearing a different pair of shoes today. Genius of britons although i am an anti conference Man. 1 believe that Ottawa paved the Way for Treater co operation Between different parts of our great Empire. It will help us to Market exports better. The closer the different parts of the Empire Are together Goa after and bet we ? ? the 3 effect Fiat the Empire will have on world politics. I am a great believer in the Genius of the British race. The stronger the lord Somers off to Golf Empire the better for the world a a whole lord Somers said. And no one could doubt the sincerity of these remarks from a Man who endeared himself to All australians with whom he came into Contact. To fulfil Promise he is the idol of the younger people of Victoria and the main object of his pre a visit to Australia is to fulfil a pro life be made to Boye in the Camp he of coded in Victoria that he would return o the Camp in 1933. This Camp is known throughout Australia and it came into being during lord Somers term As governor of Victoria thinking of All the dreams of youth and Liow the boys of every station of life longed for an Ideal sport and Camp he decided to help the Young australians. In 10 Days time i shall be with the boys in my Camp and nothing will give me greater pleasure than to be staying with them lord Somers said As he stepped off the Moldavia today dressed in Khaki Slacks and carrying a bag of Golf Sticks Over his shoulder. He looked More like a care free Young australian from his Camp in Victoria than an sex governor. Attack refreshed by the dismissal of three j Good batsmen Early in the piece. I would i favor him going up one or two on the. Kiel and for Pone Ford to be the last of the recognised batsmen o Reilly the danger Australia s attack on Friday will be the same As that which routed England in Melbourne and it is Likely that o Beilly will again be the most destructive Bowler in the Side. Ironmonger can be depended upon to keep an end going with his fault less length deliveries and the lion hearted Wall is almost sure to take some wickets. O Reilly bowled impressively in his last appearance in Adelaide and there is no doubt that he can be depended upon to give Jardine a men an anxious time. As the wicket will provide difficulties Foi j the English bowlers England s selector spend much time considering Tiv learn. It is certain that at least one and lion ably two of the fast men will give to spin bowlers. Bowes May b. Dropped while it is problematical whether England can afford to place Larwood. J Allen and Voce in the Field together. I it would not be surprising if Allen or Voce were Given a spell and places made Tor Tate and Verity. Tate would Streng then the batting and add variety to the attack. Brown and Mitchell the two slow Bow Lere also have claims for inclusion and. Rush to see Adelaide test match influx of visitors will Start in Earnest on monday Ponsford May be in team Early next week the influx of visitors to Adelaide for the important third test match on the Adelaide Oval will begin in Earnest and before Friday it is Likely that this City will see one of the biggest test crowds on record. ? As the match draws near there is keen discussion on the probable teams that will fight for Australia and England Tho state of the weather and the condition of the wicket competent judges of the game think thata Hanges will be made in both teams. In the australian Side it is predicted that Ponsford will regain the place which he lost in the Melbourne match. Ernie Jones the former inter National express Bowler pins his Faith to Australia. He tipped them to win j the second test in Melbourne after \ the Small tally of 228 in the first innings. There is a qualification to the forecast of Ernie Jones. He is looking to the Ade Laide wicket to uphold its reputation for lasting for several Days. If the wicket goes like it has in the big mat 2hes played in Adelaide this season the result will depend on the toes he said. In those circumstances the team that wins the toss should win the match the former test fast Bowler had in mind the collapse of Victoria and new South Wales before the onslaught of Wall and Tobin in two of the Sheffield shield games played on the Adelaide ova. The ultimate Choice of players to take the Field for both sides is causing Ani mated discussion. There again the wicket is playing a big part and it will no doubt. Affect the discussions of the selectors. J the Adelaide Oval wicket is not Likely to give the fast bowlers any assistance and after the Sydney and Melbourne wickets the batsmen should have an easy task. With these Points in mind the critics Are urging the exclusion of at least one of Australia s defensive bats men to make room for a stroke player. Ponsford s Chance if that is done the Only logical move is to leave o Brien out and replace him with Ponsford. The victorian left hand a did Well in the second test by keeping his wicket up at critical stages of both inn Ings. But the wicket will alter the Posi Tion Here. Adelaide Cricket followers Are not Likely to see England s full last Battery in to Tion and it is Vairry certain that the wicket will Force a partial return to rhe orthodox off attack. With that to be expected Australia can afford to depend on Woodfull and Fingleton to hold the fort for some time while the inclusion of Ponsford later would give the Side a stroke and a player who could play the Rock if circumstances called for it. Ernie Jones thinks that both Brad Man and Richardson should be promoted on the batting list. Bradman has practically had to open in recent matches he said. Jackson faced the fast men in the test in Adelaide on the last English tour and he made a Century. I think Bradman could to the same. The reason for Richardson being placed Low Down on the batting list is Obj Oiw he has been put there to Knock the tired Bowling about. But he has not had a Chance because he has been facing an 5 some reluctance has been a Hovin to playing Tate it would not Surprise to Brown included. Mitchell has reaped a crop of wicket in the country and tasmanian matches but he would be meeting Batemen of a better calibre in the test. Brown be useful on the matting list and if a plow Bowler is wanted he May be preferred. Duckworth s claims the wicket keeping position is far from decided. Ames has not done the Job for which he was included to make runs and he has a serious rival in Duckworth of r the keeping position. The batsmen should provide no difficulties. Australia is Likely to Fin i set Cliffe Hammond and perhaps Jar be the stumbling blocks on the Adelaide wicket. The English skipper has failed to far but lie is too Good a Bat to keep going As cheaply As in Sydney and Melbourne. Our batsmen Are As Good As eng lands and i think we can expect to see 400 hoisted for the first innings by each Side said Ernie Jones. Still the last two turns at the wickets will Tell the tale and i expect Australia to win again reports from City and suburban hotels Point to All rec6rds being broken for at Tendance. Never before has interest been so intense As at present. The eng Lish Shock tactics have aroused much comment and As the australians Are now expected to sound the death Knell of the leg theory the people Are congregating to see them do it. Excursion fares on the railways both country and interstate give an added inducement for people to visit Adelaide. Note keepers in the City and the principal Beach resorts report full houses for test week. How teams May be constituted the teams a Ernie Jones thinks they should be constituted Are Australia England Woodfull capt Jardine capt. Richardson vice Sutcliffe Wyatt Bradman h, o Reilly Hammond. Ironmonger Pat Audi Fingleton Ley and Ponsford Larwood Oldfield Ames grim Mott Allen or Voce Wall Verity Mccabe Tate o Brien 12th Paynter 12th fatal railway Accident port Lincoln Lewis Sheppard aged 25, a fireman in lie employ of the South australian rain ways was fatally injured at port Lin Cobi at port Lincoln railway Yards today. I the Accident occurred about 12.30 .and Sheppard died in the port Lincoln ill Ospital at 4 . \ i it if said that Sheppard was crushed the engine on which he was travelling and a truck during shunting i operations. _ ? j Sheppard was married and had a son about two years of age. Jardine s tilt at test wicket j i Melbourne. Saturday that the j ung Lehmen still believe that the Mel Bourne wicket was a Factor in eng ? land s loss of the second test was i shown by a statement made by the English Captain Jardine at an offi Cial luncheon at Bendigo today. Jardine said that he was charmed with the Bendigo ground with its fringe of elms and Willows and More so by the wicket which was the Best of the last three on which the team had played. The previous two wicket be on which the team had placed were the lae pot at Hobart and the test wicket in Melbourne. 1 1 a 1 1 Tui Man Iii in w m i i Imit i i my Nini m 1 1 to u mum i i in to fire sweeps Miles of country crop destroyed at Owen 700 fight Blaze Owen saturday. A fierce fire swept through five Miles of country in the Balaklava District today and destroyed a wheat crop at Owen valued at .�550. Seven Hundred men from the ing districts answered an urgent Call Foi assistance and fought the fire from its outbreak at 3.30 . Until it was under control three hours later. The fire swept towards Riverton before it was checked and late tonight Hun dredge of Trees were still smouldering and 40 men were standing by prepared for an All night watch. The fire started in a crop being reaped by or. Jim Day who was share farming a property with or. Kelly. Or. Kelly was expected to return from a visit to Adelaide tonight. Or. Day had just cleaned out the har Vester and while he was putting the tract or into gear it backfired and the crop bras ablaze in an instant. About 300 sheep were immediately driven out of danger and the Owen and Riverton fire fighting organisations were called. Help from Saddleworth fire fighting appliances were obtained from on a motor lorry played a big part in getting the under control. Miles of fencing stubble and grass. Rind Severa Telephone poles were Burnt. The fire was the worst the District Hae had for 10 years. In addition to the 130 acres of crop Fojut 60 bags of standing in the Ruddock were destroyed. Only about 100 Airres were insured. The Are swept to within a few Hun dred Yards of the Homestead of or Kelly and the building was narrowly saved. Four million s Wjk books \ to Catalo Amair special representative Londo saturday. A new catalogue is being prepared for the 4.000.000 books on the 55 Miles of shelves in the Library of the British Mue Eam. It is 53 year. Since the compilation of the existing Cata Lonnie was begun and the preparation of that work occupied the staff for 25 years. It is anticipated that the present work will also be spread Over a very Ion period. So far in two years those on the work Are Only about half Way through the works of authors whose names be ii with the first letter of the alphabet. The catalogue when Complete will if in about 165 volumes. It will Cost �4- and will be an essential Imi session of important libraries throughout the Wori. Financially the work is Elf supporting

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