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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Feb 29 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - February 29, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Clipper tobacco Large mop for a maker Light and dare free aai to atty Bate a Ilaa sole Agort Cornell Ulima Tokio rebellion Over appeals plus threats bring final surrender of soldiers army aeroplanes drop warning leaflets Tokio saturday. After three Days of appeals mingled with threats the army rebels who on wednesday had seized several Public buildings and assassinated five leading states men surrendered this afternoon without any serious resistance. From Dawn army officers had made final frantic efforts to restore discipline without bloodshed. In addition to the official warning leaflets dropped from the air High officers Rode up to the rebel lines and made personal appeals which impressed the mutineers. Was prematurely announced yesterday that the rebels had re turned to their Barracks. This revolt was led by a group of younger officers ardent nationalists who were dissatisfied with Lite cautious attitude of certain statesmen towards Japan s expansion on the Mainland of Asia. It was not directed against the Goy Ernnt ent As such much less against the emperor. Hence it was hoped that when the rebels were ordered to sur Render in the name of the emperor they would do so without making he use of Force necessary. Army aeroplanes Early today scattered leaflets advising the noncommissioned officers and soldiers that la was not yet too late to surrender and save their lives. Tour wives and Chu Den and Sisters Are weeping said the the planes dropped telephones. Using these the army authorities or dered the rebels to yield. This caused the surrender of about 300 men by 9.20 an. Other rebel were expected to follow suit new use for tanks later Armor tanks were used to Dis tribute further hand bus appealing to the rebels to surrender by noon Only a few mutineers in Possession of the Premier s residence working fast on the map while the a Roaena Perers Are Busy with the abyssinian dispute Japan Law been extending her Sway in North t China. The younger army 40eera, however feel that the Sava use has not been fast enough. Hence the revolt in Tokyo of for week mad the murder of the Bode note Wilt steal leaders. Cartoon from the Danu Munung news and the Sanno hotel were still hold ing out two hour later tace be had rendered and the City was of Dally declared to be entirely Cato citizens who fled from the danger zones when Gen. Kashi military governor of Tokio while the City i under martial Law broadcast that Force would be used against the rebels. Are not allowed to return for the present however trams and motor traffic were again moving freely in Tokio and suburbs this afternoon. How Australia is concerned London. Saturday. The relative strengths of the army and Navy in the next japanese government Are the main concern of the British and other european government. ? Britain Realises that of situation May ultimately affect Australia if View of to inevitable bearing on the Frei file. Those closest in touch with japanese affairs stress the rivalry Between the services. They Point out that the whole future of japanese foreign policy will depend on whether the army or Navy or both control the Cabinet while the military and naval leaders were recently United in demanding financial appropriations for a huge expansionist programme they Are divided on the priority of their respective demands hitherto the army has led the nation and has organised its economic forces almost exclusively in Asia for expansion in Manchukuo and Northern China. T the resultant heavy burdens coupled with disappointments in the economic Hopes in Manchukuo. The in creased danger of War against Russia and dissension in its own ranks have lowered the army s popularity. Therefore unless the present coup enables the army to gain a strange hold National leadership May pass to the Navy. This would mean the slowing Down of the japanese Advance. In Asia and concentration on the Southern Pacific which responsible quarters in Loca Tion emphasise Australia could not re Gard with equanimity. At present the japanese Navy holds nation wide prestige not because the Navy is less imbued with fierce nationalism than the army but because it retains the old aristocratic clique which was Long ago ousted from the army. Although the late government was headed by Admiral Okada the Navy sided its time and held aloof from politics. Observers Are now asking whether the Navy will longer be con tent to plat second fiddle. Big Navy propaganda is already in cull swing based on the need of protecting japanese Trade routes. By this Appeal the Navy astutely is trying to enrol the support of business interests. Plans in Pacific it was following Japan s withdrawal from the London naval conference last month that or. Takahashi. One of the assassinated ministers announced that Japan s economic Advance on the Mainland must be terminated with Manchukuo. And must be directed southwards with Formosa or the Man dated Pacific islands As a foothold also the cruising radius of the japanese Navy must be extended As far As new Guinea. Burnea and Cele bes. While Takahashi was a victim of the revolt this does not signify the end of the Navy s ambitions especially As japanese shippers Are anxious to see the whole Pacific Ocean turned into a sphere of japanese interest. Us me contrary japanese business men generally regard unhappily both the tension with Russia and the break Down of the London naval conversations. Their secret prayer is that War scares May persist to sustain the armament Boom but that they will not materialise because War whether won or lost is not envisaged with optimism. Anxiety ahead pointing out that the japanese army traditionally owes to the emperor Blind allegiance the Spectator doubts whether the army today acknowledges Blind allegiance to anyone. The tide of Public opinion is running against the army consequently there is great temptation to resort to Force. Certainly if the army assumes control Japan s economic situation already gravely precarious would become Des Perate. There will inevitably be serious anxiety regarding military develop ments in China and on the mongolian frontiers. Even if the Cabinet secures nominal control the foreign minister or. Hirota could do Little to give effect to the moderate foreign policy of which he and his present colleagues presumably approve. The emperor of Japan per b f Japan Premier called to meet death London saturday describing How Admiral Okada died the Tokio correspondent of the British United in an that a Yoany rebel officer with a machine san platoon appeared at Dawn on wednesday before the Premier s residence and called come out and die for your country Admiral okays name out so the machine ran and ran to the Snow covered Garden As the gun Ner fired. He Felt riddled with ballets into the Garden s ramen tal Pond. The soldiers Al Muff mat Over Bis body. Members of Tab rants Cricket team Are returning Home from the Indian Tow in the 8trathnaver. Which berthed a outer Harby to � � Day. In this Piegare Are Jack Ellis and t. E. Tar rent. Aon of or. Frank Tarrant Aad want a spacer ? the team. Children essential or. Hughes outspoken Sydney saturday. The practice of birth control was tre chantly attacked by the minister of health or. Hughes in an interview today. In which he said that one of the fundamental needs of Australia today was an increase in population. Admittedly said or. Hughes the falling birthrate is today a phenomenon common to All Western Peoples but Here where there is no congestion of population and almost unlimited possibilities for expansion our need for More people is at once imperative and Irenc while economic conditions no doubt act As a deterrent Here As Well As in less fortunately situated countries yet there is no question that in Australia economic conditions Are not the principal cause of the use of contraceptives and the widespread unwillingness to accept parental responsibilities. The literature circulating unhindered throughout1 this Community seeking openly As a commercial proposition to persuade Leople to adopt birth control is. In my Pinion wholly evil if it is not a backed or regulated it must inevitably undermine the moral of the people unil that which is now widespread be Xmas general. Populate of make wat As i see it we must either popu ate this country or make Way for Hose who will. Surely All will agree that at All Kjuts we must create conditions Mono Mic social and moral which will or rect this Ever increasing tendency o reduce the flow of life. This is a great task far beyond the Jower of achievement by political action alone. The Aid of religious readers and indeed of All leaders of Public thought is needed to educate Public opinion. Insofar As government action can in courage people to Bear children by lessening economic deterrents it is essential that action should be taken. Anything which discourages child searing whether it is Burden of Taxa Tion Cost of Hospital nursing and medi Al attention or limitations on pay nent of maternity allowance will have o be examined thoroughly with a View o its alteration or. Huhes. Mystery theft of �6,000 Stradivarius new York Stradi varius violin insured for �6,000, was mysteriously stolen from the dressing room in the Carnegie Hall tonight while the owner Bronislaw Huberman polish violinist was giving a concert in the state auditorium with another instrument. He had been playing the valuable violin shortly before and the stage watchman is at a loss to explain How the thief could have got behind the stage much less entered the musician s dressing room in spite of the loss and in the pre sence of numerous police Huberman finished his recital. He is of opinion that the thief had no knowledge of musical instruments As be left six bows valued at �300 each. Four die in London fire Block of Flats London. Saturday. Four people were incinerated and several others seriously burned in a West end fire Early today. The dead include a Hus band and wife. Breaking out on. The ground floor of a Block of Flats in Soho the fire spread upward so rapidly that the tenants escape was Cut off. Frantically they ssi outed for helps from the windows. One woman jumped i from the second floor and was sen j Ousby Hurt. Firemen saved several j people. Two firemen were injured. T . Rise Likely Bank interest rate Melbourne saturday. It was confidently stated today in usually Well informed quarters that Bank fixed Deposit rates will be increased next week by i per cent. At least one big Bank is expected to announce its new rates on monday and in this event other Banks can be expected to follow suit with Little de Lay in. Order not to lose deposits. H Deposit rates Are raised advances rates will have to follow sooner or later. This is a sequel to the common wealth Bank s announcement yester Day tint it intends to sell �1,000,000 of Treasury Bills at 134 per cent. Amounts. Subscribed for Bills by per sons or companies concerned would come from Ribeir accounts it Trade mfg Banks bbl Nix would the Newry jux Devience a reduction in deposits and in their can resources. This in turn affects their ability to Grant Loans. The victorian associated Banks met yesterday and further discussions took place today. It is understood that victorian Banks while believing that interest rates must shortly go higher in a natural sequence of events would prefer to wait and see the effect of the Commonwealth Bank s operations before raising their Deposit rates. On the other hand the immediate raising of the rate for three months deposits from 1% to 2 per cent May seriously affect applications for the Bills at 1% per cent the Rise in interest rates will be the first Tor five years and it would mean that the Bank interest rates have turned the Corner and that the end of the policy of cheap Money and plentiful credit is in sight the Commonwealth Bank s decision to absorb Cash by a process of Selling Bills is deflationary although the amount involved is Small. Unsettled weather Tono Mons tomorrow Are in Ceil to be Cool and Cloudy with pos Sibly a Shower or two. The divisional meteorologist or. E. Brom Ley said tonight that barometers throughout South Australia had been falling today. South Australia s weather changes usually come from the West but victorian conditions May have an influence on the local weather tomorrow. Farewell dinner j to or. B. H. Morris or. B. H. Morris who retired today As inspector general of hospitals was Given a Farewell dinner at the botanic hotel tonight by 45 friends including officers of the Hospital department and representatives of the medical profession. Or. Morris is temporarily to assist the infectious diseases Hospital administration. The chairman at tonight s dinner was sir Henry Simpson Newland. And speakers were or. C. T. Champion de Crespigny. Or. J. Wallace Sandford drs. J. G. Sleeman. C. H. G. Rams Bottom. A. P. Southwood and d. R. W. Cowan the Secretary to the inspector general or. C. E. Spiller. And messes. C. J. Thomas and e. R. Dawes. Among those present was the inspector general of hospitals or. L. W. Jeffries. A presentation was made to or. Mor j Ris. I s. Africans All out for 222 australians Fine stand Durban saturday. South Africa was dismissed for 222 runs soon after the second Day s play in the test match began. After having been Well rolled the wicket had every appearance of being easy when play was resumed. The weather was muggy and the sky Over cast i South Africa had lost eight wickets for 199 when stumps were drawn yesterday the not out men being Vil Joen 42, and Van Der Merwe. Who had not scored. With a single from the first Ball from go Emmett Van Der Merwee sent up 200 in 274 minutes. Viljoen played out the remainder of the Over. Viljoen clouded the first Ball of grim Nett s second Over to the on Boundary and sweeping the first Ball of the third Sver to the leg Boundary reached 50 in 105 minutes his score including six fours. At 212 a new Ball was brought out this being the first time on the tour mat o Reilly the other Bowler had used a new Ball both batsmen presented a confident front adding 20 runs in 30 minutes. With the score at 219, Grimmett was replaced by Mccormick and Viljoen survived a confident . Appeal on the first Ball shortly afterwards a Tjoen jut it his Bat on to a High bumping Ball and it spun Back gun for Chipperfield at second slip to late an easy catch. The end came soon after Davies being bowled by Mccormick without playing a Ball inst Ralia i pair Fingleton and Brown opened Australia s innings and faced a fast open ing attack shared by Davies and Crisp. Fairly comfortably though they made me or two Lucky Sticks behind the wicket. Twenty four runs came off the list four overs. The Umpire Drew Davies attention to the fact that he As damaging the wicket at 98. Langton relieved. Crisp and the i-�itoii3�es combination with Good length now kept the batsmen on the Alert j in vain South Africa s Captain re placed Davies by Crisp and Langton by Balaskas. With four through the covers off Balaskas Brown sent up 52 in 42 minutes. Both batsmen now appeared to be too Well set to be at All worried by changes in the attack. They scored 12 off Fri g a a in two overs before lunch when the total was 61, Fingleton having scored 25 and Brown 36. W. A. Brown youngest bit Man of the ans Rallan team we made a valuable score in the fifth test at Durban today. F the liable the 35,000 see great trotting race before the Start of the invitation Handicap it was officially estimated that there were at least 35.0m people at Bayville tonight totalisator investments were easily a record and hundreds of pounds were shot out of use machines be ease of the congestion. The Champion Queensland 5 Printer regular Bachelor who won the Newmarket Handicap this afternoon from valiant chief and Cardinal. Amnion Bachelor Handicap final test Australia and South Africa South Africa first Lime it Wade c Richardson b. Grim Mett ? the Siedle. C. Fingleton b. Grimmett 36 Mitchell c and b. Grimmett. 1� Norse ., b. Grimmett 68 Viljoen c Chipperfield b. Mcconn Tek ? 56 Harvey c. Oldfield b. Mccormick ? .1 �8 Langton is. Oldfield. B. Grim Mett ? j Balaskas St. Oldfield b. Grim mett9 Crisp b. Grimmett. 0 Van Der Merwe not out. 7 Davies. B. Mccormick. 0 sundries 0. Total ? 222 Bowling. Mccormick 3 for 37, Mccabe 0 for 26, Grimmett 7 for 100, o Reilly 0 for 59. Australia first innings Fingleton not oat. 54 Brown not out 76 sundries ? 5 no wickets for 135 Bayville trotting Tatlow stakes. Prince red land 16/1 win �2/18/3 place 14/61 Thrissie Derby 5/1 5/. 2 Simla Derby. 7/1 6/33. Brown Handicap. Desmond Chimes. 1 Maori Chimes 2 Luelba Pronto 3. Scratched King Culloden wee Tennessee naivete. Doubles tote dividends. Lulu s Best Prince red land �13/13/9 Lulu s Best Chrissie Derby 12/9. 2 killed in accidents Brighton death a youth was killed in a blast x1 big Accident at waft Infa near. Victor Harbor and another lad. Who has As been la Naif Ltd. Was fatally Hart in a collision at Brighton tonight. The cyclist was killed in a collision with a motor buckboard on the Sturt Road about half a mite from the Brighton Road. He was about 17. And has not been identified. The youth sustained a fractured Skull lacerated Scalp and abrasions. Both vehicles were travelling East when the Accident occurred. The Driver of the buckboard who gave his name As John Joseph Higgin of Marion Street Unley made a state ment to the Brighton police. A handkerchief found on the body bore the letter r. The youth had Auburn hair fair complexion was 5 it. 9 in. In height and had no Teeth in the top jaw. He was wearing a dark Grey sports coat Light Grey flannel trousers and White san shoes. The body was taken to the morgue by mounted Constable Flinn and motor transport Driver Serreti. Mounted Constable Flinn and Constable an Drews Are preparing a report for the Coroner or. Blackburn. Mysterious Bolt police officers Are inquiring into a mysterious Accident on the port Wake Field Road this evening. An unidentified Man has been admitted to the Ade Laide Hospital with a fractured Skull and concussion. His condition is serious. Or. F. G. Roberts a motor lorry Driver employed by a. H. Thompson of two Wells said that he was bring ing a Load of milk to Adelaide about 7.40 on the port Wakefield Road when about three Miles on the Adelaide Side of Virginia a drive Tess horse and Dray without lights dashed past him travel Ling in the direction of Virginia. A Little further on at Symes Corner or. Roberts said he found a Man lying on the Side of the Road near a motor Cycle and Sidecar. The Man was injured and he brought him to the Adelaide hos Pital in his lorry. Hit by Wood Victor Harbor saturday. George William Hughes 17. Farmhand received fatal injuries at Wai pinga 14 Miles from Here today when a tree stump was being blasted during the construction of a Bridge Over the wait pinga Creek. The youth was one of a party of five who were working at the crossing. His father or. F. G. Hughes bored the Hole in the stump and Norman Sander cock placed gel ignite and a Detonator in the Hole and set fire to the fuse. Pieces of Wood flew through the air and one is believed to have struck the youth and knocked i into a Ravine 20 it below. His father was first to reach Hughes who was badly wounded in the head. He was taken to the South coast District Hospital where he died three hours later. Motor cyclist and Pillion rider Hurt when a motor Cycle Ridden by Glen Roy Victor Winton. 26, of Hart farm hand and on which Richard Thomas Birch also of Hart farmhand was a Pillion rider collided with a motor car an the Keswick Bridge Anzac High-1 Way this evening both Winton and. Birch were injured. Att Tinga fancied for clip Newmarket win Tor regular Bachelor of vim the mail Snedal representative in Melbourne with the Newmarket Over and regular Bachelor s win stamping him As one of the outstanding sprinters in Australia attention is now focused on the australian cup to be run at Flemington next saturday. Sixteen of the candidates in the Rich distance race woe seen under silk today and the performances of a Tanga. And Greenhorn enhanced their chances. With alfresco oat Alonga is now favorite from Amalia cuddle and Green Horn. Illunga is considered the Best three year old stayer in the Commonwealth and it was his Strong finishing Effort that save him Victory today. Greenhorn who always has shown his Best form at Flemington came Home strongly from the Adelaide Mare Amalia in the Brunswick stakes and the Cape Horn gelding came into the lip plight As a genuine cup candidate. However. Amalia far from disgraced herself and she should now be fully Strung up for the cup. It would not be surprising to see her turn the tables on Greenhorn. Cuddle was easily beaten by Sylvan Dale in the for stakes but like Amalia she did not lose any friends As Sylvan Dale is one of the Best horses in Australia and takes a lot of beating Over a mile and a Quarter at weight for age. Hot shot should not be condemned because of his unplaced performance m us Mue a half race while Bustard will appreciate dropping from his St Leger weight of 8 10 to 7 7, but his Chance does not Appeal. At present i think the cop Winner fwu a Mac _ from Auita Greenhorn. Coi dle sad Amalia. The order. Of a Telic fancies after to Day was Illunga. Amelia. Cuddle. Green hot shot Bun by ooze. Aitch ngee. Bustard. Hig Hardo. Latrobe heroic Prince Bosch red Ray i Merub. Free wheel. B Bas Sana. It was regular Bachelor s Effort that gave him Victory in the Newmarket after his win in ice futurity last week his Price shortened and he started favorite today at 9 to z. Valiant chief. 10/1, was second and Cardinal 33/1 third. The big Field at so horses in the new Market Handicap was sent away to a Good Start by or. Rupert Greene. Early in the race the favorite was not prominent but e. Taiwan. Hot Queensland jockey timed Lite of tub perfectly. On the flit Side Petit flit and our blonde showed up to. Wac file Nark sky in the Centre and i elite and valiant chief on the grandstand Side were also prominent miss theology Gay Lover her Tor. And great legend were others who were near the leaders. Although regular Bachelor can be acclaimed one of the greatest sprinter in Australia b. P. Trihey who leases him. Has an even greater opinion of it two queenslander named Pamela who at present is under for 12 months. Pamela gave regu Lar Brt 13 he. And Defeated him by three lengths in Luton the doom Ben Newmarket last year. World Hubble by mud Bla Esterd we in Mattlyn tarts Ever a Doss tuft by Aslak Plche s wow near it a far to St toes. Bred in South Australia Blackford is a stand by and although he is a six year old he has raced Only five times. / Charlie fit Roar Pafco Yean of was located As a Jam mrs end or. T. Watt fins Hou blacked on lease from . 8. Jfe la ways had a special fondness Tor jumpers. Blackford has been nominated for the great Eastern Steeple Ciafre and Harry d. Young Haj file to be fan pc Oak Hank on easter monday but Piroy said today he would be specially prepared for the great Eastern. ? tee details w Page. I jockeys stories. Page 5. To. B a p e r i Breene w a o. Started a Field of m in today new Market Ftp Traa to. Reene w o. A new Arket f Traa i i by Fesij we at eastertide is fast approaching but Myerson has made ready in Good time and has Pur chased abundant stocks to Cope with the inevitable easter. Demand. There is a cloth to suit every individual taste. All the nifty est shades in Grey Brown and Blue toning oho genuine indigo Dye Serges for the easter bridegroom and his groomsmen High Grade suits stylishly Cut and tailored to measure from huge stocks of Fine Quality suiting specially bought by Myerson at less than Mill prices. Country clients Are invited to Send � ? i for patterns and measure charts. J Send to fill form hot fun Touk order is covered by Diomely for free patterns Terson s Legal guarantee i no fit no pay j Al Zzz z. Myerson s phone c 4188 Regent theatre building Rundle St Adelaide

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