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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - February 15, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia it � Clipper tobacco Large flogs far Pip Butof ctr. Light and dare Prole and quilt sate Emilio a sole agents conk to. Us ibid and Elaml air dash to save family father sends out dramatic Appeal plane for North at Dawn two planes figured in a dramatic dash today from Par afield to Succour the family of Constable Kennett of Charlotte Waters members of which Are believed to be St Frimi with dish theriol at Alice shrines. Constable Kennett has already lost his 14-months-old baby daughter and anti toxin serum will be rushed North at Dawn tomorrow. The first message from Constable Kennett asking that a plane be sent to Alice Springs to convey a daughter to Adelaide for urgent treatment was received this morning. Arrangements were made with or. A. G. Bond of Bond s Tours to Send his plane North and it left Par afield at 1 piloted by or. W. Anderson. Five minutes later another urgent Telegram was received from Alice Springs which stated a Lutfe plane Brin Sappoe diphtheria anti train serum five children. Urgent immediately another Martinr piloted by or. J. Buckham. Instructor of the Aero club set off in Pursuit of the first plane. It flew 100 Miles without locating the Relief machine and re turned to Par afield about 2j30 pin. Leaves tomorrow meanwhile the serum was obtained from City medical authorities but officials were in a quandary about Send ing it to Alice Springs. Or. Bond communicated with the chief quaran Tine officer or. Ponstord in Adelaide and As a result of their conversation it was decided to charter an Aero club plane to Fly the serum to Farina. This plane will leave Paraf Leld at 4 an. Tomorrow on the 850-mile flight to Farina. ? at Farina the first Relief plane was stopped late this afternoon and it will probably continue its air dash to Alice Springs with the serum soon after the Aero club plane arrives tomorrow. This air dash is the Climax of fran tic efforts of Constable Kennett to save the life of his children. Last saturday eight he reached Alice Springs from Charlotte Waters with a daughter aged eight who was sick. It was suspected that she was suffering from diphtheria but she quickly recovered. On wednesday while the Constable was preparing to go with a doctor to Horseshoe Bend to attend a sick Man he received word from his wife at Char Lotte Waters thai his 14-months-old baby was us he and the doctor left Alice Springs on thursday morning and arrived at Charlotte Waters at Midnight they left again within a few minutes for Alice Soring Constable Kennett his wife and the sick child Wene in one ear and or. Reilly and the. Rev. P. Smith in another. Doctor missing Kennett car outdistanced the doctor s Der inc the night and at Daybreak Kennett polled up and wanted. Hbeo the doctor did not Reemt be tamed and drove Back 12 Mues to Fynke. Again he waited in vain. The child s condition became Woree and the distracted parents decided to push on. But their baby died when they reached Rodin a. 60 Miles from Alice Springs. When they arrived at Alice Springs they Learned that the doctor s car was still missing. After several hours of anxiety it was Learned that the doctor and his com Panion had arrived safely at Horseshoe Bend. They took a wrong Road and the car became stuck in the Sand at Pilot j. Buckham afghan crossing on the Finke River. They walked 24 Miles to Horseshoe Bend but after going eight Miles or. Smith was exhausted and the doctor proceeded alone. He reached horse shoe Bend after a weary journey and sent Back a car for or. Smith. Both men Are travelling to Alice Springs by train tonight on their arrival they will be Able to assist in treating the diphtheria cases. It is not known How Many per sons Are concerned in the outbreak. Girl lifesavers figure in close racing finish actions and the boys Lia Quarrell just wins the women s flax relay Nee for Brighton in a dose finish with astray Brown foys. A picture taken at Brighton this afternoon when the fourth Ute caving Sandval i the news sover Beel contest was held. Tons d a just o in s flax Nee for dose finish Ith stray oys. Righton the fourth the caving news ver eel Likely to be Fine and Cool tomorrow should be Fine with Cool southerly to South Easterly winds the government meteorologist or. Bromley said this even ing. Today s unsettled conditions appeared to be passing away to the East he explained and the Baro meter was rising it was probable that the weather would continue Fine for the next few Days. Motor cyclist Dies after Accident Eugene Oxer. 25, of Henley Beach Road. Fulham. Died in the Adelaide Hospital today from injuries received when his motor Cycle came into collision with a motor lorry at Findon Road. Woodville. On january 30. Or sustained a compound fracture of the left leg. A report is being prepared for the City Coroner or. Blackburn. Baby born after plane dash father victim of snakebite Meduna saturday. Following a plane dash from Adelaide to Cedono on wednesday to be near her husband who on monday was bitten on an ankle he a Snake believed to be a death adder. Or. Freda Gibson today presented her husband. Or. R. W. Gib son with a daughter. Father Mother and child Are now in the Meduna thevenard Hospital. The baby who weighed 6 la. At birth and the Mother Are doing Well. Or. R. W. Gibson is making satisfactory Progress and should leave the Hospital in a few Days. Or. Freda Gibson was in Adelaide when she was notified that her husband had suffered a relapse after having been bitten by a Snake As he stepped from his car on monday night a plane was chartered from Adelaide airways Ltd and accompanied by her two year old son George and her brother in Law. Or. G. T. Gibson who is now acting As Locum teens for his brother. Or. Freda Gibson flew to be Duna. Snakes prevalent the prevalence of snakes in the District is still causing much concern. The Rev. R. C. Schumacher lutheran pastor at Meduna while driving his car Between the Homes of or. R. W. Gibson and1 the District clerk or. R. F. Fair brother saw a 3-ft Brown Snake moving toward the letter s House. Leaving his two year old son in the car or. Schumacher went after the Snake which struck at him twice be fore crawling through the Fence into or. Fairbrother s property. Or. Schu Macher climbed Over the Fence and managed to pin the Snake Down with a piece of hoop Iron. Mrs. Fairbrother responded to his Call and brought a Rake with which the Snake was killed. Many townspeople believe that this was the Snake which bit or. Gibson As it was seen moving from the direction of Bis Home. But or. Fairbrother said today that snakes rarely attacked anyone at night he was sure that or. Gibson was bitten by a death adder. Thirteen snakes were killed on one pro Perty last week. Hacks line up for judge s inspection at Raidla show competitors lining their Hacks up to face the judge at the Raidla show this afternoon. The event was won by miss Phyllis Bray a Echo on the left. Me tors Liing up at the afternoon. Was Hyllis on Australia now secure in deciding test of rubber o Reilly five for 20, and Fingleton Century. Our stars from the mail special representative Johannesburg saturday. Thanks to magnificent Bowling by o Reilly he took five for 20 off 21 overs and a scintillating Cen Tury by Fingleton Australia after losing the toss is already in a secure position in the fourth test. A win or even a draw will give Australia the rubber and Cricket supremacy of the British Empire. Siedle hitting 44 in 50 minutes got of top of the australian Bowling but subsequent batsmen shaped pitifully against the spinners and after being one for 81, they were All out for 157. Australia passed their score with one wicket Down. Ideal weather greeted the Start of the test Wade and Richardson the rival Skippers were cheered by a crowd of 2000 which after lunch had grown to 10.000. When they emerged from the Pavilion to inspect the wicket before tossing. Wade spun a Brand new half Crown. Richardson called Heads and for the third time in the present series of tests lost. With Down turned thumbs Richard son indicated to his colleagues that they bad to Field first the teams were Aust Raja South Africa Richardson a Flag Eten Siedle brawn Viljoen Darling no Bieche o Brien la Agmi chop Perfield off Eben old Lem Nypen o Reilly Nic Hoheb Grummett Balaam a Mccormick dates Barrett 12th Rowan 12th hectic opening As usual Siedle and Wade opened the i titling and Mccormick and Mccabe were Australia s first bowlers. Mccormick s length in the first Over was erratic and seven runs came from it including a glorious Square Cut by Siedle that studded to the Boundary. Pacing Mccabe. Siedle cracked the Ball Bard to the cover Boundary and the Over yielded six. The thira Over was less Happy still or Australia and at the end of it 26 runs had been scored in 10 minutes. One delivery in this Over Mucor Nicks was so wide that it beat the wicketkeeper. And the slips and went to the Boundary. Wade neatly leg glanced Mccormick x the Boundary but Mccabe steadied him in the next Over with a Maiden. It was Only a temporary Lull Wade reached double figures when he took two fours off successive balls from Mccabe one to the leg Boundary and the other through slips. He followed them with a hard cover drive which raced Brown to the Boundary. Runs continued to come at the rate of two a minute As the batsmen found the Boundary. Siedle combining perfect footwork with excellent timing leg glanced Mccormick to the Boun Dary but Mccabe s fourth o4rer was a Maiden. Nevertheless 50 came up in the first hectic 25 minutes. Chances missed continuing to hit hard and often Siedle skied a fast rising Ball Over Mccormick s head but the Bowler did not appear to Realise How close the bail was to him. As it was it fell harm Lessly behind him with Darling making a desperate attempt to get at it. Siedle was then 25 and Wade 22 and the score none for 52. When a further four bad been scored from the fast men. Grimmett and o Reilly took Over from Mccormick 0 for 30 and Mccabe 0 for 18and the old Duel from which in previous tests the spin bowlers had emerged victorious was on again. O Reilly opened with a Maiden to Wade and it was evident that the and vent of the slow men was causing the batsmen to be watchful. O Reilly s leg trap was a Dot turning Factor but Wade once lashed out so lustily that Richard son at silly leg had a narrow escape from serious injury. Siedle took six from one Over by Grimmett including a clinking shot to the Fine leg Boundary and then cracked another to the on Boundary. Once again the batsmen were beating the Dock. The australian Fielding now began to weaken under the battering it was receiving and when Siedle had scored 42, he lifted a Ball from o Reilly to deep Square leg where o Brien failed to hold an Ordinary catch. Two runs later Siedle was out leg before to Grimmet after a great 66 minute Knock for 44. Wade was then 31. Nourse Hurt o Reilly off whom the batsmen bad found it most difficult to score was relieved by Mccormick after he had bowled five overs for seven runs. After taking two Tor shot past Square leg off the fast Man Nourse received a Nasty blow on a Finger of his right hand from a sharply rising Ball and bad to leave the Field for at Tention. He returned a few minutes later with the Finger bandaged but did not reveal his customary sureness when he resumed. Wade with a Well timed shot got Grimmett away to the Square leg Boun Dary but facing Mccormick in the next Over was bowled by one of those rare deliveries which keep wicket High. Wade appeared to have touched the Ball his 39 took 70 Man frs and like Siedle s innings included five fours. Nourse appeared unsettled against Mccormick and eventually Nick a a Ball which was going away to the off and Oldfield snapped up a great catch. Grimmett costly Viljoen on drove Grimmett for a couple to Send up 100 in 81 minutes. Ten runs were taken from one Over from Grimmett including two fours in succession by Viljoen a Brilliant cover drive and a powerful hit past Square leg. Viljoen took another four from Grimmett in the next Over going Down on his Knees to pull a delivery to the Fine leg Boundary. At 119 o Reilly relieved Mccormick -2 for 37 again. Mccormick had taken his two wickets in the second spell for Only seven. Soon afterwards Harvey played too far Forward and was beaten by a slight leg break from o Reilly and lunch was taken. O Reilly and Grimmett resumed to Viljoen and Mitchell. Mhm�t1. After a single from o Reilly banged grim Mett through the covers to the Boun Dary. Viljoen twice penetrated of Reify a leg trap each time taking a couple. Then facing o Reilly in his third Over he was beaten by a similar Ball to that which dismissed Harvey and it took his off stump. His 33 had takers Only 42 minutes and he hit four Boun Daries. Appreciating Langton s reputation for Firce hitting Richardson and Fingle ton. Two of the leg trap Fields men conveniently retreated several Yards when the newcomer faced o Reilly. Mitchell again got Grimmett away to the cover Boundary taut smart Fielding by o Reilly at mid on and Darling at Square leg prevented Mitchell taking More runs from that Over. Langton was seen in the unusual role of a stonewalled and helped o Reilly to bowl three Maidens in succession before opening Bis account with a couple to the off after 20 minutes at the wickets. Langton curiously enough never directed a Ball towards the trap and eventually Richardson abandoned it but replaced it when Mitchell faced score Board South Africa ? first innings Siedle b. Grimmett 44 Wade. B. Mccormick 39 Nourse c. Oldfield b. Mccormick 3 Harvey b. O Reilly ? 5 Langton. , b. O Reilly 7 Viljoen. B. O Reilly ,.? 33 Mitchell St Oldfield b. Grim Mett ? 16 Nicholson b. Grimmett 0 Nupen b. O Reilly ? 1 Balaskas b. O Reilly 0 Davies not out ? 0 _ leg byes. 5 wides 49 1 total ? 157 fall of wickets 1/81, 2/91. 3/96, 4/128,. 5/137, 6/153, 7/154, 8/155, 9/167. Bowling o. M. B. A Mccormick. 11 i 37 2 Mccabe ? 5 2 21 Grimmett. 26.4 6 70 3 o Reilly ? 21 11 20 5 Australia first innings Fingleton. C. Langton b. Davies 108 Brown b. Langton 34 Mccabe b. Davies ? 40 o Brien not out ? i i Oldfield not out 0 sundries 2 three for ? 185 stumps fall of wickets 1/99, 2/179, 3/184. Omeally. With a hard cover drive to the Boundary off Grimmett. Langton sent up 152 in 140 minutes. Decision hooted Langton owed his dismissal to the fact that he was not playing his not 11 game. He was too cautious until a straight Ball from o Reilly found his pads obstructing the wicket with the slow bowlers on top South Africa was struggling desperately for runs with Mitchell bravely holding the fort against o Reilly and Grimmett who were both deadly accurate. A remarkable incident occurred when Grimmett bowled a Bell to Nicholson who chopped it Oldfield was seen to step aside to the off and the Ball was lying on the ground Nicholson apparently thought that the Ball had rebounded off the wicket keeper s pads and did not move. Oldfield appealed the Square leg Umpire we gave is Dee Telen. Then he appealed to the Ether pm pure who gave Nicholson at bowled. This displeased the crowd who booed and shouted and held a the game for several my atm. Nupen took a single from Grimmett before being bowled by o Reilly. The end came soon after. Balaskas went leg before to o Reilly and with nine wickets Down. Mitchell in desperation rushed out missed Grimmett and was smartly stumped. Dashing Fingleton o Reilly s magnificent Bowling feat was the outstanding feature of the South african innings. His 21 overs Cost him less than a run an Over. Fingleton and Brown opened Australia s innings to the Bowling of Davies and Langton. Davies making his debut in test Cricket made the Ball swing away alarmingly but Fin Gleton advisedly left them alone. With Balaskas on to place of Lang ton at 18 the first Maiden of the australian innings was bowled to Brown. Fingleton however Square Cut Davies to the Boundary and Brown swept him to the leg Boundary in the same Over. Fingleton was in Fine dashing mood and Square Cut a four from the first Ball of Bala iras second Over and repeating the stroke with the last Ball collected 36 after Only half an hour at the creases. Australia was 53 at Tea. Fingleton and Brown were quite unperturbed when they resumed enter Taining the crowd with a delightful exhibition of free scoring. Fingleton who was scoring twice As fast As his partner at 49 survived a confident a peal for leg before off Langton. Witt a single to Point Fingleton reached 50 in 54 minutes. Brown being 26. Langton employed a leg trap but it was almost useless against Brown whose playing was so perfect that the Fields men had Little Chance of checking the flow of runs. Brown was out when he stepped in front of his wicket and was beaten by the Pace of the Ball. His 34 took 74 minutes. The Side s 100 came up a minute later. W. O Beni by who took five South african it eke for f off 21 overs ? Tor Australia took f ers ? italian troops9 morale poor Paris. February 16. French East african wireless stations claim to have picked up and decoded Gen. Bado Slio s private messages to Mussolini reveal ing that Gen. Sadoglio who is italian commander in chief in the abyssinian Campaign is pessimistic about the Mili tary situation. The morale of the troops is poor and they Are also poor physically. A blames the inadequate food supplies. J Nourse All at sea says Mailey by Arthur Taueu Johannesburg. Satar Dav. If further proof was needed to prove that South Africa cannot beat austra a with negative tactics today s Cricket Suo lied it in the first half hour Wade and Siedle brilliantly scored 60 runs off Mccormick and Mccabe. During that period Mccormick bowled remarkably Well but Siedle and Wade appeared determined to show the Public that it was possible to punish the australian attack. Then came Grimmett and o reply who previously had been lurking in ostentatiously in the covers and the South africans crumpled up like snails before a Shower of Salt Richardson showed a masterful piece of captaincy when he compelled Nourse who plays alow Bowling with Confidence to face Mccormick directly he arrived at the batting crease. Stane travelled ducked had he fingers injured Ana was All at sea against Mccormick to whom he finally a cab Becl before o Reilly and grim Metis entry the South africans were scoring two runs a minute then the innings which began with a flare of trumpets ended in a jew s Harp Solo this pathetic collapse was caused by sheer timidity and an Over estimation of o reply and grim Metis capabilities. South Africa were All out a Little after 3 pin. For 157. By Tea time the australians needed a Little Over 100 to pass their score and no wickets had fallen. There were no excuses for the South african debacle. The wicket for perfect buy Good clothes and save 10% we do not announce extra Ordinary reductions in suits to order because we do not think these reductions Are sincere. We believe that a business can Only be built by giving Good values irrespective of Price. We also believe that the clothes we turn out Are the finest that can be produced for the Money and at All times and under All conditions 10 per cent lower than similar clothes can be bought for Cash in Australia. �4/4/ to �9/9/ Ingerson up 52 King William Street ? phone c 278? new goods opening for autumn . Elections coalition win probable losses by labors a Basiao t4oxsb Laa aos a by Bov a also Ajamo we Blip i cow a wow awol Van doct Ioa tote taste fat it to Zubor parties May Flajs six Soots frogs tin Abdov govmimm�4 the state of bottles la he old re a meat Oad Toca probable i Bahbi a ? a ? Bow Al Bot we old new labor ? 30 24 anti labor 20 26 present indications Are that the government will lose cast Perth maj lands coming Subiaco and Albany. Or. Tonkin ministerial candidate for North East Fremante. Is being hard pressed by or. nationalist. Apart from the Fate of the labor government chief interest in the elec Tion centred in East Perth where or. J. J. Kenneally minister of industries and employment was opposed by or. J. Hughes formerly labor member for East Perth and his brother also or. Mountjoy the Only communist Candi Date nominated. Perth Ibe key seat polled a heavy vote and Early returns indicated that or. Needham Laborthe sitting Mem Ber would probably be Defeated but be recovered ground later and won by an absolute majority on the first count. The first completed returns were received from North West where the minister of agriculture or. Wise easily retained Gascoyne. Or. Welsh nationalist retained of Lara and my Coverley labor retained Ken Betsey All with Good majorities. This leaves the Northern representation As before labor with three members end nationalist one member. The sensation of the i in Ting was the steady leeway of the of employment or. Kenneavy who was nearly to votes behind at 11 o clock and his position looked desperate. A piquant situation will arise if or. T. J. Hughes is elected which appears probable As having been recently adjudged bankrupt he is Hwu Gilr to take a seat of other oppose a taken or. Wise has won a Yasnyi or. Man Inchon minister of Kozia habit holes an Early Lea of 14 at Sta Oft Bow Tutora tarts As yet sate while or. Ohio Elk minister at Juliee Fca a Tea ? 7m la Tbs few pop Don yes is of Oeta Tea electorate when a Aat Teg Desea Toni fact. He appears to a sate. The nationalist party Leader or Kenan is Safe at Ned lands. It seems certain that Kal Georue will change its representative Bat Asau three candidates Are labor this will not affect the party strengths. Or. Cunningham who has represented Kal Georue for some years and was honorary minister in the previous labor government is Likely to be Dis placed by or. H. H. Strants president of the miners Union

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