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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - February 1, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia b8ssaa- a a mate Clipper tobacco Large Fine to Fia smokers Light and dark Price Aad Quality salts Earl a sole agents co Knell limited. Kublai dec Adelaide faces milk famine next week conference Only Hope now will Victoria enter Price War tomorrow morning and on monday Adelaide householders May expect to receive milk As usual but it is doubtful whether the customary Supply will be available on tuesday and following Days. This is the latest position in the Price dispute Between the , dairymen s association and the Adelaide wholesale distributors. The organised producers have stopped supplies and the wholesalers must work on milk in store until that is exhausted and on the limited quantities still available daily from Independent Dairy Farmers. Suggestions now being made for a conference Between producers and distributors offer the Only immediate Hope of saving the City from a milk famine. From Melbourne come conflicting reports about the likelihood of emergency action by victorian milk producers to Helo South Australia. Twe Secretary of the victorian dairymen s association or. W. Herbertson says that the state s producers will not interfere. On the other hand the chairman of the milk Board or. A. E. Ken Dall declares that if necessary supplies will be sent to Adelaide by Road transport. For the time being at least members of the dairymen s association Are stand ing firm by their resolve not to Send whole milk to Adelaide unless the wholesale distributors Grant the desired increase stated to be from the present rate of 6d. To 7y4d. A gallon. From to Day the disaffected Farmers Are separating their milk. Arrangements have been made with butter factories to take the Cream. The skim milk is in some cases being used to feed Stock and in others is being thrown away. Factories operated by firms which Deal in whole milk also Are refused supplies by the dairymen. The result was that some country milk pro ducts factories had to cease operations today. Aware of the seriousness of the position representatives of the wholesalers met the minister of agriculture or. Blesing today when the question of holding a con Ference Between producers and distributors was men toned or. Bles ing who had planned to go away for the week end arranged to remain in Adelaide. The situation is crave one leading wholesaler admitted. We can provide the toll metropolitan Supply tomorrow and probably on monday also. After that Adelaide will be practically ont of milk he protested against the extent of the producers demands. They were asking from the distributors the mar Ket rate for butterfat which was 1/ plus a Bonus of 9d. A la. Be said. That is a total of 1/9. Which on 4 per cent butterfat milk equals 8.67d. A gallon not ?y4d., he declared. It is too much to ask us to pay while Price cutting in the retail Trade is in turn reducing the retail Vendor s capacity to pay. As an illustration of the amount of milk held in store the Norwood distributing depot of the South austra Lian Farmers Union has nearly 1.000 Gallons in its freezers. Normally this would be three Days Supply As the average daily Quantity disposed of from Norwood is 360 Gallons. The Farmers Union has another distributing depot at Prospect and the main depot at mile end. There Are two classes of retail milk Vendor in Adelaide those who sell milk from their own cows and those who buy All or most of their Supply from the distributors. Herd owners in the metropolitan area will of course be Able to continue serving their customers. A possibility mentioned today was that in the event of a pro longed Scarcity the Price of Avail Able milk a feb be sharply in creased to the consumer or any other buyer. From Victoria a message today states that the ques Tion whether victorian producers would step in to relieve an acute milk shortage Here has become a serious problem in Melbourne. The Secretary of the victorian Dairy men s association declared today that in no circumstances would the victorian producers interfere for two reasons 1 that it would prejudice the producers Case in South Australia -2 that it might react on the victorian producers and reduce the Price there the chairman of the milk Board however said that if it were Neces sary supplies won id be sent from the Western District by Road trans port. He explained that this area did not sent much milk to Melbourne and that with Good organisation some of the Supply now sent to factories could be easily diverted to Adelaide. Both or. Kendall and or. Herbert con declared emphatically that so far Adelaide Consumers had not appealed to either of their organisations. Yesterday evening and this morning a mail correspondent travelled along the Ponde and co Wirra irrigation settlements with a factory milk lorry. Yesterday the settlers assisted the Driver to Load the cans with milk. This morning they gave him Only empty cans belonging to the factory. Dairy men Are separating their own milk. Ome of them bring ing into commis Sion. Separators which have not been in service for years., 1 they have Little or no use for the separated milk and Are either pouring it into pits specially constructed for the purpose on the ground or taking it far away from their Homes into the paddocks. The usual Busy Early morning scenes at Murray River landings and lorry depots were not in evidence alone the lower River Dairying centres this morn ing. A Complete Survey of All centres revealed that not a drop of milk was picked up. With the exception of 177 Gallons which were taken from Monteith by special arrangement for approved hospitals and Public institutions under contract with the Supply and tender Board. A largely attended meeting at Jer Vois last night resolved As a recommendation for the Central authorities of the association that pending Settle ment of the dispute any member or non member of the association Supply ing milk to wholesale buyers be banned from the benefits of any Price increase. It is understood that members of special vigilance committees checked up on railway traffic throughout last night and this morning and up to the time of arrival of the Melbourne express reported that it did not appear that any consignment of milk had passed through. Their curiosity on this Point was aroused by current state ments that supplies were being obtained from Victoria. Or. B. S. Wila. Vre sudent of the sort a Traufl dairymen Asio Eumon. R. La. Vre the Dairy in sir. A. 3. Cooke. Ety chairman of tit whale Sola a Uribi ton Anu Leo. A. 3. F ton Bright Cricket by Oldfield o Brien from Arthur Mailey Kimberley. Saturday. Brilliant batting by oms eld who was making his highest score for the tour entertained the crowd at Kimberley today when the match Between Australia and Grid Upland West was resumed. Oldfield and o Brien made their partnership Worth 150 in 114 minutes the former doing most of the scoring. He hit two fours and a six in one Over from Gallagher. O Brien brightened however get Ting to the Century in 191 minutes. Oldfield was then 95. And the score at lunch 2 for 222. Scores Grid Upland West first innings ? Pmj Australia j first innings j Barnett. B. Wickham ? 7 j o Brien not out. ? 100 j Sievers b. Wick ? 17 Oldfield. Not ont ? 95, sundries ? 3 two wickets for ? 222 ? j new teacher arrives for St. Peter s College to take up the appointment of teacher in mathematics and i physics at St. Peter s College or. E. De Ville arrived from England today in the Moldavia. He has changed j i places with or. C. A. Gilham. Who will take up the duties of or. De Ville at bundle school Northamptonshire. J or. De Ville graduated As a master iof arts science at Cambridge uni i varsity in 1927. And is also a Bachelor ? of science of London University. He i has been on the staff of the bundle j school for six years. Mystery of shark tragedy puzzling features of the Dis appearance of Raymond Ben Nett 15-year-old newsboy of North Adelaide Are to be investigated by the City Coroner or. Blackburn on a Date to be fixed. Bennett is reported to have beet seized by a shark while bathing at West Beach about 6 . On january 22. The police Are now trying to obtain evidence that will throw More Light on the mystery when the inquest opens. They have issued a request that anyone in the Vicinity at the time of the reported tragedy should communicate with the Coroner s Constable or. Davis. Late yesterday a former police officer who was apparently the first on the scene after the tragedy. Made a statement to Constable Davis. Inquiries to Date have tended to deepen rather than elucidate the mys Tery. One of the riddles to which the police Are seeking the answer is from whom did Bennett borrow the bathers which he is presumed to have been Wear inc when seized by the shark a few Days after Leonard James Bedford. 18. Of daring Street mile end had reported the tragedy. Special Constable Colwell. Of West Beach recovered from the a pair of Black bathers the Back of which had been ripped away. Boys bathers Home i when these bathers were taken to mrs. Bennett the boy s Mother she said that the bathers were not the property of her son. His swimming costume was red and was still in the House. In spite of the wide publicity Given to and keen Public interest taken in the occurrence no Friend of Bennett s has come Forward to say that he Lent his bathers to the lad. Clothes a bicycle and other pro Perty which were found on the Beach and identified by relatives Are Defi Nite clues to the identity of the boy in addition to the Henley police. Detectives Correll and Hanrahan have been making exhaustive inquiries since the tragedy was reported. The police have been unable however to Trace anyone who actually saw Bennett enter the water. Or who saw him at West Beach on Day of his disappearance. Bedford said that he had heard a shriek from a bather about 300 Yards away. He ran to the spot and saw a shark worrying an object about 20 Yards from the water s Edge. He did not actually see anyone in the water but there was a Black object which looked like a bather and the shark seemed to be holding something be Neath the water. Another strange feature of the occurrence is that although the shark was close to the Shore. Bedford saw no blood on the water afterwards. The inquest into Bennett s death will be Tho first under the new Section of the revised coroners act of 1935, in which an inquest can be held without production of a body. Vice regal his excellency the governor will be represented by capt. St j. Forbes. A.d.c., at the memorial service for his late majesty King George v. To be held on the Parade ground Tomor Row afternoon by the combined ser vices. Ponde dairymen pouring separated milk on the ground today. Another Dairyman at Ponde is pouring his milk Down Rabbit Burrows to exterminate the rabbits on his property. On today. At ilk rabbits his big doubles return at races there were seven ticket holders of x the winning doubles combination at the Morphet Tville races today. Prin Cess Harmony was successful in the first leg and scotch valor a 33 to 1 outsider in the second leg. The dividends for 3/ were Princess Harmony scotch valour �139/4/ Princess har Mony Duello �13/10/6. Rearrested outside Watala Gates to face charge by Sydney a s soon As he passed through the Gates of Watala labor prison today. William Weir who had served a sentence of three months imprisonment for larceny. Was rearrested by det sgt. Walters and detectives Francis and r. L. Leane. He was shown a provisional warrant alleging that he absconded from bail granted pending his appearance in the Central police court. Sydney on july 16 last year on a Cheque charge. It is alleged that Weir and two other men had been in Possession of a stolen Cheque Book and had passed a number of valueless cheques in country Dis tricks of new South Wales and Syd i by. J today s arrest was the result of the interstate Exchange of police records. I news of Weir s arrest in Adelaide on i a local charge three months ago was sent to the new South Wales police. Although there was a difference in names advice was sent Here that he was wanted in Sydney. His rearrest. Today came As a sur prise to Weir who was unaware that the police had linked him with the seven months old Sydney charge. Four arrests have been made in South Australia this year of persons wanted by the new South Wales or victorian police. One Man is serving a sentence of nine months at Watala on a local charge before his extradition a second Man has not yet been dealt with on a local charge and a Bov has been sent Back to Victoria. Weir will appear in the Adelaide police court on monday. Police have three clues escort succumbs to Bandit s Bullet youth tells graphic Story Melbourne. Saturday. A victim of one of the most cold blooded killings in australian criminal history James Edward Scriven 64-year-old government messenger who was shot Down by a Bandit in Little Lonsdale Street late yesterday died at in vol Mph Mirne in Ospital at 2.50 . Today. He did not regain consciousness after having received his fatal injuries. While acting As escort to a Young clerk who was taking ?1,758 from the office of the comptroller of Stamps in Queen Street to the Bank of Australasia Scriven was set upon by three bandits one of whom shot him in the head. Clues in the Possession of the police include principally the description of the three Mien the Biack car and the pistol. This bears an identifying num Ber but the police say that Sof far the line of inquiry this has provided has led nowhere. The three leading investigators. Detectives Mckerrall Carey and Okeeffe spent most of the morning in Confer ence at the . In the meantime officers attached to the information Branch and to the . Records room were Busy Check ing the descriptions of the suspects with the files in which the names descriptions and activities of convicted and suspected persons Are Cross indexed. These files were brought in turn to the conference. Police cars Are moving about the City and suburbs in the Vicinity of the known haunts of criminals. A graphic Story of the tragedy has been Given by Herbert Gilbank. 17 year old clerk employed in the comp troller s office whom the murdered Man was escorting. I had entered the taxi which we use every Day for transferring the Money the youth said. Scriven was just behind me. I had the bag con Taining the Money and As 1 sat Down in the taxi i put it Between my feet. The Driver was ready to move off and Scriven was about to jump in. Suddenly two men rushed to wards us. One grabbed Scriven and another who held a pistol seized the a of Money. Scriven struggled and shouted and then the Man with the pistol stood off and shot him. I leapt from the taxi and one of the men hurled me Back against it. Scriven fell on to the running Board and the men rushed across the Road into a waiting car hew near the bandits were to Cap Ture was shown today when the crash of flier car into the Verandah of a fruit shop in Lonsdale Street was de scribed by a City Council employee. J. Boadle. At the time of the crash Boadle was not aware of the shooting and when the men left the wrecked car in the Council Destructor Yard made Hasty excuses for its condition and hurried off he did not attempt to detain them. No Trace of fingerprints the abandoned car had been stolen from outside its owner s Home in East Melbourne or. January 16. Its color and number had been changed. The police hive unsuccessfully searched for fingerprints on the car and the pistol which the killer dropped after Havine Shoi or. Scriven. Today there was an intensified inter state search for the murderers. All victorian patrol cars available were out scouring the country and police in other states Are watching roads and railway stations. Until the time of Scriven s death detectives stood by his bedside hoping that the dying Man might utter some word that would Lead to the apprehension of his assail ants. Scriven s wife who was at his Side when he died was a pathetic figure today. She is seriously affected by the tragedy and said that the dead Man had often complained of the Lack of police escort during the Transfer of Money from the stamp office to the Banks. Reports that Scriven had spoken be fore his death of threats made towards him Are Scouter. By relatives. He did not have an enemy they say. For years he was a warder at Pentridge. And men who Harf served terms of in ? prison ment while he was there always i spoke of him in the friendliest terms. Police question men at Glenelg the Adelaide detective office today received a report from a Man who had been interrogated by two stranger at Black Forest. The strangers two Young men were subsequently questioned at Glenelg. But satisfied the police that they had left Melbourne on thursday. The Man who made the re port thought that the Young men Tal lied up with descriptions of the hold up men. I these descriptions have been sup supplied to the police by a number of j Eye witnesses. These indicate that one j Man was aged about 50. 5 it. 7 in. High Stout clean shaven and wearing a Blue suit. The second was about 24, same i height and wearing a Brown suit and Grey hat. The other was about 25 and walked with a Limp. Thief proof bag invented master master someone is stealing me cried the giant s Harp in the fairy Story to Modem equivalent in the form of a safety lorm bog has been perfected in Sydney this week. This is How the inventor or. C. E. Lewis describes the bog under the handle of a Bank s Cash bag is placed a Small Metal lever which is gripped by the Mes Senger carrying the bag. If the messenger releases his grip the lever Falls and a Siren inside the bag immediately operates. It will scream for three hours it is impossible for the thief to turn it off because the bag must be opened with a key before the Siren will Stop. The bag is reinforced inside with Metal which prevents its being slashed. Stop press motor Rome results championship scratch race m. Hansen d. Wise. 1.27 1-5 record. International scratch race mid get cars b. Woodman Bud Stan Ley. 1.35 3-5 record. Sidecar Handicap. Final a. Melville -i.45. Kallin Handicap. Final Wise Hansen. 1.31 2-5 record. trotting Verdun stakes. Miss Wonga 5/4 win 5 /3 for 2/ place 4/. 1 Florence Speed 12/1 6/62 Gold jacket 7/1 4/63. Doubles tote dividends. Grat ton Wood miss Wonga �1 8/3 grat. Wood Al. Speed �1/6/3. Virginia Handicap. Linda Derby 1 Melba Pronto 2 Lulu Glide 3. Betting. 5 to 4 asst Linda Derby 6 to 1 Melba Pronto 10 to 1 Lulu Glide. King sends his thanks in reply to his cabled message on the accession of King Edward viii., the governor sir Winston Dugan has received the following reply from the Secretary of state for Dominion affairs i of commanded by the King to convey to you and to the govern ment and people of South Australia his majesty s grateful appreciation of the feelings which have prompted this expression of loyalty t Solo flight to Aust Falfa Melbourne saturday. A Solo flight from England to Australia is being planned by or. J. V. Fairbairn Majl. Who will leave for abroad next month in an Imperial airways liner. Or. Fairbairn contemplates Purchas ing a High Speed plane of British make in England and to use this on Bis re turn flight. While or. Fairbairn is not engaged in an official government business be stated that he would inquire into marketing problems and make a special study of civil aviation matters. Shura Cherkassky the world s greatest boy pianist praises the famous Money saving family remedy for coughs colds bronchitis and influenza costs 2/- saves � s Over one million australian citizens annually prove that the Best remedy for banishing ailments of the Chest and Throat is the mixture so a Shiv made by adding sweetened water a two shilling bottle of concentrated Reenzo. Sgt Bema. Bach bottle of Hensto makes go he he a a a Sud div in Alan Terv and a Bahga to Superior to of Ualita to eight Ordi Shah give gaga a Narv sized bottler of he usual hbrelpjpr9jjgga-Awa-& read made or Couer anon Bazar lip 9maaaaal fluent remedies that Cost but it Muo to �1 Over i2.htm senole in in la have written letter or uie by bomb Masi a a psst even the worst 9tart- & or a Era Hanhi Ine and Collis ask bpm Bokr is the tact Inai ufc.fc.n4o a net n93��mhhh&w contain and poisons therefore it p8gh8smhgs2�i&- is eau Atli Eood of round in Figa and can Iven to even the he a youngest baby without Fea of Johhn he apr to setting its die Estton a a 9ggaggggagppagav world greatest of pianist Arak a by lamp by Bow whose recital in Svdine. Created Bibb by ? ? 3p ? in go a Rou Sical sensation and Attao ski s8k Bibb bbb Ted crowded audiences to the a Java Arak so Nev town Hall Antes i by Braaf bub bbb. am mor to non a lighted with Theis a a i do ssh in go Gal Tweedy was Reenzo Oani bed Bibb by Ralael a com Hao contracted in rough bbl Flor Abw Law of climatic chances Boer fenced Reenzo should be used in every Home prepared for big War threat by Italy Milan a Ottov. 1tur0pe h St Tel torn the w Dine of suction at to Bot Tom of which it wot Dedam Pope to d Lelia fat sensational article which fat to Mussolini App hag to St Deats All Over Europe to exercise pressure to avoid a new a Roseau coat logo Tion. It is time to establish the responsibility of the Bloodthirsty politicians who will not fight themselves but Send the students to War says the article. If they have their Way Europe will inevitably fall into the most justified and terrible War humanity has Ever seen. The abyssinian question was a colonial one far away and confined so it would have remained. Italy bound herself to respect British Imperial interests and declared herself ready to make agreement in an atmosphere of loyalty and Harmony. Sacred obligation Mussolini himself took a sacred obligation to prevent the colonial conflict assuming character and extending to a european conflict. No person in Pood Faith can therefore accuse Italy of any responsibility in the War that is now menacing. Italy wants Security in Africa and peace in Europe but to say that sanctions mean peace for Europe is a criminal confusion of the Issue. If these sanctions Are extended and Europe matches towards War the youth of Europe must know right away where the responsibility lies. We therefore wish to sound the alarm and Appeal to the youth of Europe. It will be Faey who will have to March at the head of the battalions from go a a 8sbl Tea Bubar of Oil full develop automatically into a blockade and a blockade will mean War. No longer a Lim Fawi Security War Bat a War of Slaughter in Europe a War of vengeance defence plans there Are nose who think that War against Italy will be an easy one. They Ore will defend her self tooth mail she has been pre pared for a Long time to meet each an eventuality. The youth of Europe in order to prevent this thin f by racist unite in spiritual Unity above All politicians taken from the Cliffs a striking general View of Horseshoe Bay at port Eitor while he third t a repaving carnival in the news Silver reel contest was in Progress this afternoon. On the Beach can he seen the competing team s lined up daring the grand Parade. Fine weather to continue tomorrow should be Fine and warm according to a forecast Given by the government meteorologist or. Bromley tonight. Breezes May tend towards the Minuth

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