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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1937, Page 7

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - December 18, 1937, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Book banned by nazis Hitler s Germany after four years australian author s impartial analysis House that Hitler built by h. G. Cooke banned in Germany by order of the chief of police Herr Himmler this newly published Book the House that Hitler built by prof. Stephen h. Roberts of Sydney University Methuen publishers Londo has again leapt into the limelight this week after having earlier received favourable mention by the London press. The times commented it is the Best Book on nazi Germany for the general Reader that has appeared to Date that Praise is thoroughly merited. To Frank terms without prejudice or abuse. Prof. Roberts analyses Herr Hitler s mentality and Outlook and critically discusses without Bias or propaganda his Rise to Power in Ger Manj and the results of the first four Vears of his Rulp both those who bitterly condemn the Fuhrer and those who think he is heaven sent May modify their out looks after Reading this 380-Page Book which includes a useful Index. It will help them bet Ter to understand his faults and weak Nesses As Well As his romanticism and honesty of purpose. Prof. Roberts says that Hitler is obviously sincere in his utterances Al though to a Calm and reasoning mind what he fervently declares one minute May be contradicted by what he puts Forth the next. Extreme mental clarity could not be expected of him says the author adding his life As i see it can be expressed As an attempt at escaping from reality and ? a More or less constant intoxication of his imagination by a free indulgence in fantasy r to anyone with an interest in inter. National affairs this Book has a grip Ping Appeal which begins with the pre a face and carries the student through ? to the end. The average Reader May require to concentrate All his attention i on the Early chapters. Then he will find that Goering Goebbels Himmler Hess. Ribbentrop and Ley and others whose names Are mentioned from time j to time m the Cable news will become living characters As indeed they Are. Whose past and present whose deeds i and omissions he will want to know even More of. Uneasy with women scouting scurrilous stories that have spread about Hitler s relations i with women prof. Roberts writes i Hitler is obviously uneasy in the pre j sence of women just As he is awkward at any social function but that is no reason Why whisperer should accuse him of a Romance every time he acts uneasily before a woman. Why can not the obvious fact be adopted that Herr Rudolf Hes. Hitler eschews meat wine and women and has always done so he is immersed in his own dream that dream has afforded the clue to his whole career and in the past 15 years he has been living that dream in reality nazi Germany is solidly established and is Likely to last for years As far As any internal change is concerned. The dreaded Gestapo secret state police the Black guards and the propaganda ministry will see to that and they have the army behind them. It will outlaw Hitler the author suggests and he thinks that the outstanding probable successor to the Fuhrer is Heinrich Himmler head of the Black guards and of the police secret and otherwise. In Germany. Not Rudolf Hess who carries the title Herr Heinrich Himmler chief of All police and Leader of the Black guards the Man who May succeed Hitler enrich f Leader Black the succeed of Deputy Leader not the astute or. I Goebbels or the fiery Gen. Goering who Are so prominent in the Public Eye abroad but the quiet but grim thin lipped Himmler now aged about 37. Foreign opinion usually looks upon him As a Bloodthirsty ogre probably from his association with the party purge of june 30. 1934and the Slayer Herr Hitler l of his Friend. Gregor Strasser. In his analysis of Himmler s character. Prof. Roberts again reveals his impartiality. He writes undoubtedly it was Himmler s Job to have a leading part in these events but it is ridiculous to View him As a Young Man carried away by his inordinate Power and revelling in his lust for blood. Actually he sets an example of quiet dignity and simplicity of life that is often lacking in nazi Germany. Personally i found him much Kindlien and much More thoughtful for his guests than any other nazi Leader a Man of exquisite Courtesy and still interested in the simple things of of uniforms Germany is a land of uniforms but probably few australians have dreamt that aside from the permanent forces there were 315 distinct types of uniform each of which a zealous nazi is doubtless expected to identify at sight in the chapter the eclipse of the brow shirts Prol Roberts leads up to the bloody purge of june 30, 1934, and that Section is one of the most Inte resting and informative in the Book. He does not think there was an actual plot but rather tendencies to wards a Mutiny. These were Ruth Lessly removed and numerous private scores paid off at the same time. The tale of the part of Gen. Von Sleicher in the alleged plot is incredible says the author. Rather More to the Point i the fact that von Sleicher was the Stormy petrel of politics and that Goering hated him one cannot feel any sympathy for Heines. And very Little for Rohm the then brow shirt Leader and a member of Hitler s Cabine but it is different with Karl Ernst Strasser. And other nazis of Long standing whose sudden executions came with the Sanc Tion indeed by the order of their trusted Friend and Leader h Tler. The future destiny of Germany and perchance of Europe was decided that Day. Hitler left his old comrades and with the Aid of Goering and Goebbels decided for imperialistic nationalism backed by the s s. Black guards and the army. Tent is Why the events of june 30 must a looked upon As of the greatest importance in the development of the movement writes prof. Roberts. Logically the author then passes to the army and its relations with Hitler Lam. Its growth since the introduction of conscription on March 16, 1935, is traced and the difficulties faced by the army organisers revealed. It is some Crumb of Comfort to those who fear that Germany May by some rash act plunge Europe into another War to read of the unpreparedness of the new and mighty army in artillery mechanisation and transport. When All is said and done Germany has had less than three years of open military preparations and she cannot make up the Gap of 15 years in such a Short time. There is no doubt about her strength in Man Power. Prof. Roberts Points out. She has the largest army outside Russia. When completely organised her 36 infantry divisions alone will in clude 600,000 men Britain has just Over 150,000 men in five divisions and had to Call us reserves to put even one division in the Field in Palestine last year. Financial Juggler part Iii. Of the Book deals with the economics of Hitler ism which embrace financial Juggler the quest for markets and the fight for raw materials and substitutes. Or. Schacht s opposition to the extremists with whom he is not popular is related. Perhaps the average Reader s interest May have flagged but will be caught up again with part in. Dealing with the balance Sheet of Hitler ism. Its chapters include those on the youth movement the labor service women and Popula Tion and Public works embracing the great new roads which Are a credit to their builders and planners. There is a Side that the onlooker does not fully see the drive for a common mentality How a nation is hypnotised and the place of the press and of education under the nazi regime. Prof. Roberts gives More than a glimpse of these things. The position and probable Fate of the jews also the great religious conflict the Swastika versus the Cross Are fully dealt with. The final Section of the Book. Hitler ism and the world should not be missed by anyone interested in the cur rent history that is being made from Day to Day in Europe and other parts of the world too. Here prof. Roberts gives us an insight into the conflict of lilies in the Wil Helrn Strasse the soviet bogy in theory and fact the Southern Dan Ger zones Austria and Czechoslovakia the Baltic pressure Points Danzig and the corridor. Memel and Lithuania. German relations ? Ith France the much advertised ii Pic renin Axis and the colonial question All come under the search Light of prof. Roberts investigations. His information is up to Date that is. As recent As can be embodied in any Book. Prof Roberts spent most of a period of study leave november. 1935. To March. 1037 in Germany and neigh Boring countries. He had studied con temporary history for the last 20 years. He knew Germany before the Advent of the nazis and thus was Able to draw striking comparisons As a detached observer with the country As it 15 under Hitler he met the nazi leaders personally also or. Schacht and other Bankers and industrialists. He attended the Nuremberg annual rally As a guest of the nazi party and was Given facilities to study tie movement on which he Hap now written so Arr Stingly. Our copy of the Book from Angus & Robertson Sydney late Ernst Rohm wave of murder in other states while in the last few years murders in the popular sense have fortunately been extremely rare in South Australia such a Good record cannot be claimed by Victoria new South Wales and Queensland. A summary of the murders committed in those states even in the last three months gives an Indica Tion of the frequency of this Capi Tal crime. In new South Wales Over that period there were at least three murders in Victoria the same number and in Queens land two. Victoria most interest has probably been created by what has become known As the truck murder on the night of october 11. John Thomas Demsey and his �1,000 transport trailer and cargo disappeared Between Melbourne and Kyneton. On Melbourne cup Day a picnic party found the transport in the Bush near Kingslake West. The next Day the body of Demsey was found buried in a shallow grave. Four men have been arrested and charged with the murder. At present they Are waiting the presentation of the Case against them. James Joseph o Brien. 17, farm labourer was found guilty at the Sale Quarter sessions of the murder of Thomas Bowler Grazier of Seacombe at Dutson on october 4. Revenge was apparently the motive. O Brien shot Bowler after some real or fancied insult had been offered him. O Brien has been imprisoned for life. James Edward Melbourne 61. An aboriginal and former professional Boxer was found dead in the Kitchen of a House in South Melbourne on de Cember 12. His head was badly Bat j tired. And a bloodstained axe was found 1 at the rear of the House. I later a Man was charged with the murder of Melbourne and he has been remanded by the South Melbourne court new South Wales strangled with her own stockings a Domestic servant was found on novem Ber 30 in the grounds of the Broughton Church of England school for boys where she had been employed. One of the most intensive investigations Ever made by the new South Wales police has not resulted so far in an arrest closely following but unrelated to the servant girl murder came the finding of a body of a woman on the Edge of a peach Orchard near the Entrance to Lake Parramatta Park. A chaff bag enclosed the body round the Waist. From the condition of the body it had lain concealed in the Bushes for nearly a fortnight. The body was subsequently identified As that of mrs. Margrethe o Brien 19. On december 5, Dudley Lorraine o Brien. 22, Baker of Windsor the husband of the dead woman was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. He was remanded in the Central police court pending the holding of the Coroner s inquiry. John Dickens. 54. A Farmer at Oak hands near Berrigan. Was found shot dead on december 12. A noise near his garage attracted Dickens who Rose from bed about 9.30 p.m., went into the Yard spoke to a stranger and was shot through the heart. On wednesday a Man walked into the Berrigan police station and after mentioning the shooting of Dickens was arrested Queensland Edwin Claude Helton 36, store keeper has been charged with having murdered or. September 10 at Auga Thella mrs. Margaret Jane Roche Licensee of the Claren hotel. It was stated that he had been living with mrs Roche who apparently had made a will leaving certain property to him. Mrs. Roche died suddenly. An analysis of the dead woman s stomach revealed strychnine. Robert James Rogers. 20. Of Coor paroo. Labourer found guilty of having murdered he Bert Henry Genn. At Brisbane on september 12. Evidence was Eiven that ropers had Reen keeping Many with a step Dali her of the dead Man. But there had been ome difficulties. On the night of sept Cobei 12 Rogers came to the Back door and inquired for the step daughter who was Oul. Rogers walked away. A few minutes later Genn went out. A shot was heard and later Genn s body was found. Rogers was sentenced to imprison ment for life. Is buickfor193o la with the greatest engineering Story in years m he How san Kil top and Greet Buick for 1938. Literally by compression. As the motors proving ground in which i Hill a vol o for it has real news for you thu spark jumps a Hurricane lets go. Buick s tyres were intentionally i s by mob Imp Aljy he pm big perfectly poised magnificent pressures jump to four times Normal blown out with dynamite Caps j Hubi Hub Foo i vol la modelled lavishly equipped car. The Piston flashes Down in a swifter justify the statement that fear of j he beak Iii Kojl firstly a new engine Steps up stronger stroke. You get such an blow outs is removed for Good and i \ Vul Eum i \ i bhb1 Power development yet keeps petrol inspired performance from this car All. The left front Tyre on a Sedan a he la if a Hohr a consumption Down at the same Point As would alone make it outstanding. Was blown out at . And it was a i in Humb j i i i jul nth As before. But More is to follow. Only necessary for the Driver to ? a Bibb Jim h i hmh1 secondly a new sy6tem of Spring. A Correct the steering wheel by jul la ? rib Hula ? Sefsik m the edition. 7 it Surv 1\ beyond All considerations of Price. Tkv he ibo a huh Fml a Liwaj my Sec a a Vou to see us for yourself. To by mss he ? Bow Phi i Lmh \ vr-�rt8 but pc it Sample not Only the Pride of owner ? x Vivus 8l&� ? huh Ftp lbs Hub \ i a Tow Guss it Jujj a ship that it would give you but the st�4h9php- in Shefik a by Fly \ Riib Hillh Skol Security it will bring you and yours. Ill Hess Sybi Kohl we a fab a a a engineers have found a Way to of i he 1938 Dulvi Mill mii&�&s9lawikl-Wslhshtil-e.1 fik re i provide an equally incomparable f i mb�ikhibhk4kll 3 ride. They give you now not Only ? ? ? new in Mush valve in Iea Dif in Hisk a Hafl Ini i Pipii Iii Iii Independent Coil springing on the straight eight engine ? Mew torque free ii hhi9flbh Chi he few Blel Lulu no in front wheels but permanently gentle springing ? torque tube drive ? hew diet 1 i. Mph he by / 9 p7-. Farm Cylinder Coil Springs on All four wheels. Zone body mounting ? apolite pistons lab a pah a shh Phi Jef Flumm i Rcv Emu ii poised at each wheel on Coil ? acrobat Carburettor ? hew Bull s Eye isjhhh8hbbbl%ij 1 he Tkv Vou won t drive a Hundred Yard Springs of easy flexing steel Buick steering ? tip toe a Braulic brakes ? Ink in be a by. K shrill without sensing that something floats along free of Bobble Jar or Independent front springing ? uni steel a shh Eshk Jim not \ v Hill % marvellously new and different to Bounce. No matter How the wheels body by Holden ? n0-srhu6rt ventilation l7pf#la--Mmll set happening in Buick s Dyn Flash dip and curtsy Buick rides level As Multi adjustable front seat ? relax we a skiffs my so i my engine. It is speeding from the a flying Arrow. Form seating Armoor plate Glass in wind by of in brr silk bus pfc Bla Carburettor of rough the intake Comfort is immeasurably increase screen and All Side windows. 1 a ill Hrmel he 3b�irgr�twwhi3abil\ manifold the fuel charge hurried. Maintenance is reduced because ?1 la by in Bolh la feb Sec Walil canes into the Cylinder at something Buick s All Coil springing is free of _ _ _ �1 1 1 �mmjblafl9hbhhjh�l like 2 5o Miles an hour. Leaping to shackles and shackle Wear. Has eight com �5lo i j i b8bls�aflhhbbpk i Bill meet it is something new in pistons less greasing Points. Cannot seize prices from m i of i la prlrbrwrwsw1 with a unique device called a tur with dirt. Most important of All. A Gaum 51iii ijhgs�g9hhrkiwhhis Eulator built into the head. This hotter this new springing cons Seator i endom Coupe 3iu f i a Trot Publ Afflis err a tur Eulator churns the fuel draught tributes to new safety of driving. Sedan ? �525 la i i i a ref a into a sudden Cyclone of terrific on Sharp turns or Gravelled roads All plus Saler tax Fly Raff Ratra a her Ial bar a i a ohm Cual turbulence. Then occurs something there can be practically no skidding hmm the convenient confidential -g.m.a.c. so ass bbb esst a \ ism Marc than High compression. While actual tests on the general pm to by a liars i rrb there a ,1., been a Glamour about Buick. An air a it Apar. Electric clock. A a tray to either end of the instrument panel. J air chief car radio v com All other cars. Once again that u exemplified in the splendidly poised Locking Glove Box. Foot and smoker s outfit with Cigar lighter to is companion you will Al a i Buick 40 Sedan with in enhanced 1938 Radiator design and it sleekly in rear compartment. Wool pile carpet in front and rear. Dual electric appreciate. It provides a i in steel body by Holden. The luxurious Interior is Complete wind Hield wiper. 2 Interior Sun visors. Armrests. grip whispering background for i ? sprung steering wheel with recessed Horn ventilation to trunk to u readily accessible without removing Luggage. . Specially designed for i Buick. It features controls to i metropolitan distributors Harmonne and give � built in appearance. Ask your i pit mat add div i the 95waymouthst and stand 1�i Zzz Iii i ? flu i us v ? i i ? l i i Gawler place Adelaide. Phone Central 5090 a to Sydana serviced by Budic dealers 41 Over aus coh. Explorers of Australia a John Forrest John Forrest afterwards sir John later. Forrest in company with his Forrest and later Baron Forrest of brother Alexander in the face of Bunbury the Only australian Ever almost incredible difficulties Suc raised to the British peerage did needed in finding an Overland route magnificent exploration work during from Perth to Adelaide completing his Early years. The journey in five months. At the age of 22 on his first expedition undertaken in 1869 mainly to until his death in 1918 Baron for find the remains of Leichhardt. He rest was prominent in australian travelled Over 2,000 Miles in the Public life. He was Premier of Interior of Western Australia. He Western Australia for ten years and discovered and named Lake Barlee for Many years represented this and mounts Ida Leonora Malcolm state in the Federal parliament of and Margaret. Which he was a foundation member. Note in the year 1937, when Australia has almost reached its 150th anniversary the Bank of new South it ales Pioneer of australian Bank ing pays a tribute to Baron Forrest a great australian. Is establishes 117 i 307a. 1937 i Foj piles go Quick without Salve or cutting. Thousands who have piles have not Learned that Quick and permanent re Lief can Only be accomplished with internal Medicine. Neither cutting nor any amount of treatment with ointments and suppositories will remove tiie i Ause. Earl Oil Illarion causes Piler. There if a in Milf to Mas rim Ion of blood in the Lowr Bowel and a weakening of the part. Or. .1 so Monhardt fourth a in ill and Ali re his prescription he Lri--1 ii in can s with the Marti Loii Rinord of Success in 36 it cent., and then decided i who wild be sold by cd Mist everywhere Umit a rigid Money Back guarantee. In t waste any More time with out fide applications. Get a package of Yar Loid to Day. It has driven Safe and la ring Relief to thousand of. And will do the same Lor you or costs you nothing. ? conducted by John Dempster speech Days have been prominent in recent weeks and few have been concluded without the singing of the hymn specially written for the final Day of term. The Wistful last verse is let thy father hand be shielding All who Here shall meet no More. May their seed time past be yielding year by year a Richer store the musical fraternity would remind those leaving school that during that see time the germ of love for singing and musical expression was planted and not it is topped on Barren ground. Never in the history of South Australia was the patronage of our younger set needed More urgently for the cause of music than at present. These new old scholars might remember that their seniors by four or five years organised the corinthian club and Are now in addition swelling the ranks of members of the Adelaide Salon and there is room for More enthusiasts in both organisations. Next year we will have a wonderful series of concerts in Adelaide and the support of these Young citizens can do much to justify entrepreneurs in bring ing world famous artists to Australia for their pleasure and edification. Again the Messiah on wednesday night my notebook re minded me that i must Divide my time Between yet another performance of Messiah and a recital at elder Park by the Theberton municipal band. The oratorio performance at the town Hall reinforced an opinion fast crystallizing into a conviction that the Cradle of singing in South Australia is the free Church choir. If professional musicians Are Well known to the general Public hundreds of choristers Are equally Well known to those musicians who gratefully acknowledge the great share these singers have taken in building up singing tradition in our state. One Felt on wednesday that these choristers were in Little need of a conductor that a highly developed musical and devotional sense was largely guiding the interpretation perspicacity largely developed in the Church choir. Knowing the limitations of choirs in Handel s Day one cannot but reflect How great would be that composer s amazement could he hear our choral societies and Church choirs in the anti podes which by the Way were unknown in 1741. The Date of the composition of Messiah interpreting his masterpiece As confidently As they would sing the National anthems the last decade has been a heart breaking period for choral societies but at least we have held on desperately to the Handelin tradition. I soon we expect All choral bodies to j make a venture of Faith and present 1 once again works of a larger Vintage j elder Park concerts i never pass elder Park but that i Long to launch a movement which would make that delightful spot the Home of music making in Adelaide during the summer months. The City Council allots �50 a year for band concerts at the Rotunda and this is shared by 10 bands each of which gives two performances. Thus each Bondsman is sure at least of his Tram fares and a Cool drink at tha j Kiosk Ballarat City Council pays the City of Ballarat band �200 for a season of out of door concerts and the bal i Carat soldiers memorial band receives for a similar engagement �150. �1,670 is allotted by Melbourne City coun cil for band performances and this is supplemented by suburban councils which bodies organise and pay for their own band concerts. 1 How can musicians in our state Ever ? retain their self respect and enthusiasm when our City fathers assess the services of Bondsmen at the rate of a few Pence per night Freda Wenzel when Freda Wenzel passed from my care to study with miss Vera Thrush i was conv Noerl that Given a reasonable measure 01 Seii Confidence miss Wenzel could make her Mark As a Singer in Adelaide. This Soprano should specialise in old English songs for she possesses the attributes necessary to inter pret songs of the seventeenth and eighteenth Century. We have had few singers who were thoroughly at Home with songs of the georgian period Muriel Cheek and Vera Thrush being outstanding exceptions. Adelaide Salon i have much admiration for those men and women who have so consistently worked to make the Adelaide Salon a Success. This club has the support of the majority of those senior music lovers on whose patronage so much depends in Adelaide. J the committee with or. C. H. A. Lienau As president and mrs. A. E. Puddy As Secretary sees to it that All vocalists and instrumentalists Are Given due encouragement in fact the com Mittee of the Salon could not consist of better informed citizens in the matter of club organisation. The representative Christmas gather ing of this club held last monday was an inspiration to All musicians present who could not but Realise that United our musical fraternity can do great j things divided we remain in the musical Ruck. Freda Wenzel

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