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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1933, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - December 16, 1933, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia electricity charges to be Cut soon by 6 per cent. Company succeeds in Appeal to House of lords news makes Welcome Christmas Box release of big fund of Welcome news for electricity Consumers is contained in a Cable message from London today that the Adelaide electric Supply company has won its Appeal to the House of lords. This win relieve the company of an annual liability of 4 �14,800 and will release a fund of �40,000 a year which the company will devote to the reduction of charges to con Sumers. As the company last year received �720,000 from Light ing and Power charges the reductions to be announced Early next week will represent approximately 6 per cent. A decision As to which tariffs will be reduced will be made probably on monday or tuesday. News of the Cut will come As a Welcome Christmas Box for thousands of Adelaide people. How Legal action arose the Legal action which has now been concluded in London was begun in 1931 by the Prudential Assurance company of London. In March of that year the elec tric Supply co. Paid English preference dividends in australian currency and the Prudential co., a Large Holder of prefer ence Stock on the London Register began Legal action to. Enforce payment of dividends in English currency. The first decision by the court of Chan Cery was in favor of the Prudential co this was upheld by the Appeal court. The electric Supply co. Now Eyer acting on lieu advice of counsel carried its a peal to the House of lords and has been successful by the unanimous decision of he five judges. The Secretary of the company or c. A. M. Sprigg said today that the de Weinn relieved the company of a liability in respect of Back dividends of �37,032 and an annual lability of �14,800. On the recommendation of the Royal commission which enquired into the com Pany s accounts in 1931 the company agreed to place �40,000 a year into a sus Pense account for the purpose of reducing charges to Consumers to the extent that it was not encroached upon by the litigation then proceeding. The suspense account now shows a Cre Dit balance of �64,286. Certain a Harts including �1,072 to make the last a dec Tion in the Power Tariff were deducted from the total of two years contributions �80,000. From the present bal Ance certain costs in connection with the Case will have to be paid. Need to Amend since the Adelaide system badly needs increased consumption particularly in the Domestic Field the committee said it would appear desirable to Amend further the existing Domestic tariffs in the direction of lower rates for higher consumption. The practice of Charein rent ? or meters said the committee either As such or As Dart of a monthly service charge of so much a room or so Muc j a Point or on some other basis is Treyner ally followed by electric Sun ply under j takings both private and municipal except in the United states where it is in some cases Mohibi Ted by Law to 1 1 Norm m i in ? ? inn non n in in 1 1 n Matt ? to m ? ? ? appointed by the Gore mme it of the Day to enquire into charges meter rent and the payment of deposits by consumer., the committee completed its work in july. 1932. It consisted of messes Wain writ rat and Bishop of the audit depart ment. And the chief mechanical Engineer of the railways or. F. J. O Shea. Cas far As we Are competent to express a opinion,1 the committee said we con Sider that the undertaking is efficiently managed it quoted the rates paid by other elec tric Supply undertakings ranging from 49 to 5% per cent., and said if the company had to pay rates of interest on its subscribed and borrowed capital similar to other undertakings it could reduce its charges to Consumers by Between �50,000 and �75,000 a year that sum however was paid to cover the risk of loss of capital investment which was not borne by the other Public utilities As the Security of their capital did j not depend entirely upon the. Earning Power of the undertaking but was also secured by the Power of taxation of the state or municipality., The Consumers the committee stated could not have it both ways if they did not Bear that risk they must be prepared to pay someone else who did. A comparison of actual Consumers accounts showed according to the commit tee that the Tariff of the Adelaide com Pany did not Bear unduly on the smaller consumer when compared with Melbourne and Sydney. Tariffs the committee said that the charge Tor meter service was quite fair and reason Able and approximately Only sufficient to recoup the company for the Cost of the meter service should the company adopt a single Domestic rate those persons who adopted that rate would be relieved of one meter Charse. And a saving in the Wir ing in the Consumers premises. The committee also said it is Clear that the preference shares and debentures have not Only shaped a share in the com Mon sacrifice but have actually profited by the fall in the Price level and the same is True to a substantial Deasee of the salaried staff. Thes factors have the effect of preventing reductions in charges that would otherwise be possible if the premiers Dlan could be tint into effect by the com Dan weather May be Milder tomorrow according to the government meteorologist or. Bromley the Cool snap that South Australia a experienced in the past few Days has almost ended. The Western Anticyclone that has been delayed by the persistence of an energetic Eastern depression has now spread across South Australia. The Cool South wind should give place to an Easterly he said and tomorrow should be Milder and More pleasant than the last few Days or. Bromley added that the cold weather was not unusual. The aver age temperature for the first 1c Days in december. 1909, was 7.5 Deg. Lower than that for the first 16 Days this month. The figures were 71.2 and 78.7. Woman saved by strychnine London saturday. The British medical journal describes a remarkable Case of a woman who was found unconscious after having taken 225 grains of Verona four and a half times As dig As the average fatal dose and who was saved by injections of strychnine that amounted to 6 retains. 12 times the average fatal dose. This is Given As an example of the new use of strychnine in massive dosage Asau antidote for poisoning from hypnotic drugs of the Verona croup. The article explains that the injections of strychnine were Given Over an hour. The woman remained in a state of coma for 60 hours but a now completely re Cove if. 15 More members elected to . Upper House Sydney saturday. I Fawn member were elected to the new South Wales legislative Council in additional count ? that were com Luclid today. Thev were h. M. Ranee. Lap. Graves . Lang. Filbert .. Ilunga. K. M. I . c. B. Bridges labor i j. Gardiner Lud. T. Sleek Luck ii Latimer . K. Manfred j. Ryan. ical ii Nicholas. . . E. B kno Shaw a. M. Ley. ij.a.l1 f. W. Spice . Fed Laband g. S. Archer . Lab. ? disappointment Felt in London London december 15. The City editor of the times states that financial circles Are disappointed at the unexpected decision in the Adelaide electric Supply Case which is regarded As possibly embarrassingly complicating to company Law. The judgment coincided with the lords decision on an Appeal that a clause in the belgian electrical co s agreement to pay Bond interest in Gold Coin of the United kingdom equal to the Standard of 1p28 must be fulfilled despite the suspension of the Gold Standard. The lords held that the Gold clause was meaningless unless it was intended to guard against depreciation. The times in a leading article says the decision is Likely to have in i portent consequences and will be widely welcomed because it upholds the creditors standpoint and safeguards the fundamental principle of the Sanctity of contracts. The times adds that the belgian Bonds which were lately 105 Are now estimated at 150. Racing across the Field at Bir Kalla today Don Reid making a run Xouanh Izotic a jilt t. W. Porter i i i Uit. A i mail or durum Iii i Delafu Polo club s opening meeting for the season at Birk Altu thu fir mown. I Xouanh Izotic. Orter i i Uit. Cil or rum Iii olo opening meeting season t thu fir own. Safe method of learning to swim /.\s7 rlc1qrs from Ike Ris Semmler swimming club teaching three Young pupils How to swim by Means of a big pole and line. The picture teas i taken from Fisher Bridge. 7 quist takes Mcgrath in his stride attacks backhand an wins victorious run Brisbane saturday. Adrian quest the 20.year-old South australian who has carried everything before him since he came to Brisbane for the state championship tournament this afternoon added Vivian Mcgrath to his list of victims winning two of the three sets played. It was final proof that Hill recent Brilliant series of victories in which he took Jack Crawford the world s Champion in his stride was no Flash in the pan. Quist and Mcgrath provided some Brilliant Tennis marked by Many Long rallies quist winning because of his accuracy overhead and his ability to put away any thing Loose for winners. In the last set he daringly attacked Mcgrath s strongest Point his backhand and emerged with Honor. Hopman and Moon who will pair m the test combined excellently in the i doubles overwhelming Mcgrath and quist in straight sets. I although quist bad never beaten Mcgrath Hie recent defeat of Crawford had revealed that the South australian was capable of far greater things than anyone had anticipated. Dashing net attack the South australian struck an Admir Able length from the outset and with deep drives to the Corners had Magrath in trouble straight away. The boy could not Cope with the severity of quist s game and his dashing net attack and failed to take a game in the first set. Mcgrath broke through in the fifth game of the second set and went to a 42 Lead on his own delivery to take the set 63. In the final set quiet showed that he was not afraid of Mcgrath s double handed backhand and quite a lot of his attack was directed to this Side. It produced results too for the South austra Lian with severe Short Cross court drives bit a number of clean winners there. Mcgrath took the first two games of the third set although Many net cords vent against him. But with severe services quist evened and the games went against the service to 4 All. Quist had the upper band at 54. The i South australian went to a 30 15 Lead with a cleverly placed drive and a service Ace but just missed the line when the match was in his hands. A beautifully judged toss gave him Llie match. Scores a. Quist v. Mcgrath 60, 36, 64 h. Hopman e. F. Moon v a. Quist v. Mcgrath 97, 64, 6 2 e. F. Moon mrs. V. Westacott v. H. Hopman mrs. B. H. Molesworth 6 3. 9 ii unfinished. �12.180 estate left by Bert Hinkler Large portion will go to widow no will made Brisbane. Saturday. The late Herbert John Louis Bert Kinkler Eft estate valued at �11,274, in Queensland and �906 in England. He did not make a will. Hinkler was killed when Hie plane crashed in the mountains in Arezzo Italy on january 1. Application for the re Sealine of letters of administration granted in England has been lodged in the Queens land supreme court. The Queensland estate the whole of which is Personalty is valued at �11,274 9/. Letters of administration were issued to Katherine Hinkler of mount plea Sant Castletown. Caithness Scotland widow of the airman whose address is Eiven As Southampton. England. She has appointed Frederick Capner of messes. Mcgregor Mcgregor & Capner solicitors of Brisbane As her attorney Here. Hinklerr6 English estate is sworn at �906 10/ Gross and �792 2/2 net. As his domicile was Given As great Britain the Only person entitled to the estate is his widow who is entitled to All personal chattels and �1,000 free from death duties and other costs and a life interest in the residuary estate. His Mother mrs. Frances Atkins Hinkler of Bundaberg under English Law is entitled to the residuary estate Only in the event of the death of mrs. Hinkler Jun. Had Hinkler been domiciled in Queens land his widow would have been a first charge on the estate of �5,000, and half of the balance of the estate the other half of the residue would have been divided equally Between his Mother Brothers and Sisters. Reprieve came just in time Vienna saturday. Two minutes be fore he was due to be executed Joseph Breitenwiser s death sentence for murder was commuted to imprisonment for life. Breitenwiser was tried in a special court under the existing limited martial liw which requires execution two hours Ailer sentence but the court granted an extra hour to enable counsel to prep ire a petition to the president whose reprieve arrived by Telephone a the accused Man was about to be led to the scaffold. Bets at trotting place wagers desired Likely charges Yie Legates to the South australian trotting league tonight discussed the future of trotting with legalised bookmakers operating at meetings and it is Likely that several suggestions will be put to a meeting of the trotting As so Iarion on monday night. The meeting of the league tonight and the association on monday night will pre pare the Way for the trotting league to reach definite arrangements for the sport. It is thought that the first trotting meeting with bookmakers operating will be held towards the end of january. Meeting May be held either at theban ten or at the showgrounds Bayville. A decision As to the number of bookmakers to be permitted must be arrived at. At present there is a feeling that 20 makers would be sufficient. J two enclosures charges for admission May be fixed 5/ for the grandstand enclosure and 1 for the Flat. Bookmakers will operate in each enclosure. The trotting league is in favor of Book makers being permitted to bet for a win and a place and it is thought that the betting control Board s decision on this Point applying to racecourses will permit bookmakers at trotting meetings to bet each Way the trotting league has secured rules i of trotting from All australian states and new zealand and it is expected that rules for this state will be drawn up shortly. Barriers to ensure efficient starts for All ? horses in a race May be used. Delegates who attended the meeting to night were messes. J. J. Rice h. G. ? o Brien trotting association. . F. W. Ratsch Porf Pirie club. E s Allan. R. Fryar Snow town Subj a l. Heath Kadina club. The Secre j tary of the league or. G. A. C. Rogers and or. Stephens m.p., were also pre j sent. J official prices i in / the mail the starting prices to be pub a listed in the mail during forthcoming saturda3r race meetings will be the official prices. Therefore All editions of the mail will provide the Public with the actual prices of All horses at the conclusion of each Day s racing. Largs Bay yachting the Tortoise running towards the camera made a striking picture at Largs Bay Isle club yachting to Day. W. S. Rymill is at the Helm. I running striking Isle club at Hel. Highlights in today big Cricket Sheffield shield games in two states South Australia v. New South Wales at the Adelaide Oval and Queenland v. Victoria at Melbourne and the annual match Between St. I Ter s Andrji Prince Alfred colleges were Tiu bin events in the Cricket world today. ? Good scores my arly in tin1 South australians put i ii in 2 is a Load of the Rei inn if. But new South Lajos Baw j wiped Oil he without loss. Kyan wis j unbeaten at 94, Xii Dike mad re. Loner ? Viau 50. Shepherd 43. And Lee 23. J the failure of the 1\v b wifi o a ily was a Surprise. Hi1 was i Wjk naj Imp Restiv is . We. Look Hui Lor i a. I new South . S lust ? . .-.-? Lilii Titt i of Litvin a Timo Liy in i i against to 1 Lii lit or a n. 1 did a -.? . � ? in ll.-Liiiiiii-. My. ?.?,-. I i . ill . A Vav Dimi i i ? Iid is Nvuvry. Luis ii i h. I to Oisin a .-.? iiosi7j, f ?.\. iin i Lii Amin Privi i. in i i. In Lii i i in ii to it in 1 r Liis. A. in. Nlajv on. 1ji.itii1 is us i details Al play Page 10 i three Speed men in big Bayville crash 4nother killed on Melbourne track dramatic Bridge death cornering exceptionally fast two riders crashed into a fallen rival who had skidded in the final of the Christ Mas Handicap at the Speedway Royale tonight. Two men Les Fredricks and Dick Case were carried Oft the ground on stretchers but neither was seriously Hurt. The third Speed Man Max Grosskreutz walked off uninjured. A shocking Speedway crash in Melbourne tonight ended in the death of a Young rider. His neck was broken. Six riders started in tie event which ended in the crash at Bayville. It bras thrill in a spectacle for three laps. Then j Fredrieka. Who Wae leading by about 10 Yards skidded to the ground at the last Corner. Unable to avoid the fallen Man Case who was travelling exceptionally fast crashed on top of him. J 1 there was another gasp from the spec h Tatore when Grosskreutz also crashed into i the Heap of machines and men on then track. Flames spurted from the cycles i and ambulance men rugged to assist the j unfortunate rider. Chapman who won the event and kit Chen second cleverly avoided the fallen men. This was the first crash this season Aud wa6 one of the most dramatic see for a Long time at Bayville. In spite of a severe shaking Case Rodin the next event the first Semi final of the scratch Brace and Fredrick escaped j with abrasions to a leg. Speedway tragedy a ii in Melbourne ? i Melbourne. Saturday. Laurence 1 1 Mcdonah aged 22, married of Carlton i successful dirt track rider was killed jul Trisha in a shocking crash at the exhibition dirt track Speedway tonight. Travelling at terrific Speed shortly after the Start in the second heat of the exhibition Speedway Handicap Mcdonald s Bike seemed to hit a bump in the track and he was thrown out of the Saddle High into the air. He landed on Nis head breaking his neck. His machine hurtled through the air 12 it. Away. The following rider. George Hanaford. Managed to swerve and avoid the fallen rider but the other competitor Bill Rogers an or australian Iai Pion apparently did not see him Aad his machine passed Over Mcdonald s Nead. Mcdonald was probably already dead when this happened. He was limit Man in the race which was of four laps. The finst Start was a fake one Mcdonald fail ing to get away and the riders were called Back for another Start. Cyclist Hurt head injuries were sustained by Joseph Payne aged 66, of Beulah Road Norwood when he fell from his bicycle on the Good Wood Road near the Way vice show grounds tonight. It is stated that the Man Felt his bicycle wobble and then fell to the Roadway. He was taken to the Adelaide Hospital by the Hindmarsh ambulance. Cycle race crash in the second heat of the half mile Amateur cycling Handicap at the Goodwood recreation ground this afternoon l. Kin Nisi and f. Shone crashed together. Kin Nish broke both Bones of the left fore Arm Alid after receiving first Aid was re moved to the Adelaide Hospital where he was admitted. Shone escape with severe abrasions on the arms and legs. Man kicked by horse when r. C. Cameron of South Ter race Theberton was driving his horse and trolly along Torrens Road towards Adelaide this afternoon the horse shied breaking its harness and kicking the Driver. Cameron was taken to the Adelaide Hospital by the Hindmarsh ambulance and treated for abrasions and lacerations to the body. Strange fatality Perth saturday. Jumping from a motor truck because he feared there would be a head on collision with another truck. Gerald Richardson aged 28, single of Victoria Park was knocked Down and killed by the other truck near Moro a a wheat Belt township last night. Bride to be leaps ? a from Bridge Sydney saturday. Mrs. Sarah Evelyn Selitzky aged 23. Who today leapt from the Sydney Harbor Bridge Ifould have been a Bride in january but instead of attending her wedding rela Tives and friends on monday will mourn it her funeral. Three years ago her first husband was drowned in the paita Vialta River. Although she fell 175 it. The woman Tho has been a widow for three years Ivas alive when rescued and was actually attempting to swim. She was hauled from the water by sgt. Bedd. She was conscious when taken to Hospital but lied an hour after admission without Ted ing Why she had made the leap. Last night she accidentally fell from i Tram in the City and was treated at the Sydney Hospital for slight injuries. She was apparently Normal when her Lance left her at Midnight. She was look no Forward to marriage preparations for Irlich were being made and she Wasu Rood spirits. P she disappeared Fiona her Home at Al i Lert Street Petersham this morning Ardi Rashed Over the Side of the Bridge before eyewitnesses could prevent her a Nort ii Sydney woman looked out of her bed i Oom and was shocked to see the body hurtling through the air. Selitzky who was an australian Wasi married when she was 16, and left a i daughter aged six. I head on collision ? ? ? ? Sydney saturday. In a terrific head on collision Between a motor car and a i motor Cycle in Williwa Street Portland Early tonight the motor cyclist was killed and the Pillion rider seriously injured. The victims were killed Leonard i Wallis aged 16. Of Cullen Bullen. To injured Ronald Mitchell. 22, of the Samei address a compound fracture of the leg. His condition is serious. The two men were travelling to port land when the smash occurred. Wale was thrown Over the handlebars and struck the Road head first. He was killed instantly. Vauxhall a Jahmil is the easiest a Fror Scirto Uriel synchro mesh gears combined with Superb steering and silent second embodied by famous Vauxhall engineers reduces driving to a simple almost automatic operation even for beginners. Before buying a car of any kind see the English Vauxhall now cd available in two Sixes. A or 4 ? senior six from we a Junior six from �285 City motors Ltd 88 Waymouth Street c 5090 24-hour service in All departments a i Lefea Ideal Xmas gift f to i i Jip a limited number Only. 3m v / till Mew radio i Alue y a we mss Ever offered 5 Pesi of it @ a a coupled oscillator and thew Kojl f ii w it a 2a5, the latest Type Are of Power amplifying valve. Full Llull Tel is toned Dana Mac speaker. Valves and ski i s guaranteed for twelve months. Inter Basab is state reception. Complete in handsome Cash ��1q/in/ or on s Price do Flo in terms. A �3 10 Deposit and 5/ per week ? of Tjuk � 51 Kundle Street radio specialists Adelaide cad dbi7cc a. A m ton j the Corner of Pius. ?. ?-.? u Lii red i ? J i technical schools exam results 3 Page 5. Haig the world s oldest whisky agents Crofton &. Co. Ltd. 149 Flinders Street. Adelaide. kiddies i i father Xmas \ i is waiting to see you at i Moore s i Victoria Sci new Adelaide epic Story of Rescue of old Man in Bush 4 Days without food natives9 search j mount Isa saturday an epic Story of the Bush comes from i Calton Hills station where an 1 80-year-old prospector Jerry Al Ary after la inst ill in the ode ii for four Daye. Vas discovered Ana rescued by a party f aborigines who had set ont to search or him. O Leary was without food for the whole of the time and was in an cd lausted condition when found. O Leary wac carting Wash dirt to the Prater in a horse drawn Dray about 59 Miles from the Homestead when he be came suddenly ill arid collapsed. When he recovered he discovered that the horses had bolted with the Dray but in moving away a. Drum of water had alien from the Dray. Unable to walk. O Leary crawled to the Irum. He experienced great difficulty in removing the Bung plug and when he did the drum rolled into a Cully and most of the water was lost. The old Man again crawled to the Druru there he Lay for four Days. Meanwhile the horses had readied the station Road and were intercepted by natives about 40 Miles from where o Leary was lying. The aborigines followed tit wheel tracks and rescued o Leary just in the pick of time. When found he was lying beside the water drum. He had not tasted food for our Days and was in a very exhausted condition and at the mercy of millions of ants. Giving him every care the aborigines conveyed the old Man to the station and from there he was sent to the mount Isa Hospital where he is now convalescing. Bread Price unchanged it wits unanimously decided at a largely attended meeting of Bakers tonight that there would be no change in the present prices charged for bread in Adelaide. The prices Are 5d. Delivered and 4%d. Over the counter. The meeting which was convened by the master Bakers. Association decided to make a determined stand against any Effort to reduce the Price of bread and will disregard any action by the House wives association. The meeting lasted nearly Roro oui. Boy drowned Melbourne saturday. In spit of the desperate efforts of his companion to save Bim Frank Buck aged 13. Of Oak Leigh was drowned in scotsman s greek Oakleigh a suburb of Melbourne today

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