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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - August 22, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ?, ? n the postage rate r on this paper i a i i within the com i i i ? Mon wealth. New in i a a zealand. Fiji. United kingdom Scotland s vt-1 la a France or America Knitl of t or to British pos we my. _ sessions is two a a Hiob a Pence. Potage ? ? ? ? ? ? in ? Mil ill four Pence. Clipper in am tobacco Flynn Lens in i lax to plan for pipe smoker Ifni Elfiki Light and i in a Price and Quality Stltt everybody a j sole agents _ Cornell limited. Adelaide. ? ? l ? he k ? j0 a jv4�j�5-. R mallll�3sal Wuy in a lil is Ita free demonstration in your ? next to the . Building. Allan s pianos Are instruments you can depend upon. They Are the highest possible Quality obtainable at their Price. Every piano slightly used and player piano pianos s0l0by bord ? �15 Affek Siewert ? �40ksssf Morel ? �48 is backed by Steuer ? �50 Allan s Faber ? �60 guarantee of Kessels ? �65 satisfaction Thurmer ? �65 and Wonisch ? �65 86 years to Momyer pian0smorel ? �65 Kph Gap play Otone ? �80 easy Auto tone ? �90 51 Rundle St. Adelaide. ? Jyh waiting on Berlin Italy accepts pact regarding Spain blockade not justified London saturday. Italy has accepted the French proposal for a pact of non intervention in Spain but this hopeful development in the tense International situation has been offset by the uncertainty of Germany s attitude. Spanish loyalists claim to have captured Cordoba an important town about 80 Miles from Seville in the South. The Madrid government expects decisive developments in its favor within three weeks though guerilla warfare May i Aniio for months. Britain has informed the Spanish government that she cannot recognise the blockade of ports held by the rebels according to the morn ing Post this decision Means that any attempt to hold up and search British vessels outside Spanish territorial Waters will be forcibly resisted. The diplomatic correspondent of the Manchester guardian says that the italian move Means temporary Isola Tion for Germany and May compel her to accept non intervention with reservations. If it does then the Anglo French policy in the Spanish civil War will have been vindicated and a general european crisis averted. The correspondent adds that although there has been some German italian co operation in Aid of the Spanish rebels Italy throughout has been suspicious of Germany s motives and uneasy lest Germany should gain a foothold in the Western Mediterranean or in North Africa. The Paris correspondent of the Manchester guardian says that Italy s sudden decision to accept the French proposals is almost certainly Musso Lini s own decision. Moreover it Fol lows so promptly the German protest to Spain about the Kamerun incident that it is difficult not to connect one with the other. Possibly the ostentatious interest which Germany has manifested in the Mediterranean has wounded italian susceptibilities. Uneasy feeling the Paris correspondent of the times says that if the italian move Means that Lily is prepared to accept a ban on arms and aircraft in return for a French pledge not to permit organised recruiting and subscriptions for other thar humanitarian Aims in Spain then All is Well ? ? but there is As uneasy feeling that the Ball is now at the feet of Ger Many whose reaction to the Kamerun affair is causing anxiety. Italy s reply to the French note re Garding non intervention was handed by the italian foreign minister count Ciano to the French ambassador in Rome m. Chambrun. Italy undertakes to prevent direct or indirect exportation or re exportation to Spain of arms munitions War mate rial aeroplanes and warships applying the embargo to current contracts. Effect to this declaration will be Given says the note when the French British Portu Raese Ger Man and russian governments have adhered to the pact. Regarding the French reference Toi indirect intervention the note adds that France does not specify the precise meaning of the phrase. J so Italy interprets the suggestion As rendering it inadmissible for adherents to the pact to permit Public subscriptions or enlistment of volunteers for either Side. As other important european states produce arms besides those to which the French project refers Italy also re Gards it As essential that such Powers also should accept the non intervention agreement. French circles in Rome says the times correspondent interpret the i note As a great Effort at conciliation on j Italy s part i nazi press outburst j the Kamerun incident has held up negotiations in Berlin for Germany s j participation in the proposed Nonin Terven Tion pact. The German Steamer Kamerun was prevented from entering Cadiz Harbor by Spanish government warships. The germans say that the Kamerun was going to remove German refugees. The Spanish government claims that she carried a cargo of petrol for the rebels in Cadiz. Meanwhile tie German government says the times correspondent in Berlin has made two additional pro tests the first in Moscow where the German ambassador has been instructed to request the cessation of unbridled agitation against germans in Spain broadcast from Russia and. Repeated in Madrid. A similar protest has been made in Madrid. These Drut fists Aasc accompanied by � blaring anti soviet newspaper Campaign the russian ?. Increase in naval and military \ armaments. \ meanwhile collaboration of germans and italians with the rebels is going on All the time declares the diploma tic correspondent of the Manchester guardian rebel ships Are Coaling from German vessels. J according to the correspondent of the news chronicle at Tangier the International zone on the moroccan coast indiscretions of the president of the International commission Sig nor Rossi Are causing alarm. Rossi j has undertaken consular duties for the rebel Leader Gen. Franco at which step the French have vigorously pro tested. He has also replaced the Spanish president of the port of Tan Gier police by an italian. There seems no doubt that Italy is extending her influence in Morocco. People Are wondering if she once gets a foothold who will get her oat. Italian warships have landed Large quantities of munitions for Rossi s legation. Moreover a sailing vessel on the night of August 8 landed machine guns and four tons of ammunition at Al Cemas Bay which was immediately conveyed to Ceuta the rebel Headquarters on the moroccan coast opposite Gibraltar. Nobody can say How Long the civil War will last declared the Spanish Premier Senor Jose Giral in an interview with the daily Telegraph s correspondent in Madrid. However. I believe that 15 or 20 Days will bring decisive developments though guerilla warfare May continue for weeks even for months. Anxiety in Madrid Page 3. Tells How husband met death wife found not guilty Launceston. Saturday. To now say that my husband did not shoot himself As i have previously stated making this dramatic statement from the witness Box mrs. Violet Sarah Rose Ranson accused of the murder of her husband caused a sensation in the Bluemont murder trial Here today. She was subsequently found not guilty and discharged. I told the police that Neville George was not near the deceased when he was shot because i love him. But when i was in the Hobart gaol i changed my mind when i thought of my two Chil Dren being left alone in the world so said. Mrs. Ranson who is 34, said she mar ried George Ranson at bran Bokn 16 years ago. During the last two or three years their relations had been rather strained due partly to the Lack of Money and partly to her husband s jealousy. Worked together she first met Neville George who is also charged with the murder at Lei Tinna. He and her husband worked together and often went away As companions. George was often invited to their Home. Until May 27 last the Day of the alleged murder things were All right As far As she knew. For some time before May 27 she had been on Yery intimate terms with George. She was living with her husband but Felt that she needed a Friend. On the Friday before May 27 she saw George. They arranged that on the following week she would visit his hut at Bluemont. She left Home on May 27, telling her husband she was going to Nabo la. Leaving by the Early morning train she found her Way to his hut. ? when she arrived George was not there. When George arrived about 1 o clock they had some Tea. Husband at door about 3 o clock George left the hut. When she was leaving she met her Hus band at the door. He was carrying a stick and said i thought this was where you were. I la Bash your brains out. Where is that other ? 7 she said George had gone away. Ranson was nearly mad and said. Come Home out of this she began walking along the track close behind her husband. He hit her across the Back with the stick. Al though she tried she could not get the stick away from him. He pushed her away. The next thing she heard was a shot and her husband fell Over. She tried to lift him up but he was dead. Turning she saw George walking away towards the hut she called and George came Back. On the other Side of the track she saw George pick up a gun. Continuing her evidence mrs. Ran son said George told her to report the matter to the police. The Day follow ing the shooting George visited her House and again encouraged her to say that Ranson had shot himself. This was the Story she had told the police. Story to. Police she told the police that George was not near the hut when her husband ? killed because she loved him. But later in Hobart gaol she changed her mind. After the solicitor general had concluded his address or. Shields for the defence said i submit that As the Case now stands there is no evidence either of a direct character or As a matter of inference upon which the jury could properly convict the accused of the crime with which she is charged. I therefore ask that you direct the jury to return a verdict of not guilty the Judee agreed and ordered the jury to return a verdict of not guilty. This was done and mrs. Ranson was discharged. Attempted to j kill daughter Grenfell Case Sydney saturday. It was reveal a today from details Given to the police that Thomas Hayes 46, who yesterday at Grenfell murdered his wife Emily Hayes and then committed suicide tried desperately to end the life of one of his daughters and flogged i Only son into unconsciousness. It is believed that he also intended to kill his eldest daughter. The children whose Ages Range from three to 17, Are being cared for at the local Hospital where the boy aged 10, is lying badly bruised As a result of the flogging. Hayes had been living away from Home following a charge of indecency on which he had been committed for trial. The children were preparing Loi bed on thursday night when Hayes rushed into the House and attempted to Force acid Down the Throat of his 14 year old daughter Peggy. She struggle. And broke free. Although the acid burned her face none was forced dowry her Throat. Hayes then stunned his son with a stick and mrs. Hayes and five of he children fled into the Bush leaving Peggy and the boy alone in the House signs of a desperate struggle indicated the fight mrs. Hayes put up for life and it is believed that she escaped once but was caught and Poison Force Down her Throat. Peggy who sent for help returned to the House and was again attacked by her father but she again escaped and remained in hiding. Unsettled tomorrow unsettled weather was developing said the government meteorologist or. Bromley tonight. The barome Ter fell this evening and tomorrow should be Cloudy with a possibility of rain. Sensational Sydney gun Duel Sydney. Saturday. Several shots were fired in a Sensa tonal gun Duel at Redfern tonight Between a Man armed with a repeat ing Rifle on the Balcony of a House and three men in a taxi armed with shot guns. The Duel followed an attempt in botany Street Redfern on the life of John Hourigan 29, brother of a Man who was shot in the face from a pass ing car in Renwick Street Redfern several months ago. So far the police have not ascertained whether anyone was injured by the Fly ing bullets although it is feared that a Man in the taxi May have been hit. Knock at door Hourigan was at his Home in botany Street about 6 . When a Man knocked on the door and told him that he was wanted Down the Street. Hourigan walked out of his Home and 20 Yards Down the Street to a waiting taxi. As soon As he Drew level a Man jumped from the taxi with a sawn of Shotgun in his hand and pointed it at Hourigan s stomach. Hourigan grabbed the gun and pushed the barrel upwards. As he did so the weapon exploded but the shot went Over his shoulder. Hourigan broke free and Rushing Back to his Home locked the door. The taxi was still waiting in the Street below when a Man suddenly appeared on the Balcony of a House nearby with a repeating Rifle in his hand. He pointed the Rifle at the taxi wed fired a shot. The taxi began to move Down the Street and As it did the men inside the vehicle returned the fire with their shotguns. The Man on the Balcony poured three More shots into the fleeing taxi while another two shots were fired from the vehicle before it disappeared into the darkness. Shed Burnt at Prospect a Wood and Iron shed at the rear of a House in Albert Street Prospect occupied by or. A. S. Moroney was destroyed by fire tonight. The con j tents of the shed a bicycle bedding boxes and bagging and several other articles were destroyed. Prospect and North Adelaide brigades attended the Blaze. Who s who among the passengers in the Orford Orford passengers photographed aboard the Sailboat after the liner had berthed at outer Harbor from London today. Top left mrs. W. P. A. Lapthorne and her daughter Lois who returned to Adelaide after a Holiday trip to Ceylon. Centre or. A. E. Mcmicken Well known librarian of Prahran Vic. Right mrs. L. Gibson of Sydney who accompanied her father or. A. B. Shand . On a seven months trip to England and the continent. Bottom left m r. And mrs. Latham Withall of Melbo Urne returning Home after a year s trip abroad. They disembarked at o Uter Harbor and will stay in Adelaid e for a week. Bottom right or. And mrs. J. F. Murphy. Or. Murphy who is Secretary of the Federal department of Commerce went abroad with the minister of Commerce or. Earle Page. To sell horses complaint by owners the owners of an unplaced horse in the Dequettevill stakes at Victoria Park this afternoon announced after the stewards had found unproved a complaint they Lam alleging Moerier ence that they intended to sell their horses. They had alleged interference at the Start by h. Bastian who Rode the win Ner song of songs. After investigation. The stipendiary stewards found the charge unproved although other horses caused interference through crowding those on the inside. Evidently the complaining owners i were not satisfied with the decision of the stewards for they later made the announcement about Selling their horses. A full Story will be found on Page 5. The grand National steeplechase was won by Rustician who can be regarded As having come straight from hurdling although he did have one experience of the Brush fences at mor Phet Tville. Martine Ixo destroyed Rustician joined forces with the Well supported Bounty Silver coming to the last Fence Arnd beat him Home. Wood lace the favorite could not mus Ter Pace and pal bearer broke Down. It was left to another hurdler in two Kings to secure third Money. There were several Falls and Martinello broke one of his elbows and had to be destroyed. His rider escaped injury. Rustician ran the three Miles in 5.51%, which is not Only a race record but eclipses the state record for the distance established by Wood lace in the same race last year. Tim Ryan the successful jockey had been engaged to ride master Domique. Because that horse had to be withdrawn Ryan was left without a mount. F. Matson lost no time in securing his services for Rustician. Ryan won the great Eastern steeplechase for the same stable on Kingston. H. Bastian was again in splendid form in the Saddle and won races of song of songs Jucatan and Petunia Park. Song of songs a smart King of mirth filly won the Dequettevill stakes under difficulties. She lost ground at the Start and was also hampered in the race Down the straight. Racing details Page 4 scottish pipers play at presbyterian girls College sports the caledonian society s pipe band marching up the drive on their arrival at the presbyterian girls College this afternoon to play at the annual sports meeting held in the grounds of the College. Band arching the annual meeting held in no Early election says prime minister preparing for big Adelaide conference rumours that a Federal election might be held Early next year were without foundation said the prime minister or. Lyons in Melbourne today. Federal Cabinet Wilt meet in Melbourne on monday and tuesday to consider its attitude to the business listed for. The premiers conf for ence which will begin in Adelaide on wednesday. Or. Lyons and is col leagues will leave for Adelaide in tuesday s express. Melbourne saturday. Or. Lyons denied suggestions that the Federal mind str had informally discussed the possibility of hold ing the election Early in View of the fact that parliamentary Dele Gates to the Coro nation might not be Back in time for a later poll. He said that his government had far too much work ahead to trouble about an election particularly As it had not yet completed two years of it three year term. Ministers and1 private members of parliament will be Back from the Coronation and the Imperial Confer ence by september at the latest it is stated authoritatively. There will be ample time for campaigning Between then and december when an election could normally be held. If an Early election were contemplated a serious complication would arise because it would be necessary to hold a further poll next year for the Senate vacancies which occur on july 1, 1938. Federal poll costs would be doubled by holding separate elections. An Early election would be strenuously opposed by members of All Par ties because an Appeal to the people before april would mean a fourth Federal Campaign in less than seven 3 ears. Meanwhile the Premier of Vic Toria or. Dunstan referring to reports that an Early state election for the legislative Assembly was probable Over legislative Council amendments to the redistribution of seats Bill said the air is full of rumours and there Are possibilities. I am not sure what will Hap pen. I have no announcement to make at the moment he added however that the govern ment would not Budge from its Atti tude to the amendments. Limit to conference the Premier of Queensland or. For Gan Smith said on his arrival in Mel Bourne today that he had telegraphed the prime minister strongly protesting against the decision to curtail the pre Miers conference to four Days. He said that he intended to raise the question As soon As the conference opened with a View to ensuring More detailed and careful examination of the important subjects listed for discussion. The list of items for discussion Actu ally totalled 52, and it was utterly impossible seriously to consider these in four Days. The original Agenda consisted of 26 items but various matters brought for Ward by the states had now doubled this list. With the exception of new South Wales state delegations to the pre Miers conference will reach Adelaide on monday. The new South Wales party is expected on tuesday when an All states conference on the business for the offi Cial meeting of the premiers will be held. Although a Long Agenda has been prepared for the premiers Confer ence it is expected that the four prob lems on which discussions will mainly Centre will be the effect of the James Case on combined Commonwealth and state marketing schemes. Financial relationships Between the states and the Commonwealth. Distribution of petrol tax Revenue. The question of a 40-hour week. Prime minister Pri e Stop press lady Emma wins Kuito Pioneer ship contest resulted miss Daphne Bowman lady Emma. 1 miss Hawker lysander2 miss Audrey mor Phett buffalo3. The Winner had 38,587 votes. Ducking for or. Earle Page Darwin saturday. A wet Welcome awaited the minister of Commerce or. Earle Page when he returned to Australia in a Singapore flying boat today. As he was stepping from the machine into a Dinghy the Dinghy moved away and the doctor s legs slipped into the water. Assisted Back to the flying boat. Or. Page changed his suit and reached the wharf after a few minutes none the worse for his Impromptu ducking. Or. Page said he would report to Cabinet on air mail problems and added that there were great opportunities for expansion of austra Lia s Trade with Malaya and possibilities in tourist traffic Between Australia and the dutch East indies and Malaya. The minister will Fly to Mel Dourne for a Cabinet meeting on tuesday and then will attend the premiers conference in Adelaide. Drastic labor decision expulsion on big scale Sydney. Saturday. Wholesale expulsions were carried out by the australian labor party special conference today four . And the Leader of the Industrial revolt against or. J. T. Lang being victims. Messes r. J. Heffron botany. A. Davidson co Bare. M. Horsington. Sturt and c. C. Lazzarini Marrick Ville were expelled for attending the Black labor Council on August 1 As observers together 54 Trade Union officers and delegates were listed As liable for Auto Matic expulsion but expulsion was Only confirmed in the Case of 17. Before hearing the report of the secret investigation committee the con Ference carried resolutions of Confidence in or. Lang and or. J. B. Beas Ley . Conference on the recommendation of the committee declined to cancel the affiliation of 28 unions which took part in the labor Council Black conference previously declared by the . Executive As automatically expelled during the debate or. J. M. Bau Deley Deputy Leader of the . Parliamentary labor party declared him self behind or. Lang and against the miners federation leaders. Uproar followed an attempt by miners delegates to reply to or. Bad Deley and the gag was carried. Executive overruled the decision in regard to the unions Means that the wholesale expulsions carried by the air. Executive Are Over ruled and those unions continue to be recognised As an official part of the . The findings of the investigation committee As disclosed to the conference were we reached the conclusion that the purposes of the labor Council bogus conference were a to try to intimidate the state executive and the Dele Gates to the . Conference in Ade Laide to facilitate the re admission to the movement of or. J. S. Garden ., without his first having to Appeal to the annual general con Ference is accordance with the rules. B to Endeavor to organise a i affected group within the party fat such purposes of intimidation and c to secure the try certain groups in the interest of the communist party. The committee also stated that it found in no Case was the question of de fining the executive decision referred to the rank and file of the affiliated organisations. In most cases the decision was made by an executive of six or seven persons although the interests of thousands of members were concerned

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