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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - August 15, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Haig a Scotland s oldest whisky Clipper tobacco Large pings for pipe smokers Light and dark Price and Quality suite everybody sole agents Cornell limited Adelaide. Y k7 Wou remind you ? flow of the Many social j \ \ a and sporting a events that will even x. J Tate Between sep Tern \ \ \ 4-ay Ber and december \ f and at the same time inform you that the j a new season s materials t ? a i Are now on display 4�l v prices Are within ? a the reach of ? i itv9 styles change wok \ a. W but traditions remain 33�f� j britons held in Spain Spanish miners want hostages rebels take Badajoz London. Satvir Reav. Anxiety is Felt for the safety of 38 britons employed at the British owned mines at Rio Tinto in the South West of Spain. The Spanish mine workers insist that the britons shall remain As hostages. Desperate fighting round Badajoz which has been a feature of the rebel offensive in the South culminated last night in the Complete capture of the City according to reports which have reached Lisbon. Difficulties which have Arisen Over the evacuation of British subjects employed at the Rio Tinto mines Are accentuated because Huelva the port of departure is in the area at present controlled by the rebel forces and the mines Are in country where loyalist resistance to the insurgents continues. Arrangements for the withdrawal of British members of the staff therefore have to be made with the two sides. While the insurgents have agreed to allow the passage of the refugees through their lines to the British destroyer Brazen which is waiting at Huelva the local miners committee has now objected to their departure. It is Only a depleted British staff which remains at the mines where Normal operations have ceased. Ten Days ago on the advice of the executive of the company in London about 100 of the British employees left for Home leaving 38 behind including several eminent mining engineers. Their wives and children were evacuated a week ago. Through the British Consul in Madrid and the Spanish ambassador in London the British government has asked that wireless instructions should be sent to the local representatives of the Spanish government to facilitate the withdrawal of All British employees. Col. Preston a director of the Bio Tinto mines states that there Are considerable fears for the safety of the staff. He explained that the mines were situated in inaccessible mountainous country 50 Miles from Huelva. We Are afraid that any rebel Advance against the government forces will place the lives of our employees in great jeopardy he added. Rebel planes Over Madrid further indication of the growing air strength of the rebels was Given yesterday when insurgent aircraft flew Over Madrid and dropped leaflets con Taining Gen. Franco s Appeal to the inhabitants to go Over to his Side. The sole of the movement i Lead is to free Spain from communist tyranny read Gen. Franco s Appeal. Victory for my forces is certain. The regime for which i am aiming is one that will consolidate the Liber ties already gained by the workers and even add to them As a further inducement to Capitula Tion the Ryoei Leader threatens the severest punishment to those continuing to resist. According to the times correspondent in Madrid the government has issued a decree closing All establish ments belonging to religious orders whose members either directly or in directly have taken the part of the insurgents. Taking the part of the insurgents includes everything from direct armed action to subscribing funds or saying prayers for the Success of the insurgent movement it is claimed by the Spanish govern ment that risings against rebel forces Are occurring in Manv parts of the country under the control of the insurgents. On the other hand the rebel leaders continue to express Confidence regard inc the final Victory. Badajoz City in the South West of Spain is almost completely in ruins As the result of a fire started by an air bombardment by rebel planes. Many citizens have been killed and thousands of refugees have fled to Portugal. Although the capture of the City was reported earlier in the week govern ment troops held out in the Alca Zaba fortress until yesterday. In the afternoon the rebels stormed Trinidad Gate and occupied portion of the ramparts where they exchanged shot for shot with 2.500 loyalist de fenders until the latter were forced to surrender. In the Northern War zone the rebels Are flinging great fore s into the Battle for Possession of san Sebastian and Iran but the government troops Are so far holding their own. Though the rebels have abandoned air bombing for fear of reprisals Gas masks Are being issued to the Loyal j population of san Sebastian and Irun. As it is known that the rebels Are now in Possession of Gas bombs. J food supplies in both the threatened towns Are considered sufficient to last for several Days. Madrid despatches report that government forces have penetrated the de fences of Oviedo. A Northern City held by the rebels. Desperate fighting is now proceeding in the streets. Grim threat broadcast badly damaged by a rebel bombing plane at Malaga yesterday the Loyal battleship Jaime Primero escorted by a Cruiser and a destroyer is proceeding to Cartagena for repairs. In a manifesto issued yesterday the Spanish National confederation of labor says that the Only solution to the civil War is a fight to the death. The whole future of humanity its ruin or salvation is involved in the struggle adds the statement. A grim threat was made by a rebel Leader in a broadcast from Seville last night we win grind the blood and Bones of the people of Valencia with a Pestle and mortar to make Cement to rebuild the Conr abcs they have destroyed he declared. The British Colony in Madrid has telegraphed to the British foreign office indignantly repudiating the hysterical refugees stories published in a Section of the press which Are causing unnecessary anxiety to the relatives of those still in Spain. Neutrality pact it is now confirmed in London that the portuguese government has in formed the French and British govern ments of Portugal s adherence in Prin Ciple to the proposed agreement for non intervention in Spain. This notification was accompanied by various observations. British authorities in London Are urgently investigating the possibility of preventing civil aircraft leaving for Spain As happened this week. The Swiss government has prohibited Export or transport of arms and munitions to Spain and forbids its nationals to participate in the hostilities either personally or financially. Sweden has issued a provisional prohibition on similar lines. In Rome however Signor Mussolini s departure from the capital for the Bank Holiday tomorrow is interpreted As indicating that Italy s attitude towards the French proposal for Noni Terven Tion in Spain is not Likely to be finalised immediately. Europe May follow path set by Spain Page 3 riddled by shots in Lane fight to save life Sydney saturday. With four Bullet wounds m his body Edwin Rankin Gardi Ner 27, labourer was rushed to Hospital tonight by the new town Mackville Branch of the Central District ambulance from a Lane at the rear of Unwin s Bridge Road St. Peters where he was found in a critical condition. At Boyal Prince Alfred Hospital doctors commenced a fight to save his life and he was immediately placed in the operating theatre. Residents of the locality heard five shots fired in Quick succession. Gardiner was found groaning in the Lane with two Bullet wounds in his Groin and two in his stomach. Boswell of Headquarters. Detective Brown of Newtown and the Western wireless patrol investigated the happening. The Bullet wounds were on both sides of Gardiner s body two on each Side. He was bleeding profusely when the ambulance officers nicked him tin. Caught after week s Hunt prison Escapee Sydney. Saturday. Hungry and on the Point of exhaustion Reginald Arthur Dawson. 30. Who escaped from the Hay gaol Early on monday was recaptured late today at Jun oar. Nenad been hunted cease Lessly by armed police since his escape. Snatching sleep apparently Only when he Felt sure his pursuers had slipped far behind Dawson had been hunted 48 Miles from the Al and had had Little food since his escape. Information Given to the police was that he had been supplied with bread on a couple of occasions. Sgt. Harris and prisons department authorities sent out 16 officers formed into two squads to comb the thickly timbered area for the wanted Man and on seve ral occasions found evidence that he had slept in the locality. Just after 3 . Today they found Dawson in a paddock on the Boundary of three station properties and. Accord ing to information sent to the Hay police he was arrested without difficulty. Climbed gaol Wall riverine police a few weeks ago spent several Days and nights in the Bush in search of Dawson and finally arrested him on two charges of having stolen petrol Dawson was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in the Hay gaol but at 6 . On monday he escaped by climb ing the Wall of the exercise Yard. A thin rope with a Hook attached was found in the Yard. To obtain this the police stated he must have had help from outside. He was not missed until Roll Call and probably had about an hour s Start on the police. Fine and mild is forecast to Morrow should be Fine and probably rather mild the government meteorologist or. Bromley said tonight. The disturbance noted this morn ing had passed Over the state to the eastward More rapidly than had been expected he explained. Another wave of Low pressure was apparently off the South Western Corner of the continent and might eventually bring More unsettled weather. Empire Cricket tour planned 1938 suggestion Sydney. Saturday. The visit of an Empire Cricket team As a feature of the 150th anniversary celebrations in Syd Nev in 1938 a been Reed a Tronsiv by the acting Premier or. Bruner. I or. Bruner has submitted a promo 1 Sal to the chairman of the australian Board of control or. R. A. Oilade. The proposal is that a team representative of England. South Africa India. West indies. Canada and new zealand should Dlay not Only in Syd Ney in 1938. But in the other states and possibly new zealand. In his letter to the Board or. Brux Ner said the celebrations for 1938 will be of National interest and by far the most important yet in Australia. The government of new South Wales the Mother state has under taken the organisation of the festivities. Any helpful co operation the celebrations Council can give to the Board of control will be readily extended As the proposal will come before the Board of control in Adelaide on sep tember 10. Interest among Cricket enthusiasts is keen. Former International players such 3s m. A. Noble consider the proposal not Only practicable. But attractive. They commend the plan from the View Point of Public interest in such matches and the value of an Empire team s visit to the Standard of Cricket generally. Duke and Duchess in Accident shaken by collision Vienna so Rudoy. T he Duke and Duchess of Kent who Are holidaying in Vienna were concerned in a serious car no Rilent Vesterdal. But neither was injured. Count von Hofmannsthal the Royal pair s Host during their visit to the austrian capital was driving the Duke and Duchess by car along the shores of picturesque Lake Atter when the Accident occurred. On a narrow Road a car approach ing from Vienna came into collision with that in which the Royal visitors were travelling. The former Over turned and crashed Over the Side of the Road into the Lake. Count von Hofmannsthal and the Duke and Duchess were shaken by the Accident. The Duchess was Hur ried Back to the count s residence where she will rest quietly. Some concern is Felt Over the Accident because of the possible effects on the Duchess and her health. It was announced last month that at the end of August the Duchess would probably begin to curtail her Public engagements spending More time at the Coppins her country Home in Buckinghamshire. The Duchess formerly Princess Marina of Greece was married to the Duke of Kent a brother of the King in november 1934. And a son. Prince Edward was born on october 9. 1935. The Duke and Duchess of St. Fox wins hurdle race big attendance by Trafalgar one of the Best crowds seen at Vic Toria Park for a Long time attended the opening Day of the . Grand National meeting this afternoon. Excellent racing was witnessed. There was a struggle for supremacy in the grand National hurdle race Between by Tironi and St. Fox but St. Fox won in the last few strides. Caproni pulled up lame and be was taken Home in a horse ambulance. St. Fox is owned by or. Walter kid Man and is trained by c. A. Northway who won the welter with Navarino. This was the fourth grand National i hurdle race Winner trained by North Way. The Fulham Park plate served to introduce the first two year Olds of the season. The race went to Wirra who held off the fast finishing victorian visitor har borage who was favorite. Setback for backers backers had a setback in the guineas As the solid favorite. Limond lad was beaten into second place to Mool Oogan. Another favorite in Bounty Silver was t Defeated in the Fullarton steeplechase i Kalilla King who started at 25 to 1, paid a dividend of �114/11/ in the doubles machine coupled with St. King made fast time for the i seven furlongs. He created a course record and was Only a fraction outside the record for the state Over that Dis j Tance. Attended grand National meeting at the Park Folk of the spectators at the Adelaide racing club s grand National meeting at Victoria Park snapped on the lawns this afternoon. From left mesdames Gordon me Arthur j. R. Golden s. Hill Smith and Malcolm Cockburn Ecta tors at Rand meeting the this mesdames e Rthur planes bump in air race Brisbane saturday. Two pilots had a narrow escape from injury and thousands of spectators received an unexpected thrill when two planes swung together and bumped slightly just after the Start of the Aerial Derby in the Queensland Aero club s pageant at Ascherfield today. Six Moth planes had left the ground together and when the Field was 100 it. Aloft the mishap occurred. One of the machines withdrew from the race and landed with portion of the Wing tip slightly damaged. The second plane was Able to proceed. Bridegroom s terrible Price for Freret fullness Brisbane. Saturday. Tests concluded by the Queensland department of Public health today reveal that a bridegroom who left his shaving Brush behind when he went on his Honey Moon and purchased a new one in its Stead has paid a terrible Price for his forgetfulness. The Man was admitted to the Monto Hospital for treatment to a Black centred malignant sore which had developed round a Small Cut which he made when he was shaving. Drops from an extract from the infection were forwarded to the state Laboratory and were injected into a mouse and a Rabbit. This morning a microscopic examination revealed that the disease was the dreaded anthrax. Officials of the health department stated that about two months ago a Case of the disease was reported. It was possible that the Brush used by the Monto victim was one of the same consignment. Queensland health officers Are now attempting to gather in All the brushes in the Batch from which this one was purchased and to Trace them to their source. Statistics show that about 25 per cent of the cases of anthrax caused by using infected shaving brushes Are fatal. Girl s daring Parachute jump victorian Pilot Satir risk. Miss Margaret Gilruth daughter of or. J. A. Gilruth of Melbourne went out on the Wing of a plane at Brooklands and leapt off at 1.500 it. With a Parachute strapped to her Back. She landed safely but she does not intend to make any More leaps. She is a Well known Melbourne Pilot and Felt that parachuting was an essential part of aeronautical training. She is the first australian girl to accomplish the feat. Miss Gilruth has had an adventurous career. Some years ago she left Australia with a girl companion and worked her passage As an Ordinary sea Man on a German tramp Steamer. At the end of the voyage she hiked miss Margaret Gilr thiss her Way across the continent until she was Able to join another tramp Steamer in russian Waters and return to Australia. Her experiences were recorded in a Book which was published by Jonathan Cape in London. Before its Publica Tion however she had written some exceptionally Bright travel articles which were published in australian news papers. On her return to Australia she joined the staff of the Melbourne Herald exceptionally keen on aviation she Learned to Fly As a member of the Vic Torian Section of the australian Aero club and lost no Opportunity of secur ing nights with almost every famous airman and air woman who has visited Australia. Nearly two years ago her services were requisitioned by a shipping com Pany to conduct a personally escorted tour from Australia to England and the continent the party comprised nearly 150 australians. After the tour miss Gilruth remained in London to engage in journalism. Alleged hit run Case at Bayville after having knocked Down a pedestrian Gustav Luck 78, of main North Road Enfield. Tonight a trolly is alleged to have been driven off without Ston Ping. Traffic police were still making inquiries late tonight. The Accident occurred at the inter Section of Park Terrace and King Wil Liam Road Bayville. Or. Luck sustained abrasions to an and knee for which he was treated at the Adelaide Hospital before going Home. Rafatol Falls in path of steeplechase Field lying second to attitude when taking the first Fence in the Fullarton steeplechase at Victoria Park this afternoon Rafatol fell in the path of a group of candidates and his rider w. G. Smith had a narrow escape from injury. A picture of the incident. Train traveller s Peculiar behaviour pulls alarm Cord twice passengers in the broken Hill express last night were excited when the communication Cord was pulled at Ham Ley Bridge and later near Ulo Loo. But nothing was amiss. The cause of the trouble was a Well dressed Man who left the train at Ulo Loo. About three hours later the Man stopped the Adelaide too und train near Whyte Yar Cowie. He said that he did not know his name but that he was \ carrying despatches to broken Hill. He told the mystified train Crew that he was unable to say Why his hands were covered in blood although he thought he had been thrown from the train. Two broken windows in the compartment in which he travelled probably explain the condition of his hands however. In his Wallet were a first class ticket from Adelaide to broken Hill and a Sleeper ticket. He was brought to Adelaide on the train and his Luggage which consisted of a few Small pack Ages was sent to the City today from Terowie. The name on his Luggage was the same As the signature on a Telegram received at government House yesterday announcing that the sender would Call for lunch. A Man visited Par afield aerodrome yesterday afternoon and tried unsuccessfully to engage a plane to Fly him to broken Hill. This afternoon the police interviewed a Man who while they Are making further inquiries has been taken to the Enfield receiving Home for observation. Body found in waterhole murder theory Melbourne saturday. Working on a theory of murder police Are investigating the death of Adelaide Bek a in Vinc i a priv was found in a water Hole at Kozoro Cheang. Eight Miles trom Allendale last night. The police have established that death was caused by a fractured Skull the woman was recently staying with a brother at Kozoro Cheang. She left there two weeks ago to return to Mel Bourne. Her brother has made a statement to the police in which he says he under stood she had returned. Adelaide Bek lived at Werona. Detective Wright of Melbourne and plainclothes first Constable Gillick of Ballarat went to Kozoro Cheang this afternoon. Dies hour after 5,000 Volt Shock Brisbane saturday. Harry Ste plans. 42. Lived for More than an hour after a charge of 5,000 volts had passed Vic fief in at Gatton today. Stephans was an employee of the is Dich electric Light co. And was work ing on a transformer at Gatton when a Short circuit apparently occurred. He received the full charge in his face he died in a nearby residence to which he had been removed for medical attention. Stop press tonight s wrestling Glenn Wade 16/1u.s.a Defeated Joe Dawson 15 0england on Points at the exhibition tonight. Each Man had secured one fall. Good wrestling was seen from Gong to Gong. Drawn fight Melbourne saturday. Maxie Rosenbloom and Leo Kelly american Light heavyweight boxers Drew Over 15 rounds Here tonight. It was a poor bout. Marred by continual clinching and the Large crowd demonstrated several times. Twins again together this time in Hospital Melbourne saturday. Shirley and Valda o Brien of Geelong West twins who for seven years have persistently done everything alike today were discharged from the a Efiong Hospital after having successfully re covered from operations for appendicitis. Shirley had previously always set the Pace by catching measles mumps colds and other child ailments but a fortnight ago Valda went into Hospital with appendicitis and while being operated on four hours later Shirley followed. Daughters of or. And mrs. L. O Brien they look alike and act alike. At school each made the same mis takes in work until they were Sepa rated. Even then similar errors in their work were detected. Ships go for shelter Gale at 47 . Melbourne. Saturday. A Bleak northerly wind blow ing straight Down from the Snow covered Alps today Rose to a 47-mile-an-hour Sale in the City about noon. At fishermen s Bend a bricklayer was working inside a House under construction when a Gable containing about 1.000 bricks was blown in. He had a narrow escape. The bricks crashed about him. But he was not badly Hurt at South Melbourne about noon a huge Sheet of Iron 40 it by 30 it. Was lifted off the roof of a storage build ing and crashed on to the roof of an adjacent building. Much damage was done to the buildings. Two overseas liners the Mariposa and the Imperial Star which were scheduled to leave port Melbourne at noon were delayed for two hours. Freighters sheltering at Wilson s Promontory the freighters Shou sing and Iron Monarch Are still sheltering. They have been there for four Days. The Shou sing moved out into Bass Strait yesterday but huge head seas swept her decks and she ran Back to shelter. Two Small filing Craft Are nestling to the Lee of Deal Island near the Promontory. They Hare been there for a week. To land an injured Seaman the Steamer Mennoo which left North wharf one and a half hours late be cause of Strong winds was forced to return to Anchor at Williamstown late this afternoon. The Man is thought to have a Frac tured jaw and other injuries. A. Tug took him from the ship to Gillibrand pier and he was rushed to Williams town Hospital by car. The Light keeper at the Promontory said at noon that the wind and sea had moderated but the barometer was tall ing and a South Westerly Buster looked imminent. That would hold up the ships for several Days More. According to the assistant common wealth meteorologist or. H. Barkl Eythe piercing wind from the Alps is a forerunner of a Westerly change which is expected to reach Melbourne tonight causing a renewal of showers for the week end. Up in the Alps today there was a dense fog and a 25-mile-an-hour wind. Yet the inhabitants agreed that it was the most pleasant weather in the past fortnight ? ? strike continues Melbourne saturday. Private attempts to effect a settlement of the sustenance workers strike today were unsuccessful. The government remains firm in its refusal to meet the men s demands for still further rates and allowances and it refuses to Parley until they return to work

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