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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - August 8, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia i ? ? ? ?. M ? i ? inn g the postage rate i on this paper a i i 1 within the com 111 i Mon wealth new a i Ujj zealand. Fiji United kingdom ? s c it i Fitl i v 1 ill sea route. United l o i kingdom via 1 of i Sis of 4 France or America p by cof 1 or to British pos a tit ? � i sessions is two 1/1/ of vibe i Pence. Postage Uriu by a or forein Ioui Picicc tobacco i my icon i 1 Large plugs for pipe smoker up Nitim Light and dare Liui i Lun Price and Quality suit everybody x y sole agent Cornell limited Adelaide. Nazi coup in Spain feared rumours that Hitler is preparing to land marines in Barcelona bloodshed would be certain sequel London saturday. Fears Are growing that Herr Hitler is preparing for one of his famous week end coups this time in Spain. It is strongly rumoured that he intends to land marines in tin or Pinna inf if is Vin Norl that wiper counsels will prevail. For this action would be certain to result in bloodshed Lead ing to the breaking off of diplomatic relations Between Spain and Germany. Although the terms of the German note to Spain regarding the alleged shooting of German nationals has not been announced it is believed in London that Germany does not merely demand a substantial Money payment but imposes a definite time limit. The German thesis is that the government no longer controls Spain therefore it should no longer be recognised As Legal. Germany has now two pocket battleships and four torpedo boats in Spanish Waters and the Cruiser Koeln is off the coast of Portugal. Hoping that Britain s prompt if in formal approval of the French keep out proposals will Deci sively influence Italy and Ger Many the French socialist Premier m. Blum is prepared to sink every consideration of personal or Public sympathy to prevent Spain becoming the dumping ground for munitions from the factories of Europe says the times correspondent in Paris. However the French ambassador m. Poncet in Berlin while driving to visit the German foreign minister f Baron von Neurath passed Many posters put out by All Gemeiner Zei Tung asking is France delivering arms As Well As neutrality proposals according to the British United press correspondent in Berlin. Baron von Neurath has accepted the non inter mention agreement but he stipulates that All other nations must also remain strictly Neutral. In Berlin the nazi party s foreign department has added fuel to the Ris ing tempers by the announcement that j three More German citizens have been killed including a seven year old girl. The press is filled with angry comment i apparently officially inspired. \ messages from Rome report that the French ambassador saw the italian foreign minister count Ciano about the non intervention pact but that Ita Lian official circles Are pessimistic at the prospects of agreement the Ita Jlian press has not disguised its Dis like of the French proposals. Britain backs French move be Temps a leading Paris newspaper states that the British government Folly alive to the necessity of averting the menace of interference in Spain As quickly As possible is frankly supporting through diplomatic channels the French efforts in borne. Moscow and Berlin. I journal Des Debats another Paris paper is More pessimistic. It says that whatever official circles May state the ? neutrality negotiations Are not pro Gressing favourably. J in an interview with the news. Chronicle representative in Madrid i Spain s prime minister Senor Jose Giral in contrast with the rebel Gen. Francos appeals for foreign Aid declared that the government Only asked that no Power should intervene on either Side. He pointed out that his Cabinet did not contain a single socialist or communist nevertheless the socialists and communists had rallied to save it from the rebels. Sex Queen Ena of Spain a former English Princess and her son the Prince of the Asturias who is heir presumptive to the Spanish throne were the objects of a hostile demonstration at Mentone in the South of France yesterday. Two Hundred people Shook their fists and called the visitors assassins and fascists. Later the sex Queen and her son stated that they would leave France for Italy. In a statement the Prince of the Asturias said that his recent journey to Spain was made As a private citizen. He wished to associate himself with the magnificent counter revolutionary Ges Ture which Spanish patriots were Mak ing but unfortunately his offer was refused. The Adelaide Plumpton coursing club held its ladies Brace let meeting at Bir Kalla this afternoon. This charming study is of miss Veronica o Donnell. With sporting Globe Dally Dean King again and Bright Amber. At irk Alla this his Onnell. Porting lobe Ean and artillery Duel North of Madrid in the Guadarrama sector North of Madrid a fierce artillery Duel is in Progress say press messages from the Spanish capital. The rebel Leader Gen. Mola claims to have advanced sufficiently close to Madrid to see White flags on a num Ber of houses. Meanwhile the government is pre paring for All eventualities. Lights must be extinguished at 10 p.m., and wheeled traffic in the streets after that hour is prohibited. But the prime minister senator Giral insists that these measures Are purely Pecau i tonary. The government announces that its forces have occupied Pina de Ebro 45 Miles from Saragossa while the rebels claim to have captured Merida an important cattle and commercial Centre in Badajoz province in the West. I reports from Spain indicate that tatty sides Are preparing for import Tant moves. The government forces Are already in occupation of the Island of Zabu. And Are proceeding to a i Jorca where they plan to land under a barrage from a destroyer. J the size and Range of the Shore Bat teries Orote Ctina Palma Are bound tomake the Landing a costly operation. But the government is relying on 111 seaplanes to silence the forts. J the government has taken Stern measures at port Mahon Minorca where 120 were shot including an Admiral who attempted a revolt. J Cabinet has approved the decree to seize ships of the transatlantic ship Iping co. Operating Between Spain Cuba. Mexico and United states. Town in Ruikis latest reports from Gibraltar state that Algeciras which was bombarded by the Loyal battleship Jaime Primero is now almost completely deserted. The Only briton left is a colonel who refuses to depart until he finds two missing pet cats. Thrice the town was bombarded yesterday. At least 20 were killed including a woman and a child apart ? from the 50 men of the rebel batteries who were killed when the batteries were completely destroyed. When a 12-Inch Shell struck the British consulate the vice Consul or. Beckingsale and Bis wife were sitting in the Hall the roof collapsed and mrs. Beckingsale was. Given shelter with others in a cell at the police station. Later she went out to assist in evacuating britons from the town. There was a dominating feeling of helplessness when the battleship having1 ? silenced the rebel batteries continued its work of destruction. At times the town was blotted out from the sea by heavy yellow smoke of the bursting projectiles. The guns of Gibraltar were manned in Case it As necessary to protect the town. I. Earlier Rah left. Pare 2j French Agnf piety Paris. Saturday. The minister of defence m. Daladier addressing the Senate last night on the subject of the i Bill to nationalise the arms Industry. Declared we Are passing through the most difficult time since the great War. We want to show the world that we intend to control the manufacture of Arma ments. It those who want peace show it by following our example la liberte a Paris journal pub Lishes messages from Cologne giving prominence to the increasing German garrisons in the Rhineland to an extent justifying uneasiness it is reported that Germany has 4,000 troops at Karlsruhe with artillery planes. Tanks cavalry Field and machine guns. The town is said to be overcrowded. Similar conditions pre Vail at Ludwigshafen and Saa Brucken. Spectators at Hunt club s Centenary meeting at Gawler the a i aide Hunt club s Centenary Point to Point meeting attracted Many spectators to the Gauler i Bec course this afternoon. Among those present were miss Gither Bills miss Joan Kay and miss Barbara Morgan. A i aide Tenary any i afternoon. Those were iss Ither iss Organ. Swabs taken from Santa Casa at owner s request from the mail s special representative Melbourne. Saturday. When the 6 to 4 against favorite Santa Casa returned to scale after running sixth in the australian steeplechase at Caulfield this afternoon his owner Trainer j. P. Devine expressed concern at the horse s appearance at his request. Devine said that Regan told him that Santa Casa acted As if he had been got at the race was won easily by Wake Rife 14/1 in course record time from actaeon 15/1 and character 11/2. After Devine spoke to him or. John Ston beckoned to the other stipendiary stewards and after a Short conference he spoke to the veterinary surgeon or. E. Wood who in company with an other veterinary surgeon or. Norman Myers followed Santa Casa to his stall in the Birdcage. After the veterinary surgeons had examined Santa Casa. Or. Wood took three swabs of the gelding s saliva. When asked whether he thought the horse was All right he said i must make my report to the stewards Devine was nonplussed. By Santa Casa s failure. He seemed never to see a Fence but it was at Regan s request that i went to the stewards and asked them to have Santa Casa examined he said. Regan told me said Devine. That the horse acted As if he had been got at or. Wood seemed to have great trouble in securing the swabs As Santa Casa s Tongue was particularly dry. Or. Wood after he had completed his examination told Devine that the horse s condition was consistent with that of one the had had a hard race. Santa Casa who is usually a particularly Safe jumper hardly made a Good leap. On several Occa sians Regan almost left the Saddle. This was noticeable Early in the race and although the horse seemed to go better in the Middle stages of the race he did not show the stamina he is known to possess. Devine was very upset not because Santa Casa had lost but because he was fearful that something had happened to his favorite who to him is More than just a steeplechase. The stipendiary stewards have not yet made any report concerning the inspection of Santa Casa by the Veteri nary surgeons but it is understood that a swab will be sent to the government analyst. Until the report on it is received no further action is Likely. Although he won by 20 lengths and had been eased up by his rider w Foley before he reached the winning Post Wake Rife s time in the three and a half male australian steeplechase was a course record. Wake Rife seemed to enjoy the arduous task of. Clearing the 29 jumps and went to the Lead six furlongs from Home. He had a 15 lengths Lead into the straight and Al though easing up increased it to 20 lengths at the Post solid backing brought character s Price Down to 11 to 2 against and he secured third place after a thrilling struggle. He had been near the Tail of the Field most of the journey but finished Well to Cut Down Al dam Royal and cold Spring on the Post actaeon soon after the Start took the Lead from Al dam Royal and until the six furlongs one or other of these two were always in the Van. Eldama Royal could not withstand the fast finishing placed horses and was fourth but the Veteran actaeon although very weary struggled Home 10 lengths ahead of character. In spite of Wake Rife s easy Victory the race was full of thrills. Strobes was the Only one of the runners to fall. He came Down at the first Fence in the Lane the second time round. Racing details on Page 4. 2 cyclists Hurt in smash race May be banned Victor Harbor. Saturday. At the spot where Howard Jones was killed at Cut Hill in a cycling Accident a year ago two of 18 Mem Bers of the Amateur cycling Union who had made a trip to Victor Harbor in memory of the dead cyclist were injured in a smash today. I Roy Cox jun., of Victor Harbor and \ z. Walker of Adelaide Are in the South 3oast District Hospital. Cox has con Cussion his leg was broken in six places and his shoulder is Cut. His condition late tonight showed no improvement. Walker has a broken Collarbone and is bruised and Cut. Anion the unusual features of the a cadent was the fact that Cox s father Vir. Roy Cox was flagging the Road 50 faxes from the scene of today s Acci sent. The cyclists were injured in a Colli Sion with a motor car driven by or. H. I a. Oliver Engineer in charge of the j Solwa barrage works who was on i Bis Way to Adelaide. It was understood that this Road race to Victor Harbor would be banned in future and that cyclists and spectators in local races would not be allowed to j Block the traffic in the township said the mayor or. Bruce tonight. I Cox s Cycle was wrecked in the a j ident but Walker s was Only slightly j damaged. Mounted constables Dodd j ind Dalwood were quickly on the scene ? my Are investigating the Accident i the final placings in the event in Ivsich the men were injured were of Papps kilkenny10% min., Riding time 2 hours 19 min. 24 sec., 1 Daniels kilkenny6 min., 2.19.39. 2 l. Wilson Sturt. 8 min., 2.27.11. 3. Thirst work Sydney saturday. Can a Man drink Beer or whisky be talkative and still be on the water Wagon ridiculous you May Sav. But at Rosehill races today a number of j men who Are by no Means tee j Tot Allers were on water Waggon i when it won the three year old Handicap at 14 to 1. No doubt some of the same punters Felt a Little More at Home in the August Handicap and backed imbibed who won at 10 to 1. Let s Hope that apart for talk ing about their Luck they did not pursue the system so far As to Back either Orange bitters or Carousel in the Parramatta mile for neither secured a place. But talking did win the Wen Worthville stakes and it started at 5/2. Man swept overboard saves friends Sydney. Saturday. At the mercy of heavy seas which swept one Man overboard and swamped their engine four men had a narrow Escane from drowning outside the Tuross lakes to 1 Day. Their launch which was rapidly j filling with water As sea after sea swept Over it. Was Drifting seawards when they were rescued by local Resi dents who took another launch out into heavy seas and towed the disabled Craft to an Island. Among the rescuers was the Man who had been swept overboard. He had swim ashore and had then gone out again in the second launch to help save his friends. Messes. Christmas and Durish of Wollongong and Miller of Sydney set out with or. Frederick Howe a Tuross lakes boat shed proprietor to go deep sea fishing. They were re turning and were close to the bar when a big wave swept Over the launch disabled the engine and cast one Man into the water. Following the successful Rescue Effort it was reported that one Man had been injured. Labourer is shot in Back Sydney mystery Sydney saturday As James Phil lip Barron 35, la re of Church Street Newtown. Was walking along Ivy Street. Apr Fern to night to ? 1 Vui ub1 Jit Vivao shot in the Back. The Bullet is believed to have been fired from a pass ing car. Ban on was approaching Calder Street intersection when the Bullet was fired. He fell to the Footpath. He was rushed to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where it was found that the Bullet was still in his body. Barron told the police that he did not know How he came to be wounded he Felt a sting in the Back As he was walking and did not even hear the shot fired. This was the second time within a few months that the police have investigated a Story that a Man had been shot in Redfern from a passing car. In the other cases a Shotgun and a pistol were said to have been fired at a Man As he walked along Renwick Street Redfern. . Jones Silcock and a. Nye Are in charge of inquiries. Motor c5rclist injured James Arthur Boyce of North Par j Ade. Torrens Ville sustained abrasions j to the arms and legs and slight Shock i when his motor Cycle came into Colli i Sion with a motor Van at the intersection of Carlton Parade and Clifford Street. Torrens Ville this afternoon. The. Van was driven by hurtle j. Madigan of Hardy s Road Torrens ill. Last of crutches soon Adelaide cripple wins out after 27 years height increased by 8 in. For years a Small crippled Young Man has been a familiar figure in Adelaide Street swinging himself vigor Bush Aloir on crutches and always with a cheerful determined face. Now after 27 years his cheerfulness and determination Hove been reworded in a Way that he had never dared to Hope. For by one of those seeming miracles of modern surgery and treatment the terribly Bent body of or. Godfrey Sterzl 32-year-old watchmaker has been straight ened. Eight inches have been added to his height by the straight ening but Best of All he will soon throw away his crutches for Ever. That is what doctors at the Ade Laide Hospital Hove told him and already he can walk without crutches and with a Freedom that surprises those who know him. True he could walk for Short Dis Tances before without crutches but that was achieved through his lameness the dominating Quality of his life which showed As a mixture of cheerfulness and determination in his Crutch using Days. When he was five years old or. Sterzl was run Over by a horse and cart. His injuries led to hip disease and he spent two years in the Chil Dren s Hospital and another three years at Home either in bed or sitting up. Then the hip disease was apparently checked but it left him with three stiff joints right hip left knee and left Bent so badly that they formed right angles and deformed his body so that As a grown Man he stood Only i it 4 in. In Hei glut never disheartened but in spite of his deformity or. Sterzl did not sit Back and grumble about it. I was never meant to be a Crip ple he said with a Happy smile today and Ever since x was a kid i have tried to do everything i possibly could. When you can t do a thing it makes you want to do it All the More i have always had a liking for Phy Sical culture i have spent three years n a physical culture class at a College and i am satisfied that it was this hat built my Constitution up sufficiently ?43 stand the Strain of operations and Leat ment As a child i had five oper it ions and there were three in my a test treatment at the College or. Sterzl Learned to to hand balances and other feats that Nany men with Normal bodies cannot 3o. Nor was this unusual Young Man satisfied with physical culture. At various periods Durine his 27 years As a cripple he has Ridden a motor bicycle a sir a Crotch to mount and a Dush bicycle and has played Tennis. Attached to one pedal of his push Cycle was a strap. He held one end pushed the other pedal with his Good leg and pulled up the other pedal by he strap. He Learnt the Trade of a watch Naker and started in business on his the �1/1/ some Pic Ture for today s sport s Spectator with the Jol Liest expression appears on Page 2. The perfect wife a gripping two instalment serial begins on Page 2 of the Magazine Section. Stop press own account in King William Street 11 years ago. Always he fought his terrible disability in every Way possible. He did not intend to spend All his life on crutches if he could help it. So about four months ago when he had built up his business sufficiently to stand the expense or. Sterzl to use his own words decided to give it an other go he went into Hospital on the recommendation of a doctor and straight away an operation was performed. Heavy weights were suspended from both his less and from his right hip Carpenter s Job it was All solid going pretty pain Ful he said today with a wry smile. To explain the process to me one of the doctors said it s a Carpenter s Job. We have to make incisions to in Sert a chisel to Cut away some of the Bone so that the joints can be straightened.1 my last month in Hospital i spent with my legs in plaster which was also round my Middle. But that was the least uncomfortable part of the Busi Ness. I want to thank the nurses and Doc tors at the Hospital for All they have done for me. I came out of Hospital on july 25 with my joints and body straightened. A fortnight ago one of the doctors told me to walk across the room and Back again without my crutches. I did it and were we pleased i thought that straightening the joints would mean that i would not be Able to sit Down properly and i would have to spend my time either standing or lying Down. Even that would have been a great improvement. But the doctor purposely left my left knee slightly Bent and it is at the Best Angle for sitting Down. That with a Little movement in the right hip allows me to do so comfortably. It has All been a wonderful Success. Every Day i find that i can do More things things i have been trying to do Ever since i can remember. In a week or so unless something unexpected happens i will throw away my crutches for Good the treatment used in or. Sterzl s Case was nothing new but his improve ment has been remarkable said the doctor who was chiefly concerned in the Case. He will be much better than he is now. In a couple of years he will walk very Well and will be Able to Coyer a Good number of Miles. His. Cure will be permanent the doctor added that often people similarly crippled were afraid to undergo the necessary treatment but they should not hesitate to do so. Or. Sterzl will probably always have a slight impediment in his walk but he will be a living reminder of what modern science Allied with lameness. Can accomplish. Hustling along Adelaide streets on Bis crutches with one leg swinging almost at a right Angle or. Sterzl has been a Well known figure for years. This Pic Ture which was taken before his treatment shows him in a station Ary position in which he was Able to assume a much More upright position than when walking. Today s picture of or. Sterzl who after being a cripple for 27 years will soon be Able permanently to discard Bis catches. In an upright position he is now eight inches taller than he was before treatment. Day s picture after being cripple be gently is treatment. Holidays when Are your holidays due and How much do you wish to spend Why not a luxury land cruise with Bonds Scenic motor Tours open adventures Book this summer and take a wonderland vacation organised by Bonds travel experts. Here Are a few suggestions leaving Sydney Canberra Melbourne tourist House. Visiting the highlights of austra of e Lia the tour supreme. 3 Days to . 5. 26. Oct. In the Bike Mol Mains _. 5 Days � 3, 26. 31, nov. In Sydney. 21 Days of a never to be forgot 16, 28. Ten Holiday. Mount Buffalo Snow sport what a thrill to be on the roof of tit /1. Angust 19, Australia. Powder Snow. 10 Illus. Ski ing. Above the Clouds up near heaven 12 glorious Days. Aug. To 22nd, Melbourne grampians Lorne sep. 5. 19th, oct. The grampians that rugged land in. 3, 17. 31, nov. Of Flowers. Lome where Seaside is Cults. U 28 country too. 10 Days of exclusively first class travel. Flinders ranges Ujj Jii of a week of storing up memories q i Moraine at that will Laet a lifetime a most it Unis. Eleax. Popular tour. A week in the Mountain wonderlands. Melbourne Daylight Scenic route we saturday travel the Daylight route to Mel on or Moraine at Bourne. Four Days of exclusively Al jul / Lent first class travel and accommodation. Inclusive fare glorious South East. Every monday it. ? ? 7 ? ? and Friday at viewing a the wonders of the and Friday at a mystery of mount q illls.7.30 . Gambier the magic of the Naracoorte caves. First class inclusive fares. Remember if it s travel. Travel by Bond s. It costs no More. Bonds Tours exclusively first class write Call or phone c8950 for beautifully illustrated tourist literature. Bonds Ess Tours ii tourist House 132 North Terrace. Or government tourist Bureau. Kins William Street c4540. Tomorrow should be Fine and mild the Fine and mild weather experienced today is Likely to continue tomorrow. The government meteorologist or. Bromley said tonight that although Low pressure Waves were still in evidence along the Ocean they were not Likely to upset the weather in Adelaide to Morrow. Barometers this after noon were rising slightly

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