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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - August 1, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia hat Scotland s oldest whisky Clipper Krs Cim tobacco Ifill Iyun i 1 Large Pink for pipe smokers i pin Tim i Light and dark Lui i Lun Price and Quality snip everybody a y sole agents is Cornell limited. Adelaide. Hopes of record have gone flying peer delayed lord Sempill who had hoped to reach Melbourne from Lon Don in 31 Days is held up at tacit Persia hones of establishing a new record for the flight have gone. An Early Cable said that lord sem Pill returned to Jask two hours after j hopping -5ff for Karachi. 590 Miles j away because weather conditions made it too risky or him to continue. A subsequent message received to night however states that his delay is due to machine trouble. He will leave for Karachi again at 6 . To Morrow. Strong head winds always to be expected in the Monsoon season and longer halts for refuelling had already j diminished lord Sempill s chances of j regaining for Britain the England aus Thalia flight record in a commercial j plane set by Parmentier and Moll in their american Douglas. To win lord Sempill would have to be at Darwin by 11.36 an. Tomorrow. That is now impossible and the Hope j of reaching Melbourne in less time than j the hollanders has also gone. Earlier attempt lord Sempill commenced an earlier j attempt on july 10, but abandoned the j flight at Vienna. There were reports of a Wing defect which he later de Nied. Although lord Sempill would have liked to break the record his primary Objet was simply to make a fast flight to Australia said or. Harry a. Rigby. Australian representative of the Gene ral aircraft co., makers of the Mono spar Croydon plane which lord sem Pill is flying in Melbourne today. If the record had been the first consideration he would have waited until the Monsoon season was Over British manufacturers and even the British government Are understood to regard lord Semkiu s flight As most important because of the recent swing of australian opinion away from Bri Tish planes. They Hope that his flight will Demon Strate dramatically that Britain can make planes at least As fast and comfortable As foreign machines. Australian conditions once the difficulty of the monsoons is passed. Lord Sempill should make Good Progress for conditions in austra Lia Promise to be favourable. Over the Timo vhf the Northern territory and in most of Queensland i conditions will be Good for the flight tomorrow and probably on monday said the assistant Commonwealth meteorologist or. H. Barkley in Mel Bourne today. There will be Cloud developing in Southern Queensland and in new South Wales and Victoria although there will be no need for night Landing facilities at Essendon the civil aviation department is still wait ing to help lord Sempill in any Way possible. Special arrangements for communications through the amalgamated wireless Ltd. Chain of wireless stations have been made and in addition the direction finding station at Essendon will be ready to help lord Sempill with his navigation. Progress compared this table shows the comparative Progress from London of Parmentier and Moll during the Centenary air race and of lord Sempill hollanders sem fix hrs. Mins. Hrs. Mins. Athens. 7 21 Aleppo. 13 31 18 10 Bagdad. 16 17 Jask. 28 45 Karachi. 25 56 arrival time Singapore. 47 48 necessary to Darwin. 64 6 equal dutch. Car Leville. 73 51 11.36 . Tomorrow Melbourne. 90 18 1.48 . Monday jollies smile prizewinners four prizes of �1/1/ have now been paid to winners of the mail contest for the jollies expression on a Spectator at a sporting fix Ture on saturday afternoons. Prizewinners so far have come from the suburbs but there is no reason Why someone Down from the country for a week end should not catch the camera s roving Eye. Winners of the contest to Date have been mrs. E. Page of Ken Sington miss d. Chappell of Mon Reith and messes. C j. Jarratt of Walkerville and w. How Piening of Clarence Park. Today s Winner it shown in a Circle on this Page tax cd Kelv for victorians salary increase Melbourne. Saturday. Greater restorations for the Public service and a Cut in unemployment tax Are con Cessions which seem certain to be included in the budget to be presented by the Premier or. Dunstan in the legislative Assembly on tuesday. Today indications were that last minute efforts would be made to give the Public service a greater measure of restoration than was originally in tended. Or. Dunstan will meet his ministers on monday and Cabinet will then de cide whether on the figures to be presented More generous treatment will be Given the Public servants. Restoration of service salaries would affect nearly 10.000 officers exclusive of police. Cabinet at present seems to favor full restoration up to �312 a year with percentage increases ranging from 20 to 25 per cent thereafter. This however does not satisfy the Public service hence the efforts to seek greater improvement. A 10 per cent Cut in the unemployment Relief tax is another anticipation. I fears Over interference in Spain May Lead to grave International crisis Britain shows concern revelations that the Spanish fascist rebels have obtained fighting aeroplanes from Italy and Germany for use against the Republican government of Spain have Odin Sci a in tinn in the capitals of Europe. The civil War in Spain threatens to create a grave International crisis. The presence of foreign planes in Spanish Morocco is regarded with the greatest concern by the British govern ment which is doing its utmost to persuade other Powers not to interfere in Spain. London saturday i while the government hitherto has had the Best of the struggle the defeat yesterday by the rebels of a loyalist Olumn marching on Saragossa. And a j Lew attack on san Sebastian a North i Oast town Loyal to the government ave added to the ominous uncertainty. Fourteen foreign aeroplanes Are reported to have arrived in Span ish Morocco for use by the rebels. At least seven of these Are believed to be italian machines while three Bear the Swastika Emblem. It is reported that 10 italian planes left Sardinia for Morocco. Of these two made forced landings in French territory. The first crashed near Oran Algeri and three of its occupants were killed. The second plane came Down at Mou Louya nine Miles from Oran. Its six occupants who Are said to be italian officers in civilian clothes have been interned by the French authorities. Both these two planes were Savoia Marchetti with 700 horsepower Alfa Romeo engines. These planes were painted White without Marks of identification which is contrary to existing air conventions. They were intended for military Pur poses As they were equipped with tur rets for four machine guns and contained quantities of ammunition. A third Olane is believed to Jave crashed in the sea. The other machines Are believed to have reached the Span ish rebels. Grave View in France these events seem to have borne out the statement on wednesday by the Spanish rebel Leader Gen. Franco that he was about to receive Aerial assist Ance to prosecute his invasion of Spain from Morocco. The gravest View is taken in France of these developments and the air minister has gone to Algeria to investigate. In the chamber of deputies m. Montigny declared that the euro Pean inaction was worse than in 1913, and events in Spain might react gravely on other european countries. Messages from Rome say that the italian government is inquiring into the reports that planes have been sent to help the rebels. Meanwhile no offi Cial statement will be made. In the House of commons late yesterday the under Secretary for foreign a stairs lord Cranborne admitted that the situation in Spain was Caus ing the British government serious anxiety. Loyalist defeat the Spanish government admits the defeat of a loyalist column under col. Perez Ferras which was marching to Saragossa from Catalonia. It ascribes the reverse to Lack of Unity among the leaders but probably the nondescript character of the forces and their inferior equipment com pared with that of the rebels Contri buted to the defeat. While the rebels have superiority in Ong Range Field guns and Trench mor ars they Are outclassed in the air the i government s fast bombing planes con a dually carrying them. A rebel column now threatens Al 3ardo. 15 Miles from Madrid. Another j Olumn menaces Navace Rrada pass in he Guadarrama mountains which was recently recaptured by loyalists. To Aid in the defence of Madrid j a battalion of 1,000 women armed i with rifles with women officers has been formed. It will relieve the militia sent to the Northern front. Moroccan rebel troops from Seville n the South of Spain under col Saenz de Braga have captured Baena Lear Cordoba. The workers militia which defended the town sustained heavy losses at the hands of the trained j rebel troops. Twelve thousand insurgents under col. Ortiz Zarate have begun a fresh attack on san Sebastian on the Bay of Biscay coast. The town is defended by 25.000 government men. But they Are inferior in discipline and equip ment to the rebels whose artillery is now bombarding the City and adjacent villages. J at Barcelona in the North East where the government is now in undisputed control the dead Are officially stated to be 1,000. And the wounded 3.000. Purification squads Are Busy in areas suspected of sympathy with the rebels. Hoards of treasure Worth nearly a million pounds have been found in Church buildings. Among the refugees from Barcelona is the Rev. Miguel Arza. Reported to be an australian. J orgy of torture in Spain. Page i 3. Strathairn passengers attend races at Morphet Tville three passengers from the Strathairn which berthed at outer Harbor from London today in Vins the Sunshine As they watch the horses in the saddling paddock a t Morphett i he this afternoon. From left miss p. Orb la who is travel in to new zealand and mrs. And or. M. P. Martin of London who Are gains on to Melbourne. Woman wins this week s Guinea for jollies smile photographed at the Norwood Oval this afternoon the woman whose face is encircled has been selected to receive this week s prize of �1/1/ awarded by the mail for Tovje jollies expression caught by staff photographers. She will receive her Cheque if she Calls at the front counter news Ltd., next week. Pays �108 in win tote �100 double in a first class Field of sprinters at Morphet Tville this afternoon Fajardo who was having his first run after a sell. Dashed to the front a Furlone from Home and easily held off furl Seal. Fajardo was Ridden by the hurdle j race jockey a. Bynoe and so Little i was thought of his prospects that 50 to 1 was freely offered in the ring without any takers. For �1 in the win tote Fajardo paid �108, while coupled up with King Wolta the Winner of the Somerton Handicap his nine supporters in the doubles tote received �100/1/6. It was rather a remarkable coincidence that the two winners in the doubles tote should have the figures no. 4 in the race card while the two second horses Perth and fur Seal were each no. 13 in the race card. A woman Friend of mrs. Bond wife of Fajardo s owner had two tickets in the first leg of the double one on Perth and one on King Wolta the Winner. She had decided if either won to Exchange it with Fajardo. A prominent member of Tattersall club was also one of the Lucky double win ners. Fajardo s Success was received with jubilation among the bookmakers As it Means a Clear win to practically every one of them. Even 100 to 1 was offered by one Man but it failed to produce a bet. Racine details. Parr 4. Engineers Squash peanuts in trick contest at dance be of the chief amusements at the dance Given by the engineering students at the refectory at the Toni Var cite wac an -�7crfl Rapp several dozen eggs were placed on the boor and about 12 competitors were instructed to find their Way Between them Blindfold. After the contestants had been taken out of earshot and blindfolded peanuts were substituted for the eggs. Crunching Over the peanuts the competitors naturally thought they were walking on eggs and their antics aroused hilarious enthusiasm among the onlookers. A Bun eating Competition a paper bag dance and a race in invalid chairs Vith the course winding in and out Gas cylinders All added to the gaiety of the function. The refectory was arranged As a cabaret and artistically decorated with Wattle Almond Blossom gum tips and poppies. The students were deter mined to live up to their reputation of providing something different and their arrangements were carried out by messes. A. J. Stevenson president. A. Harbison vice president. F. W. Smith Secretary. J. G. Brookman treasure Rand i. L. Nicholson. Prof. R. W. Chapman was unable to be present because of an attack of influenza. The official guests included mrs. R. W. Chapman. Mrs. R. C. Robin. Or. And mrs. J. Chapman and representatives of the various faculties including dentistry pharmacy Law science arts and Commerce. Tests for Drivers necessary tasmanian Cabinet minister tells of benefits example to us thriving tests had operated successfully in Tasmania. They acted As a safeguard against Acci dents Nyrl in nor he Arian Mph with advantage by South Australia the tasmanian attorney general or. Eric Ogilvie said in an interview today. He left for Melbourne by tonight s train. Or. Ogilvie who was a Delegate to the Federal conference of the labor party mentioned other reforms administered by the transport control Board in Tasmania. These included the prohibition of the use of motor horns at night and a Campaign to eliminate noisy motor Cycle exhausts. In Tasmania every motor Driver had to undergo a test in traffic before a licence was issued to him or. Ogilvie said. This eliminated incapable Drivers. Those passing the test were Given a copy of traffic regulations in addition to other general instructions. Licence suspension when Drivers committed certain offences their licences were automatic ally suspended for varying periods. The re Issue was left to the discretionary Power of the commissioner of police i am strongly of opinion that driving tests Are necessary not Only to ensure that the Holder of the licence is competent to drive in traffic and has a full knowledge of the regulations but also in the interests of safety or. Ogilvie said. Dealing with other traffic matters or. Ogilvie said that he did not con Sider the introduction of trolly buses would cause congestion in Rundle Street. In Tasmania buses used the main streets which were about a third of the Width of King William Street. Motor cyclists support tests the need for driving tests for applicants for motor licences was stressed by speakers at the annual smoke social of the Indian and . Motor Cycle club tonight. They criticised the traffic act Revi Sion Bill because it did not include compulsory tests and condemned the present system under which any per son could obtain a licence simply by paying the necessary fee. The president of the club or. H. G. Tre Laggan urged that motor Cycle clubs in the next 12 months should devote More time to tests on Road Courtesy and Tram knowledge. He said that driving tests were particularly necessary today because of the High Speed of modern vehicles. The latest cars were much easier to handle than of old. But the streamlining effect prevented a wide vision. Traffic was difficult to control but it would be More difficult if additional inefficient Drivers were allowed to go on the roads without passing a prac tical test. Welcomed by Trade the Patron of the club car. F. H. Taylor said that All fair minded motorists should be in favor of a severe driving test. The motor Cycle Trade would Welcome tests. It was not feared that custom would be lost. Messes. B. Baker. W. Woods and j. Moyle also referred to the advantages that would accrue from compulsory driving tests. Tomorrow will be the Twenty second annual Violet memory Day in Honor of fallen soldiers and sailors. Special Church services will be held throughout the Commonwealth and a service will be conducted in the Adelaide town Hall in the afternoon. The Dav has ins Ireri Tho Fri Law ing verse from j. A j time s Healing hand is Laid on sorrow s brow to smooth the wrinkles wrought by cruel care while memory repeats the tearful vow. Which hearts bereaved in Faith and love declare. This Day her Wreath is not the regal Rose the Golden Daffodil nor Lily Pale a Chaplet of the humblest Flower that grows with perfumed breath repeats the tender tale. Meek violets that seem Bede wed with tears while whip ring to each Mourner of the past. Remind us through the slowly moving years. Of love that through eternity will last. Rain May be Here tomorrow squally unsettled weather May reach Adelaide tomorrow Accord ing to a forecast Given tonight by the government meteorologist or. Bromley. He said that today s spell of Good weather would be Short lived. A depression was advancing rapidly from the West and rain might develop tomorrow. Dancers May appear in Adelaide first Melbourne saturday. Col. D. W. Basil s Monte Carlo russian Ballet co., which is now performing at covent Garden London will leave for Australia on August 27. The company i will perform for at least eight weeks in Melbourne. J. C. Williamson Ltd. Asked the com Pany to open its australian tour at his majesty s theatre Melbourne on octo Ber 10, but this arrangement May be altered because the South australian government wants it to appear in Adelaide to add brilliance to the Cen Tenary celebrations. Or. Frank s. Tait. One of the manag ing directors of j. C. Williamson Ltd., said today that the company might give a week s season in Adelaide before com ing to Melbourne but the question had not yet been decided reported gains by abyssinians Jib uti saturday. Travellers from Abyssinia continue to bring reports which indicate that the fighting at Des Sie and Addis Ababa is Graver than the italians acknowledge. Ras Seyoum s men Are reported to have massacred several thousand italian and native troops. The sons of Ras Kassa Are said to be actually occupying part of Addis Ababa. Married with a broken leg Melbourne saturday. Because he suffered a broken leg on july 27, Daniel Hart of Carlton has been compelled to remain in St. Vincent s hos Pital. Hart had arranged to be married to Day and nothing undaunted by his in jury he arranged for the ceremony to take place at the Hospital this after noon. It was solemnized very quietly. Observers in the Ward said later that Hart appeared to be a very Happy Man. He is still in Hospital. Woman Breaks leg mrs. Louisa Winfield 86, of Hope Valley was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital tonight with a broken leg sustained in a fall at her Home. She was taken to Hospital in a civil ambulance. Stop press exhibition wrestling Woods . Defeated Bau Mann Germany on Points in a 40-minute wrestling match at the exhibition building tonight civilian controls Busy traffic the unusual sight of a rather Small Man in civilian clothes calmly direct ing the traffic at the Busy intersection of two main in the pit at 5 30 on Friday night greeted pedestrians and onlookers. According to the Story told by an j Eye witness the policeman on Point duty was called to the Aid of an offi cer who was having difficulty with some men nearby. As the Constable on duty at the intersection of Currie Street and King William Street left his position it was taken by or. J. V. Conroy of port Road Hindmarsh who began directing the heavy flow of Fri Day evening traffic As if it were his every Day Job. Some Drivers were inclined to doubt the significance of his signals and a few tried to slip past but the Man with an imperious gesture showed them that he meant business. After the return of the regular offi cer on Point duty he relinquished his Brief authority and the crowd of curious onlookers dispersed. This incident recalls a Case in Mel Bourne some time ago when a level headed newspaper boy seeing a police Man leave his Post on Point duty to Rush to a bad Accident dropped his bundle of papers and handled the situation As if born to it. Ii w we everybody needs this biggest Owney saving remedy for coughs colds croup. Bronchitis. Influenza. Etc. Your family is Safe from the of neglected colds Throat 0m? and Chest complaints when Yon up a pipe keep Reenzo in the Home for # & i i Foti Reenzo is by far the most effect jul a Tive reliable and economical up ass a Bead what a Well known user i ils i s a miss Eily Northe ? Mim late of Eunice Western school #&nh9v Melbourne now Danseuse and 0 z a my a Ballet mistress of the Imperial p. A Mbel a ballroom school 163 King Street a a pm occasions i have contracted colds Siml due to dancing in draughty Halls -. and rehearsal rooms but Fotu \ ?. A a pfc namely your Reenzo has always. I he tit proved a sure and speedy remedy. \ ? j4�33gallj sessions demand a Freedom from Jilli pm Reenzo an a Salute necessity re he huh a think what you save by is a i ill Jill buying Reenzo. For just it Tel a 2/ you can set a hand5r Settle huh la Fujil of concentrated Reenzo Majl Vav fro1d any chemist and by Yuu f by 1 1 1 and no sweetened water sul Iti Okes make up several weeks off Fly a i ? cough mixture Supply for the uhf a equal 10 whole family a Supply ibs str Orrin nov equal to eight ordinarytoufTT0 de bottles about �1mme bottles Worth of the Best ready a Al made up cough and Jamb of 6 influenza remedies. Ump Fin pet Reenzo in guaranteed also Ufi feg ? lately pure and harmless i Bill cough contains no drugs whatever a Fps remedy an cannot upset the Diges 5gm y t on of even the youngest a Jacl s baby is easy and pleasant 5jgg to take. It soothes the affects qty de parts wonderfully gives instant and beneficial Relief costs 2/ saves � s War not at hand but Outlook far from Bright or. Menzies British policy although War probably is not imminent the general european situation is far from Bright and the International stale of mind is deplorable. This is the impression formed by the Commonwealth attorney general or. Menzies who reached outer Harbor from England in the Strathairn today. Or Menzies said that Germany s War preparations were exaggerated by propagandists but the air was full of talk of War of revenge and of glory. Civilisation in Europe seemed to have slipped Back a generation. The Gravity of the situation was reflected in the tremendous change in British policy and in Public opinion on rearmament. Great Britain was deter mined to show the world that they were wrong who believed the Abys sinian failure to be the result of her inability to Back up her words because of naval and military weakness. Germany the Crux Germany was undoubtedly the Crux of the european problem or. Menzies said and Hopes of permanent peace de Pended upon getting her Back into effective discussions with other great Powers. It would produce a much healthier state of mind if Germany s grievances were categorically stated and examined but she should be made to Realise that her disposition to Dis regard treaties was largely responsible for the widespread suspicion of her motives. It was hoped that the coming Revi Sion of the league of nations Cove Nant would have a bearing on the Ger Man question. There was no doubt or. Menzies said that in great Britain there was a special regard for Australia and new zealand partly because they were so much More British than other dominions from the racial viewpoint. At the same time there was a tendency to regard australians As people who wanted it both ways who knew what they were entitled to get but not what they were obliged to give. Meat agreement the satisfactory agreement reached with British ministers on the beef Export Trade should provide for any reasonable expansion of the australian cattle Industry in the next few years. There appeared to be a limited amount of room for expansion of australian exports to great Britain but any Large scale development would have to await the restoration of world Trade especially the return of Ger Many to the world s buying Market. British manufacturers were keenly interested in the possibility of establishing new industries in Australia tonight or. Menzies attended the Centenary reunion dinner of the Mur Ray Bridge . Sub Branch afterwards boarding the express for Melbourne. In the course of a sum Mary of european affairs he described threats to world peace As arising from mental causes rather than economic ones

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