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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1936, Page 1

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - April 11, 1936, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia for scotch for Vlattas Clipper a Lola tobacco f i Fly Lyrin i 1 Large nog far Ripe smoker Init in Light and dark Lui i Lun Price and quilt Sutto everybody y sole agents a Cornell looted Adelaide. Several easter accidents woman in car smash Dies collision in Brisbane band leads militia to War at easter Woodside Camp Brisbane. Saturday. Evhen a car containing five members of the Kin Garoy choir who were to compete in the Queens land Eisteddfod at Toowoomba collided with another Venice near Kumbria today. Mrs. C. Madson. Of Kin Garoy received head injuries from which she died within a few hours. Mrs. James Watson received a Frac Ture of the Skull and a fracture of the right wrist and is in a critical Condi Tion in the Kin Garoy Hospital. Charles Renaud the Driver of the car received injuries to the Back and abrasion to the face. His wife suffered injuries to the left shoulder and the Back. The fourth passenger mrs. E. Biddle escaped with minor abrasions. Bridge collision ? the Driver of a Sedan motor car i and his wife were injured when their car came into head on collision with a tramways bus on the Jervis Bridge at port Adelaide at 2.40 this afternoon. The injured were James Mcinnes 59, of military Road. Semaphore. Lacerated face arms and legs. Olive Mcinnes 56. Fractured leg and lacerated arms. After being treated at the port Ade Laide casualty Hospital they were admitted to the Adelaide Hospital. It is thought that an irregularity on the Road surface caused the Accident j repairs to the revolving portion of the Bridge had been in Progress and there was a shallow excavation near the Centre of the Bridge. The end of an old Tramway line was projecting slightly above this hollow. One vehicle struck this rail and swerved to the right the collision of 1 curing before the Driver could regain control. J Toto str had much the worse of the encounter being extensive damaged in front. Cyclist injured when Harrold Pierson 42, of Pul i Teney Street. City was Riding his bicycle along Rundle Street this afternoon he was struck by three horses which had1 broken away from a team and had dashed out of Union Street. I Pierson was admitted to the Adelaide Hospital suffering from concussion and Shock. Percy Edward of yet Ala South j Driver said that his five horse team was standing in the East end Market j when the three leaders moved off breaking the coupling on the pole. The horses galloped into Rundle Street and pulled up after the collision., River Rescue found clinging to Reeds close to the Southern Bank of the Torrens Lake mrs. Sarah Helene Michael 71, of Rue-1 sell Street. City was rescued by water Constable Badams at 7.25 tonight. She was taken to the Adelaide hos Pital by ambulance but allowed to go Home. It is not known How she came to be in the water. Cars collide i ? i two people were injured in a Colli Sion Between two motor cars in Oliea i ton Road St. Peters tonight one vehicle it is alleged did not Stop but continued towards the City. Arnold Rutter. 29. Of Lewis Street. Payne am. Was the Driver of the other i car. He and a passenger received injuries and both were admitted to the Adelaide Hospital. Rutter was suffer j ing from a Cut head and abrasions and his passenger. Mrs. Annie Benson. 50. J of Frederick Street. May lands. Received concussion and lacerations to the hands. Led by their band members of the z7tb battalion setting out on a three and a half mile March from the Woodside Camp today. They engaged the enemy with Ball ammunition. In a realistic attack a Bayonet charge dispersed the 27ths opponents Britain annoys French press conflicting accounts of league meeting London saturday in spite of the somewhat conflicting accounts of what happened at today s league meetings some seeking to underline Anglo French differences the Locarno Powers maintained apparent Unity of front by agreeing to adjourn discussions until May 15. Meanwhile the French press is irritated by Britain s persistent support for Abyssinia and also declares that British sympathies evidently Are entirely with Germany. Meanwhile they will continue to act in concert. They have entrusted to Britain the Mission of conciliation of Germany. There is general belief that the French foreign minister m. Flan Din assented to this course on the undertaking that Germany would be asked More fully to explain Ner pro posed non aggression pacts and to give More definite indications of her Atti tude on the future of Austria and Memel. France also wants Germany to state try and How she proposes to separate the covenant from the Versailles apparently the divergence has persisted on what measures should be taken if Germany refer titles the Shine land which m. Flandin insists would be a serious breach of the Versailles treaty requiring energetic measures such As immediate economic sanctions. Including the suspension of British Cre dits to Germany. Carries Contention the foreign Secretary or. Ede however seems to have earned his Contention that conciliation has not the decision to adjourn until the Middle of May followed a five hour meeting this afternoon and another to night after which or. Eden and lord Halifax left for Langton. And Baron Aloisi for Rome. A communique by the representatives of England. France. Belgium and Italy noted that the German government had made no contribution toward the re establishment of Confidence indispensable to the negotiation of new treaties. They consider it desirable however to explore All opportunities for eon Celia elucidate a number of Points in the German memorandum notably those to which attention was drawn in the French memorandum a representative of the United kingdom will establish touch with Germany. Pertinent queries Germany will be asked to state what meaning she attaches to the proposed bilateral treaties and How they shall fall within the framework of collec3ve Security and Mutual assistance provided under the league covenant. France has made All reservations in the event of any material change in the Rhineland situation during these discus Sions for the four Powers to meet immediately. The Powers resolved to communicate the French plan to the league for de tailed examination and to ask Germany to agree to a similar submission of her memorandum. Baron Aloisi reserved approval on behalf of Italy of the communique which formally records the initiation of the staff talks on april 15, and the decision to meet at Geneva in any Case during the Council session in May. The times in a leading article says that the Geneva communique fails to Register any Advance towards a Solu Tion. Shot while Hunting Roos injured Man s Long journey anti Irav after having received the discharge of a Shotgun in the head and upper part of the body. Jack Peterson a Young Man. Of Keith was carried for 20 Miles on horseback by his brother to the Keith township last night and today was admitted to the Bordertown Hospi tal. The shooting which is believed to have been accidental occurred while the injured Man and his brother were o a Kangaroo Rig expedition. A Young employee of or. W. H. Hunt pastoralist. On whose property the Accident happened has not been seen since the shooting and the police Hope to be Able to secure further details when he is located. Placed on House or. Lewis Sanderson another employee of or. Hunt was near the scene of the shooting an telephoned advice to the Homestead. Or. Sanderson who is a brother of Constable s. S. Sanderson of Adelaide was engaged with the other employee in looking after sheep on a Remote part of or. Hunt s property 30 Miles from Bordertown. The wounded Man s brother did not wait for help to be sent from the Sta Tion but placing Jack across the Saddle of his horse Rode with him to Keith today the injured Man s condition was reported to be not serious. Detective Nicholls and the Border town and Keith police began a search for the missing employees this after Jisoon and will continue it tomorrow. According to the Paris correspondent of the morning Post the French press is irritated by Britain s persistent efforts to maintain league support for Abys Sinia. J the journal Des Debats accuses Britain of wishing to humiliate the italians while intransigent writes that British sympathies evidently Are entirely with Germany and insinuates that or. Eden s abyssinian policy is in 1 tended to assist Hitler. It adds that France would get oni better with other countries if Britain did not constantly interfere and concludes by saying that Britain is trying to exercise authority Over France and offering nothing in return. Liberte declares that British and German views on obligations of a con tract Are much alike. On the other j hand m. Herriot writing in the de i Peche de Toulouse continues to prefer British Friendship to italian and even Hopes that the French peace plan May work with the help of Britain and the soviet Union. In Abyssinia in Moscow ? Levestia a an Edil Cria. ? ays that Russia supports m. Fiand a ? 3lan As a Means of checking a Catas j Rophe which might brins untold d sister to Europe. M. Flandin exposes Germany s Irue no to create the most favourable conditions for her to make War it con Nues. If Britain favors collective Security he must adopt the French plan or propose another meanwhile reports from Abyssinia Are not hopeful. Fierce fighting continues on the Northern and Southern fronts in Abyssinia. Reports from Addis Ababa state that italian forces Are at tempting to encircle the abyssinians in the Afan Valley with the object of occupying dog Gambur and Gen. Nasiru is fighting desperately. There have been heavy casualties on both sides and the Issue is still indecisive. The International red Cross has re fused to comply with the league of nations request for information about alleged Gas attacks and bombings of the red Cross by the italians. The red across organisation advised that it was inquiring into the allegations itself and therefore could not hand Over Docu j Centary evidence. J emperor s escape it is reported by the Asmara Cor respondent of the daily mail that emperor Haile Selassie had a narrow escape while retreating after the Lake Ashanti Battle. He left the Battleground it is re ported on muleback at Midnight on april 3. Disguised in an Ordinary sol Dier s uniform and with his Beard shaved off. He slept in the open for two nights pursued and attacked by a revolting peasant band. The emperor hid in a Cave while his escort held off the attackers. He escaped after Nightfall and his whereabouts Are unknown. Struck by Ball having been struck on the head with a Cricket Ball during a match this afternoon. Miss Nesta Moon. 17. Of the girls Friendly society Lodge. Penning ton Terrace. North Adelaide was admit Ted to the Adelaide Hospital. She has a probable fracture of the Skull. Blackford great Eastern draw Hunt recruit raised to jumping Fame Oak Bank crowd ready by Trafalgar six months ago Blackford As a racing proposition was an unknown Quantity. He had been out with the hounds in the mount Gambier District but his display was not encouraging enough to Hope that in a few weeks he would have risen to the Foremost Peak As a hurdle racer in Mel Bourne with two records to his credit and then to come to South Australia ranking As a warm favorite for the Rich great Eastern steeplechase. Blackford has been responsible for the most meteoric Rise seen in a Racehorse for Many years. Blackford is Brilliant has More than average Pace for a steeplechase he will be Ridden by a. Fullarton. Who at present has not a peer in Australia As a Cross country jockey and it certainly seems Only a ques Tion of a Safe Jour Ney and conquering the unusual exer Tion for the South Eastern bred horse to go near winning on monday. There will be four other visitors in character. Mon Hargis. Old Home and Ross Goda included in the Field and experience alone should make it certain that character and old Home will both put up a Good fight among the local division Nair and master Domique probably will do Best to remain me stake in the state. Master Domique ran second last year to Kingston and he might be a better horse today. He is the go All Day Type having been recruited for Steepl chasing in the Hunt ing Field. Nair typifies Blackford Young and virile and like the Vic Torian he does not know what it is to fall. Spectacular jumping the great Eastern steeplechase is one of the most spectacular jumping events in Australia and whatever wins there is certain to be a great reception afterwards. In addition to the first prize of �2.300, the Winner will be decorated with a ribbon and the owner will receive an ornate Silver trophy while the successful Trainer and jockey will receive trophies to Mark the Occa Sion. These will be presented in the governor s Box in the grandstand immediately after the race. Horse Down to run. Together with their jockeys and the colors to be worn Are horse. Wight. Rider. Blackford. 11 4 a. Fullarton Brown Gold hoops old Home. 11 3 w. Sandford Bine Pink braces and Cap Wood lace. 10 7 r. Bracegirdle Pink purple Sash character. It s f. Douglas Blue yellow band and Cap rtt Staciana. 10 5 ? Brown Black hoops and Cap Penjin ? 10 a Hobbs Black Orange Sash the mule. 10 3 j. Dillon Maroon Black sleeves Canary Arm bands Naib ? 10 of. Smith Brown purple Sash master comi que ? 9 8 d. Wraight Grey Violet stripes and Cap Mont Argis. 9 6 a. Blenkinsop Bine yellow band red sleeves and Cap Ross Goda. 9 6 j. Salisbury Orange Emerald Green hoops King Ridge. 9 5 g. Dally Black Pink Sash and rap verification 9 3 e. Johnson Black red hoops and Cap last end. 9 2 e. Wilson All tartan Hilton King 9 1 p. Webb Brown Green hoops Onka paring 9 1 t. Ryan White Royal Bine sleeves and Cap acre shot. 9 0 w. G. Smith red and Black quarters red Cap i Mirror of form for All Oak Bank races j on Page 5. Comments and Trafal Par s selections together with other j programmes for monday on Page 6. \. Fullarton. Who Iii ride Blackford in the great Eastern. Iii Lackford the opening of celebrations at the opening ceremony of Oak Bank Centenary celebrations this afternoon the chief Secretary sir George Ritchie untied the red White and Blue ribbons across the front of the new Entrance to the Oak Bank soldiers j memorial Hall. Sir George was accompanied by lady Ritchie who was dressed in Black and miss Isobel Ritchie who wore a Brown tailored costume and Felt hat. They were welcomed by the chairman of the Oak Bank Centenary committee and of the committee of trustees of the Hall or. E. F. Pike. Many people listened to the speeches outside in the Sunshine. Afterwards afternoon Tea was served in the Hall which was Gay with Lovely Flowers horseshoes and other symbolic horse racing decorations. \ the Tea was provided by women helpers with mrs. G. T. Edwards As convener. Or. Leo Mattner is Secre tary of the Centenary committee. Other committee members Are messes. G. Edwards h. Rose. V. S. Pike l. Beasley. Tonight the Hall if the scene of a Centenary dance and coloured lights add to the gaiety of the entertainment. Weil known detective leaves . Long record of service Early arrivals for monday s races detective t. H. Correll. For Many years Ace detective of the Adelaide has resigned from the police Force. He has the longest service of Iny member on the staff and in8 years has received a record number of honorable mentions in Dolice re cords for the successful investigation of murders and other crimes. News of his resignation comes As a Bombshell to his colleagues. He is a familiar figure in sporting circles. Detective Correll who declined to night to comment on the reason for his resignation. In tends to enter Busi Ness. The Mac sad murder Case which followed the Dis covery of a dead Man under a tree near the Torrens Lake was responsible for some Brilliant work by detective Cor Rell. In this As on Many other Occa Sions he was assisted by detective c. Mcgrath. Another of detective Correll s coups Hii acceptances for the second Day of the . Autumn meet ing on Page 17. Was the conviction of 8 greek for the murder of a compatriot who was found with his head severed at Peterborough. A double murder of children at port Lincoln and wife killings at Loxton and Moonta were also handled by detective Correll. Detective Correll guarded the Duke and Duchess of York in Adelaide and Melbourne. He has applied for a month s recreation leave to begin on thursday. Following that he has three months Long service leave due to him. He joined the police Force 244 years ago. Detective t. H. Correll nearly 1.000 people Are in Camp near the Hills racecourse at Oak Bank in readiness for monday s Bir meeting. Some of the campy re enjoying an alfresco lunch today. The Chilly weather has not cooled their ardor and they Are Ever optimistic about monday s t tussle with the bookmakers. Should be Fine for Oak Bank Riveres Good news for the 50,000 who Are expected to go to Oak Bank on monday tomorrow will be Fine and there is every indication of the Fine weather continuing on monday with warmer temperatures. This was the forecast Given to the mail tonight by the govern ment meteorologist or. Bromley. Stop press to Sonig easter gift. Lulu Dick my. 1 Gold jacket 4. 2. r .-3v u5 o4- a 3. Double tote dividends. Nai Vete Lulu Bick. �2/9/ Nai Etc Gold jacket. 6. Golden Handicap. Meringa Derby 5 2. Fax. 1 Sava to a i2 wee Tennessee 14/13. Kadina trotting v \ c Peninsula Handicap. Eilly Brook 3 2. Dividend 5 9-, 1 Globe s Choice 4 1, dividend 2 9\ 2 Lasca s image 3/13. Doubles tote �1 6 3, 10 9. Sequel to mail train robbery Man detained Brisbane saturday. A few min utes after a storekeeper at Gay Ndah bad changed a �5 note for a stranger today the local police detained a Man in connection with the armed hold up of the Cracow mail car on March 28, in which �1,400 in Cash was stolen. Two other men who had left the town by car were intercepted at big Genden but after being questioned they were released. The Man detained in the town is being held by the police pending the arrival of detectives from Maryborough. The Cash stolen from the mail car by an armed masked Bandit was the fort nightly pay Roll for employees of the Golden plateau mine and detectives engaged on the Case suppressed the fact that they had circulated among Busi less people in neighbouring towns a list of the numbers of the stolen Man whom the police have detained arrived at Gay Ndah shortly be fore the notes were changed in com Pany with two other men who have not yet been located. K or special i Centenary tour i i to Sydney ? ? in new de luxe Centenary coach h ? with individual seats. Fake full ? inclusive. 20 Days ? 21 Gas. Leaving Adelaide ? a 4fc do you know that Bonds conduct the blk game Hunting to arnhem land which have been so popular that Bonds conducted the tour for lord and lady som men through Central Australia that Bonds carried 86 girl guides on a can Lar tear to Wilpen in the Flinders Banges. That Bonds Hare carried Over 2.m0 tour leu of their exclusive Flinders satires Tours. That Bonds have taken Over l,o0 ten Risu to Sydney on 20 and 21-Day Tours. That Bonds provide new injury coaches with individual seating for their tourist. That Bonds provide two aeroplanes for use of their tourists in Case of emergency. That Bonds have the largest and most up to Date Fleet of luxury coaches in South Australia. That Bonds have maintained a regular service to Kobe and mount Gambier for the past 15 years. That Bonds tourist House on North Terrace is the Bright est and largest booking office in Australia. That Bonds Only provide the Best first Claas accommodation on All of their exclusive Tours. That Bonds Are the oldest established and experienced tourist organisation in South Australia. H that Bonds have an inclusive tour definitely leaving at i 1 least once every week. A ? there must be a reason Why Bonds Tours ? b Are so popular film Tours to Sydney Canberra. Melbourne lome the Gram Fly Abb plans. My. Buffalo the australian a h3ktalps the Flinders ranges. Central a ?om%fe.& Australia Darwin and the South eat aug Hann Peter pan runs his last race will retire to stud Sydney. Saturday. A after Peter pan s defeat in the ? autumn plate at Randwick today his owner. Or. R. Dangar said that Peter pan would never rare Neain. The horse will be sent to Barona station Singleton where he will begin stud duty next season. Peter pan won �34,938 in stakes and finished eighth on the list of australian stake winners. Phar Lap being first with �66.738, followed by amounts �48,297 gloaming �43400 Limerick �38.729 heroic �38,062 and Euryth Mic �36,891. Peter pan had a meteoric Rise to Fame. He ran once unplaced As a two year old but at three he began by dead heating for first at Warwick farm. Melbourne cop Triumph his next Outing was in the Derby which he won in leisurely style. He had not been entered for the Volc. Derby but his first introduction to Flemington was to win the Melbourne stakes and on top of it the Melbourne cup. Two years later Peter pan again triumphed in the Melbourne cup with 9 10 on his Back and extra Merit attached to the performance because the track was a quagmire. He was produced again in the Flemington two Miler last november but the real Peter pan was not seen in action that Day. Winning list Peter pan s chief successes were at to Bleb teams � won Ros Ehul by Frei ? 405 won . Derby ? to won Melbourne Takei ? 53s won Melbourne cop ? 8,900 won Bandwick stake ? 3m woo . St. To ? 1.680 won Cumberland plate ? t78 won Flat ? to at four team won autumn plate ? 1,400 won Cumberland plate ? 3-7% at five teams won Herbert Mauland stake. 400 won Melbourne stakes ? too won Melbourne cup ? s,m0 won Duke of of Towcester cup 1.600 won Rand week stake ? is won Rawson a take ? 380 won . Autumn plate ? 1.180 won . A ated plate 1.1s0 won . Jubilee cup ? 1.400 at of teams won Bui stakes ? 460 won Craven plate ? 800 in addition the Chestnut ran a num Ber of seconds bringing his stake innings to �34,838. Entrants in the mail Garden contest for which valuable prizes Are offered will Welcome the rain. Many things can now foe done in the Garden to make it More attractive. Coupon and details of Competition Page 8

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