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Adelaide Mail Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1937, Page 29

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Adelaide Mail (Newspaper) - April 10, 1937, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia a ii mkt old Yim Alwia pm film Star a pm coming metro off a a ref Politan opera i jew natural Young i of Flam Ster usually Iff 4nvv few seen with a at her Mill he twin la Mouth and a Frisky Pup at her heels that s Deanna Durbin 14-year-old Genius whom Hollywood and even Blase old new York Are hailing with Delight. She s Young fresh and gloriously talented with an impish Little nose a mop of unruly hair Long legs that Are As often As not Bare and a voice that pours out in a Stream of liquid Gold. An amazing kiddie who has come into film stardom on the wave of enthusiasm for youth and Melody that is just now swamping Hollywood. Everybody s song mad everybody s youth mad. The old faces Are Palling. Away with the old men. Their studied tricks and their toupees cries Holly Wood. Give us youth tragedies ones in their twenties comedienne of eight Prima Donnas of 14 so while one studio that could find no More parts for the Fredric marches and the John Boles is Boom ing Young unknowns like Virginia Field baby faced Deanna Durbin is hailed by another As the logical Suc Cessor to Lily Pons. Jeanette Mac Donald and fhe rest of the screen s glamorous songbirds. ? As a matter of fact it was the combination of these two factors the demand for new faces and the popularity of Melody in screen entertainment that gave Little Deanna her Chance. An enterprising agent reasoned that if opera stars and promising Young sters could separately earn handsome salaries it might be a Good idea to Combine the two. And seek out a youngster with operatic possibilities. Hence he lit on Little miss Durbin with results that already Are becom ing history. Deanna was new and she had a voice but the studio was not taking any chances on her debut picture she was Given but a tiny part so that whatever her initial shortcomings As an actress should be. She could not do much harm. But miss Durbin confounded All the cautiously hedging studio executives by turning in a magnificent perform Ance that resulted in the entire part being re written and in Deanna be coming a Star in her very first Pic Ture. � to happened to be Only not quite 14 years since she was born Edna May Durbin in Winnipeg Canada one snowy december morning. Edna was not Long in her native Canada for her parents took her to Southern California when she was a year old. The idea of putting her into pictures. To rival Little Jackie Coogan who was a Star of stars in those Days did t occur to them. The move was made primarily because the temperate climate of California appealed More than rigorous Northern weather. Edna s father James Durbin was a broker so there was no financial Stringency to Stop the girl taking singing lessons when she evinced decided Talent for it at the age of 10. Deanna that s Hollywood s ingenious twisting round of the Plain Jane name of Edna had a sister who had tremendous Faith in the child s future the older sister was a professional dancer and it is due largely to her Confidence in Deanna and practical encouragement that the Little girl won her great Chance. It came when our aforesaid enter prising agent Jack Sherrill by name went out to get a combination Shir Ley Temple and Grace Moore. He got the names of All Hollywood s important voice teachers Drew out one and asked him for a singing child Star. It was late in the Day and Only one child remained in the teacher s studio when Sherrill called. That one. Of course was Young Deanna Sherrill heard her sing exclaimed in wonder and straight away went Home with her to outline a dazzling Campaign for the Conquest of films radio theatre and the opera. A few Days later he called to take her to a studio for a first film and voice test and in an hour she had a contract. They did t put her into a picture straight away no this precious youngster was to be nurtured and developed slowly. But they did let her sing at the new Universal s Talent Parade party and straight away Eddie Cantor signed her to go on the air with him. Here was Fame handed to her on a Silver Platter within a few weeks Deanna Durbin was a household name among radio listeners. She Sang at important banquets a deluge of publicity descended on her the film three smart girls in which she was to play that innocuous Little part was held up with the whole cast on salary and re cast to give the 13-year-old Singer the major role she came out triumphant to set a new style in baby Prima Donnas and a new Vogue for simple refresh ing yarns. And How is she taking this terrific flight to the Heights a her first trip to new York Deanna seemed the most natural youngster in the world to the Blase newspaper men and women who interviewed her As she sat curled up in front of a synthetic fire at the Waldorf luxury hotel. She was thrilled by everything. Thrilled and a Little overawed. It s so big so awfully big sighed the Little girl from Winnipeg. And All the lights you can see out of the windows wonderful millions of them. It makes you feel so excited she wanted to see the statue of Liberty More than anything else whenever she went to a restaurant she smuggled out paper matches to Send to her father As souvenirs of j new York. She does t collect any thing herself although she persuades celebrities to sign a Book for a Friend who is a cripple. One of her biggest thrills was get Ting a mass of red roses from Eddie Cantor her radio sponsor. Of new yorkers she said she would rather meet the fiery Little mayor Fiorella la Guardia so much in the news recently because of his verbal crossfire with Hitler than anybody else. She went to White horse inn and decided that she must have a peasant sweater like those on the stage. She spent her fourteenth birthday in new York. Not riotously for All she did was to get ahead with her school work have a special party Tea and go to a show afterwards. School work by the Way is very important for the budding film Star. She is no Shirley Temple when it comes to lessons for while the curly rated child Star can chatter in arabic persian and sanskrit for All 1 know Little Deanna admits quite frankly that Homework is a bit of a bother to her. It must seem a constricting tie to this youngster who is Savouring the sweets of Success so Early. Already she knows what it is to be the Star of a pre View the Darling of the Countryside and a predicted Genius of the american opera. She knows the jargon of film making like most american girls she is Likely to mature Early yet girl woman though she is. By Law she must study school lessons for a prescribed number of hours a Day. Poor Deanna grown up so soon yet still having to undergo All the most tiresome tasks of childhood yet the Law says that no matter How Golden her voice How soaring her High c a she must do her daily wrestle with the three r s. She does t even look very Young on the screen. Already she is 5 it. 2 in. Tall and weighs 7 St. 2 la. Throat specialists have pronounced her Throat fully developed the Only change in her voice that the Yean will bring will be increase in volume. Three Little Monk _ Deanna Durbin Lef Barbara read Centre and Nan Grey right As they appear in three smart girls of which Sweet voiced Deanna below and right is the Star. ? ? Eanna Urbin Lefead n Rey appear girls of hich Eanna below and ? ? in an i Oriental Market place or of meet him in almost any City on the Oriental Seaboard this wily Vendor of traps for Young buyers. Sleek obsequious he oozes through the Entrance to his Bazaar store or stall Laden with the things he knows will hold your Eye. Things of seemingly priceless silk samples of native Craft Oriental curios quite prob ably stamped obscurely made in Birmingham you make the usual mistake the one he Hopes for by asking How much you walk away honestly regretting your inability to spend so much. When you have walked a few Yards a pleading persuasive voice behind you mentions a Price about half the original. You Are caught by the bargain lure. A Little More bargaining and you Are the proud possessor of something still wickedly Over priced. Because it is designed to sell to the unwary an article Anspon sorted by any Man s Good name it is a worthless thing a waste of Money and you Are faced with the bitter fact that you showed appalling judgment. But we do not have to go to the Oriental Bazaar to find the bargain lure the brightly baited worthless things on Sale to the unwary. They Are All around us unadvertised a sponsored. They May be Good value they May be worthless. We cannot be sure until we have made our Purchase. And then it May be too late. Instead of taking any risk we can ask for goods that we know Are reliable because they Are branded and their manufacturers Adver Tise them regularly and sponsor them. No firm can keep on advertising things that Are not Good and Are not full value for the Money

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