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Adelaide Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Adelaide Journal (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? 8 t 0 c k 8 a n d s h a r e s test 8au& r Thajo Raal office tinny tray. Tin stat Anim feature of the Trade on Che Stock Exchange of Adelaide on Yourst Hylwa � Udden firming in the Market for banter companies a area. For same Tine Lead bad been Dull. Prices which Jmc weeks a a amended in anticipation of tiie Alsuma Jat Madias sett intent of the wolof gtd Dai Peic sustained & setback during the Pramas of the conference when there were indications that a resumption work we Likely to be indefinitely Potts ced end latterly the weak quotation 3n London had beat depressing Factor. Mojo pvt there were few if any Selling orders Tea thac Quarter Darine the last few Days thereby indicating a weakness Irlich a More apparent than real. This Nornine Sydney buying orders at Elijha aeneid paces eagles Ted that the judge s award had been issued and the prevail Noe of a hopeful position in respect to the strike. The True in share t Rio a was greatest in norths which a Are taken at 3bjq, As against 49/6 at the close of Tiaera Aasi on wednesday. That Moo sment imparted strength to the Whoie Section. Booth liar Ewid to 48/3 buy Fis. Sra Tai hid for at Saad 57m would have been secured for Brit a. Zinc corporation Ord. Were unchanged at 18/2. Copper stocks were frill Bat there pm again a firm Market chares. Teflon Bend tinned to a. There was Freer dealing in common wealth Loans thin Peri Oagie this week Beveral whoa Pfund pounds Wirth wis exc Haz so. The 41 per cents due 1927 recovered to �82, and �01 12/6 was again act Trad far the 5 per pens Smith the tame us Nasr. The 5 per cents redeemable in Vonu Naweed a to �93 10. A Tiht " stocks � were steady. Adelaide steamships were taken at 19/9. And the Ewaa further a or. I r o e St Tady. But Khoeut. A was faked at 4 fl-lfld., a at 8 sol. And eat of to 1/11. Shete was i Lwi a Tot 1 than recently in to Market far Flomaton Plains Compa a tits a m l�e.-1t�ra and Golden Job decay which More than held the pre i Rafky s a provided a taiga bar opinion of the Trade in Westra Kaa Storfa White Hope f ened at 16/3 a pfc Iai retook & weaker Ion. And the easier Seine of 8/ was accepted for Hampton pro be staff Irown t6 5/3 a Tafeen for Mutooro. And to 6/4"jor Hampton celesta Kan Golden Fiott deduced to 5/10, acid met Monger proprietary a Aeed from 3/11 to 1/7. Paris continued to Advance. Trade was reported at do to 2/8. And Maueel Mundy Eon. A powered to 1/4 Ednamay a Itte Zwies taken at 0/1. And Bona Maycen Forb Atren ethene to. Slits reported up to the close of the Nodi Ian meet Izeare show below Commonwealth wrts-4jp it. 192., Riffil �92 5 per cent. 1327. �91 12/6 3998. �93 7/6�8s10/-m. Wheat certificates a. 3 m6d. B. Adelaide Etea Masip. 19/9che. In two. & w o n. Ord., 27/8. Krc corporation Ord. 18/2. Worth Bah so i celeb Teton. 68. 6/7. 8/4 Mutooro. Con. 5 8, 5/3. Golden Tope. 5/10. Golden Wood South. Cd. Golden Butterfly con 2/4. 2/8. 2/51. 2/5 Caid. 3/6. 3/7. Edna May Central i / of strewed. 3/41. 3/5. 3a. Ives proprietary. 1/. Lancashire 4d. Mutooro coi idols. 2d. _ Mon i r prop Start 1/l1, Wortham Oton Mutooro. 3d. Pari. 2/r. 2/8. A rift Joev 8. 53. White Flop knu�ror.0. W2. Shat 1 a Isi 06 t. Xci Tang. Sef met rotting 4 dwt. 2 or. Over a Vith 51 ineh1 00 s. Side �1 0n. Kew zealand in 1971, received Broft o ii Chili Jiri Oti in h f Horn country whence he went to England. After prop Erdinc to Cambridge he rated Trinity , and prosecuted be at Lavond 4hxaboratory. He 1 \ ar1r-d the Kumi Ord medal in 19c 1". He Barnard medal in 1910. And the i to ice for uora.9d, oort. Warneea is George Mckay Edi Tiburzi. . Eum no. Miboamc650 tons eco enl Ergo. Etnia. Uflbonrnt1,000toss Central Earth. is. Toad . Zitea Sutu. Vessels to Akeita. Kaon if Kew Cartle Bort Ortr sew tort to Lyv Kittli in in of my Grunt Oil utta fridy. Fiu Ffolk. A Otreal Vondy. Orue Adt Iio Adon too Sta new York Ftp Asdis it Kalilla. 01�o oct. O. Ayawo de Breccia Ceora sept. 30. Totev Tsitri Brit Tovia sew York sept �. A mtg a Lirt Pool oct. I. Woolgar by Bury oct. 3. Tropic Melbourne oct 4 a objected Spak Tukey. Interstate. 8qm. St Hume Ella be Beans. Diff. . . Sent. , a Elbourne and of Jami. Oct. 1 . For Fauntle. Of. 7. Kirool Eastern Sita. Of i. F. Woolger Melbourne. Oct. 9.katcombi. Jav Sicle. Oct. , Melbourne a Sydney. Oct. 16wandilla, Fremantle. Orc Ca. Oct. 3.onon, London. Oct. Tannic. Antwerp and Loudon. Oct. . London. Ormonde. Tjon Dnn. Nov. 5 Konijn Lute London. Nov. �2.-Malw, London. Vessels in port. Australian go Newcastle. Ocean wharf steamed . Firey o Harbour. So. I Quay. Cian a Octuk. Niue. No. 2 Quay. He a. I to i. Ii k. Eumer Ulla. Mcl Mounir. Copper company Klurfe. Kate Una melb Ounie. Birk no Art wharf. Willapa r Hok. Smart Icban. And Ric Hiudt. Dar inf a wharf. Of Diadoro. Columbia. No k. Ifs Wiinie a. Fine. Winslow. . L muh Stair Sui Francisco no. 1 Quay. Pool Lomax. To Nania. Prince a vat if. A. To Accel eos. Iby Wir Eleia. " the Adelaide radio station Duriac wads Dir to j it ii in with the Loch or a Tiru Earsola Gurnaud Bordus. I t t h e z o o. M a t t e r o f f i n a n c e s 71 forty mood annual meeting of Mac Tiptn to the South australian zoological and acclimatization society wag held at Thev Oti mayor Parlour Adelaide Tomhall on thursday. Particulars of the year s happenings published in the Register on september 22 Afa owed tit the receipts we a record. His excellency the governor sir Ardi Bald we Gall presided. The report was presented by the director or. A. C. Minc Bam. Council s difficulties. The president Ijar. Simpson Sevland. In moving the adoption of the report and balance Riivet said the members of the Lounial bad not been Able to accomplish As Modi As they could have a sired. The War and the High Price of labour a rial and fodder bad been principally responsible. Still they had reason to be thankful. He detailed special features in the report. The director and. The staff could be on the general appearance of the gardens. They Mere All gratified that his Eacel Lyncy and lady we Gall Naid paid several visits to the was expressed at the death of sir Eden Smith a keen supporter of the society and or. J. �6win Thomas for Many years auditor. 33kic hid been an appreciable increase in the animals and Birds. It was regrettable that the Council had not teen Able to improve the seven acres Over the River due partly to the inability to construct a Bridge and to obtain note help from the government owing to the a teas of the times. The of certain buildings Troia w66& to trick had been checked by the High Cost of bricks taxi Aalst. Two. Conference Between it the Rool Oncal Loci Tiwi in the various states few been with satisfactory results. The credit balance was not a big one but it was pleasing to have it. Applause or. Ansty in seconding the motion said the a Nettl had done its Bast in my difficult Chonn Blanceh. Eva Tain Ted increased h Price so text the not ivies bad been somewhat coined. There were Many improve Ems that were Casary but Virtich the Rejc it Money made hypo aide of exe estion. They were pie and to the of you a lands or. Iaser pal i. Be Ciure Tivey Taffy pc have to approach the govt Tor As increased put to help the Ujj piety to make pro Freas More a idly than would be achieved at present applause the motion was . Fou owing office a Ware Leaf Ariail Jpn Safont. Or. Sampson Norland Menyea of the que Radlof is aztecs. C. H. Asia. ,m.p., and be porn a Balli. And or. W. Anstey ooze. The Public duty the governing to a rate of Thada. Moved in his behalf by sir Lancelot suting. Tor having presided said sine was no institution in the Kate which swim Iode with Morr Confidence for his rapport than that a gaiety. So Long As he could Tje Nelber almost be had been a member of the Kook Gital Solety in the old of inky and taken a keen to tent in it. Of applause he Congo dated tale local Council on what it had effected and tharr ked them for the extremely Intens King add effect the gardens had had on die a ingest too Opont of government Hoose who -. At most inc Dot Hiattt to meets Hycl Enka Vadaj Hon to go to Che zoo Heston Ott had Imide Fri emf with some of es6m Ani Roal to rare Lail iter and applause another it Yitty for congratulation was Slat one would study Hoth Sool agy and botany at die Gardena. He had never another place of the size Tufit cons fed with Tihe Adelaide zoo in that respect. A Oon granulated or Lancelot Stirling a brother agriculturist in that connection for Laving Wisted in the Lay out of the place. Applause in the pipes aide of the commie door of Crown leu feb he Fawd it difficult to is awful the matter of foams. He might be honed to say. Howler. That we Fth be b wages the of Estment gnat of �3,000 a year Wedd not even meet the Ordinary everyday labour exp Naea. With the ado rational effect of the zoo. The Public he is Soic would i Lize that it would unit be too Modi to Zatk die Paliso it to Wrt test a Wunt. And do tem Send left to the a Cubital to raise by prints philanthropy. Applause tie Gouni Auner of own lands moved vets at thanks to a Laid mayor for the up of the part or. Tje said Abbey would not rap set us to exp tvs an of Fain of the matter of the ban of of the society. He congratulated the to Uncil Jit its . The lord in War. In Wplf Riig. Hoped an Early Effort would be made to carry out Fth ovens its affecting the seven acres Over the liver which had Ben voted for a certain purpose. C h i n e a t v a r i a n c settled debt affected. Finality is the alternation Between two chinese in pin Ley Street on saturday evening was reaped the Adelaide police court on thursday when the Case was called. Or. A b. Ingleby t v who appeared t h far the prosecution said his client and defendant had conferred and had been a be to effect some arrangement Between them and defendant bad promised to make monetary Kompen Sitoa and reparation to the injured Man. She police however Felt that they had a Public duty to perform and although they did not look upon the incident As serious the authorities had decided that the original charge of unlawful wounding should be replaced for one of common assault. Or. E. M. Sabine i ddn t think a jury would bring 4n any other verdict than one of common Asu ult. " " or. there is a the women. Or. Ing Eby they Are cousins. The application of or. Ingleby was granted and Peter Young Cheng was charged with having assaulted Toung Dong at Adelaide on september he pleaded guilty. Or. Ingleby said a fracas occurred Between the two mat in i Linden Street and after they had been fighting for some time defendant extracted a and awl or a knife and inflicted three wounds in informant s left Arm. Or. Edmunds asked for a Light Fine. Young Cheng was ordered to pay a penalty of �5, including Coats. Brighton competitions. For Severd years part the Brighton Institute committee Baa arranged 3-Oung people a competitions in the. Brighton town Hall. On tuesday evening contests a Al Aoatoa were held and the awards were 6erisua action in Der in own Cocos of vie Dwa Jiing Vav Fondind test Puetx Elvie Swalling. May Tolland. Humorous Tion own Folland. Dorothy Kanam or a i goj.1 certificate teat piece Jean Good Dorothy a . Prep Areil r Reading und r 131 of teach Gram Over is Qwen buttery Dorothr Szofi. under 14 aun Hunter Mary Kir Certitil cute Orer i Irene Giltrap. Bliss f Ivl was judge and or. C. Whiting raided Over a Large attendance h e n o u t o f s o r t s b e n g e r s f o o d. Not Iti Tat not Well nerves jangled. This is the time when a change of diet a rest from the food for a few Days work wonders. Ordinary will Benger s food gives the needful digestive test with Complete nourishment. You prepare f o o d with fresh new milk. It is Dainty Light and satisfying being the most highly nutritious of foods. It soothes internal distress is the food most easy to assimilate and the most interesting to prepare. The Booklet of bennets Pood Een Taina Dainty a Ripe which in Relief Fren the of near of . Thai am so Light Asta nourish mane with Ling writ tit. Fast fax n Noel few stars Radom. . Al to Lusn sell s p o r t i n g. The general entry for the . Derby m Ting is a record. Unfortunately the opening Day dashes with the Toorak Handicap at Osul Field and it is doubtful whether there will be a solitary interstate visiting horse. The Morphet Tville plate is Amine to be purely a local affair while although there Are several victorians still in the Derby not one of them May crags the Border. The Batch includes Etive Elands up King s Battery and morpheus Melody. The fire named won at to Eelish on saturday and it is quite evident that was left in by mistake. Hands l p is trained at Caulfield by Mcginn for or. R. E. H. Hope but has no form to recommend and has yet to be placed in any sort of race. He however is Good looking and Well bred and or. Hope still trusts that the Colt will make amends in time. King s Battery is a full brother to artillerymen but is in the paddock while morpheus Melody is by land of song and he misted a place in a Maiden plate 4t Moo Nee Valley last week. Earl Simon Nas dropped out so that the much desired meeting Between Hereso Repine and the sir Simon Colt has been further postponed. Newcomers promised for the Blue Riband contest include Barrier Gold and Miramichi. They were absentees Fram the Adelaide and port Adelaide guineas. The hurdle racer stage fright has been shipped to Sydney to run in the jumping events at the band Wick Spring meeting. The new zealand made Gui wife sister to Broadsword the property of or. J. Richardson is travelling on the Karoo which will reach Adelaide on Friday. She has been booked to Lucknow. Sir. F. Tennant s Zalinski Mare. Naughty has. Produced a Bay filly by. Cylon. The programme of the Kadina and Wallaroo october 23 meeting appears to Day. There Are seven Terente Ana stakes total 350 to is. Nominations for All races will close on monday october 4, at Gordon s Agency Adelaide 4 . Or with the Secretary at Kadina at 8 . Weights to appear on october ii and acceptances Are required on october 14. Owners who missed nominating for Enka paring May patronise this fixture. At Remington on tuesday Earl Simon with Veale in the Saddle got Over half a Doten furlongs on the cinders in 1.19j. Para too was Content with half a mile in ride on Dutwil in the Epsom Handicap was offered to g. Harriso but be declined As be wishes to steer ethiopian in the october stakes to be run at Remington the flame Day. After several Days absence Eusebius reappeared at Caulfield on tuesday. R. Lewis has Trow to Sydney to ride sail in the . Derby and sea bound in some of the open handicaps. The Tressard horse Trepag has changed bands end will so to Northern Good Racehorse and pro a sire Corcyra recently broke a Bone in the near Hind fetlock and had to be destroyed. He was Only sine years old and already he stud tee had been raised to 300 Sas. On july 1 the committee of Tatte Sajle England decided that where backers backed or. Gilpin s stable for the grand pit they bad half their stakes on each horse. Since then the committee have ascertained at official parimutuel returns of prices in respect of non winners Well As a respect of winners Are issued a fact of Jach they were not previously aware. The committee have accordingly reconsidered the matter and Bare now decided that Backan of or. Gilpin s stable must be Oon Zderad to have bad their stakes on Comrade sad Sukra Kop to nosed and not half their stakes on each horse. When the in int mail left London the leading Jod Eye were mounts. 1st. 2nd. 3rd. 369 83 50 45 full Oak f Carslake. B Garnett 6 Thwaites j Griggs,.w. Chi ids j Wadejr s Templeman f. Robbins h. Colling g. 270 195 180 156 131 227 275 108 161 130 la the ran off Between the two division winners of the ease Don Handicap at Ascot on monday fire Ball bored out and e 4 to 1 on Favourite sir Argyle was Leat by neck. The resultant protes. Was upheld and is the owner of fire Bell subsequently withdrew Hie expressed intension of appealing backers of the Favourite Are now entitled to collect their wagers. The chief even is it Haarke Bury on saturday will be Hawk my guineas one , 8 at. 6 the Githay 5 tin Goa. S 5 Sjoe snight s 5 malt Blair s 6 infamous 6 a Ventro a 8 5 bar pros e a Glen acre. S a Buber. E 8 fib. S 5 Kilkenny Bor 8 6 Stony 6 6 Terr Maru s a Picardy 8 5 tasi3o. E 5 easter week s 6 Butardo. 8 i a Zimora. 11 the Haw Tarbutt Spring Handicap one mile and three 10 it feb. Of Mark. 9 red Cardinal. S 4 Laddie Bine 7 8 of Erway. 7 7 engr nematic. " to Rel 7 �5 to uni cart. 7 2 to Piastre. 7 King of tee Forest. 7 a Jamie a. -6 15 furl Derby. 10 p.csarcu-, 6 3 Iran 7 a Lati 6 7 Pereue 9 7. The weights for the Rand Wick jumping double Are attached first hurdle race. About two Miles it. A. Standu 12 Bowra 9 Shadow Dooer 13 maid of 9 i Lefary in colonel Knut. 9 Bati e. 11 s far West 9 sir fat Maui ii 0 Roadis 9 British Arch 11 0 boor Al 9 stage bight ii 0 Yucatan 9 sorry. 10 12 my Jet King 9 Aintree. 10 12 Knight of the a Mazuik 10 11 Spear 9 . 10 10 bar Mirt to Ershery a Evrard Paar 9 12 King bus 9. 9 9 Gloucester Castle 9 fittest steeplechase. About of and a bal Miles. Compromise a Rabin Tarira Jack. In Reo Trev Anyan Falgous. Sir by her web. 12 10 tar Ilir Al 90 12 4 filch Dirriell. 9 12 o Clr plus b 7 11 7 a Crew and Giey. 9 5 11 5 bar Mecic 9 o 11 2 hydrant 9 n 9 12 grand Foote 9 6 � 12 c o m m e r c i a l c a b l e s. Los Dos september Actis on the London Stock Exchange Rooss Uteri Middle prices. Ioc change for australian and Vanoost a Mcture Raous Are Nunra below together with lie movements comred with previous quotations Bank a Jda Glen 30,123 Bala far the new series of which 3,461 arc from so zealand. Trey comprise a fair Eele average wools and a few of the Bert de it Tlona. There was Only a moderate attendance at the opening Sale and beat withdrawals re make. The Moriet is depressed owing u the Tsea teamed Coal strike and the general fit goal position. There was a fair Joni for the Best wools which realised 5 per cent below the last of Nung rates. The bilk of the offering co netted of Shabber and Gaultier Forte which declined 10 per cent. Fine Cross Beds declined 5 per cent. All other arts were Miglec de. Australian consignments real cd Brookler 3i Metal quotation s. The a Ralian Metal so change Teporter today four a were the Emo not Encsy on the London Hetal Exchange in so Tanber s Siw �97 2,6 Forward �9t electrolytic Ingui spot �112 next month s delivery log and ban. Part �117 next Rock Rob s Feii crr �118 american electro Otic Isi Casus la Best elected �w7 10/. , 17 s Forward �31 17 re. . Ayo 10forwand �41 15 . A j7 Forward. 15. Silver.6tandud. Cash. J f 7.5 Cane. 6, to a/8. Oa-3.stcact me wind is shown by arrows flying with the wind i he to moderate Breeze fresh to Strong " gales " heavy gales ". O represents Calm. The state of the sea is shown by the letters s. Smooch. Moderate. Rough. R. Very rough. Shading indicates rain has fallen. An appalling taxation nearing the limit. Melbourne september 22. Speaking in the legislative Assembly to Day on the second Reading of the railways loan application Bill or Solly member far Carlton said there must be a Stop some where to toe constant of the Burden of taxation. The Federal budget was an appalling thing. The manner in which every spending department military naval and others waa expanding was terrible. Or. Hogan Nero is fiddling while Rome is burlang., or. Solly said he had Oceen told by men in business positions that they bad to pay away in one form of taxation or ago Traer t of sum di3 shortly afterwards. Clement Arnold Thorpe corroborated the statement by Telford. The body was brought into the town and conveyed to the Torpie where or. Tassie made an examination. He found that there was a fracture of the Skull and laceration of the brain. There was also an external abrasion of the left be. Much sympathy is of tilt for or. And mrs. Jackson. The deceased 3ad was a Bright Young fellow and a general Favourite among his companions. A Driver killed. Eudukia september 22.mr. A. G. Dickson o f Adelaide left Sutherland for Eulunda Thi afternoon driving a horse a to Aenied to a cart. A tin fell from the he Cle and startled the horse which bolted. Dickson was Crown out and killed instantly. The deceased who was 3? Jears of age had formerly been employed by or. A Aeron a Marine store i 5 � 8 adfia4e. As. A collector he n 0 no relatives m th_3 state but a brother lives in Dooeen stand and a sister mis. James Cooper at Taa aet Street Ringwood . S 1 s h � d Mph mists burned. Kadtka ser rember 21.on saturday night about 8 o clock or. Jack Bay Iea of of Linton had the misfortune to lose about �300 Worth of property through fire. He was replenishing the petrol tank of his motor car with the Aid of e Lighari from a lantern it is conjectured that the wind View the fumes o f the petrol towards ii Iii with tic result that there was a sudden Blaze. He managed to ran the Cir out of the Himesh a shaping with slight Burns. The feed was of Bruso Vas quickly enveloped in flames. The damage to the car was slight and is covered by insurance but in the were a trotting sulky drills end Arnost. Al or. Bayliss s harness the whole of which were Dea roved. A frs Hemman a death. Biak no a september 21. Or. E. Petersen swedish Fisher nun on the Murray met his death by drowning on tuesday night. He had been in Minnum Durieu the Day disposing o r and he and a Maie set out in the afternoon a a boat pm jelled by Means of Small sail. When jus below a Berra Camp near Stone Vail the Craft capsized and or. Petersen and his companion were into the River. Since ther. The unfortunate Man s body has not been . . Pean proceeded to he Vien to of the a Cioeta to by and efforts will be made to recover the body. 7fire at boys High school. Wellington september 22. A fire at the Waiyaki boys High school trophies. W e a t h e r s i g n a l s. O n t h e Register buildings to Day. No. I Flag indicates Fine with northerly winds. Thermometer. Sun 131.1 Shade 72.9. Barometer. At t a Titt this nud a ohm to Shi level Aad it 4g. F i a recorded in Thia tar every a Faro dorling the last three dam sad far this Eatn eted and Isdo eel to Aiea sea cml j i b Deg. Mr., " " t i t h to tuesday wednesday thursday sul 6a.tt. 9an. Ten 36.15 s0.57 30.2s 30.30 30.36 33.41 30.31 30.30 weather reports and forecasts. I supplied by the Tommo wealth Adelaide september �3. Fore casts. Wattem generally South from Gascoyne Nith some further scattered rain pm Sig to South and Southeast Wesho South a Imle. Lowers on North a of Smiith coast face Otic Wise cold night on Downs mild Day temperatures South East to East Winas. New South Cloudy on oort with scattered Enow Ere otherwise Fine southerly winds at first on a St cat to Nonh inlaid cown Naglit on Kisbi Milder Day temperatures. first line with Oouida night Inland and warmer Day temperatures and freshening northerly winds and la Tor becoming it settled and showery. slight Ower or two in Northwest Fine otherwise with old night and Milder Day temperatures with winds but a virally showery Coniti oni probable doing week end. Ocean forecasts and remarks on storms. Freshening northerly from bight eastward follow by Strong squally westerlies Lair and rough Sci. Statistical Piskor Latiok. Corrected barometer Reading at �.30 30.21. Annua rainfall for 81 eare. 30.95. Average rainfall for is years from january 1 to end of september 17.14. Total rainfall from Janu Irr 1, 1930, to Date 19.ss. Total for corresponding period of 1919, 13.73. Interstate Ead fall reports. Western . Is Points York 7 Perth 5s Cipe Leeuwin 6 Kate Nung 15 Ai Banty 45 break a 14. rain recorded at two stations. Sir South head 2 Points port Itao Quarie 5 Keats Sale 6 Island 2 Points. Sorrell 6 to incs Stanley 1 Oatlands 2. N Public notices. Of i a e 0f Piet Keechi p. We. The undersigned wish to notify the Public that we Hue entered into partnership a practising architect a from 1st september 1930, at 46 Grenfell boil Dinga arc Feu strut Adelaide in the state of South an Atttlia. F. Kek Heth . Fiala. John b. S. Evans . As Sotz properties for Sale. A n owner of investment properties wet Ting Cadi for business necessities will sell immediately of Var pairs of Corases weekly rental �8 9/6 juice �3,000. Four boosts weekly rental. �5 Price �2,100. Four cottages weekly Kutaw. A 17/6 Price. �1.430. Or for lot in one Isicc �6,000. Properties Are of Good class we situated let to App Ovid tenants on leases rents payable fortnightly in Advance. For Fuller Mrtka ulans and Macg Emonts for inspection apply Joha hut Diing opposite tows Hali Adelaide. Wrist fasts dding Sites in All suburbs. Liberal terms. Plans on application. Wired sos 6asdo. & Wiles. A Hhd. 14 Granfell Street zwi47c Heap line three detached cottages close car Good position Raits 20/. 16/, 121 total weekly rents �3 a. Price �1.350. Apply John Hutchings opposite town Hall. Two quite detached cottages close or capital investment real Nice Small Homes very cheap line �1.000 the two. Apply John Hutchings. Opposite town Hall. Jit Dindic excellent position. Residences Ven rooms 2 s Epping out rooms stabling motor a Cheep and desirable property. Apply John Huchings opposite town Hall. W268thsa /"1hamje.As sole agents we have for ale 3 a first class residences Sorth Adelaide St. Peters and Malvern cheap. John Hutxhings. Opposite town hah near City double fronted and two single fronted cottages let at 2/6, 22/6. -21/, -21/ weekly �1,750. John Hutchings. Opposite town Hall. Pore Road. Second sound cottages with additional land at Side suitable for fac toy �1,050 the lot. Apply John Hutchings opposite town w3g0thaz i l l u s t r a t i o n s this week s Issue t h e o b r v e r special Royal show pictures. Channion cattle horses in action. Parade of Stock. Persona stocks. League football Prem or ship amusements u n c e n s o r e d official a r f i l i d slipping b a t t l e l e e t o p e s b a t t l e p i c t u r e e e k. Anugee by tac australian War Aloa Oum Commonwealth. Director major j. L. 1seloab. Manager. E. A. Honda. Assistant manager. T. Hsaha1t. T o n h a l to h e e e k o n l y. Guam opes pc night , october 2nd, 4 pictures Aad films selected from 15,000 photographs and 60,0 1 it atm actually during the Fig hair by of Ristp Australia i official photographers on behalf Tae co.ii.-7i on wealth government As a permanent record for gift arc generations. A Aires apr Bill court Messitt. Palestine and All the i in Battles Are faithfully rep Bentow without fake and the War can be trom a. Comfortable seat Witt want the danger of being hit by fragments of the enemy shells which May be bursting at close Range. See your Soldier relatives in the of front line of Battle and Odiear ail authentic account. With tie veil of Censon in lifted of Eada Campaign direct from the lips of a Leader who played a prominent part. Durins " for the week or woe to Morrow Friday. At alias it Adelaide District Cricket club. Members Are requested to meet at the port Adelaide railway station commercial Road at 1.15 a to. On Friday to follow the remains of their Captain s late wife mrs. R. J. Maroney the Cheltenham cemetery. Conveyances provided a a. W. Heinson Hon. Secretary. Special notice. Announcements of births marriages deaths in memorial notices and bereavement cards not exceeding fire lines Are inserted once each in the Register the observer and the evening journal for the single charge of half a Crown extra lines go. Each. Minimum charges 2/6. The came and address of the sender must in All cases be Given. In memorial and death announcements containing reference to More than one deceased arc charged 2/6 each for each deceased mentioned As if they were distinct and separate announcements. Death advertisements in which a funeral announcement is made Are charged for As if the death and funeral were separate announcements viz., a minimum charge of 2/6 in each ease. 1 births. Erdon on the 19ch september at private hos nil Riverton. To Lar. Aad mrs. O. Bruha of Sadd won a daughter. Both Well. Marriages. Both Mclean. Of the set Augustt Cal Toyrie by the Rev. R. A. Adams m.a., Howard lie lit. Late son of or and mrs. J. H. Both. Oal Towie to Olive Lite sister q-4.i.m-n.s.fenian daughter of or. And Mia. Mfr Fin of Bally Kyne your clo but county Galway. 1 Eland. Present Spalding. Deaths. the 22nd september at nursing sister Parker s Monte Partridge Street Glenelg Elizabeth widow of the late get it Foreman of Willimia aged 90 years. the find september suddenly at his residence. Slit railway station Francis Ambrose Frank Gillibrand la a of Morgin the beloved husband of Phoebe Gillibrand aged 66 Yeara. At Rei the -22nd september at her residence. Leaf oot Tnge finniss Street Orth Adelaide Elizabeth Eliot of William aged 91 Yearie. A colonies of 63 rear. the 28tfc september at the residence of his son in Law or. J. J. Thomas Long Flat Murray Brid Egeorge Skinner late of colodia River Murray beloved husband of the la Elizabeth Knight Ater a Long and painful Iling. Aged �0 years and 10 months leaving three sons five daughters 53 i and children and 20 great grandchildren to mourn their Aid loss. A colonist of 73 years. the 22nd september at his residence Priant Alexander Avenue. Rose Park Alfred dearly beloved husband of Mary May aged 69 years leaving a sorrowing wife 4 sons and 3 daughters to mourn their sad loss. A peaceful end after a Long and painful illness. the 32ai september at Aden aids suddenly Sophia beloved wife of Chri Meier of Wimsat s.e., aged 63 Yai. the 22rd first at 22 Marion once Unity. Ann the relict of Henry Peliwo late of . Gaol Adelaide Quiri in hero its. A. W. Granof Unley and mis. A. J. Kje Csarni of Kora in. i h september at of Kink James Grey the Beio Veu a. Hoid i i is 63rd year. the 23rd september at his late residence on tree Hill mount Plessant Michael burn5, aged 90 year 2 months leaving 1 son and 1 daughter to mourn their sad loss. Rest in peace. In memorial. Dahi3tz.in Loving memory of Uhlitz who died at Gawler on the 22nd september gone the face we moved so dear lost the form we cherished Here hex Short Bright race on Earth is run. We Ween and god s will be Cone. Sadly missed by her Mother and Eister Ann and Pru dimple. Ha1ns.5n to Vitta memory of our 4sar Inland end father l Wihr nov. Who died at Exeter on the 23rd sep Timber. 11 of Gem but to Sor Gotte Inser Terl a Hii Loving wife arc and Dali Giitl hain5 in Loring memory of our dear brother be is i or died at Exeter. On the c3rd september. 1815. Goce but not forgotten. Inserted by his is mag Brothers Asa Otvia. Amusements. T h e a t r e r o y a l direction manager j. C. Williamson Ltd. Herbert if yen. T o n i g h Tat 7.50. And to Morrow night. Last two nights of j. C. Wilu Amosovs botel comic opera company including Florence Young in k a t l n k a supported by George Welch. John & Alston. Leslie Holland. Reginald Roberts. John Forde. Arthur Stegant. Q Bantock. Harold Reeves. Percy Claridge. Fin Violet in Zoe Wenee. Louise Larson. Robert Jackson. Madge Herrick. Maude Amery. Gladys Mon Sieff. by George Highland. Raise Sang a by Minnie hoop fir. Prioes7/. 1/8, 2/6, and 1/6. Box plan at Allan a until 5 . Daily thereafter at theatre Royal office where also Day Sale and party tickets Are obtainable from 10 a to. Daily. Absolutely so free inst. Children in Aims not admitted. Theodore Are now open at Allan s Tor the remaining six Niht of the season and next wednesday matinee. T h e o d o r e & c o. Commences next saturday night. E persons wanted. Experienced Cook a Rueien is required. Ply by letter or Telephone to mrs. Davies a Thomas. Blackwood. I pa67 9t medical. U a b r r n r s f i u s Pima i Tim an . Lha . Asur Catha ant tool ter Idaa by Baj Millr Lrowe inc a who Jig atm Lomm Stoma Joliat Tram u i m u r o i. A o f f c o l o u r ? so Nek Start by getting alarmed about yourself some folks a soon a the first symptoms of any irregularity of health became Manifest begin to think the worst. There is no need for this As a moment s reflection will show. Think Bow often you Bave bean alarmed and Bow Seldom your fears have been realized. Do not disregard nature s warning but tales prompt Steps to relieve the trouble. First of All sit Down and think out what May Bave caused the uneasiness. If you cannot readily discover the reason week the advice of a qualified Man but in Many esses the irregularity is due to some error or excess in diet or other simple cause and a few doses of a reliable Home remedy such Shollow avs pills or an invigorating rub Over tha legion of the discomfort with Holloway ointment will work wonders. Minor ailments Are met with quiet Cokotis Ehab and Faith in the Homes where these powerful allies and household friends arc kept always Handy. Hollo Way s ointment Speed ill removes eczema blotches pimples etc., and a specially useful for raises barns. Scalds piles rheumatism and pains in joints and limbs. The Universal remedies Over u years reputation. H o l l o a y s i p i l l s & o i n t m e n t. I obtainable from All Flait Medicine yen acis throw ghost the Wam. A trial will convince Yon. T h e amusements. I p a l a i s r o y a l wit i the perfect floor the Prince praised t o n i g h to f a n c y d r e s s a c a r n i v a l a 7.30 to 11. Admission 1/2. M a t i n e it h e d a n s a n t3 to 5. Now come o n curious Arias Ivy Oon von use a atm Royal and not Royal Pilaf a toe answer As because there Are 86 i. Of red tape to a Vand. A. E. asks Why a the palais like Vety duty carpet Aad i suppose he wants me j and. I he a half. Night pr.ci1. And 2. I. Plot Xuy. O d ? w a y s o f t h e o r l d reverse tub bos Hoik hairy Ebe said thoughtfully. I responded the worried a aortic. I Wiah atm ovum Zea Range your by Ness a Little blow to Asi to lie a tear on the instead of at going ahead Little Albert s eldest rata sea 4hb� married Sonje time and her fair to of had been joyously welcomed. Albert mis informed of the event one of Ira units told in a. Mae ii amuse to that he was now an Uncle for tar Martli time. Rather excited or. The fettle if new answered goodness me. I�4mngfcfeef a 111 soon be a. Grandpa nothing want Quigl this smiled the fond 3�he handed a plate of Pundt band is cottage pm View 1 the Man tasted at-1 d have known it y a . The bus had stopped at chains Cross and Many passengers had alighted. In. Jonas was one of them and As walked across Trafalgar Square turned towards her companion a Burly Ooster Monger. Say Bill did you that hate wot. A Giuin nex to me in the bus asked. Yes replied Bill. Well he was a Perfec gentleman e was. Saw i looked tired go he made in missus stand up and rive me or seat of Mourise not. Dishevelled and weary the Stout suburbanite Sank gasp info on a seat in the railway station and glared at the rear end of tic train he had just missed. Tomb Jan pm the funny sta4k�master. Were j l to catch that train air he suied pompously. The panting would be passenger eyed bal fully for a eco and before he hissed in reply of no i merely Wahed to Chase it out of the a Strainer. It was a stage rehearsal. The Prifte apal key came on the Eta a diesel in using out costume and started to sing her great Eong. Imy dear cried the manager you Are surely not going to Sims with your veil on of course i am replied. I want to hurry off As soon a i finish. I have to but inking with a veil on expostulated the manager. Well Well be added in a resigned tone. I can t help it if you want to Strain your voice his first shave nearly. For some time Young Jones had expected when he stroked his Chin that there was something there and now he was certain of it to fearfully lie hied himself to the Barbers shop and breathed again when Chr found he was the Only ens Tooer. Calmly he look Possession of the operating chair and the Towel had just been placed below has Chin when horrors the door opened and in stalked three of Fais office colleagues. Shave air said the Barber to the hotter stricken Jones. "n-n-n6," blurted out the unfortunate youth in Das Perriion Mace washed under a spell. Far be it from us to cast aspersions poo the accomplishments of the ladies who receive a "thorou$3itartios in shorthand and typewriting for a fixed fee. Their shorthand is perfect their Type tent is Divide. It is Only in Aplin they arc a trifle Well original. Bpm Coombe hat one of these ladies in his office. And the other Dav placed before iwo a. Neatly typewritten letter. He hastily Load it Over. Of i say he said a rows spelled sugars us a a looked at it for a moment critically. So i die said. How careless of me now. However did i come to leave out the h hed sj3hv the e3rpe3c7bs. Am me the Little group of Itin Chere at West i Ejinid club recently was a Raffl Jawun judge. Presently As Thev chatted one of the other men turned to Tern and remarked. To you re Drin a Ner Coffee. In t a rather a he Tiru drink for a comb Day in weather like this Yea Bemm choose Oom Ethi in Harper and More yes agreed another Man. Saen As in and Rinser acc. Have a on re tried it he a suced Torami to the Jandee. replied the dispenser of Justice with a Anile but i be tried several men who i. I � too drastic. Gaunt and kilted the soot Sinai wat trying to beguile the inhabitants of the Yorkshire Village to give of their Charity. But either they were All deaf or his pipes Tad lost their Power. Anyway he played m vain. Bait suddenly out of one of the cottages appeared a Man. Who spoke in known scents. A Auld Mither is in a croat ical he explained to 4h Piper an lie doctor wha a i Init the boo says the Bonny pipes win Arete that was enough for the player. For two solid hours he in arched Back end Forth. Mowing his hardest. Then the other Straper from Scotland appeared Auxin. To wac the Auld need a Noo Abed the Piper. A lean replied the sufferers Soa but Mon Yeve killed the pair doctor he didst Mim. A Motorist having lost Bis Way Beer a a Wayside ins to make in quenae. Too proprietor. A deaf old Man was of sind Che bar the Only other being answer old Man also deaf the Motorist mad the innkeeper Bow far it was to its ado. And the old Man said. Certainly sir and handed a Brandy. The stranger explained that he did t want a Brandy. He Only wished to know How far it was Brandon. The innkeeper rapped. Sir. It s the Best Brandy to be had constr in despair the Moton turn i to the other old Man. Per Tell me the Road of Brandon lie said. Thank be kindly. ,7 am6 the old customer. I Don t mind if i do. Beaten iat Piast. The Merican tourist had bos tiled through England. Wales and part of Soat and ill a few Days. Now he was to toting Loch Trimond with its of Cwm of nov banlv5 " a Guidebook in one hand and a time Cable in the other. In these Days of Cinema wonders it s strange that americans Ever bother to go abroad. They could it on toe a local worthy was acting a guide and his face fell when the visitor remarked candid pc that they possessed Many much finer panty Peotr in the states. La e be remarked the son of i Ostia coldly. A. Wed list be come Owa Tae the tap of this Hill an aka show be something be Havena not in after a laborious climb the Parr reached the Summit. Then the guide re. Commended the american just to torn found slowly and View the landscape o or. Urine the process he railed the to test s attention to a number of Large Fairi Odinga in different directions. Waal what Are they asked the bored visitor. Xesto elegies " replied the ? Scot in Sevage a Imp n. An a Wurr Kir " printed and i iia hed daily or e n Kyffin Thomas at the offices of the Kwiater the evening Rosmal Aad hit a Beiver. Grenfell Treel
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