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Adelaide Journal (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Tea you cannot help liking realities of red Russia. British Labourie s. Views. Despotic Rule by fanatics. Or. L. Haden guest joint Secretary of the British labour delegation to Russia writes in the times one of the worst features of the to tide of Rossi by been tie making of that country into a mystery 3nd inhabited either by Angels or by devils. The troth is much More humdrum. The great differences Between Russia and England Are not moral differences at. The marvellous red legend of a country on which the Sun of communism is rising is As untrue a the White legend of a. Country in which civilization is drowned in blood and horror. The reason for the bolshevism Eoa Cem toot the superiority of their theory but the superiority of tiie discipline of their organization. The so called communist party is a military brotherhood of believers in a certain set of dogmas. Their tre Lgth is in the Nixa Natation which took Power by Foroe and Las ruthlessly used poorer end Tenor based on Power to preserve it. The difficulty in understanding the situation in Russia is to difficulty of penetrating behind the camouflage of fac Aust Aad communist wording of bolshevism statements to the crude and naked verities of the struggle for Power behind that screen. The reality is that a Small group of men with certain fanatically held materialist beliefs held with Oil the Intel Ity of religious conviction have seized Power and imposed on their adherents a nominal allegiance to their theories. Crude materialist fatalism. These men have made out of the theories of Karl Marx a new religion a religion of a crude sort of materialism Wirich excludes Ordinary scientific theories As it does religious and spiritual theories. The bolshevik its insist that biological conceptions must Toive place to their economic determinism that Art and music must be taught on marxian lines. Metaphysics they do not Low to be taught just a they do not allow Tho word of god to be mentioned in their schools. Lenin is Best understood if lie is thought of As a Central Asiatic Mahomed sending out the a of his new materialist religion from his High Tower of the Kremlin in Moscow and calling to the Bullions of the russian and siberian peasants Tii work fight and die for the new Conception or against the errors and evils of the Western democratic world. And this new Conception is already hopelessly old in the Western world. It is the kind of materialism that up cases of mind As an excretion of the brain a bile in an excretion of the interview with Lenin. Lenin sent a message lie would Reoe ivc w to 1.30 p., and at that time we had climbed up the Many stairs to his High up office. Past sentries with a sergeant s guard at Call on each Landing and assembled in a waiting room. There was no one with us and so noose of talking or movement outside. The whole place had a quiet chill effect morally and physically while a dampening on Chr interests of a. Small group of people who have got Power to their hands. Soviets i vice out. Meanwhile the soviet organizations Are dying out. Soviets assemble rarely and irregularly their sittings Are More lie a Public meeting than a business Assembly. The highest soviet institution the Central executive Cje does not meet for half a year or More. Soviet Russia is ruled ill fact by the so called political five Lenin Trotsky. Stalin. Kaveney and Kristu Uky its decision is absolutely final. These five Hariper a neither by the control of any representative institution nor by any acion of Independent democratic organization nor by criticism of free press or free word Are indeed omnipotent. But such revolutionary absolute Power shares the general sad Fate of every absolute Power. Omnipotent As far As the Mamm Are concerned omnipotent with respect to the Workman or peasant As Well As any bourgeoisie it is impotent As car As bureaucracy goes and again particularly its military and police services in which the five Are forced to rely for the fulfilment of its dictatorship. None of the Best intentions of the men in Power can be Here of any Avail absolute Power at the top automatically creates absolute Power of the worst kind at he Bottom. And one must acknowledge that All kinds of arbitrariness violence bribery and. Simple robbery Bloom in soviet Russia. Desperate efforts to separate groups of honest True communists Are drowned in this endless sea of militaristic and police corruption. Bolshevism Chiefe. Whether the tendency towards concentration of Power will go further still Only the future can say. We Are at any rate a Long Way off from the bout eos superstitions of Liberty constitutional democracy and workers control. How near we Are to a Napoleonic Era is a matter of speculation but not one of great importance for the people of Russia As it would probably not much change the present method and effects of bolshevism Rule. I was interested in the Nei tonalities of the commanding men. Only one of them is described As a to rids and the nearest touch with the peasantry is in two agricultural engineers. Course in the Ordinary Way. Applause r y p b g funeral notices. Rotley the friends of or. George de wa11d Motley Are respect full informed that tile funeral of his late wife will Jve his Ritsi dance 4s Mclaren Street. Civ. On thursday at 3.30 for the Catholic oem Etuy wot Terrace. Phase j s1bbeht, undertaker phone 413. 17-49 w Ike Seld Street. Eth Tuedt. The friends of the late Wihelmine Gebhardt Are respectfully informed that her funeral will leave her Ute Attesi Deuce Brighton Road. Glenelg. On thursday at 10 a., for the Brighton of Mcter Pes Gaujey & id. Abe undertakers phone 196. 302 bundle Street. Births. Kica Tov on tar More Joer at Punjh Unk a Road to or. And mis. Auja Wheaton a aids we a son. Deaths. the 5-Lth somber. At 4s of Csulen stat City Ewh erint. The bet ored we Unree Edward Noflet. Req wat the Seth Jio vember at her re i Dooc. Brighten Road Glenda Edh mine Vidov of the late g. A. Geu out in her sets me the league Assembly. America and Armenia. A German protest gent3va, scr vember 23. From the australian press association special correspondent the i Mekan debate yesterday infused some life into the proceedings of the league Assembly and it Jas been a topic of conversation among the Delft ions tile digestion has emanated privately from an of 3eeas Delegate to the British delegation that tie league should specially invite the United states to undertake the temporary occupation of Armenia the league paying the ear a. It is understood that 60,000 men would suffice to overage the Kemahli of and interpose a Barrier Between them and the armenians and that Fuch a demonstration of Force would proo Abiy be effective without Active military operations. It id believed that if America supplied the bulk of the troops other cations iwo Al be prepared to furnish the balance. T court of Justice. It is anticipated that the International Coutt of Justice commission will adopt the of the recent judicial commission at the Laguc with some British amendments. Excellent sir James Laben new zealand in an interview said he was Well satisfied with the league first week of work. The commissions were Maliiw excellent Progress and would produce Concrete proposals which Mould facilitate the proceedings of the plenary Assembly. Both sir James Allen and or. 3ehen, Aire doing their uti Host among members to get the Assembly to insist on the Powers issuing mandates. The delay is believed to be due to the opposition of Japan and same obstruction by frat oct. Germany s protest. There was Conta tenable delay by the secretariat circulating Germany s protest which Oliie arms and bombs stored at the place where they were detained and attempted to escape. The fired upon their guards who shot them dead. Mckee and Clancy two of the men Thot. Were prominent sinn fein Era in the 191 i rebellion when Clancy was sentenced to death and later reprieved. On Gallipo. Wrangel s remnants. Constantinople november 23. The first troops from Gen. Wrangel e army have left for Gallipoli. Evance is undertaking the entire reorganization of Wrangel s troops on Gallipoli and lemnos. Land of lots of time Black and White labour at Darwin. Darwin november 24. Official figures published in the local paper to Day show that the government ship John Alee earned nine tons of cargo on her last trip to Daly River. The journey occupied 14 Days and the cast was As follows loading Orer wharf at Darwin �35 Vages of Crew of five men. �46 petrol fuel �63 food. �20 total. �164. The receipts for the freight and four passengers were �24. The loading at Darwin occupied the whole Day. Unloading at Daly River with no wharf cranes and so on was done by a few Blacks in two and a half hours at a Cost of half a dozen Sticks of tobacco two Day s autumn show. At a meeting of the Council of the Royal agricultural society on wednesday presided Over by sir. J. Wallace Sandford it was decided to hold the nest autumn show on March 4 and 5. New classes will be included for returned soldiers for collections of fruits vegetables and Cut Flowers grown on their own lands. No dogs wiil be shown at this show. Additional poultry classes will be provided for Campinas. Cockerel and Pullet and dark and Light leg game. On the recommendation of the pastoral committee it a decided to make prizes in All classes under their control �2 and �1 respectively for first and second. Classes for both competitive and exhibition sheep will be provided at the Nert septem Ber show and All existing regulations governing Merino Cheep were withdrawn. The finance report dictated that the society had �14,985 in hand. The agricultural committee reported having met on november 10. And appointed messes. A. T. Cowan a. Stanford and h. G. Butterfield As the society s representatives on deputation to wait upon the minister of agriculture for the purpose of pointing out the desirable Ness of licensing. The grown solicitor or. F. W. By cards who appeared for do respondent Alspector Kirkpatrick said he would cot oppose the appeals As he was eat ased yet the convictions Corn id not be supported. The appeals vere granted with costs. Henry Jaffa cd of Mario for whom or. G. Hiss appeared applied against a conviction made again so him by justices St the focal magistrates court on a count of Havicu allowed Oile to stray 03 the Brighton Road. There was no do try nce on the part f the to rodent Albert n s. Sanders. Town clerk of Brighton. His Honor said he was of. The opinion that respond Dot had Wen Wal advised in Sot opposing Xac Appeal l Phich would be allowed with costs. M Quarry employees Case. A in the Industrial oort co veda Day la. Deputy president an application by or. & . On bum of the a.w.o., to have the award recently made in regard to quasi ploy be applied to All Ynar men Timon ghost the state by mesas of a Coram Rule. The employers were not represented. His Honor said there vie a. Number of employers engaged in the Industry who should Hare notice of a application. And he directed that copies of the Nahoe of citation pc forwarded to the proprietor of elate Quay at Wilhma the Marble quarries at Kaunda and Annaston. And the Stone Quay Abb mount Date on which the objections to the common Rule Are to be filed was fixed for december14. The court adjourned until december Fri. The p the Law courts. I Oil. Adelaide wednesday. Soe Ember is. Before or. T. Hewitson so e Mary Evan claimed a from engr moneys alleged to be due Lor Board Aid lodging t Irivin by plaintiff to defendant. Capt. W. J. Donny appeared for mrs. Ryan and or. F. Kelly for defendant who pleaded not indebted. Judgment was Given for plaintiff for �4. Before or. Commissioner Mitchel Arthur news to Bowen jeweller of Gawker place sued c. A. Home of Salisbury Chambers for �7, f Aile cd to be one for work and labour done and s materials supplied by plaintiff for defendant at his request and for Money due by defendant to plaintiff. A Elendar pleaded Sot indebted with the exception of the Sam of �3 9/11, which he paid into court it. J. H. Vang Axi appeared for. Plaintiff and defendant conducted his own else. Plaintiff received judgment for �4, including the amount paid into court without Cost. Police. Adelatde wednesday november "j4. Before . Al Sabine t?.m. I. Jewell and d. Lithgow Reginald e. Friend admitted having Ridden a Notor Cycle Aloir Vituj William Street on a ctn a 17 with Jyz ineffective Silencer a Fine of �1 Wita 13, eos = was imposed. La Murd a. Bea Aywas ordered to pay i with cot for having driven a motor of alone Kins William Street on october 1, in exc Eato he Speed limit. . Olsson said coat the peed -31 Miles an door or 0 s-7 Miles or. Honor the Speed limit. For having driven a motor a Ole Alae King wham Reet on october 17 wich crat an effective Silencer Victor far Titi is unfit in Fraitik to Ooma. _ u spirit impulses record. Edison s latest endeavour. New York october 2. Or. Thomas Edison announces that he b s perfecting a mechanical instrument by hich he expects to establish free communication with the dead. The outlines of Dison s latest endeavour Are set Forth in n interview in the american Magazine together with a Challenge by the inventor o exponents and supporters of hitherto accepted theories of spirit communication and a prediction that the establishment of successful communication with _ the spirit world can never be achieved through any childish contraptions which seem so silly to the in Brief Dison s key to communication with the Ead consists of a super sensitive instrument so responsive to spirit impulses As to Register and transmit them to mortals. He ays 1 have been at work for some time building an apparatus to see if it is possible for persons who have left this Earth to Amman icat with us. If this Ever accomplished it will be accomplished not y occult mystifying. Hysterics and weird Means such As Are employed by the so called mediums but by scientific methods. If those who have left the form f life we have on Earth cannot use or affect the apparatus i going to Cine them then the Chance of there being a hereafter of the kind we think about and imagine disappears. On the other hand it will cause a tremendous sensation if it s successful.". How marshal j0ffre dines. Near port Saint Denis there is a quiet comfortable _ but entirely unpretentious Little Brasserie restaurant where lunch or dinner can be had for in these Davs the very modest sum of 12f. 5/ a he a. It is patronized almost entirely by the quiet Bourgeois of the Quarter and it is rare that any visitor to Paris enters within its portals writes the Paris correspondent of the times. The waiters know the names of their clients who arc almost All Habi tues and they Are justly proud of one of them a Fine looking old Man with a kindly face and Large and very White Moust chios. For every meal e table near the window is set aside for him and if some Chance customer wants to sit there the nearest waiter says be journal motions him elsewhere to emailing not Here sir. This is marshal Joffre s for it is Here in the quietpea3 of the Petite bourgeoisie that the Victor of the Marne goes every Day to eat while his wife is enjoying a prolonged summer Holiday. His usual waiter says that his habits Are of the simplest. The great marshal drinks neither wine Coffee nor liqueurs but he has a big appetite for vegetarian diet inc in the evening he never eats meat marshal Joffne they say. Is never happier than when his presence in this modest Little restaurant passes unnoticed. Latest shipping. Semaphore , nov. Mater 8.10 Hiffa water 3.10 . Orontes 1.622, Glazebrook London. Anderson & oo., agents. 34low w. 3. It Nadilja 422, Sim fre Manuc. Adelaide steamship co., agents. . 4 hymn tons. Eastern states. Amaldo a Brescia. Genoa. Karaite Kangaroo Island. Warr Awee edit Burgh. Harold Tasmania. . By wireless. The Adelaide radio station was in communication with the following ships during tuesday orontes it Ancilla Malwa Tarra Nestor Karoo la. Port Nicholson Bulla clan i Munro Offenbach. River Levels. Above Rummer level wednesday november 21.flood or change critical height in 24 stage. At 9 a hot it. In. It. In. It in. Gundagai 21 0 4 3 . Wags Ragga 20 0 3 2 0 2 f Deniliquin 26 0 s o o 4 f hav 16 0 6 6 Flag o 3f Mou Lamkin is 0. 7 4 Balranald 13 0 s 0 1 of goo Dosa 10 0 Low Low Mun Gundi 0 0 0 s Fig 0 2 f Mogi 20 0 1 6 namoi 23 0 30 . Baryon 32 0 30 5 Flag 0 3 f brew Anina 35 g 5-7 Flag 0 3 Bource 40 d 5 0 Fig 0 6 f Lonich 0 9 s Flag o 3f til a 0 0 9 0 . Wilcannia. 36 0 9 6 tag 0 3 1? Hen indie 27 0 20 0 0 10 Foo Dearie 25 0 20 3 . Wentworth 22 0 19 9 0 2 f a try 14 0 5 9 0 2 f Wang Myah 21 0 Echuca 30 0 21 1 0 3fswan Hill 12 0 eos ton 32 0 24 1 1 0 if Overland Corner 14 Morgan 16 0 22 0. O i f remark 21 0 17 11 0 f Tetman 0 0 1 9 0 3fr. Rise. F. Tall. . No change. Latest markets. Price use. official salting prices of wheat for float for Loath consumption Are far local Trade f 7 / 8 a Grade for teed requirements. 7/6 a Bushel. Port Adelaide a Grade set Seaines 5/ pickups 4/6 Burnt wheat 5/8. Floar Millet quotation Bakers lots delivered in City and Ebinte �17 2/6 a ton. Bran millets quotations about �8 5/ a ton door port Adelaide for local Trade. Pollard miners quotations about �9 5/ a ton Mill door. Port Adelaide for local Trade. Bay cutters buying Price Best beaten Beaver Hay so a Ion. Delivered in Adelaide. Chaff merchants Png pricev�5 10/ a Lois ton bag include Don Inide smile end �6 2/6 a Tang Tan big include delivered in Adelaide and eur Omha. Price growers Lote new Aoa a Tari English malting on the of.5/ to so in trunks. Port Adelaide for prompt delivery but gape about 1/ to 4/3. Qts Bryine Price _ in uric lots Dod feed new sea on 1/8 to 1/10 a Burdiel in feuds port Adelaide Market almost nominal. Market quotations &�9 a ton new �10 to �12. Merchants a tribute my quotations Fez store or in trucks mile end old. �10 new. �13 30/, Leas discount. Ogre web Gran rets lots about �7 to �9 a ton ill the Adelaide Market. Merchants distributing Rice. A store a in tracks see end. �11 10/ a too less die font. Almonds traction Brandis 10&d. Mixed Shelle god. Bar Ditiello. 5d of kernels s/3. Bacon at auction Best factory cured sides 1/7 and is hams 1/11 to St. Butter to auction Best factory and Creamery 2/5 to 5/6 per &. Choice separator and Dairy Taysi to s/6 store and collector1/n to or. Cheese the Purchase or Sale of. Wheat provided that the ruling rates of Selling commission May be received a the Case of the Sale of wheat not suitable for Gristing. 1 the amendment was accepted. An amendment that the government should handle All wheat instead of Only fair average Quality was lost. The minister for agriculture moved the following addition to clause 27 for the purpose of ensuring that the Powers and authority of the Board May be execute without interruption it is declared that notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Industrial arbitration act of 1916, the provisions of the said act shall reply to persons employed in work such As is usually carried on in farming operations a respect of wheat subject to this act provided that no award shall be made by the court of Industrial arbitration regulating the conditions of persons go employed except upon reference a. The minister in that behalf pursuant to the said act. The Leader of the opposition or. Vowles chanced the government with having sold the banners by introducing this amendment at the last moment. Or. Corser declared that this attempt to Load the Bill would Lead to Industrial trouble in the farming it would give the minister Power to brine the workers into the arbitration court without any such desire being expressed by them. Or. G. P. Barnes contended that the amendment was outside the scone of the Bill. Moore said there would be no Industrial peace in the face of such a provision which Eho Tild not be tacked to the wheat Pool Bill. Or. W. H. Barnes said this provision ha3 never Ben mentioned to the Farmers. It was evident that Subtle influence had been at work. The amendment wan carried on division by 38 against 30. The Bill was reported with amendments. The third Reading was fixed for to Morrow. Brisbane water Board. Errors in report. Brisba5te. November 3. The state treasurer to Day presented to the legislative Assembly the supplementary report of the metropolitan water and sewerage Board. The report which is signed by e. J. T. Man Chater president and z. Johnston Secretary of the Board draws attention to certain errors in 6gurtf Given in the previous report relative to the Cost of new Mains and various sections of the City sewerage scheme. It states with the exception of the error with regard to new Mains which a a palpable miscalculation of the percentage rate the. Whole of the errors Are due to the inadvertent inclusion in sewerage construction casts for the year 1919 of amounts which were not expended Unta january 1930. We regret exceedingly the occurrence of these errors and Trust that Tek. Auckland november 23. The new zealand government Steamer Otene Fucai left Auckland to Day to search or be icing Schooner Job one near Cook land. Stop press edit Foh. Itt weather forecast. F Cloudy on Nudi of Aurlino. To i 1i showers to South and South East. Warm in Suh. By in liquid Wii tendency to Thunder conditions lat i in Ortli West. South Wost winds., l to Day s temperatures. C san. 132 Bado. 71.7. 3 Oil . Trip Pronior Tojim. Roidy in us Assam bar on wednesday that ii did riot it Wisp or no ursary to int dupe a Short Hill to Fai Ili talc lie search for Oil in Tho South of a Coal mine. The or Cuvier. In Ilic aweigh in on wednesday informed or. Olill thai the had received the offer of Purchase of a Al mini in new South Wales and that the matter would be considered by Cabinet. J j 1 " military a tie its at Adelaide Hospital. Or. Hill was assured in the Assembly on wednesday by Tho i Premier that the matter of additions to the Adelaide Hospital j for the purpose of treating military patients there was under consideration in consequence of representations made by the Commonwealth repatriation department to the. Hospital i. Board. The repatriation department was prepared to spend j an amount , and it suggested that when i had no. I farther use for them the government should take them Over / at a valuation., liner and a mine. 1 Marseilles. November 2 unconfirmed rumours Are afloat that the mess Geries maritime company s steamship j Sphinx which was travelling from Alexandria to Marseilles j with several Hiu idols of passengers on Board Shurk a foaling mine. The Sphinx is a Shin of 1.1,375 ions and was built in i 1914., Stock sex Chance sales. " 12.30 to 3. ,0 p.41 per Simino wealth loan 1927, �90 12/g. �90 in �90 11 a per cent. 1927. �90 5/, �90,7/6 peace loan. Juno interest. �92 15/ metropolitan Brick 6/wheat. 9ld. Hansel Mundy paid. 10d. Con. 5d. Murrins proprietary. 1/4j . 2/.t Britannia 1/3 Ives Reward. 2, 4, 2 Monger proprietary. . Junctions. 2/6, 2/72/5i a. Protr dietary a Paris 1/2 South. 37/9 Princess Royal lid. . Hrej Nocon. 19/ Golden Homie West id. I swimming. Minda gala handicaps. One of the Mot interesting items had in Oane Cioa with the Minna fund will be the asian int a a. And display of life Avinoff to be eur Ted by the australian Amateur swi Mune association and Boyal Tii frying society t the Sty Baths on i urday Niff it. The proc Edins which will be opened by Lidy Hackett vill Berrin with an event for bos under 14 Yoia id excellency the governor sir Archibald Weill will be present. All tit Pennini it Nata orial artists will contest the 66 Yards open Handicap. Rhile the various taunt should provide a a Cace in the too Jagds event. Handicaps adjusted by or. Spencer major Ere a follow oys under 14 . Hughes or. N. W. Site is. L. C. Cohen 5 l. Danoras a. Orbam. And �. W. Dill Jay. 5 s. T. Medwell and White hons 6. Under 16 . Jones. Donovan and t. T. Powell car. W. Mcdonld. Is b. Johnaon. 2 and h. Whit Muse 4. Pea a Itira 66 Yards first heat a c. Codman. Eur. W. Little. 2s. L. G. Smith 4. O Sialle 6 h Thorpe 6 and g. Mcl Raeh. W. 6. Bond and l. Maiden 7. Second heat. H. By Ater. La h. Family 2 p. B. Doyle h. G. Hancoc 6 a. W. Sampson 6 and h. Yme and l. Jackson. 7. Third heats. T. Bee Man is. E. W. Scala Illier 3 t. Harvey 4 a w. Or a j. T. Topping i a. B. Hall 7 acl w. Mcdonald. 8. Fourth heat a. C. Howe j. W. Etzen 3 h. Eidl 5 e. Kau Ani 3f." Thomas 6 f. O Connor. 7 and it. F. Harris. 8. Fifth heat a. J. Stanhope 2 b. Green a r. J. A Kulway. 5 in Topping 6 g. T. Day. R. Tromp to 7 b. B. Jes Rev 9 and l. Epson breast Brake has Dicas 100 Yaida first heat a. B. Woodroofe
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