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Adelaide Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 13 1918, Page 1

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Adelaide Journal (Newspaper) - November 13, 1918, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Subtle saving satisfying Terai special Tea. Empire s great rejoicing faced by famine. obedient. Further armistice conditions. Naval fight possible reckoning enemy s Bill hasten peace Germany s request to allies. Washington november 12. Germany has asked Ittie allies to testes negotiations owing to the imminent danger of Diamine in the fatherland London november 12. A later message from or. Solf to or. To Uig Fng Jaas fou Oire the armistice having been concluded the German government requests president Wilson to arrange 1ax. Peace negotiations. It proposes for the purpose of accelerating such negotiations that consideration should be first Given to die conclusion of a preliminary peace. It enquires where and when might the negotiations begin owing to tie pressing danger of a famine it is particularly anxious that the negotiations Ehold begin immediately. More armistice terms. Return of russian Gold. Occupation of Heligoland. In event of difficulties. In Dox november 12., the armistice rms j�rovid2 that the Allied occupation. Of lie Era a Ted territory shall Iep Pace tvs h the evacuation. All the inhabitants of being in France afe Aee and Luxemburg who Nave been deported including hostages Dull be repatriated within a fortnight. Three thousand minesweepers and 2,000 aeroplanes shall be surrendered. A Neutral zone 10 Miles re id. Shall be established along the right Bank of the Rhine from Switzerland to Holland. All military establishments stores Foon owing to the German Navy Mutiny. Heligoland shall be occupied in order to enforce the terms. Freedom of Access to the Baltic shall be secured. All russian tray Blanos shall be handed to the allies end All Allied merchantmen shall be restored without German a bail reveal All land and sea mines and Poison Spring and the allies shall have the right to occupy German ports and defences the Kattegat. The allies 6hah have free Access to the evacuated territories on the Eastern Frontier through Danl in and the Vistula to on to convey Sirp pics or maintain order. Kab Public securities which can assist in the recovery to the Allied War losses and Aji rehire apart for in those eur rendered of fall be. Concentrated at naval bases paid off and disarmed. Arn Jarv vessels shall lie singular la Ennon Decd. Theta req must be ready to ail with so a. The blockade shall remain aug Ernst merchantmen found St a shall be liable to trip Tare. H the allies contemplate profit Floming germans during the Annice. German merchantmen Friall be transferred to Neutral flags. K l from dark to Light. The London of old. London november 12. The Autho ties suspended the lighting restrictions for a fortnight. To night s amusements. Theatre Royal new musical comedy company in the three Tivoli from Mill girl to millionaires a Majestic Marie King Scott and the Faynes. Test s pictures the sorrows of satan and the wonder graph Dorothy Dalton and Virata Martin. Tee armistice terms Germany desires mitigation these fearful the German wireless from official sources states that by. Solf foreign and colonial minister. Has sent the following message to or. Lansing Secretary for slate at Washington convinced of the common Aims and ideals of democracy the German government addresses itself to the president of the United states with a request to Lim to re establish peace corresponding with the principles which or. Wilson has always maintained. Its is to secure a just solution of All file questions in dispute and a permanent reconciliation of All the nations. President Wilson has declared that he had no wish to make War on the German people or to impede peaceful development the German government has received the conditions of the armistice. After a blockade of 50 months those conditions especially the surrender of the Means of transport and the sustenance of the troops of occupation would make it impossible to provide Gern Jay with food and cause the starvation of millions of men women and children particularly As the blockade must continue. We had to accept the conditions but feel that it is our duty to draw president Wilson s attention solemnly and in All earnestness to the fact that the enforcement of the conditions must produce among the germans feelings contrary to those on which the reconstruction of the Community of nations alone can rest guaranteeing a wrist and durable peace. The German people therefore in this fateful hour again address themselves to the president wih a request that he will use his influence with the Allied Powers in order to mitigate these fearful German. Merchant men. To go to the nearest port. London november 12. The germ a authorities have circulated a wireless message " recommending All German merchantmen to to proceed to the nearest port. On the Way to spa. Allied Headquarters officer. London november 12. An official French Birdess message informs the German general Headquarters that major sister on of the Allied general Headquarters staff accompanied by three officers is proceeding to spa to Day. Berlin quiet and obedient. Hindenburg supports new government. London november 12 a German wireless official Messa. State e the new National government Lias met consisting of Herren Ebert Scheidemann and Ijan Triberg majority Socia and Haase Dittmann and Bath Independent socialists. Every departmental minister. I Liis troops will stand fast on the positions reached at the hour named. A line of outposts will be established and be reported to Headquarters. A3 military precautions will be preserved. There Wol be no communication Tveith the this a Hurt message on a. Pint slip sufficed to lend the Fig ting. It was event out at .736 ajn., and was known throughout the Aront within an hour. Among the Foremost troops King Edward s horse who had reached the outskirts of ath. The germans had scurried away without even blowing up the Bridges. The British troops took no chances and continued fighting to the very end. The Victory line. When hostilities ceased. Four Miles East of Mons. London. November 12. Gen. Haig. Reports when hostilities were suspended we had Tea bed a general line from the Franco belgian Frontier eastward through a Esnes Reumont and Givray to four Miles East of Mons through chevres less Ines and Grammont. Our Aerial squadrons on sunday dropped 1 19 tons of bombs destroyed 16 German machines drove Down one. And bombed two others standing in an aerodrome. Nine British Craft Are missing. Our night bombers dropped 20 tons of. Bombs on various objects including the railways at Louvain Namur and Oia Leroi. Allies four months offensive. Germans beaten and thrown out. London november 12. A French communique announcing the conclusion of the armistice emphasizes the fact that the allies after a four months decisive offensive have driven Back beaten and thrown out of France the powerful German army and forced it to Cue for peace. Looking for trouble possible naval fight. German Fleet asked to defend country London november 11. G g m p the admiralty has intercepted a German naval wireless message which was issued through the medium of the warship Strass Bijj to All warships destroyers and submarines in the North sea and the Baltic. After having quoted the armistice terms the message added the blockade instituted in Defiance of International Law against the German people is to continue and would involve our the Fleet is called on to defend the country against this unheard of Strong English forces Are reported to be off the Skaw the most northerly Point of Jutland Denmark and the submarines in the Baltic Are ordered to assemble in the Sarnitz Harbour. British submarines. Remarkably successful work. Great enemy losses. London november 11. Official records show that British sub marines during the War destroyed two battleships two armoured cruisers two Light cruisers even destroyers five gun boats 20 submarines one Zeppelin and five aimed auxiliaries and also torpedoed three battleships and a Light Cruiser which reached pore Bady damaged. Other enemy Craft _ destroyed consisted of 14 transports Rax ammunition Supply ships two store ships 53 steamers and 19" sailing ships. One officer completed 40 cruises covering 34,000 Miles. Many other commanders Are credited with voyages which aggregated 20,000 Miles. Aerial activity. Heavy damage inflicted. London november 12. The pre Bureau reports that on sunday afternoon Independent air Force machines bombed the railway j unctions to Ehr Ange. The following "nig6t they tacked the Aerodromes at Morange Fres Oaty. And Leainghen and the Rai Iveys at Sfetz Yablon. Direct hits were registered at Fres Caty and exceptionally Good shooting was done at Morange where 10 direct hits were scored on hangars t free Large fires were started and other considerable damage was caused. America s overseas army. More than 2,000,000. New York november 12 official figures show that of the 3,510,000 men in the United states army 2,008,000 Are overseas. Huge captures. Italians achievements in 11 Days. A to v London november 12. An italian official communique Spates Farn f \ minted Between in Fri 24 an member 4. Comprised 10,658 officers. 416,116 men and 6,816 guns. Operations were us ended at 11 o clock on monday morning. Germans homage. To France and allies. Paris november 12. The French Premier m. Clemenceau in a statement to the pre.-?, said a Long discussion has taken place with German members of parliament concerning Leeonda i t questions. The germans themselves eoe 1 a 4 the great Sirni of Oneida two. We displayed and intimated that they proposed to publish a manifesto rendering homage to Faaee and her allies the German members of parliament insisted on the Gravity of the problem of food supplies and ii Clemenceau added we shall maintain the blockade during the armistice but will do every thing possible to Revio Tual Germany and Austria without depriving ourselves too much. The question of transportation dominates everything. It is our duty to help Germany. We make War not against humanity but for humanity. Paris is brilliantly illuminated. The crowd greeted Gen. Foch with delirious thus . M. Glemence Aai had a Tom arable reception an tile Ziamber " oof deputies and was greeted with thunderous applause. Victory messages. King to Allied leaders. London. November 12. On the Oce Assion of the conclusion of the armistice his majesty the King telegraphed to the King of the belgians president Poincare the Mikado of Japan president Wilsoa the Kings of Italy Serbia Roumania Montenegro Greece and ski to Sultan of Egypt and the presidents of the republics of Portugal China Brivil and Cuba. London november 12. The King Nas sent a message expressing his Heartfelt gratitude to the overseas Peoples for their wonderful efforts and sacrifices which contributed so greatly to the Victory. He rejoices that the Empire is still closely United by a Community of suffering and sacrifice. London november 12. The King and Queen and Princess May drove through the West Ead to the City. His majesty addressed a crowd from the mansion House Steps and they had an Elm Basic Welcome everywhere. The Heads of the various War services visited the King at Buckingham Palace and their majesties will attend the thanksgiving service at St. Paul s to Morrow. The King in a speech from the Balcony of the Palace said i. With Yoru thank god for the victories of the Allied America to Lloyd George. No one done More. London november 12. Col. House president Wilson s confidential adviser has sent a message to or. Lloyd George conveying sincere congratulations and stating no one has done More to bring about this splendid Victory than or. Lloyd George has replied to col. House As follows thanks for your generous Telegram. Nothing contributed Ore to Victory than president Vilson s prompt response to the Appeal i made to him for american help in those critical Noble tribute to arms. London november 12. The press Bureau states that the King has sent Sterling messages of congratulation and Praise to the army Navy and air Force. His majesty states that since the fateful 4th of August 1914, he has remained confident that the Narcy would prove the Empire s Enre shield in the hour of trial. In the a Effige to All rank of the army of the British Empire including Home Dominion colonial and Indian troops the King has expressed his Heartfelt Pride and gratitude at the Brilliant i Success which has crowned four years of Effort and endurance. Men of the British race Felt the Call of blood and joined eagerly the Mother country in the fight against tyranny and wrong. Equally those ancient and historic Peoples in India and Africa who had Learned to Trust England s Flag hastened to discharge their debt of loyalty to the Crown. Our glorious sea traditions. Salute the ensigns. Melbourne november 12. His majesty the King has sent the following message to the Navy and mercantile Marine now that the lost and most formidable of our enemies has acknowledged the Triumph of the Allied arms on behalf of right and Justice i Wash to express my Praise and thankfulness to he officers men and women of the Royal Navy and marines with their comrades of the Fleet auxiliaries and mercantile Marine who for More than four years have kept open the seas protected our shores and Given it safety. Ever since that fateful 4th of August 1914, i have remained steadfast in my Confidence that whether Fortune frowned or smiled the Royal Navy would once More prove a sure shield of the British Empire in the hour of trial. Never in its history has the Royal Navy with god s help done greater things for us nor better sustained its old glories and the g f i g � j l l v l r s l t Pire Salute the White the red and the Blue ensigns and those who have Given their lives for the Flag. I am proud to Hare served in the Navy. I am prouder still to be its head on this memorable Day " huns to the last. British warship torpedoed. London november 11. Taste admiralty Las intimated that the warship Britannia was torpedoed on saturday at the Western Entrance to the Straits of Gibralter. She Sank three and a half hours later. The survivors numbered 39 officers and 673 men. Gallipoli Graves. London november 12. Among the first australian troops to be landed on Gallipoli Are officers who Are changed with the task of the registration of the Graves of australian and Nev zealand soldiers. Decayed Teeth Are the greatest hindrance to health and Beauty. Gold wired Teeth give you both health and Beauty if you have any faults to find after three months use the Purchase Money will be refunded. G. A. Miller handle 146 Rundle Street. Z317wc to Morrow s celebrations. Arrangements practice by finalized. Discussing the programme Lor tomorrow s celebrations in Adelaide in connection with the signing of the armistice 3mr. C. E. Owen Smyth superintendent of Public buildings and Secretary of the committee appointed by the government intimated this morning that the various mat ters have been just about finalized. He added that the naval and military commandants capt. Clare . And Brig. Gen. Antill in hand the arrangements affecting their respective branches of the service. It has been de finitely decided that lady Galway will Lead the red Cross workers in the procession from the chief Secretary s office in Flinders Street and these will be followed by the representatives of the league of Loyal Wom a and members of the cheer up safety. A n d the Trench comforts and battalions . A platform T is Hoin Serbia placed 707,343 men in the Field and maintained them for the whole of that period. There were 500,000 effective. The number fallen in Battle and died in of priv to up to the last serbian offensive was 322,000, showing that one half of the male population had perished outright in the War. The total loss in live Stock and War material and military expenses up to the arrival at Corfu amounts to More than �96,000,000 Sterling including the damage to private property and the requisitions of foodstuffs. Canadian casualties. Ottawa november 12. The Canadian casualties for the War to Date Are 211,000, of which 34,877 have been killed. The Canadian dead is twice the total of that of the United states army. Continue food sacrifices. Forty millions wanting. Washington november 12. The food controller or. Hoover has asked the americans to continue their self denial in connection with foodstuffs owing to the grave condition of Germany and Northern Russia where 40,000,000 of people Are Short of food. It will be necessary for the United states to make immediate efforts to feed the German and austrian people. United states ship building. Programme to be continued., Vancouver november 12.t it Fias been announced at Washington i t Al Ted intends to continue her shipbuilding programme and specialize Viii re ? r cars carriers of from Kun 00 to 14,000 tons ear a. Continued on Back Page. We Are asked to Call attention advertisement by b. Solomon & to postponement of customs Sale to Friday november 15. " la peace Celebration s. To Morcott Beinor a Public Holiday the evening journal will. Kox be published. C exiled sex Kaiser looks Pale final Harangue chiefs. With Crown Frince missing London. November 12. The. Daily express special correspondent at yelp has sent the following Cable message the sex Kaiser is now occupying the left Wing of the old Rastle of mid Rachten it help. Only count Bentine and two servants Are allowed to approach the exiled emperor. The servants say he looks Pale and worn but not ill and that he talks with his usual vivacity. Other Amsterdam messages state that the actual abdication took place on november 9. In a Small Viila at spa in the presence of or. Solf or. Delbruck. Gen. Hindenburg. The Crown Prince and others. The Kaiser did not lose the Opportunity to Harangue those present before signing. The episode which ended the Hohen Ollyn Rule Hegan at Midnight and lasted for 45 minutes. New York november 12. The new York newspapers demand the punishment of the Kaiser. The new York Sun Points out that be already is under an indictment by London coroners for it he murder of air raid victims. Or. Gerard formerly american ambassador at be Linin a Public speech stated Wilhelm Hohenzollern is a private citizen and must be extradited to England he committed a crime against England in sinking the Lusitania. And roust stand his trial before an English William the can stay in Holland. Dressed As civilian. Amsterdam november 12. Dutch newspapers announce that the govern dirt does not object to the sex Kaiser.? sojourn in Holland provided that he is considered As a civilian. He Haf been advised to dress in civilian c othes. When the train arrived at Pysden a number of belgian workers shouted. Down with William the the Kaiser looked Pale and nervous and 6poke to nobody. The Tele Graaf demands his immediate expulsion As an undesirable citizen. An extraordinary Cabinet meeting was held last night., the Queen presiding to decide the matter. Wily Wilhelm. Tried to delay armistice delegation. London. November 12. The daily chronicle correspondent at Amsterdam has it on excellent authority that the Kaiser and his supporters a Headquarters made a determined Effort to prevent the armistice delegation reaching the French lines. The delay of the delegates on the journey through Belgium was due to the Kaiser s orders. Finally Jen. Hindenburg personally instructed the Mission to proceed threatening serious consequences to any one counter manding his orders. The Kaiser opposition then collapsed. Late advertisements. "v71ct0bia. League members Are requested v to take part in the match on thursday if possible and to meet at Flinders Street at w a.Iii., unless otherwise advertised. C j. Hamilton Hon. Secretary. Bowood senior cadets. Cadets from Norwood areas Bou cd in lace numbers Tor peace pro cession thurs Day. Fall in at Hindmarsh Square at it . Sharp. J. A. Wait. D.s.o., Captain. P each . F. Hex Wick & sons Hovd Marsh. We wish to state that owing to peace Cele bration a we regret by inst unable to Call on All our customers the latter end of this week. Our shops will be opes on Friday and saturday As usual. A31s Floya j australian naval the Watai. Brigade will take part in the peace Celebration s on thursday 14th november 1916. Place of Muster Saral Drill shed Birkenhead at 8 . Sharp. Dress blues collars Caps log Pines and accoutrements. District Natal officer. De toss spinning members of the nov Are Arto to join in the peace process of on thursday. November 14. Members please assemble at the gym moment of ficus. Corner of Street and Gawler place at 9.30 . White dresses brimmed Hois with red Cros capes draped Over. A a the Field Ait Blayde cohort of club.11 a la members and friends Are Pequ Estop to meet l thursday november 14th, of 10 o clock Abirl in Flinders Street to take part in peace Celebration March. White dresses Brown hats. m. A. Cleek Hon. Secretary. Comfort Guild. All members of the above Ere specially req Ted to take part in March of peace thursday 14th november. Meet at Adelaide town flail at 9.30 . White dresses and thais to he worn. Z c a is to jts Sale. Advertised for thursday. 14ta a Ovelier. Is postponed. To Friday 151h n or Ember of 11 o clock consequence of Public Holiday to celebrate armistice. B. Solomon son. Auctioneers. Sale of valuable household Furni turn and effects. 4t the Resl dexa. Yan Wirra to 14 i soap Host Park Cloe to ski Tanya hotel. On tuesday. November it n. Aili . Theodoke Bruce & co. Land and furniture aug Ion oers tin i Vaj-m.ton9 have been Faw ured with instr us on from or. J. J. A Hood who Hai left uie state to Tea by auction As above Cataio us now ready. Goods in Yiev Momic of Sale. Auctioneers offices and Saleroom Exchange buildings. Pirie Street. Auctioneer Fred. T. Bruce. Marriage. St. Christophers. Curca Mulla Iby the her. T. In. E. Hopkins Sydney Charles Only son of or. And mrs. J. Towill May lands to Blanche Irene second daughter of or. And sirs. W. H. Goldsworty m e e t m e set t h e staircase victorians new delaide of a weather forecast. Pine but Cloudy and generally Cool except for Light showers in South East and tendency for Thunder in North East. Southerly winds. Stop press e d i t i o n. The i jul Boisne Rham. To ii ily to not to Morrow. Having that there a ii Hood of their in not Ramum to Norrow. A with is frs Misc employee Juso Dativa or. 1,% h. Jill at a meeting of the Tramway pm of ? this inn Niagai it t Der shift is Between �5 and the Reeo Iii Iii wars carried unanimously and there is not much doubt that it will be endorsed at a meeting which Sill is this oven 115 it eld i meeting said right at the Hae Knoy depot for in Pui pcs of receiving uss decision of the morning Ami oyo Iii listings Aad no stat int the ,triimw2-ys Trust my i Izyk to Gire to the men. I a Moi big to Telephone this morning s determination to the acting Genera wms Svca the Trust this gambling tourist Bureau. Evert sunday at 2.30 pm. Chars Basc leave our booking office Gresham hotel Bald Inch for All Elul helps. Each sunday we Send our chak6abanc on new route trips through Hills a. Private and picnic parties catered for. Phone 4800 2277mwfc the South australian Safe proprietors. Association the proprietors of capes and restaurants Deaire to notify the Public that their establishments will be closed All Day thursday. W. D. Burley Secretary 0j. James place Grenfel Street. Returned sailors and soldiers Imperial league of Australia. . Brasch. Members of the above league arb matted to take fit is the peace Day memorial Parade to Morrow Paul is at Chas. Moore a gouger Street at 9.30 . Permission has been granted by the state military Comman Tot for tie wearing of uniform z Hie co operation of the South african veterans will also he welcomed. A Foj Babbs. Secretary. M o t o r i s t s peace celebrations. A procession of motor cars decorated a5d otherwise will take place to Morrow. In connection truth die seventh Wiir loan Mas a a Biff Success. Make to Morrow s peace celebrations procession something to be remembered. Roll up. We want every Motorist to take part. A 3 of Urr 3 by " motor and lined traders association. Mar Halls. H. G. Kr3uirf Tro Duncan. Ai rejected volunteers wearing tier the military rejection badge or the badge of the volunteers association Are requited to a cab at Chas. Moore e Corner. Gonger Street on thu Friday. 14th Insu at 9.30 . Aimre to Taie part in the peace Day celebrations. Evil Toast major Fri Sidmot r.v.4
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