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Adelaide Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1922, Page 2

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Adelaide Journal (Newspaper) - April 10, 1922, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? ? ? ? ? to ssh Umess gag is w St Swir fix a _ at i Job 4mmjjjjjl fwd it i to to fam #4 t by it a a tin Philp we j a is if Sims wms i i & w ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 0iam09i0 it Liq 01ammo mooch pretty q0l9 me cruet ban0lewatch. Useful clock Silver plate. Vat in Unm or to lot � � , m it k w to to few a Kali my Campaign Republican s deed ? ? a by Tratow to Ford. Wow Iii Wii we wad and we in tic la a cab Kwh Miff. To time few Way it in 4mbm who we attempting to it fat the lice were driven off but the train proceeded litter. Another Sang of armed soft need the dryer of the train at Ennis Mortby and carried him off in a w wudn4 Tifesi the world w 51 Day lie Bekto _ trip in bras than few Wash a. Two Piu will. Of wife in it Mew Gow. Up re if sad. Nth la Fly Mem of the Row firing Tum Mulca of Ocean Tandu the a scan Miles. Allia Lon Lon to Alee eastward will Tomla Manky the last atm of or Tolyl. And the to i hat Lar us win. To twas i we. A brr . Be re and the wid exp Rew a pasta Liao a Traimer aul be made then Contin Ninouz my a adv a is s my tit How we or the Advt a ius4f and Alaska to the awry Fuidie a it. U Ork. And the ass is. And it w i he lined in 500 Kim Affif arise of win As mar al wig for dirigible is room. Via to Diri Gib Hallom to be disc Anstad i the plan for the future. Re set maps Imit b the l United state Maey with Kwiim bid balloon Are mid to pwt the Way. With Fathy sonic last 4swi� Eli air Teri i dying to Lam year it be eliminated hmm Tomb and nays Are naut Sal Pipit. Mid Milf twin by dirigible is Jan Wib be the a Trad War of malt tag us ewer ass Freem Sopfe. Is to he Mem a the at unto. In had ass rom to 1 from part up it i 4ruit Eoa earning the rag in Speany to operate Sirand so Tab Amenea. A to Morera cad Mimm . Mimi the Jib nude Imp w Hmira. Ibram camera Art to base oar no capacity a u int at w riot a mum an boar. 1mb la we re will Heanry 0 Iam Earpsr Aad a Tom of mail la every country Ituna and aet Tity a a Iatan Are k Iney Wui Tom Mil is it a Pemble to make a trip or an York m Ubas hot a l h of Nei i. In Imit a litre a Kalaka leak Lisp Immi. Tab. Frame. With Ber set Sabatt Stablish Mem fial air Jimmh. Hattig al Rater five a i Ranee hmm All la Tiati Joti the Earth at the it stat to a tins development i Hans us to Pitt inc into mop with the for Tut a Tatton. Wat a Umont t a bad i to Boti and for rom in with Irr Ess Twenty incr hmm in i Uruu to a York i. In Roll new e�4 to u my. The Asarin. New under w Maui Tomt at it Maud Cost of �130,000, it Fry Isa no hip and my at the rat of in mum an intr. Aerial Siwis a tier Between i Xudong do ird u � 4 t i Poupart a t a t a r Rol n Lent it i. Of i a u Sij a i uni. Hmm t Ludw i � -t4 str Fnu i. the to a to ii in to atm i an Aat it Mer 4 i Yeii in. An a Tui al 4r ctr Tutt. Vat it aim at the consolidation and in p maj umut of civil aviation and the establishment of air posts and Aerodromes therag feat that i Ladelphia York in Ore hour on a cation and half of petrol in other direction air $ successfully e l or dated. To Che United state there Are 1rgb my than 1,300 aircraft engaged i commercial flying. There or 17,000 aviators and to Flo aeronautics mechanics there. The naval Holiday will Lead to increased i aeroplane construction. Iva there is sir Rons Smith trip round the world by aeroplane which begins shortly. And should give Tome idea if All cola we. Of How Jong it takes to in Cje the it will be a Fine teat and of the keenest Paa Aible interest to Australia where commercial aviation s Fra of Comina into Ita own Bat not nearer no rapid a in other countries. Why i a startling situation. Bolshevism propaganda. The Belfast correspondent of tie dimly express paint a startling picture of the coalitions to orb o Fate Border. He Eta that be a examined specimens of the bolshevik propaganda Villi which lie republicans Hava been but. Their most popular textbook ii the comm unit internal donate. have ended except Between the rebel. Refugees declare that the government ceased to exhibit jul tic Fob few iou. And that life is not valued by it. The Energy of the Countryside k absorbed in the creation of Arm and the Micu facture of or material. Work have deserted or Are deserting their t gee farms and Are joining therebel. Lea than half the land will be s cropped in ibs the influence of de it daily. W e pocket picked Dp japanese Seaman s loss. Scuffle near the Jet after Taro Mia Himo. A japanese tas. Had made a bet at the totalisator at i Zetoria part a Ecorse Lut site Day and bad returned Hie Puree containing �12 to h a pocket he Fet some one take it from him. Turnick around quickly he Madea Rush at the Man he sup noted. He a Echt him the neck and straggle a Tan. Constable E me hi4u, who was near noticed the sniffle and went Over to with another Constable to investigate. He arrested the Man whom i snit was attacking and escorted him away from the crowd. Just then or. Arthur Gile arrived and con named Mishima a so Spilions by declaring to tre Constable that he bad seen the arrested Mah grab the parse from h. The sequel to the incident was the appear nne before me cars. M. Cabioc. ?.m. C. B. Powell w. C. Botman. And k. I. J. Peet in the Adelaide police court on monday of Thomas Conlon. Chained on the information of Taroa Hima. Of the japanese ship Ypres Maru with having stolen �12 in australian notes and a pore i at 2/. Sauchun h appeared for the s prosecution. T in informant Missima Cave evidence in be parece Lar. K. Tai a japanese merchant at present staying in Adelaide was o interpreter. He said in effect he had taken a 10/ note out of his Wate. And put it into the totalisator. Soon As he had returned the islet to his pocket be flt a nand take it. He tented around quickly and grabbed accused. Arthur , plasterer of Iso Oft Richmond. Said he was near to the 10/ window of the totalisator when he saw a grab a Wallet from the Jao. And Tir to nuke Bis Way through the crowd. The Jap. Seized one end of the a let with one hand and held accused by the deck with the other. Cab Isahl v f u Meji Virti said t a rsm it we he would to x. Raid All i Nonknow what Youbou Aire talk no it. � of have All got me in a whirl. I did not take the Jap s Money. A Hal Crown Naa found on the accused. O the accused when questioned us. The . Said he did not Knon anything about the Harce against him. He remembered j being in the total Jator room. The to arc any previous convictions against this Man or. Allah Mph yes. Your Iloner. He Wei Knou a pick pocket in All the state and has a number of convictions s. To Leuw to o you admit those Ronvie tons yes i a life Riri or. T. U birr Fuu 1 i Iii Ban through Snow aftera Tolodis covery or. Reece Hague Rienes or. Beece h. Agtie to wus St one time on the Register literary staff and at present is in Canada in letters to his father Hon. the in Eleftis details of life in the far North of Canada. Or. Hague after the arms it bras signed took a position in Ansa a House As t pub Lucy Oebser for some i paths. What there a mining expert approached him with the request that he shop a accompany him to Cana Daon Alix to months trip in the Lake country a the territory where he was going in Raifeh of Mineral deposits in behalf of a or Tieh company. Or. Hague joined him anti had a wonderful up Etienne. Much of the Joonie being in canoes paddled by indians. So impressed woe he by of the country that he decided to stay at a town named tie pass in rior Thern Man Suba and Wiit Jot the. Boom. In.,mining which he Felt certain would Obhof in a. Year of two. His expectation appear to be of the Ere of realization Saensak Nal Gold discovery has taken placet Elbow Lajla. Which is within a in Oti Enste Dianee of the Pas. Buried in safer. The finder of the Gold w been paid a Large for his claim Rummig into inny thousands of pounds and has been even an interest in the Fri by which is Bont to to a the mine. With a companion re cantly a est the trip and Many hardships were encountered As the temperature ranged front is to 55 Deg. Below Sero and the dog team which was used for the journey bin Kineavy Load to drag through the Snow the first Day a Blisard was taking and towards night the travellers found the solves on the of a Frozen Lake v1" no Shore in sight. At nigh All ont their rings and settled Down . At 2 an. Woke and found thatt he wind had and that they were buried in having emerged from their Beds they began to extricate be dog from their snowy coveting. was then made to find to Short thigh deep in places Tolj and the trave in turn to break the several Days were spent the journey but they were fort striking stopping Valcine the indians understand what was Ted. Ath by Cvejn Jaa by Nynier stood. However they kept Popil ati6n future. I n Fht resembled a fish i claims have been staked it a expected that a will be on Hie Field the.,. A Tun Iber tvs / the Pas is a tamper j " end the Antr Camps and one Tiv trapper brought in dollars Worth of for to the town recently and it is estimated that the aggregate value of the season s catch. Wail to about 2, re 0.000. Dollars. The dog Derby which attracts competitors. From All Over the coif Torvi and creates great interest is held at the Pas each year and is written up " by or. Hae he for american and Canadian papers. Or Tague is doing a great Deal of journalistic work and contributes articles and feature stories to English. American and Canadian papers among them being the York world Magazine the Winnipeg free press and the National geographical Magazine. He holds a number of positions the town and during the Tecen Canadian elections was appointed special official to take charge of the election in Northern Manitoba. Or. Hague Hopes to return to South Australia some time this year. He is much impressed with the of Canada and. As he has been specializing in mining matters be does not wish to leave while there is a Boom in View. Or. Hague states that be is fit and we3, and suffered no ill effects from having to walk Over 20 Miles a Day through the Snow during his recent rap to the Good Fields five Powers. Assembled at Genoa. I Sondov april 10 the correspondent of the Auer asian Assou Araon at Genoa states that delegates of the five Powers to Day j cussed at length the arrangements. Or. V proposed the italian Premier s Gnor fact As president of the father language throughout sri to i French and italian which wit lengthen the proceeding Bureau conference. Yorke Peninsula. Branches of the agric Tural Bureau situated on Yorke s Peninsula will meet in conference at Moonta on wednesday april 12. The minister of agriculture Hon. T. Pascoe will the gatherers we repro and the Folio wine ent the department of or icel arc pro Ensor a. J. Perkins director of a agriculture messes. A. J. Tud Well chairman the advisory Board of agriculture. H. Suter verment Dairy expert. P. Hodge instructor for Maude lands and h. J. Finnis Secretary of the advisory Board of agriculture. Addresses i i be Given by departmental officers and papers read by the fou on Ingalf members messes. T. H. Hewlett Arthurton Bramlit boy immigration for farm apprentice h. J. Cadd Brentwood Branch. Sheen and tie blowfly pest " l. Young a be Viii Branc care and management of implements and machinery c. Williams Arthurton Branc Destruf Tion of Alibi to and j. Bussen Eliutt Paskevice Branc preparation of the seed personal. The following passengers landed at the Harbour from the r.6. Naldera on monday morning from London misses f. Rivaz o. Stow a. Thompson. And x. L. Drew h. Sinclair and Allen mrs. M. J. Willcox Are. . Green or. And mrs. Cave and child and mrs. J. A libels. From Marseilles or. And mrs. T. E., miss v., and or. T. Barr Bmith miss e. Stewart miss Cushion and miss Farrell. From Bombay or. A Lallimand or. J. Townsend mrs. Bagot and infant mrs. And miss Bollen miss r. Toms and miss b. Lambert. From Colombo or. ,1. Duncan Hughes mra. 11. And miss j. Harold. Commander c. Dobson r.lk., a .c., ll.s.o.,has Arris in Australia to fill the vacancy for a commander in the australian Fleet Lor a period of two years. He has risen rapidly in the service 17 years elapsing Between tie period of Bis Cado Tsip and the attainment of the rank ii to Day bold. His service has included work in submarines in the North and in the Ati inks no the russian fortress of a Ronstadt in the Baltic the Victoria Crow a a red i a i an a spoil is Tut a alter in native murder won Cagura Adelaide in t appealt0the full court. The Fine account exons Lovely in the Register on saturday of the ton Sandmire journey of.c. Michae Fox in connection with the arrest on a charge of murder of the native Wong Acerra. Alias Paddy and. The narrow. Escape of the whole party after tie arrest had been effected from dying of thirst in toe water Lew country hundreds of Muzea North of Ood Nadatta aroused considerable interest the various stages of the court proceedings at port Augusta which resulted in a verdict of Unity of murder having been brought against the aborigine have been followed Cio eely by the police. The scone of operations has now been Mored to Wong Acerra was presenting custody in the supreme court on monday morning when the in a court consisting of the chief Justice Sif George Murray or. Justice ,and ill. Justice Angas Parsons heard argument _ on a medal Case which had been state div the judge at the port Augasta trial or. Justice Poole on the a potion of or. A my Hardy counsel for the isomer. The Point submitted to the r us Urt was that at the trial certain evidence was Wronki admitted and that the prisoner made to the Arif Fang etame a conf soon that was need in evidence against him frit boat his Hakim progeny understood the caution previously administered to him. Sir. R Ingleby appeared for the prisoner. And the Cwon prosecutor ill. Ask Millhouse for tie crown., or. Ii Eby after hating read the ease stated by the judge Eaid the Broad fact were that in july of last year More than is months before the police moved in the matter a Lubra named Enka was tilled. She was a member of. A bribe that frequented Onset tried country Northwest of a a Nadatta. It wits Pector. That the prisoner was the murderer of the woman. After fainting for to for Ope time mounted Coneta came across Bam about .10 Omile North of Ood Nadatta. At a place called blood s week. The prisoner could Only we pid Iii end Iiri the Constable the. Proper -wor3a of caution when arresting him but it. Was evident that the forma wonks were not Imd Erawood to the native. At the Zety Onset the latter Saad True and by that intended to convey his belief that he had been captured. And his life was forfeited. Tie stable . Sayer. What for you kill poor ? and. The prisoner seemed to have answered to the effect that his action had been in accordance with a tribal custom and added i Square up Iong a my Libra and at the time of the arrest it Vaa idiot known whether the supposed murder bad been committed in this state or another or. In territory. A i the. Audio cities had not Che. Body of the deceased to produce my a journey of Over 300 Miles was beg in if 13ie pile Junr Obj be of Diaw Verin evidence Aga Isen on scorching Cloud of smoke. Driven by the fresh North East wind the flames coming. From " the Stoke hold ignited the fumes of the gasoline in the after tank. While the Crew was being assembled dense Clouds of stifling Jjack smoke began rolling upward from the tank. The men on. Duty in the Stoke hold and the engine room after a vain attempt to in Nguk the flames began fighting their Jusy to the. I scotch Trig flood i a bite tha Wii de stifled them. Their hair singed and scorched any the heat they reached deck and were rushed into the boats then being made ready to lower. With the decks shrouded in a pall of smoke and grow i hot from the fire beneath the members o the Crew who were in their. Bunks it the time hurried on de k in their underclothes and assisted in lowering the boats. While the provisions were being put into the lifeboats the covers being stopped off. And the men taking their places the. Emoke from the burning petrol cent med to Roll Over them the smoke was terribly Liot and Laden with the choking fumes of the gasoline. The boat on the Lee Side was the first to get away because the Strong that was running made it difficult to launch the boat on the weather aide of the Tanker. Radio operator at while Che remainder of the Crew were putting off Evans the radio operator kept in touch with the naval station at key West acid with the Tanker sucrose that had answered Ilis s.o.s.,and turned immediately to go to the assistance of the burning Vassel. The smoke filled the wireless room and the temperature went tip until it was no longer possible to remain at. The instruments out just before he left Evans sent into the air the word that the Crew Tia abandoned the Voylet. Then his instruments failed and he descended to the main deck now unbearably it and leaped into the . The Boatswain had been both boats safely in the water before he abandoned the davits Aad leaped overboard just a moment before Evans. After picking up the Boatswain and the radio operator fhe boats pulled away from the tender As rapidly As they could. The men feared that the tons of gasoline would explode and scatter burning gasoline Over the Waves under a North East wind blowing a Light the ran High tossing the boats about end threatening to swamp them. When the 5.o.s. From the Joylet was received aboard the inc Rosa then about 16 Miles away. Opl j. W. Gui Helm put Iris ship about and started at full Speed to the ass stance of tb6 burning Tanker. A courageous Seaman. After picking up the lifeboats. Capt. In Isheim considered the advisability of putting a line aboard the Collet to Tow Ber to port. Thomas Roberts boats rain. O the sucrose whose Home is in Baltimore volunteered to Board the Collet and make theline fast. After consideration however of the terrific heat in the immediate neighbourhood of the burning Tanker and the danger of igniting his own cargo of 30j000 barrels of Oil he master of the sucrose decided against putting a line aboard. When the sucrose first sighted the burning Tanker her upper works. Were Bidden in a dense Cloud of smoke amid which Points of flame darted and slashed and lost themselves. This condition held far some time the. Dense smoke trailing out to the South West like tie writhing body of some immense monster. Suddenly Ball of. Twisting smoke shot up through the. Lorer layers of fumes Ai ring of flames encircling it and from the Tanker came the Gnu thud of the exploding after tank. Blade Emoke spread outward settling to the Waves on All sides and flames played Here and there on the water. Smoke continued to pour out of the tankers Hoid and flames in sheets and writhing pillars Tore through the Black Cloud. The Smudze was spreading along the horizon when the sucrose lost sight of the burning Tanker. The last information received about the Tanker was that the Tanker s foremast and fennel were gone and Ehe was blazing fiercely. Don t bet. Police court penalties. The following men were fined before messes. M. Sabine.s., c. B. Powell. W. C. Coltman. And e. H. J. in the Adelaide police court on monday for baying been present in Public places last saturday for the purpose of unlawful betting detective sgt. Ail Burch prosecuted Sydney Acourt in Parlour of the Huntsman o Connell Street. North Adelaide i �10 10/ Albert White far Parlour Brecknock hotel. King William Street. �10 1�-Fiw 4304 bugs xtaix&2t cloth 3/10t Yard. Black Lotfe. Est Eilent Orient Lustrous in a and fms Baitx Aye 31ooa t special at 2. In Yani. Victoria Square kor Adelaide. Stop press edition. W today my to bib tom00abt. A generally except for Etc tar food it few of Efet a f of South Dud with East a Whf it to Westerly winds. Up j up not atm up 123.8 Shade 71.s. " r death of or 9 of z1wpz. The Dentai Otee orred at 11 on we Radanof of to Robert 2teta, ornhio5o�t w Ohba. In Nett j been ailing for some of Adert Bie time. Fie vae tote october 11,1874, and was Appo sted it deut 0 . Of tibent on March 16, 1861 Bod inn promoted la museum ass beat on july 1667. Be of depleted of � sender on Marxt 16,1916. Or. Sett a one of the Ornithol Oguete in Australia and Montri birthed Tooch Timit Fli 3 material on the a object of Tohidi he bid Tede lift of to i of in 5ljsbm ia53 Balkh fid 137 Egypt. F Cameo april 9.an and tier Etc Bare been hanged after a court Aerial for robbery and Fuat fat. This is die first time a so moan has been it in of Egypt x wibe Tieb Kwh Cibl 1 Ulfeng May by Metud up. Kew str a Poffi 9.theabhrtktsm a rapists have called Oft the to non Tali shipowners claim that Tihey Bare 2ieright to Omer 13mm be perform ditties not associated irl tit Wir Eletti. Four image off have struck and others will join Flat fro Tai ship Afi several Titi Testar liners the canard i threatened to be Beld a. I . Of t 1,.really Beautiful in ?. Toscha Seidel. A great violinist. Toscha Seidel the Yeung russian violinist who has been acclaimed one of the greatest exponents of his Art at the present time and who is under engagement to . & n. Tait to give a series of 33 concerts in Australia was a passenger by the r.s. Caldera. Which arrived at the enter Harbour from London on monday. He spent the Day in Adelaide with or. Herbert Myers and continued his voyage with the vessel in the afternoon for Sydney where he will begin his season. On concluding his australian contract. Seidel will tour new zealand and will then go to America to fulfil further engagements. He is Only 25 years of age and is accompanied by his Mother and brother All have greatly enjoyed their trip and Are in the Best health. In a Chat with. A Pressman at the vessel they expressed Delight Over their coming tour. M. Seidel said at first he had been a Little nervous Over the journey but the splendid manner in which he had been treated by australians he had met in London on the boat and in Australia had made him feel quite at his ease. It seems strange to me he continued How the australians being such a Young race can have cultivated such a love of music As they i expect that the fact that they Are closer to nature than the majority of people in Europe has a great Deal to do with it. Then your delightful country with its fresh air and brie says cannot help but make them musical. I sure i shall be Able to give of my very Oest in your country. One of the greatest factors in the Success of any one in my profession is to secure the right atmosphere in the theatre and such an at Moo Hereid assured in Australia. 1 feel your australian people Are Ging to like me As 1 already like them. I think they Are perfectly delightful and my family echoes my a. Seidel stated that Ris Favourite composer was Brahms his compositions were difficult to play but there was one main feature that made Uchim value them More than the Othera their Soh Driess. Their passion and their temperamental values. In these Points Brahms works far exceeded those of the other masters. He is Ako very fond of Bach and Beethoven and the ,
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