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Adelaide Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1917, Page 6

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Adelaide Journal (Newspaper) - April 7, 1917, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the aria tree. At the Busy aerodrome where All sorts of machines were being assembled and tested they entered the spacious workshops of the Pryor aeroplane factory where in one Corner amid whirring machinery a Large aeroplane engine was running at top Speed with a bum that was deafening m the confined space. Half an hour later both men went Forth again into the aerodrome where several school buses were being flown by pupils of the flying schools. Suddenly Belling Ami s Quick airman s Eye caught sight of a biplane at a great height coming from tie Northwest. Why in t that Beryl up in your bus lie exclaimed pointing out the machine. I did t know she was out to Day yes was Ronnie s reply. She flew Over to Huntington this adorning to see her a r a she up with you last night i yes. She generally goes up she has a wonderful nerve for a woman declared George. A Pupil who has done great credit to her Tutor yourself Ronnie How Many times has she flown the Channel seven. Three times alone and four with me. The last time she crossed alone she went tip from Bedford and landed close to Berck beyond Paris Plage. She passed Over Folkestone and then Over to Cape look at her no Bellingham exclaimed in admiration. By Jove she s doing Lacr. Richard Goring c work for his country was to pose As a photo Era her to that his undue use of electric Light current should not attract attention Arod to keep that hidden Searchlight burning map to after night. In Case a Zeppelin were fortunate enough to eco As far As London. As Light poet no. 22" it was known to those outlining Teutons who to craftily a Scab Ishel in England the new it wonderful espionage system Ever placed upon the world. In England there were a number of Signaller and Light posts for the guidance of enemy aircraft but to fris one of the greatest intensity was As a Lighthouse and marked As of first importance turn the Aerial put out of existence last week and tailed cur the same. He Ilias a new aeroplane called the Hornet which can be rendered quite silent. That is a very great danger to our we must at ail hazards ascertain its secret said Lis Host promptly. A lat does Reinhardt Eav they were discus rag it last night at number and then the Man who called himself , and who by working As a Humble Mechanic at a flying school at Hendon was Able its pick up to ruano facts concerning our air service explained slow the Hornet was kept in secret somewhere out in Essex at some spot which Ibey had not yet discovered. But surely you la get to know " was the other s remark As he least idly against Toje table Whereon Lay the complicated apparatus of Prisma and reflectors which constituted Tihe Lig Linthouse to guide enemy aircraft that is tie service upon Wiloh number seven has placed me was tie response. He had referred to tie director of thai Brandii of the enemy e operations in England the person known As number seven the cleverly concealed secret agent who assisted to guide the invisible hand of Germany in our midst. The individual in question lived in strictest retirement unknown eve to those Puppy to of Berlin who so blindly obeyed his orders and who received such lavish payment for to doing. Some of the Kaiser s secret agents said that he lived in London others declared that be lived on n farm in a Remote Village somewhere in Somerset while others said be had been seen walking in a Ieca Illy Rrth a we3-? in aspern. Many on the other hand declared that be lived in a Small country town in the Guise of a retired shopkeeper interested on y in Lis Rosee and Hie Cucumber frames. A pity our Good Friend Reinhardt failed the other Day remarked Che Man who posed As a photographer. What of that Gir Vaselee the next attempt will not fail depend upon was s reply in Bones of Confidence. When Ronald Pryor die so will she also. Hie decision at number three Tat night was and Nile grinned Nicu . L Hon a both men went Forth Goring Tare l a 1 a. Locking the door of tie secret a studio. Tien passing through the Well furnished Flat he closed the door behind Lim and they descended the stairs. The Hornet s sting. That night just after ii o clock Beryl in her warm air woman s kit with her. Leather Grummet with its ear pieces buttoned beneath her thin climbed into the Hornet and strapped herself into the observer s seat. Collins had been Busy on the bus All the evening testing the powerful dual engines the Searchlight tie control levers and a dozen other details including the Aill important Silencer. Afterwards he had placed in the Long rack beneath the fusillade four High explosives spherical bomb with three incendiary ones. Therefore Waheri Ronnie hopped in the machine was in Complete readiness for a night flight. Arranged at each Corner of the big grass was a powerful electric Light sunk into the and covered with Glass. These could be switched on from thether House Supply z and by Means of reflectors gave splendid guidance for descent. , however All was of course in darkness. The night was windless and overcast while the barometer showed the atmospheric pressure to be exactly that welcomed by commanders of enemy airships. Ronnie after switching on his Little Light Over the instruments and examining his gauges shouted to Collins rights let her rip in a moment there was terrific Roar tie wind whistled about their ears and next second they were Cumming up climbing at arc Angle of quite 30 degrees instead of tax running the machine before leaving the ground. Not a Star showed neither did a Light at that Lour Tihe Good people of Essex were mostly in bed. I on their right As they Rose Beryl noticed one or Taro red and Green lights of railway signals 1mt these faded away As they still climbed Ever lip and up travelling in the direction of the coast. The Roar of the engines was deafening until Foley approached a faintly seen Cluster of lights which by the map of spread before him beneath the tiny Light Ronnie knew waa the town of b. Then he suddenly pulled a lever by which the noise instantly became to deadened that the whirr of the or speller alone was audible tie engines being entirely Sal need. Tie Young Man. Speaking for the first time sex

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