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Adelaide Express and Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? ? Fine family reunion in the West. South australian k pioneers. The Yarding. Smith family Early this. To depth held a reunion in Perth Western Australia iji.-1850charles Smith who arrived from England in 1839, was married in Ade Laidetom Manriah Reid who reached South Australia from England in 1840. There were ten children and seventy years after the e marriage All the ten children gathered film four states to spend a Feu weeks to Gether in Perth. Luiere. Has break f in the family Alth migh the _ eldest in. Oharles Ismith of Yarding Western Australia is g9 years of age and the youngest. Mr., a. H. Smith of Raker s Hill 47. It was. Difficult for so Large a family so widely scattered to meet in one place. One. Meln bar including the return journey hid to travel Over 5,000. Miles by Traisi and boat the total distance travelled by the various members of the family was considerably Over "30,000 Miles. The names and addresses of the family Are Charles Smith and mrs. I skip Worth Western Australia mrs. A. Brn Adstock the poplars Mildura or. T. K. Smith mount lofty or. J. In Smith o Halloran Hill mrs. John Bennett Tat Betti Victoria mis. S. Jyoung. Pin Nai of or. P. J. Smith Boree Creek new South Wales Messis. I a. Smith and. A. H. Smith ave Stern Australia. The combined Ages of the. Ten Brothers and Sisters in 585 years. One is unmarried hut the other nine have s3 children living 7fl grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Over twelve years ago the Raily met in Adelaide and it was then arranged that if possible the next meeting Dhoti old be in Western Australia. The Eastern states1 members arrived by the transcontinental train on August 20, were met at Kellerberg tin and motored to Hillgrove Yarding near Bruce Rook the Home of or. Charles Smith the eldest of the family the Wes Tern australian members 3lsc� gathered there and a most enjoyable time was 1 Apont. Later Tho party went to sunny Side. Baker s Hill. The Home of the youngest of the family where the Beautiful. Wild Flowers were much admired by the. Eastern states visitors. Aft crib Ards some time was spent with the eldest sister mrs. I. Or poor Ali at Lott Leslie Beach and trips it Prisc arranged. To Munda Irig places of interest. The Eastern states members of the family left for their Homes by the Katoon Iha of septem bet-18 in. /., a string the Stayat Hillgrove it was decided to have a Cricket match Hill Groves Jerk Vii the othe3s., . Beaton so isted if eleven ,nei6 2 to Over 30years. The01d brigade took the Field Triton the mainly presented Sythe unique eat fes. The e Hillgrove team consisted of it a j. To a. And a. Hsmith brother of cow a. And t. E. Smith sons of a. Singth a. Hetherington , a a Miflin. While Al Martin. Who works at Gilill Grove. Was Cor opted to make team. The runs scored were Hillgrove ?5 or. Beaton s eleven m Hillgrove g narrow margin be ing chiefly owing to. The Good Bowling of p. C. And to e. Finith four of the Home Teata were grandfathers. Food arid groceries. Cost for August. The results of the investigation by made Hythe Commonwealth statistician _ air. O a. Knibbs As to variations in prices of food and groceries. 46 commodities. Have been made available for August 1920. Compared Ith july there has been a general decrease of 0.3 per Orth Wales Queensland and Tasmania How slight increases while the remain Ling stat show decreases. The increase " is greatest in Tasmania 2.8 per Cen followed in the order named Voy hew South Wales 2.7 per cent and Queens land 0.3 per cent. The greatest de crease occurred in South Australia Loo Peri Cen while w Estero. Australia and Victoria show decreases of 3.0 and 1 per cent with a gust 1819, increases Are. Shown in states. The greatest increase occurred m Victoria 40.7 per Cen followed in. The order named by Tasmania 32.6 per cent2fe v South Wales 30.5 per Cen South Australia 30.4 per cent Queensland per cent and Western Australia 9.-1 per cent. The weighted average Indus number for the 30 town s considered As � whole was 254 in August 1920, com pared with 1,723 in August. 1919, an in i crease of 30.8 per cent. The increase in coat since the outbreak of War is greatest in Victoria 103.9 per Cen followed in the order named of 2few. South Wales &5 .8 per cent Queensland 94.4 per cent Tasmania. 90.9 per cent. South Australia 7s.6 per cent and Western Australia 53.8 per cent. The increase in Cost in the 30 towns considered As a whole from july 19 4, to August 1920, amounts to 93,6 per cent. Pics indexes. Index numbers for the Mynthi spec spied. The weighted ave age Oost in the six capital towns in lfll1, being taken As base a 1.c0j. July August August in town. 1914. 1919. 7020. Create. Syd Fiovo 1,153 1.767 2.314 10o.7 broken Hill 1163 1.c03 2516 7.1.4 sew South Wales. 1,165 1,775 2.315 is 9 Melbourne 1,1c6 4,607 3.010 j 4.3 Victoria 1,105 -1,601. 2,253 103.9 Brisbane 1.4bt 1.741 2.107 90.3 Queensland i 082 3,103 01.4 Adelaide. To -.i-1,v 1.712 2.230 73.1 a whoa. 1,389. 1,601 3247 81.9 to 17291. 2,321 72.0 mount Gambler /1-6i 1 Tso 2.141 1t1.2 peterborough"s",m0" "1,72v " 3,221 8.7 South Australia 1347 108 2,227 7s.s Perth. 1.340 1946 2.113 57.7 Kul Mcorlie 1,664 215 2 376 42.7 Western Australia 4.412 1,990 2,171 o3.3 Hobart. 7ai . 1,1. 1,710 2,293 89.g Tasmania .1091" 1,729. R.0.9 Commonwealth 1,194 1.723 2,254 a will Cass. The hearing was continued in the civil court before or. Justice Poole on thurs of the application for probate of the will of John Tonkin of West Hind a bars who died on or about january. 23 last the applicants were John l. Tonkin and Albert 2?. Tonkin plaintiffs and the defendant Vas Harriet Beatrice Osborne a daughter of the testator who oppose d the application and alleged that the will was not duly executed that the testator did not know and approve the contents that he was not of sound mind at the time the document was signed and that undue influence had been brought to Bear Ohi him. Or. To r. Bright with or. W. 6. Bright appeared Tor the. Plaintiffs and or e. E. Cleland e.c., with or. The the defendant. 1 fit Miauel Addrea aed the court the new French pre8iden Goisis in the australian press association new York september 22. A message from Albany new York re ports the state legislature of new. York for the second time has expelled five socialist members on the ground of disloyalty and anti american movements during the War including the opposition to military training and other acts. The. Socialists last Winter after a sensational trial which gained International pro hence were unseated a Large Section of. The press and notably the anti socialistic lamented the act on the ground that it contravened the spirit of democracy. The same members received. Overwhelmingly Large majorities in the by elections held recently their constituencies being then Tabby socialistic centres in new York City. The legislature was convened and again expelled the socialists after a Stormy scene full of bitter and vitriolic denunciation Protection desired. Me Hoij of saving Money. 7 a York Spier 22. A. Message1 Friori st&rbr6�fcfe,.yue.u-ec, 3&ii0erf- of Canada or. Meighen in i speech tem ber 22. The meat committee of the privy coun cil s. Committee for scientific and Industrial file search. In a report state that completed experiments prove that if certain precautions Are taken beef can foe Frozen in such a Way As to. Preserve completely the physical and chemical qualities of fresh meat. The experiments. Were carried out with Small pieces of beef. The attempt to repeat them on a commercial scale have so far failed owing to want of adequate Appa . Experiments in regard to the growth of spot on Frozen meat show conclusively that the fungus causing Black spot will grow and proc Cice sports at 5 deg. Centigrade below freezing Point. Several other fungi develop fairly Well at freezing Point. ,. The High. Court of Australia presided Over by Justice or. Adrian Knox or. Justice Isaacs or. Justice Duffy and or. Justice Rich sat in Ade Laide on thursday. Appeal from court. Michael John o Fla Liberty an officer of the Federal taxation department appealed against the decision of or. E. M. Sabine,. In the Adelaide police court in Dis missing an information Laid by the Appel Lant against Gerald Bede Mcbride the respondent which was heard in december january and february last. Or. G. E. Cleland k.c., with or. H. T. Ward appeared for the Appellant and or. H. Thomson for the respondent. The information in the court below alleged that Gerald. Bede. Mcbride company director at Adelaide did make a return of income derived by Bradbury & .co., from Ell sources in Australia during the 12 monthsycetober.1,1917, to september .30, 1918, which was false in a certain parties lar namely the surplus net profit de Rived by Bradbury & co. From personal exertion was stated be �-16,489 17 whereas As a matter of fact it was More than that amount. At the hearing Stan Ley Mckevier White Deputy commissioner of taxation objected to the production of any reports relating to income tax mat ter.? and investigations Between officers of the department on the ground that in his opinion the production would be prejudicial to the beet interests of the Commonwealth and against Public policy. Or. Thom son for the defendant called for the production of a certain report and the court ruled that the witness should produce the document. Or. H. Mayo on behalf o the department refused to produce the document and or. Thomson thereupon asked that the Case be dismissed. Later or. Thomson intimated that he consented to go on without prejudice to his Applina. Tion for a dismissal. Having ruled that the report should be produced and the a perils it having refused to produce it the . Dismissed the Case with �23 2costs. Tic questions of Law on which the opinion of the High court was sought were was the . Right in refusing to direct that the witness under Cross examination should be compelled to refresh his Mem Ory was he right in. Ruling that the report should be produced. Was he right in dismissing the Castor. Cleland in dealing with the second Point contended that the . Acted wrongly. On the authority of a number of authorities in ordering the product. Tion of the document after the objection to. Its production had been taken by a re too Snible officer of the department. ? triple Alliance meets Lloyd George apr London september 22. A fateful Meetin gof the triple Alliance which was attended by about 500 Dele Gates was held in London to Day to Dis cuss the threatened Coal strike and late in the afternoon an official statement was issued to the effect that the Congress had decided to Send a deputation to or. Lloyd George to urge the acceptance by the government of the claims of the. Miners. The Congress wifi remain in session in order to receive a report of the result of the conference. Or. Lloyd George agreed to meet the deputation. No decision yet. The triple Alliance deputation bad a conference lasting three and a half hours with or. Lloyd George in the Hope of arranging the Coal dispute hut nothing iwas settled. Apparently the proceed Ings were not abortive however As the deputation arranged to report to their Congress to Morrow. The feeling of the Congress will most probably influence the deputation at their subsequent Likely meet ing with or. Lloyd George. Large crowds stood outside the prime minister s official residence in Downing Street until the termination of to night ? conference at.9 o clock despite the Chilly weather. They were eagerly awaiting the first news of what had happened with in doors. His former mistress. Grazier wants suite. " for. Sentimental / George Macguarrie. Paine a Grazier 3ast week says the Sydney Sun sued Louise Barritt of Darling Point to re. Cover certain furniture inc Uditta a bed room suite a whisky stand luncheon Bas Ket with contents a masonic apron jewels and Lodge photographs Jee claimed the return of the suite �c., or their value �121, together with �9. Damages for their ule ged i plea for Union. Fear 0 bolshevism. Btu emt,0273vein september 20. A Congress attended by Over 500 Dele Gates of the South african nationalist Republican parties from All the pro Vinces of South Africa was opened this morning to consider the question of the reunion of parties the speakers urged that whether the leaders agreed or not parties should come together As unless they. Stood together bolshevism Mould sweep Over the Saiid. They declare that labor had become a. Parasite of. The eco Nomy and the Energy of the country. Constable and publicans. West end hotels visited mounted Constable Klar a Young Man of smaller stature than the average foot Constable recently visited several hotels1 in the West end. Of the City in civilian attire when such premises were supposed to be closed for the Sale or Supply of liquor mistaken in some cases for an Ordinary searcher for liquid refreshment he succeeded in obtaining bottles of Beer for production As evidence in court. The first Case arising 1 out. Of his. Operations was that of the foundry hotel Hindley Street the Licensee of which was fined �30 recently on three charges of unlawful sup i. On thursday Peter Neil Johnson Licensee of the go Lothel Light hotel was charged in the Adelaide Holyce court with having unlawfully supplied liquor at 8.40 . On August. 2?. He. Pleaded not guilty and Una represented by or. It h. Lati lean. Sub inspector Nicholson prosecuted mounted Constable Kiar said he. Met constables White Slater and Nottage in Light Square at 82? . On August 27., they searched Nim arid found Noii Qubra in his Possession he then went towards the hotel and. Stood near a door facing the Square shortly afterwards two men came top. One knocked and the door was opened and the defendant his wide and another woman appeared. The defendant said ton Are just in time we were just going out what do you want one of the / men said three bottles of draught Beer and handed the defendant some. Bottles and some Money -. The witness said he wanted a bottle of Beer arid handed Johnson .2/, the defendant said i suppose i can have a booze out of the change and Ness replied in the affirmative. Johnson asked his wife to help him carry opt the bottles. She returned shortly afterwards and said to Elf witness. Keep an Eye open for the a Piree. V we have got the bar door open. Don t let them pop in on us of All tight and mrs Johnson got three bottles which she handed to 1ihe two men. She then went along the passage and returned to the witness with the. Bottle of. Beer produced. She said come inside or some one might see you he did so Jarid put the bottle in his pocket. Me proceeded to Jug it is flare. Where constables White sister and Nottage were waiting and lie placed his initials and the Date on the Otto. you disguise yourself in any Way no i was in civilian clothes. Plainclothes Constable. E. J. F. White testified to having with plainclothes con stables Slater and Nottage searched Klar and seen him go to and return from the hotel. I or. Lathlean Why did you not place yourself in a position that you could see what happened the same As Klar did i Don t think there would Hare been Sale if i had. You went to the hotel afterwards. Why did you not Tell him that he had committed a breach a few minutes before it Cui d have spoilt our plans in respect to other licensed premises. Don t you think the publicity of these proceedings will spoil Sotir plans we will not be Able to use Klar again. Constable Slater gave corroborative Evi Dence. Left sitting health inspectors. At a special meeting of the health inspectors association of Australia held on wednesday at Ilse . Buildings Adelaide the members. Present formed a Branch of the australian association and the following were elected officers for the ensuing year air. J. A. Milton chair Man air. Jamea Smith vice chairman air. J. Young Secretary or. D. J. Amos treasurer air. A. R. Love and air. G. Carne trustees. Committee Alessis. S. 1 Kirkpatrick e. C. S. Lindsay and g. W. Holton. The objects of the association Are j to Advance and protects the interests of its members to effect registration under the Commonwealth conciliation and arbitration court to afford Opportunity to discuss matters affecting the welfare of inspectors and relating to the advancement of sanitary science and Public health generally to disseminate knowledge re Garding practical sanitation and Kindred subjects for the Benefit of the Community and to assist by co operation or otherwise like association in upholding and advancing the objects of sanitary science and Public health matters generally to establish air australian sanitary Institute with authority to hold examinations in sanitary science and Grant certificates of compe Tency and Frame the necessary regulations relating thereto. The feeling among inspectors throughout Australia has for Many years been that some Protection should be afforded those engaged in health work. On two occasions conferences have been held in Sydney of delegates from state and the whole matter was thoroughly considered with the result that All t he states in Australia Ere now Federated As the health inspectors association Australia. Mount Barker lighting. Barker september 22.the mount Barker District Council has de tided to drop the big electric lighting scheme prepared by messes. Christie and Gardiner electrical engineers Melbourne and to wait until the Adelaide ele Atrie Supply company can Supply current to the various Hills townships. The Council at its last meeting struck a. Threepenny Light ing rate on the lighted area to assist in paying for the unsatisfactory Street Light ing system. This does not meet with the approval of the majority of the rate payers. Football. Babbush association. Soot football Mel at have lion Oval 1 final Basse. Challenge Versos North my Cameron Derrick Gibej Gibson Jackman. Line pfc j Loren Maris of prod More Kwh its Captai Sheppard Teaffe. And Wilson i tuis as30csa11ios. I at the meeting to Finalise matters in con Roc tion with tie Hills a sop tion. Tie Hon. Score try announced that. � 5i Una Avail Able Tor distribution amongst the five club Alii ii ated with the association. Or. H. A. Monks the Veteran chairman of the association was made a life member Ami an honorarium of �10 was voted to the Hon Secretary or. A. H. Correll. The Socrat Haiby Obb has won the forage ww.,�o irix Lac t the be Arad rest in succession j itching and Jamilie Hairl for�c3sptombfioby Majl addotto & Tow a co.,1 by ditty if. A w. Sola throughout Tho world. Soap 1ointment 1and 2j. A new under Secretary ". London september .22 the Earl Only Futon Baa been appointed under Secretary of state for India in Suc cession to lord Sinha. To to was recently appointed. Governor of the province of Bihar Orissa. A. River plate Wool the Antwerp auctions. � Antwerp september 2$. The sales of Kirer a Wool Wera opened at Antwerp. To Day. There trere 8,783 Bales offered but Only 665.bales were sold. � messes. Dalgety Ife co., limited report Baring received the following care advice from their London House dated september 21 London Wool sales opened with fair number of. Buyers Competition is irregular selection fair.-. Continental buyers Are the principal operators. A compared with last sales closing rates Greasy Merino wools super prices Are 10 per cent lower Merino wools of other descriptions prices Are do per cent lower Greasy crossbred wools Fine qua Lity,.prices Are cent bred medium Quality prices Are 10. Per Colt lower Greasy crossbred coarse Quality neglected i scoured crossbred prices Are 10 to 15 per cent. fight Between chinamen the fracas which occurred in a Hajey secreet on saturday night Between two chinamen was stated in the Adelaide police court on thursday to be of a Les serious nature than was at first thought Peter Young Cheng bad been charged unlawfully wounded Young Dong but when tire Case was called on or. R. Ingleby who up pc axed for the Ponce said the injured Man and the accused bed conferred and some arrangement was made Between them to make reparation far i the injury. The. Police however Felt that they bad. A Public duty to perform. They did hot look upon the matter As serious it was a fight Between chinamen in the chinese Quarter and they thought the ends of Justice would be met if an information for common assault were Aub tit Uteri fog the Thyge on the file and the pecuniary penalty inflicted. ,. Air. Sabine .on the charge of unlawfully worm Ding it is competent for a jury to return a verdict of common assault and on the facts put before me i think a jury would not bring in any other verdict than common assault. Or. Iii lev said tie men were cousins there was a que or mra used. At any. Rate it , which Zheng took out of his Poco get and ipod after the raid Mien had had a Light three wound were inflicted in Dongs Leitar. When tile charge or was to be congratulated upon the Condo Tiomkin which he had kept the paths and gardens. The Stock had m creased during the year by Hirt Lis and Fohey had received a number of , principally Birds. The Council had been disappointed because they had been unable to improve the seven acres of and across the River.1 this was not Only due to the Lack of funds but on account of Thier in ability to Bridge the River. The financial assistance which had been sought from the government had not been granted and As i matters stood at present there was no Prospect of using the land. Or. A a. Anstey in seconding Theyn Iio tron said the Council had done its be to in difficult circumstances. They might Hare to ask the government to increase the Grant to the zoo. To assist them to meet the financial Strain. At present All they could do was to keep the Birds and Ani Mals alive and the premises in a state of repair. The governor said no institution in the state could look with More Confidence to him for support than the zoological. So i Cieto. As Ong As he could remember he had been a fellow of the zoological society of the old country. He heartily congratulated the Council on what they had j accomplished. He had never seen gardens of the same size As those in Adelaide so veil Laid out. It was difficult for him to express an opinion on the financial aspect of the society but As. The government Grant did not pay the wages of the employees at the zoo he thought the Public should see that their parliamentary representatives shouldered the Burden by at least meeting the Primacy and necessary expenditure of the institution the commissioner of Crown lands Hon. G. Laff Erin moving a vote of thanks to the lord mayor for the use of the parlor said he. Could not he expected to discuss the financial position of the zoo. Che officers elected were president or. Simpson new land members of the Council messes. C. H. Angas e. A. Anstey s. S. Ralli and or. W. Anstey Giles. Don lose Vona courage and Sanf Denoe however Jour. Luok. Befall jus look ahead without doubt by dread something will come tio your a ill. Antun Rand Winter summer arid i ring Bach in its turn sufficient wih bring or course there to dare but also there s Woodal great j Ujj permit cure. F367z murder in dub a sinn Feiner shot a i lion Don september 22. A county Crim motor or Lyncha prominent Limerick sinn be Imp. Was shot air hotel in dublin1 last night some armed men the " night per tar of the Boyal their revolvers while others to or. s room and shot him dead j it is reported that or. Lynch had acted As a k publican judge. New zealand. Damage by flood arid fire. There Baa been a steady rain for 30 i hours in the mid Canter Biry District. This j has flooded the Rivers especially on Banks Peninsular. Many jambs Bave perished. Two and a half inches of. Rain feel i in Christchurch and five and i three up Garter. Inches in Akaroa. A portion of a Ifeora township is flooded. The Bank at the Mouth of the Lyell Creek was opened and released the imprisoned water. Heavy Snow fell in the Back country and Snow slips blocked the main Road traffic. A. Fire has destroyed portion of the Waiyaki boys High school comprising four class rooms. Four laboratories Art and Ulusia rooms. Many valuable pictures trophies and records were lost. The school Only resume duty on the previous Day after vacation. Air Macgregor in the legislative coun cil gave. Notice of the introduction of the marriage amendment Bill ho.2, proving ing that. The. Registrar general shall not enter in the list of the name of any Bishop Briest or minister of the roman Catholic Church so Long As the the be " Tevere decree or one of the the. Council of Trent is in Force in new zealand or the. Name of any Bishop priest or minister of any Church which by any article of religion confession of Faith Creed or catechism denies or. Questions either indirectly or by implication the vah Dity in any sense of marriages solemnized tin accordance with provisions of the marriage act. Or. Collins bae launched Campaign against disease. He moved in the legislative Council that the time. i for an Effort to uplift the the encouragement of Thrift and the. Preven tion or Early detection of disease.-. Del Collins urged that every person should be examined annually till he. Is 21-years.old. Paz Kef if his Beh Samts ? havoc rant cd birr i gun Vin the House of Assembly on i thursday said 4hei- flour the state were rapidly closing Down and a week 1 or two the majority would cease tons and he asked of thei government 1 could not a something to keep the Mills going tin Victoria and other states the position. Eng pot1 nearly so serious As m South Australia a i. 1 the Premier we have done everything possible. It is All la question of getting rid of the flour stocks at a satisfactory Price. Or. Guhn How can Victoria do it then. The Premier the minister controlling wheat. In Victoria told me recently that the Mills inv that state would soon a closing Down and stated that i Diwa s doing everything possible to make satisfactory sales of flour. He to the present the Board had been unable make sales except at a big sacrifice and it did not feel justified in doing so. Or. Angus the Board cannot do that be " he Premier no. Because it has to get the Best Price wheat prices. Reported egyptian Salie the statement published on thursday had been sold. To. Egypt at 10 f.o.b., and that other sales Oha . Basis Steven better prices were to. Remade. Was. Brought under the notice of the Premier in the House. Of Asse Hably on thursday by sir Jenhs. Ivhon asked whether the. Report Arias Correct. L the Premier said he did not think it was the minister controlling the wheat scheme Hom. Jav Bice had left Mel Bourne on wednesday at 430 -.y. And had been in a meeting of the Central u via of Rutar la Iiri Fil la a a nov r this record has now been lowered by lieutenant brings. On wednesday afternoon the. Lieutenant accompanied by Corporal mechanics ship lev and Kay bal a left Butler aerodrome at Enfield with the machine Hie brought Over a de Haviland 9a Type i. Wit Fea 4 x Liberty engine and 4 hours and 10 minutes later he landed the Point i g my �er.ddreme, thus eliding50 minutes off the time of colonel Liams. A Speed of Over 100 hour was maintained by lieutenant " Briggs in -1--/ sotes. Associated told 3iinte a cablegram has been received Fortl the Londott office of the associated Gold mines of Western Australia statin that the. Annual meeting. Will be held on october 13. 8.h. Proprietary debentures 1 if is stated by the Secretary of the broken Hill proprietary fir. F. 3f. Dickett sub that the.�1,500,000 of 7 per cent a debentures to be issued by the Parent Barrier company will have a currency of 20 years. The Issue Price a �97 per �1100 Bond. Provision till be made for a inking fund of �75,000 per annul and the company Sill have the right to repurchase up to a total of �125,000 of these securities per an num during the first seven Yore of their of Stence. Mixe Creek week ended september 17 produced i tons tin oxide. Telegrams from managers. Princess Royal september 28 "280 it. Level driving n. From 41 it. To if it 19dwt. Wid Tii
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