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Adelaide Express and Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? maximum skate temperature to\2 . To Day prices regulation work of the commission. An interesting review. The ninth report of fee prices Regula tion commission which has been presented to the governor is As follows your commissioners desire to refer very briefly to the changing conditions Vicli Lave governed the control of Price in. Australia. In 1914 and-1815 the main abject Tive was to prevent undue profits by reason of accumulated stocks. This Ivory was j performed by state quasi judicial tribunals. With the Progress of the War it became necessary to control tie prices of primary products each As wheat meat in theft. J sugar hides &c., without regard to world values. From 1916 this responsibility devolved upon the Federal executive since the signing of the armistice the War pre cautions regulations had been gradually relaxed. Concomitant with the release of r Trade restrictions the shortages of imported commodities and the plenitude. Of paper Money profiteering became a household word. With the Advent of fall ing markets for Taw materials restricted pub he demand and deflation of credit the work of the pm Mission would re late very largely to prices and conditions of Sale which Are controlled by associated. Interests Trade agreements honorable understandings a. Results obtained. The commission does not prop oae to enumerate in this report the apparent re sults in values of specified commodities of its work during the year. It wishes to emphasise the fact that its Efficacy or necessity cannot be gauged by the number of prices filed by Law. It is not the function of the commission to excuse or justify its existence or to advocate its continuance parliament Baa conferred upon it wide discretionary Powers and its policy and procedure Are by legislative provision., Spe Bially untrammelled. The commission has exercised its functions without fear or favor and Las pursued a Broad policy without regard to its acceptance or rejection by any particular Section of the Public. Previous reports show that Price control As opposed to Price fixation Nas been adopted wherever possible. Thin practice has entailed frequent checking of the costs of such commodities As flour bread milk Oatmeal biscuits soap Jam infant s foods and gives no indication of the amount of effective work done in de laying increases in prices until justified by costs. Undue profits by Large companies supplying such commodities air Artu Icin fertilisers Kero Aine condensed milk Gas and electricity have been prevented by re Quiring Tae approval of the commission be fore rates Are advanced. In Tegard to clothing the publicity of the commission s enquiry Ian has no doubt been of consider or Able Benefit to the consumer and further it a k6 made Early an Ifil. To test the basis of the control imposed. The principal lines connected with. The Cost of Nous no . Timber bricks Cement lard Ware Are engaging toe attention of the commission. In All these enquiries the commission wishes to acknowledge Tae reasonable attitude of the commercial Community and the invaluable assistance of the press. Apart from the private control of prices by Trade associations there Bas been an amount of More or less involuntary profiteering but on the whole the consuming Public has benefited to a much greater degree than is generally recognised. How far such Benefit is due to the presence or influence of the commission it is impossible to say but it May be stated that the Cost of the commission to the state per individual has been less than one Penny per a nomm. Future work. I the commercial editorial of a Reading australian daily recently contained the following comment the worst features of company life an Australia just Are the Way in which Chain of company directorates is being evolved and the failure to it Ublish adequate statements of a the present act confers tie most comprehensive Powers combining a it does the provisions As to com Mercial trusts common to anti Trust Law with the dire at Power of Price fixation. The Powers of Price fixation have in addition been extended to cover the sliding Ecale Prin Ciple ., Gas and electric Light its dividends and wages As in profit sharing and conditions and Ireum stances to Deal with list prices adopted by associations which Are not commercial direct Power of Price fixation was first conferred a a War measure. The 1919 act expires on november 30, 1921. If the intention of the legislature to continue the double barrelled provisions of the present statute the quasi judicial 7 ower3 conferred May have to be exercised against powerful vested interests. It i therefore essential that the status and terms of office of at least the executive officer of the commission should he secured by parliament in order to preclude the cuss ability of political pressure from the government of the Day. The Early consideration of your ministers is invited to. This important aspect of the future work of the commission. The report is signed by messes. D. It. Davidson chairman. P. J. \. Lawrence and Frank Condon commissioners. The wheat guarantee. Brisbane. November 24. The wheat Pool Bill was considered in committee in the legislative Assembly on tuesday. Replying to a question concerning the guarantee of 8/ a Bushel the minister of agriculture said the guarantee held Good and he was satisfied i the mat ter was properly handled the banners would get More. Or. Moore there is nothing in the Bill to place the responsibility of the guarantee up to 8/ upon the government. We have Only the verbal guarantee of tie minister. The Premier denied there was any Side stepping on the part of the government. An amendment by or. Bebbington that to persons appointed employed or author ised by the wheat Board shall receive directly or indirectly any buying commis Sion or Selling commission upon the Pur Chase or Sale of wheat provided that the ruling rates of the Selling commission May be received in the ease Tif a Sale of wheat not suitable for Gristing was accepted. The minister for agriculture moved the following addition to clause 27 for the purpose of ensuring that the Powers and authority of the Board May be executed without interruption declaring that not withstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Industrial arbitration act of ,1916 the provisions of the said act shall apply to persons employed in work such As is usually canned on in farming operations in respect of wheat subject to this act provided that no award shall be made by the court of Industrial arbitration Regii Tating the conditions of persons poem played except upon reference by the minis ter in that behalf pursuant to the said or. Vow Lea Leader of tie opposition indignantly charged the government with having said the Farmers by introducing Ulrie amendment at the last moment. J or. Corser opposed the amendment an declared this was an attempt to Load the. Iii. The amendment was earned on division by 38 votes to 30. The Bill was reported Frith amendments and the third Reading iras fixed for to-da.? j future the tragedy Armenia. In Dublin. Bodies remove to England. The australian. Press association 1 league of peace Lively proceedings America and Armenia be sex German colonies f Lio Dox november 33. Tite representative of the australian press association at Geneva reports the armenian debate infused some lire into this Assembly of the league the proceedings Bare been the chief topic among Tate suggestion has Ena mated privately from one of the Over seas to the British delegation that the league should specially invite the 1 United states to undertake the temporary Akk spation of Armenia and that the league should my the Cost it is under stood that 60,000 men would suffice to overage the be maoists end to interpose a Barrier Between them Arad the armenians while it is thought that such a demonstration in Force would be Likely to be effective without Active military operations. It i believed that if America supplied the bulk of the troops the other nations would be prepared to furnish e horticultural committee reported that they bad considered Aai amended the prize list for the Harch show of 1921. New clauses will be included for returned soldiers. I tic Rao Orts were suited. Murdered officers to be buried in England three sinn seiners shot London november 23. A British destroyer will proceed to Dublin for the bodies of the officers Mur dered on sunday. Three civilians who were arrested Dur in g the week end in Dublin seized Soma arms and bombs stored in the place where they were detained and attempted to escape. They fired upon their guards who shot them dead. Mckee and Clancy two of the men shot were prominent sinn seiners and they toot part in the rebel lion in i Itjin in 1916, when Clancy was sentenced to death. He is afterwards reprieved. Port Pirie. Complaints of neglect. Port Pine november 23. Juo Legenc mention by taef re truer of the fact that the harbours Board had not recommended any and quate expenditure inthe Way of deepening operations it port Pirie owing to tie construction of the Condobolin Hue being Likely to attract Trade away from this port caused an unpleasant sensation Here. The tension was How Ever relieved to night at a Liberal Union social attended by the hons. J. Lewis and a. A Corro when the former made an authorised announcement that a Large amount is to be set aside for deepening work at port Pirle. The mayor 3ir. J. S. Ged Desin posing the Toast of the parliament re marked that the country districts seamed to be neglected. The people outside the City was forgotten by the present Parlia ment. He had noticed that Day advertisements in the Adelaide papers calling for applications for supervisors of the Chil Dren s playgrounds at Glover Park and on Lefevre s Peninsula. These were signed by or Ritchie. Cries of port. Pirie was the first place in South istra Thalia to Start a playground of the Type referred to but Here they paid their own supervisor. Certainly they had never applied for help from the government. They had Teald their own Way. Port Pirie was ignored be Wise they could not help the ministry with votes their representatives being on the other Side of the Fence. The government seemed out for centralisation every time. Their representatives had done their Best. The Hon. J. Lexis in responding read a message stating that �30,009 has been placed on the loan estimates for deepen ing operations. The minister would visit the town As soon As the House Tose. Cheers the University of Adelaide. Examination results. Examination for the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgers. November 1920. Pass list. In order of Merit first tear. First class Formby myies Landseer Mun. Tan and Piper Cyril Thoimas equal second Claa Hamilton Lan Yuffe and a Luff Ford. Fran Kenneth equal h0r,t2jl, Suncy Bayly jle a Clicc my Fox Robert Owen and like Claude car Cylc equal Rees Harold Mitchell Honcz agr an Maxwell and Blackno equal England Clarence , Ste phys Kenneth Owen third Glass ror Obj John Edward Schneider Michael Prost Henry Gordan and Samuel Mai Colin Voma equal Pelleu Hon in Edwin Hen Nessy a Jar Henry Porter John Ell Bon Isen Sten Abraham or Serson Gerald Jenkin recommended for the Oder prize Miles l. Fomb first class Hoskins Herbert Champion ther a Roderick Lewis Wicks Frederick Kappii Steed Mary Ethel Hayter Anil Birch huh Mclntyre second class Cowling of Lionel Deucalion Angus Roy my Schroeder Arthur George equal Howard Geoffrey Hardman Cor mesh Joseph Rusk Stock badge Ronald Keith Dowling Donall Augustus Equa Bostc pm Alfred lad Man Appleby Harold Henry and Christie equal third class Brans Hammond Thomas Mit Chell Thomas Oswald Doland Charles Mervyn recommended for the older prize Herbert c third year first class or est Esmond Kink second cites Clark Annie Winifred and Jose Gilbert Edgar equal third Robert Vivian and Lewis Aubrey Julian equal Sumner Donald James Robert Tell Frederick Edward and i dates Dorothy Sorby Equa Solomons Isaac Mamet Welch Arthur Walter a Jdnes James and i Isher Harry Metcilf Equa Lutzmann Herbert Franz Harbison Ernest John Keith. Recommended for the or. Davies Thomas scholarship Esmond f West fourth year first class Florey Howard Walter second class Gartrell enc Fmick Wells Clarence Gordon Jones Alan Thomas Britten hams George David ind Webb Arthur lid Don equal Gilfillan. Williajm thud class White Lan Hubert Hauboe Edith Ulrica b borate Herbert Merron Tonkin Richards Hoopmann one Inch Wilhelm. Equal recommended for the or Davies Thomas scholarship Howard w f Orey fifth Lear first class. Hebel Kenneth Stuart second class hone yank Raymond Hus sigr Percival France. Lertch Hills George Ridge Steven Walter Edward third class Watson Arthur Harr on to Ward Walmsley Robert Leitch Eric Wurm Bertram enc recommended for the Everard scholarship Kenneth s Hetzel recommended Lor the or Chas Gosse Fedal m ophthalmology ter ciral l. Husser Zanetic paper is so wonderfully sen fictive that when placed tinder writing paper it produces by the act of writing with pen and Ink a perfect permanent i copy. Each Zanetic Sheet will make Many 1 copies. Of "8tionera. If any difficulty j w ickers Zanecc Duncan Road 1 j Leicester England. D2 j Walc Street explosion. Jew Yoke. November 23. Interest in. True unsolved mystery of the explosion in Wall Street York continues. Tie bums detective Agency one of the greatest american organisations of its kind has offered a Reward of 50,000 dollars in addition to the official Reward of 20,500 dollars. The deaths from the explosion totalled 40, and Avore than 300 other persons were injured1. Japan and America. New York. November 23. The japanese government have decided to make a. Formal enquiry in Washington whether the Story of the bolshevik con Cessions to an american indicate is True. These concessions conflict with japanese holdings and if confirmed Japan will take the necessary Steps to protect her interests. Queer Story of Versailles. The Paris correspondent of a London paper writing on september 20, says a week ago i was at Versailles and seized the Opportunity to see the Little Vil Lage built for Marie Antoinette close to the Petit Rianon when i noticed that the windows of the Latterie or Dairy were still boarded up and that the whole place had a curious air of loneliness and looked at it with the More interest be cause of. The strange Story told by two ladies in a Book published in 1911, which described remarkable incidents that had be fallen them some 10 years before that Date. They visited the Petit Rianon and saw buildings and details of scenery or so they said not As they exist to Day but As they were afterwards proved to have existed in Marie Antoinette s time. They spoke to people whom they supposed to be living persons masquerading for some undisclosed reason but whom later and roller enquiry led them to believe to be wraiths of people at Marie Antoinette s court. Mentioning my visit and this Story to a woman Friend two Days ago she told me that she also had had a a Tiger adventure at the Latterie and had informed Many people of it some years before the Book in question was published. She said that she noticed the boarded up windows and won dered that was inside. She therefore went up to one of the windows to look in through a Crevice in the boarding when to her great Surprise she distinctly Felt her self push i away. 1 Marie Antoinette s ghost. There was no visible person there and it was Broad Daylight. But she entertained then no doubt and she entertains no doubt that this was a supernor Mal happening and she had on eerie feel ing which the associations of the place May explain in part. What was even More interesting was that when she asked various people in Versailles Why the particular window we boarded up she was told that it had been so covered because Many passers by had i seen or alleged that they had seen the ghost of Marie Antoinette and this had made a great Many afraid to go near. Versailles is visited by so Many travel lers and the Romance of the place is so great that it would be important to know whether any other British visitors have observed anything of the kind reported. Why prices Are High j Darwin. November 54. Or. Chris. Betl formerly master of the government auxiliary Ketch John Alee has supplied some details of the excessive costs incurred in connection with that vessel s re cent trip to Daly River. The receipts were approximately �24 10/ and the expenses �164 15/, which did not include Wear and tear repairs or any amount for the use of the vessel. Nine tons of cargo Cost �13 to get through the goods store at the rail any station and �22 to Load at the wharf. Eleven men were employed for one Day the freight was 30/ a ton. There is neither wharf Crane or any other convenience at Daly River. Tie cargo was hauled from the hold did Doivan a Plank to the Boggy ground and hauled 40 it. Up the Bank in two and a half hours. A sudden death. Wood Eide november 23. Messes. To. O. Schroeder and Jan Gens with. Or. Stewart an official of tie Ratt Ivay department were to Day discussing the i boundaries of their properties at tee Junction of the Woodside and tween Vale main roads. Or. Schroeder complained of a pain at his heart. He moved to the Shade of a tree and immediately expired. He leaves a wife and one child. He owned a Small mixed farm and was highly i respected for his Industry and neighbourly nature. There is a brother in Tho but i ing the afternoon b s excellency will in Specic the Plantation being constructed by the Council along the Centre of Osmond Terrace Norwood for Ita full length and in which it is proposed Yal agriculture society met on monday and tie president or. J. W. Sandford stated that the executive committee had decided to re commend Tia to the show be Kwh it noted to two Days Friday March 4and a. a March 5. Hie recommendation was adopted. School inspectors. Brisbane. We Moi of tie president of the arbitration court or. Justice to Day delivered judgment in the Case of state school inspectors a much lad be Abrought before the court on the petition of the Queensland government professional officers association. Hia Honor said the award ivc Rald be varied by fixing salaries As follows District inspectors �010 to �700 assistant chief inspector �625 to Tco chief inspector �700 to ��00. These salaries were the salaries the inspectors re Quested the Union to claim Bat were less than those claimed. I Industrial court. Qua Rey employees Case. Sir. Deputy president Webb it the court on wednesday heard an application by sir. S. Whitford on behalf of the a.w.u., to Piave the award recently made with reference to Quarry employees applied to All Quarry Meu t throughout the state As a common Rule. The employers were not represented. The Deputy president said there were a number of employers engaged in the Industry who should have notice of the application. He directed that copies of the notice of citation be sent to the proprietors of the slate Quarry at Illunga the Marble quarries at Kaunda and Annaston and the Stone Quarry at mount Gambier. The Date on which objections to the common Ruie May be filed was feed for december 14. The court adjourned. To avoid pain after eating. Thousands Trio have tried it including hundreds of people in this locality say that the surest Way to avoid pain and discomfort after eating is to take a Little Bis rated magnesia after each meal. This prevents food fermentation and the resultant formation of Gas and acid and enables even the worst dyspeptic to eat almost anything without the slightest danger of distress to follow. If pain has already started or in cases of acute in digestion Bis rated magnesia acts Al most like magic usually bringing Complete Relief in five or six minutes. If you want to enjoy your meals As you did in child Hood get a bottle of Bis rated magnesia from the nearest chemist and take As directed. The chances Are 100 to 1 that you will soon be telling your friends that Bis rated magnesia is the finest thing in the world for indigestion. Bis rated magnesia _ is one of the Best remedies for indigestion and is also obtainable in Tablet form. Beware of substitute. Look for the maker s name Bis mag limited of which a Vars on every genuine package. I drama of the turf. Storekeeper Slose �117 Are Vou related to or. A heed that simple question and its affirmative Renly Cost two storekeepers from cd Odola �117. While purchasing goods at Luei heir s auction Mart in Rundle Street on March 13 last James Edrin Matthews and Albert Edward Hill noticed a Man who resembled in appearance members of the a heed family. Matthews questioned do you know any people said the j yes i know Mick replied Matthews and the Man remarked that there were three Brothers Mick and Sam and he Ras Harry. What part do you come from Matthews told him and Hill was introduced. A conversation ensued Dar ing which the Man paid i have several racehorses. One called Pinnoc Jia Rdolph is a line animal. Are you going to the races on saturday 1 i Don t think to said hid Tim. Not interested much in i be got two horses running Prince Bardolph and another i forget his name said the Man. Prince Bardolph is a dead Cert to win. We Kaow when our horse Are going to the cob Dogma storekeepers saw the men again at Kleiner s the next Day. My horse Prince Bardolph he said is run Ning in the Somerton Handicap and is a certainty. I m going to have a Good win. I be got �200 on him at 5 to 1. I went to the club this morning and got some More on him. He is Only 4 to 1, but i put on another 400 quid. You ought to Back him. _ i would like to see you have a Good win. Matthews said five or 10 Bob was the extent of his betting. They were advised to think Over the matter. Good morning or. Rasheed said mat thews when they met next Dox. The most cruel and nearly successful piece of false witness which i have Ever heard was uttered Iby a Little girl in Short frocks at the old Bailey where a Young Man afterwards very Peiyi described by the judge As a Knight errant was charged with her abduction. For hours the Little wonder told her Story with an air of innocent Candor and submitted to Crosa exam Natita pitied by judge and jury and damning the unfortunate Young Man _ with every word. Not until late in the trial did it appear that her Story was a tissue of falsehoods. From to Day said a Learned Friend of mine afterwards. I am in favor of women at the bar. Only a to Man could Deal. Adequately with that Little i ind women Are extraordinarily Quick to i take a useful hint. On circuit once some Twenty years ago a woman was on trial for bigamy. The parties lived All their lives in a Small country town and the husband swore he saw the prisoner frequently. Yon know said the judge if you saws your husband even once in the seven years before the bigamous marriage Jou will be found guilty thank you my lord quoth she. I did not know that and went into the witness Box where she Svore she Hadt seen her husband three times Only on the Good Friday easter sunday and Chr Somas Day in the eighth year before. She gave full details and was acquitted. There Are other weapons in woman s armory. When skill has failed her she will plead fat Rue anti confusion and prove it by bursting into tears or going of into a faint. Many years ago a barrister had to examine a lady who had been left executor and sole Legatee of her husband s estate amounting to �10,000. There was an out standing judgment of �300 against the estate and t Al creditors could find no a thing. Ordered to come into court with All books and pipers for examination she duly ap-1 geared a fail Little lady in widow s weeds with nothing in her hand but an i umbrella. Books she knew nothing about them. There was �1 in the . Savings Bank and that was All she had in the world. She then proceeded to give an account of How that moneys had Bern spent in six months. Her Story was full of contradictions. She never had any Money in the Bank. Lat3. J add november "22the Hay crop has proved a record banners Are hurry ing to get the crop m before stripping. Messes Botha bothers cleared up a Small paddock of Tae Golden drop variety Ard from s x acres Toey obtained the wonderful total of 64 bags will be general in a few Days and the result will be splendid. Prince of Wales theatre. Una�1h City. To might. A great night s fun 1,200 1/ seats. Latest business. The express office wednesday on the Stock Exchange on wednesday the mar Ket for All sections continued Dull but values were steadier than for some time. In common wealth Loans the o per cent due 1323were in fair demand at �91 15/ and �94 12/6, or 2/6 higher than tuesday s closing � per cent. Ifilio advanced 5/ to �01 10/ and 4i per cent. 1927 declined 2/6, sales being recorded at �80 7/6. In �10 Bonds the 4i per cent due 19-25, were baked at �9 ii a Dedline o 1/, 41 per cent. 1927 �9 1/, and 5 per cent. 1923 at �9 8/6. . 3 per cent were offered at �60, and for . Is per cent five years currency �96 10/ was bid without response from holders. Topeat scrip failed to set away from quotation stage and values showed practically no change on previous prices. Investments had trading effected in Bagor shakes & Lewis at 13/4. Or 2d. Less than previously. Buyers were in evidence for National Bank Ord. Sex dividend at �5 15/. Bagot s executor 6/4, Adelaide electric pref 16/2, . Brewing con at is/9, paid at 37/6, lion brew ing 11/6, Adelaide Cement Ord 20/, . Globe Tii Riber 6/, Cowell Bros. 27/, Malcolm ked 20/, shale Oil and petrol 15/3, and Wilcox Mifflin 26/3, with Sellers too High for dealing to be effected. The Only Copper Stock dealt in was Wallaroo which weakened 6d. To 30/6. Hampden Qon Curry were offered at 7/3, and mount Lyell at 16/9, with no buyers responding. I tin and Cool shares were neglected. The Barrier dealing was confined to Bri Trifi i old which declined 9d. To 29/3. Junctions at 3/8 and 2/7, norths at 41/ to 41/6, souths tit 38/6 and 35/3, and Zinc corporation which hardened to 16/4. . Proprietary sex dividend 3d. Were bid for at 48/3. Block 10 had sailers at 20/9. Gold issues met with Light Sun port in Hampton. Celebrations. Ives Reward. Paris and Tarcola blocks without any material alteration in value. Britannia Edna May Central and Golden butter Fly at slip rely lower than former rates. Al Abaroa which firmed a Point and great Bounder Perse Verance. Which were bought prompt delivery at 2/. Quotations for Muto Roos shite Hopes per. Natty Centra Edam May and Commodore were virtually on a Par with late rates. Sales effected to 12.80 . 5 per cent. Commonwealth Loans 1923,�91 12/6. �94 15/, �34 12/6. 4j per cent. Commonwealth loan 1935. �91 7/6, �91 10/. Or per cent. Commonwealth loan 1927. �90 7/6. 4i per cent. �10 Bonds 1925�0 2/ 4v per cent. �10 Bonds 1027. �9 1/. 5 per cent. �10 Bonds 1923�9 8/6. Sapot shakes 4 Lewis 13/4. Wallaroo. 31/, 30/6. . Junction 2/8. 2,7.2/7. J norths. 41/, 41/3. 41/6. Zinc corporation ord16/4. British old29/3. Souths 3s/6 50. 8s/3. Hampton Celebration. 4/7. Perseverance 2/ prompt delivery. Golden Butterfly con. 1/10, 1/9. 1/6j. Britannia 1/21. Edna May Central of. Ives Reward 2/3. Tarcola stocks lid. Maratoa 1/s. Paris 1/3. London share quotations. 3fr abort Bruce of Bro Taian e buildings has received a Cable advice from London giving the follow zif Middle prices for australian shares 011 november 23 a Bills 48/6, norths 42/ in ush 30/, sulphides ord36/6, mount Morgan 14/3, Hampden Cloncurry 8/6, amalgamated Zinc 31/9, Jmc ord16/6 mining notes great Boulder no. I. I the local Secretary advises that the following information was cabled to London office on no-1 vember 17 from the mine re Carman s lease Sliaut no. 1 Down 50 it. In cutting West have Cone through c it. Ore Worth 1 of. Shalt so. 3 Down 50 it. In ecu acting West have gone thro Ufuti 12 it. Ore Worth 14 dwt. Deut tiny betas continued into Hancine Wau to make loom for Boring in order to test Ore shoot a depth 100 it. From surface. The shafts Are 200 it. Apart. Not sure if they Are on the same Ore Foody. Will drive level n. And s. At 50 it. In depth with the View to finding length of Ore Robert Bruce investment broker ?4 �119 rata & co. Stock. Shabe 1xd wheat scrip broker 28, Adelaide 117, put of Tenet Sydney. Sonts Ward & 00., Melbourne. Of Myrmo Wrangel s army trained by the French constantinople november 33. The first troops of Tiene Rai Vav Range t army have left for Golf Tepoli. France has undertaken the entire reorganisation of general Wrannel s troops on Gallipoli and the Island of lemnos. Offer of a Coal mine. The Premier in reply to or. Hill a the Assembly on. Wednesday said he understood that the offer of a mine in South Wales had been made to the government through the minister of mines or t a commissioner of Public works and he presumed that the offer would be brought before Cabinet in due course. The share Market sales effected on the Stock Exchange Bej tween 12.30 and 3 20 . Metropolitan Brick 6/ 4j per cent. War loan 1927�90 12/6, �90 10/, �90 11/3 murrin s proprietary 1/4j peace loan june uit�92 15/ Ives Reward 2/4, 2/3 5 per cent. War loan 1927�90 5/, �90 7/6 broken Hill proprietary 48/ broken Hill souths 37/9 Hansel Mundy paid Lod Hansel Munda con5d. A w heat 9jd. Broken Hill Junction 2/5i Pernay Central 2/3 50 Britannia 1/3 mount wronged proprietary id. Paris 1/2 Prin Cess Royal co lid. Golden Hope West 6d. S. A. Brewing con19/ 50. Fuel Economy. The federation of British industries has decided to Start a fuel Economy scheme says science and Industry under tha d rect on of an expert committee consist ing of technical representatives of firms belonging to the federation who Hare specialised in the question of efficient and economical fuel practice in various Bratte Hea of Industry. The work of the committee will be confined in the first instance to ga9 producing and steam raising Plant. Its activities will probably Ian into two main divisions first the assistance of individual j firms and second the assistance of or Gan ised trader. The committee is collect ing a Large amount of information which has never before been brought together n regard to the fuel requirements of the great Industrial centres and of the different industries of the country. Moreover the intimate relationship which the federa tion has established with the government departments and other representative bodies concerned Avill enable it to protect manufacturers interests in regard to Supply in a Way which has never hitherto been possible. It May also be necessary for the committee to take into consideration on behalf of the members of the federation Sueh National subjects As Coal conserva tion smoke abatement and any other subject directly bearing on the fuel problem As affecting Industrial Consumers. Trade picnics. 1 the employees of or. J. Jfortis5 furniture a toy Kent town with their wives and families held their first picnic at Clarendon on saturday. Sports were held. Results ladies race. Miss Callaghan mrs. Manning. Employees Sheffield Handicap 125 Yards a. Carter a. Helme w. Beaumont. Prizes were distributed by or. W. G. Mitchell. Each child was presented with a memento of the occasion. The Secretary was or. 0. W. Mcwalters. Or. W. A Mitchell waa starter and or. Walters judge. The directors of Mars tons Jet do port Adelaide gave the employees a. Picnic at Brown Hill Creek on november 17. The elaborate arrangements reflect the highest possible credit upon the directors of this enterprising company and All responsible for a pleasant time was spent by every one. There were about 200 present. The Toast Marston Ltd was responded to by or. Horace Marston manag no directors. He said he objected to the items employer and declaring that All were workers together. The sports results were Marston s Handicap 120 cards a. Carey l. Beams. Ladies Handicap Jivis Scott. Miss Jamieson. Sack race a. Mor ten l. Thomas. Directors and shareholders Horace Mascon. Nail driving Competition Itisha Verguson miss curtain. Obstacle race Bonanza shipping. Employees under is a. Carey a a Unkunow. Married ladies mrs. Weir mrs warn. Wheelbarrow race a. Foster and l. Beams h. Baker and k. Morters. Departmental race a. Burden. H. Baker. Three legged race Bis and Bryarly Mcneil and Hack. Tug of War Bonanza shipping. Committee a. John son Gummow sen. Flag race a. Hanson a Harrison. 410 Yards Handicap a. Brearly w. Carey. Consolation a. N. Weir. Every child received a present from or. G. Bact be one of the directors. Managers reports. Kanona red Hill november 23."so. 3 Shaft sunk to 55 it. In country. Barber s no. 2 Shaft 105-tt. Levi Stope on West Side of . Drive advanced to 12 it. North and 10 it. West lode 3 it. Wide value 10 dwt. Stope on East Side . Drive advanced a further 12 it. North and 10 it. East lode a it. Wide value 10 Westhope Eureka november 19."buo \ lease Shaft sunk 12 it. To 20 it. At 6 it. Quart assayed 3 dwt. 15 or. Over Width is in. A Pegmatite bar has come in from the . And Cut tech off. Sow sinking in this material but Indi cations Point to Reinfe nearly through it. Surface p Ospe Tinc has not revealed anything of t Kec ammend Martin s ippol and steel a pills. Sold by All chem fits and stores. See you set the Kew Jine. Vim a ,
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