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Adelaide Express and Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? maximum Shade temperature to 2 my. To Day 5 9.8 big sum involved a full confession. The Case was continued in the Adelaide police court on wednesday in. Which Arthur Iredale Watkin formerly accountant and cashier for the Melbourne steam ship company at port Adelaide was charged with having embezzled �725,5/6, belonging to the. Company. Or. H. Mayo appear a for the prosecution and air. P. G. Hicks for the accused. Harold Svilka Burnett acting manager. Of the. Company at port Adelaide stated Diat on March 4 he said to the accused let Ioe have a list of the outstanding a0111116."" Watkin Eaid t. Am in serious trouble. I am Short in the company s Cash to the extent of �123." the wit Ness asked Hin where the shortage arose red the accused said it is in Cowell Bros freight on Timber in the Watkin showed him the ship s Manifest and the witness after looking said this makes it �273. How . You make it �123?" the accused said i have �150 in hand that amount was landed to the witness. Subsequently the accused Eaid i have been faking the books for years. I Don to know where i stand. I can t stand it airy the witness asked him for the recipe Book and the accused Reje lied i have destroyed it As Well Jaa other the accused was sus " Pended from duty a few Days after the witness asked him Over the Telephone if he would make a statement showing Ghat he had done , very Well will ail i possibly can to avast. of March 8 the witness received a letter irom the accused in which he said dear sir complying with your Telephone Mes Juge to rend you a written you session of my guilt in Ems Estling moneys belonging to the Ile Bourne steamship company i limited. As far As my memory serves Ine it was about april Isar when the first Deal cation Toos place. Previous to this Date i Moliere. I yeas gambling. With my own Money hut on going to Oak Bank races with a fair amount of Taney m my Possession a lost it All. ,. It i bad stopped then there would have been to necessity for this confession. I was t Man enough to Tell anyone belonging. To me. I. Had lost so much Money. Instead i started to Gamble with the company s Money. I lost and did no report the act to your manager time. Iserer since then 1 have been manipulating the Cai. And books by giving false receipts where it was. Necessary using one amount to Square the previous shortage. After a time i got deeper and deeper into the mire and As the falsifications were not detected i started to Gamble on a larger scale hoping that i would be Able to win enough Money to pay Back what i had taken. Unfortunately t was unsuccessful. I still kept on falsifying the accounts hoping against Hope that something would turn up to enable be to rectify the wrong i had done the knowledge that i had done wrong was becoming a Nightmare to me. I knew-1 might be detected. Jim conscience which apparently had been dead for some time began to prick me. I could neither eat nor sleep and after having unsuccessfully tried to borrow Money to Square the shortage on thursday last i decided to Tell you was1 Short in my Irish and was immediately suspended.,. Too Larel have realised"th5"truth"ox the old saying be sure Yoiiro sin will filid you i have sinned against your company against those whose interests i should have safeguarded and protected to my last breath. Too late i recognise that by May wrongdoing i have blasted my career Harve wrecked my own life and probably others belonging to me us Well by my and deceitful conduct. I am. And will suffer the slings and arrows of an accusing conscience. ,1 am broken in health and pocket. I have lost in go jul name. Arid Bhare brought disgrace on Inythe and oui Chil Dren. It Ivyll. Probably break my wife s heart when heart from me to Morrow morning that 1 have done the Ray thing. She always told me to be to . I. Have disc a trime. Which Yum Ihn Topany High esteem no words at my for All the borrow caused i a All the world if i possessed it if i com to redeem my character and atone for my wrongdoing to the company which employed one for nearly Twenty years. The witness pointed to certain entries in the company a books As having a bearing a Dii tie alleged shortage Albert. Victor Mitton accountant Eaid be examined the company s books for the period january 1,197,. To december 31, 19i8, and found a deficiency of �388 3/9. Jaines Cou Kiseil accountant said be examined the books for the period january 1, 9919, to March 13, 1920, and there was a deficiency of �272 4/11. The. reserved defence and was committed for trial. Bail was fixed at �100. " conference of pre wipers postponed till july. News was received in. Adelaide on Wei mesday that the premiers conference which was to have been held in Melbourne in saturday has been postponed until a Jatter Date probably during july. No information is yet. To hand of the reason for the proposed postponement. It is expected Elhat the Premier Hon. H. N. Bar veil and the chief Secretary Hon. J. Bice will return to Adelaide on thursday morning. A dangerous crossing. Of Arne. June 22. Jux Luedig Taueu by toe Usif Crit Council Kob held of saturday afternoon in the Nairn e Institute to disc Sathe advisability of asking the Rai Hray commissioner to make some alterations in the dangerous Fdl Way crossing where a fatal Accident Rem. Gently happened to or. George Cley. Councillor t Hawthorne presided. A re solution was passed that a petition he presented to the commissioner by All the Mem Bers of the Council with or. J Hannam or. W. F. Ryder and the parliamentary members of the District asking that a subway be placed under the Road thus doing away with the open crossing. Or. Con grave consented to wait upon the residents to gave them an Opportunity to sign the requisition. Found dead inbred. Borika. June 21. Or. S. Springett a Farmer was found dead in his bed on saturday afternoon. A neighbor went to his House and found the horses tied up and evidence that they hid riot been fed for Soiree time. He knocked repeatedly door an receiving. No response entered and saw the. Deceased lying peacefully on his bed. He had apparently passed away in his sleep on Friday night or saturday morning. Or. Springett has been in ill health for some. Time but when seen, railway siding on Fri Day afternoon he appeared to be better. Mounted Constable Patten Asce tame that death was probably due to heart failure. The body was. Removed to Adelaide for burial. The living wage. Judgment on Friday. Sir. President Broth Mil deliver his to augment in the. Industrial court on Fri Day afternoon at 2.30 o clock in the Basic jiving Trage. Case. One sunday in Sweet summer time Stien glowing youth was in its prime midst mirth and music. Crowned with Bays i lived on Adlai if Day of Days x " ills that it let to reach my Bride swam of tiber s turgid tide and would Hare died of chill i m sure Cut ii a woo ii Peppermint care Pir in r of a Soldier. The australian press association peace i Boulogne. Otma 22. A communique issued by the Allied con Ference this morning states the -Confer-1 ence again discussed the question of the German payment for reparation and the distribution of the Money among allies. The conference agreed thai the Allied experts should meet in Paris to draw up a joint proposition on an agreed basis for submission to. The Allied. Conference in Brussels on july 2, which will agree to a joint policy before the meeting of the conference with the germans the conference secondly discussed the disarmament of Germany and approved of the draft of a . Prepared by the military. Experts and also to their it pop Al the ownership of. The distributed War material Date of the resumption of the manufacture of air Craft " the French delegates reiterated their protest concerning the failure erf Ger Many to execute the clauses of the treaty relating to the delivery of Coal. The advice of i the separations commission on this subject will be considered Brussels finally the. Conference agreed that eco. N in Etc i negotiations., squid be begun a i imn Doh wits the in Stich Ewh Ihie " a die j Gates and should be continued upon the understanding that there was no question of the political recognition of the soviet government. I an Allied threat. Paris june 22. The Echo Paris states a. Mule Rand at Boulogne gained an essential Point if Germany. Does not promptly pay the indemnity the allies will 6eize the German customs and impound the Revenue. Fur ther territorial occupation in Germany May he necessary to exert pressure. Marshal Foch states that 15,000. German guns yet remain to he destroyed. Turkish rising. The Chicago Tribune says that a great converging movement has been devised by which British. Greet and French troops Hope to compel Mustapha Kemal the tur Kish Leader in Natoka to surrender. The men who fell. An artistic souvenir. A most original and artistic souvenir of the War has been designed in the form of a Bronze Model of the Cenotaph which was erected in Whitehall London As a memorial to the fallen and past which marched in homage to the dead the. Brave and splendid troops of the. Allies. The Model. Is a replica its height being 7$ in., including a wooden stand from the actual Wood of the original Cenotaph which adds a. Considerable historic and senti mental value to the Model. The souvenir has been executed with considerable taste of workmanship and. As a memorial of those who fought and fell is eminently appropriate and dignified entirely free from the vulgar and common place. The Model including the original Cenotaph Wood stand is sold for six guineas and the proceeds Are to be devoted to St. Dunstan s after care. Fund for blinded soldiers and sailors. Australians who sire to1 possess this unique souvenir can obtain full particulars from the organising Secretary St. Dunstan s after care fund 306, Regent Street London w-i., England. King Edward s horse. Oversea dominions regiment. During the great War the 1st King Edward s horse put out from it ranks no Jess Baa 500 Young colonials to the commissioned ranks of the British armies in the Field. An historical record of King Edward s horse is now being prepared and the commanding officer lieutenant colonel James would like to have included a re Cord of the military achievements of those officers who were commissioned from its ranks. Many have paid the highest Price that patriotism demands but it would help to make the record Complete if relatives would give the Date and circumstance of their death and late members of the regimen would Senda Short record of their own senders in the War to the adjutant King Edward s horse Duke of York s Headquarters Chelsea London. A memo rial to those men of the regimen who were killed or died in France during the War is being erected at Vieille Chapelle on the line where the regiment held up a Boche division from Sunrise till Sundown during the great attack in 1918. The express sports edition published thursdays. One Penny. Washington,.june 22. Japan Las. Lodged an informal protest with the department of state against the. Proposed californian legislation which will absolutely prohibit the ownership or the lease of land by japanese. Diplomatic and official circles fear that complications will arise should the Law pass. Amount underwritten. Interest Standard London. Jnn6.22. Tie new. Softli Wales loan of �2,500,000, at 6j ., has written. " the final instalment is. To he paid on september 3, and interest for six months is to be paid on february 11 the under writing. Commission is i ., As com pared with 25/ paid on recent British issues. There is a disposition m some financial circles far attribute the High Price of the loan to a. Fear. In eng land of legislation in new South Wales similar to that of Queensland but the general opinion is that the rate forms. No reflection on new South Wales credit. It is pointed out that the conditions in re1 Spect to the Price of Money mentioned in a Cable on May. 21 have not improved and that the naw Gigli level of interest is Likely j to set new Standard for other issues in the near future. Our London correspondent telegraphed Oil May self Rocity opinion is that the aus i Ralian treasurers will not have an easy task in raising Loans unless they Are pre pared to pay a High Price although the Competition of High interest Industrial flotations has practically ceased Cwicig to. The action of the Banks in restricting the facilities for speculation there is a Prospect of Money continuing dear the discount Market is discussing the possibility of a further Advance in the Bank rite. The British government investments also offer a High rate of interest. Exchequer Bonds maturing.-in-1022 How yield the in Vestor �7 6/ the new housing loan for Kent Middlesex and Essex amounts to �5,000,000 at 6 ., and is issued at �95 10/, redeemable in 1940-00. This yields �6 6/9 . There is undoubtedly plenty of Money available for i investment in Gilt edged securities if the tends offered Are sufficiently attractive. Eating Imperi ally. Colonial Goose. Or. E. C. Buley an australian journalist in England wrote Early in Ilay to a Lon Don paper the cheapest food on the Market moment As australasian Mutton of which it seems there is a glut. There is a glut because this Mutton is cooked in the three traditional ways in which English mutton1 has been served from time immemorial australasian Mutton does not lend itself to Plain boiled Plain Roost and Greasy Stew which i have never eaten since 11 it needs special cooking. As the Butcher j said in Martin Huzzle wet he who Cut the Steak for Ruth Pinch s immortal beef a Steak pudding lit must be Humoured not j there is an old australian dish called colonial Goose who Ever heard of it in England i had one in my own Home the i other Day. It began life As a leg of australian Mutton but the leg Bone had been removed from it and in its place was inserted such a stuffing of Sage and onions As one gets with roast Goose. It was a thing transfigured and it was easy to carve. On australian sheep stations ranches where Mutton is often the Only meat set upon the table from one end of the year to the other there Are a score of methods of cooking Mutton never encountered in eng land. Even the roast leg is served As the French serve their Gigot. It comes on the table confessing a bowing acquaintance with a Clove of garlic. Then what about Mutton Steak a few thick slices Are Cut through the Middle of the leg Bone and All and grilled As a Steak ought to be grilled. Of course that leaves. Two uncooked ends. Wasteful not a bit of it. Mut ton Steak paves the Way for real Irish Stew never eaten Sinee left Australia. Irish Stew As served in England is All compounded of Fet Greasy shops the most bilious thing Ever turned out of a London Kitchen. As. For Shoul Ders the most interesting thing about the English Way of cooking a shoulder of Mut ton is to watch the struggle of the Amateur who has to carve it. I can Only Remenier. Shoulder of Mutton boned _ and rolled and stuffed rather less emphatically than a finally no real australian woman will Ever admit that such a thing As cold Mutton Eidsten. Goodness knows what they to it but it. Always reappears upon the table hot and palatable. The secret As that they their share they not throw All the responsibility upon the Mutton. Try these methods. Learn to eat in serially. It is a motto suitable moment for British purses and British patriotism. For chronic Chest complaints. Woods great Peppermint Core. -hj68-213s London june 22. A party of armed men who were concealed behind the railway piers in Beres Ford place Dublin fired upon a motor car containing or. Roberts assistant inspector general of the Irish constabulary and three constables. Two bombs were also thrown into the car As it drove into place of safety. The occupants of. The car returned the fire. Sir. Roberts was shot in the head and the Driver through both legs. It is believed that neither Ife dangerously wounded. Shooting was renewed at Londonderry Early this morning when three men were shot of whom two Are seriously Hurt sniping continues wat inside. An atrocious grime. An atrocious crime was perpetrated Dur ing the fighting on monday in London Derry. A party of armed men seized and hound a Young Soldier named Mckay who served in France. He had arrived on Holiday life it and was proceeding to Lis father s House on the outskirts of the town. The sinn seiners shot Mckay dead and his body was placed in a passing Hearse. The Driver was then ordered to convey it to the residence of Mckay s father. The american propaganda. 2vew York june 22. Or. Patrick Mccartin the Irish Republican ambassador to the United states changes or. Justice Cohan with being opposed to the Sale of Irish goads and with having tried to get a grip on the Money in the Endeavor to drive or. De Valera from the United states As he declared that the Irish Republic does not exist or. Justice Cohalan a reply simply reiterates tha statement to but he welcomed or. De Valera and that he has worked for Irish Independence. He does hot deny the specific charges against him. The latest prices. The results of the investigations by the Commonwealth statistician or. G. H. Nibbs As to variations in prices of io6d 46 commodities have been available for the month of May 1920. Compared with the preceding month april there has been a general increase of 2.3 . All the states except new South Wales show increases. The increase was greatest in Victoria 4.7 per Cen followed in the order named by Tasmania 4.2 South. Australia 4.0 Queensland 1.7 and Western Australia 1.2 . The. Index number for new South Wales for May shows practically no change from that of the preceding month. Compared with the corresponding month May of 1919 increases Are shown in All states. The greatest increase occurred in Victoria 28.4 ,. Followed. In the order named by South Australia 23.8 Tasmania 23.5 Queensland 18.3 per Cen new South Wales 16.8 and Western Australia 11.0 . Tihe weighted average Index a not Ber for the thirty towns considered As a whole was 2,054 in May 1920, compared with 1,635 in May 1919ah. Increase of 21.t . _ in. The following table particulars Are Given in the form of Index number of Price Levels for food and groceries in play 1920, compared with july 1914, and May 1919. I the last column the percentage increase in May 1920, compared with july 1914, is shown. The 1,000 to which. The Index num Bers Are computed is the weighted aver age Cost for the aggregate of the six. Capi Tal cities of the commodities included in the investigations for the year 1911. The increase in Cost since the outbreak of War is greatest in Queensland 90.0 per Cen followed in the order named by Victoria j per Cen new South Wales 77.5 i Tasmania 732, per Cen South Australia 68.5 and Wes Tern Australia 53.0 . The in crease in the thirty towns considered As a whole from july 1914, to May 1920, amounts to 76.5 . Price town. July. Hay mar. Crease. 1914. 1919. 1920. Sydney 1,153 1,76s 2,052 7s.0 broken Hill 1,468. 1,827 2,373 62.0 ave. . Wales 1,165 1,770 2,068 77.5 Melbourne. Balura to Warma Bool 1,106 1,103 1,037 1,564 m30. -1,5672, 1072,037 1,945 s1.5 84.7 73.9 aver. Victoria. �. 1,105 1,658. 2,001 81.1 Brisbane. 1,057 1,704 2,060, 94.9 aver. Queensland 1,022 ,. 1,733 2,066 90.0 Adelaide ii 3,250 1,703 2,114 69.1 Moonta 1,230. 1,661 2.015 66.3 port pirie.1,291 1,726 2,056 50.3 mount Gam Bier 1,05-1 1,543 1,913 79 a Peterborough 1,3401,699 2,125 58.6 aver. S. Australia 1,247 1,697 20-01 gs.5 Perth i. Kalgoorlie 1,340 1,664 1,891 2,138 2,121 2,311 5s.3 33.9 aver. In. Australia 1,412 1,916 2,160 53.0 Hobart. Ii. Launceston. Queen storm. 1,211. 1,144 1,315 1,678 1,645 1,s42 2,095 2,034 2,132 Echo co i m a r to aver. Tasmania 1,201 1,6s4 2,030 73.2 aver. Common. Wealth. 1,164 1,696 2,054 76.5 a broken Bole. The wooden May 5. Me coi Ossai wooden. Statue or Tunanen i Burg which during the War was erected in front of the Seich Stag building in Ber Lin has been provisionally confiscated by i the police to avoid Public disorder in the event of. Its being removed from Ger. I Many. The Federal grab. At a meeting of the District Council of West Torrens the following Resolution was unanimously carried that this Council strongly protests against the action of the members of the Federal parliament in in creasing their salaries without first refer ring the matter to the electors and urges that Steps be taken to so Amend the Constitution to prevent a recurrence of these methods in the Woods great Peppermint cure p122-2113 Fps children i hair tag cough negotiations resumed. London june 22. The Yorkshire Tost states ill. L hot goes has resumed direct Neotia Fioris j with the British government in regard to drool. The government has a re quest for certain information and the position remains unaltered pending the re imply of or. Hughes. French frugality. Far Jirine 2-2. Bread cards will be Estayo shed again in october for the purpose of reducing the imports of foreign wheat. A Sale of buttons regulation repealed. The regulation framed during the Wai period requiring the consent of the state War Council to the manufacture and Safe of souvenir buttons has been repealed. A sudden death. Port june 23.1 i As the result of. Detective Kennedy s enquiries this to Rhirie info the Circum stances attending the death of or. Albert Eassom a single Man last night the Coroner does not deem a inquest need sary. Or. Ease in was talking to Ahac Quaintance outside the International hotel when he. Suddenly fell to the Footpath. Or. Close who was quickly in attendance pronounced life extinct. Or. East dry was a Vrh Arf labourer and was 35 years bid. He had lived in port Pine Cor Many years. Several Brothers and a. Widowed Mother Are residents of the town. ,. Town planner. A permanent appointment. Llor. C. C. Reade town planner whose engagement until now has been for a fic term was on wednesday permanently appointed to the office by the executive Council. Law cotlets. Supreme court in Banco. Wednesday Trae 23. Before the chief Justice sir George Murray Iff. Justice Buchanan and or. Justice Poole application by Widber and hearing was continued of the application under the testator e family Llari Teanee act 1918, provision out of the estate of the late Thomas Rich Ardson for the maintenance of the widow of the testator Elizabeth Richardson and for the maintenance education and advancement of Kathleen Muriel Richardson daughter who was still an infant and for whom her Mother appeared As next of Kin. Nesbit ilc., with or. S. I skipper appeared for the applicant Fiji or. F. Villeneuve Smith ., for mrs Mary Kroncke the residuary Devisee and Legatee under the will or. H. Thomson for the trustees under the will and or. E. , ., for the grandchildren of the testator who were also beneficiaries under the will. Or. Smith further addressed the court. A question arose concerning the Persona chargeable for the refund of �5u0 Exi penned on a property in the estate. The hearing was adjourned till the next morn ing to enable the trustees and certain beneficiaries to consult on the matter. Insolvency court Adelaide. Friday june 25, at 10 o clock. Before or. Commissioner Mitchell first of Mariotte Augusta . W Jacob Street if Moi widow. Application to Antral Hoy Flave formerly of Redhou Crin Terer now out of \ local court Adelaide. Wednesday june"2sT. Before or. Commissioner Mitchell in action was of Rougny of Emcy Nai Xinau i ried woman of chancery Lane Adelaide to re cover �19 ,19/ from Eilish Palmer of Shannon Street Glenelg in respect to an. Alleged breach of a agreement in March last to Oell to the plaintiff the Stock Plant and fixtures of a general store. Situated in Mary Street. St. Leonards the defendant denied that any Sale had been or. W. A. Rollison appeared for the plaintiff and or. 3. M. Evan for the defendant. The evidence for the plaintiff showed that the agree ment was entered into and that mrs. Solomon through her husband paid �1 Deposit which was subsequently returned. A non suit was entered. Reginald Charles Ferguson compositor of Ken Sington sued r. White commercial traveller of Adelaide or �13 19/ damages in respect to a collision Between the plaintiff s bicycle and the defendant s motor car which occurred at East Parade Xor Wood on iffy 14. The plaintiff alleged that As the result of the collision he was thrown to the ground and sustained injuries. The defendant who was represented by or. W. A. I Rollison paid �11 10/ into court in satisfaction of the claim. There was no appearance on behalf of the plaintiff when the Case. Was called on. Judgment was Given for the plaintiff for the amount paid into court. Hogarth & Edwards of Currie Street Adelaide Stock and station agents claimed �16 1/s from Evans 4s Harris of Seaton alleged to be due for goods sold and delivered. Toe defendants pleaded not indebted and that the Money claimed was in respect to interest which the defendants had not agreed to Pav. Or. L. H. Haslam appeared for the plaintiffs and or. G. M. Evan for the defendants. The plaintiff did not appear and the court entered a Nonsuit. Cause list limited jurisdiction. Thursday june 24. Before commissioner Mitchell assessment of damages. _ Smith f. 4s . To owns. Defended causes. . Farmers Union. Web Denny. Badges Spry. Hat Bews Norman. Downer Rose. Rose. Owen Gray. Waldie Alderman. Trenaman. Laing. Norman Avenell. Johnstone Alderman Long. Barrie. Police court Adelaide. Wednesday. June 23. Before or. W. Hall. Bert Sheely. Who was Arres Ceu of i a Mcgoines constables Dayman and Nicholls was chained with having insufficient lawful Means of son port. Sub inspector Nicholson prosecuted and or. J. W. Nelligan appeared for the defendant who pleaded not Gnu Ltd. Constable Dayman said that when the defendant was questioned on the previous Day he said he had been a bookmaker s clerk in Perth for the past two years. He had been in Adelaide for 10 weeks on a Holiday and intended later to go to Sydney. He also said that he had never been in Queensland and that he had �16 left but of the �33 he bad when he arrived in Adelaide. When asked to produce the �16 Sheely said Williamson owes it to the defendant further declared that he owed no Money in the City but later he said he was in debt to the amount of �31. The wit hers said t am hot is missed that year name is Shpoly. You answer the description of a Man named Roydon c. R Alburn who is wanted in Oti Wensland for in reply to or. Net Ligan the witness said Sheely stayed criterion hotel and on sundays assisted Iha if censer with his books. It was not True that Williamson owed the defendant �16. The feh Daht told the court that his wife and family were in Sydney. He had lived in Sydney for 15 years. He had intended going to Sydney for employment he lied been assisting or. I Hawke criterion hotel. He had endeavoured to obtain work in Adelaide but had hot met with. Success. In reply to sub inspector Nicholson the defendant denied Ever having gone under the name of Rod Burn. Frederick c. W. Hawke Licensee of the criterion Bot Esaid the defendant had been employed by him As a bookkeeper and Stock taker Tor about nine weeks. He had found Sheely to be reliable and sitting a j control removed i sir w. Ciuc Clell Thompson in the Honse of commons in replying to sir h. Nield i Said. Following on the decision of the government to mate no further pin Chase of imported cheese this commodity was Iio longer controlled except in regard to the balances already contracted fort the government were hot aware that the wholesale co operative society intended to negotiate for the Purchase of new zealand cheese. Should any attempt be to exploit the consumer the food controller would not hesitate to employ any Powers provided by parliament fringe of Wales. Many Happy returns of the Day his Royal highness tee. Rhice of waled was born on june 23j 14, and. Therefore completes the 26th year. Of his age to illuminations. In connection with the illuminations for tie visit of the a Trace of Wales to Ade Laide the state organiser desires to mate it Clear that the Only illuminations for j which the Federal government Are paying Are those Adelaide. General Post office the state government Are hearing the expense of the illumination of All Tihe other. State buildings. I a juts decorations at port Adelaide the acting mayor of port Adelaide Alderman Lewison tuesday evening pre sided at. A meeting to consider what Steps should be taken to illuminate the City during the stay of the warships at port Adelaide on the. Occasion of the visit of the Prince of Wales to South Australia. There was a Good attendance. Or. A Fraser president of the retail traders association. Moved a that the citizens at this meeting are1 in favor of suitably illuminating and decorating St. Vincent Street and com Merrival read in. Honor of the visit of the Prince of Wales and the attendant Fleet of warships from july 12 to july 16 Mcl Sive and individually and collectively pledge ourselves to. Make the visit possible. Or. A. 0 r. Tapp seconded the Resolution which was carried unanimously. The col towing committee with1 Power to add to their number was elected the acting mayor Alderman Lewis chairman aldermen Anderson and Clous ton councillors Baric Liri it Wright Switton arid Pudney the town clerk or. E. Brad Well City Engineer or w. W. Tapp messes. W. E. J. Mcallister r. Fraser h. L. Adams w. H. Porter j. Hunter h. Wate Criari h. Jones a. 0. R. Tapp c. A. Dicker a. Nancarrow f. A Cle Larid a. J. Mcgregor Taylor e7 w. Sketch j. Moj is r. Lewell Yri h. G. Red mond a t. George arid j c. R. Rade Hariu or. Porter pointed out that part Adelaide owing to the mayor s ill Ness had no representative on the Cen. Trial entertainment committee. It was,1 resolved that this meeting request the Council to elect the acting mayor As la Deputy to fill the place of the Mayo r on the Centra committee during the Comitia a j Ance of his personal news. Drs. E. H. Beare mjb., ., e Mem. Glynn mjb., ., and f. N. Lemessurier h1b., Have been appointed resident medical officers Adelaide Hospital. J or. A. A. Lend ii m.d., b.r.c.s., has i been appointed president of the South australian medical eve a. E. Gifford of Brougham place congregational Church North Ade Laide returned from Melbourne by to Day s express. He has been i the Eastern states for four weeks a. Well known Adelaide business. Man or. Thomas Jexton. Died at his Resi Dence at millswood., or. Exton was 63 years old. And was head of the Wool Brok ing firm of messes. T. Jexton & co. He came to South Australia from Tasmania j Many years ago. Citizens Call to peay32e, tie citizens United Call to prayer will be held at 1 ., to Morrow thursday in Stow Church Hall when the inter cession will be for the race of brother the Leader will be the Rev. Henry Howard. And others. To take part will be the Rev. E. Woods messes. Thrum Mudie i 2f. Sandow e. Frisby Smith and mrs.,Roberts. Palmers and settlers association. The meeting of the Stanley District of the Farmers and settlers association. Was held in the Council chamber Gladstone on tuesday. The following resolutions were carried that the . Council Call nominations for one candidate for the Northern District legislative coun cil that this meeting of delegates rather favors or. Gale s nomination for the Northern District of the legislative Council. That the annual subscription he �1, Branch to retain 2/6 District fund 7/6 and balance 10/ to . Council this Resolution be forwarded to annual can frence in that the Range ments he for earlier payments say Middle of december for the coming crop and the . Council to be asked to take this matter this meeting of delegates protests against the Federal grab As being very in political and further the delegates pledge them selves not to support any men who Robed in favor of ten the District Secretary reported 15 branches were in favor of running a full ticket for Stanley and that one Branch in favor of running one candidate. Messes Aughey and Kenim reported that Brinkworth con Ference Arris aged by the Stanley Liberal Union for March 3, no member of the Liberal Union attended. The District Secretary reported hav ing received no apology from the Liberal Union for their non attendance after having arranged the meeting at Brinkworth. Fatalities and accidents. A motor car disaster. Melbourne Juna-21. J while . James of Evart Siroon Wren his Mother was driving in. His motor car Over a level crossing near the Yarra Annc Tion railway station a train from Warbur. Ton crashed into the car. Or. James was thrown dear of the line hut his Mother j was jammed in the car which was Over turned and dragged along the line until the train was brought to a Stop being Only slightly injured or. James was Able to go to his Mother s assistance. Her condition is serious. A fatal explosion. Sydney june 21. This morning an explosion took. Piece 1 at pleasant Hills in the neighbourhood i where an old Gold Miner or. Harry Cathro had his Camp. The old Man s tent was found Burnt to the ground and his charred remains were amongst the. Ashes. He had been in poor health for j some time. I the express published thursdays one Penny 11 Tattersall s cup / ,1 june 2s. Jophe pets chess trial. Siax Dicapu. One mile. It. La. It. La. 10 .0 Captain Sturt 7 .7 s 5 Gold n Rule 7. 6 8 2 Hama 68 2 Maori pah ."7 5.s 0 St. To Wyrie 08 0 undulation 7 48 0 Prince Varco 7 0 8 0 a King 7 2 8 0 Kushto Bale 7 27 13 Kitty Alwyne 7 0 7 10 Marblehead z 0. 7 10 perfidious.0. 7 9 Dom Brook. 7 07 9 lord Xich ouon.7 0. 7 s Jiuji Watson. 7 0 pistol Prince Kenwyn i Chamois. Cutta Dijon i Tea nut. i St. Leocadia Samada an Eplin i Actris Bright key. Caste 1 spare Glass miss Kerlie about two Miles Maroon it 3 fisc 9i4 Sandridge 31 0 Cattelo 9 4 Stag Erigat 10 13 naughty chief 9 3 dead Centre. 10 13 on Parade 1. 9 0 encounter King 10 2 St. Roseland 9 o Gay Paree 10 0 mis ear Stop 9. 0 lord Penda 9 12 Hiss restful 9 0 i Wattle Day fill Ven Estios & 9 Al coastline 9 7clobber 9i o i Ivar win 9 6 a Vav 9 0. 1 Tattersall s cup. Two Miles. Lowest Handicap weight. 7 St. Wee gun 9 11 Para too 7 4 Green Cap Imp 0 0 Prince Bardolph. 7 4 1 alacrity 9 0 Teleg on 7 3 Clever Jim. In. R Lunchi Bury 7 3 11 la. Peri. 9 0 mount Mil sin. 7 3 i dependence .1 8 33 pistol Princess 7 1 Scot s Jean -812 Antos 71 Kong Orong. 8 0 Banbridge. 7 0boo tree 7 12 of erring let 7 0 Anri exit .3 7 s ire too -. 7 6 Windsor of and Cap. She furlongs Terekia -.i9 3. Light Seal 7 5. Repique 9 3 tax buy Star 7 2. Solidarity. .8 9 awry 7 2. I . 8,8 lord passe 7 0 Golden code. 8 .0 Sid Burn 7 0 lady Hoyleton 7 11 hav Maiden -7 0. Vesper song 711 Dundalk 7 0 7ll Guifan. 7. 0 l i Northgate 7-"8 Kings Scal. 7.0 Antoine t .8. Old maid 7 0 Rodesia 7 7 Little Lamca 7 0 i a steeplechase. A. " \ about two Miles. _ " a Metrius 12 5 big Alanto 5 2 fatal Wrork. 1111 destructible 9 .0 sir pistol 11 4 Kandiah 9 0 Hardre by-10--9 Tintra. 9 0. Andr .9 0 High degree -ivf9 8 Brewster. 9 0 the Gaffer. 9 7. Allen one 910 Balmoral Handicap. V. Sit. Or iandfop.,weight. 7 to King s l Hys Ioian -9, 2 peace Day 7 c i Hubier in. .7 la. Lady Eudora. 7 6to cd. 1. Haylash. 7 4 Bononia in. 7 lb7 Blue Bolt. 7 3 pen 7 2 i Iai Nantes Imp 8-0-lord-Lehhttk 7 2 Sagaia in. 7 la. Abbarilla. 7 b pen i 8 .2 monopolist 7 1 the Agate 718 moderation. 70 Yoo Pina "7.13tphdmois 7 0 probation " a a tax waste of Kew shot a 711 Euta Teira a % � Klaxon t u " Urt Cavell. .7 0 but. Saco 7 #ii.ruyf. Firming in Gold stocks. The is pres office 1vetlnes3ay " "lmotrm2daieiees.-"- Ile tals a life 22v. 4, Silver standard4/41. 4/7f Saver Fine-j/6 xi-16. �s5 to Copper of�33 17/6." iss 12/6 Copper Forward �59-17/6. �97 Copper electrolytic in goes�99. �105 Copper electrolytic wire bars�105., 161 cents Copper american electrolytic ,. Is cents. .v,7 �32 15/ Lead spot �33 of. �3110/ Lead forward�31 15/. �-11 Spelter spot�10 15/. �12 15/spelterforward ,. �12 10/, �263 0/ Tia spot�201 10/.�250 5/ tin forward�e65 5/. A shares june 21. 59/6 broken his. 59/71. Is/11north 16/9 South. 50/. Great Boulder 7/11. 13,9 Hampton,1 12/2. A slightly better feeling prevailed on change on wednesday far Gold stocks but Copper and barriers were Dull. The principal defiling in War lain Rivas my the i . Due 1925 and the 5 maturing 1923at Kadi id late rates. Wheat certificates were in moderate Mand the by and a scrips being a Shade better than previous quotations. Investments we again freely enquired for but dealing was restricted to . Gas at �7 15/9 50. were in evidence for elder Smitn at �10 10/, Melbourne electric Ord at 30/, Adelaide electric Ord. Fit 37/6, electric Light and. Power at 26/6, Colton Palmer &. Preston i at 2s/9, with buyers too Low for dealing to be effected. Duncan Eraser could have., been placed at 24/, and Adelaide. Dement were bid for at 22/. Coal and tin shares were neglected. Barriers were exceptionally quiet British old had dealing at 39/3 6 weeks Junction at 4/2, and souths at 50/6. Quotations for i North Junction North Block -10, and broken Hills were virtually on a Par with tuesday s prices. Gold stocks bad a decidedly better feeling and in most of the higher priced lines firmer values ruled. White Hope had moderate Exchange at 23/ to 23/6, and buyers were in Evi Dence at Day at 24/, showing a Rise of 2/6. Muto Roos con. Were i Good demand and 1 prices improved 1/6 to 10/6. Hampton Celebration advanced on moderate turnover to 10/2, or 1/8 higher than tuesday s Hope had fair Trade at 7/8 to 8/9 this being a Rise of 1/5. Pir mings of id. To were noted in. Edna May Central Golden Point Hansel in nov per Natty Central per Natty North Paris South Britannia and proprietary. Slightly easier tates were obtained for Good Hope Golden Butterfly " Ive s Eeward and Westhope Eureka. K sales effected to h2.30 41 per. Cent., War loan.-1925,. �92. O . War loan 1923, �96 5/. 41 . War loan. 1927,. �91,5/. 5 . �10 Bond 1923, �9 12/. 41 . �10 War Bond 1925, �9 a. A wheat 4 3-l6d. A wheat 4.5-104, d., 4 5-164. A wheat 1/5s.a Gas �7 .15/9 50. Wallaroo 44/, 44/3/. British old39/3 6 weeks Junction 4/2. South 60/6 i White Hope 23/, 23/6. Adelaide Hampton. 74 i Atri Tahnia 2/10, 2/91.Edna May. Deep level 3/11, 3/10, 3/9. \ Edna May consolidated 1/1l Edna May Central 6/7. Golden Hope West 74 Good Hope id. Great boulders 7/11 i Golden Butterfly con1/4. Golden Hope 7/10, 7/8, 7/9.Golden Point 8d. Hansel Mandy con1/11. Hansel Mandy paid3/2, 3/3. 3/31. Ives Reward 1/09, 1/10, 1/9. Hampton Celebration 9/6, 10/3, 10/2. Lancashire lass 74 slut Oroo con10/, 10/2, 10/. Mucor of Consols 3d. Mount Monger proprietary 1/2. Per Natty Central 7/6. Mount Goddard extended 64 Paris South,-1/6, 1/7. Per Natty North 7jd. Slavin s Block 8, 7d� Westhope Eureka 2d. White Hope Central 1/6, 1/7, 1/9. Waverley 94 managers reports. Lass o go tie june 16."so. 1 Shaft Down Over soft. In Cal site and Sulphide Only Low values intend sinking to too it in dense Sulphide zone before opening out so. 2 Shaft a. Drive from 60 it extended to 2s it. Cut lode at is it. Cut s. Oil same in 20 it. Samples from face assayed 2 of. T dwt 19 or. Resumed sinking to 100 it to. .3 Shaft at standstill far time being. Men transferred to so. -4 Shaft Down about is it. Sample assayed 9 dwt. 15 gr.". Golden Spade to june on pro Perty june 4 decided to strip prospectors Shaft which is 40 it deep and sent a ref in Shaft 20 it. Wide and win Sample in sections As "strip-1 Ping progresses.". White Prince for week ended june 19.-"Shaft no. 1 sunk 4 it. 5 in to total " Lee might think the government were satisfied that the Irish government were using every weapon in their y wet to Deal with the situation. \ 8/0 8/11, 9/ Mutooro con ,. 10/6, 10/ Hampton Celebration 10/3, 10/1, 11/ mount Monger proprietary 1/3 Harris Scarfe. 25/3 Hampton Jubilee South Sid Hansel Mundy con2/6, 2/7, .2/3 Hansel Mur. paids/5 per mfr Kurtli. 8ld.,3d. Pernatt Central 7/5 National Bank �6 13/6 50white Hope Central 1/10 Britannia 2/0 Adelaide electric prof16/6/ 4j ." wish loan 1925�01 15/ 4 . War loan 1027. �91 5 .1 War loan1023 �96 a wheat 43d.,4.5-16d. Wallaroo. 45/3. 45/6 Zinc corporate on ord13/3 a. Wheat 3 7-i6d. R great Boulder so. 1, 1/s Golden but tet by. Paid 2/3 Golden Victory 1/6 Hampton Jubilee Central 9d.ives a Evrard .1/6 Mutooro. East sad. Mutooro n Orth 10cl mount Monger. 4id. Mount Goddard extended,6jfl.xortfc wednesday after six hours actual flying Tipsie. A his pilots will be Iii tenant 13. Long australian. Flying corps Olio 7ecevtly -fiewv.crossr- Straits from Tasmania a and Thornsen Date of the Royal air Force. Try this Winter recipe Coconut macaroons 6 tablespoonful Kream Brand Corn Fiji in 8 table spoons cocoon it 4 irites of egg 1 cup Castor. % suss. Beat White of eggs, froth. Stir m sugar lightly thin the Coo Sanut and Corn flour. Babe in Sedil round cake ten Gre a Piper in moderate oven. removing. " \ or. D. W auctions to Morrow at 2.30 I the Wool Exchange Bro Okriak buildings Grenfell Street. For Sale by Public auction. R. Imposing Grenfell Street warehouses . Comer of Gawler place. An Ideal site for offices. J i to matters & co.1have received instructions to sell by auction on account . O. L. A Binschoff. As ahoy firms. A the land has of born Tage of. 86 it. 8 in. To ,.by a depth along Gawler place on the Western Side and Coromar Del place on the Eastern Side of 60 it., or thereabouts through to a 10-ft. Private Roa at 1. 1 All leases Are Short dated tie longest expires in March 1923. In View of the tremendous Scarcity of oboe s and warehouses these Are in so splendid a Sitka Tion As to warrant Early transformation into Are Mise that / will produce a fair greater retort thax at present. Extremely generous terms. 20 on fall of hammer.20 .,in 12 months. Balance can remain of. Mortgage Tor a further i years at 51 . Title real property act. " illustrated pamphlets available full particulars As to leases terms &c Ean be obtained from and arrangements to inspect with the auctioneers hatters & co., 12, Waymouth and same time and place under instruction irom Bliss e. H. Dalton 58 it to Wakefield Street opposite the fir e brigate station. Part town acre 39s,. With a frontage of 58 it. To Wake Lelo Street by a depth of 105 it. With private Road at rear. On the land Are erected. V. " / 3 attache cottages. Let at �15/ per week. Fortnightly tev Axcius i the property is just East of Roper Street in a fast developing part of Wakefield Streec 1 a Silex did b0sixe5s or factory site. I title real property act. A further particulars can. He obtained from the auctioneers. -. If. M a t tees & c 0.mhz 12. Waymouth Streb -. R Imperial Trad the Australia tar of. Boqi a lift in Guan. London Annc 21. Or Thoi be in the Honse of common. In replying to or. Glanville pointed out that tile increased preference offered. To to British goods under tie r Tariff would tend to. Disappear if competitors in the australian Market were Able to secure the Benefit of the proposed intermediate Tariff. Var Hope in replying to or Gapville the Quantity of Australia s Wooi bold by the Imperial government in great Britain was approximately 6iip,00 i Bales but further Large consignment a Jeri expected. It would by necessary to maw Tain the Wool Section of the Board i Trade. Until tie government purchased of. Wool were disposed of. Id y. Parke beats Johnston. A Brilliant player. " lox Don june 22. Everybody was surprised that beat Johnston 75, 20, 62 86, a the Lawn Tennis tournament. Johnston was. Considered to be the most dangerous opponent of Patterson " australian. Parke Rose to his Topmost form. rear is creates eealarkabl1 /. Scenes. At. Fais i Atli recital in the town Hall Melbourne last night a Moisei Witschi. The russian Genius of the piano created. Remarkable scene s of enthusiasm by his wonderful playing the Hall was packed to ceiling and hundreds were unable to gain admission. At the the concert the round the platform desiring additional encores. The critics place Moise Witsch. As the greatest Inserni mentalist that has Ever visited Australia. the husband of the Brilliant South australian violin is i Kenned r
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