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Adelaide Express And Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1922, Page 2

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Adelaide Express and Telegraph (Newspaper) - January 23, 1922, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia every morning. A. Little Crystal of thought for every Day in the week. Sunday. Let knowledge grow from More to More but More of reverence in us dwell that mind and soul seconding Well slay make one music As before i but . # ?. Monday. He who. Receives a Good turn should re member it. He who does one should forget it. Tuesday. Take Joy Home v land nuke a place in thy great heart for her and give Lier time to grow and. Cherish j her then will she come and Oak will sing to " the " when ? thou Art Wor Kaig in is furrows. Aye ? or weeding in the sacred hour of. Dawn it is . Fashion to be glad. Joy is the. Grace we say to god. Wednesday. The truly fortunate people Are not sol much Khoee who succeed m he As those Rio succeed m living. Thursday an aim Ini life As the Only Fortune Worth the finding and it to be found in foreign lands but in the heart itself. Aspiration must be translated into achieve ment make the results agree with the in mentions. / " i r ? ? Friday. To tinted not be born of Noble parentage to claim nobility. They Are tile world s truest. Arts noblest sans who act the noblest and labor constantly to defend the right Rof. ". Saturday. Adon. Lose your temper All easy ways Are downhill tiie moment you lose control Over yourself you Are it a disadvantage ? Evelyni thaw. ? Evelyn Nesbit the former wife of Harry thaw and the Centra figure in the fam Pua thaw murder trial Olio took an overdose of morphine in new York by october 2s, recovered shortly afterwards. ? since. Her divorce ii a than. And her troupes Lith her second _ husband mrs Ines bit As the Iani ing apicariou6 Liv ing. On to scr stage met with. No Sucias owing to the opposition if of the Clenity at several places at which she appeared and for time she had been running a Tea room in new. York but owing to h or Lack of. Business ability she has constantly been i financial difficulties. The Cli Silas Cama when bailiffs entered on the afternoon of her suicide. Fighting sultans. Private messages brought across the arabian desert ? tar i3ie British colonial i office ? show that fighting has been going on there Between ? the two rival sultans Ibn Saud of nejd and Ibn Rashid ruler of the great shaman a. Tribes of nomads who live in the Sandy tracts to the North West reports of the fighting Are conflict ing. Although. The latest dispatch states that Ibn Saud has conquered his rival. After a Long struggle and that Hail the capital of Rashid s territory has been Cap tured. Ibn Saud was granted a subsidy of �60,000 a year by the British govern ment months ago on condition that 3ie refrained from attacking the Eoa try of King Hussein of the Hejaz or his son Icin see Iehl of Irak. It is feared How circles in London that a Jfhn Sand despite the subsidy and on aet not. Of his Victory Over Ibn Rashid May begin " hostile operations against Mecca the capital of Kinig Hussein. Ibn Sand waa a rival to. King Weisul for the throne of Irak. " what is its secret ?. The Best brains in America s secret ser vice Are puzzling Over a cipher invented by an englishman Over 800 years ago. This cipher which is the work of Roger Bacon who made the finst magnifying Glass and also introduced Gunpowder is so complicated that after centuries of Tabor and study Only a few lines have As yet been unravelled. Experts say that it consists of six cipher m one and that to fathom its meaning a knowledge of a certain old greek shorthand system is essential As Weil As of medieval latin chemistry astrology and of unit matters. The first letter in the manuscript is a capital of which is divided into 12 sections each visible Only under a Strong magnifying Glass. Each contains 172 Raman letters and As there Are 30,000 words in the manuscript it looks As if the searchers Avih be key t Busy for time to come. It is believed however that a solution will be found and that when it is secrets of great value to science will be revealed. So Strong is this belief that the United states government have loaned the ser vices of cipher experts to assist in solving the secret. How to disc Mdse yourself. Scotland Yard London recently Cap tired a criminal who was a master in the Art of disguise. Few people Realise How exceedingly difficult it is to disguise one self completely. The most important thing is to discard All pet looks and. Mannerisms. Host of oar Little tricks of voice gesture and Bear ing however Are unconscious and tin known to is so it is difficult to discard them. The outline of the figure too must he changed by padding Here and there squaring rounded shoulders alter ing the curve of the calf and go on. It is one thing to change the face sufficiently for appearance behind the foot lights. And another to withstand the scrutiny that Daylight invites. To paint out Teeth work in lines of age and change the Angle of the eyebrows is easy enough with the help of make up provided one will not be examined too closely. But Only the expert knows How far it is Safe to go if the disguise is. To be seen at close quarters. Clever criminals Lave been known to build up their eyebrows so that each har looks As if it Ere growing. False beards can be made to deceive anyone wigs Are made so that the hair comes Down Over the Edge of the wig itself and mixes t7ith the real hair which where it is exposed is tinted to match the hair of the wig. To room for More lie world s population is increasing at such a rate that within a dozen centimes or so the Earth will have More people than it can possibly accommodate. It will literally be full _ already parts of it Are uncomfortably crowded. Italy has a population of 284 to each Square Nile or. Roughly one to every 2 acres. Germany has nearly 2.6 acres for each inhabitant and Austria Hin Arv an acre less. On the other hand Spain has. Only 91 of her population for each mile and european Irissia 51. In Asiatic Russia there is ample Elbow room for there Are Iso acres to each inhabitant China on the basis of our own population has room for at least Coo million More people and India with 170 to the Square mile is still less crowded. To each african we might add forty three new inhabitants without reaching a population As dense As that of great Britain. The Transvaal has ample accommodation for 39 colonists. In fact in South Africa alone could be poured a new population twice a greats that of the British. Isles without Over crowding. _ there is a limit to the supporting Capa. the Earth and according to scientists this limit will be reached when the Earth s population is 6,000 millions. This Means that in the year 2,180 there will positively be for More and unless by thai time there Are facilities for Emi grating to other planets serious Steps Ufa rave to be taken to. Restrict the growth of Britain s numbers. If by any Chance it should he possible to surmount the difficulty of support and if the population continues to increase at present rates a More difficult problem Tai win have to be faced in the year 3jm. ,. In that year the Earth s Brood will have grown to such proportions that every fire Yard of solid ground will have its population of three persons each inhabitant of tie Earth being thus strictly limited j to 3 Square feet of land for All purposes of support and domicile. I a births marriages deaths announcements under this heading must be authenticated Foy the name and address of the sender and Are inserted Ata charge of two shillings and sixpence each when not exceeding five lines Over five lines sixpence per line. Death advertisements in which a funeral announcement is made Are charged for As if the death and funeral were separate announce Mentis namely the minimum charge of 2/61 and 2/11 respectively. I in memorial and death advertisements contain Jing reference to More than one deceased Are j charged 2/6 each for each deceased mentioned j As if they were distinct and separate announce-1 ments. I births. J d by Nee Farion Davis on the 22nd january at Karma South Terrace to or. And mrs. K. T. Day o Smithfield a son Brian Rowland. / j the 21st january at 4 at sister j Haigh Al Hospital. Hufcut Street. To the wife of h. D. Tabor a a 52, Litin Chester Sti it halve a a n inure acc Gra Haro. ? / Perry Nee senior on the 10th january at to or. Iris. E. U. Perry Jroy Don Park a daughter. ? of Mousey Nee Olive. Witcore e to a. The Juth Jamiar to 31 r. And. I s. A. J. Fou Ireby of is Sydenham Road Norwood a daughter Mavis urse ii Mutrie and or. Brownell a attendance. ?. J the 10th january at 358 the tev race. Port Pirie. To or i31rs. Ak3 the i term. J. 3. Ernotte roast Eft Bun / b0ibiaiax-t8lss.br.-Ion 2ufc Decem Ber 102i-, at Arffa a Street Church. North Ade Laide by the Rev s. Forsyth. James c. Eldest son of or. Aid hrs. X. I Robertson Beverley to Grace e., eldest dog brei of. Or. . E a Stoner Korth Adelaide. Present Addris Tutt tirade Barf Ian a rect Lancaster. / pro Achim q marriage Ivy y6unges-.daughter of or. And is. C. 3. Is Metton. _ Qun Street of note sont Herbert ,.-eldest.eoa. Of mrs. A. And ate 17. O. Avert and Gawler will be celebrated at the Bip Tift Chirich. Gaw Taejon Satin far Janu 8ry 23th. It 3.15 . In Elivirta and friends Cor Dialot Init to to be Romont. 2to reception. / Emtage remt ? engagement is Florin biped of Gladys second dab her of the Rev. And mrs. W. To. Wiltshire. Of torrent Villa to Geirse ? late clip i. To densest son of or. And Liis. A. Stia Igic of Beny gardens. /. Enki Geneat is announced of a Qadi third daughter of or and mrs. F. ? c. Lochow of pack Hill to Arvin Young St Soa of mis. Anil the Lite or. A. Kadake 01 � a. A i deaths. the ,22nd january at Angus Street. Msgr. Elizabeth in path a of John Henri and Niaura spec at aged 66 Roaix. Teisseire on the 21st.january, at Saji Bry Bridget Carly beloved Rife of Francis Tesseir aged co years the 21st. Is Tarary at so. Park Street hide Park Surab Ann. The do red wife of John dtoiel/aniol4.a requiescat to. Pace. Fosse so Oft the of Fiji january at , "maxell,1", Oil in Sweet Parks de. Met Lam. The beloved Hiis bred of blk Zabeth k. Foster Aad eldest son of the Foster formerly of Bobc . the 0st january at Adelaide Captain William Barber late of Golowa and bluer Murray in his 92nd . H02web.-on the 21st january at sister Kaig s Hospital Hurt Street nurse Louis Honner after a few Days illness. Loved by All. the 22nd january at the Resi Dence of his son or. To. Of. Walters Curran Street Kilkenny diehard John dearly beloved husband of Sfa Triane Smith Walters aged 74 years. 23-4. the 22nd january Bridget the beloved wife of Joki Barry Wright court City aged f l years a requiescat in Pace. Johajisok.-6ri the 32nd Jaima a instar Adolph Johanson late of s.a3-, Ealing Tori the beloved hat band of Ellen Johanson. 13, Edmond Street Norwood aged 34 years. the 21st Janusy. At Fps. Park Street. Hyde Pacic Sarah Ann the beloved wife of j. D. Arnold. Esequie Acac in a i the 21st january at Glenelg re sult of drowning Accident Olive the beloved wife of William f. G. Hem Start hotel Grenfell Street City a Jed 36 years. tie St january at Liiri hos Pital Ivy Myrtle Label aged 27 years and 0 months dearly beloved sister of Olive Pearl Lilian Collins. by her Loving sister and brother. Pearl and George. / the i fish january Jathea Pic Kery. Of Clare Street Portland died at the Ade Laide Hospital aged 77 years. Aicx.ma3la.t-0n the. 22nd january at Ade j Laid Nellie Frances dearly loved wife of Henija Mcnamara second daughter of sir. And mrs. If. Shepheard of Launcey ton to Vaiania aged 25 Rass. Deeply mourned. Launcy ton papers please copy. the 21st january at John Street i Eastwood Robert Charles the beloved infant Eon of lir. And Ura. R. Todd aged 17 Days. A Little Bud to Bloom in heaven. / ,3�ccarthy.-on the 21st january at Maria ii Street North Adelaide Kenneth a youngest Darling son of James l. And Elizabeth. Lissie a Ccarthy aged 7 years and 5. Months. / the 22nd january at Wood Ville John Treleaven aged s3, late of Clare. Denton Nee Staples on the 21st january at Princess Road Mitcham Frances Louisa dearly i beloved wife of Abraham James Denton Cen Tenary Street North Adelaide late of Tanta Nola and eldest daughter of or. And mrs. George Staples Dudley Street semaphore aged 27 years. Heroes of the great War. Loving memory of my dear brother. Jack Pete j. S. Alega died at Bedford Park military Hospital january 22, 18 20. Rest in peace. Inserted by his Eister and brother in Law or. And mrs. C. Whitehead Mylor. 21dx/ Loving memory of Uncle Jack who passed away january 22, 1920. I remembrance is a Golden Chain time tries to break but tries in vain. Inserted by his Loving Niece Hannah White i head. " 21dx/ in Nebb Floriam. Loving memory of wj1 i Kam Attenborough who died at Bute january 21, 1dl�. As you lie m peaceful sleep your memory we shall Litovs keep / i inserted by his wife and sons. George Fred Jack and daughter in Law Jessie i a13trope--in Loving memory of oar dear Little Dorothy who died Jan Jay 21, 133. Only a Little grave. I Bot it needs our care for docs not our. Darling lie Eie Ping there. Inserted by her Loving father and Mother t. I ? Aai m. Aistrope / Loving memory of. Freddie who paired away january 21, 192l gone from these Wio loved him plucked like a Flower in Bloom so Bright so Young so Loving. Yet called away to soon. Inserted by or. And mrs. J. Cock oo4 us a. memory of Freddie who died i january 21, tjz1. He heard a voice we did not her Wahidi said he must not stay and so without Good Bye to loved ones he peacefully passed away. Inserted by his aim tie and Urvie a. George and family and ue3.-in Loving memory of oar dear son i Frederick John Veddie who pasted away at Adelaide Hospital on january 21, 1921, aged 13 years 6 months. A Beautiful boy so young1 and Bright a heart so full of love a voice like his so full of life. Has gone to dwell above. How we miss his Lovins chatter. As round the House he roamed. As we loved him of we miss him. He was the Sunshine of our Home. Sadly missed. Inserted by his Loving father and Mother. / Loving memory of our dear brother Frederick John Freddie who a sed away at Adelaide Hospital on january 21, Lail god 13 year 6 months. Do not ask us if we miss him. There is such a vacant place can we Ever forget his footsteps. Or his dear fun liar face time has based and still we miss him words would fail our love to Tell but in heaven we Hope to meet him i Jesus Doe tit All things Well. Inserted by his Loving Broth and Sisters ? Charley Doris Lizzie Rosella. / Loving memory of. Fred Wio passed away january 21, 1921. Sweet is the word remembrance. As the years May come and go. Inserted by. Rose and Ady. / Loving memory of our dear father died january 19, 1920. As you lie in peaceful sleep your memory we shall always keep. Inserted by his Loving son and daughter in Law and two utile grandsons s. Asser. 13-21/ memory of dear Daphne who passed away january.,22�.1921. Too dearly loved to be inserted by Doreen and Alma Emu Donna. 2idr, Loving memory of our dear Friend Daphne Baker Robert town who died on january 22, 1921. Through All her pains she always smiled a smile of heavenly birth. And when the Angels called Ner Homo she trailed Farewell to cart i. I Ever remembered by Ler Laving friends or. And i mrs. P. Fiedler. 21dx i in memo Flatt. Loving memory of Daphne Madeline who died on the 22nd january 1321. Time cannot heal oar aching heart nor from oar memory tear the face and form we loved so veil will dwell forever there. The Floores that s placed upon your Graro May Wither and decay but our lore Lor you dear Daphne will never fade away. A Sweet and Loving character her Cross has been ibid Down she 1�3 gone to be with Jesus to Wear her promised Crown. She was Only Lent for us to love she was too pure to stay so deadly loved so sadly missed. Well understand Day. Inserted by grandmother Liebeknecht and Amity Yondow. 21dx/ Beer in cad and Loving of in Emory of on Darling daughter Daphne who died on the 22nd jamiar., 1321. There was Joy among the Angels when they saw a Sowar so fair. In the bosom of our Saviour coming up the Golden Stair " 55he was a Lovdy Flower yet we will not repose 6iuc& Christ within his bosom wears the Tower i thought was mint. In the solemn hour of Midnight Angels with their snowy wings bore our Sweet and battering do bog from this void of pain and sin. Silently a Mother s weeping sadly droops a lather s head death has claimed our Darling Daphne a is numbered with the dead. Though ease Down with Teara and sorrow though we be lost the or we loved Solf Cly comes the Angel s whisper Daphne s jute in heaven above. Inserted by her Eon owing Mother and father. Sex Loving memory of our dear Niece. Daphne Baker who passed away1 on Tho january 192l just a year ago she left us now we Noriss her dear Sweet face none can fill our dear nieces place. Culled away from those who loved her picked like o Finver in Bloom so Bright so Loving so Young. -. Yet so soon. Dear Daphne you have left Many a sad heart behind. Inserted by her Loving aunt Aid Uncle and Cousin and great aunt or. And mrs. Oug Taon. And Stan 2l&c/ Lomg memory of dear Daphne who died on the 22nd january 392l i am thinking of you dear Daphne thinking1 of the past. Picturing you in memory dear just As i saw you last. To one knows How much i mrs you Kab one knows the bitter pain i have suffered since you left us came has never been the . I but when my heart is breaking i Wpm to hear you Gentsy say Ghrer up Fvank dear. There la come a brighter Day when cod will say to tvs Worth is done Ceme. Meet your Darling inserted by prank. 21dx/ Loving memory of Daphne who passed away january 22, 292l filled away from those who loved her plucked like a Flower in Bloom. So Bright so Young and so. Happy yet called away so soon. Inserted toy aunty and Cousin a. Neumann and 5. Nitschke. F Loving memory of dear Daphne who to cd Sony on the 2si d january 3921. At by her Loving aunt and Uncle Olive and Jim. / sad but Loving memory of our dear Cousin i Aphne who passed away january 22, 1921. The lord said 1 gave i take do not Grieve your child is Safe. She dwells with 3fe an my kingdom surrounded by Angels peace and love. Ever remembered toy her cousins. Yera and Stella / moving memory of our dear Friend Daphne Madeline who p3sted away january 22, 1921. Just when her life was brightest just when her Hopes were Best i she was called from this world of sorrow i to her Home of attn Tel rest. J Irner Ted by Ruby and Vera. / ? Loving memory of dear Daphne who based away on january 22, 2921. I do not forget you nor do i intend i think of you Daphne and will to the. End. Inserted by Frieda Lischinski Robert town. / i Loving memory of our dear Hus 1 band and father who died at Sorth Unley Jan. Nary 20, 1912. Resting. Tho absent from amongst us. For Ever in our thoughts. Inserted by hi3 Loving wife and family. I to Vinig memory of our dear father who died on the 22nd january 1921, at Peter Borough. A Beautiful memory left behind of a life that was gentle and kind a life made Good by kindly deeds. And generous thoughts for others needs. Inserted by his Loving daughter Ada and son in Law Jack. J Loving memory of Olive who died is Adelaide. January 21st, 1914. I to Day recall sad memories of a loved i nephews Joe and Edith Beggie. And Leah Francis Wai Kerie. 21ds/ ewer Loving Monory of our dear huito5d and father so word Dryden who fell1 asleep january 21, 1�gl-inserted by i Loving. Wife and family. / 1 Loving memory of Marjorie he loved ouly daughter of Trine and Alice Dayman who died january 22, 2916. Brer remembered. Inserted by her Loving parents and Brothers. / Loving memory of a very dear Friend who passed away january 23, 3921, for Merly of Balaklava. Though death divides fond memory by Erica Chaplin memory of our Loving Mother Mary Taxon of Balaklava who departed this life january 23, 3321. Gone hut cot inserted Joy her sous and Days Here / in memorial i Loving memory of our dear Mother and grandmother . Passed away january 23, 3917.-Ever remembered by her Loving daughter Juicy and grandchildren. / Loving memory of Jane the he loved wife of c. H. Thuiy who passed. Away Jano iry 23. 1917.-inserted by her Loving Hus band. Sadly missed. / Loving memory cd our dear Mother who died on the. 31st january 1913. Dearer to memory than words cml Are thoughts of Mother we loved so Wool inserted by her Loving daughters Eie and Blanche. / Eickholt c. 1cm org memory of our dear husband Aad father who died on the 21st Jannery l3l?. Zieres Ellie and granddaughter Eileen. J Jewing memory of crr dear father who passed a Way on january 21, 191s. There is a dear face we Long to see Bat All we memory. I inserted by his loved ones Syd Holly and i Deani Loving memory of our Darling baby Myrtle Isabella who passed away on january 28, Irwi aged 4a months. I a. Year ago dear Myrtle we stood beside Jot bed. Our hearts were crashed and Bre Cen when we saw that you were dead. Could we Birl see you once again with the Sweet smiles for we Are parted Darling Myrtle just for a Little while. For we Fonow to. Heaven we shall meet oar Dar Ling Little babe. J inserted by her Mother and father and Little brother Charles. losing memory of Archie. Who passed away on the 22nd january 3815. Though death divides fond memory by his Loving parents Brothers and sister Pansy. / Gouid Kincl in Loving memory of r. My dear Caster. Who died january 21, 1921. Twas hard to part with one we love. But god clone knew Best Fie knew the 6uilexiag that she bore. An j called Ber Home to rest. I Lily and can Fullr she is sleeping her weary head at test it Isas very hard to part with Herbut Mariy god knew Best. Inserted by her Joving sister mrs. J. A. Murphy Hilton. / Lomg memory of our dear Mother Jaramy 211 3321. Sweet Are the memories she left behind of one so Loving gentle and inserted by Ethel Bath Frank and Wil. / Loving memory of our dear Rorrie doll died january 23, 1917. Gone from those who fared her Pluck i like a Flower in Bloom j so Bright so Young so Loving yet called away so soon. Inserted by her Loving Mother and father Brothers and Sisters. / Loving memory of our Darling sister Dolly who paed away january 23, 3517. Though absent from among us forever in our thoughts. Inserted by her Loving Brothers Arthur and Walter. / Loving in Emory of oar dear Florrie doll who passed away january 23, 1917. Sweet is the word remembrance. As the years May come and go. Inserted by her Loving brother and sister in Law Herbert j. And Dora Girdler. Loving ram Jim of our Ctet Hus band. And father who died at Salisbury Street Xyth Urey january 21, 1914. Sadly missed. Inserted try his Arife and daughters. / sad Iraq Loving memory of Susan beloved wife of William Hama Willei to Rise january 21, 1321. Gone but not fwgottei.-Li-1 sorted by her Loving has Hanl William Harris. Loving memory of my dear Mother Stem Harris who passed Ewan on january 21, 1021. There is Only your a rave now left to see marked with a. Cro asked for by thee but you la ave for Lile in my memory. Inserted by her losing son Frank. / Loving memory of dear Mother i Susan Harris who posed Armoy on Jum Xay 21,1921. There is arrays a. Longing Mother at heart. And the question Arisen Why Hod we to part i Sot Ymaz wish or ours Tot gods who knew bes. Pot All cores Asije and took Yoa to rest. Inserted by her Ever Loving daughter and gon m Istre win Les and grandchildren. / harrj3.-in sad and Loving memory of my dear Mother who died at Adelaide january 21, 332l it s just one year ago to Jay How anxiously we stood beside our Darling Mother s Side to save her if we could. With Talis we saw her sinking we watched her Jade Tiray Aryl oar hearts Are sadly aching for our dear one to Day. Inserted by her Loving Darj Uhter and Eon in Law. Corn and Dave. J Loving memory of my Mother in j Law died 31st january 1921. A kind Mother i at by her daughter in Law Olive Harris. / Loving memory of dear boy w0 Ever by s. Haru ing Glenelg and k. A. Eros Fri Magill by vat in Loving memory of our dear hns band and father Charles who Paspy away Jan uary 5, 1910. Also beloved son Charles woo posted away january 192l Safe with the Angels free from care i waiting for loved ones their glory to aware. We have lost but heaven has gained. Two of the Best the world contained. Inserted by their Loving wife and Mother b. Pyatt Moonta. / Loving memory of our dear Bro ther Charles who passed away january 22, 11s21. Tia ust a year afro to Day ? since our dear brother paed away. He bore his pain he bore Well How lie it red none can Tell. Peacefully sleeping resting at last. Life s weary trouble and sufferings by i Loving Brothers and Sisters. / Loving memory of our dear to tier and grandma who died at Adelaide hos-1 pita on the 22ad january 3919. I my heart stil aches with sadness. As i think of eyes grow dim with tears and no one knows How i have in trod her through these three sad lonely years. Inserted by her Loving daughter and son in Law u. And j. Has Oil and grandchildren. / Loviner memory on in life you would be taken from us for Ever. 0, death where is thy Merey what pleasure is they prey Why cast your Seal on the sweetest brow and take the Best away twas hard to part dear Syd i still harder to by his Ever Loving girl Connie peer-1 i sen. ? i Loving memory of dear. Steba died january 15, 1920. Though absent from us Stella dear ? you Are Ever in our thoughts. Inserted by her aunt 55siu away on the 22nd january 1920. J often think of you dear Bister any b. A. Lyons. / remembrance of Francis Jane passed away january 21, 1919.-inserted by Ber Loving daughters. / to Loving memory of oar Darl ing Little baby Boss who died january 22, 1931. Gone Tot Ever remembered by Hia Loving Mother father and soothers Hill town. / Loving memory of our dear baby Joan who passed away at Prospect january 23rd, 192l peacefully by her Loving father and Mother. 1 / Williams Archibald who. Died january 22, 3912.-inserted by his Loving wife am and Diragi Ter. A Loving husbands and father. 1 Loving memory of our dear another died at Terowie january 21, 1919. A Mother s love death cannot sever we miss her stir and will for Ever. Sad to our memories dear hearts thoughts of dear Mother will never depart. Inserted. By her Loving husband James son Ted daughter and son in Law Ida and dear of Terowie. � 2idx/ Loving memory of our dear Mother who died at Tero Fie january 21, 3919. Not a sound disturbs your slumber not a care to Mark your brow All your pain and trials Are Over. Mother dear you re resting now. Inserted by her Loving daughter and son in Law. Vera and Bert and granddaughter. Beryl Schmidt. .21sxf Loving memory of nether ea., who passed away at mrs. Lawrance b. Hospital Man nit on the -22nd january 1913. Though gone i cannot forget her. To memory still she is Dor though lying add Aid silent yet her voice i seem to hear inserted by her bring son in bold and family of nitty Bri fee. / return thanks urn. And mrs yet to oct sincerely thank Lynx Etue Milos of empathy. Letters telegrams., cards and Floral tributes i their sad. Bereavement of their Little daughter Dolly to colring pre., and Nunes of the Adelaide Hospital also or. A h. Us Acyl for irs pro rent attention /. Or the 6055 of the late mrs. Michael mob x Phy of Gilbert Street Adelaide desire to t to i i re Atas Ond friends their. Great Aupke Glawion of uie kindness of Iowa ? and for telegrams letters cards Floral tributes and perv Sonal expressions of sympathy in their sad bereavement specially Ali Ankara nil. Father 11c Loughlan. I r. Lynch mrs. Williams. Is Hovic info and lire Campbell. Lbs. Knuden and d sire to thank the Many kind friends Anil relatives for Tel ams. Letters cards and Floral tributes and personal expressions of Sixo Patler in their recent iad Bercaw ementx0ffl5kl-in. Sad Bat. Is voting Mummy of our Darling Little Gillie Lyla Laurel who died on the 21st Jamry 1920, As a s year i 10 months. God. From our arms has taken i the one we loved so dear Bat we will Trust him with. Our ants Choub Little i darling1, she 3a safer there than How our heard do loss darting Lite Lyla or Yoa and never will that longing end i till we meet you in the Home above. By her sorrowing Mother father Little brother Loving memory of our dear Little Niece Lyla cimral Loffler who passed away on january 21, 1920, at Bem Naik. God needed one More Angel amidst his shining band and so he Bent with losing Mil and clasped our Darling s hand inserted by her Loving undo and aunt Juzwin and 3d, and of asian Sorin and Ca Rufo. Sld and sister Lionel and Valda. 21x21/ murder scene a poignant Story. I was aroused by something touching my Arm. I thought it was a mouse As we have lots in this old House to i dozed off again. My husband must have heard i something too for he sat up in bed. 1 j think he called out. Who s there then there was a shot and then another. I jumped out of. Bed crying and struck a match for the this is the dramatic Story of mrs. Wal Ter Hulse whose husband Farmer and of censer of the Swan hotel talk o the 1 Hill a Colliery Village on the outskirts of the potteries in Staffordshire was shot dead in bed by her Side in the Small hours of the morning a few weeks ago. The which killed or. Hulse was. His j own double barrelled gun. The police with three doctors re-1 examined All the people who were in the House on the night of the tragedy. In i the afternoon an inquest was. Formally opened by the county Coroner. The Only evidence taken was. That of identification Given by the dead Man s son or. Walter i Hulse who said his father was 5i. Years of age. Late the next night As a result of the. Enquiries by superintendent Haland in j Spector Williams of the Staffordshire police a Man named James Edward Lin Ney aged 33, was detained in connection with the murder. He a recently in the employ of the dead landlord of the Swan. He was brought before the magistrates at Newcastle under Lyme. Cartridges extracted. Two curious facts have been established. 1. The two cartridges in the gun Vera extracted after the murder and were care tally taken away. 2. The front door from which the Man who fired the shot3 escaped must have been unlocked by him in preparation so that it is evident he went to the bedroom intending to attack or. Hulse. At the time of the murder 4 o clock in the morning the whole House hold was of course asleep and the Vil Lage quiet and deserted save for the police Constable who passed the Swan at ten minutes to four and noticed nothing unusual. _ then came the tragedy so poignantly described by mrs. Hulse. Imagine the or Deal of this wife. The shots passed Over her body Lay by her husband s Side her ears were stunned by the twin report the room was the. Smoke of Black powder. Instinctively she fumbled for the matches and when she had got a Light she saw her husband doubled up Over the bed. Dead. One charge of hot fired so close that the pellets did not spread had entered his face below the right Eye killing him instantly. He died without a sound. Cra Box untouched. Or Shulse s son Walter 18, and his sister a girl of 16, aroused by the i shooting and their Mother s screams j rushed into the room followed by the Little j maid of All work. Before they came mrs. I Hulse heard the tap of moving feet on the i stairs and the opening of the front door of the House. The door was swinging ajar when the son and daughter ran out into the Village Street to alarm their neighbors and to bring help. One of them in go ing Down stumbled Over a double barrelled inn dropped at the. Bottom of the stairs. Whoever did it most have known the House very Well indeed or. Walter Hulse said. After we were aroused by the shot we heard one run Down stairs. It was pitch dark and nobody could have rim Down those stairs which Are very awkward and Steep with a turn in the Middle like that unless he knew them Well " the police when they came to the scene naturally turned their attention first to finding How the murderer entered the House. This was soon made Clear. An unlatched window opening from the Kitchen to to. Rambling Yard showed that it we ? that Way. The gun 3eft behind in both barrels was or. Hulse a own gun which stood in the Ordinary Way against the old Grandfather clock in the Kiu ten. Cartridges for the gun were kept Loose in the drawer of a sideboard Aleo in the Kitchen. A Cash fax which contained about �20, and. Which stood on a chair beside the bed was not touched. Mrs. Hulse had a most remarkable escape. She Felt the wind of the second shot and was scorched by the powder. ? bicycle thieves. Fifteen machines stolen. In outlining the evidence in a bicycle f stealing Case heard before or. G. W. Hal Combe s.m., in the port Adelaide police court on monday sub inspector j. Bond Drew the attention of the Bench to the in creasing number of bicycle thefts at port Adelaide. In one week 15 bicycles were reported to the police As having been stolen and weeks when the number of thefts reported were ten or under Jere common. In cases the machines were recovered but in a number of Occa Sions they were never seen again. Fire at poet Adelaide. At 51.25 on monday morning the Phore fire brigade received a Call to the Adelaide Cement Worts at boric Enheld. They found that a fire had broken out in a Quantity of Coal in a Large shed. The employees had endeavoured to extinguish the fire Bart the shed As Well alight. The Bri Gade under station officer Wood quickly extinguished the Laanes. The shed is about 100 it. X 50 ft., and 30 it. High and. A bin in which the outbreak occurred contained Abonit five tons of Coal. A portion of the Woodwork of the building was dam aged. The place known a he Coal Insil building and is ? situated Between the Cement building and the Kiln House. The evil Eye Home astrology. Mrs. Emily Hondria l. Wallace widow of Langham Street London before or. Justice Rowlett sued her son in Law or. John William Naylor Poce office clerk of Dudley Road Wimbledon to recover �157 for his wife s maintenance and �11 12/6 for services rendered by mrs. Wallace s ser vant at or. Taylor s House. Liability was denied. Or. Russell Vick for mrs. Wallace Eaid her daughter had been forced to leave or. Naylor through his. Conduct and ill treat ment. The couple were married in 1009 and lived happily at Lyndhurst Road. Bowes Park until 1916, when their second child was born. In 1918 or. Naylor be came depressed and informed a neighbor that a Fortune Teller had told Hian that he was going to lose his wife and one of his children. Later or. Naylor told his Wile that the forecast might be carried out by a bomb falling on her. In consequence mrs. Nay a went to sleep in the Kitchen. Jar. Nay or counsel said occasionally used violence to his wife. On one occasion he tried to push her out of the first floor window. In january 1919, mrs. Naylor went with her younger child to her mothers House and ultimately its. Wal lace wrote to or. Naylor pointing out that if lie did not maintain his wife she would have to go into the workhouse. Mrs. Naylor entered the workhouse. Mrs. Emit Naylor in evidence told the i court that she was still in the workhouse. Cross examined by or. Patrick Hastings. K.c., for the husband mrs. Naylor denied that she neglected her Home and children in order to pursue astrological and occult studies. Or. Hastings did you ask a charwoman \ to spend a Jay in inspecting your Horo scope no. Did Yon take her into a room and make her sit Down and dance to her no. Have your Mother and Sisters for Yeara dealt in the science of organic magnetism which includes the evil Eye and that sort of thing i do not know anything about it. Fortune Teller s prophecy miss. I. Wallace sister of mrs. Naylor said her brother in Law had told her he had psychic Powers and that a Fortune Teller once told him he would marry one of the Wallace girls in Cross examination Mies Wallace de Nied that the a whole family had been Liv ing by the science referred to in a Book written by her Mother. 1. Mrs. Wallace the claimant in Cross examination said she wrote a Book when she was a girl of 17, acid now she was 67 years of age. Or. Justice itch Lanct what is the Book or. Hastin by it gives minute and prac tical instruction How to. New Gretise. Mes Merise electro bios Louise Hypnotise Sta. Tuv Olise artificial Sohani Misinco Matise fascinate a. Mrs. Wallace said the whole of her had not been Broms it up on that Book and they were not All professed psychologists. them could cast horoscopes. Or. J. W. Naylor in evidence said that after marriage his wife did not appear to be interested in the House and said she would write a Book on. Astrology. He knew nothing about astrology until he met his wife s family. He Hail to the fire in the morning and Wash clothes. In 1916, the House Vas neglected. He denied that he behaved cruelly to his wire. In Cross examination by or. Tick he said he had been to it Fortune Teller. Did the Fortune Teller say that thing would happen to your wife arid one of your children i Don t remember. Ilas it been prophesied that you world lose your wife and child my wife has prophesied that she was going to die. Or. Justice Rowlatt at the end of or. Naylor s evidence Eaid he had heard enough. The Only question was whether mrs. Wallace was entitled to recover. If to live in safety mrs. Naylor had to leave her husband and go _ to her Mother the Mother would be entitled to recover. But there was no Case of that sort. The whole mentality of mrs. Wallace s Case was one on which Reliance could not be placed. He did. Not know the sights of wrongs Between the parties but he Felt that. In the circumstances there Muat by judgment for or. Naylor with " Public love. Millionaire beaten. A divorce action begun by mrs. Win ram j. Wilkinson wife of the wealth head of a firm of lithographers in which charges Are made against the husband Axis ing out of his alleged practise of photo graphing nude women is says a Telegram from new York to the London weekly dispatch the Climax of an extraordinary series of Legal encounters involving both the Wilkinsons and William f. Schie Merj the millionaire hardware manufacturer of new York and. His wife. The two families were formerly close friends. The history of the three cornered Campaign to Date includes suits for Sepa ration and divorce by mrs. Wilkinson afterwards abandoned suit for alienation of wife s affections by Wilkinson against Schlemmer beating of Schlemmer by Wil Kinson in former s motor car in which mrs. Wilkinson was Riding attack by mrs. Wilkinson upon her husband when the lat Ter was in his motor car with unknown woman suit for separation by mrs. Schlemmer second suit for alienation by Wilkinson against Schlemmer and the pre sent divorce proceedings. Mrs. Wilkinson names As co respondent a Young artist s Model a photograph of whom taken in a nude condition by her husband she says was found in his pos session. The photograph she states Lead been embellished by her husband who had sketched in a hat on the girl s head. In. Reply to his wife s complaint Wilkin son says that he told his wife it was Neces sary for him to take Many photographs of nude women for the catalogue his firm waa preparing. Notwithstanding this explanation his wife when she found a collection of such photographs on his desk threatened him with a revolver. Head mits certain acts of misconduct but Pineada that his wife condoned them afterwards and lived with him. Describing his wife s alleged relations with Schlemmer Wilkinson states that when they were visiting Paris in the. Sum Mer of 1920 with the Schlemmer his wife openly showed her affection for the hardware manufacturer. Later at a dinner Given by him at the Biltmore hotel near York Schlemmer he alleges announced to the guests that he and. Mrs. Wilkinson loved each other and were going to live together no matter what the Public thought. Hotel drama. Man shoots himself. The Sharp sound of a shot ringing out above the strains of the orchestra and the Buzz of voices startled the diners in the Grill room of the Regent Palace hotel. Lon Don and the Long queue waiting to Gai Entrance one night at the end of the no vember. A Young Curry haired unknown Man approached the Cash desk paid his Bill Sud Denly whipped a revolver from his hip pocket and shot himself through the head falling Back As if dead in a Pool of blood. I have never seen a. More dramatic affair in my life said an Eye witness to a representative of the sunday i i was having dinner with my wife and Mother when the shot rang out. Women fell fainting from their chairs others shrieked in horror and fear and Clung to i their men folks. The Bullet i must eave missed the cashier Only by inches. The Vicinity of the Cash desk resembled a " the Young Man who was a stranger to the hotel was taken to the. Char Ink Cross Hospital but. Wis not identified. He was in a precarious condition suffering from a Woro Iid in the head Rifle shooting. Cuci lists first stage of the in Otid round of the aggregate Over 200, 310, Soo. And Coo Yards 1-5 shots 2 Iff Stern at each was fired at Glen Osmond on saturday. Scor a for -00 Yards limit 71 a. Gibson i72-71 a Greene Iee g72-74 a. Colmor j73 74 u. Co Lyer 470-71 in. Finlay 2 -774 j. C. Ivic Kham 173-74 a. Mitchell 470-71 067-73 j3. Ruckens 6. 67-73 j. Saunders 864-72 r. Dorset pc. Fir. To -69 Walker 360-69 i pain d. J. Stewart x2 ,ig5-67r-3. The Blacksmith the oldest Industry. Iii the Cawrse of an address he delivered in november to the worshipful company of blacksmiths London sir William Ellis stated that the Art of the Blacksmith might be described As the Power of forging and shaping Iron or steel from ingots or bars in a heated condition to form articles of definite shape and dimensions for a Wida variety of purposes the requirements in this direction he added extended far be Vond what was Ever thought of when the Blacksmith s Industry probably the oldest Industry came into existence. Sir William gave As instances of Modem developments the supersession of Iron by steel and the present Day forging at heavy Marine steel crankshafts1 and of std tubes for Large calibre grins. He also referred to the welding of heavy Iron links for the manufacture of Marine chains and. Cables a Trade requiring very conscientious work on the part of the Smiths this being one of the few examples of manual Effort in which a few minutes of careless. Lots might involve most serious consequences. According to sir William the thoroughly equipped Blacksmith of to Day could Only be represented by a _ Man who had carefully studied metallurgical questions forging. Temperatures quenching temperatures and Media heat treatment such knowledge enabled him to succeed in the highest branches of his work. Owing to the modern use of forging presses the Blacksmith or Foreman besides a Metal hire Cal training lad also to have a very 2figh_ engineering training. In looking at different manual trades such As that of the fitter the Moulder the pattern maker and Many others and comparing them with the Blacksmith s Trade sir Wil Liam found an essential difference in that the Blacksmith depended upon his per Sonal skill and the exactness of his Eye much More than tie workmen who had specialised in other crafts. The More educated a Man is in the subjects which concern his Trade the bet Ter says engineering Tut we were not aware that the successful present Day blacksmiths difficult though their work be were possessed of any very High train ing in metallurgy and engineering. A know that they depend upon the exact Ness the Eye and in this respect Black Smiths As also steelmakers when judging the working of a steel Bath reach a very remarkable decree of accuracy so much so in fact that according to our experience they Are Apt to disdain rather than desire the assistance which scientists Arie Able to place at their disposal. Personal Luggage High court decision. In an Appeal before the King s Bench court. London by the great Western rail Way company recently the court was asked to decide if a cello taken by a musician when travel lint in a train is per Sonal Luggage. The railway company a the county court had unsuccessfully sued or. C. Warwick recover 2/7 for the Carriage of the instrument. Or. Justice Horridge is this cell a Ovner a very Rich Man that he is dragged up for 2/7? or. Harold Morris k.c., for or. Evann to he a a member of the musicians Union who regard this As an important Case. Counsel continuing said the cello weighed under 14 lb., and was within the limit of the amount which a passenger was entitled to carry without extra charge. The county court judge had held that or. Evans was just As much entitled to tale his cello As an officer was to carry Hla revolver. S ? or. Schiller k.c., for the Rai Laray com Pany argued that if a passenger took with him an instrument which be intended to use for the purpose of making his living the instalment was not Ordinary personal Luggage and could be charged for or. Justice Horridge would an Alpen Stock be personal linage or v or. Justice Shearman if an artist Coin take his easel and a golfer his clubs Why should not a jumping Man be allowed to take a couple of saddles or. Schiller said if or. Morris Conten Tion was Correct a professional pianist could carry his piano with him. Saturday night music. 3ir. Justice Shearman said he did not suppose the railway company would charge anyone for carrying an accordion on saturday night. _ or. Schiller said the company would not make a charge in such a Case but their must draw the line somewhere. A com Mercial traveller obtained his living by carrying samples but the samples could not be regarded As personal Luggage. Or. Morris contended that the question to be considered was whether the articles were Ordinary Luggage. To consider whether the person tarrying them Way go ing to make Money by their use was. Not the Correct test to apply. Such a test would prevent a barrister from carrying his wig and gown or a nurse from taking her uniform. Or. Justice Horridge in giving judgment said he was not going to attempt to give any definition of what Ordinary Luggage was. He preferred to take the definition of the late lord chief Justice Cockburn. Who said that the term personal Luggage was confined to that which was personal to the passenger and Carriea for his use and convenience and that which wait carried for the purpose of business such As merchandise or household furniture was not personal accepted As such by the Carrier. The cello was being carried by the player for the Pup. Poses of his profession and it certainly was not personal. Luggage the Appeal would be allowed with costs. Or. Jus Tice Shearman concurred. Leave to a peal was granted. A cat s warning /. Death revealed How a. Cat gave the alarm of the death of its mistress was described at an in quest at Paddington London recently on Laura Anthony aged seventy one a Wisiol who committed suicide at 56, Rich mond Road Bays water. Airs. Edith Dashwood of the address said mrs. Anthony had been 33 with rheumatism had been. Miserable and had said life was not Worth living. Especially after tradesmen began to press her for when the witness went to the break last room on tuesday the dead woman s favorite cat whined moaned circled round her and kept going to the door leading to the Steps under the front in trance. Mrs. Dashwood could not understand the strange action of the cat until she pulled the curtain covering the door aside and there Paw mrs. Anthony hanging by a piece of kind Cord from the Gas main Pope. She Cut her Doam and tried artificial respiration until the doctor came. A police Constable said he found a let Ter in the room in which lira. Anthony said i can t write a letter am feeling too bad. I am sorry to take this step. ? i cannot stand any More Hien after making certain personal requests Sha concluded noon t worry. It is better than going on like broken hearted the Coroner said the action of the cat. Was remarkable and showed that animals were sometimes Wiser than one thought. He recorded a verdict of suicide during temporary River Levels. My May january 23. Flood height change or critic at 9 in stage. A m Ioanu it. An it. An. It. In. Out Dalai. �. 21 0 6 6 Ragga waggle 2d 0 4 7 .0 to Hay. 26 0 to 0 2 23 Mai Amnein 13 0 3 6 Balranald. 33 0 3 10 goo Doga 10 0 9 10 0 ,2b �. 36 4 2 of Miil 20 0 09 0 0 39 a Juno 23 0 23 0. Bar pm 32 0 82 0 0 of Bourke 40 0 22 9 5 2r i Iouli. 21.4 1 til a �. 38 6 1 5r a Joam a 36 0 16 0 1 or Marindi 27 0 15 8 1 or Pescari ,. 250 14 6 0 6f or worth22 0 7 10 .0 of a Tburg 14 0 40 0 3r Echuca 30 0 3 10 0 1r Buston s3 0 810 2 of Lwi Roark 21 0 is 7 0 8s Tetman 7 0 t
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