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Adelaide Evening Journal Newspaper Archives May 2 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide Evening Journal (Newspaper) - May 2, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia 8hipp1nq the Adelaide steamship go Many limited wiil Dii Fatch steamers from port Adelaid u a wider Cireno stance permitting _ _ for Albany an Fem Ahtty 1 Tran shipping to tip knee Perth in attn All rth t wet ports and 8tas�ptwi Aon through Bills of lading. It Buoo _ i riday 1 May 10 i s for Mel Tourne 8yonkv and Queensland nut / Salunga about May 25. Pencer s Ulf service. Fob port Lncoln. Soonta. Yta Laroo and Fra skin Barbour. Fue Dayi May 3 . Ports , and piece. Passengers and cargo. Investigator 1 May. 1 4 . Comfortable indies Cabin on deck. A w m t i c i t m " / sue with Stumbu of the . Co 4itm fib8t mkt of Call. Ago must be alongside Steamer not less tha. Pro hours before advertised time on tailing Date. Of 31 inf Maiio Appie to Venron the Adelaide steamship co., limited cume Street Adelaide mid commercial a Tiu Pott Adelaide. The Howard smite line. � the Favourite passenger see axes Boyre me Waii Drema Sobles permitting e s k u par00, f " t m ? Tran ship at Fremantle. Wel bume. \ _ carrying Caiso Art. 1 Pil Barra / Thesda mar Ted All other Queens i " at i . Laid Orta. J. daily at Queen s wharf up to of Tunc Blore ruling. All tickets after the. First port Fri the the steamers of the Adelaide steamship come inf. Limited. For fares and freights apply to the com pan s offices s7, King in Xis Street. ". My Wogen s wha of port. ,& c0. I proprietary u m l w f t Witt vip Titi the following Ebay stance permit turn = v Feu Monhue. Imm a j. No cargo received attest. Noon. Al my Kua Otsui Fremantle / tuesday malt a Nihil Gingfar Perth wharf Cis ajl0tom, and All . It shipping leave Howard Smith s wharf As follow circumstances permitting to West Australia. Albany pm Kim Antuk pc Kim 1 thursday. May 9, f i . Passengers and cargo. To Castern states. Melbourne a Tor t land Pons. J port pirate to Eastern states. . Era leaves poet pie in Thor slav May 2 cargo must be delivered alongside steamers not less than Orie hour before advertised time of Sui re turf tickets Are Heb changeable with the steamers of messes. Huddart. Par Ker a co. And Mcilwraith Mceacharn and co pm. Howard Smith Bons. Proprietary limit 3, Kino. William Street. Adelaide and Korth Mande. Port Adelaide. 24c wanted to sell eighteen words in the Register and the even-1 Jpn journal is. Three insertions 2s. 6d., prepaid. I raw and roasted Coffee Beans in Large variety at Griffiths Pulteney Street opposite drapery and clothing drapery and clothing. Scotch Shortbread reduced from 2/3 to1/3 tin. Drummond Bros., Gawler place. To econ Duane millage Phaeton with eng a a Lish fore Carriage also. Trolliet and tip drays h. Spencer Union Street City. 120c j purple Cape Franklin 82e Foale s this tuscan to Straw Gluyas face. Oats algerian Darlings Grey. White Cape Barley Street. Olpe phosphate just arrived limited giant it so to 3s per cent. Order promptly. Norman Bank Street. Ai00 3v20 Bunbury Fremantle . Without transhipment powerful steamship p t i 300a1 at Lloyd a 2,500 tons. Heaves port Adelaide at 5 . Friday next circumstances permitting. Freights at lowest Currem. Rates. Cargo booked through to Perth. Rorr wardens carried ". All parti Colars. A. Muecke 4 c0.x " " Ade Lytfi and porn something new in leather. Sirdar calf registered. Have you tried it if not order at once. Gents Sirdar calf Balmoral made in three shaped toes spiked medium and wide Price 129. This new leather is the result of a new combination Tanape that Ives the leather a peculiarly soft and comfortable feel. The finish is in Blade ind very pliable. Slioch made from this registered Tan acc arc already commanding Large sales. To be obtained Only from the Managers or a rents if in your township or direct from the tanners and shoe manufacturers 7s, bundle Street. 112c great go operative Coupon Wintersole Day. Gents Fleecy lined warm Winter Sid gloves 3/11 for 1/11 pair gents ribbed Wool underpants 2/11 for 1/6 pair 14, 16, 18, frown Street 132, 132a. Gouger Street. 3fecial attention to country orders. Write for illustrated Price list. The Winter beverage Griffiths Bros. Pur Coffee Pulteney Street opposite York hotel wanted to buy eighteen words in the Register find the evening Jon rival is. Three insertions 3s. -fid., prepaid a it flak try. Cast scrap of Init. Highest in Given. F. Metters Galvam Zer Copper Smith. A. 72. Hindley Street. 226thsc buy Fuhst tube Price no delay. . T Adies and gents times s left off l i clothing bought. Letters attended to. Highest prices. Street cast. F Ujj big it a Retera Ned sctt Are with main. Howard and tit Ian Paer pc co Strain a. Maw with mean attn propriety in limited pfc Visbal it Tual bold in sing Wishia Street or 3. Baw unos i bos. Port Adelaida. Inter Hanc am Baa and and a m 2 b 0 4 k 3p l k k e a c o proprietary us Tine Iram. Port " to Albarty Amo Prem aim / . Gabo apr Day Mey a body says of a Traio to Wal. Bib Tjuk a i Eitl Tri " add am col Propri Iarj Tjw Hwi Joward Shah Aad soot to per tvs. Limited " Liana j. Towick. A kitted. In atm. My not Matt a company. Hhd a Herat. Bats direct the May Al Teite must be Praid. P c r s o a n t w boor teen words in she an the ing to Oral sixpence prepaid. To aim judges Grenfell Street governess . Gnaw bids i Mitil Tje Nasals 31, Gaj Tunal Mutual but Dinge ing William 4 get j21 2 Limpet Cut teacher or tote pupils piano Aad Vij sing in. Sixpence lesson. Competent this office. ,124,4,7 Good bodice sleeve and hands High wages. Aptly i. Lii Aper in Rivington souse. Us general servant wanted. Mrs. Adams Edwin fac Teir a ghee toe. Take Walker file Tram. Tif Rotge clerk for Mere amt s Offia topics to. References. Box 362�.g-p.o., Adelaide. A21c dunes Jinni Boothby will by pleased wok re five pupils for Art Keck Leamark. Apply the May club Beehive buildings. 12jths31 Roux Myers Garfitt of Fred w. Gas fitters and tron Worlem. Apply leafed Dace off Hindley inti Rritt Cafier and ironworker Good Jobah Lhand i. Wanted. A. Fischer to con Jcu Street k. And wife -. 42c woo Ian. Ent Luliner and Salea Durrant if of. Jami Ted. I i shipments just to hand from 1/ j per la. And upwards. Dran Nond brisk 47uisc that s a Nice drink said the custom officer first trying Pompil made from apples. Wholesale. Grundy Bros. 3sthsl27 317 4s and jewellery Best write to a x. I., this Allyl 49 vx7rite for them. You la get them As fast As w the mail can carry them. Ladies warm Felt slippers assorted colours Felt soles Price 2/6. Address ., 7s, bundle Street and branches. 112c mrs. S. Sosen Garetti 241, Rundle Llo Theis Ryphe sacs Exchange boys a kinds at 1 sacks at Best Market prices. Fenno old Zino bought to Pitit Price aim a. Sun con it sob Galvani Ien Gaizler place. A . Engine very latest Type Adelaide Jones h a n d Bone Hijii Sefc Ricc Given. Ujj Addaide chem Iraq works company new wanted to sell eighteen ords in the Register and the evening journal is. Three insertions 2s. 6d prepaid. A Large wooden buil wig galvanized Iron a oof offers via cited. Adelaide Chero ical works company Kwh to Lebarton. 122c \ by one requiring superphosphate i get supplied from Adelaide chemical l. Company Qaq e Street. It ell3e made from Best Brown sip leather 6/6 military ten Calt elastic sides sen whole Cut 12/6. Samples now on View at is Sundle Street Aad branches. 210c o,4 2fsonja clocks s watches i. Jewelery id silverware. Novelties icon �ant3y.arriving. Gien fag. Street. Tab Olesski. Grundy-Bros., t0, Pitt by 7 a and organs. Three reasons Viliy i am Edling one turd cheaper 4han any House in Addaide l j Bell at makers wholesale Price Frith i Reigie and charges ohly added. 3.1 Hayt no Erpe Sive Estalis Bieni takinc.\�30 to �50 per Veek White the a Retser pays i l sell direct from Steiner. You save the Money. Few can i compare none Excel the Only firm giving 25 years written a grantee 500 testimonials. Samples on View. R. A Evans in Edenhall Street port. Telex Ozone 123, port166, Findon. A ethic t age. Bags bags of " every inscription Ujj bought sad sold at the act Exchange 133, Pirie Street. B onedost.s00 tone lor Sale of my usual Well known Brand. Beok orders Early. L. Conrad Bindley Street. 99t tape Barley skinless Barley Cape Oats Kyj. Tares White tuscan wheat superphosphate. K. & a. Hackett. Bundle Street. 12"" of Ocoa Cocoa Cocoa a s Drummond Bros.,. Gawler place. 1/6, 1/s, 1/10,-2/. Dra Moad Bros., Gawler place. 47thse or. Fox a cough dose relieves one bottle cures the worst cough or cold is. 6d. Chemists. Ai19 dec Rodsand aromatic Coset special to , at is. 6d. Griffiths Bro Pulteney Street apposite York hotel. I03t d digging forts v9 steel Spades. 2/9 manure Toracs Garden trowel 4d., sd., 6d. Fun is Hindley Street. 76thscz armsted a Giri to take charge of bal y. In hts. H. Sewer Beehive Corner. Vk7akted, smart Young it. Ether twin we snot. It7avted, snort cleric Tow Leda bold keep Wing. Apply. The tag salary. Insurance office pm a Agency. 12 1 apply Barr Smith not Frei by Terraine. 1" second situations wanted vow teen Worf in a to feb Jomil Joa wow. V s j ail governess fond try children Kinder a Girten wort preened music languages. Ger ume x. Adelaide. Miscellaneous wanted m Hie be gifted and journal is., three insertions 2s. 64, prepaid. A Victoria Dye works Ruik Testroet and Stephem Plaw. Suits dream. Feathers hats ic., cleaned or dyed glows cleaned. Good wort. Charoe8 moderate. Us,20.2 Fob Chnappi Tufie Fra Mac try the 150 Rundle Streett Opp. Fitch Draper. 11702 f h.5chl0r2 a co., Dyer july. The item Gawler place. 11038 Jay special appointment to their Eicel Lencibi lord and lady Tennyson. Jn0. & Hubbard & son Jereral overs an 3 cleaner. Hits la6e, gloves costumes curtains Wool bugs gents suits Ostrich feathers Feather Boas vans &c., j a ise 191, a Tisdle Street 74thsl Braen China Darien Bronze or. Suu cents Burnt together so that no Art can Aeri irate them. Stoppers draws from decanters. Pm blown to Brooki wine and Champagne glasses. R. Buser 46. Arcade. Al00"3s a buy and sell bags bottles Al pfc. Braffe Copper fcc., in. Penhos and co., ltd., 133, Pirie Street. Zub cow Boob future husband or wife s portrait with fax name age and Date of marriage sent by the celebrated English astrologer Send age 16 to Tang and stamp directed envelope. Address or. Philip Anderson fit. Campbell Street sow town. By dds. Worsa -ek�.Sale, us Berrt Drill is Hoe Cood order � used Drill Kex acres,.and2 tons Alkali super �40 lot trucks Georgetown. Phillis & co. 8123 Plikta s buggy lamps Bevelled plate glasses bed Back i fat silvered reflectors 14/6 pair and a Good Range Ether patterns up to 30/. Single lamps right hand Side Only 5/6 each. Fic Presa Xart. Lamp round acc silvered reflector red Back lights 6/6. Useful stable lanterns 1/ stable lantern to Burn kerosene 3/. Harness composition 1/ tin harness Oil 1/ bottle Axle grease tins at 2s., at Griffit Lis Bros Pulteney Street opposite York hotel. Los Hsc k Ola Coffee fragrant and invigorating , a fit. Tins at 2s., at Griffiths Bros. Fui Teney Street of Poritz York hotel. I08th� m Sonja Mats 2/ Ana upwards assorted colours. Drummond Bros., Gawler place. A and roasted Coffee Beans in Laige variety at Griffiths Bro Pulteney Street opposite Vork hotel. Wbamc Rabbit destruction. Disulphide of catam and est Midline. Aden chemical works co., 19, Quixie Street. Clifton Chambers King William Street. To let the suits of offices at present occupied by messes. Bike Well Stew a Piper comprising five booms Strong poem &c., with every convey Leoce. Have for Sale farm compact farm South East containing 261 acres divided into live sleep proof paddocks. Last year cd Vicory to the value of �378 was taken off this land. Improvements consist of dwelling House will of water and 3 water Hote. Stabling 2 stockyards a. Can be purchased at a very reasonable Price. Farm about 200 acres of land about 24 Miles from Adelaide and about 6 Miles from Gawler splendid water Supply both for Stock and Domestic use so acres of fallow. Cheap. City South Terrace East for Sale or to let Villa residence containing 10 room Sand ail conveniences papered and decorated throughout Laud full acre depth. This is i most presentable up to Date property in the Tery Best part of the Terrace which can be purchased at a very reasonable Price or leaded to an approved tenant at a moderate rental City pair of substantial Well built houses in Pirie Street let to Good tenants at a yearly rental of Over. �80. This is a really sound investment for �1,000. City Rundle Street in excellent business position shop and dwelling of 6 rooms Large shed let to Good tenant �2,000 or offer. St. Peters House of 6 rooms and conveniences stable. Shed. For a immediate Sale we Are instructed to take �350. Businesses for Sale or wanted eighteen words in the Register and the evening journal is. Three insertions 2s. 6d., it paid. For Sale or to let one Complete butter factory As a going concern or building separate and Plant separate. Factors situated at tar fee. Tenders for above will be received up to no tender necessarily accepted. Al20 2 . Mav 11. Apply j. G. Kelly Tarlee. Ness horses and ponies with trial. Horses and traps and drags with careful Drivers on horse Bazaar Gilles Arcade 313c hire. Badman s Telephone 307. inspection invited to their Large Stock of new and secondhand vehicles. Fob Salb very cheap. Of easy terms if require secondhand vehicles taken in Exchange. Estimates Given for repairs. Write for illustrated cat Alt us and Price lists. Clarke Bros., Frnaklin Street. 326cvs horses Pomes vehicles and harness of Al descriptions bought sold or exchanges. Horses traps on hire by Day week or month wedding carriages drags and horses with careful Drivers shortest notice. Hakendorf s horse and Carriage Bazaar port. Telephone 115 term Cin. 114c a 1901, Melbourne. The eight hours committee sincerely regrets to have to announce that the drawing of the Art Union has been postponed also the sports and procession in cons quench of heavy rain falling All Day. The Art Union is held in connection with the latter hence its postponement. This is the first time in forty five years that such a thing has occurred. The drawing will now take place on May 20, and the winning numbers will be advertised in this paper on May 23, and lists will be posted As usual. The Sale of tickets has positively ceased in this Colony. Chas. Harris Secretary. Theo. W. Heide representative. Otto men s land Reform league to night 30, Pirie Chambers at 8. Miss Williams on those is the Lack w Omen invited. A Delaide and suburb a firewood iter cd chants , to night at the trades Hall Grote Street at 7.45. Important business. G. E. Duncan Secretary. Or. And mrs. B. Donnelly and family outport Wakefield tender their sincere thanks for kind sympathy and Floral wreaths during their late sad bereavement. A la persons trespassing on undermentioned sections Down As oods Point Viz. Sections 1-2, m90, 663-671. 680-6w.-6s9-t00,-702 703, m84-1090, Hundred Brinkley 1001-Uffi, Hundred Seymour will be pro seot7ted and ail goats. Pigs. Dogs Antii poultry . Destroyed. It. In. Morphett be of. Woods Point april 30. Or. Foster s h e j u c i n e r i t i w i sores wounds lug ass x x 2,.royal"cgamsebs, Onsbie Street " " to by i. Gibes and maids Black by look Rayy r % Green Vergette macintoshes with velvet collars m ill Strakon -27 inc 6/11, 30 Inch 7/11, 33 Inch 8/11, 36 Inch 9/11, 39 Inch 11/6, 42 Inch 13/6.t h e r e s o n l y of e pl.ac15 in Adelaide where you can buy them at the Price Chas. Moore & cos gouger Street. 109a cycles. Eighteen words in he Register e n d of mortgage at from 1 to s per cent., according to amount. F. W. Bullock & co., auctioneers land and estate any n 247thscrz Franklin Street. On mortgage at Money to lend four recent Shuttleworth & Letcherd land and estate agents Bueti Oleere Valuator. Jong William Street Cut. 292thscvzd Don t be misled we a not advertise misleading sates of interest for Money. Our position at 33 yens standing is sufficient guarantee for Confidence integrity us the most favourable charges. One trial will satisfy every intending Borrower that our terms Are exceedingly Liberal. Bills discounted daily. Lott �5 to �1,000. S. Saunders 6 and 6, Pirie Chambers. 172a hotels and restaurants eighteen words in the Register and the Erenius journal is. Three insertions 2s. Od., prepaid. Lost Gold Cross brooch with initial. M a Reward Cpl ins office of this of adar. J. T. To h e f i t c he o r x e i2sihszhscr. . Hotel Nowith to macs rhe above magnificent hotel i Bow Complete and Pur nuked in a Firat cute style regard la at Cost a Large number of doable us Iagle m room opening on to the venous Balosie. The hotel ii worked in Cooj action with Tom charming Seaside hotel Lergul pier. The interchanging Cratem nil be land e Freaa u Well As a convenience to Blun at both Hottie. E. A l Exa Noer top . Hotel Alt Elud Eaid labs pier Hotti j.ab08 Bat. Aeq la Ala
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