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Adelaide Evening Journal (Newspaper) - February 13, 1895, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia funeral notices of the Lata Thomas la Wes Are Al respectfully informed that his remains will own Bis late residence wan Tadla Sandy Preeti this Bay Edne Ada Isth february at 3 . Tor interment in St. George s cemetery Geller. A Taylor bins to. Can. Oxfds., 3/6 4/li 2/6 2/1 j z Kaudo. M 3/6 Tours sizes from 3/9 to 6/11 o h n Hunter s v. Titty Boot Palao a but the Arcade. Be John h Miter company limited. " Owa Aten to advertise. Why thoroughly ill econ Petreat bookkeeper my engagement. Ustance Peet of Floe Morwood. A6 6 Sharks wanted 8jl brewing Quantity and Price. C Gorb Brook. East Terrace. Ipek an Uudna who can milk. References required. Apply mrs. Matin the olives. Of night Between Mitcham and . Reward letter s. Of Cape not new Collar. Bearan w. Stanton. H Graves it co., longer Street. A ? Post Adelaide. Arrived. Tuesday,fsb&uaky12. Boke. Etaamer p. And o. Linefi.645 tons a. B. Darnell master from London january 4th, " ,ttqnrtatar8th, Malta Lith Brindisi said Voth. In Stai Colombo s9tb. Albany february. Taik a Attwood acting tit car. Passengers v far Adelaide from Western Australia or. And tar. Tanner i. And mrs. Bowman Misa Bowman messes. Simpson 1 Stevenson Eddy Mccoll Mantle and Porta. Baba racers or. Mrs. Mccracken Dir. And mrs. Kelts or. Mi3 Dmn Losem. Maben. 3, Conan tar. D. In Manaa Jef Lis Raae Kobe it. , b. Ats in Maciado a Maher p. Imlah c. Phillips. A claw b. W. Ito berth. And b. Maura ten 0.fbuugan and cd Preat in the too on a 4 Tki second Cabin and original t ,601toitsljr. K. , Ilar Lithana. A Asencia or. And Urs. Fora. Dds ,. Re Sodren and nurse mrs. G. H. We Edson and Type Hildann mrs. Hoti All and three children. Mitt by not. Stilt. Sanders Tait. Nib Bonu in the Kaleob Ana 97 in the second Bumba Sasser. 1.697 tons. F. Winsor. Master. Eur to Araula. Pase Engwis i. And sirs. Chal by to dub children fir. And mrs Sall toss sri. Auba to. W. Plaited c. Heath p. Wisnar a. A by Betton. M. Pie nod. J. Martin a. Ander san of u. Hassan in the Saloon 27 la the Meon Arabia and original passengers in All classes of at Mem Al Ned. oeral too via mar Tor Melbourne. Teamer for Melbourne. ,., Steamer. For Wallaroo. V lb-4bo, Steamer for Western Australia. Bulb Coastwise.13cxexs. At Amaer. For port Vincent. \12juat Ooi talk Steamer for Yaidro Kaaa. Iso no asks Ketch for port Wake land. Is Muir Muur for port Lincoln. A sink. St Amar for Wallaroo and port pirate. 11orttckt, a Hooner. Forteath Eastern ports. M War Rob it. Ate Aawar. For sooth nist Stii Iii i 1 ? i Provorce markets. office wednesday. Act Iosa from London report a firmer Tenus Kho rain Market without Proea pc Tang quota by higher. Australian oar goes in Monand tip to Jas. 6d. Per qr., but at these rates a hipper do net feel inclined to operate a Eeler a fair amount of business is being asm unp4mmhy stations where to cargoes Jor she Early ships Ace being collect of. We note ruling rates As follows Wasat. Large parcels 2s. 3d. Par Bushel Glass weight. Port Adelaide and to s oot ports Farmers Lom 2s. 2d. So. Fwo.s5 ibs. For Best brands �5 10s. Car Ordinary brands. Blah. J?. To 74. Lindon commercial telegrams. Kom Kab by. London february 12. K m o n e y tar kit is Dull and three Matt Tell is now being taken at a per Morrow buyers seemed less inclined too Miau to bin to any Sale lor weeks past. Best factory Aad Creamery butter maintained late Ratos it a la axe portion of the catalogue was no a gutted for Pattay purpose a considerably reducing. Joe average Price Raa listed. A couple of Favourite Wanda of Fauty frae again realized about so. So Hora Aisne of neat Era Amery and factory sorts Seemar a is is. For one lot whilst beat separator sad factory sold from Sid. To dairies 6d. Told. A few Sie. Store boxes. D. To us the r talk la soft Wendi ton so. To 3jmatthanndersstiondstatioas for the Twenty Vobr hears ended wednesday february 13, at 9 port Darwin birr indie Pue Creek T by of Katharine Italy Waters 31001 Powell s Creek. 3 060 0-2601 Tennant s Creek. 2 2s0 o to i Alice Springs. 0-030 Otto i Maitland o Oto special advertisements Ead f. J. Bott incs Barb artists mates als and works of ast for Friday next. 5 Isi tubes to the uld co univ will find Bailey d Votkl quo Veester Road London. S. A. And the South Kensington hotel Queen s Law Terrace s.w., Replete with every possible Comfort and convenience. These hotels contain ott600 apartments and Are highly Recobs headed by aus radians. The theatres exhibition Mike us Parka colonial Institute &e., Are Eye of Access. American elevator Modem an tary improvement. Electric Lieut. Special arrangements for families. James Bailey managing director. Swa212 humps is 8 Tomato sauce in the bit St. I n factory Jamestown. Correspondence. Glare Gardener. The Standard weight of a Bushel of pears a 60 la. A. �1. Dishes mount . The Guinea was withdrawn from or Eulatio in 1817. 2. Yea. " ," Irh Enoe is _ so. Sot sat sate slate late ate oat. Alao i,a,0. " j. A. A Wasar _ Legal and the Money is not Xeo Ovenu by either party from the stakeholder. "0. J. protector was i that locality on the Date mentioned using her searchlights. Probably this is what fan refer to. " an opinion of an anon Moos correspondent who Gay a no reasons for misjudgment can be of no value in the matter Yoa refer to. " yacht Sunbeam in which lord Brassey is to Home to Australia is not the same As that in which he and the first la8y Brassey visited these colonies. 1 w. do not think the land Board would assent to a Transfer of land to a married woman raiding with her husband under Auch Circum Savoea a you state. "jnstioe."a. Tenant who pays a weekly rent is assumed to be a weekly tenant unless there is an agreement to the contrary. During his too spation the tenant Oan prohibit the landlord front posting a notice on the pre subscriber Greetly a by Savanada Lillian. He was a late Charles Henr Strather inhisl7th year. the 11th february at his Rem Denee Wanna Della Sandy Creek near Gawler Thomas Law a aged 75 Yean. A of lost of fit 8torb.on the 6th january at Brighton England John Stephens Storr 1 Sluys a Heath or Ockham Hill Edenbridge Kent. Eug Laad aged 06 years. Cremated at Woking cemetery ashes interred at Hill Church. In memo Tam. Loving Mitory of Bradeu son of bar. J. G. Wright who died on the Isth february 1691.inserted by his fond Aister Jennie. Loving of my dear husband who died at Fittra on february 13, 1892. Dearest John Thon Haa left me me thy Loaa most deeply feel but tis god who hath bereft 1nv, he can All my sorrow heal. Lis sad to see the empty chair and miss the face i loved so Well my loss is very hard to Amor. I miss thee John everywhere. Immaculate heart of Mary your prayers for him extol of. Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on Bis Yonl inserted by his Loving wife b. Kinnare. Rhe evening flu real. Abb Laid wednesday feb. 13, 1896. The Herpok Case and police � difficulties. From a strictly Legal Point of View the dim Istl of the charge against Melissa Harpur in the City police court yesterday May have bean inevitable yet some features of the care were decidedly unsatisfactory. Connected with in were certainly delicate moral questions affected by rather precise distinctions the accusation against the defendant was that. She had supplied to an informer named Gregory noxious drugs which she knew to be intended to be used for an unlawful purpose. The fact of these compounds having been obtained from her could be demonstrated Only on the evidence of the informer but this witness put in documentary testimony which the Crown solicitor said be would prove absolutely meaning presumably that he was Able to establish the association of Harpur with the writing. This was not done however As the Case broke Down virtually on the medical evidence. Two experts stated in effect that the drugs were hardly definable As noxious though they would possess that Quality if they were employed in Mircu matinees indicated. From the standpoint of the intention / with which the Medicine Wae prepared and sold some interesting questions Are involved in this distinction and his fact appears the More clearly apparent when one reads a portion of the letter alleged to have been written by the defendant should this Medicine not prove efficacious i can cure i. Without any danger but this of course would be a More expensive the connection Between the object and the Means seems to be Clear enough in this View but according to the opinion of the presiding magistrate in All such cases As that with which he wa6 dealing the drugs must be absolutely harmful to Lite if the charge is to be sustained. That condition appear to beat variance with the clause of the act under which the information was Laid. If however it is limited to the life of the person immediately operated upon there cannot be any misunderstanding of or. Gordon s meaning but it May be a pertinent ethical As Well As Legal enquiry whether that particular life is the Only one to Btu considered. This is an aspect of the matter which cannot for obvious reasons be More minutely presented Here but it is one of great importance. Can it be shown that the Law is no broken if such a result As was alleged to have been aimed at by Harpur is secured without Hurt to the immediate Parent i if so the act surely does not say what it Means. It seems to us that there is a Good Deal in the Contention of the Crown solicitor that the Mere composition of the drugs is of less material Conte prosecution than sequence to the purpose for which they Are administered the clause of the statute under which the information was Laid renders liable whosoever shall unlawfully Supply. Any Poison or other noxious thing or any. Owing whatsoever for the illegal purpose indicated. According to this if a defendant supplied Chalk and water under the pretence that the mixture would produce certain suits such a person would surely be amenable to punishment. It May Ven be fairly argued that an unskilled person supplying harmless drugs under the impression that they would produce effects really beyond their Power would be chargeable with guilty intent just As though the compounds were virulently noxious. Without discussing further the merits of the Harpur Case it is desirable to Call attention to the extreme difficulty with which the police have to contend in connection with All such prosecutions the guardians of the peace have extensive Powers and precautions Are necessary to guard against abuses of authority but the Force o ight not so often to be made the butt for the flashy wit or the ill tempered attacks of the lawyers. The hostile criticism frequently heard in the courts concerning commissioner Peters Wald and his staff must have a disheartening effect upon every Man in the Force. There seems indeed to be no pleasing their critics and detractors. If by do not attempt to administer the Law they Are strongly condemned. If they do try to give effect to it they Are mercilessly denounced. Efforts have been made to Render them obnoxious in the estimation of the Public because they employ informers and a rare lot of nonsense has been uttered by counsel and others regarding this matter. Of course the indignation of the average solicitor should be placed in the same category As the tears of the average Croco Dile but Sven Earnest people Forest sometimes that police work is not always of the kind which can be performed with add gloved hands. Any stick is Good enough to beat a dog with and almost any informer is Good enough to assist in furthering the ends of Justice provided of course that his evidence is True. Gregory May have contradicted himself in the witness Box in the cts of the woman Harpur but As confused As he was by skilful examination have done the same thing and. Yet been perfectly truthful. It would not be Safe convict any one on the uncorroborated testimony of an informer or of anybody else but it is grossly unfair to encourage the idea that informer and " liar Are synonymous terms. An informer is so More an untruthful Man necessarily than a military strategist is necessarily a despicable underhand worker. Run oases like that before the court yesterday if the informer is to be considered an accomplice and if the introduction of a woman into such prosecutions should be deemed requisite As has been suggested the police will clearly never be Able to obtain a conviction. Suppose that they did make use of a woman for the purposes of detection what a torrent of satire and invective the unfortunate creature would have to endure in the witness Box. Melissa Harpur has been declared to be not responsible for the criminal action of which the informer declared her guilty and no More need be said now regarding her. There is no doubt however that the offence set out in Section 79 of the criminal Law consolidation act is extremely prevalent surely then it is High time for the Law to be either amended repealed. The latter alternative is ver Yarious and not to be measured by Mere Legal or commercial standards but to have a statute which is a dead letter is often worse than not to have any such statute at All. When any particular Law is not administered one effect produced is to give people a contempt for Laws generally. Latest flows. The minister of minister of agriculture and education Hon. Or. Coo Burn was expected to return to Adelaide from Hobart by the Melbourne express on wednesday morning. Or. Cockburn leaves Melbourne this afternoon but it is not Likely he will be in the City till Friday. The Post Abib Gen Ebai. Sir Charles Todd who with the Hon. Or. Coo Burn reached Melbourne of tuesday from Tasmania will not leave the victorian capital for Adelaide till Friday. Adelaide mails or mail for the United kingdom dispatched from Adelaide per . Orient on january 9, arrived in London during the night of to health instant. That Obote in the reference to a paragraph under the above heading another correspondent writes i happened to be one of the party in the cruise so flippantly referred to by your would be witty correspondent and know As a matter of fact that the paragraph he refers to a having been supplied waa not Only not supplied but was inaccurate. The party was a private one and the reason the yacht was towed Back was because More than one of the party had important engagements in town and the owner of the yacht provided a launch to Tow the draft against a stiff southerly wind in the face of which she would have to beat. If yachtsmen who Are proverbially generous Are to be subjected to mean and insinuations then Good by to genuine hospitality. If your correspondent wants to know my name i Oan Supply him with my card. I am an old be taboo water rates. Or. J. C. Haslam Mayer of port Pine writes in your report of the deputation which waited on the commissioner As to the Bee Taloo water rates i am represented As suggesting the existing graduated scale quoted from government a zeus. What i said was that the present rate were excessive and prohibitory and that it was Only by considerably reducing them that Farmers and blockers would use the water to Davao stage. The Price or the the printers Register for january 7 the perennial Rumour that the Timet is coming Down to a Penny was again industriously circulated last month and so positive were the statements in some quarters that this was to be that a denial was on this occasion Given by the James proprietors themselves. They said that not Only had a reduction in Price not been determined upon but it has never been considered or discussed and it is absolutely incorrect to say that new machinery has been ordered for the purpose of bringing such a change into operation the whole Story is a fabrication. None the less we expect this Rumour will appear As frequently As the sea to nautical have received from the editor a copy of this journal for january 1895. Although a considerable portion of the matter is addressed to officers of the Royal naval Reserve it has Many attractions for the Ordinary mercantile. Skipper. Articles appear upon the Rule of the Road at sea the merchant shipping act 1s94, the Manning of our merchant vessels and ship masters and their education ail of which Are of a readable nature and no doubt instructive to the initiated. Probably however the most useful Portieri of the Magazine is that devoted to offi Ozial notices our official log being a copy of the Board of i Rade notice As to the Issue and withdrawal of admiralty charts. Whilst a copy of a aard of Trade notices upon the alterations of Buoye and lights existence of sunken wrecks and other notices important t to the Mariner Are detailed with minute accuracy. Altogether the journal is a valuable one and should be in every ship masters Cabin. The factories is understood that the government Haa under consideration thie week the list of persons to be appointed inspectors under the factories not. The announcement that the services of the police Are to be utilized in this connection has Given Rise to some dissatisfaction in municipal Virolee for the corporations contribute to in Cost of the police Force for quite different purposes. In referring recently to the act we inadvertently stated that it did not apply to government factories. The act explicitly sets out that it does apply to them. Mayoral hos Piraino. His worship the mayor of Adelaide or. Charles Tucker has made arrangements for his sister mrs. T. Brown of North Adelaide to not As Mayoress in the dispensing of hospitality during the term of his of of. Cat get telegrams Adelaide and London Telegraph. Australian federation attitude of Imperial government. London Gebru in 12. By ska bib Telb Kawh the under Secretary for the colonies or. Sydney c. Buxton stated in the House of commons to Day in reply to a question that the Imperial government were favourable to facilitating As far As possible the federation of the australian colonies. He explained however that the government Felt they could do nothing in the matter unless at the request of the colonies interested. The Champion cyclist visits Australia. London february 12. Zimmerman the fastest bicycle rider in the world intends visiting Australia at the Elose of the year. British politics. Payment of members. London february 12, the right Hon. Sir w. V. Harcourt in reply to a request that the govern ment should name a time for the introduction of a payment of members Bill for the House of commons has declined to fix a Date for bringing in the proposed measure. He states that the Bill will be distinct from the election expenses Sill Antwerp Wool sales. London february 12. The present series of Wool sales at Antwerp opened with spirited Competition but with few sales owing to the reserved prices being too High. The rates quoted Are equal to those of the last sales. Peculiar Accident to the Queen of Belgium. Bitten by a horse. London february 12. Her majesty the Queen of Belgium was the victim a few Days ago of a singular misfortune. While out for the purpose of taking exercise her majesty was bitten by a horse. The wound was of such a nature that fever Supervene and the condition of the Queen caused much anxiety. She is now recovering. Drowned in a waterhole. Gawler february 13. Or. George Jacobs about 31 years of age unmarried and a son of mrs. Lanes an old resident of the town was found drowned waterhole at the Back of the exhibition building this morning. The body had on a pair of trousers and a ships while the rest of the mane clothing was found on the Bank with a dog alongside. It is not known How one Aeo eased got into the water. He was an employ of Martin it co. Be held this afternoon. An inquest will s t o p p i n g. Port Adelaide. Arrived goastw1be. Wadk squat. Is Bazany 13. Dukell4 Schooner �4 tons,.j. Inkster master from port Pirie. Of by selector Kelm 4 tent. Lash tar master Fri in Kangaroo bund. Feb. / sailed Coastwise. Is Wasoka Steamer far edit Bargh. Shipping by Telb torah. Or posts. Fowler s Bay. Sailed february 12lllue Hawkins port Sinclair. Poet february 13ferret, port Adelaide. february 1 Darling const investigator and petrel port Pirie governor Musgrave Point lowly. Sailed 12 Jessie darting unknown governor Hus Graveland petrel Pott Pirie. Port february 12investigator, port Augusta. Port february 12 Avoca port Pirie. Wallaroo. Sailed february 12 Success coast. A Doss a. Arrived february 12 James Comrie port Adelaide. Sailed 12jamescemrie, port Adelaide. Part Wakefield. Arrived february 12 Mary port Adelaide. The Rivers. Murray february 12tyro, magnum. february 12tyro, hurray Bridge is Corowa Morgan. Sailed 13queen, Murray Bridge. Morgan. Failed s february is Corowa magnum. february 12 Victor Wentworth is Ellen to Gan. Sailed 12 Victor Morgan is Ellen Morgan. Inter colonial Melbourne. Arrived february 13lemael, circular head 13urabs, Sydney. Sailed 12 Martna circular head 13fortuna, Sydney. Sronet. Arrived february 12 Caradoc Newcastle. february 13oonah, Sydney. february 2south australian Worth. ? a x i g q l u s m g. Early a meeting of the trades and labour of until held on Friday evening a desire waa expressed that the executive of the Council should wait upon the employers who had Given notice of their intention of departing from the agreement to close Early on saturday to see whether some arrangement would not be made to prevent the breaking Down of the Early closing movement on March 9. Accordingly the newly elated president or. J. Barker and the Secretary or. J. A. Mcpherson . On monday called on the proprietors of the leading shops in bundle Street to a certain whether twas not possible havea oon Ferenze Between the employers and employee on the subject and Aiso to Amoure a further three months continual Iceon the present a Etem. Or. Mcpherson says they were most courteously by the proprietors of the Shope at which they called and although they did not pres for a definite answer they Are inclined to think that if an approach is made by the Early closing association in the direction of asking for a conference the majority of the employers will fall in with it. To Day s engagements As announced in this dats Isadel. Friendly societies Hall Tyne Street at 8 meeting North Adelaide Starr Bowkett society. Tunley Wesleyan lecture Hall at 8 . Appropriation meeting Unley Starr Bowkett society no. 3. Zoological gardens All Day. Cyclorama All Day. Bijou theatre at s .empire company. Exhibition gardens at 8 ."continental." tob8dat s heat. The maximum heat registered at the Adelaide Observatory on tuesday was 163� in the Sun and 105 4� in the Shade. He heat on monday reached a Max mum of 991 in the Shade alleged criminal tuesday afternoon or. A. W. Piper of the firm of messes. Symon Bakewell Stow � Piper acting on behalf of or. W. R. Cave Laid an information before or. J. Gordon ., against or. Thomas Price ., charging him with criminal libel. The alleged libel complained of was contained in a speech made by or. Price at Mitcham on february 7. A summons has been issued calling upon or. Price to appear at the City police court on Friday. Or. Price is out of town at present being engaged in a lecturing tour in the North. Adelaide to Melbourne. Or. F. S. Toms who leaves for England in March will make another attempt to lower the cycling record from Adelaide to Melbourne on the 11th of that month. It will be remembered that or. Toms had to abandon the excursion last november through the flooded state of the South Eastern country. He is now confident of securing the record. Or. T. D. Scott who generously assisted sell and Toms in their previous efforts will have charge of the paying on the victorian Side most of which will be done by Toms will ride a Raleigh. Or. J. Utleg soil. A oyo list who rapidly advanced to the front rank of the Wheeling world is or. Joseph Megson the new South Wales Champion. Almost since the beginning of his racing career some five years ago Megson established his right to firs honours and has won More races than any other rider in the Mother Colony. His Primo pal victories comprise the five mile new South Wales championship run at Newcastle when he Defeated a Cunnea and other prominent riders whilst he also secured the half mile event on the same Day. Proving the Best of the Sydney contingent he proceeded to Melbourne for the Austral meeting fourteen months ago when he won his heat in the Austral and the final of the . Plate. Thus proving of More than usual ability he was placed of the Soratos Mark but from Here he won the half mile and mile on the Sydney association ground at the end of last season. In november his Powers were tested the a greater extent by being fitted against the victorian Soraoka . At the Goul bum meeting. In the ten mile championship a great rate ensured Between Megson Lewis and Don Walker who finished in the order named. Many considered the Victory a Lucky one As Walker waa blocked in the run Home but Megson s running at the Melbourne meeting in december seemed to establish his right to first honours. Here his magnificent paying in his heat in the Austral was greatly admired. He was net placed in the final however but made amends with a Brilliant Victory in the mile championship and the mile and a half first class race in both of which he proved vastly Superior to his companions on the honoured Mark. Megson who is Twenty one years of age was born at Purmont Sydney. He considers the Adelaide tracks the beet in Australia but admits some time will need to elapse before he gets used to the Corners and fast work. He it in fair form and being a sprinter As Well a a capital paper some Fine racing should be witnessed. Proportional representation. To the editor. Sir the paragraph quoted in your news items from a leading article in the argut of february 7 would Lead one to believe that professor Nansen a system is quite new to the world. The use of the contingent vote for uni nominal or one member districts is embodied in the Queensland electoral act of 1892, and has been used in Queensland to secure that the representative of each District had an absolute majority of the votes. This is better than settling the matter by a second election As is the Case in France and Germany As this boats time and Money and besides allows wealth and astuteness a second Opportunity to info peace the voters. For the election of single officers such a an american president or governor or any one of the thousands who Are chosen by popular vote in the United states this contingent vote is of great value and has been advocated by Daniel s. Remsen of Wall Street of sound grounds. He believed he had made an Independent discovery hut i told him of professor Nansen s advocacy of the method in the Melbourne review Many year. Ago and of its having been embodied in the Queensland Eleos pral Law. But or. Remsen agreed with me in objecting to this method of electing a representative body because it everywhere and always excludes the minorities. He is one of those who believe that the single District and single Ward system is answerable for mos of the evils in Petit goal and municipal matters in America. The Argus paragraph would Lead to the idea that professor Nansen a system is the same As mine but that it is simpler for the voter. Professor nausea would give him the right to Mark with the figures 1, 2, 3, 4, or further All the candidates for a one member constituency. I would give the voter the right to Mark up to the number six in the order of his preference those whom he prefers among the candidates for a six member . A both cases the Rote Only counts for one Man. By Nansen s plan the voter secures that the Man who has the real majority in the District is returned but if he himself belongs to the minority he unrepresented or misrepresented. The elector under my system 00-operates in securing the True representation of his larger District and he exercises an effective vote. The first Man on his list who needs his vote and Oan use it obtains it As an integral part of his quota. But one scheme disturbs the strife of party politics very Little and is brought Forward by Man and a Melbourne University professor the other scheme would purify and moralize politics through and through and is advocated in a woman who lives in South Australia. The Argus which set its face like a Flint against any form of preferential voting when began my work in Victoria three Yeara ago is disposed to give at least an Academie support to this suggestion. It is difficult to make queenslander appreciate the value of the transferable vote for Large districts because they see that the contingent vote works towards extinction of the minority vote m their own experience. 1 am. Sir &o., Catherine h. 3pence. Eilden St. Peters february 12. Early closing. To the editor. Sir As an assistant i should like to Point out a few aspects in connection with the demand for Early closing which to my mind have been overlooked. It May be that i am one of those in the minority Aud must be swept out of the Way As stated by one of our Rev. Oracles at the Rotunda on saturday night. But even he my the evening and the lengthy programme presented met with much appreciation. Those taking part were mrs lower mrs. Batchelor misses Anson 2carrion Garnant e. Woolnough and Paqualina messes. P. Dobbie my a Len. Hallett Tott and s. Lower and St. Bede s choir. School of design and painting. The competitions held in connection with the school of design and punting during the Spring the final session of 1894, hav Abeen decided a follows open to the say and evenings dents. Drapery in , miss e. M. Barnes 1 Hen. Men., l. Howie. Drapery in , Hon. Men. Miss k. E. Keen. Elementary antique Best hand or foot or maak of divided by 8. M. Kyd and. Kelly Hon. Meb., miss Tubb. Elementary ornament Large roman Rosette or greek divided by misses a. E. Knitli and it. F Bonnin Hon. Men. Misses e. Maclachlan and h. Schlank. Advanced ornament egg Plum pee divided by hisses e. Jones f. J. Davies and 8. Kollien Hon. Men., misses e. Pollack and Minnie Parker. Architectural Competition will be dimwit flan Frid february 22. . Stencil , h. Hall Boa. Jn&n., g. A band. Painted , a e. Lykke Boa. Bm.,0. Ford. . Cut , l. Howie Hon. Men. Miss a. Yonng. Wood Studentship Hiss b. Bayly prize Misa a. Young Hon. Men., miss e. E keen. Plate and Studant hip misses e. E. Lawrance and e. E. Keen. Design for a Studentship. Miss m. Pros or. Design for a , l. Howie Hoa. Men., Maud pros St r. Fainting classes. Still life oils elementary first miss e. Maclachlan second. Miss Bertha Moss. Stu life Watercolour elementary miss b. Bayly and or. I Howie Divide. Flowers or fruit , miss e. K. Keen second mis. C. Hurcombe Hon. Men., a Tito. Flowers or fruit. , miss o. Rhode. Second. Miss. Kyd. Still life in oils and Watercolour advanced Sec. Tion the works were incomplete and no awards were made. Painting on Satin in conditions of the Competition were not adhered to and no award was made. Drapery on the human , Misa m. Hambidge Hon. Men. Misses a Hambidge and a Wriight and or. L. Howie. The majority of the Eom petition were most keenly contested in no less than in five sections the prize was divided and in one Section. Three students were equal while Many of the Hon. Mentions were close up to the prize in Point of Merit. It is the intention of the Dimy Tor for technical Art to make these works the leading portion of the school s exhibit to the approaching exhibition of the chamber of manufactures. Bicycle procession and cyclists association of South Australia will assemble at Victoria Square at 7 o look this evening when the various clubs will with illuminated bicycles form in procession and proceed via King William Currie Morphett Hindley Rundle and Pulteney streets to the Continentals where a grand Parade of illuminated Bicy Olea will take place. The cyclists will be headed by the City Volunteer band who will also furnish the necessary Musio during the evolutions. Prizes Are to be awarded by the president of the association for the Best and second Best illuminated bicycles
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