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Adelaide Evening Journal (Newspaper) - April 26, 1911, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia men and matters. Love Good for the health. Should falling in love be corp Bwy ? by. Of he Fidd iodine to Tiro answer for. He told a polytechnic Jiffy Mph Jat i to Ajitu Rerp that lore Wasa at bit fir Smigi More men. In Tud Iii Uludag in Loye lie said. I Vladd Bee to. It Ink Jve. It heals a get Taud i have observed Ali Fiche Guje to of women who after saving been tinder treatment have said Tso Rae not conf say longer Airfield also told this excellent Story of a the inae Whitt i a � student attest. Hosp fall and Esme to ipe Ane Day Imi Pessing 1 316 Abr via pfc Temi. I Xii Iet snied to the Hospital ext week to dub a 1 Taisir j egg to Xene Ogbe Efcy pc a b hosts to bus Orfia Rea i a Jon i come Fafian Lei aate and we tem b the doctors x Ibe Baa a lace Bex a in Manj a Ootton. is gently a pern Jifa Kim Smuc Taviss Ujj Jib Are Auke � Rne Otton can of hair sea i bal cab Toto. Soia Are is a Rod. Ould Cen san jul 1 against the of Hanse do isl by i tos. The. Big " de cd edition Lof Aat Iier Abd if fld Moo of one Day l and a de me to Lafr him have e it . Web j wanted i Floew lie did t Jike Hing a Hance so to Vair Wie Gedl Caine pc that a it. Well Cecill Aid Afi list Ine Bow. You did it for it waen t on to Ami a Bhae Andi Youliah no Paivel a f j n j i i t Yoni do with it t he most Weir Fernl things about if ii tin Tuii in a fit Lis patience. How is Bow precise. How patiently i Ven to stance of this the other Day he was Stebing How turbines Are beg geared for idea Joy isaid. Of tube noes a sary. 4 cargo boat the Vespasian of 4,330 this Dis Axx Mei Wafi Purcha de in 1s08. Tier Wae re placed by in red turf emes the prop Ciler. Shafting and boil Ere remaining the same Tjoe Economy Taos realized Over the Irini machinery waa is per eeht., which was increased to 22 percent. In she Anent minor. Alterations. 3b�Ere were. Two Trinnes one High and the other Ipp pressure taxi writing a Pinion at 1,400 re of lotions geared into a main wheel Joithe strew so soft making 70 revolt a a Mihn tet this vessel had been a Hiya w m b tie Type to Rotterdam for Jali Priit 1 a Yesuvi Jed had covered Abou Dosoo Flea f2iai my a Pinion Whid had item removed from the vessel and m site table. Showed a Wea Ahe Teeth of under Taro thousands of an ,1 w that its life would be equal to greater try the vessel. A it put Art. Women Bave lost the Art of hashing a e fording to the Bev. Herbert s. Johnson i Dorf if the Warren Avenue Baptist Hurch one of the wealthiest Cler men in Joston in Ordinary Circum stances says Johnson the girls Hoyc Adays do not Lasi. It 4s not expected . It is i out of Wishion the coyness and demure. Kiss a Rich were general among girls of three oar four decades ago Are no longer common. Industrial conditions have driven the blushes from the faces of our Girle the constant association with men in offices schools stores and factories has 1 made girls self possessed the average girl finds once she goes into business that Ogu etry is not a part of her duties. She is expected to earn the Money paid to her Odai order to do this she must attend to a Pitun Erical language. T the seekers after a Universal language live not yet Given up the idea of disco Eruce the linguistic Utopia. The latest to Tut 1? pc is Mong them is m. Joseph Orsat. A Frenchman who proposes that each word should simply have a certain number. Thus the j word flattery would be number 10,243 in All j languages assuming for the Sake of ar-1 go Anent tet each Lavage has about j jft.000 words represented in the Dicho paries and that with the declensions con a it Atio is and of her variations the in multiplied about 20 times we have to fit in oar Heads the. Numbers to i w which the eight million Worfe correspond and we shall be Able to make ourselves Fiode Riold. And to understand All the pm a fazed languages and even some of the in j 6 my _ pm M.A.or 1 Tavi Liml ones the dictionary for the new e not. Yet been drawn up nor w the inventor begun to Mena Oizae the St Mahon. Or tines. Creata 1 Audi it m steams score use Odd Doaa . And r l bankrupt banker. Alleged i false prospectus. Thousands of creditors. London april 2s. The Charing Cross tank Mure Gbidi was investigated by the official. Receiver in january last has again been brought before the Courte. " w Alfred w2bam Carpenter the bankrupt proprietor Hast Een charged at Bow Street o with having obtained �500 two Days he j fore the declaration of Hie Brejt Utcy by u Means of the Issue of an allegedly false t prospectus. A counsel Lor tace prose Cotton stated that a Here were 18,968 Credi Tore of the Bank r chop Etfer Las been remanded Aad Baa granted in the of �16,000, in Iris announcement the official four months ago that when in Sinefis 40 Yea Isago he possessed capital amounting to he Tonkin apart Kerwith �1,500, in that Pata with fire Sitter having lost and his Twrwey Carpenter the carried on done styling the Charing Cross the pres Job Defot amounted to the huge in 899,000 Carpenter Tad Tot �100,000 Over a pan. Iii riot is 2i806 an . A., 3b0, Barber Spencer s Golf to guru. S ,.v Didea i ibo � �.r. Too Yeardie Cor Western few or Tjhater. To test . Port Adelaide " shed april . In a fan Battoia. Sailed " april Wewera Sec Ashe Hobart passed North. april 26barwon, Radners upset Soond. R to of Worts. Jodl a paring. Port met sailed april 26-Paotba, port Adee Rince Georee. Channel april 2fc-Flitaigata. Mob Diane. " ". Bives a april 25-Bespatch, Manrra Bodge Sabedr april a Tyro Murray into Isslieb. Mann. . April 25 n Wail in Wai Kerie Gomalo Rouffa. . -ani�5 april a oem by Seldom. Sailed april 25go?. Gem Jasan. T i r a dices. & air. A e. Scuttt Are respectfully a donned that the re Mads of Hie late wife will of removed " trom her. Mother s Ilia. Hieatt Bea Daice Emir William Street. Kent town on Utju lasday at 2 for inter Mart in the Albaton cemetery. Pes Gezley & Esabe under Taja is Telephone 486. Bundle Street East. Theri Enda of the late mrs.,? Browm Are resp Duhy informed that be Bano Ted from besi Macei Qia Ham Ibert cite on wednesday. At tso.jun., for in Tennent in the West Terrace cemetery p�gel��t & Skabe undertakers Tel Bone 496. Bundle Street East. R 1 Rowe friends of the late lira. Grace lean 1 Boudar Are respectfully informed that her remains will be interred on Friday at 1" ., in the an a ton cemetery. Piat Gellot i kabe.l.,. Alex. I Shah j Nae Takera. 116.7 Georged wins son feed. Downs ,. Opposite Christ Civ cd fcb Mohing under treebs Jeffcott Street . Telephone 735. other person connected w i t h t h e above firm. Late. Buyers advertisements. Investors. We have a really Good selection of Bouse and land properties in suburbs suitable for be adapt or investment also of Tiptop Garden properties and Small fans close to City of which try doll be pleased to sire full particulars. Buyers financed. Robertson & Dalby Aust Al Chambers f Romfo table us roomed House with mow Deni cout Nien Kcf. In med indie or near car. Partica Lare to lands department Dalgety i Coj-., ltd., Grenfell Street. Up Weka or country first class experience. Pha this. A r Sale _ �130 ca.=. 10-12 4-Cyunder he mtg a motor car. Apply U Simpson Scoland 3 North Terrace. The Wetley general hand Sood wages to suit Vojace broken s p e Ujj Casc. Rated Monis. Optician Kine Wil Jiam Street. X Ost in May lands Tram Leatter Tresh to Strong Gale 7 heavy gales t. O represents Calm Iii state of the sea is shown by the Jetten s smooth. Moderator. Rough ,.� r. Very roughs shading int Cater Tain has fatten. South to 3ooto� Over part of Southern districts Clear or scattered Clouds else obese. Cairns and Luth variable winds tending Easterly. Ugat ram Bas Vallra Over parts of fee lower North. Western to efik cry in Mie 6omjv-Ebt and parts of Northwest Elp a or scattered cd wide Rise Bere. South " want to North West winds Daiby. Lieut to heavy rain a Flim in the Gont truest Corner. Fine in sonic East Meonier. Omit few Willicut coast otherwise dear me or variable winds. Cape. York. 4 mints. Kalsu non roof dad. Be South to overcast at maj places in North East Quarter otherwise Clear and Cool few j a frosts. West to Touth lift ii Owr recorded at a few places in Touvh a t. V. Cloudy to showery o is Sild Dutari cts otherwise Clear or or attired to sour Wes winds Squall on coast frosts in. Imri East. Of Cut. Rain a on cd Over All Southern districts heaviest in Gipp squid. Las a tour to Thomy in t and bail i 11in n run parts Valenti my scattered Smirt admits. West to Watt West winds Squall on casts moderate to heavy to to in Vest Aad Wisht Ebe Liat Taft s " duplicity arbitration severe criticism. Talk. C London april 25. The morning Post announces its opinion hat president Taft s arbitration scheme is Only a Blind to divert the attention of England from Ethe. True Active namely a Yea. J l t k t r he iame moment when president Taft is t uttering unrestricted arbitration i is doing a is utmost to disrupt the British Empire ?.t7tr � a a d marriages deaths. A z a g special notice. of. Births marriages and p deaths not Are lines Ere inserted once w Ach in the eclister. The observer the evening a journal and special May prepared Tor Tranfo g " j Iemon to Gocland. For the Adele Chau feh i of i Hur t Crown extra lines 6d. I each. The Naine and e m Date in of the sender most in All cases be grim. Bike is. A Foit knee Gladys Wilson on the 23rt pril at Hargrave Street Weireter to or. And mis. O. Arnott a . the april at dam rom o sir. And mrs. C. A Ockenden son. the 28th. Maiti it Halmers Church by tie Bev. A wads,1 l so. N of the late George Darby naw., 4nd but Jonn Gest Usu Gaiter of mrs. Criaer Robe Ense emf he and late w. Crater Korisa tation maw. W the 17th april Kobert Atrick Mil of Gaizick Hesly Oeselg to Kate Ophie. Bal ask Sihter of George stain Clarence the 17hi Audi at Christ Horch Kojl t by the Bev. G. H. Jose. M.a., a thnh to ten Eon of Ellen Frances Berry to Alice Mande daughter of the lat Benir Dean. Debco Milis on tile a Jii Apia is Petra Jud Street by or. A. M. In Brook Joseph t t z y l m u t = Arth r & a e. T Silver vie do Fig. I c 6wakn"holiles.on lie 26fli april 3886, t t youngest ton of mrs. Sara Swann. To stay Jane u Louie second daughter of or. Chas. Holmes a o Uhtof Annaston. Present address Glendonn Yim 1 deaths. the 25th april at her residence. Chatham Street Sty Hannah Maria relict of the late Mourice Brown and sister of lbs. Mary Ann Wright of Brompton seed 77 years c0bu�-on the. 24tt april at Petersburg. Beloved son of franc and Jane Corley of a Apuna. Yearn " " Heads Johh a Tobaie 15th april at the private hot pita Kent spit a Terae one so Wood a. G. Neumann. Dust son of of balal Toa. Aged years and 6 months. Hie 17th april at East jew Bonroe i Alexandrina tiie beloved wife of 3. M. Sulu. Edda on Tite �5& april at the residence of mis. Cole demo Roe Street mar to. Grace lean relict of the late Rowland Voi Der Bodda and eldest or. Edwin Darey. Aeed 86 years. the 26th april at aide. Mazy ivs est twin daughter of Verj lady and the late i. 3. Hieatt of h.., port Aari sister of lire. �. M. A Doe mis. Albert Henan. And Ite. 3. Wedd. Aged 40 years. Ning h by chads and family tender their thanks to All kind friends for their sympathy for telegrams. Lettera. And Floral i tributes during their recent sad bereavement especially or. Haisa and or. Homey. A to Day s diary. As advertised in the beejster.3 remap tire Wata u.35 . High water . Day prime Road zoo. Day inst Tati society of arts exhibition sn5 Sas co s office cookery demonstration. To 30.brookman s bus ilog. Our Jack co. 12.univereal . Commodore co. 12.30unireisal . Bulku East co. 32-80begiflter Chambers its. Dervent Jack co. In a Florodora 5.tivoli theatre vaudeville entertainment. 8.olympiswest s picture. 8empire theatre Lyet utri pictures 8.dri the delegates no attended the dry far mag conference recent la held in Adelaide. Or. W. L. Sum acre acting Secretary to the minister is a. I m to _ i i i specially mentioned Itie delegates thanked Hun for the information be gave them on fhe trip 4,0 Cist Al Brook. Desperate traits europeans in Fez. Enemies within and without. Paris april 25. Whether the Northern moroccan capital City of Fez is by now in the hands of Ite besiegers or whether it still is retained by its Brave band of defenders can Only be conjectured by anxious fellow com Riipinen of the imprisoned european Colony. It has been ascertained however that whatever the situation now the conditions within the Garrison Hare bees for Daya of a desperate nature. Brutal Sultan. A i St letters from Fez recount Gross brutalities Practised by the Sultan upon wounded rebel prisoners Sotidie of whom have. Been stripped and bound and subjected to the Castinado until their lives have been literally beaten oat of their bodies there Are indications indeed that Muley had is mentally deranged. A fortnight ago the Sultan without the slightest warning forced his Cousin to marry Kim. At Midcift of that Day april 11 he requisitioned All the female dancers singers within the Belea stored City to attend the marriage fete at the Royal Palace. Such conduct served to further incense the already sullen populace. Goaded beyond control the name correspondent averred that the Cebe Ion was the outcome of the Brave Tisbe Anen fighters who had dethroned Abdul Aziz and put the. Present emperor Muley Hafid in his place Gavin or been goaded beyond control by Crusky and extortion. It was firmly believed that the Morocco a. Little As they had loved Abdul Aziz would Welcome his return and would place him again at their head. Food for besieged. News has just reached Tangier that a Force of Abolt 800 auxiliaries of the Hay Aina tribe which still remains Loyal to Matey Hafid succeeded on tuesday of last week in entering Fez with Welcome quantities of food. On the fou Owine Day a determined attack by 2,000 of the enemy was repulsed at the walk of the capital Cut off. Up till last saturday it was known that Mir. Bre Mcd s isolated party which sallied into the heart of the hostile Sherard District Aid Defeated the tribesmen but whose return was Cut off Wae still holding its ground although in 4esperat evidence waa Given by . Miller that in company with . Northridge he visited the defendant s shop in Wai Kerie. There wag a notice on cardboard inside the door on Winch was written Beer for. he asked for two. Butchers of Beer and defendant supplied them and lie and Northridge drank the Beer. 8d. For the two butchers. On the same Day about 3 pjn., in the afternoon in company with Northridge. He again went to defendant s shop and waa supplied with two butchers of Beer. Defendant was away about two Ninn Apfl getting the Beer to serve them. A barrel on the counter he should think contained about 20 Gallons. . North Ridge corroborated. Or. My Lacjlan submitted that Toje prosecution had failed to establish a Case against his client. Defendant carried on a huge business in Bosher Beer and other cordials which he received in draught and sold As draught ale. He could show from the returns of the Adelaide cooperative Mineral Waters company that defendant dealt Only in Bosher ale. Defendant gave evidence in support of counsel s statement. John Williams Brewer of the Adelaide co operative Mineral Waters company said that company brewed non excisable Beer and supplied it in bottles or by draught. The statement produced was a record of the business dime during time stated by the defendant. The defendant received barrels but no excisable liquors were supplied to the defendant. The bo6hter Beer did not contain More the a 2 per cent of alcohol . A Flwler to the Bench said he knew he Beer he received from defendant was intoxicating from the taste of it. The . Said be could not depart from the corroborative evidence of the two policemen. The defendant had denied that he was guilty and was shown a statement 1 of Noo Izumo Atiqi Beer which he had procured. That was All be had proved. He would inflict the penalty of �10. A second charge against Benlow was withdrawn. To Frederick Bawn of Basco. Was charged with having sold three bottles of stent and a bottle of ale to Ott Miara 22. Defendant pleaded guilty and was fined �10 in default one month s imprisonment. Harry Ashinah of Ramoo for a similar offence the Sale of one bottle of ale was also fined �10. Benno Walsch Ter of Basco. Was charged with Havine sold two bottles of ale on March 20. Or. R. H. Wall Mana appeared for defendant and explained that the accused Only obliged one Aspinall while the latter was away for the Day. Defendant was not in a Ina s employ and received no Money for his trouble. In the circa instances the Bench fined defendant �2. John Todd was changed that he did on february 26. On Board the Steamer the City of Oxford sell five bottles of ale he not being a licensed person. He. Pleaded not Brilty. Evidence was Given by . Miller that in company with . Northridge. He went on Board the boat the City of Oxford at Wai Kerie. Asked defendant whether he had any tonic thai would grip a bit he said you mean Beer. I have plenty at 1/ a asked for three bottles of Mae Desfield xxx. Opened the bottle and drank the contents. . Northridge got two bottles. . Northridge corroborated. Defendant was fined �5. There were two charges against Rhodda Singh. But they were withdrawn As also was another chaise against. Spinas. Or. R. Wallmann appeared for the defendants in each Case. An order for confiscation of liquor found on Aspinall s premises there were two charges against Rhodda Singh the search warrant was on different premises from those in a Fitch the offence was committed. Consequently by consent the liquor was returned to the defendant the River strike. On wednesday morning the Secretary of the . Or. J. Dale be marked to a representative of the Register a communication has come to hand from the Marine Board stating that in. Connection with the memorable trip of the steamship Julia the Engineer of the vessel could not be found when the Steamer was ready to Start and the services of the remark water Engmeier who does not hold a Marine Engineer s certificate were secured. The Point the would Fly now like cleared up is whether the Marine Board intends to press for the customary penalty for wilful Vwa-1 Tion of the Laws which govern the nver the. This also bears out our statement that a. Thoth to Julia was run by an a certificated Engineer during the trip with Scab interstate 1steamers. Probable increases in Fabes. Melbourne april 25. Although no official announcement has yet been made on the subject it is understood that some slight increase in the fares on the. Coastal steamers trs no to Eastern ports is contemplated by the interstate shipping companies. In discussing the matter or. Mcdonald Secretary of the australasian steamship owners federation remarked that officially the intended increases were regarded in the nature of corrections of anomalies in the existing Tariff but he added the matter had cot vet been discussed by the members of the federation. It is understood that the contemplated increase will not be of a general character but will apply chiefly to the second class. For instance the fares Between Melbourne and Sydney in this class will go up from �2 5/ to �2. 10/ return while the single fore will be increased by 6/ for the same class on certain steamers. No alterations in the present Tariff to Adelaide or Fremantle is however contemplated but on the Queensland coast some slight increases will no doubt be decided upon. A Beauty Competition. Broken Hill Are 25. A cinematographic Beauty show in connection with Sayer s pictures at the theatre Royal finished last mgt. Phoebe Rice. L570 rotes Todte St and Enid Magnussen. 1,483 votes be Good the nod out of 12 contestants Gec ored 487 votes and total of �.402 waa recorded. Ioc phosphates dispute. Fourteenth Day. The fourteenth Day of the. Phosphates Case was begun at the supreme court on wednesday. The plaintiff Arthur Henry Hasel importer of port Adelaide claimed �975 from Bagot shallot & Lewis and from Thomas Grose and Henry Thomas trading As w r. S. Nomas & , Ine re nails of Adelaide and port Adelaide respectively in regard to a contract for the Supply " of japanese superphosphate. A counterclaim for �l300 was made by defendants who alleged breach of contract. Or. Justice Homburg was on the Bench. Or. Paris Nesbit,.k.c, with or. J. R. Anderson., for the plaintiffs and sir Josiah Symon and or. G. M. Evan. For Tow defendants. Manderson resumed his clubs Eximina 1 Tion of William Augustus Doyle indent merchant of Sydney who had been balled far the defence. Counsel vigorously pressed int news to say Why he had made a profit o of 1/ a ton in the Case of the Poona and 4/ so far As the Tama Maru cargo was concerned. Sir Josiah Symon i object to the ques i Tion. Is it relevant to the Case or. Anderson yes. V sir Josiah Symon Well i was Askwig his Honor the ,-ft6t you. Or. Anderson Ryou have no right sir Josiah. Sym6b-i am perfectly aware of r my Don the offensive. His Honor if von want to quarrel you know up leave the Bench and come Lack when you have finished. Or. Anderson repeated the question. Sir Josiah Symon to witness you decline to answer that. Witness i decline to answer or. Anderson for what reason his Hotmer i. Suppose because he does Sot want to disclose his business. Josiah Symon defendants Art have bought superphosphate of less at that time than they paid to witness in regard to his contract. To bet were by few wholesale buyers of japanese super in Australia. Witness had come from Sydney during the Progress of the Case in response to a Telegram asking him do so. He had had no notice to bring documents with him. At the instance of or. Nesbit plaintiff was recalled to answer certain questions. Sir Josiah Symon then began Hia address in behalf of the defence. Plasterers relevance. An amicable settlement. In connection with Hie threatened trouble at messes. Jackman & son s new building in King William streeti., where several plasterers stated their intention to cease work if a builders labourer employed on the Job was allowed to continue on the Concrete work or. A Dale be. Almonds at auction Brandis 6id per it. Bnnhaga3/9 to 4/ per dozen on tracks port to 5/3 per dozen on trades port Adelaide Well our Price tit organs mount gamblers. Or locals �5 10/ to �5 15/ per Long ton on trucks Adelaide or eco a door locals 5/ to 6/ a cwt. M the Market. D t e ? 10, cat. In the Market. Shares. The Stock Exchange of Adelaide. Wednesday april 26. The foil own sales Are officially reported 10.15a.m. Junction 2/4. Youns Ballfinch 10 d., u. Greenfinch 3/ to 3/4, 3/3 Bullfinch West 1/10, 1/11. Great Boulder 8/3. Boon. Mount Elliott paid�5. Junction 2/4. Bullfinch proprietary. 90/. Greenfinch. 3/61. S/7i, 3/s. Bullfinch West 1/li. Great Boulder 18/11. London q0otatios8. Than. Clarke & oo., Grenfel Street Bra received the following quotations dated april is 5.45 . Broken Hills 38/ North so/74 Block 10, 3113 Zinc Ord. 11/3 Booths a bin sooth blocks is/6 British old. 16/6 mount Jeba xl/3 Quant a Tatte so 1/s great Ombao 86/9 vont Knox Ana. Ameln Amatul sea 33/3 text files Susas la aha �6 by get do ii. Pfc. Sana at Aba Tench Tofu an cd sortie. Of ski ten Riff u. Verb Nwart Asoau. J9/8 the re Ferenda big poll probable. To Day is polling Day throughout the. Commonwealth on the grave questions included in the re Ferenda while in. South Australia electors Are also Bong asked to state whether they Are in favour of in creasing the salaries of state members of parliament by �100 a year. At the Federal elections in april last the strength of the South australian Roll. Was 207,655 since then the net total has been increased by 8,128. On wednesday the weather Conr editions if unseasonable As far As the country is concerned were perfect for a heavy throng joint Day. The presence of Fanale ejectors was particularly noticeable. Many people Whit town att Oid a Fiji Tai Oudit new the found places for which Thev were at one or other of the following Al Ter application to the " officer there att Laide Light Square he Marsh i _ omit Drain Unley n o Goodwood Hidi Artan at the. Last elections the voting in. Symth Audi Iii worked oath at -s&31 fac cent. So As. Coull 3t fe4w3gea, j l tire cation is were that wedness poll Wilh at Lea fit equal file previous it cabs motor cars and other vehicles were feet Basy Jirou ghost the Day and a Huna contingent will make their crosses Hob evening. Personal. Hay Leader of the 15alcsv Tion army in the Commonwealth accompanied by Colond Horskins. Officer m charge of operations dealing wit ii Young. People id staff Captain Len tit a Vatet Secretary were Pas Bengert to adeside to the Melbourne % Ress Jon . A 1 thursday they will Start on for tar principal Northern towns of it 1 will visit Biver Toh be " port Pirie and Moonja return to Adelaide of j they a Fol attend a fit idae if. Exhibition hmm wig x \ this year s elder Echo Tiship few Toan Forte laying was won by Daropti. A atom. Of Glenelg fifteenth year. She Bliss Edith Ingleby of Glenelg rata Isril sub and was the at the chamber of manufactures exhibition when she secured 95 per pent the into Herr Hermann Jaga terms of her a bitty and was Parb Eulario pleased with her meter predation we go she has been under or. Bryceson use Harfe at . For the last 12 months. Or. A. A. V. Richardson Asas cant dire Eier of Sincu attire rate officer in the first class of 4iie-piafficesm� Profet escorial Divisi Sohlor. E. W. V. Badford appointed a member of Lizard of advice Tor the school District the director of irrigation ind Joe damnation work tar. S Mcinto i has. Been granted a. Commit Ion to enquire w a Mitt report upon questions relating to irn Julann and Redam ration in pkg yet 3europe, United states. He has Beai a posted to represent the state. At the in Chi Cagto in september my to the or it South aus Aea. At. me National fisheries Congress acc a or Scarfe has been l. Botanic Garden and if Angas Harb in appointed to the same oozy m of in Samuel Way who has re or to has been of we Tare acid Iha Gaines. Ports amen a. I o s s i o n. A n n u a l mesh lbs. The a annal meeting of Flie pert a Daudet somen s Mission was te3d at the r t Adelaide town Hall on tuesday Evoin or. W. Herbert Phillipps l be Prem Dent occupied the chair and there was a Large attendance. The reports of the sea Etty or w. Berry and of the Tai Imad it Basic of �104, compared with �72 last Yar. The chairman in the course of an interesting address said the Mission was founded in 1879 to hold out a hand of Welcome to every Sailor coming to port Ade Lade irrespective of Creed. Lettera re. From time to time told of the Good accomplished shortly they hoped to provide a sailors club in connection with the. Rest. An indication of the increased tie. Cassity for and demands upon the Mission afforded by the shipping statistics of i i their p 01 a 1 3 0 � 1 ? i Reamen and a nerf and 1 Oversea vessels was 56,648 in 1908 the aggregate had advanced to 71519 in 1909 twas 74,232 and the approximate total for 11910 was 76,600. They had. Encouraged to their Jujj Jug nearly 15.0&0 men last year. This incr a a the demands upon their resources and special efforts would be Neces i Saiy to maintain the recent rate of Progress. J let moving the adoption of he reports the jugs pcs in was repaying Only a Small part of the debt they owed their sailors in return for the hard miserable conditions through which they passed theirs waste work of care and protect ice from land Sharks fifty times vicious and voracious the the a Type. The mayor or. W. T. Ofe sect ded. Carried. Vocal and instrumental items were contributed by misses Berry and Gonn and messes. A. Nelson find Holt. Officers elected Patron his. Excellency 6ir Day Bosanquet vice presidents messes. J. Dunn. J. H. Sinclair a Steffl. C. R. Morris w. Neill j r. P. ,.�mayor of port Adelaide and the president. Of the Marine Board treasurer. Or. A. W. Brown. Auditor or. E. A. Dewhirst Secretary or. W. Berry. A Large committee was also appointed. -. " Golf. Adelaide Golf club ass0cehes.-3s first monthly medal of the season was pm cd to on monday and was won by mis e. Wyatt via a card of Iff of 71. Scores mrs. A Bic. Donald 101 syr Bun. Swift lie 86 is. Mullio. 112 f2s s6 lbs. Mag. Ander�on.l28 yi0 88 his. Tooted b2 e -9 in.--3. Att son Kab 2q a. Fob late if jews see Pafch c
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