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Adelaide Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Adelaide Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia pen fold s wines we Aoe aids renown fit that miniature Worth its Weicht in Pold to Yon can be enlarged and in natural Coloro if Tou with. Let us show a a specimens of Forir alrewy1 cose. Frilling studio Art photographers 103 St Idle Street. I i shipping. Commonwealth government line of steamers l monthly sailings. Yort Adelaide to Java. Not �. Is Okiu. Do Dou. Sailing about. 8th december 1920. 8tll january 192l let february. 192l Ian def cowl Gaza of at lowest Carmit rates to Batavia semarang and surabaya a la ply to a vim Govek Mist like of 8tea1iebs. M Pouerie Fioret Adelaide. a 6336 Pott 2585. Sale of chaff 1scuss�s tttt.t., 3m commissioner of Crown lands in produced the chaff acid bar Bill into the House of Assembly on tuesday. " this Bill in the outcome of a deputation which waited on the minister of agriculture some time ago. The minister said the i Biu would repeal the Sal of Hay and chaff it the Inlet Radical alteration in voided was in clause 1. Which abolished thie Tankard bag sold Aii of May would have to Register be cause he came trader the definition of. Tev. This would include Farmers. The bilt should at forcing the dealers to Rietl chaff and not chaff and water. The original act was brought in for that my pose in 3908. I they did riot havea. Standard tag they would Aew m r. Jack to Tife old Lisy Biem before act. He stated that up to Date Tfir cent of Wito Yand a Edarald he. Be consume be to forum that a few Prce i go Tel cd lag fld met idiot of Dwarf trawl lff is � Hayl it Vertula flab rated Jae. Pc would a Vorio menjmranf331 in committee Tirui a View of Pirec Glur the consumer. Said that under Tua present by Teffie Wei Elied with the chaff. It was to put water in the chaff Sno fifa to Cut it it a ant there for the Benefit of the eater. He eur t orb Edithe Preb Edt system of a Standard bag. " there should be some penalty for Selling underweight chaff. Biscuit makers. At it fitting of tiie Stilt Industrial court i on tuesday the president or. Jethro Brown j care tax ber consideration to the Case in which the employee in the Biso Oit Trade were Tooji corned. The oae had previously Brett referred to the court and the Pree Dent a greeted Onle once. That conference waa Heil and the. Results which were apparently to tooth Fidel were told the president. 2r. Stan. Whitford represented the employee and ski. H. Boyk Etc tto Ento Yunu these 1 were Only three Anna Yvo explained that As � result &. The conference a daily. Chin Janus vate to far t. The Snen Wero concerned of 32/6 Wold pfc paid ining 33jf 13/4ttakeenien travel Lin Ovioe Pizii and . 13/. The. Conference a crested �2 & week toe women my in Jahalus Tea of unwind 15itft 16 Tok Liz if 4o 17# i8/ 17 to is �138 to 39 m �1 2vj 19. To 20. �1 20"to 2l �1 10/. Ever 21 Yeara of age. �1 13 6. Be wages j Lor Acrya Ware fixed As follows Friom 1$ to u year 27/6 36 to 17, �127 to 38 a j 26 38 to is �1 5/ 39 of -20. 6110/� Tol 21. �2�. ,. V. I the conditions were briefly a Ken cd. Tod it Vas decided that Therp should. B a. 48 boar i week. And that saturday work hould cease Tok Oil la regard to piece Wonc it was de � red in that it Flause based r am to. ,. Of j 1? ,. R7 or. To Yaffitt explained that in of Toms had been a Rin the new Saida of Vii q5 a of tool Iko. By Imber to. " 3lr. ?wtrit26ifl was asked whether the award abound. Ito the whole of the state an Iris reply was no to the metropolitan area Only he mentioned Nhat the award would pc binding Orr on Ambera Faite . The president contested that thew warm ire. Latins to overtime would be left Over to by finalised at Ibe Cape Alan to the to inuits before Segaric Tyrar. This waa s agreed upon and the Ouirt djo Oread. Mail notices. Oversea jjp�0"1 will Coke at the and newspapers saturday deem 4f 1 j letters and commercial packets monday december 6. 8 . Ute fee u an supplementary via Fremantle letters and com. Mercial jew cats tuesday december 7, 9 ., late fee.b_.30 km., 30.15 .-railway station. A Yii a wait anal Mondavi november 29, 1.15 pm late fee -3 ., 4 railway station Posuk of letters to a Asne Noa Mexico Hon Olmo end South America except Guiana. 3d. Per � of. A fraction of i of Vangi China . 2 Late e2.30rp.m.h Victoria few sooth Wales and Queensland. Daily. Z3b Late Lee. 4 G.p.o., 4.20 a. Railway station. except wednesday3.33 pin Gate Lee 4 in. G.p.o., 4.20 j a. Rail Way Otago Soj Noumea and new hebrides. To Day 3 Late Lee 3.30 thursday , 3 pm. Late fee 3.3 7 v sew . November 29, 3.3c no. Late fee 4 ., 4i20 , railway a ton tuesday november 30. , november 29, 3 late fee 3.30" pm Java and , november 29, spin. Had after much agitation. In fee nurses agreed to give better conditions but were prevented from doing so be cause there was not sire client accommodation. A or. Hamilton supported 34r. Trunin a statements. Some of the nurses be said worked Leahy 100 Hows a we acc something ought to be done immediately to alter this state of the debate was adjourned on the motion. Of or. Price. The i Tow Issue raised i c 7 i or. In Stine Fiordinand ill Ere. E. , k.c., and b. A. Mulden a the civil court on tuesday further enquired into the claim for compensation by the South australian co. From tie state government for Rii Arta and i adjacent property at port Adelaide a niirpd., be sulked in consequent of a fiotto Zooie Tion of the Crown that the claimant company Jam entitled to one method of a air that of capita is Ubibi a l the value of earning Taen Over a reasonable number of years. Sir argued that Turg. Re aiming were bound to that by their pleading. His Honor remarked 4hat sir Josiah Symon had made the position quite dear and if or. Piper for claimant disagreed at became question of Law. Tie out a Honor was prepared to hear Ai Unaa on the Apo info Abd decide one Way. Or j the other and would state a Case for the full court if required. That direct course would save time. Or. Piper my Point of Law. Is that we Are entitled to compensation having regard to the value of the Roje a called the wharf proper ties and that if the re. Is a loss of Goodwill which is not compensated for by the value of the pro. Perty we a entitled to damages Lor titty Lon is Goodwill,.in addition to to value w the pro Perty that there is evidence which i must he re carded by the arbitrators of the value. Of the s property z that we Are not precluded to any i thing whether tin the particular or otherwise from insisting on our statutory. Right to the compensation for the value of the property As a minimum that our particulars do not limit a to any one method of arriving at the amount of compensation hut even ii they the Coyra e Case has Chown Tiute method if Ite con delusion results in the figures As put by conned for the Crown be Correct by capitalisation of Revenue is inadequate Anil wholly or partially in. Applicable and th4 evidence adduced by the Crown supplementing the evidence by. The claim ants supplies the Inadequacy and Effelb the arbitrators the material for arriving tit the value of the property. Or. 3iper said All the calculations for taxes depreciation and so on had heen1based on a value of �410,000. But All the compensation offered was about �142,000. The particulars did not bind them at All. Bop skin to an interjection by sir Josh Symon i. Riper said he was Tony for the Honor of the Crown that everything had be a attempted to trap the claimants into a form of proceedings which would mean the confiscation or forfeiture of. A Large Section of their property. Font inti big. Argument he said that even if were bound by 4he capitalisation method the court that must have regal to al the evidence which in say Way related to the value of the property and they Wert entitled in or about file application of that method Joithe value it the properties namely the value of he minimum. The Case had not been concluded when the court adj opened disputed service of std mods. 1 Jofan Baker Licensee of the Boyal Oak hot a coi Meb Street tto rth Adelaide was Iii Ade unde Sce court Enes Day with fearing supplied liquor during boors. Sub inspector Donald Itic Botteon appeased fat athe police and a. Of. C Sticks appeared under protest for or. Baker. 2kjr i offs objected to be declaration to service i summon and card Tea fit was it l Jet Pedr proved. 1 the sub inspector Aid the Constable who Exerv. De line cunuqod6 was ill and could cot. L brought into court Lor at least three weeks. Jer. Hat lie could a Ove that. To Eer vice was bad from the beginning. Afify j tier to Ament the Case was adjourned a i j october 37.i in this Case it is alleged Fiat after & i Ponce had obtained information for pro ecu. J t in the defendant left Oie state and the j summons tos subsequently erred on his wife lady Mayoress Eption 1 the lady Mayoress lady Hackett will bold a Public reception in tie main Hall of the Adelaide town Hall on Fri Day afternoon from 3 to 5 o clock. No invitation cards have been issued for the function which is for gentlemen As Well As ladies. Entrance to the Hall will be by the main stairway and exit by the Side door. Visiting Carta should be handed to the Secretary to the lord mayor for the announcement afternoon Tea will be served in theban Bijj jetting Hall. J drapery and clothing irresistible Good values you can t pass by. Some of the Many enticing styles at Moore s White a Aqile frocks ati5/ev to picture Ebony a Dainty Whitey ice frock Effla Lively. Trimmed with. Val. Inn Bon and Toay be obtained in ail tees. These fats Besires fooling tool Ana Dainty on Jot Jas. Re vary serviceable and launder Well. Be sure and Amoure one while thy 4astr-" r Blit Fla special by twi May j3j " Colore voile frocks 99/6 for 69/6 i these Are Superior Quality voile fish Bow in Oriental Sfer of 0. 0jihib sea Eon s Frodo by Iuga of i bite Down skirt and on a Nils Victoria sq., new Adelaida Yue shale Market. Bab Bibb Stop Lar. On the local. Exchange on tuesday. There was a Lurther decrease in value for i Silver Lead Sham while Commonwealth stoans were fairly steady. & per cent., 3833, were taken at of 6/ to �34 h the second peace Loon a Joem Bex interest improved 7/6, while Lor j Una inter est a of 2/6 was recorded. Vas fill al $920to 9�dformed the wheat Eoris business. Investments were represented by Vaiee in Ade Laide Elecio or cent. �10 Bonds. 2927, �9 17. A wheat 3913-2&Adelaide steamship 3b/6. Ii Agot. Shaken and Lewis 15/6. Adelaide dec Eric Rodj 36/. Adelaide electric pref16/6. Elder Smith �10 3/ 35copper Wallaroo. 31/3, 31/. \ Barrient. Sine corporation moveable Tiette. Or Hor obliges were that on january 14, 1920, insolvent made material omissions from a Jig of his liabilities unwritten statement of hse Faaete and Arabi Lindea submitted to a Inlet Long of creditors that of january 27, 1930 he a foul by of a false representation to Hia Ora i. Tons. Namely that his brother p. J. Flaral. Of Crystal Brook bad Eil red a document jpiar., a freeing insolvent that to would pay com a Jemon. Of 1oj in the � within White months. So that he could obtain Tho consent of Hie creditors to an agreement whereas the Docu. I Dent had not been i Ned or p. J. �3at1. After expert evidence had been called Mig no357 was reserved until to rifts drapery and clothing toys at bring the children to our to land to Day they will be Deli cute a summer Cotton from by for 16/6 in Tea. Check voile frock smart by trove with ee3f Colore Cricket Joeuan. Tri tufted with r Peari buttons a tiered skirt with self color Belt and pockets in hades 21/. Is in the dress skirt j Section " to. Today. R a j Lac Lieg Fine ique skirt. Hip Styir ogling forming Bis i of at Fife Fini eds sub Cir Ocolor Belt fancy tabs and Peci a futons. To Day s a Kline 25/ Earth Bat Veale Ellig j. Them at 21/ each. S/11 each to Day j l indies White Linen Birto is various designs a Ith and without pockets trimmed with Dron Lar Belt and Pearl buttons. To Day s a Vahie 10/6. Pee Cal Price to Day. 8/11 each. A fashion skirt for 6/11 fashion shirts far Lfeo m Good British Gam ble neat fancy Stripe design rein Voas nooks Linen Peak based double of Nils. Soman Price 9/11. J special Price 6/11 each and company Ltd Rundle Street and Stephana place Adelaide divorce cases Tius bad Trent astr any or. Justice go Pix i. In the civil court on tuesday crawled decree Siisi la the Loose n i a bid Saimra Imber Tine Louisa go Iii Jun fat a. Dissolution hex Nar Ruee with George a guar of the ground of it alleged Moa Oudot while abroad on Active Errice afr. J. Waterhouse appeared Lor Tibe Petitioner. The degree absolute. Hitting in the sup Cne court in Banoo. Or jb6cce Budhanan and of. I Justice Boole pvt i decree absolute in the one in Wei ice Reginald 3l Williams. Obtained in. March i. Laatz a decree Obi Lor., the dissolution of Baa of Nape Watfa Keith Elizabeth Wlliams a to Coner vac represented or. L. 3. Wates iwae. As . In the Oace of Umry who a ced for s divorce 4rom ber Tate band Geo 15c� Warley Wright. Str. F. H Downer an orc Public i Stee be appointed turd Jaa aug i turn of the respondents Lar. Dowson Sid upon Eim a 2 that at Ait tic peaks the met Tau Hospit. Hearing was Dobra de for a efe Voen Noble Petitioner. To obtain the a Bimi of tin Public Trust to a. _ _ workers. Readers. Mullish shopping always mention the daily it will help thu advertisers. It win help the Herald it will Kielp total. From varsity to prison 18-Page crime record of Max of 27. " with cultured accents which bespoke his University training Norman Charles Bod Ding ism 27, civil de Roma Joy c. H. Goodwin a was Titer found to he pm familiar terms Wiro a Ora wife. A Lyndon. Confronted by the doctor the wife confessed to an infatuation for Boddington and said he had induced her to guarantee a Cheque for �150. When Fili ally arrested he was found Toj live in his Possession receipted hotel Bills amounting to �370, nine a benue books on different Banks and two a Timber Stem is bears nor the following London City and Midland bank.ltd., Llangollen Mana by his education training Good address and audacity to had obtained Money and goods value �3373. Victimised hotel and boarding House keepers arid callously blighted the happiness of at least three people. Boddington was committed for trial at the assizes. Why workers strike us clix is and the employees Folly. What the labor movement Means. " speaking at West Hartlepool England i j. B Cly Nefi said the wage lever was the instrument for the workers uplift. Taat a were suffering from was reaction. There is a natural tendency on the part of the not Tabeb of men to try to Jet in too Short a time More than Industry under the present condition scan afford but we should not blame the conditions of Industry for having produced that result. Pointing to War conditions he refer red to the Folly of employers in those Days not willingly giving More to their worker and Labein wisely ready to raise the Standard of the worker and pay him More according to what the Tetide could then afford. The Folly of employees in Only conceding something when they could no longer re Sist to had a Good doa.1 to do with the embittered Iseble it league my embers. In View applications received by cite Board it Bas been decided to create j District eur sections in the la trop Jiun area and meetings of Lesui j members resident in the districts specified hereunder Are Iole Meid j As follows Etc Ley to int Hail monday 23fh in Ovezbe at � Sjo Wood town to tax .�pj25day, 30th \ovb3ibeei it 8p.in. Pro shot most erect. Jiva ii. Wednesday 1st december at 8 Hid Mahib Towt Saul thkb13day, 2nd Recei Berj at 8 The reasons for the necessity of the creation of District Section win be elaborated by various speakers. All members be5ident in the above districts ase urgently Desre ibb to attend327,9 e. G. A to . Qiyi of Adelaide. Band concert Eier Park the Hindmarsh band will give a concert at elder Park King William Load this wednesday evening november 24. At 8 o clock. In. P. Beaver town clerk. Six huh ored voices Vlot Public school concerts. Thursday and Friday evenings november i 25 and 26, in Unley City Halli 1 commence at 7.45. Beautiful spectacular coloured effects in Art on i songs musical Drill to rules. Wee lots Folk i games a. 2/ and v w tax. _ h. J. Tuck. . City Baths thursday november 25, at 8 In Ehe presence of his excellency the govern of in m.j3. To the opened toy lady i Scott. By . Swimming association assisted by the Koy Alife saving association. In Aid of Minda Home Batlis kindly Lent Liy or. C. "2atard. Good prizes. Novelty events. Help Junda Home. 1 ,�0neyr.tvu a Fri if you want to borrow Money the London loan and the fount company makes advances to you or. Furniture. And pianos Fleith it removal. Pro. Aus Sory notes deeds of Home Ami. Land Wotli it registration War by did Gort Ilcau a or the Ouier available Security. From a to �6,000. Lowest interest Jamws Boj repayment. Iran. 2/6 weekly. Existing Loans off. Special 8otice.when Suettea a do not Register Jour Bill of Sale the by meant of keening your business private and Cana Deuthal. Note add t a. Jis count Copan v. Abas Suai Sibili ids. 5 pc Oday evening i in. I of ii j f r phone s04. Vessel Cohen. Mao Amr i. Trades Union direct Jbv amalgamated Soai Erro carpenters and joiners of Australasia. "a3w Laide City room no. A feta. Trades Hall. Meeting alternate wednes Cuy 8 Next meeting Decemb Fojt 1 Geo. A body file Secretary. Ustkal1an t1mbkh workers Union. Meeting held at Trade Hail on alter Nate Momiy. C. -4. Burse Secretary. No. I. Trade. Mail. 1 us Skallan ula.s8workers Union last saturday in my flu. Meeting Fine Trade Hall hint Marsh 10.30 . T. Hep Womich. Secretary. Ali i Tallan Boot Skade. Fumi Aiu Liis federation. Alternate Jondaya. H. A eur teary. Zuffi Tallan plumbu1s and employees Union meet. Alternate a to be Days. Dim a Radca a a a j. U to Chaitt. Theore tags. Wouch association meets no. 14 Boom Trade a ii alternate mondays irom january s now Telephone office. 2u&6 it Tif. Us Talasian society of engineers . Branch office. Boom 28 trades Hall Adelaide. Meetings alternate mondays b J. Will Sharley Secretary. Australasian meat Industry pm ployes1 Union Adelaide Branch no. 1. Altariata tuesday trades Hall pea no. 8 Boom Baa Emont. Walter Hood. 26 Trade. Hall Fici diary. U8tralian theatrical and Amu be ment employees association South australian , pres. Club Kanu lecturers place Oft , Street Adalaide. Fuca Days and hours monday mornings. ,11.30 Iko 12j0 wednesday mum Ngi 10jo to 31-30 Imlay evenings 6.30 to Mojo. Club phone 3700 private phone Norwood 11%. Union meets at press club rooms. Kerst sunday each month at 2j0 J. A. Southwood Beon tary. Brkan Carters Industrial federation. Branch. The meetings of above Branch Are held on al Ternate sues Daya at 8 trades Hall m. 8. Bennett Secretary. E3j3e&ated casters and Drivers in Del trial onion of Aub Thalia p. A sub by Noh meets every alternate. Tues Day at Divett Street. Port Ade Ulde. Nes7 meeting december 7/ phone 2684. J. E. Gim Ribb. Secretary. Federated enginedriver8 and fibs. Men s association 8.a. Branch general meet feb s8 Are held the i3bs1 tuesday each month. Trades Hall. Adelaide of the first wednesday in each month Divett Street. Port Adelaide. Len. ,. Secretary. Boa 27 trades Hau. 6868 Central. Masters hates. Ant Engin keys association of South Australia meets every alternate tuesday. At Exeter Hall. Exeter 7-50 pan. Nest meeting december ?. A. Samuels. President. C. Hayter Secretary. Operative painters and " decorators Union of Australia. . Branch. Meets at Trade. Hall. No. 8, alternate Moa lays. T. A Howard. Secretary. Post Adelaide District trades and labor Council meets every fourth Friday at seamen s Union booms. Port Adelaide. Next meeting november 26. Frank Condon. Secretary. A. Fed. Operative Bakers unions the meetings of the above Union Are held alternate saturdays at 8 ., Trade Hau. Phone 3940. F. O. Hahn. Secretary. A. Railways and tramways Assoc a. Tion Adelaide Branch meet trades Hau first saturday in month. F. H. Stow. Acting Secretary. La Langton wort. Outh australian saddlery am leather workers Trade employees association meets alternate tuesdays in Boom 7. Trades Hall Adelaide. Phone cup Geo. Mitchell. President 310 309 a. E. P1ttman. Secretary. South australian typographical society office no. 30. Trade Hall Board of management meet Boond satire Day in month. W. C. Melbourne Secretary. He Federated Ikon workers1 Assoria Tion of australa.4-Ofilca. No. M Trade Hall Secretary. M. L. Vollaton. The Federated moulders Metal onion of Australia a a. Bran of meets at tales Hau alternate a Bunei Dayble it. B. Spafford. Secretary. The Federated Oas employees Industrial Union of Aust. 8-a. Branch. Had alternate wed Udys Toca Faroui Hau. Wer to to Brompton. W. Hrosar president. J. Stephen son. Secretary. Sigr Kartes of Umosa Are a emended that to daily Herald 117 Grenfell strap ft.de2a Del Speet file Toroc Cut ail Elsida al pri Bubs % re he to a Etsity of Adelaide. Law students students intending to begin the . Coarse in 1921 Are invited to meet pc Feezor lit -4 On 4he 2stli in Sec 328-9 Ous. &. Hodge registrar. Pendees for reins rating Boot of i wheat shed at sealed tenders will be received add ased to the chairman 8 a. When Harvest Peel state pc. Adelaide and endowed Veitch wheat shed up till noon. November Lmh far wheat Abed Yei Tefr labor Only. 6pbcmc�no a Dan by epee tied h tim office of the Board Peel Street Adelaide. 2 o tender Selea warily accepted h. V ha&d-1ng. Secretary a a. Wheat Board. V 323� ti7"�, Vavid chaff lbs Tui " August to Lehr both of Adelaide Metal workers cables Ernest Wood of Ade Laide. Manager add George Patrick Ricky. Of role big Salesman Eby give feat we Izove this Day entered into Frajt Apps flip an the tag neg of Art Metal we Bess under the style or a fat. Same of Modem. Ato Metal company die Eaid part ate ship business to be carried on at twin Street Adelaide. Dated this 10th defy november 1920. David Charles Brister class August Holster. T cobbles Ernest Wood. George Patrick . Plain spirit ote Crown Beers 1/9 Doz. Cork Beers a a Plair pints do. Star the Paisa to altar if Jyce to i 1ft collecting Aad a Timkiw oar i a Szejk t to w. Cases o do., 2/b 4 10 1/6 rags 0/ Bone 3/6 cwt. I we pay freight to mile Eha Ani. Upor Adelalde customer Moat write when consigning. Frank to Rebd " Adelaide bottle oo-0perative co ltd., South walk. Thune 3828. Jbf 13do de liar k to x l. Gascot f0ra Amarge a curse. I applications. Will Ibe. Received Icom certificated trained nurses Lor the position up till noon of of halt 1320. V oha�.-3d�j Lay. Secretary. Tioren ment labor i Alt Bigej Adelaide. 32s-8 4lr and lodging Rodmon to wages t3w.ee Weete leave Siamy Ian pay p6 4he of airings destitute Board. Kin tote Avenue Adelaide. ___32b-Va school of miss. Am . Applications re Mvi ted for the position o m Fate Teoh Scal High school. Duties will of Soonee the teaching of eng Lish find a to Joi Bor Puttie cat daird Sakai Yujo commence �170 per a Mim. be Iram let january a isl Afi plication ago atop filed by. Addressed to the Prina Ijlal Wui sex omit a tin til wednesday december lafc4. 1920. _ by d2ii i and Lamb. 303-33 tenoer8 tit y or a a 1 a 1 d a tenders will be received until Ahlff misday itch december 1920, at 12 o clock or die Fol lowing works namely compact no. 30/20. Supply and erection a be Sefos Destructor works Halifax Street Ade Ide of Saper Heater. Avitable for Babcock and Wilcox t o4iexb.keither the lowest nor any tender Neoe scarily so opted. The Plana and specifications can be seem and farther particulars obtained at the City Engi Neer and Surveyor office. H. P. Beaver Tovai clerk. Town Hall Adelaide november -2zj -1920. R 328s_ of Montvai a of Australia department of woks and railways. Tenders accompanied by the a Cesery Deposit will be received i a to noon on hon., Day 6th december 1920, for the removal. Mao age. "phone.3594. 5 v i 106m hotels Etc. United service hotel King William Street John Frame proprietor late both batt., . Home prom Home. Phone cent. 298. Only Etc knew so Iii ebbs employed. 301w.-300 i Sturt Arcade hotel w. F. S. Lean proprietor j Good Home Good liquors and civility. J 301w 300 j Selborne hotel Pirie Street Adelaide h. A. Ye0mans, proprietor debt brands liquors kept. I Poue billl43m tables. Phone cent. 912. 301w300 freemasons hotel Pirie Street Adelaide j. B. & h. B. Davis proprietors All wines and spirits Goa ban teed True to Label. Civility and Quick service. 301w 2s cokhx2rcial printing x a 3�� special feature at the daily Herald a file it a Rempell Avreet Malawi & 00 v Busty 8usv1 in puh three useful gifts men will appreciate them mar a r psf Mas fancy half Hose j Job a into a a Lowry on the Tot Fca lot Cepp Jonay flue for Anent wac Weare Ger a a sworn you will face keenly Inoa Festad. Ai Are excellent. Mex a smart Coxs Cellest 4uj"x Tepee obd pc�4ica#hen s Oxford fashion shirt with diff event. Aze ipe in of Winhel. Also Black Lull Anweil Imide Joong , 12/6 each. \ t re a men s twill fashion shirt Ai coloured Fri pea Peri rat Tau Collar to match. ,14/s each j heavy White Mew Elised till Quality cloth full Cut perfect thing a. V h made in sch facet possible Lanfier Jor Ana f 1 stylish Zephyr to shirts. Tare Conjor table. Lull attire be to workmanship. Erice Jab or with snatch 16/6. T 3 men s substantial weight Rusty self Weg White Oxford fashion shirts Rifle cafes a jeeves. Reinforced neck. Price 16/6 extra Pine Quality Eagus grape i Prara shirts full cat splendidly made Ana finished Price. 16/6 each. -. ?. M Cricket Iko testis we Ai shoving set of hot Ledent makes1 in Lanoris and tear possible Goll Ficici Lor the Money 9/u� Llo of and -14/6. I a the ii plan frito Spotte Shurte finished Strong Hen feed Oft off Well cat made wearing .13/635/6 ditto. With coloured Collar isl al .33/6 each. ,. Pye a Iasi Obj Aisi 1 pyjamas Nakfa toc of Toto car Irons 0 .pl1davs,. Slid we have a to How Yogi i Ismya fee Sec copying pattered to schoote ,1 finest mys a Price. T we Assn excellent ejection Torfli Fly a. Pram a Are there a the following inf team 14/9, 266, ,13/6. Is z2/6 /9. And 39,. And two special lines in a Jutamas As Lozow via whate off bu6t4# various col offed fires. my a very smart Yearance and thy axe of i celent Quality materially ,fahie." it 16/9. Men soft Quality Light weight Pine. twill Dama in Vanona a redb or these pyjamas Are full made and a a Emo Whit ev$spast-3a Oit in the Best Tanner. I i Jpn. More than pleased Vii theae each. Y fact Pmj Hose,1 a most a Opal a 5 s v Otis Stamfl gift. 5if Yoor. Men Godf take Pride of half Hose they car they will he Fuai Ozao re Ray pleased with a gift of1 any which of Jig Fol give or. Dated Ami a Sof Chris Mae Trancy al half to is the fact i the collection is made. Up to f pro Docte 4romv,1 All the Large hosiery attn a caring county tits world. There we have Rhall Hoce in Cream tans. Black Grey plan cart colors. A of r fancy designed a prices j1 Aiea chix Somas in the Static cavi. 1 Cha Bright 3 bustling 1 �usy1 magic cat Wiki 3 Aid Loys. A Viot to"3kie Kagita Jfe Yel. Tome by a3�zid Solo to gift terns. Prices �5 5/ and so sat. A act Debs " make Exoe Iobst Xmas r. _ m 4wre a bps Enaid dec Tom of i a and framed Picc res a which would save. Acceptable for gifts 3 f \ i ave Frame pictures ani3. Win he ,p5easedilo 5 submit a Scea to you for Camung i tut a which you Wistl to have framed stocks it up to Date mouldings to choose from. F-5?boxed Stato Siy Foa Ioas a Imil -. Boxed stationery makes a. Very Muse Tise fal Xmas Gilt. We a Ine big Coue Tion at various prices. Lowlands Asid West Bifi is al x m it. 1 see these ea3u.t la dres pretty aeropha7ce hats. Special Price j 25/ each. J the Ore offering a specially attractive Jot of Smarup Lra maned Aero phone Haiti Trian med wet is ribbon and posies Flower Trail i of -e4 in or fore Saxe Xavy puffy Champagne. Vital Hose also White in. A Lange vanity of a i Honable shapes. Special Price while Tiffy lae 25/ Jurach. Where your Money Hoefl farthest bundle Street adelai0b

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