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Adelaide Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Penfold s wines gave Adelaide renown f 1 Aba debt and clothing daily special line r v 350 dozen ladies Hemstitch de Irish Lawn. .4haniitodtlek 10/6 doze for 6/11 Nils of sick for Tom at Only. Town . I i. I � Jujj ? 3q-Rae 3�� ?4tejsr.a the a weigh air efm a Loock ?j5,j3� i tkh33 5/ 3� a boys overcoats "1 re Beth . Gab Ardisie Overca pcs a sizes o to cd i Valier 2to 2s i a is of blk. Tossoni sobs Mab Knob ski Iott & so Irv Maudr wider inst us uses in Gertral Oak .37 a wac codes wire Tana cast Dron Leloo Ca Ohms Len and ? sece Roemer Jbf i Barts to. I for oaf _ bairns of dior Ippie 3 children department to Jio Agios shr not of Phebe inc qua ? too Law a Cuomo " in Street As a. �lkaiaa3r. Tath Aix i of meeting a june 28 Holiday w. Acceptances we pcrli.-�. A Iamb. Gen tar. -pa.tneha3l 7,3uftapig ofic Hite Paleg if tic a�g3�, a Sefayan Hajtek bul Tipoti the so Tiki a of jaw to ? a ".j? a i3bractgpvmeenarg. Tab in inn 6 Fin ii of. Fufa pro6wn of that comical Lor the v41 12 a mip a did Teg w Cleotic " in. Jai Gimak. Jut afet get War on Flics 72 obd ssh Stu re a r of Foy be Gibee a. Bottles s spirit. Tois Crown beee8. 2/ a j bses8 Asj ill pints m ssi 1 pea now 3/ a per4myf. Of ? 01-ro. Bod thwack. 3bh. A j Peter s festival tuesday 41 Mendelssohn s i Flat Macgow Job cac i Jesa. Drapery amp. Clothing Are. Shierlaw s stocks it i prices Reao tm18 list. Men shats melts to Bra hats Yixin assorted Pat terns. A eur rifles 7/231 each All foe 3q2ts Felt hats in slate Cowo and Blacic special 1 6/6,-8/11, and20/6 Taxaj. U \ ses i Mot i specials in heavy boots. Hen s ibis King. Boots special Etsoe j0/9 Par. .3aars tax mde Iab to Blu Caim Boot special Pedoe a pair. Suts ext Tia. Hea3pt. Am Strong web dog -3001s qidgg8d and. Throe Decker soles. Fipe Cial rioet3b pais. Men s overcoats cents Baix boats 4ieck lined strap a Nib Tom and step corals priceb76/, 77&and. So Esch. V gets to Gable Drej Coats extra Quality Price �6$/ in acc. Spool my a posted be Girt a a Arcaute saumoa3s. Prices �7 61 and �8 17/6. Men sport suits -gbs1s epo errs ski Tai. -2 Pic in 1-Teecaa, 51annee,-w6rettiis,end some. Oak Erines ranging Rioin 45/, 66/, 6/, to by fical /. We have a Laib a Tot of Gaba Deus and Josd biding a by cries. Frong and Exerv Ceable. Up Hajj ebic3e, 32tjf ?. Costs ii Iod up a with Oil Bottoms and hip we Etc noes from 25/, 2t/ft 30/, s3/6, on ii 35/air, a a i. Men s pm Bill is j gents Ste org Jeff be i kids in at Block sovers usual Price poll Kow os3jt 5/t1- Adi. Styish to w pack covet usual of be m16, sown or 8/a ii 7. Peb. Maum pm in Jifca Vena Price �2mow Only is he. Honey whey. A ii i Money. Fro �5 to �1000 ? Sash Vee Kiy. I Arfai Luy. By Montuy Robey Manatu at lowest interest in Adelaide. Tosh cos Sidera i Obj Grves w cases of sickness of acca�3 i. Office Honrs-6 Iosi Ai Saar. S to 6 ? it. Is eve sing 7 to s. A. T Ali. 33iaii&acnos� 6tbicxlt Shivlie. And. C3j�fli to to Laik London loan and discount. Company steel in door Henry. Berry co .7fat i Jwa a kills or insurance yester Atoil my plop Baechle co. Me. Moat Gnu. 33sscbe in a a . Of subs el4d3e oit3ce ? s and s i a lbs Post film Bibb odmherl8 ?. " e. 3. 5ba2it�ieeud manager. Theme 33m. ,.ld5m Public Mio rices Jurny . V being s Odb War gratuity Bond to me ant gabardine Raincoat Short effects All Sixes this weeks special 13/9. Keys clothing. Gibsonia Tweed school suits an mid and dark Greys,.made with strap Back Well lined through out 5x7. 32/6 6 x 10. 33/6 11 x 12, 3afcl 13 a 35. A jew ? Large size in a Good All Wool Tweed Chesterfield coat 4w 31en Wear 57,/6 each. Gibsonia Tweed. Chester Fields made with strap Back is 7 Only Grey 72/6. Hardware department. Lightening butter churns so. 1. 10 so. 2, 15/6 Jio 3, 17/6-Ko ?s/6 each. Cherry & sons. Wooden butter ? churns no. Of .45 a Iio a 2, 50/ no. 3, 62/sfo. 4,. 56/6 each. Universal wringers. Reversible Board. 11 x 19 rollers 39/6 13 , v3/6 each grocery 6pbcials. � of own special Home Maib jams Flam quince 27. Of. Tins 16�, 6 lbs a Etc 53. Apricot and "3ps#e/ Blackberry Pii Mapple Blackberry and Apple Plum Jelly " fix non Apple Jelly Apricot 27 cd. Tins 1/6j, 6 . Nett. Blade currant Raspberry 21 of. Tins 1/u, 6 . A Etc 6/6. Foy & Gibson proprietary limited , Street. Adelaide. 167c photographs m i8h Grade Tov fees file rant. Beaut of Ficili artistic Merit and love. Prices. Make Filio vex photo trip is most Decsi Rasile in very \re.r. F come a and examine our work. I Alwin 0&owai i Raotz Kapher Rudd Street 10pp. Chas. Birks & co 16r arc Ofta Pery Asp clothing a 00. A butyl butyl always -6usyi ? .��.�?%#�. Specially attractive. R. " Sale valves in the Niche Crade ap.es8 materials % apart from the Man groups of Ordinary Idi. Ilow priced offering to Day a Ooi ? Groat Sale your attention its Carriou Marjy Dixe. Ted to several bargain Eoys in the refer guide Winter dress which he a ? 1% on. Account of the Quantity of Tock on 2zvo4�v % marked at Spe Ofat. Price for Quick Olear jibe. \ beae i res materials Are All a foods As worn now smart in appear and end i excellent wearing qpatitieg.,. The whole of these "mer/a3s w go on Aie a Day and while they last at the fax Mhz s a g prices s a 6$ men Wyde heavy Winter weight Eck dream Tweede Feu Kaule top i Amie Isusi tin i Aiso it boys Wear i 0unary poor a 27/0 i or Yard Sale Rioe 11/6. 54 Inch Heasy Plain a so tit a veed for a Tumes Xavy tone on a. Lauio. Price a of Yard Aie i Rice j Yard. A 56. � intall Wool Ina it optic Sere �004, solid weight auit Koie Lor a a so jut Wear lots is a special Eale line usual Poe of this excellent ,.isierj a 25/ Yard Sale Price to aay land Vixie jjr8i% on a 18/9jardv splendid hic pc Heay All Wooi cd tone feet afr Serge Beauty nil que Kitty Ani Ione to Moat handsome i Ressy boats and skin. Girt it to v co fes a Superior Snake. O4 usual juice Yard Sale of tribe All Wool soft velour cloth 52 Inthea Stude in � Ket weight Oey team Jujj for Coate and Joo tomes in Hole color on it usual to j9/&"7114 1 50 Inch void All Wool cover coating a al smartest Tonea Ono Dent 32/6, Yard file Price i ule Sacta Ritj i a. Zzz Job Yard. Handsome Blade Pennoc int zees or Winter , Bill vant Finys enial_4rv. S3k in appearance. 2 eat Ful Fabic up with charming re Sui a Width usual Poe 21/ Sale brace3�6 Yard. ? ".?. F of Pashto Nablo Blac of wins Are charming productions sett arc in Degraa fair Tylis of Umles new Foode 40 indies w5d \ l.,v Worth 27/6 Jaid Sale Proell to 3rd.� a r at our Mcreat. W1nt�k fashions Sale to Dayi Milf or Beau Ful to bummed v i Beautiful Tel rammed millinery Amo _. " handsome mo02ls handsome Fyk models a Large and striking collection of the above at. Now Tes sty13sh5 5xsw&ax1 to Date to Day i. The following lanes in Sale to Day and i Hui. They last at theae bargain prices. Group 1-pretty Parta and. White i act fee Yafet special Price each 7. A \ on Saifur Jar night the with jump pm al a nov intr trn car. A Etc ppm off map id. To it Nigel. And was Clarici by a a Hoaf car. Two of of cafe passing Over Hie body i a Vadow and four chill Cha Are left. I american news socialist representation j demoed in. Land of i from a special correspondent j new York april 30. As predicted in the last letter the stat legislature has. Passed two Bills denying representation to the socialist party ill that body. Llaudy Iio voted to,.oust the five last their ballot against die a of. As being unfair to bar the whole party. Despite entreaties and Argent warnings to foes of socialism to kill the measures assemblyman feared s Bills became Law by a vote of 83 to 56. Fearon recalling in Ftp Dur ing tuft War socialist Leader had been punished for violations of the espionage act said i believe that if an individual is forced to suffer for in unlawful act. The party of which he is a member should not escape this is where the Federal government vill have to vender a decision and in fiver of representation by All parties Here we Bare 47 states legally doing by i seas with socialist members. Of one Lone House tries to deny the tight of a Large Section of people saying who shall serine them at Albany. The action is fraught troth Grare consequences and May rebound. The. Doctrines of socialism Are inculcated in. The masses Here inon Zinss noon and night. Their Nuiji Tibet is a creasing and the Bills Are put Refy Aline to. Prevent a majority of that party Rul ing the state ship. Such action tends to turn a ? socialist who believes in the brotherhood of Mankind into the most dangerous red Ragger. In the same breath denouncing socialists these windjammer Call this country the land of the free the Home of the Brave presidential pc by. Hiram Johnston and Jeneral Leonard Wood Are still two outstanding figures in. The presidential primary. The fight now waxes bit Ter and invectives Are flying thicker thaa a Basket of feathers Iii Fey a Cyclone. The Chicago convert Iii is very Ikea when the old party Fradera gather. For their pow pow. Kissing Pastis be. Ever on the Alert fat notoriety prominent physicians a i a have been experimenting with kiss. Reporto do not show if they Bav been indulging in the. Delightful pastime but the pictures of some of the fair kisses Are Apt to make Man forget his marital tows. Studying these fair modes Osc lations by Microscope he Medicos have arrived at definite re sults. Tire pretty girl kisses a sterilised plate and rom reports the Dutiful habit is More healthful in the afternoon and evening than in the morning As the fresh air and Sunshine kill the lurking germs on the lips in the Early part of the presumably we have now to kiss our better half1 twice at even when we return from our daily toil matrimonial tangles matrimonial tangles Are still in. Order Here first in prominence is the Mary Pickford Douglas Fairbanks outbreak. Our Mary has had her name coupled with the vivacious Doug for Many granted a divorce absolute in record tune ? from her husband Owen Moore and in record time also hitched up in the double venture again this time with. Fairbanks. After being legally trended the state attorney Nevada now weeks to annul their marriage saying the divorce was obtained by collusion and fraud the Case is now pending and owing to the wonderful ability and popu Larity of these two movie stars the Issue is. Awaited Here with great interest. National Reform in a i our Ili Vorce Laws to advocated Fay an association and before the Federal Senate judiciary com Mittee the cases of Mary Pickford and Sid Mccoy Wece Given As reasons for National control by witnesses. " Nevada. Where Man Pickford was granted Ier recent divorce has approximately 800 divorces annually to 100,000 population. Is a Good advertisement. Divorce appears to be a recognised form of advertisement for pugilist players and novelists said or. Wilbur of crafts of the International Reform Bureau. Crafts said he bad been shocked on Reading a recent boast credited to kid Mccoy pugilist that he Ivas Cele Brating his seventh marriage and was two laps ahead of the famed at Goodwin actor who was married five times. It is expected i that startling testimony will be Given to Morrow in the Adams Street court Brooklyn when James up Zel alleged proprietor of a disorderly House at 44 Green Lan which was raided tuesday under the direction of mrs. Mar Garet Whitehurst of the special service squad is confronted by Minnie Altobello and Viola Madison two of the. Girls who according to mrs. Whitehurst were held prisoners in the House. After the raid the girls refused to give their Home addresses. Profiteers indicted. Three new York food brokers were indicted Here yesterday for alleged profiteering m food products. The men Are Leon Israel head of Leon Israel & bros., inc., Coffee i brokers e. �. Sherburne sugar merchant with a Branch office in Boston and Andrew Spader potato broker. Israel is a director of the Coffee and sugar Exchange. The indictment charged profiteering in two transactions alleging he bought 1,500,000 . Of sugar at 11.50 dollars per Hundred and sold it at 21.50 dollars and later bought 299,000 . Re Selling it on the same margin. Sherburne was alleged to have bought 960,000 . Of san Domingo sugar at 16% cents and resold it at 21% cents. Two alleged profiteering sales were charged against Spader. Which i by Arthur Brisbane most famous Edi tor in America writes walking Down fifth Avenue As be was about to sail for the peace conference colonel House said to this writer Ait or this peace is signed there will be just two great Powers in the world England and ame Rica. The question to be decided is which shall be the great Power walking up fifth Avenue yesterday Colo Nel. House remarked that the important question had been decided in favor of England. There is no no. In became known yesterday. Persons living in the neighbourhood Are alarmed Over Sev ral attempts made to enter Homes in that Vicinity. A Man called at the Home of George m. Colian author of Over there at West eighty sixth Street re presenting himself As a Telephone repair Man. When a maid called a Butler he fled. Eats and prohibit i club sandwiches in new York Ain t what they used to in fact they Are said to be fast near ing extinction. While three Chattanooga cafe owners have been indicted for profiteering because they sold club sandwiches at 50 cents each that Price would t buy much of a one Civ. Irak s i of a 60 cents to Huv one in York. And some places As much ?. But the average is Ili in to hotel of Taifai t men claim the disappearance of real Beer is the reason for to Beni so Arches vocational training Pei Voress is America Kelt air by air. H. Lipsou hot Doc lat Apons Itic in Feal Nis entrusted to or. H. Irp Sam do Willio recently Xvi turned i frym a to pics Ali Rood was one 1 a he go j Verne not to tails enquiries fess Dina same Sapei cats of educate in in Tibe a jilted states. Mir. Hancock Sias competed his task and in a report to the minister of education Hon. 3. Ritchie my be Saya. Inter ols ii Terest in education evinced Iby the Depofe off like United Sfat a amounts Tif one my a Flo lit Rio a. Relief Rivus belief that tie so Flikkie Are the main Fiat Orr in tin people. & far As i Cam judge it a Sauthi. Aidif Cravea slave not the a Pijue fervent Faith there some Ala team to doubt. We Hethel the Amman Epeldi Izlure on the education department tit in leave results ass and Viu ame a we Enid Iba vie us i Beliera 4mt nit is not so in tie Umi fed states there he fre Eroil opinion is 4/bat Salamea do spent will. Aria Back a a jumped fold. To ave a recent example of an Tambri oath passionate ii eff an eds Caiiou i will recoil Jolt y an education Jepa ment in the Ainsil City off Adli state Thio Vijh of ate year we Ciafre a towed an. Elected school Coant Lupe to Bare Atria on Attil Mariby it an est Femc it Jit to pfc to United Stetos Flord Cima. A Tishie Pratt oops Are Iipp sorted inv taxes raised Loo air and impair tagged Obj an ele exod ibo Aird. Tahiti anti Ozity the . Or Ais me full Flam. Lifite civic tar rho exercises of were. 6udh a system As . For Lin some dist Ricote. Mirdsa to save Man War and Tjie before avoid Tania Taon. Tihe do Hob mar fare Faa dlr but. A a Jonje. In tie Cit Deb. And in districts we re Coduti Alioti is a live Aue Faion. To Noah to ail. 6nbe$ejb Lis to if egged acid tin jibe of leks 6sd6t-Aalr the Lia us Niue Well Ewt ton Caime of die ass Taine if the stat. In n.9x7 an Izot irae parsed air Papoi Matt a Arao Tajh a Sinae team Frimu the Federal a Ramie Azawi it Amk 9. Porn Jacim of also Oita ick for a Kenai dual Vorease of Taie i Federal Liibs adv until in i9ffi-1936. 7,000,000 dollars Are to i said. Do Ijar for Dollar to lie various is Tacas for toccata Hafl. An for ii ctr to. At Butte Fth Rich is 4/lig of entire of a 5are min j Iraq District in a Totaita i it emeled need Dent Cladd. Of the Aton Tara Isa Hool of i mines and Learned from Ham that a few anal Baird of voc Akmal Tjia Arsine Tad been Esbai Buji heed wit ii flies id a Intens at "wrae5imstcni. and Ishal a i Rainia Giorc had Fleene Wisd them for we tonal Tia icons Frior disabled Soldier a and oth re a certain drop Antion Hei in also ted to Yaldh state. 1 meter viewed or. 6mimi Salt Lake pity and found that the school ibo fun the state of a Tail. Wae endeavouring to introduce a certain amount of vocational training on the lines of Utt tat pm Oraig Dona in a a Miber of the oth states in the Union. West at Iago in the state of Ati Zoich an Opportunity Vas afforded me to inspect one of the modern schools recently erected there Cor the purpose of meeting Voi haul Western Australia of in its original in Iead of 9/9, winning. For itself sch Prond position of first on 4he list during the Early x upon the men tar. Smith read extracts from evidence before the Board who Fife ques Tion of wages or signalling is Sijder consideration. It a a the wad h2 the Strain told so be ranch of a service Jilierie-1 apartment demands that the strictest Caie should to. Exer is i ten Seiv Toff men added or. J Smith. A Ein Galman must Ibe a Man of ii Erve sober Uia Reli Able. And Ibe can abbe of accept ten the greatest respond a ability. In addition to the of he work the i Nali Iwaji is constantly on his i a and 4lwa.ys-.3ia8 to Ibe prepared. To meet pm regencies caused by Nuch thin a broken signal wires flocks on the line Aad late nmn no referring to the claims of Hunters for a Veek of 36 bouts. Or. Milih dealt Wabi the arduous and dangerous nature of chef employment contending that reduced hours would enable them to do their work wife greater efficiency and with Leas risk to themselves. A will Case j maestes auck of widow am daughter. I the hearing was continued in the full court on tuesday before the. Cotef Justice. Or. Jul t be Poole and or. Justice sucks non of the Ftp plication under the test tor c family maintenance ac3093, for increased provision out of the estate of the late Thomas Richardson for the maintenance of the widow of the testator. Eliza Beth. Richardson and for the maintenance edit , and advancement of Xai Hireen Muriel Stich and on infant daughter who was represented by her Mother As next of Kin. Or. Pane of Isbir k.c., with or. S. H. Skipper appeared for 4h applicants or. F. V. Smith. K.c., for mrs. Mary Kroncke the raid air Devisee and Lega tee under she will Merlh. Thomson for the trus tees under the will and or. E. E. Cistand k.c., for the grandchildren of the testator who were also under the will. Or. Xes it concluded Hia Eddrea submitting that the daughter Kathleen allowed a fixed sum per annul for life. Or. Skipper addressed the court. Or. Smith was addressing the court when the hearing was adjourned till this morning. Mitchail Dot to scr you Gil. At the meeting of the District Council of Hitcham an order was made for opening a Road connecting Albert Street Edward town with Somerset Avenue Cumberland. The municipal tramways Tina pc advised in reply to a reputation of x december in regard to the Extension of the Goodwood Tram service farther oath in to they could not at present make the Extension but would watch the growth of the 1istn t i a farther consideration at same future time. It was decided to approach the represent i i in the matter. The log of wages and. for workmen submitted i y the . Was fur ther considered and it was decided to to Ify the Union that when the Council granted the last increase it was understood that the agreement was for two jeers also hat other concessions had been granted. The. Railway commissioner wrote in reply to the Council re Wood blocking Crossings that it was the policy of. The depart ment to proceed with this work in the neigh boyhood of Adelaide As soon As Money was provided the More important crossing taking Prece Dence. The chairman and councillor Creek wer appointed to represent this Council on the deputation to the railways commissioner in regard 4o the curtailment of the train service on in Ade Laide and sleep Hall line. It woe decided to name the new Road at Clapham being a Devia Tion of the old Bull Creek Road. Prive Avenue in memory of the late Hon. Thomae Price. 1 Hospi tial fair the two Days fair in connection with the efforts off the ladies committee to raise funds for the Peterborough the Petal proved a great Success. Tiie Lair was opened on thursday june 17, by the chief Secretary Hon. J. G. Bice the attendance both Day and night waa Large. The Federal band under the Ron Duoto ship of or. L. J. Gluyas played Telec Lions outside and inside the Hall. About �400 a raised. The members of the Oon Mutton Are to be congratulated. The president is the Mayoress or. S. I. Jones and the Aeo rotary Mir. T. Melle t. Seen Competition brought in a Large amount. In the toting or the Best Stal to Usry Welt won easily a curing 4340 Penny xes. This Competition brought in about �30. The stallholders were produce 3fee Dame j. C. Brunage and to. 0begasn Eveneza. Met Dames c. L. Jarke of w. H. Bennett Jumble stall. Me Adamee c. Rogers and j. Cd sack. Fairy Well mesdames a h. Paar of and j. A. Wright Ait it see Williams an3third to afternoon Tea mrs. Jensen and miss Baker hoop or. Jax. Mitchell and or Tucker cake me Edams o. B. Un-3ereon, �. A. Him and Weesner dolls head area Keld and Nelson needlework Mes Domm Day and William Bowers. A dome in 31. Beth and j. Disk you. Each Artall bad a Nicter of Aea Mha. The Indre it. He raft Tzvi. Flea the volcanic explosions in the form of labor is riffs Are not u the in Pilvi a evil. They a re he Ilgah Vitins sashes the under Peate of a Tomti that Grill e.aar the social atmosphere and refresh the valleys of toil with Terri rising s2uv. Is. The world a not Irader in Renovo & that run . It is Nio Virog up towards the Light. Them � continues Tacij risk in this line and although heavy catalogues submitted prices Are Well maintained to v each mar Ket is readily cleared. Good prices Are assured for some considerable time. Heavy weight table roosters 5/3 to 7/ each Nice Onditi cockerel. 3 9 to 5/ j Ltd map hens 3/8 to 4/3 Light Birds 2 10 to 3/8 two pens lower ducks. Lei to 5/ geese 6/ to 7/3 pigeons. 8d. Toll a. Each turkeys from 1/ to 1,b per . I be weight for medium Quality to prime table Birds fattening sorts lower. Adelaide police oot Jet. Lit the Adelaide polio court on tuesday be i fore air. E. M. Sabine and justices Lena Sowick a charged with being in the unlawful Poe Enton of a lady s Assam Eirv coat cup-1 posed to have been stolen. Or. Id. J. Diag an appeared Jot accused and asked for a remand till Friday. To Hal remand was granted. Bail was fixed at �10. Am red Simpson represented by sir. By. Kearney agreed u an increase from 716 to psf Weer of an order of the court. Made under the. If married woman s. Protection act tor the support of Inifi wife. Alfred Gordon Traon was charged -witl1 loiter ing in Waymouth Street on june 21. Of stable Donhardt. Care evidence thai h.-? several times requested. Defendant to move on. Tie Vorsas Tenty refused to obey id was the 1 a imposed a Fine of �1. Defendant asked for time to pay be Only had his pension to live on. Wii on a exited his paralysed i Arm the Fine. Was reduced to 10/ and time was allowed in which to. of Maxy r Alp Tail. Or. C. J. B. Symon on behalf of the Ereca Tot j trustee an dec co Hosny. So us a for the cu-1 firm ution y inc court of the subdivision of tie Sharp a Viii of the Tympani by increasing the capital of �103.0xj m �5 share. O �600,000 in �1 Tuire. The a Tolu on to that ofte
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