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Adelaide Chronicle Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1935, Page 1

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Adelaide Chronicle (Newspaper) - October 31, 1935, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia a i lie h a Jig i Jyh he. 3/ per bottle sold by All chemists and stores. If unobtainable in your District write to Douglas drag co., lox 843g, fc.p.0., Adelaide. He a Jutt pc pc 4xtiktt? Al huh Hal 1/3 per bottle sold by All chemists and stores. If unobtainable m your District write to Douglas drug co., Box 843g, g.p.o., Adelaide. I Roger s Lead 1 in new and modern sports trophies i write us for quotations or Sample Range j5 a new and extremely attract s Tyve Cricket trophy pure Silver 5 plated on Nickel Silver. A trophy s that would be treasured through the s years to come. &5 special value ? / this is one of the most 5 Light Pul Golf trophies 3mao a enable. Pure 8uver.plated on Nic n Kel Silver. This trophy would be n valued and prize for a lifetime n height with plinth. 5% laches q special value Only ,. Q1 / 2 i Cash for Gold 1 f o we Are giving the highest prices for old Gold jewellery alluvial Gold a. 5 5 Send for our free quotation. We Are giving 40/6, Cash for sovereigns. J 1 Harrold g. Rogers i 1� Adelaide s leading watchmakers and Diamond ring specialists. J 1 39 Rundle Street. Also at Grote Street i 5 of p. Myer s. Near Victoria Square. V 6 the treasure House of a million gifts so Beilby manufacturing chemist and pure food specialist Bubno. Itea 2/2 in. Blossom special Tea ? 2/5 la. I Indore no. 1 Tea ? 2/ la. Endorse no. 2 Tea ? 1/10 la. Indore Orient flavor Tea. 2/4 la. I Indore special Tea. 2/4 la. ? ? 1 \ campfire Tea ? 1/10 la. ? household Tea ? 1/8 la. Bulb Cocoa ? 4d., 7d. & 1/ tin Fry s Home. Cocoa 5d. 9d., & 1/6 tin Home. Cocoa Loose 5id. La. Pure Cocoa Loose ? 5jd. La. Bulb Coffee essence 7jd., 10 jd., and 2/4j Bot. Bickford s Coffee essence 9jd., 1/2j, & 2/0 Bot. Faulding s Coffee essence. 9sd., 1/2j, & 2/9 Bot. Bulb Coffee a Chick re 6d., 11 cd & 1/10 tin bulb Coffee & Chicory Loose 1/6 la. Pore Coffee from. ? 2/ la bulb full Cream milk bid. Tin bulb skim condensed milk 6d. Tin bulb powdered milk. Lord. Tin blk risks a 4d. & Lod. Pkt. Bulb Oats 2 la. Pets. 5jd. Pkt. Bulb Oats 6 la. Pets. 1/2 Pkt. Bulb Semolina 2 la. Pkts., 31d. Pkt. Bulb Semolina 7 la. Pkts., lord. Pkt. ? cer Ealine 2 la. Pets. 5 Pkt. San bran ? 8d. Pkt. All bran ? ,. 8jd. Pkt. ? Gran bits 9jd. Pkt. Reeues ? 4d. & Lod. Pkt. Crispien ? 4d. & Lod. Pkt. Granosee ? 7d. & 1/1 Pkt. Bulb arrowroot ? 8d. Pkt. Bulb Honey ? 7jd. & 1/ Jar bulb Honey 24 of. Tins. 91d. Tin bulb Apricot conserve. 8jd. Tin Strawberry conserve ? 1/ tin bulb Melon & Lemon Jam 8�d. Tin bulb Orange marmalade Jam 93d. Tin bulb blackcurrant Jam hid. Tin bulb Blackberry Jam. Lod. Tin Indore Plum Jam ? 8id. Tin campfire Plum Jam ? 61d. Tin bulb sit. Flour made with puke Cream of tartar bulb . Flour 2 la. Pets 6d. Pkt. Bulb . Flour 6 la. Pkts., 1/35 Pkt. Bulb custard powder 10 cd. Tin bulb jellies. 4jd. Each or 3 for 1/ bulb Flavouring essences. 7jd. Bot. Pure Cream of tartar 1/3 j la. Golden syrup ? 6d. & 2/1 tin treacle ? 5jd. & 1/10 tin split peas ? lid. La. Pearl Barley ? he. La. Bulb Curry powder 31d., 5 d., 7id., & 1/ tin australian Rice ? 3d. La. Ground Rice ? 3id. La. Penan Sago ? 3d. La. Pearl tapioca ? 3jd. In. Cianco cordial crystals 6d. Pkt. Bulb parisian essence 8jd. & 2/6 Bot. Oval Tine ? 1/4, 2/3 & 4/3 tin icing sugar ? 5d. La. Loaf sugar ? 5id. La. Pink loaf sugar ? 9�d. La. Desiccated Coconut. 6d. La. Nurse s Cornflour ? 6jd. Pkt. Bulb cling peaches ? 9�d. Tin bulb sliced peaches. 9�d. Tin pres. Pineapples lid. And had. Tin pres. Pears ? 9jd. Tin pres. Apricots ? 8d. Tin pres. Tomatoes ? 9 Tin bulb dried fruits electrically cleaned bulb lexis ? 6id. In. Bulb c arrants 7 id. And 8jd. La. Bulb Sii Ainas ? 9 id. La. Seeded raisins ? 7 La. Dried apricots 10�d. And 1/1 in. Dried apples ? 8jd. La dried pears. ? lord. La. Golden drop plums Sid. And lord. La. Choice prunes 61d. And 93d. In. Fairy Glen Tawe prunes 1/3 la. Fairy Glen table raisins 1/6 la. Pres. Ginger ? 81d. La. Crystallised cherries 1/9 la. Angelica ?.1/9 la. Lemon Peel ? 8 La. Bulb Salmon 6�d. And 10id. Tin hostess Sockeye Salmon 1/ and 1/6 tin sardines 5 tins for 1/ pilchards ? 7d. And 9d. Tin zippered snacks ? 3id. Tin crab Choice ? 1/25 tin cod roes. 51d. And 10 Tin oysters ? / ? 1/ tin bulb Camp pie 5jd., 6�d., and 7id.tin c & b. Bloated paste 1/ Jar c. & b. Anchovy paste 1/3 Jar Esco relish ?. Wocl Jar meats assorted ? 7/105 Doz. Bulb Worcestershire sauce 4�d., 9 d., 1/ and 1/9 Bot. Bulb Tomato sauce 8jd. And 1/2 Bot. Bulb Mustard pickles. 8jd. Bot. Bulb Sweet Mustard pickles Loid. Bot. Bulb gherkins ? lord. Bot. Bulb onions ? 10id. Bot. Indore Chutney sauce 6�d., lojd., and 1/ Bot. Lea & Perrin s sauce 1/3 and 2/3 bet Tomato soup. 5jd. And 9jd. Tin vegetable soup. 6 And lid. Tin pea soup 6d. And Lold. Tin Sunflower seed ? 3d. In. Kraft cheese ? 8 Pkt. Kraft spread ? 81d. Jar red Feather cheese 7jd. Tin mild Chease ? lord. La. Matured cheese ? 1/1 la. Red lentils ? 3jd. In. Grey lentils ? 7id. La. Lima Beans ? 6d. La. Haricot Beans ? 22d. La. Hansen s junket tabs ? 1/15 Bot. Faulding s junket tabs 93d. Bot. Bouril. 103d., 1/9, and 3/4 Bot bulb clothes pegs ? 3d. Doc gelatine 7jd., 1/25, and 2/3 Pkt. Gravot ? 8jd. And 1/3 tin Gorgon Fly bands. 8jd. Doz. Batter paper ? 1/1 in. Mermaid Salt 95d. Tin Sec Cotine ? 8jd. Tube bulb caustic soda ? 85d. Tin Cianco Lino polish 105d. Tin raw linseed of ? 1/2 Bot. Boiled linseed Oil. 1/2 Bot. Separator Oil ? 1/6 Bot. Machine Oil. 5�d. And 7id Bot. Bulb big bar soap. Hid. Bar Burf Ord s no. 1 soap. Lod. Bar Green naptha soap. 95d. Bar Magnolia soap ? 75d. Bar Witch soap ? 7d. Bar sunlight soap ? lord. Pkt. Velvet soap ? 9jd bar bulb Bath soap. 4 cakes for 1/ pure Castille soap ? 9�d. La. Palmolive soap ? 4jd. Cake Cuti Cura soap ? lord. Cake lifebuoy soap 3 cakes for 105d persil ? 6d. Pkt. Soap extracts. 4jd. Pkt. Bid Omak the nerve and brain tonic ? 3/ Bot. Dou Day influenza mixture 2/6 Bot. Bismuth Ted magnesia 1/3 Bot. Les beaux brilliantine 1/ Bot. Pellet combination for piles4/6 each Christmas gift boxes for your friends in England 10/, 20/, 40/. Particulars sent on application. Our transport leaves Adelaide Early mondays for mount Gambier and runs to a timetable. Delivering free along the Road. A note from you and our 37-Page catalogue will be posted to you. We take Farmers sustenance orders and give the same concessions As we with Cash . O. Beilby Adelaide c5707. Postage rates Commonwealth new zealand Fiji and United kingdom All sea route2d. Other British possessions 3d. . And foreign 6d. ?. O i o

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