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Adelaide Chronicle Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1935, Page 1

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Adelaide Chronicle (Newspaper) - October 10, 1935, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . Beilby manufacturing chemist and pure food specialist teas bulb no. 1 Tea ? 2/2 1b. Tudor be special Tea. 2/4 1b. Indore Orient flavor Tea ? 2/4 la. Indore no. 1 Tea ? 2/ la. Indore no. 2 Tea ? 1/10 la. Campfire Tea ? 1/10 la. Household Tea ?1/8 la. Blossom spec. Tea ? 3/5 la. Caravan Tea ? 2/1 la. . Tea ? 2/10 la. 50 la. Chest special Tea. �4 7/3 Chest am Goodie special Tea ? 2/6 la. Am Goodie Bine band Tea. 2/3 la. Mah Jonggu Tea. 2/41 la. Pau Chung red ? 2/5 la. Paon Chung Tea White ? 2/8 la. Hang Mee Tea ? 8d. Pkt. Viceroy no. 1 Tea ? 2/6 la. Coffee and Cocos Coffee Beans roasted ? 1/9 la. Coffee pore ground from .2/ la. Coffee bub. 6d., hid., and 1/10 tin. Coffee lion. 73d., 1/2 and 2/1 tin Coffee Arab. 7 id., 1/2 and 2/1 tin Coffee Anchor. Lid., 1/2 and 2/1 tin Coffee and Chicory Loose. 1/6 la. Coffee essence bulb 7 id., 10id., and 2/43 Bot Coffee essence Faulding a 93d., 1/21 and 2/9 Bot. Coffee essence Bickford a 9id., 1/23 and 2/9 Bot. Coffee essence lion 9d., 1/ and 2/6 Bot. Cocoa bulb. 4d., 7d, and 1/ tin Cocoa pure Loose. 53d. La. Cocoa Home Loose ? 53d. La. Cocoa Fry s Home 5d., 9d., and 1/6 tin Cocoa Walton s9d. And 1/5 tin Cocoa Bournville 7 id., 1/23 and 2/l tin Cocoa Fry s breakfast Cocoa 7d., 1/11 ? ? and 2/23 tin breakfast foods flaked Oats bulb 2 la. Pkts., 53d. Pkt. Flaked Oats. Bulb 6 la. Pkts., 1/21 Pkt. Oatmeal bulb. 2d. La. Oatmeal bulb 7 la. Bags for 1/2 hag crisps bulb. 4d. And Lod. Pkt Ive ties. 4d. And Lod. Pkt. Crl spies. 4d. And idd. Pkt., cer Ealine 2 la. Pkt 53d, Pkt. Nil bran ? 8d. Pkt. Ban bran ? 8d. Pkt. Creamola. ? 1/2 Pkt dimple Creamola ? 8d. Pkt. Kellogg s whole wheat flakes 5d. And 93d. Pkt. Kellogg s Corn flakes 73d. And 1/2 Pkt. Granosee 7d. And 1/1 Pkt. Vita brits. 7d. And 1/1 Pkt. Gran bits ? 91d. Pkt. Semolina bulb 2 la. Pets. 31d. Pkt. Semolina. Bulb 7 la. Pets. I0d. Not. Bice bubbles. ? ? 3d. Pkt. Easy eel. 63d., 93d. And 1/45 Pkt Bak ettes 4d. And 10d it. Bulb Flour made with. Pure Cream of tartar Flora blb.., lb. Pets. 6d. Pkt. Flour bulb ., lb pets. 1/31 Pkt. A floor bulb ., 25-lb. Bag 5/6 floor bulb . Bag 9/6 bae of lpns wholemeal ., lb. Pkt 6jd. Pkt. Flour wholemeal -., 25-lb. Bap. A. ? bag is bulb big bar soap hid bar bulb no. 1 soap ?9jd. Bar Bat Ford s no. 1 soap. Lod. ar Burford s no. 2 soap ? 93d. Bar. Green naphtha soap ? 9d. Bar prefer acne soap 5d. Bar signal soap bars. 83d. Bar signal soap pets. ?.-? 113d. Pkt sunlight soap pets. Lord. Not. Velvet spa ?. 93d. Ijar White naphtha ? 7 id. Bar Witch soap ? 7d. Bar. Torrens no. 1 soap ? 83d. Bar London soap. 4d. Bar bulb Bath soap 4 cakes for. 1/ vips Lytus soap ? 7 id. Cake sol Ytol soap ?. 9d. Cake lifebuoy soap 3 cakes for. 10id. Mix toilet soap ? 4jd. Cake cd Ticora soap ? lord. Cake whits Rose and Glycerine soap 2jd. ? ?.--?. ? ? cake Castile pure soap ?93d. La. Cantilever soap ? 63d. Cake soft soap lb. Tins 103d. Tin soft soap lb. Tins ? 1/6 tin Monkey soap ? 23d. Cake so vol soap ? 5d. Cake per soap ? 43d. Cake ? 33& Pkt. Persu ? ? 6d. Pkt. Preserve be foam ? 6id. Pkt. Lux ? 23d. And 8d. Pkt. Soap extracts ? 4id. Pkt. Rinso ? 53d. Pkt. Merino ? 73d. Pkt. Starch Loose ? 63d. La. Starch glaciated 4id. Pkt. Starch Siver Star ? 93d. Pkt. Jams bulb assorted 45 tins in Case. 32/ Case bulb Plum Jam ? 8d. Tin bulb Black currant Jam hid. Tin bulb Apricot conserve ? 83d. Tin Strawberry conserve 1/ tin bulb Melon and Lemon Jam 83d. Tin bulb Orange marmalade Jam 93d. Tin bulb Blackberry Jam Lod. Tin bulb Raspberry Jam. Hid tin bulb quince Jam ?. 83d. Tin bulb quince Jelly. Lid. Tin bulb red currant Jelly. 1/31 tin bulb Gooseberry Jam ? 9d. Tin pineapple Jam. 103d. Tin campfire Plum Jam. ? 61d. Tin Indore Plum Jam ?. Jilt. Tin bulb Fig Jam 9d. Tin Goldfinch Fig Jam 73d. Tin bulb assorted jams 8/6 Doz. Rosella assorted jams ? 8/6 do. Bulb assorted jams 80 oz., 14 tins in ? ?. Case 32/ Case bulb Melon and Lemon Jam 5 id., tins 2/31 tin bulb Plum Jam 5 la. Tins 2/11 tin bulb Apricot conserve 5 la. Tin 2/31 tin bulb Raspberry Jam 5 la. Tins 3/ tin. Bulb Orange marmalade 5 la. Tins 2/31 tin bulb Blackberry Jam 5 la. Tins 2/61 ? tin bulb peach Jam 5 la. Tins 2/ tin special Plum Jam 5 la. Tins. 1/sli special Apricot 2 la. Tins. 2/11 fruits in heavy syrup Goldfinch asstd., Large this �1 Case Best assorted 30 tins in Case. 22/6 ? ? ? ? Case apricots pres. ? 81d. Tin peaches. Cling. ? 91d. Tin. Pineapples sliced and cored hid. Tin pineapples pieces. Lid. Tin pears pres. ? 9jd. Tin quinces pres. ?. 81d. Tin tomatoes pres. ? 9jd. Tin tinned meats and pastes bulb Camp pie 51d., 61d., and 7 id. Tin corned beef Globe ? 7/101 Doz. Roast beef Globe ? 7/10j Doz. Government tongues ? 1/ tin Canterbury tongues ? 1/31 tin pork brawn red Feather. Lord tin hamper beef 12 of tins. .7/3 Doz. Sandwich meat paste lord. Jew c. & b. Bloated paste ? 1/ Jar c. & b. Anchovy paste ? -1/8 Jar Sahnnon and shrimp paste 81dv Lold. And 1/1 Jar. Esco relish ? wid. Of Sahn queue ? Lold. Jar Farnes asst. Paste 5 tins for. V bloated paste 2d. Tin or. 1/9 Doz. Produce choicest Ham Fritz. 7 d. La. Lard 8jd. La dripping 5d. La cooked corned beef. 1/fll la. Cheese mild ? lord. La. Cheese matured 1/1 la. Cheese Kraft 7. 81d. Pkt. Cheese Kraft Jar ? 81d. Rex cheese ? 8sa. Tui red Feather cheese 7id. Tin cheese 1 la. Round ? 1/ eats Kam Mernka cheese 1/21 lib Edam cheese ? 1/2 la. Green cheese ? ?. 91d, a. Dried fruits new season s currants Best. 7jd. And 81d. La. Sultanas Best ? 914. La lexis 61d. La apricots ? Loid. And 1/1 in. Prunes Best ?. 61d. And 93d. La. Dates ? 7jd.lb. Raisins seeded .7 71d. In. Fairy Glen table raisins. 1/8 la. Fau7 Glen table prune. 1/3 la. Dried apples ? 81d. La. Dried pears ? Lold. La. Golden drop plums. 61d. And 103d. In crystallised cherries ? .1/9 la. Angelica -., ? 1/lb. Lemon Peel ?. 83d. La. Orange Peel 1/ la. Citron Peel. ?1/3 la. Cut mixed Peel. 4id. And 7 id. Pkt. General groceries tartaric crystals ? 1/9 la. Fire kindles ? ,.61d. Pkt. Candles exhibition ?. Lold. Pkt. Candles Electrice ? 10 d. Pkt of and Les Colorado. 810. Pkt. Candles piano ? 1/ Box candles bedroom. ? 1/ Box candles Carriage ? i Box Rice australian. 3d. La. Sago Penang ?21d b. Peas split. ? 13d. La. Pearl Barley ? lid. La. Baking powder 83d., 1a and 1/81 tin a Fife Lod., 1/5, 2/9, and 4/8 Jar bib Hiney first Grade 7 id. And 1/ Jar bulb Honey 24-oz. Tins 93d. Tin bulb Honey lb. Tins. .3/ tin bulb Honey 28-lb. Tins. 10/ Tui bulb honey60-lb. Tins. 17/6 tin Beans haricot. 23d. 1 Beans Luna ? 6d. Job. Brasso ? 6d., lojd., and 1/9 Tui Bluestone ? ? ? 41d. La. Barley kernels ? 5jd. Pkt. Mixed Bird seed 73d. Pkt. Blue Reckitt s ? 1/1 la. Bon Ami ? 83d. Cake. Bon Ami powder. 83d. Tin Bouril 103d., 1/9, and 3/4 Jar bulb arrowroot 81d. Pkt. Kalkau powder ? 9d. Tin powdered Borax ? 33d. La. Magpie stove polish ? 41dl tin Vulcano stove polish 53d. Tin Zebra stove polish 5d. Tin Zebra Blackhead cakes. 1/43 Doz Zelio liquid polish. 73d. Tin butter color Large 1/6 Bot Bema 2/9 tin Bour Vita ? 1/1, 2/, and 3/6 tin can openers combination. 23d. Each carb. Soda ? 3d. Lb., or 2/9 Doz. Pure Cream of tartar. 1/31 in. Cream Nestle s 3d. And 6d. Tin bulb custard powder Lold. Tin bulb id. Custard powders. Lold. Doz. Lion custard powder. 1/ tin bulb jellies. 43d. Each or 3 for 1/ bulb full Cream milk ? 6id. Tin bulb skim condensed milk. 6d. Tui bulb powdered milk 103d. Tin trn food milk ? Lold. Tin Nestle s condensed milk. 83d. Tin Ideal milk ? 3d. And 51d. Tin Neave s food. 1/10 tin Oval Tine 1/4, 2/3 and 4/3 tin old dutch Cleanser ? 6d. Tin scour it. 53d. In Iuie work ? 5 1&. Jar dad tablets. 53d. And 103d. Pkt. Lea & Perrari s sauce 1/3 and 2/3 Bot Holbrook s sauce 103d. 1/3, and 2/4?. ? Bot sauce Tomato bulb old. And 1/21 Bot. Sauce Tomato Rosella 9id-, 1/3 and ? a. ? ? ? 1/6 of sauce Indore Chutney 63d. And Lold. Boyc sauce Worcestershire bulb 41d., 91d.,. ? / 1/ and .1/9 of pickles Mustard bulb. 83d. Bei. Pickles Sweet Mustard bulb 10id. Bol. Pickles onions bulb ? 10id. Bot. Gherkins bulb. I. 103d. Bot. Pickles. Clear mixed bulb 93d. Bot. Shi oleum ? 73d. Tin Cianco Lino. Polish ? 103d. Tin supreme Brown stain. Lold. Tui Fisher s Lino. Polish. 10id. Tin Acorn Lino. Polish. 83d. And 103d. Tin lion Lino. Polish 1/ tin matches b. A. 6d. Doz. Matches 3 Star ? ? a. Doz Maizena 73d. Pkt bulb Ess. Lemon. 73d. Bot. Bulb Ess. Vanilla 74d. Bot bulb Ess. Cochineal. 71d. Bot. Hansen s junket tabs. .4/14 Bot Faulding s junket tabs ? 93d. Hot Globe meat extract ? 1/10 tin Ono cubes ? 1/ tin Golden syrup lb. This 6d. Tin Golden syrup lb. This 2/13 tin treacle lb. This ? 53d. Tin treacle lb. This. 1/103 tin Sahnnon bulb. 63d. And 103d. Tin Sahnnon hostess Sockeye 1/ and 1/6 tin Herrings fresh 6d. And 91d. Tin Herrings in sauce. 7d. And Lod. Tin Herrings zippered 73d. And hid. Tin zippered snacks ? 33d. Tin Captain crab 1/23 tin oysters ? 1/ tin cod roes ? 53d. And Lold. Tin sardines ? 5 this for 1/ Chutney Rosella ? 1/ Bot Chutney Kip Wall 93d. 113d., and 1/51 Jack Homer pudding mixture fid. Pkt. Jack Homer cake mixture 63d. Pkt. Icing sugar ? 5d. La. Castor sugar ? t 53d. In. Loaf sugar ? 53d. La. Desiccated Coconut ? 6d. La. Pearl tapioca. 3id. La. Bulb caustic soda 83d. Tin Copper Carbonate 9id. In. Silvo 1 ? 103d. Tin Sulphur ?3d. La. Bulb parisian essence. 83d. Bot. Pea meal 43u. La. Pea sausages ?. 23d. Each bulb Blue boiler peas ? 3d. Pkt. Raw linseed Oil ? 1/2 Bot bound linseed Oil ,. 1/2 Bot machine Oil ? 5jd. And 73d. Bot. Butter paper ? 1/1 la. Greaseproof paper ? 81d. La mouse traps ? ,. Lid. A. Red lentils 3id. In. Grey lentils ? 7id. La. Bulb health Saune ? 1/2 tin herbs ? 2d. Pkt or 7 id. Tin gelatine /. 7jd., 1/23 and 2/3 Pkt. Gravot ? 83d, and 1/3 tin Gorgon Fly bands. ? 83d. Doz. Bulb Epsom salts 1 la. Pkt ? 3d. La. Cianco cordial Crystal ? -5d. Pkt. Mustard Conan a 43d., 8d., 1/1 and.? ? 2/1in Tomato soup. 53d. And 91d. Tin celery soup. 41d. And 7id. Tin vegetable soup 6id. And lid. Tin pea soup. 61d. And Lold. Tin Rosella Spaghetti. 63d. And Lod. Tin writhing pads ? 51d. And Lold. A. Trulite for Canvas shoes. 53d. Bot sea Lettes for jams and preserves 6d. Pkt cer Ebos Salt ? 1/1 and 1/10 tin Mermaid Salt ? 93d. Tin kerosene pumps. ? 1/33 a. Hand sprays 1/6 a. Envelopes Blue lined ? 21d. Pkt. Ovo. 1/2 and 1/6 tin Bickford s water Glass 1/13 tin Keweg. 1/, 1/9 & 3/4 Bot Zee Deen shaving Cream ? 1/3 Jar Sec Cotine ? 8id. Tube bulb mop Oil 26 of. Bots. 1/ Bot camphor balls ? 6d. La. Paraffin Wax. 93d. La. Sol pah Pauig faint. 1/6 & 2/11 tin lunch wraps 2 id. & 43d. Pkt Peanut paste. Ld., 103d., Ard 1/51 Jar Sunflower seed ? 3d. La. Hemp seed. R. R. 4drlb. Millet seed ? 23d. La. Patent med10nesand pills & ? ? ? bid Omak the nerve and brain tonic. 3/ Bot Bayrum 85d. Bot Bonzom and a Ponds ?. 1/ Bot Les beaux brilliantine. .,11 bot1 bulb Chlor Dyne ?1/ Bot. Aspirins. Bulb 100 s81d. Bot. Eucalyptus bulb 93d. Hot eucalyptus Faulding s Midi Bot Charm Osan face powder. 2/6 Box face creams Les beaux. 1/3 Jar Friar s Balsam bulb 73d. & 1?2 Bot Fuller s Earth Pear s. 5jd. Pkt. Bulb. Glauber salts 63d. A Glycerine and Cucumber. 73d. Bot. Glycerine and Rosewater. 73d. Bot. Bulb peroxide. 63d., 83d., & 1/ Bot Dou Day influenza mixture 2/6 Bot. Dou Day whooping cough cure 2/6 ? ? .. Bot bulb iodine. 63d. & 103d. Bot. Bulb Lime water 83d. Bet anti sol ointment 1/3 & 2/6 Jar anti sol Antiseptic. 1/3 & 9/9 Bot. Bismuth Ted magnesia. 1/3 Bot. Bulb fluid magnesia. 7sd. Bot mounted Peppermint 1/3 Bot. Bulb paraffin Oil 1/2 & 1/103 Bot Pellet pills for piles. 2/9 Bot Pellet combinations for pues 4/6 a. Kirby s teething powders 1/ bos Reenzo ? 1/71 hot landline ? 5d. Tube bulb Cloudy ammonia ? 63d. Bot bulb chemical food 73d., a & 2/3 Bot bulb Lysol 53d., 93d. & 1/2 Bot Kay s linseed essence 1/73 and 1/lli Bot. Bulb Camph rated Oil 53d. & 93d. Bot bulb cod liver Oil 1/23 & 2/3 Bot. Bulb emulsion 1/6 Bot Zinc Cream 6. & 93d. Jar Rosewater ? 73d. Bot Dou Day . Powders 1/ Box Biff for feet ? 1/3 Bot bulb Olive Oil. 83d., 1/23, and 2/9 Bot. Bulb Castor Oil 73d., 103d. & 1/41 Bot bulb Rock ammonia ? 1/ Jar bulb . 3d. & 6d. Pkt bulb Bracic powder 23d., 4d., 53d., and 93d. Pkt. Eno s fruit salts 2/3 and 3/9 Bot. Ocealine for preserving food lid. Pkt biscuits Rice ? ? Lod. La. Ginger nuts ? 93d. In. Coffee ? Lod. In. Bush ? 9d.lb. Marie ? lid. La. Meal wafers ? 1/ la. Rich Coconut ? 1/1 la. Malt 10id.ib. Sultana 1/1 la. Fancy Lemon ? 1/ la. Polo ? 113d. La. Fancy mixed ? 1/ la. Crack Neus ? 2/4 la. Manna. ? 63d. A. Avon puffs ? 33d. Pkt . ? 63d.Pkt. Empire crackers 73d. Pkt. Milk arrowroot ? old. Pkt. Arrowroot 53d. Pkt. Iced Volvo ? 9d.jikt Monte Carlo ? 8d. Pkt. Orange slice ? 8d. Pkt. Adora wafers ? 53d. Pkt. Scotch fingers ? 8 id. Pkt. Shredded wheat ? 61d. Pkt. To to ? 63d. Pkt Waverley ? 61d. Pkt. I Coco. ? 63d. Pkt. Assorted creams. 1/4 la. Sweets acid drops 113d. La. Boiled sweets ? 73d. In. Choice chocolates ? 1/ la. Coco ates boiled ? .1/23 la. Lime tablets ? 113d. La. Mandarin Balis. 1/43 la. Pineapple drops ? 103d. In. Raspberry drops ? 103d. La. Satin boiled ? 93d. In. Aniseed boiled ? 103d. La. Tom the tune drops v. 10331b. Almond Bock ? 1/63 la. Coconut ice. ? 1/21 la. Milk Rock h3d. A Rainbow tubes ? 73d. In. I Goyeau ? did. La. Black drops ? 93d. Job. Conversations. 1/13 la. Milk kisses 1/63 la. Fruit Bon sons ? 1/113 la. Scorched almonds 2/.lb. Licorie Al sorts ? 1/13 la. Jumpee mixture ? Lold. La. Toffee de luxe ? 113d. La. Burnt almonds. ? 1/83 la. Almond comforts ? 1/63 la. Red and White mints ? 103d. La. Min tettes ? l/23 la. Crystallised pineapple ? 1/93 la. Non parcels ? ? 1/11 in. Paris mixture 1/ Job. F Helen s babies ? 1/8 Ife. Block chocolate. /. 1/33 in. Butter Bon Bons ? 1/9 la. Barley sugar � ? 1/31 in. Home made chocolate ? .2/9 la. Chocolate gingers. 2/9 la. Christmas gift boxes for your friends in England 10/, 20/ 40/. Particulars sent on application. Ourtr4nsporyiavesadame Eai a free along the Road. A note from you and our 37-Page catalogue will be posted to you. We take Farmers sustenance orders and give the same concessions As we do with Cash orders. S. Of Beilby adelaiaec5707 Portage rates Commonwealth new zealand Fiji and United kingdom All sea route2d. Other British possessions 3d. . And foreign 6d

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