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Adelaide Chronicle Newspaper Archives Feb 22 1940, Page 61

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Adelaide Chronicle (Newspaper) - February 22, 1940, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? of pm ? ? 1%- to i news from nieces and nephews a fishing trip North Shields via port Lincoln. Dear aunt Dorothy it is a Long time since last wrote to you. I passed into Grade i. In the final exam. We have also had a concert and a Christmas tree. Each child received a present a bag of nuts and lollies and a Baboon from father Christmas. A very Happy time was spent. We have been to the Beach quite a lot this last fortnight. We Only live about a mile from the Beach. Our House is on a Hill which looks out Over the Bay and on a Clear Day we can see a number of islands. We went to South Bay one night last week to try our Luck at fish ing As we heard there had been a lot of fish caught there hut vre Wiiri not have any Luck. I received quite a lot of useful presents for Christmas. I Haven t anybody to go to school with now As my pals went to Whyalla to live. Dad has finished reaping and has not finished carting Hay so be Hopes it is Fine weather next week would you please find me a pen Friend about 11 years of age. We have had quite a lot of apricots and figs from our Garden this year and Mother is making Jam today. We have quite a lot of Little chickens now one Day we found the cat with one although Mother a of it away from the cat it must have Hurt it for it died a Day or two after i have a Heifer calf which is a Light Jersey would you please give me a name for her i Haven t any More news so Hope yourself and the Little children of Minda Are Well. Lorna e. Crawford. You Are very Lucky to be so close to the Beach Lorna. I m sure there must be Many nieces and nephews who have never seethe open sea. Fishing is a wonderful sport it fire Are any Flash t0 be Caunt Don t Vou dog travels thirty Miles Box 103, Pinnaroo. Dear aunt Dorothy probably Mary told you All the news. A Long time has elapsed since i last wrote to you. When father was coming Home from the South East he saw a dog s tracks and followed it for about thirty Miles then he drove upon it and pulled up. Before he had enough time to open the door she was in the car. When father arrived Home Mary gave her a drink Sheds a useful dog because she chases the sheep and brings them to us. She taught a Pup i l11 Tylnn flick i Oti via pin san a i it is. I collected 8/9 for Minda. Would you give me a pen Frend in . Or Queensland Barbara Davis. What a Jong distance for a dog to travel Barbara. She must have been Verv tired when your father brought her Home. Yvonne pair Lough is a Little Western australian Niece who would be pleased to hear from you. Her address is Kwh Borup via Katan Ning . Mavis Whibley writes again Box 68. Oreo Eoo. Dear aunt Dorothy it is a Long time since i last wrote to you. My age is 12 years end two months. Last tuesday dad had to go to Hospital but he Arne Home on Friday. Last thursday i jammed my thumb in the car Dix i and is still very painful. Mother milks two cows. We have eight Little Kittens. We Are out on the farm for the Christmas holidays and Are having a Good time. Dad has started reaping and from one paddock he got Over three Hundred bags. Rui Jer in Zisimas drought me a be wig Case a Doyley to work and a pair of Scis sors and grandma sent me a com curler handkerchief and bottle of scent. I have two pen friends. Mavis Whibley. I Hope your father is much better now Mavis. Father Christmas was very kind to you was t he write again soon won t you spent last Bir tilday in Hospital Kilroy dear aunt Dorothy it is a Long time since i last wrote to you aunty. I am in Grade i. At school and my age is seven. I spent my last birthday in the Cleve Hospital when i had my tonsils out. My brother is Home from High school and helps my father in the paddock. There was a Christmas tree at Kilroy and i received a Lovely handbag and my Little sister a Beautiful doll. On Christ Mas eve we went to Darke s Peak and after we arrived Home and were asleep. Father Christmas came. I spent a very Happy Day on the Beach on new year s Dav. Alan has a Little Pony and i am learning to ride her. Well aunty i must close hoping that you and All the Little children of Minda have a very Happy new year. Lois Wheeler. Thank you Lor your very Nice Little letter Lois. You write very Well for such a Young girl. What a shame you had to spend your last birthday in Hospital. I Hope you Are much belter now. Names for two Kittens and a Pup Deelanna. Dear aunt to Rocky As it is a Long time since i last wrote to you i thought i would write now the weather has been fairly hot and my Brothers Are Busy reaping. I have two Little Black Kittens and a Black and Tan Pup will you please give me a name Lor them. I would like. You to get me a pen Friend in Victoria aged about 12 years. My big cat patches died the other Day but i have two More now. Well auntie i must close hoping you and All the Little Folk arc Well. Carmel Rose Phillips. I suggest you Call the Kittens sooty and Bingo and the Little Pup Terry mar Jorie Risbridger is aged 12, and lives at Mur Rayville Victoria. I m sure she would be glad to receive Ai letter from you. Wet isl watches cameras mama dolls. Fountain pens. Many other valuable prizes Lor Selling Small Barcel of tested Garden feeds. Send Lor parcel and big catalogue of presents. Send no Money now Only name and address. Write today. John b. Hub Bat 61f to Georje rt., Sydney. Scrap Book for Minda cobra. Dear aunt Dorothy it is a Long time since i last wrote to you. Father Christmas brought me a new dress and a Puppy dog ornament and quite a lot of other Little things. I also received some presents from some of my cousins. I also got a Story Book called the Golden Story Book for girls which is very interesting. My brother Allen sat for his . And received 479 Marks. There has been a lot of whooping cough about Here and some of the school children could not attend the exam. I received 80 a Marks in my exam. I like Reading the Page for the Young Folk. Most of the Farmers have finished the Harvest. I have a Little Hare for a pet. We have a Little Black and White Pup. Last time you asked me where cobra is. Cobra is the first station from Alaw Oona along the line to Adelaide. My age is 11 years. I am sending one scrapbook for the Minda children which i made in the holidays. I Hope you and the Minda children Are All Well and Happy. Ella Neumann. Yes it is a Long time since you wrote to me and i am pleased to see that you Haven t forgotten me. Thank you for telling me where cobra is situated. I m sure the children at Minda enjoyed the scrapbook you sent Ella and thank you very much Elaine is note a Tennis player Pine View Wanbi. Dear aunt Dorothy i was very pleased to see my last letter in print. At the Christ Mas tree in Wanbi i got an autograph Book and at Home father Christmas brought me a Tennis Racquet. I was very pleased with it and played my first game on Christmas morning. After Christmas dad had to go to Adelaide so my Mother and Lister and i went with him As far As Hai Indorf where we stayed at grandmother s for a few Days we have a Little Bull calf would you please give him a name Elaine Hennig. How is your Tennis progressing Elaine one needs a lot of practice to maintain a Good Standard so keep it up won t you Why not Call the Little calf Johnnie another Nephew welcomed Warna Talia. Uear aunt Dorothy. Please will you accept me As a new Nephew my age is seven years and eight months. My birthday is on May 20. I have correspondence lessons which i like very much. My teacher sent me a Little toy watch for Christmas. I have five Brothers and two Sisters. My youngest brother is five years and three months. We have thirteen pet lambs. We have killed six snakes this summer close to the House. I Hope you and the children at Minda Are Well. Eliot tree. Well Eliot you Are now a member of the Happy band and i Welcome you As another new Nephew. If you Are wanting a pen Friend you might write to Lindsay wills whose letter appears this week. He is ask ing for someone about your age to write to. Dad and Dave is popular Woodlee l.b., Elliston . Kjear aunt time has passed since i last wrote to you so i thought i would write tonight. I passed into Grade i. In the exams. I gained 58 Marks out of 70. I am not going anywhere for my holidays this time As i went to Adelaide before the school closed As mum had to go to the doctor. I have not been for a swim yet this year As i hive had a sort of a cold. We have seven Little pups and they Are dears also three Grey Kittens. We went to my auntie s place on Christmas Day and had a Good time. I got a Nice lot of presents this year. Do you listen to dad and Dave i do and i like it very much. We have had some rather Cool ther Here lately and it is rather welcomed by me but not by the men that Are reap ing Valda Wheaton. You did very Well in the examinations Valda and i wish you Luck in your new Grade. I do listen to dad and Dave when i can time and i enjoy them very much. Write and Tell me about your stay in Adelaide. Curly wee opening Day is fixed of of the orphans on the form they raised a Happy cheer. Goodbye to Farmer sheep and wife. The wag Gonette is Here and As they watched the rabbits go the Farmer s wife sighed John i think Well miss these orphans now. I m sorry that they be gone the orphan Kittens at their door were trembling White with fear suppose that curly wee forgets that we Are waiting Here. Suppose that no one Calls for us. Suppose. / and then Delight the wag Gonette with Gussie Goose comes swinging into sight the Golden voiced announcer of the . Radio has one important bit of news that All wish to know. The opening of the orphanage takes place next monday week the orphans will be All on View and famous Folk will speak jest hark to that said Farmer sheep a proper opening Day with speeches from a platform wife j an All in Fine array an Well be , cried mrs. Sheep Aye you and me must go. I la leave the farm to mind itself and none shall Baa me no the orphanage s opening Day will be a great affair. By Only hat thinks mrs horse is hardly fit to Wear of mod Dom smirks the Milliner it Only needs a trim there now it looks As Good As new with carrots on the brim i gleaner dog cries Gussie Goose. Please clean my sunday suit i a smeared with Messy stains it was with milk and Juicy fruit the dog he stuffed in inthe Yap with All the other clothes Don t jell me when you wantjt.bqck-, because he barked i knows ? Lindsay wills joins the family 32 South Street South broken Hill. Dear aunt Dorothy. Will you please. Accept me As a new Niece. My age is eight years and 10 months. I would like a pen Friend from any state except Queens land. We went up to Mildura Lor the Christmas and had a very enjoyable time. On boxing Day we went up the River on the Avoca a big paddle Steamer. On Mon Day we went up to red Cliffs. Wednesday we Cam Home. We had a Lovely new year s eve in broken Hill. Lindsay wills. Welcome into my Large family. Lindsay Lynette Wilcox is a Niece about your age and lives at woo Melang Victoria. I Hope to see another letter from you soon. A cat called Joseph Galga. Dear aunt Dorothy i saw my letter in this week s chronicle so now i know that you have received it. I was not quite sure of the address. I received 568 Marks in the . We have a Kitten who has half of his face Orange and Hall Black and his body is covered with Black White and Orange spots. Would you please suggest a name for this Kitten for Christmas i received a music Book a handbag a Story Book a big Box of stationery a handkerchief and just for Luck a Luck stocking. I am sorry Rhonda Ludewig has become fourteen because she always wrote such interesting letters. I read the first instalment of the new serial the Book of deeds and it is very interesting. Well aunty i wish you and All the Minda children a Happy new year. Bet Lah Andrisky. You like most nieces and nephews did very Well in the . Examinations Beulah. What a wonderful Christmas you had. You could Call the Kitten Joseph new Niece from Kimba e3mba. Dear aunt Dorothy will you Pleace accept me As a new Niece my age is eight years and seven months and i am in Grade i. In our final exam. I received 64 Marks out of ?70. I have a Little Kitten which i Call Fluffy. Off the Christmas tree i got a Mickey mouse. Nineteen children go to Kelly school we have a Hen with 10 dear Little chickens. She was sitting in the Corner where i milk my cow. She is very quiet. I will close wishing you and the Minda children the Best of Luck. Margaret Klessig. You can Tell your Sisters that their letters will be appearing next week Margaret. Sixty four Marks out of seventy is a very Good percentage to receive in an exam. Write to me again soon won t you the Rabbit goes Home Box 23, Hawker. Dear aunt Dorothy. Will you please accept me As a Niece. I am in Grade in. In the correspondence school and i am eight Vears and six months old. I have a Black Rabbit for a pet the other night he got out of his Cage and went out for a feed. Next morning he came Home again. I have two dolls and for Christmas i got a doll s House. My Mummy has 77 chickens. Hoping you and the children at Minda Are Well Ilma Benny. I am pleased to add your name to the list Lima and we extend you a Hearty Welcome. You must have been very relieved when your Rabbit came Home again. The Boole of deeds a Brave Little Redskin the next Page showed a picture of a Little Indian girl. A Long Back braid of hair Hung on either Side of a dark Brown Rosy cheeked face. A beaded band with two feathers standing upright was round her head. Her eyes were very dark and her lips very red. She wore a Brown garment heavily embroidered with beads while on her feet were soft Brown Mocca sins of fur. Spirit of courage touched the Little girl s hand. Pocahontas my dear awaken he murmured. The red lips of the Little maid opened in a wide smile of Delight As she saw the White faces before her. She clasped her hands delightedly As she said softly in a sing song voice paleface paleface Little paleface spirit of courage smiled at the Little Indian girl. Will you Tell these Little paleface your Story my dear he asked. Mem Pocahontas nodded brightly and Straightway began. My father was a red Indian chief. His name was Powhatan. I was a very Happy Little girl playing among the Flowers and the butterflies the Birds and the beasts of the Forest where i lived. My Mother told me Many wonderful stories of All these. Things. She told me How they All had souls even the Flowers and the butterflies. She told me too of the great spirit who lives beyond the sky and who cares for All the things that he has made even to the Small est insect. My father and Mother and i lived in a big Tepee of Buffalo skins. My father had decorated it with pictures of the Birds and beasts he knew so Well and very Gay it looked. I loved to listen to the stories the braves of my tribe told. What interested me most were the tales of men who had come from Over the big seawater to live in our country. They said that their skins were White that their hair was fair and that their eyes were Blue. They had crossed the big sea water in canoes with White wings. I was so inter ested in the things that i heard that i did not Realise How disturbed time braves were about these strangers. I longed above every longing to see a White Man. The braves said that they did not carry bows and arrows but carried Sticks that made a great noise and could kill a Man a Long Way off. I did not see How these things could be True and was More anxious than Ever to see one of these wonderful beings. Very soon i had my wish. One Day a White Man was brought before my father who said that he must die. My father s braves had attacked a party of White Mea and had killed All except this Man John Smith. He had escaped and had tried to make his Way through a swamp but he was caught. My father gave orders that he was to be bound hand and foot. He was then stretched out on the ground with his head on a Flat Stone. Then my father gave an order and one of his braves stepped Forward with a huge club in his hand. He swung it High above his head and was just about to bring it Down on the Skull of the White Man when i rushed for Ward. I could not have said Why i did it. I think it May have been the fearlessness in the eyes of the Man who Lay there awaiting death or per haps it was because my heart was soft and could not Bear to see him suffer. We red Indian children were trained to be hard and obedient but sometimes our training failed us. So screaming i Flung myself on the White Man and Lay with my head on his. The club of the would be executioner was arrested in mid air. My father lifted me in his arms tet the Man go free he said. I love my Little Pocahontas and will do what i know will please her John Smith was released from his Bonds and set safely on his Way with indians to guide him Pocahontas ceased speaking and stepped lightly and softly Back to her place before the children had realised the Story was finished. T continued next week Good performance in exams Naidia via Swan reach. Dear aunt Dorothy. I am sorry i did not write to you before but somehow i never got to it. Well. I sat for my . This year and received g24 Marks out of 700. It was the highest gained by the Naidia children who sat for their . I did not get a scholar ship but i was. 16 and 22 Marks higher than the previous scholarships gained by two Naidia scholars. During my whole school life which has been 7 /2 years i always have been Dux of my Grade and never missed a Day for five years. I received three prizes at the end of the year. One was a thrilling Book for the highest on the Honor Roll. The other was an interesting Book for attending every Day and the last one was a 10/ note from the teacher for getting Over 600 Marks. My age is 12 years 9 months. The Farmers around her Are completing their Harvest. It has not been too Good this year on account of the shortage of rain during the growing season which was a Little Over three inches. We had a new bore put Down and water was obtained at about 180 it. We Are milking 10 cows now. Two cows came in recently with two Heifer calves. I have collected 51 different badges. Some Date Back to 1917. Edna my sister has 1.006 different Stamps. I have a very interesting correspondent from Puntari. She is one of your Many nieces. I had no Success in Retting Canadian Penfriends. I wrote to two of them and did t receive an answer from both. Last week we killed a horrid Snake in our pantry. During Hay carting dad and our Workman killed several of those awful rep tiles. One nearly bit dad. I will close now so Best wishes to All especially to the sick ones at Minda. Irene pese. You Are another Niece who has done Well in the exams. Irene and i offer my congratulations for your excellent performance. What kind of badges Are you collecting pennies for Minda Beth Hoepner Whir Warta Eileen Dettloff Forster via magnum 6d. Yvonne Byron Zakarya Meni Dee Roc Jan Wil Cannia new. 2cl of a us Puckridge like wan Gary via port Lincoln 2d. Valma Machej Box 60, Snow town2d. Barbara Rogers Hanson 4d, ,2/4 previously �2082 39/3 total to wet �2083 1/7

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