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Adelaide Chronicle Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1952, Page 8

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Adelaide Chronicle (Newspaper) - December 24, 1952, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia background of world events world s oldest guessing Gulme the Well the new York. 7f Merican scientists say they Are Well on the Way to of taking All the unpredictability out of the world s oldest guessing game that of predicting the weather. Armed with new know ledge about weather habits and a new machine that can work out All sorts of equations and variables about the weather they say it s a matter of Only a few More years before they will be Able to forecast not Only tomorrow s weather but also conditions for next sea son with accuracy. The new knowledge of weather habits has come from years of exploration in the Region 10,000 to 50,000 feet above the Earth. It resulted recently in the Dis covery of what the meteorologists Call the Jet Stream. They be found the Jet Stream Only in the Northern hemisphere but they believe it exists in the Southern i hemisphere too. And in their years of investigation they have f fund that it Gene rally controls weather habits outside the tropics. The first time the Jet Stream began to mean any thing to people other than scientists was when super fortresses began making bombing raids Over Japan in world War ii. The pilots reported that in some bomb ing runs at 20,000 and 30,000 feet their ground Speed was almost Zero their planes were virtually standing still. And when they turned Down wind after their bombs were away their ground Speed was about twice the air Speed indicated on their instruments. The headwinds they were meeting on their bombing runs were blowing at from 200 to 300 Miles an hour. Since 1944 the meteorologists and air Force weather men have found that these extraordinary winds blow from the West in a fairly steady Stream from the West coast of Africa Over Arabia India and Japan. They die out across the Northern Pacific then pick up again and veer across the Southern parts of the United states and out into the Atlantic. This Jet Stream is at its strongest around 50,000 feet. It does t blow at All on the Earth s surface and at 10,000 feet it is often so weak that it is barely noticeable. It does t blow at the same Speed Over the whole of its course around the world and is generally strongest Over Japan. Chief controlling Factor meteorologists have found that it is the world s chief weather controlling Factor. They have proved that by watching the Jet Stream s performance they can pre dict weather weeks in and Vance. On june 3, this year meteorologists at the us weather Bureau s extended forecast division in Washington got reports from their weather ships out in the Pacific that two big storms were brewing on either Side of the regular Jet Stream path. The weather ships Crews sent up big balloons and found that the Jet Stream compressed Between the two storms was sweeping towards North America at 3qd Miles an hour. The weather men in Washington kept track of the Jet Stream with reports from other ships and soon found that the Stream had been pushed Well South out of its usual course by the storms. Then they found it was swinging Back North again pulling behind it masses of hot air that it had picked up on its veer ing course towards the Equa Tor. With that information they worked out a few complicated equations on a mechanical brain device and warned the United states is in for a severe heat wave it was an accurate fore cast and the heat wave was the most severe in 10 years. The weather men patted one another on the Back because they had predicted the heat wave five Days in Advance. As the heat wave Over North America waned the weather men watched re ports from Europe. There Spain Italy and the bal kans were hit by the heat before the Jet Stream eased Back to its Normal course Over Siberia. The weather men have Learned that wherever the Jet Stream moves in the upper air surface weather is sure to follow that As the Jet swings northwards it drags behind it masses of tropical air and As it swings southwards it is followed by cold Polar air. The big difficulty is learn ing to spot All the move ments of the Jet Stream. The Stream is no More than 200 Miles wide and it has thou Sands of Miles of air to meander across. The chronicle new York office. Menial illness new York. An attempt to treat the mental illness schizophrenia through surgical removal of the patient s adrenal glands has been reported Here. The operations were per formed on six patients by a University of Chicago sur Geon. The psychological re sults Are not yet known. The new approach stems from the discovery made two years ago that the Pat Tern of secretion of the adrenal glands is not the same in schizophrenics As it is in Normal persons. In the Normal individual the adrenal glands secretion of body regulating hormones varies during the Day in response to the stresses of Ordinary living. In the schizophrenic it was found the Day s total production of these hormones is the same but there Are no peaks and valleys in their Rete of release. Aap Reuter. Timber Oregon and hardwoods also mouldings and joinery. Baltic and Hemlock flooring. Now available for All building purposes. No permit required. Reid Bros. Timber Mills new Dock . Pox 36port Adeloide. Phone j 1 45 1. Our mailing department attends to your orders immediately. Lloyd Miller chemists relax tablets. 5/6 pen Jec. 18/ Doz. 39 Kensington Road Norwood. Of fab Flint s medicated Oil flow Rush for cuts and galls on horses. ? jux to Jhm Imil Manta cured by c. B. Flint. Mill Street to imply or Price 3/6 per bottle. For we obtainable from All wholesale Dagger London. A recording made by a husband of his Wije s nagging was played Over to a judge in a divorce Case at Swansea. It was made on a sunday afternoon and lasted three quarters of an hour. The judge commented suffice to say the husband was hardly Able to get a word in Edge ways. If he opened his Mouth he was told deliberately to shut up. There is no doubt the re Cord gave a remarkable example of the Force vigor and venom with which the wife was addressing her husband the judge however rejected the husband s Peti Tion. 1 have to consider the circumstances in which this record was made he said. In my View it was made for the purpose of getting a divorce. The husband had made up his mind to leave his wife and she was Dis. Traded ostracised and afraid she was Goi in to lose her Home the chronicle London office. Danger of British medical officers of health have been warned that Power cuts May cause food poisoning. Dur ing Power cuts food kept in refrigerators May heat up to a temperature at which poisonous germs can thrive. Mis is not just a a Naicai theory warns or. Ernest Grundy Moh for Wembley. After a week end fuel Cut 60 people at a Wembley fac tory ate a monday meal made from meat kept in the canteen refrigerator. Every one went Down with food poisoning. Don t Admire any of them hell give them to you if you do. Perms for men in London a new machine has been introduced into hairdressers saloons which will give a permanent wave to a Man in about 90 minutes at a Cost of be tween 25/ and so. The Wavy locks last for about two months. One Hairdresser reckons ? that about 10 . Of men who visit Barber shops Are potential Perm clients. In this picture or. Robert Fryer of Streatham London puffing at his pipe in determined masculine fashion has his hair permed at a West end Hairdresser s. fun ended when the bomb dropped London. Tithe the Monte Bello atom ship has ? Campania nosed her Way through driving Snow into Portsmouth Harbor the Crew said they had excitement seeing the explosion of Britain s first atom bomb but for Many it had been a monotonous frustrating six months away. It started off Well enough. Monte Bello proved to be a pleasant ittle Harbor with plenty of Clear ground for playing soccer. Every Day hundreds of fishing lines would Trail Over the Campania s Side and the Crew would catch skip ack snapper. In fact the fishing was so Good that the aircraft Carrier became self supporting in fish. Delighted sailors collected turtles eggs and went Hunt ing great turtles with hand grenades but the Turtle shells proved too Strong even for Man explosives. There were also helicopter rides to be had and seamen looking Down could see stingrays ten feet across in the water. But after the atom bomb was dropped All fun ended. Stingrays and curious fish of the Harbor were vaporized. Football was banned because of radio activity. Swimming was banned because of radio activity in the water and fishing was banned because of radio activity in the fish. The Campania had to re main at Monte Bello for a month while trucks of gear were loaded but the Crew were not allowed to go sight seeing the atomic devastation. They All had to re main on Board again be cause of radio activity. One officer said Ima Gine a month aboard that hot ship anchored offshore with nothing to do but play Tennis and deck hockey. Dreadful the Only Consolation was we had 22,000 cases of Beer aboard. We drank those. Well after doing our Job at least we thought we would see something of Sydney and Melbourne. We thought that is. Somebody in the admiralty thought some thing else and we Only got six Days in Fremantle and then straight for Home. So Here we Are shiver ing in Portsmouth and wish ing we were in Melbourne the chronicle London office. Ganger Cape Towaf. Fiver exposure to the a Sun is a major contributory Factor in skin cancer in White people the South african medical journal says. A research team found that africans do not suffer to the same extent because of their pigmentation. But proof that there is no racial immunity was found in the fact that african Al Binos contract the disease in a similar proportion to White people. Aap Reuter. Him sch Belgium is to Send Ani archaeological expedition to the Judah caves in Arab Palestine where a bedouin three years ago found the oldest biblical documents yet known. The expedition will comb All the caves in the Judah desert. A orchestra played. Fifty men in evening dress sat Down to dinner in a West end restaurant. All were officers or sex officers of the 21st army group s catering corps. And what was the chief course set before them fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. Japan s population in creased by l$00fl00 Dur ing the 12-month period end ing july 1. Japan s population is now 85j500jooo. Two Argentine Queen ants x with male escorts and an elephant arrived almost simultaneously at the Ani Mal hotel at Shi Phol Airport Amsterdam. The deadly Argentine ants among the most destructive in the world were kept in tin containers packed in wooden boxes on a shelf Well away from the elephant they were on their Way to a european entomologist. A Small Island off the Southern coast of Japan where Poison Gas was once prepared by the japanese army is the site for a new Sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. Fifteen bachelors petitioned egyptian Premier Naguib asking for Price control of moslem women be cause their fathers were charging too much for their hands in marriage. Row file Tea gardens in rhe cathar District of Assam employing 16,000 workers have closed Down. More than 2,000 workers have also been retrenched from four other Tea Gar Dens in the state. Companies said the closures had been necessitated by the disparity Between he coir of production and the Sale Price of Tea. Although everybody in the us seems to be trying to make a mystery out of who paid for general Eisen Hower s korean trip there seems no doubt that it was made at government expense something More than 47,500 dollars �17,000. It has been revealed that president Truman ordered the defence department to give general Eisenhower anything he wanted co Many american Bank � workers Are embezzling Money that the Bankers have formed an association to protect themselves and try to work out a fool proof prevention system. Last year one Bank in every 20 had an embezzler and the percen Tage rate is even higher this year. A ight Hundred danish cows in calf Are being sent to Greece to relieve the agricultural depression there. Juis Carrizales 93, of Iowa became a father for the Isth time when his Wije Mary 28, gave birth to a daughter. Or. And mrs. Carrizales have had five other children since their marriage in 1946. The Coronation switch and shuffle when mrs. Mau Dknott Berkeley Square s Only private House Dweller announced that come the Coronation she would flee the shrieking City she was stating the Case for the 8.000 residents of Mayfair. According to the town talk the Lusher living quarters of that expansive expensive Square mile Are Likely to be bereft of citizens and sub let to americans australians and the rest of Peoples from Over there and everywhere. It in t that the dwellers of Curzon Street and environs share mrs. Knott s stated dislike of crowd scenes. They Are quite honest about it and confess that the offers for their Flats Are too tempting to be turned Down. But the question crops up where Are they going to live the answer someone who had let his Flat in Chelsea to someone who had let his Flat in Park Lane. And where was the Chelsea Man going to stay he was going to his in Law s at Putney Heath. So now the picture gets clearer. On the night of june 1 everyone takes one step Back. The Man from w. Goes to so. The Justin towners go out to the neigh Boring suburbs the suburbanites take to the Home counties and the people from there stay with rela Tives in Scotland. Such fun London express service. Film Industry kept going by ice Cream London. The British Cinema Industry is being kept going Only through sales of ice Cream and sweets. This remarkable admission is made in a re port prepared for publication by the cinematograph exhibitors association. The report after Survey ing the finances of hundreds of cinemas throughout Bri Tain says that the solvency of the whole Industry de pends on its miscellaneous sales of which ice Cream is the most important. The sunday express publishing the report recalls a statement made last month by or. J. Arthur rank that his organisation lost at the Box office last year but made Over a million pounds Ster Ling profit on ice Cream. The report will be used in talks with the Treasury with the object of getting a reduction in the entertain ment tax which at present takes �38m. Of the Indus try s annual Box office re venue of �109m. The report also however makes it Clear that High. Taxation is not the Only Rea son for the slump in the Cinema Industry. Attend ances have been falling by upwards of 5 . Every year since 1946. Poor films television Competition and ageing population Are Given As some reasons for this. The chronicle London office. Air Force Manila. Philippine air Force pilots who recently flew to Formosa for a five Day Goodwill visit were impressed by the Poten tial fighting Power of the chinese nationalists air Force which they said migh some Day turn the tide of communist aggression. Col. Benito Ebuen. Who led a flight of seven fighter planes and a transport plane to Formosa said the Formosa air Force could be relied upon to defend the Island. Aap Reuter. Wot too old London. Itow old do you have to be a before it is too late to Start again senior officers of the rap retiring into civil life show that it is fairly easy to go right Back to the be ginning even if you Are Middle aged. In the Temple now in Law students gowns Are 56year old air chief marshal sir George Pirie and 55-year-old air marshal sir Aubrey Ell Wood. And How Are the air marshals making out in their new careers the latest re ports indicate that they Are doing Fine. Sir George has just got a first in roman Law which is a Long Long Way off the beat of Jet engines. London express service. Sir George Pirie is the father of mrs. Harry Brand Wood of Rutland Avenue Brighton a you can Cut your fuel costs As much As 10% with Champion full firing Waitt up to 10% of the fuel you buy. he i Pia. In Thi air meat in Britain London. Ivi teat equal to two and a half million rations could not be sold in november by British butchers because the people could not afford it the House of commons was told. This new food problem was stressed by Laberite f. T. Willey who said that meat was becoming so dear that the ration itself was in peril. The conservative govern ment s cutting of food subsidies had been a disaster. Laberite w d. Griffiths said that for the first time since the War it was possible to buy a leg of Lamb in Al most any Butcher s shop in his Manchester constituency. Housewives agreed that Large families could not buy All the meat to which they were entitled. Or. Charles Hiss the food ministry parliamentary Sec tary said that the question of the meat ration was being taken up. His claim was that 15 . More meat had been eaten this year than during the labor government s last year of office. The Chron icle London office. Synthetics Wellington. Plans for new zealand Farmers to get together with Farmers in America to fight Competition from synthetics Are being prepared by the general Secretary of new zealand s Federated farm ers organisation. Or. A. P. O Shea. He told his members recently that new zealand would have to keep costs Down to meet the threat of synthetics. He was referring to artificial fibres now in Competition with Wool to Margarine and to processed Dairy products like filled milk and ice Cream. Aap Reuter

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