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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 28, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. A Vail font Barr Witti Tow Fresno fic rata Adelatde w London Fla Mareelee Abu Ai Albany. Bey Heues Aden. Sue and port ans Jirik to London it w Date. Mj3.b Jami of 1" lava Adelalde Nauam be f. Alasau . Bab., oot 1 role Basran 842s l. Boulard . Wed nov. T a Skald Bic mob a. Pov Denot . Sat Deo. 1 most Arr. 8 98 q. Didier . Utu Jan. 2, "?3 pcs Icik 4i9sf.fuwhi.l-t. Fth re March a Otom or pass ass a Nolde won or a at Fealt of nor he ova Jura nmn mar Arillis to lob Hob is Josd hers Journer 34 Boon oort. The company Osisar pretend will to company through few Giummi bom Maneilles to Paris and London. In game Etc toyed ran by Steamer from Maneule to Leo Dos Teush stewards. Mitobe now married. Tickets to Marmes from 8 the served on special terms Liberal concessions made to families during the Slack Pak niger season. Passages from England can be arrange Here. In the second Saloon the arrangements have Beer thoroughly Reg used the accommodation offered being Junaur Parkd. Bates of passage Money to Europe in first Saloon _ �55 to �70 to ear p in second Saloon _ �soto�37 bet Jan Tio Keta �66 to �116 cargo received until 6 pm in the monday an ave Ane London . Fun. Partio ulan of Appl action to in g. Anderson Branch manager. By Suwe to i a jobs 131 Regur tent Milf Lin of tart a it Tait err Steinun to Southampton. Sosa was in twerp and bbl Man. Eat tag at oot omoo. Adea sobs port said and Genoa Asa maim pm a from port said to Bra Cotal under Mau contract with the imperil 6enn?n government a Samerj wifi be data atoned at to Nowr steamers. commander. La. And. Bohen Zollers Eniobel oct. Is base cog 8,094 seb Mother nov. 9 Karlsruhe &s7 if. Messier Dee. 7 Oldenburg 8.845 i Kathemann Jan. 4 a Branch line to Samoa and steam haves Sydney on arrival of Cash team Tor umm islands. Passage Money treat to Bremen bom �14 to �80. Great reductions of return Pat Aure available for six nine or twelve Mono Vecy Taco Ity is offend for bringing oat Meeds by Ament of rns Sage gooey new. Antn Peanut a Fay break their to amen. Menn spec Tauy arranged Otnott All nations. Ail off Ion and la wards conv Snapat Utah the a Sush language. Passengers and cargo booked through to lend. And prinona1 Eai peso Astatic and Ameri oat Orta Pasas Ogen Tor Englund Are Tao ded Southampton. In rom passengers win land and embark at Lar for tre Giu. Passage and All other Panl ulars App a Moa cd it 00, Adelaide sad port Aoa Taafe St Sawr _ Runion of Ftp a Oom Patio it. U a twas total mail monthly settice to beat Britain the Booth am Sioa. The Btu i. Mariposa win save Sydney at oot-4 or s far to Osland. Honor dec. Cod Bab Hmer Ioa and great Britain. Sons or ? a teamed at Tow boy of Tupaj he dispatched As follows calling at to new Maurn cd Tainan an ports. New Natland bib Tox. From a Abbou no i oem Butr t " Waira Apa via Annalaro. _ Maka Oahu Weflin gite i. Or Tobery. Ask rtt to Al Bourm a. Arjust Balasian United steam navigation company amt top. Pm veneers and cargo booked at throne a rate Lor no Queensland and Fuiak poets Alao houme4 and new hebrides. The Adelaide steamship company s steamers ran b conjunction a Ltd the above oompuny1 Fleet transhipment at Melbourne or Sydney. Cargo also taken by the a. Kab Akeeba. Cargo motive at any Tim through Bills of lading and passage a Ikea issued by Hawbold both ebb Adelaide and port. A88.0roe a Fri s cubes will be Disasa Tohal As s. A 6tansbubt every tub boat and bail rat at 8 an. From Stan bar every monday and Friday at ii an. So Post Vincent every tuesday a 8 , same Day. Leaving at 4 to pin. Sotic a. . Secretary. A 17. Post Broughton. Theft Tegola Traier Sav Porto Ian a Hanav me saturday. 2-8-5 E. Cooke & co. Port a Dequest Westward line Fob Bali sufi a w ton. Venus istbttakv.11l Al Igov Caes. Fowles and denial bats the 8 a Meei Debby tto Ai on 6atortaoctober 1, at noon. Fortnight drop ase u put 870,8,4 Arbolo a bothers. Town and port. _3k to Sydney from port of Tali o i in and Wallaroo. The i to a Kab Akeeba Loy tons. Cwt in blown will sail from port Pirie calling at Wuu Uoo. For 6ydney and Newashe on to slay october 4, King cargo at through rate for a q Wensland fijo new 7mi r i i a other ports. 27,4,7 Hab bold a bothers. Produce provisions. T c o ii i i wholesale and retail Butcher. Kauai liar hot Ole Befito Shasta and ships waited on Nai y. Meat Phebe bed. Meats to tins of 1, 2, 4. 6, and s lb., the Best in the would 40 varied we oases Oon taming 96 lb., i cases heat Dreb. Blq9bb and hams Unm passed obtained numerous prizes and Medala by the tin or tide. Over i Tonii Memea add a in to a tie ted porn bus and pork id 8. A and 1 out Oao Orin a or Natata in the by far the Fht to Boviall Good All u e leading Rorm v que l i aim lard in Bud Defa. Jiva Stroot Oil to ormolu Stock on hand. Ask Fob a Bike lists. Wholesale and 2stail. Address Adelaide. Branches is. Smrdu St est. S9z, Ammu by bar ebb. A by n of. A Sauwo Adelaide steamship compant looted. U1 Damson their steamships As to def for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for All Queensland ports. I m. Adelaide j saturday i oct. 1 i 2ji . 8.8. Una Minoka i saturday oct. 8 2.16 . West australian service i for Albany and Frema Erlb. Tran shipping to All North Ken poets so. Victorian i thursday sept. 29 4 a Job . Tenterden too now. Cargo received till 4 . Previous Day. Southeast service. Rob Kingston Bobe. Beao Hobt and Mao Donnell Bat. A. _ _ tue Ity i oct. 4 2 . Cargo received till ii Jaru Western Bays service. Toe Post Eluston. Bib . Venos and of Bleb s Bays calling at other Bays when a. Lubba _ tuesday oct. 6 . Spencer s Gulf service. Rob Post unc Hun. Moonta a Laboo. And Franklin Habboba. Ferbet _ tuesday i oot. 4 i b pin. Ottra or delved till 11 in Fob posts Augusta. Pebie Ako Geblein. 6.8. Inesti Gateb. I saturday oct. 11 b pm. Cargo received till 1 pin. John turn Buuri Secretary. A Tao Norrie chamber. Annie Street. Adelaide. Crud debt Labeeb to ,Ltd., Fiffas a h 91 Dio Patcha is. Nemesis for Albany. Feb Mantle. Gerald ton Cossack and bomb urn. With cargo Ami nes. From fort Delamr for above ports without of Saifur Dar october 8, at noon. For freight or passage apply a7i.4r.9.51 . Fowler. I Rob Abd Bobbin. Wiki " fleeting leave Prince wharf port Adelaide even to wednesday at b pin. In Plau of toe Aday i b. Fri Oke. Port drapery and clothing. Of Martin Brothers Burlington House. Sunshades. There it no doubt that the. Manufacture of Sun Kadai v try tally increased by the demands of &.ieounvu. Scr. Martin Bros Ham imported Large quantities of the very latest Paris modes in every variety of parasol sunshades Bate been imported by the proprietor of burling ton bound. Specially mate up to match the Deli Cate Zephyr crept blouses now so much Tram. Ladies who intend to pit Cha a a Blouse Tould pay a Vint to our Ito Arrua. And sunshade department and see these goods. We also keep the Brit which Are so near scary to the final effect of vis Blouse. A Tuic Bue Klet too. Nay be found useful if the lady prefers making her men men tout Cas in that effects this is a wry poo car style of sunshade and these latest shipments Are All in Chr. Later shades to Statek the new summer Brest a burials 4/6. 5/11, 7/11, 8/tl, 11/6, of to 2 and 3 got Neas. Sunshades adorned truth lace. R following bedded prices trod sees. 25? for 18a. 6d. Sac suits. So. For t5b. Eve Minu dress suits. �0 ids. Foot Plebs whup notice that oar last shipment of football clothing has waived. Consisting of jerseys base cps a Ibee. San bib is in All the Job col. R. C. Castle & compy. Talon cad shirt Maycen j ? shipping. Re Howard Smith line. New service. Farther redaction of passenger fare. Pore Saloon. Return. Osun. To Melbourne _�1 10 0 �3 10 0 0 16 0 Sidney _800 Coo 160 freights at lowest Bates. Without transhipment to Brisbane. For Melbourne and Sydney Brisbane Maryborough Rockhampton . Ads Intong a Okay tuesday. October 4, Townsville is-16 . Be Baltok a. Biewett air a tuesday october 11, foot Douglas 12.15 pin. Booetown thursday Iso. Normanton bucket oven j for posts fico and germ bin. . Bun Inyong i tuesday i sept. 27 i 5 pin. The cheapest and most convenient Mote to broken Hill. Saloon be Curn. Fore Abin. Ofida _ �1 0 0 �1 in 0 �0 u from Smith Sod Gate s wharf. Fore Oablun rim Nora Are Soppy de with food and bedding free. Fall put Sun on application to w. B. Cave & 00, agents. Grenter a tweet Adelaide asst us it kaon Street fort Adelaide. Drapery and clothing h. J. Bailey & co. H. J. Bailey & co. Are Bourev told the numerous ladies visiting their drae room that they Are shoving the prettiest materials that a Ever been been in Adelaide. This Praise is Well deserved Lor there Are upward of 500 designs in Hie following new materials represent tag exclusive designs bom the leading Man Tan Turere of the world. In the washing goods every separate piece is a picture. Mou Seune a pots it a Fine Quality spot Swiss Huwen printed Bopst terns j 1/11 favorite _ _ _ _ a mousse line Brodee. Sune character As above but with em-1 of Bro dered muslims 31 designs i a mousse use Carteaux is of the texture of a French Taconet with a Check relieved with designs of v 2/2 faded leaves very Beautiful _ mousse dts Cote Lee aulber favorite. Tia is of the texture of Naine ook with a Oord running 1 a through it printed in designs off lever Chara Omir. 68patterns Javana Isk. Voile lame with Rilk stripes and prize artistic designs a truly Lovely a 5 Ujj so trial _ _ _ _ a French Dix dates in 72 new designs purest Wool bests % in Quality a 0 voile Laejer. The Bsat Quality made and the very 1 in latest resum a 5 printed Swiss muslims. These though Good an a Britten Imfta-1 Tion Ofta e Moa we Poi above i i la pension it but ,f inferior Bott if --/2 in deafen and Quality _ _ a British shirting. The very beat English shitting Cambria ital Lam colors. "/2 Creyonne Fine Chemise. The Bent Quality French shining Cam brio a new deafen much ./9 ought alter _ _ _ a Cremons. Crimps. Cri Pettes. Crocodile cloths. Corded crimps. Patterns. We Are anxious to Forward patterns for com Parison being quite satisfied to rest on the result. Al j. Bailey & co. H. J. Bailey & co. 288-78 Hunt Corry & co. Hunt Corry & co. Hunt Corry & co. First great show. First great show. First Gbean show. Spring and summer . Spring and Stem mob millinery. Spring and summer millinery. Spring and summer of beg and summer mantles. Bebing and summer mantles. Auisa and summer a Bess stows. Spring and summer dress buffs. Spring and Bummer a bes stuffs. Spring and adj Oder feints. Spring and so Hub bin Tai. Spring and summer Points. Zip both and so Heb Good 6 in it. Departments. Spring and summer goods in ?. Departments. Apr Fig and summer goods in All departments. Our Stock has been bought in the very Best markets and Tor variety and Price we Soori comparison Bize Fob patterns. Hunt Corry & co., Impo blebs and oath drapers twi to London and Adelaide. Pianos. Organs inspection invited Best t Cut nil Piri it Roek Loyual. Drapery and clothing. James Marshall and co., 24, 98, is 30, bundle Street Adelaide Stephens place Cen tube Wabe houses and of. Jew in be Brebt London. Beg to draw attention to the vast display they Are now making in every department of hew goods specially imported for a Ping and summer Wear direct from toe Marrafa Okiren which for Quality combined with reasonableness of Prises cannot tie equalled in the City. 6tojk of -�150.000 Worth to select men s clothing department. Heart Tennis salts in newest patterns and materials 1za6d.18e6d.218, 26 Hen s Tennis Coats in tha newest wonted fabrics 10b fid 12s of. Us Lien s Teunie trousers latest styles 9a de 10s 64, 12a6d Hen s White flannel and Serge Cri Okeline trousers 10e64. ?6d, 16s Hen s White Nan keen Sao and patrol coax 4s 64, 4s us. 6e6d, be us. 6s 6d a Demal line of White Sioea Drill euro Coate. Sb6d Hen s Sao Coats ba6d, 10s 6d,12a64 a very special line of checked Alpina Sac Coats the latest patterns and colors 12s 6d men s China Sok Sao Coats 12a 61 Hen s fancy silk Sac Coats new patterns and colors 178d Hen s Tweed sails in the latest patterns 21s, 255, 29s 6d, 3ss no a line of about Iso Tweed suits in Light shades and textures an extraordinary line Jwj a also a line of about 100 Tweed suite in Good tweeds ought Colon it a Hen s White and coloured washing tests a lid is 6d.686d.t56d 3 000 pm Ken " the is 25s to 4ss boys fancy henge Sailor knit suits in open or closed to note. In All the latest patterns and styles Isa 17 6d. 1%. 21?. 233 6d, 26c, 2=s Boj tidy Tweed snicker Suire. Lined Iron Faa very Large and Choice is sort ent. To select from Price it Ltd 3s lid 4g 9a, 6s 6d. 6s lid it 0 a 8s 9d. 108 61.125 by Sleod. 183, 19s 61. 225. 26a bomb fancy Tweed kicker suits in Bliss Panoy worsted. French Tweede. Scotch Cheviot in All the Moat asian ate Eha pee 9a 6d, 12a 6d, ids 6d. 198, 22a, 2sb, 27a boys three garment Knicker suits in fancy Tweed Blue Serge Black Diagonal and melange Tweed prtoesl3sj. 1581.i756d. 198 6d, 22s 6d, 255. 27a. M 56 1,8256d.868.?956a boys White Knicker Sulla in Plain or very 1 n by time 7s 6ard. Gre of Madras Uslina 64 and 72 in. Handkeechief3. Children s coloured Borders. Loid is 3d, la 6d dozen fancy ,-156d,15ud,29 6d,3b6ddrzenladies Fiand kerchief " 4e us dozen ladies Irish Laws 2s us dozen ladies hem stitched handkerchief in All qualities a Eize coloured Border handkerchiefs pea4l 4? 8d and 4a lid dozen. White and Beav he slots. Fury White and dream hns Lins 2s us 3s us 5s 6d,6a us 7s of dozen. Send Fob patterns. Non Amanda of pieces Mew spot he Una in All Prideg. Send Fob patterns. Nain Sooks in All to Otilit from 2s us per dozen. Fees Kook tits by eve by Hail Woollen department Serge suits to older from 60s to 95a Tweed suits to order 60s to a melange suits to order Tram 70s to �5 5s Berlin coating and soiling Good Range prices and quotations Cpl ended value or s Tweed trousers from 15s to Tennis and cricketing trousers made to measure. Properly shrunk Lus 6d to 25a just opened a splendid assortment of Doriua striped and Plain bom 6d to 3s lid per Yud. Boot Deyab Keht. Children s Levant strap shies from 2s us pair children s whole ont Patent shows from 26 lid pair children s school Boot from 2s 9d pair quite a oho Ioe infants Patent strap and fancy shoe from 2a a pretty thoe for girls the Excelsior three fancy leather straps and Silver Hub from 7a 8d ladies Morocco lace shoes Bromfi fld the be soft a ointment in die City of bodies Dacies Aoee with and without Patent from 8s a toe Flench shoe evening Heel Tom 3s us ladies Hor oooo boots e.s., from Fis us ladies Hor oooo boots Balmoral from dec lid ladies pm boots e a. From Faud tank Stout leather boots from 4s us Heffer Fluchere from 3s us Hen s Oxford shoes to Capa from fit 6d a a in intent Jot of Wentt Sho a. Oxford and Derby Thalea with Broad and narrow wet comp Riding Glove Glace and Patent assorted prices. A bit department. Genta washing summer soar a by. Of 9d each gents fancy Siut Derby starts 9d, is la 64, la us each Gento summer Merino half Home 00, 6w. 9d. Elsnair cants summer Cotton by Hoje so in cd. 9d pair gents summer crimean Short is lid 4s us 5? so 7a6d each Gene coloured Merino undershirts la us is in 33 Deitch gents coloured Herino to underpants. La lid Saud 3s lid pair gents by gotta and solent shirts la so Saud. Stud 4b 6d each Hen s Strong Flannelette shirts la la m. A 6d each Hen s Strong Ootton Birta la 80. Is lid 2a cd. 2a Budeach. Hat department. riraree.from4a63 etch drab Felt Tennis hats 3s 9d newest shapes and latest colourings in gentlemen s stiff Felt hats Large abort meet gents coloured kid gloves portmanteau bags trunk Bonnet boxes straps Vai iad4c. Bots Straw hats. Boy speckled Straw he. Lodd boy bail my 8t a hat la 8d Boya com White spa Leach. Patterns Post free on application. Lor farther details see a Guter. Takes Juja Wabshall 0., Adelaide and London. Drapery and clothing. Fashionable tailoring. J. Miller Anderson and co. Re now showing Nisi shipments for the Spring and summer season. Fashionable suiting in a great variety of single suit lengths. Fashionable Trouse rings. Serges Light weights for summer. New styles in washing vesting. Livery and habit cloths. Hats. Black dress hats very Superior. Felb and straws in the Best Faapea gentlemen s underclothing in silk he Biko ban Tabt Wool and Cotton of. Jaeger s underclothing shirts. Pants Sod United garments. Dents gloves in gnat variety. White shirts the " an Tel perfect fitting. A Large Stoof of collars soars ties Brazea to. Dressing Baga. Glad stones Ove Dandera bags to. J. Miller Anderson and co., tailors and outfitters m and 22. Hindley Barbet. 5670 h. J. Bailey & co h. J. Bailey & co. Show the newest millinery. 0 h. J. Bailey & co. Show the newest sunshades. H. J. Bailey & co. Abe the Best dressmakers. 0 a j. Bailey & co. Fob mantles & jackets. 0 h. J. Bailey & co. Show the newest dress materials. 0 h. J. Bailey & co. Fob shirting & muslims 0 Send for patterns to h. J. Bailey & co. H. J. Bailey & co. 868-74 cricketing trouser a in if White Tweed sad Serge Worth sit. To 30a. Per pair for thirteen shul tags and 6d., made to measure at Charles Birks pc cos 8610 summer Days Are coming. A ones Points Hoyle a Oahu bpm. Hoyle7b drilled try Boyle s Zepi irs Hoy lats Bairens. Abe Ida bantered fast ool Obs. Horlor Namei tamped on Sou will Oki perfect goods that Wei Wash and Wear. Ask Toub do ape Fob Hoyle a mass a bomb Hao Hesber. . I jul drapery and clothing. Chas. Birks & co. Are now showing a new shipment of undressed White sheets. The whole of the oust of dressing. Boxer to and port of the freight being wed by importing these goods in this undressed condition we be enable to Supply a much better article for the Money than formerly. Chas. Risks & c of s " Acme " White shirts. A Bike ust. Orean iat specifications fray s j. H. Fray. Organist and choirmaster St. Peters Gunels. Organ studio 150, bridle Street. Full particulars see pros Emma. 82aiuo or anted known by Aztlan pebbles spectacles. 4s 6d per pair. Why pay 12a., Lofia. Per pair elsewhere. We keep Pewe tester on the premises and see for yourself. A Heboian Novelty shop. 88, 152wacbwoxl28o p. A. Howells and co 53, Uncle a beet opposite he trs. C. Birks & co. Pianoforte a 1 of Gaub on the time payment system. Pianoforte from 30/ per month. Violins from 30/ each. 10/6 exch. All the latest novelties in. Music Reoe Ned every month. Tuning a repairs on the shortest notice. Brass an Butkin completely fitted out. Prices and catalogues on application. 148aairagxl49o now on View a Large shipment j of aues Don it sons and other celebrated makers steeling Silver and Best ele ibo Plaus. Afie noon Tea sets la Hoyeon leu Bux web plates jogs. Bibcoi3b, jams and a most Esq mile assortment d ate noon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst later. Sanrdas106, . Usk general merchandise. Of Bale and co Aemi tool Parks steel standards Bate arms Boesl droppers Fik Symins beanbags wire Strainer Gla opaline potato a steel win kerosene now Bat Iron wire Oak stave Ore bags galvanized win flooring sewing twine barbed win Deal Olav sized Iron were Netane shelving Flat Iron pig Iran american Dorota Buok Sheet Iran. Hoop Iron plaster Bhe Abl and Engsi Booke Noam Sheet Zug Hematite paint Oatmeal Azas Tausta sods c., fee. Dement Whiting indents Olah classes of Haita Carei exeunt eat Temaat terms in a parts of the world. Aioge wills it co. Lavas do to Bani by Ata Ato or Palell Ateek. Omemee some it 00. Have on Sals on the spot or to arrive Stone a Linneas a bottled by Obri Nittie Dagger Brand Edmund celebrated pig Brand. Whisky scotch Baua Tinc e Olav Brand in balk. Shelving Clear Pine Semoe deals Ash Bearwood Hickory Walnut pm. Flooring. Sirorine Crystal water White Iso. Turpentine. Beam dark and Bat grades plaster Windsor this Diamond Brand. Oak Staves Tor wine casks. Champion s vinegar bulk and Case. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. Vars Choice Davanna " la Fjor a of autio soda Toper sent Bodzash. Silicate of soda Felt sheathing and Boofing. Dynamite fuse detonators. Unseen of Baw and boxed. King s Windsor Asbestos Cement for plastering walk and Seifing. Teas Low to me Damn Bongons new sea Lotfe. Preserved heats and descriptions of Queensland heat Export company s Brand. 81510 u Bleb Bolle l Fec Way Nouth Bunei. Boots and shoes. Brandon s shoe warehouse 57, Rundle Street. A bbl plants seeds o Oby Gold Waie Biclon Jerk to bipod Bush Yea. Mckeow. Steel s be levied Telegraph of Oduber Tomato table Queh Uno Tam Volunteer l?.pjke?. Foe Hook Squash u. Packet. " banana Musk Melon is jacket. Joed aits obey Mon Aboh wat Echelon la. Packet. The oboe Job Bhual Poinsettia is. ,64. Picket x & w. Hackett used Sheet. a is. Btjkdls4zbeex. Adelaide. 52m wanted to buy. Under tins heading if prepaid is Tewordt one insertion. Is. Three Inte Tunu St. Cd. A a. Al a a. A. Ai a a 9 any Quantity Fokin Itebe and pianos wanted at once boosts bought right out Lor . As i now Amish houses on ame payment i am pre pared to give ridiculously High prices or an the Tom iture i buy. I would Partio Olary state that Lam not baying for the auction room As is usually done. Get prices elsewhere and then Send forme and get the highest possible Price. The new spot Geo Dodd Eshop Vitoria Tanare wast Side three doors past grate Street. Private address Ber secreet off Flinder Street. Letters and telegrams promptly at tech . 150a.78 Bot . Bones cast Ikon. Metal1bought for Cash highest prices riven Perial prices for Pablo Hoose . Soaps i Hartle Saue. 286-356 4 Ion tabs. Shelving two urge windows or a slides wanted. State particulars Price where can be seen e. Lucas. Gawler. 2to-� oses pub phased at the to logical gardens. 3450 if is. Young buys All kinds liftoff ill clothing. Letters attended . Franklin Street opposite general Post Orsoe. 8t0.g. Wanted so fir Sewdass bad Gnu posts delivered near to to a a hotel quote Kite and Mitre Jan., Exchange buiting Priet . Z272 ? wanted to 6 horse vertical to and 4-horse engine must to in first claw working order. Particulars by 0 o clock on Fri div morning addressed to " engine trades Exchange Gresham Benet 271-4 anted uhe Hual balance. No to be in Good . G. , Puie treet �71-3 wanted bet Plymouth Rock eggs. Box 109. . ?2 anted to buy secondhand Small or Large . C. Newman dealer a. Hanson Street. 169 c anted a Pood Aeno Dhann Van suitable far hawking. Write Proeto " x.&," Wahington. 272,4.7 pianos the Largo to Best and most Complete took in a Mijia at w. Seth Ftfe Pirie Street. Wanted to Sej Lunder thit heading if prepaid writ atm inter Tim a. Three . A 1-Hobsepoweb nominal Bilsba Gas a. Knoing Simno Dhand. Fob Sale a Low Bui & Sam 18, Corri?4jec& so Lala but a Bike by gab lid. In. 1 in. Of Twett tamed la cd. Ceylon Tea and in. Mat Olnas us a. The lot 2a.lmport company 181, Tenfa. Sweet. Assero of ogee sobat u Bookwood Pony carts 1 Park Phaeton 4 hooded baggies various 6 Van Nabed expresses 1 spider baggy. Ipa Goso 6 expresses 1 Pony Burin Oart Oggier if. Spring Braya or Iowa 1 Pony dog can 1 git 4 Snong Lattell 2 four wheel dog Cut 2 zip Days 6 hooded Abbott buggies such Tarot a 1 hooded wage Onette 1 heavy trolly 1 open wag Gonette 1 Sprier Tan 8 single seated buggies Flo sets single and douttev2 Village Phaeton i harness also i dam turnover eat buggy a gent Ismeit add Al. 1 a Rich a j. Reid to co., 42, Watmouth so Kkt. Horses and traps let on Hare. 5283z7. A cabs age House 16 bands 6 Yean wed Al brei perfect single or doable i i or Saddler suit doctor quiet. Ranch a. A. Battari. Can o Janes mar Hall co., Bonnie Street. 872.4 Bowey a �210& baritone 6a. Tax a Horn Ebl 16sorchestal Horn and Trook �5105. French born 9 Crooks. ��.h. Yrs. Clark Street Norwood. 270a6 second Bouse bom congregational Comton bin Marsh Susie Raty. Sis Duncan it build . Franklin St Fiket Adelaide save on Sale hew. . Abbot baggies Lack Waggon ettes of Aioo buggies spider band a san boart Pony Phaeton hooded boar expresses &o.,a boo Mejo fat a. Awag Tufty oases Aba few Wagon Baa tanks my forsake f?lexnian.--81r a bytes Rilke m. B2so to c pc lists. H u my e r beats the world. Foamier1 Lime of a bees Feon bomber. 2s in. Weight. Bods 25 hues in 1 i. Lain a dec details Humber s Cycle depot. 199, bundle Street in Stock. 271-8 aa-42uiex Young half Alder set Gow -3with Catt at foot enit . Bem. A a month Street Orkes pfc. A and 800 tanks very Low Pete Troni ova guaranteed Delire rofl traettoa3i� quire a. Jamas. Of Onni in incr to a crib Aaris to Arf of 3ud terms in a. Three , Ein Delpup White chess White tip Tail Fato . Jackson. Aagaat a tweet. Aam to with Content. Apply 217. Jeffi itt in 2 Fol b Beu organs can solv bib fat the War Bonse of w. In juju Lolu aks my Yard Blok and White pig if my Tuce tavern Fia Nuin Benet. A lost Black bag Oon Tuni % parse with about 2a. Tram track Tea. Salvation army envelopes machine time payment Ninmo. Care omra Par Tanton Walker Ai. Gaosa lads Gold Waiohu and Chaim. Between Clayton can run and Naseh hotel kens Gnu. Bewail a. A Obj Galiej a Janet xr72- r Osi or stolen dark Bay Pony make. 18j_4 Tanas 4 years Little Falte bind not Man Wip . . S7m " Osi Between Adelaide and atty Bat Stan Elj toe Aday afternoon plan with papers attached. Fit Dex rewarded of returning Eanie to ,, 8788 o3t. Mark trom Wenham Al Ali a. Branded pm near Aho older Headsail Olgra Osi on 23rd inst. Between West Tetra a and Monhei Brown ? Grey ribbon 4c finder awarded on corresponding with w. Finite. Auinaga. 2ji-2 Ost Buck and White Gikiu oud Soo no Collar on. Finder rewarded by m . To Versall s stables. Pine treet. 2 1 Osi or stolen Tromp to land. I a i Hoese branded Al mar is avatar a forehead two Hind tort White. A Reward will Lor inform anon any Paoo corf fal soar. Nna a. Mrm. Patch on Lump a Swan a. A. I. Una nov metropolitan hotel. Adelaide. Oso Blaok-arid4an Tollik dog Jouw iii rips Touar. Diso 301 Lew aril a beet . Tower Ai of Yow. With Call Nummy in my paddock Tince Augustl owner can Haw. ?, Start. Lop Hottat w. Imam i. Wesr

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