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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 27 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 27, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia v shipping. ? p. & o. He Aji us i cation Rompai. Toe Loh Dou Cadar Boyar mail contract we irate teamed calling at Albany Colombo. Stated Arkules Gibraltar and Plymouth Wita shirt to Call at Bra dist be Linen. I in commander. Lean. Acadia ? amt a. A. Log fun sept is bomb ? 1551 f. Cowie oct. I Iha Talata or in. U brim oct. � Ock aha im0k u h. Crawford nor. B. By Itaskia 52 f. H. Seymour nov. A pad a ? a melt. Leigh ? dec 7. L-1niin Lor Brand try tra Rolp at port Laid. Notice to passengers. Uteralt Mac Yuoa in a Nubia. Whole Cabiasa reserved. Lie accommodation in Eta first and second saloons a unsurpassed. Hytt tron Europe fee. Can be arranged Here Jpn allowed to break their journey to few Tirotta India Clirina. Japan a. Boond the world Tir Van to nerd. Pa8sace sates. If Toti i area at Nuwt Urru rates. A mss Retora tickets to Load on. �110 & a Gaad Ooka. Time Tablet and a Panicola u to mayan Moner to. Forward of on application. So Smith. & co., limited Ages. To ? �9eeeowcgsac i o. Arcadia. Special train s. Yor Pasoff inoes and visitors arc rated to leave Adelaide for the Sean end of rugs Bay jetty at 10.32 and 11.48 . On Thor Sadaa. The Huit launch Lei res the ship at l50 ., con eating with the 2.25 . Return special from a eld a Sac a co. Limited a Geum. Och est l1�k. Me he Loving steamship under bowl contract. Wilt we Adelaide Uip bal a i p.on the undermentioned dates Tor ply. Mouta and London. Vul Albany Colombo. for All and a norts. Bus canal. . And Gibraltar ? Faan Gana. H Mai Arwas a octet Ota it e. E. Laying on oct. U sob so h. E. Inskip nov. S pm feta. 5,m7jlindmy Hay ? nov. 10 y and Tartoni Gbur thereafter. Twin Eck. Moos in Ijo Sook iii icle �33 to 7�.T return �66 to Lia Bird class Cis 15/. Kot. Us if discs of bowl of. Web trek ats Obama. 3 Moon a 10/ to �0. Quainn inn Liiv ii Ort in lie of paid a up. ? pm flt Saloon between1 Nulu to Avail bulb Lor Tiu re i rep. And a steamers in inc room. Is jailers p. Been it co. And. A Deb 9qm, j-11mb0w. Co. Fen Chare Tenne run part Scalara on application to we. C. Anderson. Bridi inn St. Yin run ?. ? 18, Grenfel treet Litt Witul Maui Tius jew t5bttow inx�3f.tl�oolombopaels tsar Brett Yew Tana under postal Eon Traer the Tea Cal her at ataff.atij-atfai�t1ir-Tiipnl of mar. And Post Bali full Flap a Tono irs . la5i vib a Lakota Washl out Soet wet 7 it Lii Tiit iii 1 Hon run Mai cooked to ban Bay India Cunis pab8aolutosey. A to �70. Pc Dalna Anle Gaea but wbk re eve Obb 8pokqs Bani. For sol we it in Fitt a Myrv for Cidade a a of port Daiek Mel. Sov steams1dp company. Ftp o1 Lup Ebu mai1, steamers Botn. Of this Cori Spany trill be dispatched pm by As Maer. Arid regularly thereafter ?f1TT? to South Altton Antwerp. And. Max Wavu a Mui Colombo Aden Jael a said Naples and Orosi. Tji Vanro Mitch Bay at Pooh. Oft�1bect icons commander. Lea wad. . Imka. Koe Iieana oct. 14 Gyt. Smut. Miasel Sot. 11 t Jet Hub. Waker Xor. 25 i be a a Namh. Bleeker dec. 9. I. ,. ? ? e 1 Floo i by. . Eichel Jan. So t-.,y�t4�n pasta Manoney on Adelaide. A to. 2. on Betula Baja Ages. Ueberal confess Moab to up. Esa aaa a from Surope can i fee Are Abby Here. Cabin passenger May break Eimo. I third Dan to Tir. �14. Go Smigi in on All 8bwnera/ Banjo booked Affons i to Jondo cd Girt Caal european. Asiatic and american Lay of freight passage and All other Par Ca Gnim 4btty. To Tab agents. H. Muecke it co. S Adelaide and port Adelaide. Up s line steamers Tju Cape town. And Dundon so Rao Mcm toil is to Youcis sub mtomitolouoyyta1 ? of to follow tin a Lam Tor paste news. Term i tto Hgt wills & Ca . ? Mia d-.r�rtadri-id.andportrirt-. P0btvvmlto of Park mov Ember Wool sales. It ei1bbr_wool sales. Pwt abela1de Tolo Doh and coh no pouts. . Of Park a 3.eatoas. I Capri in. a Dup atoned Iran Ocean Beamen wharf pore i ,, v 6th october. Or an Partl palats apply to George wills & co adeside and port Adelaide. Ss3b�79 Camm Aljer ratan steamship go. Antwerp and Hamburg. . Meissen. It whom. Captala 1. Brown. Bus Arkport Adalsha for Antwerp and Burc Taulote anal. Alto taking cargo or other Continental parts about 7th october. Abr belch apply to George wills & co., agents. ? car and Pott Adelaide. Agioa79 nov Ember woo sales. Lonath and gout Lintal forts via ? sue2caral \ s1.s. Nestor ut7tonj. Captain w. A Arnith ? Annm Tanto Laie Ocean ? fiamera1 wharf port Al wish. For above ports on i a the september. For fight us Fud put Cours apply to George wills & co.,Adelaide and port Adelaide. 266-78 will s Theo sailing ships. I out Adlai to lond a direct. The we Mcnown 100 Al Iron Buyne Myrtle Holme 018 tons. Captain w. Obb. Sow loabix&atoceakstealiebs-whabi1, Post Akl aids and will have prompt dispatch Tor Woodof direct George wills & co. Mine ? ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. German australian steam Shinjo. November Wool sales. . Meissen us ton. Captain j. Bruhn. Will Era Rort Adelaide issus canal for London to Abl time far a abort Bales about. 49okr03bziz. 7, ? shipping. ?. The Adelaide steamship compact limited win dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As _ under circumstances permitting ? or Alt Taky and of Beaunnis than slipping fur Pek Tii Cekal Tok All Robes and Espe Kake. On Thrombi Bills or Lemdine uabl0o ? Friday i sept. 29 i 3 . Calls vase and tin fancy. For Hel Bobke an 5ydhet, Fob Queensland posts. Wollo Wka ? Friday sept. In 3 . Pc Fecek s ill kebv1ce, fou l oul1 a Cou. Ilu Onta. Wal Lakocs. Timbo Bay and Labbok. Fekett ? tuesday i oct. 3 j 3 . Pobu Pihle. A Komkin. And a Uceta. Vith passengers and cargo. saturday sept. So 4 . Pitt pfc Lac to Sydney and Newcastle. Kadi a ? tuesday 1 oct. 3. Cargo most be delivered alongside Tea Mars two Bours prior to advertised tune of Day of Jiin Passen cars tickets issued by this company Are interchangeable with steamers of the . Co. Between All Porta. For All information apply tothe Adelaide steamship co., , Adelaide and commercial Waii ? port Adelaide. ? offic West Australia. The Adelaide steamship compant. Limited Ihbe Australasia a United steam navigation co. Ltd. Joint . From port Adelaide to Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping for Perth to Geraldton . Ports and a Tprrance. Fath if. U Onder Abl of ? of Kwan sept 29. Boliba ? fb1day, a. ? fb1dav, oct. 13. Wako Onca ? Friday oct. 2a passage tickets interchangeable. Al Chirat accommodation for Stock. Lowest rates of freight and full particulars apply the Adelaide steamship compant. Ltd Adelaide and port b. V. If Odonald the . Coy. Ltd Currie Street Adelaide and Queen s wharf port. Tube . favorite pas8enoeb steamers of above line will permitting to Ditapat cowl fun uru 1 w. Port a i a bulimia Huday october Tao ship at 1 Nairn Ruf musba1ul i Ama Kulathu i a a Palma port. J war00nga, fb1day, october 6. Cargo received daily at Queen s wharf up to on Bour before sail Ingall tickets interchangeable after the first port with the Steamer of the steamship com Pany limited. For farm and freights apply Tob w. Hac Sokau accent. . Chela thu. Or. Queen s wharf. Port. Hippos Yusem . Xuy Manila Hon Kong and Japan via Sydney Brisbane and Townsville ? will leave As under 5 com i Mel j name of Steamer. Mandr. I Bourne. I Sydney. Kasuga i sep. 27fotami Masu Hillcoat oct. 18 oct. 3s As Timai men Wipt rior accommodation for fam Hagen in 11 chases and Are fitted with the most recent particulars As to freight and Issace from Iscil wraith Johaun. & oopeop., limited. ? agents. 61. Grenfell Street. Lt9uaic t and a. 8. Company l1hitu. Port Darwin China an Japan. Next depart take will be the . Australian. Leaving Sydney. October 1l taboo Kec Eivid and Fob added Pes . Wollow a saying from port Adelaide september 29. To Sydney to . Acs Balian free of additional freight. Passenger booked through to above ports. Apply for particular Gibbs Bright. & co., agents go a to and port Adelaide. ? Al Hjokt Wakefield ship Vesg company. Fob port Wake a amur Field Annie Watt sails i Day 27th inat., at 5 . A. & e. Lemessurier port Adelaide. ? 269-to a Southeast ports re Cox for Kingston 1defendkb, marts read port / wednesday i sep. 27. J. Bice & co. Adelaide Kingston. 268-70 a. & e. . Port Adelaide Jia. 1? Franklin Harbor and is Fol a j Post Victoria the regular 3etssp trader storhb1bd sails to Burdair. A september 26th. 3s5.s.70 a. & e. Lemessurier. I v3t71st coast shipping com rag. A fax. For St beak Fowler a Murat denial am .?i1 Smoky Bays per Lubie Fla j staff Landing and Point s1xclair ec1jpe3 ready for cargo Wenc slav 27th, sails saturday september 30, at noon. All tre Iphis must be prepaid. .270,2 a. & e. Limes Schieb. Conveyance and livery notices. Telephone Adelaide Ort Adelaide 77. H. Graves & co., railway and in Crul carriers Custo Tett Iliou a and forwarding agents to All parts of the australian colonies. Goods received for storage. Furniture. Carefully removed. Finns supplied by Dav. Week. Month or year with horses vehicles and Drivers. Special attention Given to the collection of passengers Luggage for shipment or otherwise. Having made arrangements with the steamship companies our men Board All steamers on arrival at Largo Bay or pore Adelaide for the collection and delivery of parcels and Lesage to any part of the Colony. Head office 39. Cuk Eie Street. And Divett Street. Port Adelaide. L&2aiuc plants seeds. Flower and vegetable seeds and plants. Hew and reliable Stock of an kinds for present sowing also Sockum planters Friend Maize Lucern Cal b. Fox & oo., seeds men East Terrace East end Varkal 207 206 Abc xxx is do Sarzat Africa. Ai Emama. An2 Micro Asia Austria Bavaria Orussia burgundian Butterfly Yello Buddha comte in Bouchard. Count of Turin u. Wendland Beria italia la France Madame Cruz oceanus Pandora Perseus Pluto. Ouen Charlotte souvenir d Antonin Crozy Wilhelm Beck suevia. 6/ per dozen or the 25 for 10 for Cash with or Der. Lots of one dozen and up cards free to any railway station in South Australia. For one month Only. E. 4 w. Hackett seeds men and nurserymen 73, bundle-St., Adelaide �1 53x56 48 sorghum Amber Cane Shoura or Kaffir Corn sorts tooth Maize 90-Day Maise -c0bbet�frm,. E. & w. Hackett seeds mex and miser times 73. Rundle Street Adelaide. Shipping. The Eow Aud Smith li1te. Leave Howard Smith s wharf As Fol love car p 1 Frt of per Mufti Tig a Albany Frau Amine .gabo. Uoksas. October Asseng in Stock and cargo Melbowrne ?. By Degy Castus Brt Bakx Bias sob Ocab Gladstone Bjk Parkko Hackave Bowel Tomt Thok Cai no foot Douglas .gabo. Monday. October s. Passenger and cargo. Cargo must be delivered alongside steamers not less than one hour before advertised time of bail ing. ? return tickets Are interchangeable with the steamers of messes. Huddart. Par Ker. & co. And Mcilwa bait urea Chasn. And co. We. Rms to Smith & sous Ltd. 113. King William Street Adelaide and North Parade. Port Adelaide. 2e Mcilwraith Mceacharn co. . It Nixb. Will dispatch the following passenger steamers drum stances permitting Albany f Izeh Miniie \ monday. October s. Branahl Tfank Tor Debth Alston and All 2i.w. A outs on through Finis of a Ditzig. Note. Reton tickets Are interchangeable with messes. Howard Smith & sons and Huddart Par Ker & co s Eter mers. W. E. Cave it co. Grenfel Street. Adelaide a j. Raw digs & Sou fort Adelaide. 24c Huddart Parker & go. . Loan Tell will Rte Patch from port Adelaide permitting Syx i Nemesis saturday september 30, at Moon. Without bait shipment. Through Bills of lading to Perth. Return tickets interchangeable with Mcilwraith. Acce Acham & co. Proprietary limited and Howard a knit k sons proprietary. Limited. D. J. Tow lab us ted agents 80c and poet . West Australia. Joint weekly service. For the convenience of shippers and passengers the undersigned Hare arranged to run the following steamers at regular intervals sj5. Eal Goolie Mondat. Oct 2. Fri. Gabo i monday. Set. So . Coolgardie f monday. Oct. Is. A. Angiwan j monday. Oct. 23. And regularly Evert monday thereafter. Lowest fares and freights. Return tickets interchangeable. Ucil wraith Mceach too. Phopf., Ltd. We. Howard Smith it sons prop. Ltd. Huddart. Parser it co. Prompt. Ltd. I Floc Jjck Rue . Ceres will be dispatched ask frs. X As under to Stak Buby every so thursday and saturday at s.30 ., from Stansbury every Mon Day leaving 10.30 ., and thursday Leav ing 3 pin. To poet Vincent every tues Day at so -, from port Viscust every wednesday. Ica ii 10 . 3cic a. Lcmae Soubier. Secretary. Drapery Antl clothing Wilson 6rige, and company Oxe of the largest impokt1srs of loves engaged in the retail Trade of South Australia. Our Well managed Glove department have opened their summer Stock �400 North of Fowke s gloves English made the Best in the world. the kind you can put on your hands wit i the Assurance that they will fit you properly and give you excellent service tie different makes Are i and obtainable Only from & co Pasy. Once you try them you will henceforth Wear no other. The Adeline kid Glove in assorted Shade. Of tans and Browns with self stitched bid. At 1/11 pair is a real Good love for shopping and Ordinary Wear. For a. Low priced kid Usu be there arc one better. The reliable kid Glove i Button. In fawns fans and Browns with 6elf-color or Black a Hilchings at 2/11 the pair Are Mace right in every particular. The 4qltos 4 Button suede gloves in assorted Beavor colors with either sell or Black Points at 2/11 pair. These two lines you May search Ade Laide through to equal and come away empty , for they Are right in Etyle fit and finish and Vety much in Quality than tie Ordinary run of gloves at this Low Price. Till Lasalle suede 4-buttons, a Beautiful Glove it the Uig Tusl English Qunyu facture in Greys beavers tans and modes win either self White or Black Points of the beat Quality. We can quickly till your order in ail sizes at 2 g the pair. The valtor1a, 4-Button kid gl0ve6, in olits beavers tans and Brouns. With Seli Hite or Black Points Pineo 3/11 the pair can be relied on for highest Quality Best style and in trying Good bar ii. Iou and your Nenos can Racli on Thun. The Tref try is a 1-Button f1bst unlit kid Olove in beavers modes Greys lans and Brot tiie with either self White or Blank Points Price 4/11 the pair. A pair guaranteed. A lady s Glove every sense of the word. A entirely 4-Button lady s suede Clove ill fawns modes and Beaver colors with the latest style of fancy stitching a Price 1/11 Tair. A Lovely Quality As Sou As Ait and As eligible As Clastic. Ti1e Somei 4-Buttori suede in Beaver Grey Tan and Brown Shadis with either sell while or Black Points Price 5/g per pair. Thus is absolutely the very Best Quality Glove that comes to the australian Market. Many swell houses charge 0/t pair for this same Glove Tamer a different name. Ladles i Buou White kid gloves with h--1� or Black stitch legs Price 2/11, the us qua Liiv Glove As cur Well known coloured rfcs Ibl i Btl. Ladies White Castor Uede washing Glove Rico 2/0 the pair. Eau so easily Ana Well that they require no describing. Ladies to Button Maize kid gloves with Black Points at 3 11 the pair Are distinctly sew and will undoubtedly find favor this sum Mer. The same Beautiful Quality Glove in Pink and Grey kid with either White or Black Points Price 3/11 pair. The nip idly increasing Sale of Good fabric cloves makes it necessary to have a reliable source of Supply for obtaining the right things As Vou require the a use ti11s depaktj1ext when you want Good fabric gloves. It will Seeve you quickly and Well. The Richt kind of fabric Glov and the newest la our egyptian suede , Quality 1, in Hite. Fawn Grey or drab with self or Black Points Price 1/3 the pair. Quality so. 2. Egyptian suede r White Grey drab or Fawn Cost 1/6 the pair. Both of these qualities represent the highest Suin Dard of fabric gloves a perfectly made Glove that is a Dolight and Comfort to i Carer while the Price is very moderate. Ladies 4-Lnilcon Fawn and drab act Lisle Glove., Price 1 6 pair. Ladies 4-Button whip Lisle washing and White Points Price 7�d. Pair. Ladies. L so our Glove department if you like buying soon Quality gloves. Wilson Brioe and company opposite the Arcade ik1 a la a Tull St. Sue Marshall s popular list our advertisement and look ill our window show. Boys and youths clothing. We Are of Fenny a Large shipment of boys . Suits secured by our London buyers at an Leo Mol s discount. A Choice of 2,500 suits at the following prices sizes 0 to 6, 311, 4/11, 5/11, 6 11 sizes v to 12, 4 11, 5/11, i 11, 7 in s 11 boys Sorc Sailor suit 3,11. 1 11, 5 11 l,5--0 pairs Odd knickers in tie following prices 1/11, 2/0, 2,11. 3/6, 3/11, 4, u boys american collars and Lud 1/, 1/3, a 1 in Bov washing blouses 1/11. 2,6, 2,11, 3/11 bos trousers and vests sizes 9, 10, 11, 4/11, s/1i, 6,11 boys fancy vests for Clifford suits 4/11, 5/11, 6/11 Gerts Mercery dept. Gents natural Merino l Nde Birls 1/6, 1/11, s/6 each gents natural Merino underpants 1 11, 2/6, 2/11 pair men s Brown Cotton undershirts 11/6, 1/11 each men s Brown Cotton underpants 1/6, 1/11, i/5 pair men s White Merino undershirts 1,3, 1/11, 2/6 each men s natural Wool undershirts 2/11, 3/11, a men s natural Wool underpants 2/11, 3/1l, 4u Man coloured Merino half Hose. 3/11, 4 11 dozen men s natural and Grey Merino half Hose 7m pair men s coloured Merino half Hose 4id. 6d, 3d, pair gents Navy and Black Cashmere half Hose ii 1/3, 1/6 pail gents natural Wool half Hose 1/, 1/3, ii6 pair Gnu Fine Brown Cotton half Uoc of 3d, 1/ pair gents Tan Cotton half Hose 9d, 1/, 1/3 pair gems Stripe Cotton half Hose 6d, 3d, 1/ pair boys and youths Bath pants go 9d, pair men s Bath pants a 1/3 pair boys and youths Bath costumes 1/11, 2/6, 2/u each men s bathing costumes 2/6, 2.11, Sll each gloves. Ladies pure Suk gloves Jour by won Finger tip in Cream White or blast la l pair ladies 4-Button taffeta silk gloves extra finish. In Cream White Fawn Tan or Black ladies in Fawn or Mack with White stitched backs ladies in White fawns or tans with Black stitched tuck All 1, j pair ladies 1-Butron suede Lisle gloves washing in Wiite Cream. Luvon. Beaver or Tan with Black or self stitched backs 1/6 pair ladies in Black with White stitched backs. .1/6 pair ladies 4-Button austrian kid gloves splendid va3ue. In tans lawns and Beaver with Buck or self stitched backs ladies in Black with Keif stitched backs. 2.11 pair ladies 4jbatton White a suing Castor gloves with Black or self stitched backs. 2,6 pair ladies milanese silk gloves 4-Button. In the Best -juantie3, in Cream White tans fawns Beaver or Black ladies silk lace Mats. In Cream White or Black 1. 1/11, and 2/fi pair boys Stron pm gloves in tans or Browns 2/11 pair girls evening silk gloves in Cream Pink White or Pale Blue 1/6 pair. Marshall s great lace department. Special uses to Day. 30 pieces Beautiful All Over lace embroideries for blouses and fronts &e., cell for 3/11 Yard 20 pieces All Over embroidery finest Quality for yokes and sleeves 4/11 for 2/6 Yard 100 pieces Beautiful dress trimming lace in White Cream or butter color 4 in. Wide. C in. Wide. S in. Wide. Old said 2jd Yard 3d Yard 21 dons lace scarfs frilled ends 2/u for 1/3 each in White or Cream 92 dozen ladies silk ties for blouses and shirts Beautiful Quality accordion pleated ends 4/11 for 2/u each All colors 73 dozen ladies silk ties frilled ends All colors 2/6 for 1/3 each 50 dozen ladies pure Linen collars 21 in. Deep studholme at Back newest shape 10w for 61d laces laces laces from id per Yard to �5 5/ Yard at Marshall s great lace department. Black dress fabrics. Urge assortment of the most fash1ov Able and materials in . 709 Black figured Lustres handsome effective and durable double Width 4/g the dress Len i 450 yes. Fit ruled Lustre in great variety Ami pattern exceptional value 7/6 the dress Black figured lace cloth very Cool effective and of Good color l/9 per Yard the Buck French voile a Wool and double Width 1/9 per Yard the double Width Black Canvas cloth a Wool 1/11 per Yard exceptional value in Black figured Lustres a specially selected patterns and fast Dye very Silky and Rich in finish. 2,3 per Yard Black Cashmere Serge a Nice Fine Serge for Eum Raer Wear All Wool 1 t per Yard Black French of Laine a la pure Wool and Wear 1/11 and 2,6 per Yard Black summer Poppins. These goods Are very popular Owine to their excellent Wear and Nch Rivca Black colouring 2/11, 36. 4/6, Ejli Yard. Ribbons. 4ll the latest novelties. Fringe Edge. Picot Edc. And Cord Edge ribbons. In great variety wide Widilia 1/6, 1, a and 1/11 per Yard. White and Cream faille ribbon very Rich Quality 31 in. Wide 1/ per Yard. The a West. Narrow draw up ribbons Black and colors is 1/11, 2/9. 2/11 to s/6 per dozen. Pretty fancy Milliner ribbons Loii. 1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, and 1/11 per Yard. New Satin bib hons in White Cream and colors 2 in. Wide 5d. And of. Per Yard ocher widths in proportion. Black reversible Satin ribbon extraordinary value 2 in. Wide tid. Per Yard other widths in proportion. New be lunch Bibbons. A splendid assortment. 10ld., Aali per Yard. Buck. White and svy Athelstan beatings 4jd. And 6d per Yard. China and glassware department. Wonder lamps Central draught 2/11 shipment of Hall lamps splendid value from of j Juet to hand & Large Quantity of Kitchen jugs w. Eirini milk Ursine from 2td. Padding basins from 2ld. Yellow pie dishes from ski Glass jus from 6d. Vinci plates from 1/11 dozen 20-Pjece Winner sets Cornflower pattern li/6 1 pint Wiite Ironstone mugs suitable for Jam 3d. Each China candlesticks from 9d. China match stands. 6m. Larse size while mining basins 1a1 bos pocket knives 6d. Each Large size cutting out scissors 3d. Pair i Marjre assortment pocket corkscrews i. Cich Adelaide corkscrews from 9d. Small Nickel bedroom lamps. 1/ Bronze Mercer weights very specs about1 c dozen vases to Clear from of. Each 1 pair Bronze i Flores it per pair 1 pair japanese vases 24 inches High 40/ pair tall brass Rochester lamps Complete with Klobe 12/6 Odd vegetable dishes with cover 1/9 bed and Bluc band vegetable dishes Complete White barrel jugs 5/3, 1/ each 13-Ipiccc japanese fruit sets. Sll set China Tea infusers pure White 1/11 each shaving slugs if. Dou Hon Flower pots 17/6 each Doulton flow. Pott 6 each afternoon teas to on tray Job from 22/6 40-piece China Tea sits various patterns 17/6 set handsome China breakfast set 45 pieces 63/ fancy dessert plates 1/ children s fancy cups and saucers from go. Carpets Abib furn Shing department. Cre tonnes 5�6, 7/6, see per dozen tapestry. Art Border tjd., 3id., 10d., 1/ per Fri Muslin for curtains 1/3, 1/11 per Yard printed Plush Etc. 3/3, 4 3, 4/11 per Yard tapestry Stair. Carpet 1, 6, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 per tapestry it Sta. 1/11, 1/3, 1/6. 1/9, 1.11. 2, 3 per Yard Madras Brussels carpet 1/3 per Yard Kidderminster squares 9x0, 29/6 9 x 10.c, 32/6 3 x i 30 6 10.6 i i. 45/ Fri Jred Hearth rugs 1/3, 2. 2/9, 3/11, 4/11 each door slips 1/fi, 1/11, 3/3, 3/11 each Wool Mats 3/11 Rich cumin poles 2/11 each sofa cushions 1/, 1/3. 1.6 each sofa cushions with frill. 3,11 each Tea copies wed. 1/, 1/3. A each Hassocks. 1/3 each Ironmongery dept. Lawn Khz. 19/6 and 21/ each . Use 4-in., 1/ Yard . Hose. J-in., 1 4 Yard a Kokx , Iod 1/, 1/6, 1/9, 2/3 each Seltz genes with Patent clincher tops and drip cup 23 a Cadi hand sewing machines Worth �6, for 70/, with cover and All latest up movements. Underclothing dept. Ladies summer washing skirts 3/11, 4/1x. 5/11, 6/u each ladies stylish while Ivett Coats. Trimmed lace and embroidery -t/u-8/u, 10/11 ladies summer ribbed Cotton under Vesta 3d., 6d 0d., 9d., 1/, 1/6 ladies Brown Holland cooking aprons 1/, 1/6, 1v1l 2/11 ladies stylish White Muslin aprons embroidered 1/. 1/6, 1/11, 2/11 ladies perfect Fittim corsets Lawn Grey and Brown 1/11, 211. 3/11, 4/u children s White Nain Sook Pinafore. Trimmed l/6. 1/11, 8/11, 3/u summer bloomers and divided skirts 3/11, 4/11, 5/11. 6/11, 7/11, Sll children s very prey Creme Cashmere Pelissey and tunics. 8/11, 10/9. 12/9. 15/9 Cli Ildron s pretty White pique Pelissey and tunics trimmed embroidery 6/11, 8/11, 10/9, 12/9 children s stylish Sun hats and bonnets White embroidered 1/11, 2/11, 3/u, 4/11 ladies fancy and Floral Cambric Garden Sun bonnets 1/ each infants very pretty Creme Cashmere hats and goods 4/11, 5,11, 6/11, 8/u, 10/9 men s and boys Straw hat department. It St Large and Well assorted Stock of Mevs and boys Straw boaters which have been purchased at a very Large disco int. Boys White Straw boaters twill Bande 1/, 1/6, men s and youths White Purl boaters splendid shape. 9d, 1/. 1/6, 1/1l 2/6 gents White Canton boaters Silkette bands 1/6, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6. Splendid value. Inspection invited. Washing Silks. 1,500 Yards of striped washing Blouse Silks showing in our sufi department every Shade 1/11 per Yard 1,000 Yards of Black and White striped washing Silks Black grounds with White stripes White grounds with Black Stripe ill per Yard 700 Yards of Navy and White striped washing Silks All widths narrow medium and wide stripes i to per Vard 350 Yards of checked washing Silks a full ran a of colors 1,11 per .vard475 Yards of the cry stole striped washing Silks the stripes run across the Width of the material All shades 1/6j per Yard 40 patterns in washing foulard the silk of the season no two patterns alike 1/11 per Yard 12 dress lengths of the Satin foulard j5 Yards in each dress 3/6 per Vord 12 designs in Satin foulard for blouses it trimmings at 3 6 Yard our first shipment of Russore Silks is nearly sold out but we have still a Range of prices in 10-in., at cd. 0id, 1/, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, i a. 2.3 per Yard 27-in., at 3 6 per Yard 36-in. Wide at 2/11 per Yard the 27-in-. U heavy make for gents Wear French Tussay Silks the craze in Paris. 36-in. A id Plain and stripes to match. 3/11 and 4/u per Yard Indian Silks a heavy make of undressed silk suitable for children s dresses that require fre quent washing or for ladies summer under Wear 1,6 and 1,11 per Vard White and Cream japanese Silks 1/6, 1 0, 1/11, 2,s, 2 i 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, 4/11. And 511 per Yard 24-in., 27-in., and 36-in. Wide furniture. A we have opened a very Choice assortment of entirely and � original designs in m ?�3 austrian bentw00d suites. A the May Sterling qualities and Wear resisting a nature o f these goods Are too Well known to review. A it remains Only for us to state that added to their Fli already Many merits the strikingly Beautiful and s original designs and colourings which comprise this shipment will bean extra recommendation to 1 their further use in a climate where coolness of 3z House appointments is of Paramount importance. 1,9 to bed Ste a a s. A exclusive novelties in a French italian parisian half test be _ at very moderate prices. A x3l Rattan chairs. Soc Bijj so Jim Xref Tiara Obs a from Osly a a each. To Bamboo blinds should be ordered Early. To a bargain. 4-ft. Sideboard,wth2 drawers cupboard. Shelves and 3 silvered plates in _ 5%hback, stained Walkut carved panel Osly 63/. Jmaes Hall s. Drapery and com rag. So and is Hedley St. Summer novelties by mail Steamer this week. Showroom goods. Summee blouses a grand variety a sect fitting White Law blouses trimmed lace insertion fronts very newest 6/6 to 13/c cd lored blouses neat stripes spots and checks in French Cambric &c., 4/6, 6/6, 6/9, 7/6, 8/6 Dressy blouses in coloured figured French muslims tucked frilled and lace trimmed 23/6 and 25/6 silk blouses a Large selection in g laces and Pongee Silks Vest fronts latest designs in White pique and embroidered muslims. Silk and lace mantles. Choice and High class for elderly ladies. Novelles in silk and lace capes for Young ladies from one to five guineas. Coats and skirts. A full Stock in Lila or and cooked Lustres silk lined coat rom 59/ Light weigh cloths and tweeds from 35/6 Navy Serge braided at 296 White pique Coats and skirts from 27/6 Holland do. Do., braided from 32/6 coloured Muslli and Grena Dine costumes Over coloured Silks Black Broche and Peau de some silk costumes of Stile skirts Only in pique hol land Lustre Grenadine and Black Silks. Latest shapes in Sailor hats in All qualities from 2/11 to 10/6 French millinery bonnets toques and hats. A second shipment of sunshades and parasols. Tie very latest and most exclusive styles have just been received. An unusually Large selection. Black and White dress and Blouse Silks in great variety from 3/6 Yard Nove iries in Blouse Silks in Sina be Lotse lengths coloured Glace Silks All shades handsome Black Grenadine very super a striped taffeta Bloush Silks ? very special 1/11 Yard White China and Japak Silks 1/2j, 1/5, 1/9, 1/11 27 in., very Best qua Lity 4/9 Yard. French wove bless goods. In the Grey shades. Rilk and Wool voiles silk and Wool Canvas French Cashmere Grey Vieux Rose and blues ? Black and White checks simmer weights Black dress materials in the Black poplin lanes Black silk and Wool Grena dines Black silk and Wool Canvas single Robe lengths in Black silk reps Black striped and spot Grena dines dress and re Oise to skins. Another grand selection just unpacked. All White spot White lace stripes White tucked and embroidered muslims Black and White muslims White and Black muslims Choice unmade Muslin Robes Isiace department. White and Cream gu1puee laces butter and beige Guipre laces novelties in trimming laces Valenciennes laces. Nil widths a assortment of the White washing belts. J. Miller Anderson a. S0aad22. Hindley St. 257c Shierlaw & co. New shipments of boys & youths clothing. A Large Stock a durable and useful clothing to select from. Trousers suits 13/6, 15/6, 17/6, is/6 Serce Sailor 4/11, a a. 6 9, 7/8 2-Carment suits 4/11, 5/9, 6/9, 8/8 Send a minted Price list Post free. Jut immense Stock of gents fashionable White Straw hats shipments of bats and Caps a. Lowest prices. 16 and 18,. 10cxl3c unprecedented in millinery Foale s. This hat uhtr1hmed, i la. This hat trimmed. 2 ii. Suec do apes Pointin executed on the shortest notice and on us nil term at the Adf Eltiser Jos Onri Kiti. Drapery and clothing. Marti bros., Burlington House j have received i by the lost Hail Steamer additional ship 1ients of the latest and most Frei Kable goods and novelties foe weak including Coats and skirts Rich silk mantles Chiffon and Jet shoulder capes Fawn and gee cloth capes French Cambric shirt blouses French and English Milli Nery hats ladies Straw hats fancy shapes. Ladies Sailor hats styles further shipments Black and White sunshades Collar ettes of icbms smart scarfs neck finishes a. The latest Blouse and Tsimring Silks in and Ine a further Supply of Black and Whit Glace Silks. The Ken printed Cotton fold Abb of each Cau Brics Blue got Ltd sateen with White Peist Ings piques. By the mail Steamer Arcadia we have received some very Choice exclusive styles in dress fabrics in which silk and Wool Are blended by a method producing very Rich effects for Spring dresses. Also a farther Supply of Kovel French muslims printed foulard u t Citi. French muslims glottal mousse likes silk sateen japanese silk fabrics and a variety of other Kew materials Tor Spring dresses of the latest and Host popular character. The most Correct materials for Coats and skirts. Repps Poppins Impf Black materials of Rin stylish effects in French grenadines. Patterns of materials posted on app1i cation to Martin bros., Turunc Tonhouse. Business notices. Ask your grocer for Ixl Bacon award special prize Silver cup Adelaide show. Take to a Tutt it. ? 2ouaia7xa8aoew Ambir i iii kit Oder n6 bum Dom Bullet \ so Quick c eoe Roewe. If Jii 8 irks litre Cut a pills a indi6�snom 4 const Pat Ohp fore this 3fz?� Wand Are one. Soujm6obo�lt a h . Re Rundle 3tftt to. I � � � sub by All Stob. Vai a Chain of � bargains i at the coliseum. Large special Piir discs stave just come to hand j come to Day j foe the Money saves. My mum Cambric. I three cases of assorted stripes Well jux Worth 4d., will be offered this morning at 1/11 dozen. A White gr0ii1id Prats � 1 designs fast colors. Ujj 375 pieces of Beautiful goods Well 3r Worth 5sd. Per Yard will be offered this l morning 4d. Yard. -4 dress material. A activity continues in our dress depart 5 ment because we continue to Folfier is desperate values which in turn induces _ a the people to continue buying. We shall pm offer to Day a special line of pm double Width dress materials 1 in fawns and Greys at 8/11 the dress. Z5j in m0wey saved 3 is Money masses every housewife can carry on a ltde3 coinage of her own by buying heir House 3�i hold linens at this special Sale. I White twill she emos 1 in 68-Inch will be sold to Day at sad. Per Law Yard 72-Inch, 80-Inch, and 90-Inch at Ali equally Low prices. A White Nam muslims 150 pieces being the first shipment of a Large Job Purchase Well Worth 4dozen, uses will be sold to Day at 2/11 dozen a 38-Iach twill Flass Eustues a in creams Pines and wits is usual Price 6ki. Yard will be offered to 3 Day at 3/11 dozen. This cloth has been. 9 purchased at a greatly reduced Price. We offer them to the Public at maker s %j�1 ? a the Colis Euria ? 16 and 18, Rundle Street. To horses carriages a under this heading if prepaid18 words one insertion 1/ three insertions. 2/6. A Large assortment of Scanff drays a Prates abbots Pageo nottes but buggies. Pony carts Page nulls. 1-Uaetons, Larni buggies harness saddles bridles horses and ponies with trials traits of Ever 1 description bought sold or exchanged horses and traps to. Let or trap let without horses. Don t forget to inspect cheapest place tin Adelaide. V. Forward & co. S3, Wavmouth-St., and 17, Onnie St. Established in 1882. ? 3-36u a boots Wago Nettus expresses Ilir Nies a. Coals pics Unoji carts. Sprinc Oins Druis l sign Ells heavy and Lief it Lloris. Ponies All descriptions of harness hiding saddles and Bridges cheap. Troy s a Jorsch Bazaar Gills Arcady. 270-2 abbots a Mii backboards express a Phu tons Mamietta Masher drays. Spring Sud head a drays trolliet a Barreas of an descriptions in Stock reliable buggy ponies and horses with trials for Sale or hire at 5/ Dally. The above have been bought under exceptional circumstances and therefore Are being sacrificed. Inspection invited. ? Robt. Bechtel & co., s1 t9 73, 75, 77, come Street. A secondhand Light express in perfect order pm Leal Axle must sell. J. J. Ken , Hardy-St., Cood Woore. ? 27 i i Baba is. Hooded buggies. �12 expresses �16 Bakers carts 30 horses and Lonies. With trials Iso Toracs and ponies on hire 5/ Day. W. Waples criterion . 26s-s0 Jaitly. The Bradbury Universal cattle a a drench the Best surest Medicine for cattle. Harris Searle. A co. ? 123ai�ral Cove advances. Express �10 hoi Jdc goal Jox he Ambo near �13 spider �15 Al �12 hooded Marni no�20 Spring ural 1.1 sprig can �6 tip draws Wagon trolliet Laross a. 106, Purric is. 270,-i-3 Deal Gilt horse or sole cheap can give any bid a co., i us to or Sale and secondhand teats pin a tons. Waggon ettes. All kinds of traps made to order. Cox & with Erick. Way Mouti it. ? 33iwae of kale first class Side rail buggy. , and harness lady can drive j. Wells Kast Wood-t4?r Eastwood. ? 270-2 Fot a we Kijin tillage dog cart suitable for iconic Lew sell cheap owner Leav ing Colony. Map cart this office. 33-71 or Sale Dos cart suit 14- and Pony Good Ordi to cheap. G. Laurie Blacksmith Wydau it. Adlaido. ? 270.2,5 pox about 33 hands. Cart and harness Nike Tumour Tii eap. V. O. Cheek. East and. ? 369-71 Hawker wagons tip and Priff drays Spring carts vans dog urls and buggies. H. Fencer Union so ? Eai-7i Sevic bal Poud draught horses Witti any trials a of food ponies Cali or terms. R. It re Nion is. ? 3g�-71 Sprinc Dray with Brake suit Martt ii Ratni a or la Mimer he Murr. To till ii no. Met Lindof. Mar nails Orui Tram. A . A food dog cart. Apply 117, ? Crenfall St. ? want Jafor Cash Pony cart and harness ? to room. Must he i Aii 1s-, Rundle St. Ola takes pick Tony express almost of xxv or first class single seated buggy Kirat Ai a is Masher cart �8 pair Edu Ard lorry horses suit merchant. Sawicz company was mouth St. 26s-70 inflection invited to on and secondhand vehicles Fob Sale very cheap. Oaka Steni if required. Secondhand vehicles taken in Exchange. A a Kiren for repairs. Write for Illius tinted Caulo Cua and Price Lista. Clarke bros., Eta Amimel Duncan a Fraser Carriage butt Dubb ? by. Kew and 6oodb fee pc in aspect ear Stock or Init far de cd in Fis wean Eali Afy Job. Highest Arturr. Bason Akhinb j Secard Hood buggies to Trofi in cd Dice 3hk_ Bobber tire Lor of Tram and a dim of Libed Ili fac finn by Oca. Binnin smrt i How Sci cold proc a. Oat tit tax Nam a Tromp per wheel ? \ ? Mai it John Heid & co stable pro numb to r 42, Waymouth St. Deube. Large show of veh Koscs the Large Stock in Adelalde to Crook tron it Stone drays. T ? ffli1bii.ltimii be aug 100 Bones ind Podea. With Biala. A uhf a flt to order judo doom mum in to Migl. I. Dec too Tori Tell j9b a Yine it a be Iron god. Amp ? boots and shoes. F 57, Rundle Sti Brandon a Beautiful Stock ? t some a .60095 -4 Brandon shoe warbhoub3t 57, kvndue4tkeet. I hotels a for Sale or to lit under this heading if prepaid18 Wink s insertion. 1/ three Faner tiny a. I in dry so Roubsl Una Mai i by Grinj 3e1 code tit a splendid of Jin mar by of about �760 also Ratts a sorts Tel of Revod Idee uujevreebojd7-�bort a a is District. 80bdb8ak Hnud Hoost Solease valuation of req and about �300 uses several Good Hoisea 00 to o.w0. Mia . ,. Mattel a general tvs so and to Abb i. Loop Iron pig Iron screws Sheet Zinc fails Staves strychnine galvanized Iron Cement Semper Doldi Issaic fending wire barbed wire wire netting steel dropped Iron nor of ration us do. Cave guano sewing twine. Woo Pacla Liu Portiah Bazaar Butte Silas a Oest Jtb baby Lizeh Mil i Najj Gow and a Zamot shoot is Abby Etc uhf ? mask Kat ? by Widdra Kolt rues ? toe Takt Combine ughtne88 with Bubba duty and safety with ease of detachment. The Dollop pne Phatic Tyre co. Limited 69 Frlj train Street. Adelaide and at Melbourne. Bow arg of no tattoos. Munix Lauae a a re Only Gellne and guaranteed a of Wii i they Bur iii ? Vij Towb of foot id 1kss. Foremost Ever since. Or Tabb Flop pne Phatic tube co., t�., Trade St. Fan Kun Street. Adelaide. Hark

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