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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ship Pic _ 3e. 4b& o total mail Steaves. Of fast and second Saloon if Toa a rails he. Colombo. I in Axon. R Edite Abastas ports. At Losink. Tamer. Fona. Commander. Abonit Caldera. h 5h. Levells. Cab out. A Law i o5s a. To Nipoa. Of lend saw. Harija 10455 ?. U. ,c.b.�. A re dec 10,? a -ir.ii.deaa. 15.?j0,. Leollin 17th we. I 1 . I or for tier parti Eolan apply elder. 81uth t 00 Jot to. Anta. Ass a a Orient lord of. Via Fremantle. Of Lobo and the 6ttez m canal. Or Curr. . About Oussova ii,6jo c. G. Hath Aoa oct 1 ,u3 u. G Ort. 21 ? Kenigis Oas i Rusov. I Luke. Ostek buy. A i a j. Coad nov. Is. A months. ?,02i 18. C. Oji Rook Dee. 1". Orvieto. w. Shellong dec to i Istl. Firsova 11.6m c. G. My Theroi Jan. Fares on application. / carry i first and third class Only. Furt fait particulars apply in g. Akderson 00., agent. C Kivic in sum stent Adelaide. 2t7wocx2b4c England via America. By tue oceanic stea3iship company. Steamer. 10.000 ton. It knot. Next Sailor is from it prey. . A Tel Tea sept. Ujj 19. . So Soma mob or a 19? . Tutor Tom kor the. ? Pacific Post ions or t3n? ? includes Call at i Apo pjs. Samoa scottish Mcnae. 117, 119, kiss Tolu am Street. Adelais. 14j4c0. ? Goi be text Lixe of v Stea Meha Roht sightly Reetice. East and Wett Coart Porto of England. Venel Lemdine porn. .24? Foz a boat. Crula London 2nd oct. \ Al for Anulf i a Laide Folta. Antwerp ind oct. A i Douro be report or / Hobart Aron Nonty my out. Lac Venev As cd Al. London 3 to oct. Adelaide middles Roi a turd oct. Meh Arae \ inn Gas United Netherlands navigation company vast. Rob Genja Lisbon. A it Wxbe. And Rotterdam. La Sun anal a Marken w i. ?. Aiu end october. Soe Jakarta bails module november. Fob Bates of Fakir it k-., a Fly eur. Oth & co., Mutt ? afr of Leo j Rabaudo line. ? big Star sailings from Antwerp and Genoa to Ansin iian ports. Wing. 1 tem Steamer. Lawn tem. Genn. ? i 1 ant & j sept. La Raspop Tsoyre i sen .1 9.5. Car Dimonte Mil at Malaga Aad fun Irma or Patru. Dim and guide Middle november. Spertal mutable far died fruit ?3ij to anti for Christmas season. For to Raker Pruc Glaze apply Euke. ? nth & co. Dotted. Ageatha. Currie treat. Adelaide. Stone Tasmania and new zealand. Dkl Bobke. Burxie. And det sport. Rosah Taes Daia and a Maya. Helbodby�-4iatmcb9ton. ? Steamer mondays wednesday a. And Friday. Bluit. Dunkijb., Lyttelton. . I i Auxin. About october ?. to Ai Tarsi a Aesio. Oct. 7. Sydney. Wellington. Let Altok to Brake. 30th by Rev. Fiji. Ca Moa Akita. October Al. Canada am England la Vancouver. Am Kwa and England via san franc boo. Union a. 00 of no. Ltd. Mac Donald Hamilton it 00., Ante. Map wee regi tur build inn. Ora april at. Ali fuck Van seb my Jav o. Neri Cir Rich. Sni ? pro Price k. Furniture up Ford and stored. Let us. Eod Traca pan Adelaide. Sol6. A watch Graves & co. Kem Vino to or. Base most. Davenport Bak bibs. Opp. Savin Bank. Of Hui a late to to Belt secondhand Sunshine harvesters 8, 6. And s it. On handed be piloted. Cyanate de Good Worku cider. A. V. Pc kit a. Sobthie3back. Adieu aids. Lapse a �17 machine by Jonq 15 years written Zuj Johm packed so Delind Fra. Feb a . Ltd a 1 Arcade off Iii Mia in Delama. B .1 p e t t Hutu a tin adv Arram gemeral Post Csc Muce. Send to t . Ufa Jide 1. Rawlings son. Port. A Katoomba will but take Melbourne Caio t?a.\dlh,a?nir� the Adelaide i sept. 3d, swam ship Coy. U . Ltd., Adelaide 1 i port. Will not uie it ounce cargo to Ooola thro. he oot Teechan co. 4 Lub. I Adelaide j. I Ballings i son i will not take me worse Enron ,i.\. Tours., ? Goddart Parker. Dia oct. H. Ltd. D. T j i . Fowler ud., agent. Adelaide and port. Flea Imertia will not take Melbourne Arpo ?011 is Maytle. Taboo la sat., Wilb. My sept. &. A barn t co. Coon. Adelaide j. Bali non & son port. Tzellas. St. Had dirt. Parker. Dia oct. I Ltd., d. T j. Noon. Fowler i agent. Adelaide and port. a t ecu Wimmitt. Me out. S a barn co., Nova jul Laide j. Bawiec son tva3.-dii.la sat., the aide a 36 Bt-2fcj and port. Cai x o Only. Carry Imp w. Sad and 3rd Ceca Pai Engere. Of cujo except tit a Rainvi will be received by Karoo w on Taber. Kelsoo inv to Lauk Cebis coast steamships to Tju dim Patch my port Adrialda a Mader circa Tawei permitting Edithb tech Wab Kawee. A 6ata f it Tom Thon. Horn. , voc., Sata. I ., returns than., font. To by for Faks a. Psi Atin. A. Sata. Detoma Thun. Mont. Freight Aad land tvs cd Axiea prepaid. Pm 17/ Aea no Weet nov sets. 3 / Retarn. 6takbbuey.joso. 0 Job. Tom Retana oar sat. ? ., Retama Man. Kmitt , tata s return a cd. A Batta. Fri., ? ., return a Sime mood . S.? ?.? Well., Retina Jetona. ? Wool bay.-war3awee. Sat., ? u freight prepaid. Stea Aaen wait arrival of by Train from Adelaide for Kyj. Ports and 8.48 a. Exp read to old station Oak porn. 5a can a Weld after 8 a Day of i Dot Awa a g to Day s i i motto. I better keep the � Deil oot � h than Hae to turn a parents clothe your boy at Moore s Here you full Toi botb1 cloth so that impart the of style with the Nuudi Futia de tree Wear of Nec to to will plebe your am and cattery Jon by Ream of their Quasny and moderate brie. Bots dog i of of a a Las suit. ? 1 of \ Nuno Ted. Here / if Fly a is x suit any by Jtj h _ a noun tee Happy it l2�edfc? Ink wot Piff noted and a a � j d it tweeds sap pc ill ores. At l prices Tom 45 1 a it to so and of to Iff Viv 1 6m the boil. A a i a a Bot s to Juvy fwu Sorf tit Tot hot Kraut pc made i a jul Al. A mind Tweed 11 initiated. All j i is ajar Eik Etrone Fly a Wear at Price 1 Jill m Rodi 8? s7"? Jap mid Bot ? a base j hats to inti Oao a Bav pc Tel be a to ?. Only pm Sld hats just Rit a for sunnier Wear flt Only get a Fol by sub boy s Tusio above. This to Jig huh Arr Ceable Little Ollil non sat if made in a i War tried Ioen in dumb bin be front 11387 Tom a. Onlyq/11?r a earn. I a both i Ching blouses. town in a Nin oration. Adf in b1? Ard Winte strip a shirting with poc Brt Ani tie to it dirt. A Icoley scr Tahi Frommer shirt Tor a lion Opta t Yeai ? Otler 5/11 old sets be Hong leather boor As Tett rented Stig dibs in Al in. Tie 300i3 Are splendid Tane. And Wear wll a is 1 to 5, one i i it pair. Victoria Square new Adelaide i to Day s special attraction at. A Gran Spring display in the dress Section the latest designs in coloured fancy voiles excl coding the most Lovely pastel colourings in Leko and Plain Youss Aliso marquee hates. Early Ixa Ted. In the silk Section. A glorious Range of new season s silk. The largest As 6orrmext in this City. Ant7ouncshe2tf . Special Purchase of Gracee hats All one Price 29/6 each. Of Alee hats Are usually sold at prices from 2 to 4 go ideas. The Windo exhibition of these hats Xiu attract Many yes to Dav. V 2 specials 2 that should not be missed. For Sll Yau can pure Hae a Cambri trinic shirt. Wil ant it cuffs Aal reinforced xxx St Iriye season s Price itf/6, i Pec Al Price 811 each. Fob 7/11 Yon Cao Purchase a Tenni i shirt Duwe Semi Collar and pocket season s Price 9/11, special i ice 7/11 each. The Kab shall sewing machine. Famous for its Good finish and durability. Wake Alfted Best Quality steel. Each machine is supplied with a full set of the latest attachments a2td a Book. Of direct ions. Is fan 0 mawr automatic the Marshall machine. _ the Woodwork of to machines is beautifully finished. 4-drawer in Walnut of. It is Avitable for a. Variety o sea. In Ciudin casement curtains Lunio Dost covers children s rompers & special Valie 4? pee. Yard. The above is on Taie in the so to furnishing Section first floor. Bots and youths hats. Boys washing hats in a Large variety of materials for Srini acid year. Prices 3./11, 4,11, 5/11, ?. Ii Caon. Boys Khaki Soa greater. 3/11 Eab. Boys Panama hats 5/11. 6 ii 8/6, 10/0, 12.8 each boys Straw boaters 5/11, 6/11 each. ?.iars schoo l lunch cases. We have just received a shipment of these useful cases which in be inspected in our travel Lino Wase Section. 3 sizes9 in., 4/6 each 10 in., 4/11 each 11 in., 5.i6 each. Wooden bedsteads. I an ik3ir.u2.vo St Ock to sub it Jiom. All trader in i verify i i of Der a. To can make to banns ii eith my 3firogni s site of May be per Eusini. I i or Cutca 19 an save Yon mar fave already in 3-oar Jhoma estion. ? i i Itti cattle of to i Iuele in Woad Fil Bel Seradj. Ihu Strete Oua so. A. And can e?pp"." this As Folio of in Zalud rim. A Seis Cras i Linin or. Oan to Sci. \ Al 10. In sri fre Sneed ao4ralian Oit or Poti de Ela Ekinad. Complete. ?3so Ith a Tii sed no 3 Gao Gay Sel tire Slatin at. Id. I i full is i it. 6 in., a de. I in 6. To ask Roa to t3kf particular not tint Rajie Pris on ? Aho v Illde a Vite mat Tress. To fathom Rora Chaje tie wire Malti Elseh on to Daf e Market Beins Worth Quoita 3" japanese a task 3ccs am Mats. F ties Ai Bein Slid Iti Che Lii mini Section of our fun Mishins by Riore and re ?1-Uraty Sari Atil. Or a Junnier . Lia it Dai or. Cool effect be. Nor a Vtrin--5, at a Nora Arelva Steak inst Lara Fork. Pc have them in Ali sizes up n pm Jar Mea Serin i it. Tl2 it. We offer sperm Jabout. 500 a Jap Irp Lapaint Oris sir ho.t.? Fiir i her it ?.?. -. 1. I hit. To Inre Restid Are invited to a ski a tour of in of or Hann Mik Rine Thuv do it convenient m Call in. Cot lox is and special a Orsia Tiomi posted free to a or address on request. James Marshall & co., Ltd. I o1pl"�. Frats so a. V ? my pet Atka the store for men ready for Wear clothing smart serviceable Mode. Rarely priced garments Are the features at our present display of sew season s styles for men. Men s clothing Section. Friedy for Sarvice Sac suits in the latest shades o Tan Willow Cai boo Vita re teds oct sizes from 5 to 10, incl Idin half fittings .16/6 pair. Biack ii Wallaby Derby boot.-?, three Decker Aries to lie had in a a 3.v pair. A Laflin and varied selection of boys esd youths suits await your inspection. See the Kiev weak and trav Emiyo Reno states j i&p4 Ayed in our windows. Yeazle Wool for sports Coats. A Small i Bigmeat of the Wool just to Inland in a ran or Beautiful colors. Pink. Viii a Row Naper. Fawn. Canary win Xavy. Saso. Broten ski. Emerald Price 16 so join. Birks daily special line 100 men s pyjama suits summer weight men a 0.5., . And ex.0.0.5., 25/ and 26/6 for 19/6. This p3ice foe to Day Oxtra. Country orders by rat Lex Tost. Charles Birks & co., 44 to 54, Rundle Street avd stirs exp Pilace. Adelaide. Bbl Terv Ana it Thini Miller Anderson Ltd. Frocks and costumes of exquisite Charm for the Hunt club races Charmin a distinctive Are the de signs now showing at Miller Ander sons in fact the selection is one of the Best ver offered. A wonderful diversity of fabrics and colors and styles is at once apparent and All Are suitable for Early summer Wear. Silk products direct from France we Are now ? an a sorption ally Fine Range of Veschi it novelties specially selected for the summer season and Thev compose an Assort ment of the latest. Goods that have Bem approved and adopted by Fash on critics in London Paris and else where. To pains have been spared a our Endeavor to mate this Sowin ? faithful reflection of what has been pronounced Correct in the above centres. Amongst the most popular fabrics Are the following in the fashionable colourings 6atin Cian Nantce Ersey silk. Satin Grenadine silk i Oiin. Satin Imperia. Crepe do Iiene crepe Jeo Riette Mous Elm Cache Mirc he luxe crepe taffeta a.?o Lovely a Xiv crepe de Ohene. A Fox Satty and other novel uses non so much is a in con Junction with Plain materials. Gloves and hosiery for the Hunt club . J modern dress development makes the Choice of Glove and hosiery a very Imp naut Factor of one s attire. Wet live a Iron Zeriul collection of novelties including 3-dome pastel. Grey Beaver French Scee Guie. Button pastel. Oyster and White nit i Black Elitc Linngr throughout. 2-Loaie French Jap Aud pastel try Fosse sired of Jour. 3-Dcnir White pastel. Saver Brown and Grey Trench kid a to be. 3-dome and three Learter . Doable tipped suede finish gloves a a l leading shades. Even ipg give. If Justou length mosque Taire Black French suedes. If Button length mos Auctaire pastel Frinch Svede. 16- utto i Black French kid 20utton White French kid. Hosiery. Black nud White silk hosiery. In a l the leading Makek. Black a Hiu. And All leading Chades in striped drop stitch silk Hoe. An excellent Range of silk Hose in All the new season s shades Champagne Putty Pearl Grey mole Xavy and Finger. I j i hats Fob the j races. I ? Laj St creating is in j millinery j Mode e a crinoline i a Duphane and raffia i new veils s Are Phipp Navy Saxe Airth St no Gurer. Mastic Blak s 9? ii a. " embroideries \ 22-in. Vole Florin rings 5 9 Yard -27-in. White voice Floun cing 8 9 Yard. 45 in. White Vaile Floun Cinga 15 6 . 27-in. Llo Blue and Pale Pink voile Flo Uoung 12 6 Yard. Dainty underwear same particularly Cham Init Isles Aio now showing in our ladies in dear Rrean Isetti a. Crime up. Sift a cider skirt of Plain hem. Ts/6, 32 ? 0. My Trimm a Kancy Stit Hin. On debit Bem 43 6. Heavy cres of i w. under ski Iii embroidered str said Pink 57/6. I envy Pinic crepe do Check i cd skirts to nor i dered flounce o geor Gritu and a. Lace 5 . Reiri tap. Silk petticoats Nith Silibon tie on shoulder 45 Witti Ali Ort sleeves and fitted at re Airt with elastic 4fl i. Pale Pask a Stipe de Cheze pm of Oats. Cant Louhy to Irani d late and sky Gec Getu �1 ready made sheets made Arora our Well known. Reliable oui Lity Sheet Iii pare Aud Iree Furtini i hip. Twi l. Bemmerl ready for use. 54 in. X j2 Yards 25 i o n Wir. 63 in. X 2v Yards 33 9 pair 72 in. S 2? ,is Al r a. So in. I a Yards a air. Pillow cases Stria Quality to ill and i lain 4 5 ear ii. Plain. He stitched All around full ize. 6.9, 7 6 each. Eri4l value in White incr usable pique soap i Nuy soft medium and wide end excellent in Wear for Nurma 1-he.ises. Coas and i x5. Children s Wear a. 3 in. Wide 3 11 Yard. Mite dress Oxford a Good Strong fabric skin lir in weave to Panama washes splendidly suitable for Lani ? dresses and blouses gentlemen s shirt. Nurses o of a Ines. Children s Kro is a 32 in. Wide 3 6 Yard. Men s Wear men "5 fashion shirt smart pattern and co Iii. 10 6. U "6. 17 v. i s shirt White mercerized i to tics. Cor Lalif first quamily. 12. Dozen. But Valu Al Vays. I Millar Anderson Lettl 20-26. A Findley St keep Busy Busy always by six 1 choose your linoleum Horn our High Grade up to Date selection \ linoleum for the dining room linoleum for the Hall linoleum for the bedroom -.3 linoleum for every room in the House see our High Grade linoleum Firsti .2 m Al a i in is if Yon Are about to in Rome St so iks a we Leone Don l finsl1 or decide to boy Roll Puj 1 a rss. Us is Nate Cen Fob be "ialse??-39h Fps Jyrl Day. Handsome tile matting. Iloa a. D d Eastern effects 6 it. Wide i get Jug Al a Apfl qualities at lowest possible Cash inc a Al handsome Al British made Wilton squares. Mesh Psi you ill like our extent selection of finest _ Grade j"�2 5?223fj Wilton squares several weights in Borcert designs and ?1?j?w ?g?s�3s pension effects. W f Are giving Good values in the following m"3g ? it. S 6 it. 9 in., 10 a g in. S 9 it., 12 it. 11. It. 3 in 12 it. X ? it. British made Rich velvet pile squares. A pomp very Fine productions to choose from at the following Sineti we it. ? we x 9 ft., 32 x 9 ft., 12 it. X 10 t. ? in. G Axminster carpet 11 British made. A Axminster carpet. Body and Barm a Are Here in excellent variety a Deanna jjf3l color suitable productions for Dia Jac rooms. Sitting rooms dining rooms bt4 ,5j rooms. Halls it r these carpet were imported by a acct from the Mills. Yon w-13 like them we eel Eure they Are the very latest. F use Veletus medicated toilet soap % for the head the face the hands and the body. I. A you will be delighted with in results. Best soap else. I. Tael St s ? a or Throe for 1/11. ? -3 Dainty lace medallions. The fashion \ lice medallion Are Point to be used very much this summer for a Nundini a frock and underwear. It is the absolute fashion and we Are Well prepared to a 3 the Domand an Ela Nora Stock of the Pratt inst and dainties productions ? a the . Saxe Ivory Paris and Lemon. The ro.i-. Metaj net Lack Oil be need Etc sorely for Dainty Sunu Aap frocks a. Avo Heb i afe i i station Flat \ Nie a acc and insertion 2 and 2 in. Wide for neckwear ant "irimm.npt, was a r 11 and 7/11 Yard. New shipment Beautiful French blouson go Ian a in a ohime of Xou Iiri of and in. Blot i Ryan. Pinks ii Aln in no Den Large ova coloured Choc medallions. Black and White Paisley dating do ladies Art Novelty silk Ninon costume 9 handkerchiefs. Flip i Art unique Art de tos and Rotor blending. Fio motrin. Diff tent if ssh i ice 2/3, 3.6, and 3/11 can. A set \ our boor and shot repair Xii Fah j9c Tok if no a in full a tag. Turning o�llgs9 \ it. Work that i vre Tinc a marked Imit fish a Iii sol on All who in test their repairing Vij Jih my / my j i \ a y Tnp bes materials Are us?9ll Awatt 1 lamp Fly \ in r repairing and the work is done i bum Hlyva \ Job / set fill first class Vork Jafek under pm i Vij leave the factory. Have our Lott ?fi9 Fol & & 8?"?-5r a Bijoc repaired far us. It will a mss you wac to do so. Test thus fact Fugh he stitching and offering done by us Goff Ehi ing up to 9 inches wide. Moderate chab6esifu another shipment of toilet sets another a larger shipment of British made to dict sets has id Nail to rid. Bigger Assort next than Ever. ? Ujj Hon Sale to Day in t in crockery in and see them 9h " have you seen our furnished rooms Jyh Joh Martim

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