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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 21, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping a teb Bageris Mak times Atea shins. Under a jul a or. Font Bax with the French Genera Adelaide to London my Standles. Afflic at Albany. Scythe sea Aden. Sues and fort Adelaide to London the pay. Rabi it i of amanders Leava Adelida of Ulua 41w f. Fla som . Bat. Oct. 1 Rolt Sano 8428 u Boulard . Weil not. I Auorb sic 6428 a. Poy Denot . Bab Deo. S acs Mubi a Stria. Didier. . Mon Jan. 8, is of Auto i if. ,. Jthora., much 3 bans of Pasa aaa a Nolde in of Audi at Metaj. Cd Obb ovo Quad Etc Sam Marselles to Lom Xai issued Here journey hours Only. The of Manv uts Staten win a company through of ilium n Tro Maneule to paria and London. Los Sage Goa by i a of but link of total mail four Wing Boral mall steamships be Onins to the Orient and pad Flo companies will Isare a slide semaphore at is noon on toe undermentioned dates Tor Fly Motoh sad London. A Albany . Colombo Benec anal Naples and War Star i Mumm. Jant i commander. J Date. Omm r 4scs . Sept. A annul -. 6.6 of. Matuke oat. 6 Booboo. 8,916 j. F. Anderson oct. 19 or _ 7,000 . Bot been not. S Luuba. 6.0j7 a. W. Ouita Hoy. To Omta _ b. E. Lava won nov. 30 ouf who . Darby Deo. 14 Cobi w. B. Whom. Jbf a. Deo. 28 Oao Tava ? 6,661 18. Stoddert j null Fis and Forto imly thereafter Saloon passengers allowed to break Tabeb Sotiron a. Ent ibb Cabins reserved on most Liberal Fassas Monet. Baboon. �s6, �83, and �7& Beoo Douel _ �30 and �37. Bird _ two Ertag Bias 422 each Edna pc i of. _ four berth Yamna �20 each adult. Smeenge open by teas 17 is. Each adult. Thad and Steerage rates toc Tode bedding. Meat fan Rstow beam tickets at redo oed rates. Prepaid passages from London. Special Tao titles an now afforded for bringing out mends and relatives by the prepayment of passage Sbonek Here at above rates. Managers of. Green & 00., and Andersen Ander 0o,& co., Steno Huron avenge London . Foil Bartex an on appl4ft?% 0sbllmigl to kid font ago rtt my Imperial Mam Cloi iiliwiit., steamers will be Dia patched Ai Lynow % " Botsas Sra. Tops Oom Mandet. . 18.0w Welchel oct. 12 Babb bub 8,094 Sei Molder nov. 9 Karl Buhe 5.87 f. Keester Deo. 7 olde Bubo -16,b i Lattemann Lan. 4 a Branch bae to Samoa Aad Steamer is Vea Sydney in arrival of each Atamer for these Waada. Tishri i in a from Adelaide to Bremen Boas 4bi to Tea. Great reductions of return Paa Fayas. Available for a nine or twelve months. Kerry is Clity is of esd for out i rials by Osja inst Lagage Noney in. Own Psi eng my titty v to licit Joni or la Emir Cal Yarta Seato my Hobs. A Omen and stewards Monte san with Tsa Teg . and cargo booked through to London Jad principal Eui Peao Asiatic and american Aoa to Zigari song kind an loaded at Touth Amnion. Basora passengers a land and embark at lamp Art apply a Motoke it 00, Adelaide sad fort Adelart. At Fewa a Remoh Atka Muhip compant a a. If or hew zealand. Limited. Hb8. Total mail monthly vice to Bias Britain Theodah America. Be bulb. Mariposa win leave Sydney As oct bet s Tot Ato Lahd Honolulu and Ubab Isoa Russ angers booked the Png to a it Morjal Porte of Merimaa Gradi Brista. By Jig Elfio it a Tevnan of urn Bali oct Oon Pitny Mal eau Vicat a hew Talana Aad Bahamas ports. The Anau. Tia Hookland _ , september to. Lor rates of freight and passage apply is stoic . Wjk dotted steam navigation a Oom Pahy. Limited. and cargo booked at through rates Torall Suk Nhi tid and pias , also Noumea and hew we punic die a acid 8 an. Tro stans of Conj vertly Wadaya Friday pox throb no every tuesday at 8 Tato Jod a same Day leaving at 4 to pin. We a. Sec Reury. Produce provisions. To o a b a o jew by nude Lon. A Boubal ass Shah \ adds . Adelaide beak ones -11, bar Dos next a by jail a san by an co Coym air of fobs. Manwa plants seeds debt Gold Wati Melohs. In i Dou Bush Teg. Mab Bow. Seei a Ujj Yurg a tale graph Cucumber . Tomato. Table Queen is Notum Tolo Teet Squash if. Packet Wasaha Musk men Gao feet. U. Essaf 3" get a ? r Waie Bielon annual pods Ettia. Is. 6d. It Areffi e. & w. Hackett . Rubs Bymes Era. It Bobsie Hobeki ads Laid. Shipping. Tbs Adelaide steamship company limited will dispatch Tabeb steamships at Emder for Melbourne and Sydney Tranell Polne Lor All Queensland ports. . Run Minoka i Bain Day i sept. 24 i 5-15 . 8.8. Adelaide _ Sain Day 1 oct. 1 8.16 pin. West australian service. For Albany and Foeman talk Tran shipping to All Notus in posts. A Albany i we mesday i sept. 211 noon. . Victorian i thursday sept. 29 4 . . Tenterden to follow. Cargo received tall 4 . Previous Day. Southeast service. Fob Kingston Kobe. Be achoo to and Mao Donnell Bat. fan Elf _ _ i to needy i sept 2712 . Cargo Etc Eivid till 11 . Western Bays service. Fob poet delusion Streaky. Laura and fowlers bats. . Lubra _. Saturday sept. 24 6 . Spencer s Gulf service. Fob poet Lincoln Kolotita. Wallaroo. And Franklin Harbor . Fee bet _ today sept. 27 3 . Tirpo received till 11 ?.m. Fob posts add Costa Pixie. And Verhein. . 1 saturday set. 24 6 . Cargo received till 1 pin. John Tornbull Secretary. Tonao Corrie Chambers. Corrie Street. Adelaide. It t7i of Abd Bossa n. Egg my Flek twin mini 1 leave Prince wharf port Adelaide every wednesday at 6 pin. In dam of tuesday. Telo b. It Moke. Port. General merchandise. T cobweb Bohs a co. Have on Sale on the Majk spot or to arrive Stoot guinness bottled by o Brien the " Dagger Brand Edmond a celebrated pig Brand. Weleky scotch Ball Antinet club Brand b bulk. Shelving dear Pine Spruce deals Ash Baywood Hickory Walnut . Flooring. Eer Orine Crystal water White 160. Turpentine. Beam dark and Bsat grades. Plaster Windsor Hills Diamond Brand. Oak Staves or wine cakes. Champion s vinegar balk and ease. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. I yams Choice Havanna " la Flor de caustic Boda 70 per cent. Soda Ash. . Felt sheathing and Boofing. Dynamite fuse detonators. Unseen of Baw and boded. Singes Windsor Asbestos Cement Lor plastering Walf and ceiling. Teas Low to Ftp Edom Oen Gona sew season preserved meats All Dea Aristio Sot Joe England meat sport company Brand. Indents executed. Julio Lonnie Bome co Way month Oao Etic Oda to to. Of meet Whit iii indents of All cusses of Hanu factored executed at Cowert Xerma in All parti of the world. Seobok wills it co., Cavendish Chambers Sou ate St Nell Stith conveyances and livery notices. Takh Phoeb 160.j h. Graves and co., bail at and general cabbies. Custom House and Forward Ina agents to All paita of the australian colonies. Goods Bec tved Fob storage. Special attention Given to the collection of Pas sengers Luggage for shipment or otherwise. Having made special arrangements with the steam ship companies oar men Board All Toam non arrival at Large Bay semaphore and port Adelaide for toe conveyance of parcels and Luggage to any part of the Colony. Bead offices9, Norrie Strees. Rupam Street port Adelaide branches goods shed North Terrace. Mennem. Shorland & sons Sydney. To a far a Broadbent Bro Melbourne. Sent for str Tareen it Brown. Adelaide port i Pirie and broken Hal ass Tao mess notices. Pheap Cement and plaster. Cheap mantelpiece and Gates. Cheap crockery and China. Cheap furniture and bedsteads. Cheap Wise and Wise netting. Cheap paints. Oils and Glass. Cheap Perambo Clatous cots and cradles s fee y a Turci Kalb fobs Shess and in Pretiss port Adelaide. 265iwacl p. A. Howells and go., 68, Buddle Street of Porte Jfe Ean a Birkut 00. Pianoforte 1 organs on Che time payment system. Pianoforte bom 30/ per month. Violins Iro 30/accordions bom 10/6 each. All a latest Novelles in music received every month. Tuning a repairs on Tik shortest notice. Brass a string bands completely fitted Orro. Prices Sod catalogues on application. or lessons pipe on own Taro Hamul but moment Vul pedals n tops ool Leea of organists . Fray h. H. Stay. Or Gamst and Ohio Naster. A. Pews. Olenes Orvaa Sondlo to band left Etreo. Foil part Anuw acc pipe Pauliie. Lagamo Fry anted known so Aztlan be Batjes spectacles. Is fld per pair. Why pay 125., us. Per pair elsewhere. We keep a Pebble tester on the Prem see and see for Yonnell american Novelty shop. Leg King Quiam Stre to. Lfi2iacetcxl2bo Point Millee boots. Coke. To a or Ema Naii Titiye at lowest Correct rates. We. Howard Seth & Bons Ltd Coal of Cenotti Parade. Port Adelaide. Sinai Fth e Silver songster. Second edition sow ready Loo Piges of the latest popular songs with Silver wrapper to be obtained from All booksellers 6d. Wholesale at Geo. soft of a Freemo secreet Adel Ide. Tackno Twede a the Best Book of its kind published. So Maitz now on View a Large shift est James Dixon & sons and other celebrated Arak efts Steelyn g St teb and Best ele Oteo plate afternoon Tea sets luncheon Odets butter plates Claret jugs. Biscuits. Jams Ako a mom exp unite As orment of arte noon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst late h. Sons10e. Bufi dle Street. 16wio Verri Ouhy oases bows and a bongs completo out. V ? bom 868. Mandolins tse item in glib craze bom 905. Zither harps in Soolos notes Phoenix Organ ettes banjos a Naan Xep Byr Home Tintea be Ftp a great variety just open Otto a h. Fig. A ban Toj meet. Lenaa Aano std Andon Hben a fun 1T Vomna i Job ism a. Shipping. A he Howard Smith line. New service. Farther seduction of passenger fares. Fore Saloon. Return. Cabin. To Mej Bunroe _�1 10 0 a 10 0 �0 if 0 so ency _ 8 0 0 600 Igo freights at lowest Bates. Without transhipment to Brisbane for Melbo Ubbe a Bodney Brisbane Maeb Skoogh boo Hampton . X o d o n d o. Hokay tuesday september 27, town Batlle i 12.16 . Geraldton . Bun in ton of of ibis tuesday october 4 met Douglas 12.16 . Cooktown thursday is. Normanton Burketown Fob posts Putsie. And germen. 5.6. Buni Ayong tuesday sept. 27 5 . The cheapest Ami most convenient route to broken Bill. Saloon return. Fore Cabin. To Pifelo 0 �1 16 0 �0 it from Smith and gave wharf. Fore Cabin passenger in supplied with food and id free. Full mulan on application to w. B. Cave it co., agents Gre Tell Street Adelaide �23iuse Lypson Street port Adelaide. Insurance companies. a insurance company limited. Capital look too. Buber by . Board to directors George Bonife Seq chairman. Luther Scammell Esq. Deputy chairman. Charles h. Mini read eeq., . Alexander Bay . We. ? . Fire and Marine risks at current Bate. Money Leht on mortgage. Inn mice Chambers Adelaide and at every town . Bonate Thomas d. A bean Secretary. Of Abdian Assurance co Fant. Bad office 11. Loi Uund it Eek. Lo9dot. Bobec Riberd capital _ _ �2,000,000 capital paid tip _ _ 1,000,000 total funds Onward of _ _ 4,&05, 0 total annual income _ 928,000 the undersigned having been appointed agents to tace above company at Adelaide Are prepared to of Cafua policies of insurance against fibs on the usual terms. 886alo Gibbs Bright & co. Oren Street. Colonial Mutual file is dance com a Pant. Limited. Capital _ _ �250,003. Fib. Luss Otlo Tyks oops red to asst too dust and lose Usra plate class employ tabs liability by Nunda at lowest act of ibs. Bans. Office7l, Kiko William Street. 61.8nai274 w. Botset. Resident Secretary. A a Mutual boy Diehi Goozh do oldest most Fri Tettat % and Mot of boar re bomb Mutual Ufa Otoe is Australia and Jhb Only Aust Rattan office taut Dao tars Boot Bobbt Tab total funds exceed zen and a half millions St Ebaho. Ona Noaa n soon aos Naua Lewis a. Jee Aop a a ., chairman. Dorado t. Wal Tell keg., Max. Deputy Oha Termaat. Sir b. X. Smith e.ojlo., . Bob. Bari Smith. Esq., . Oka. By. Goode Esq., . Hegel Hebb the merident be creamy. King Udam Tenet. Aulta Money. Wanted �700 october 1, 8 per cent vacant half acre Quarter acre and shop main Street a to extend present Ennd Cash Bue Imen. Repayable my 88 �26 monthly. Principals Only no commission. Solo oxur to us at lowest Bates. Shuttleworth a Latchford land and loan agents King William Street. To talus to t aaa to i and on Flat Flam free 3&a i we Nom Security at bom pet cent. In Nuna to Anit borrowers. Also on Shakeb Boki Thiu mines at logo interest. Rahb feb leases mobtqage6, wills and other selector nire Dering Emder the new not rept u. Sings Boboch. Unen sed land broker and estate he. Hamao Unity Oham Bera. Onnie stir Eevardi me. Mobey Olend at lowest entreat . W. womb. Co., in noun to fret. T76-176w1a Loh Doh loan. Dds out. And mob Oasis Bank. Pixie Street opposite do Robt baby fee us la now prepared to make Adra Noea Ibe shold Beoda Liibs on except locally to Avonel terms at 0 per cent per annul repayable asset out Tawes Fajo Boane obtained on application a my Bank. The epee by advantage Mulmed an i no . To a Duvet fees Bat the rate of interest in Pat sent pet Andom Whigob is Nom Dedun Fine repayment. Adv Aceb made without delay and be payment of Loans to extend Over any number of Jean us Auto to the. Borrower data neb an also made on Persona Serai Ilgra off i to Sale. Deposit of seeds and bonded Cert Tel oatfxoni�6to�6.ooo,?ate Bates Tel stores Irepa Yabu by weekly Mon Sily a Quay Adt Noeb made on Waity. Bills discounted daily. For Furba information apply to the Bananr. Bank Booa-8 to i my Xhon Dijt drapery and clothing. Martin Brothers. Ladies tickets. During this week vie Are offering some Afdal line in " Ladue Jackett being the very Lautt import for the Spring and summer seasons. They Are All in the Molt popular styles such As the Eton -waluav.back," three Quarter Lenoit a. The mate Naii All of which have been carefully selected by our borne buyer Are Oil lighting weight and specially adapted for the Aiuto Titan climate. We respectfully incite an Early inspection of these goods july confident that when ladies hive teen them Ana compared them Keith those town by Ether Al rat in the by they Leiu admit Ashe Chace during the sort sea soils that for variety and value our Stock of jackets it Jar Superior. We tech to draw special attention to the following lines As being amongst the splendid value we Are offering thu week. Of Only ladies Black and Kavy Serge Eton -1 jackets Only 12/9 each. To Only ladies Back Serge eos to jackets Only 15/6 each. Of Only Fine Serge in Navy and blk eos jackets faced silk oily 19/9 each. Better lines from 21/ to 52/ g. Of ouly and own mixed tweeze in Seui -00 Eton shape Only 6/11 a in. Sex Only Kavy and Black Serge in he " three Quarter shape Only 8/ i each. Of Only Fine Black and Navy Serge in " three of j Quarter lengths faced , Only 12/9 ech better makes in Buck Navy. Fawn Grey and a Coth Miv ares. Ladies Eton frilled Chubbic blouses and shirts at 2/6 2/11 3/11 4/11 5/11 6/11 and 7/11. Burlington House. 26 v cricketing trousers excellent White teed and Serge Worth sis. To 80s. Per pair or thirteen shillings and 6d., made to meat Nat Charles Berks & cos tailors to his Exoe Ekit. Aero drapery and clothing. Spring shipments. First grand show of the season to Day. J. Miller Anderson and co. Re now showing a magnificent assortment of new Spring goods in All departments. J. Miller Anderson and co s showrooms re now Replete with the my web fashions of the Day in Hixi meet costumes blouses gowns of. J. Miller Anderson and co s Cotton dress department la Tuy stocked with an the Kotel ties of the season. J. Miller Anderson and co s Wool dress department comprises a most of English and French dress Matt Norfi j. Miller Anderson and co s trimming department. The display of Rew fast Obb in Bih Hihns is exceptionally Large and Choice. J. Miller Anderson and co., so and 22, his Seebt Tut Basikh Aurbun. Liok Dob. 342q Hunt Corry & co. Hunt Cor a & co. Hunt Corry & co. Just great show. Fibs great show. I Obez Gbean show. Ski pkg and St Heb Mui inert. Of bin and such Kun flu next. Bfbq7g and Suh Heb ill inert. Of big and summer Justus. Be pkg and St Mhz Mantle. Bpein6 a Ltd idiot be mantles. Seiko and Suu Keb dress a tiffs. Spring and Buhbe dress stuffs. Sobing and by Aimeb dress stuffs. Of bkg and St mme Points. Ebb we and Sui Diee a bins. Peeing & of so mme phint3. Of big and Suh Heb goods in to. Departments. Up big and Suhmei goods in . . Of big and Suh Heb of 7s Ali depabtment3. Ota Stock has been boo by to on very beet markets and Lor variety of Price we Coar comp Arian. Site Fob patterns. Hunt Corry & co., importers and c j /11 a favorite _ _ _ a mousse line Brodee. Same of Caracter As above but with -1 010 Bro dered muslims 31 designs _ mousse line Carreaux u of the texture of a French jaoonet.?l. With a Check Reu eved with designs of v 2/2 faded leaves very Beautiful _ a mousse line Cote Lee another favorite. This is of the texture of a Ntboe Olor with a Oord tanning of through it printed in designs o " Ever character 63 patterns _ _ Jav Anaise. Tode lame with Tilk stripes and prize _. _ artistic designs a truly Lovely maj a trial _ _ _ v French Delaine in 72 new designs purest Wool Best i to Quality _ a voile Laine. The Best Quality male and the very 1 in latest design _ v y printed Swiss muslims. These though Cood Are a Brif a Imit a Bionoi the Moab line to above 1 it mentioned Buna Uralla inferior Botti fax 2 in Doeun and Quality _ a British shirting. Toe very Best to Gish shirting Cambric 1 i a i fast Colon _ _ _ 2 Creyonne Fine Chemise. She be to Quality French shirting Oam-1 brie a Boet of new designs much v i. ? bought after _. A z Cremons. Crimps. Cri Pettes. Crocodile cloths corded crimps. Patterns. We Are and fool to Forward pattern for Ean Parison Beisig quite sat fied to rest on theraiult. H. J. Bailey & co. H. J. Bailey & co. An-7 j. T. F i t o a the Coener bundle Aud Pulteney streets importer a paper Clothier and soot an. Now opening new Spring and summer goods in All departments now opening new Spring and summer goods in All departments j. T. Fitch the Corner Rundle aka Pulteney streets. Letl drapery and clothing. James Marshall and co., the Universal providers Are Bow showing several Hon bed oases of new season s goods comprising one of the choicest Assoc tents in All departments they have Tver bad the pleasure of submitting to the South australian Public Lafe department novelties. Plain and fancy leather and Siede Btl a the new Guk elastic belts in Olack White and color splendid arson Trent silk and a Reid bal maltese Luce handkerchiefs Plain shot brocade strips and embroidered Chiffon All widths and colors Linen guile collars and habit fronts newest styles Novelty of the Seisha ladies scarfs in Chiffon embroidered line and Broche silk Black silk. Spanish Shact Liy Guipre and Needle run lace newest designs 4 to 16 in. Wide Oriental Guipre Irish Point Valenciennes and other makes of lace 27-in. Lace and embroidery for yokes Black silk is True and skirt lace flon icings very Choice Prtt Eraa Plain. Brooke and embroidered silk handkerchiefs in All colors fancy and Plain of rulings for the neck ladies and Cal Loren e us sashes beat and imitation Torchon laces Rew this season our Fetock of Muslin and Cambric embroideries is now Oon Splete and consists of some of the Best a 6 terns and bet Evalne goods obtainable from the be t manufacturers i Witze rigid and Germany. Cash s Puin and Fericy Fri Inge and ruffles �6-in. Nib soldered Floun cing and tacked Motlin and Cambric for Unden Kuts veil sets widows1 sets bridal veils of. Ribbon . Tinsel and 8?n ribbons. 1 and 2-in spot ribbon Block and White Navy and White Navy and Gold 2-in. Striped Bibbons for hat bands in 16 different Colon 3-in. Shot silk gibbous with Floral bolder very new and inexpensive 3-ln. Shot moire Bibbons is different Colon 3in Stripe Bibbons two tones a mod and Bronze Fawn and Brown Black and tuscan Cream and Brown Cardinal and Fawn Cream and Tusci 8-ln. Moire and Satin Stripe with Floral Centre 4.tn. Shot Surah Bibbons very Choice for millinery end crees trimming 9-in. Navy and White spot Bibbons for Windsor a carved lathes millinery to. 10-in. A silk Pongee Bibbons. 20 different shades. Sadk Shade department. Shot Vlk Bunsh Dep with frills Black silk Eun eludes with rills Black Browere sunshades trimmed lace Black finns ads with coloured Border Fawn White Cream Obi Fon sunshades Fawn. White Cream Pongee frilled s Ine Hadea in ton Oas in shot silk and Brown Aud Black Levaune Black moire sunshades a Udren s and maids sunshades incur bios shot Dos and satins in Cream a Van. To. Boys and youths clothing department. Boys Tweed Sailor snicker suits in All the latest designs and very neatly trimmed in Brown Grey and Fawn fancy Stripe and Check tweeds with open or dosed fronts boys fancy Tweed Sailor snicker suit in fancy Stripe melange also Plain melange in Carey Light Brown and Fawn in All the most fashionable Stylet boys Bias Serge Sailor snicker suits a very Large and Choice assortment in Strong Serge for school Wear also a Fine melange Serc for summer Wear and Good Strong twill Serge in Plain or very pret uly rimmed boys fancy Tweed snicker suite in All the latest styles in tweeds also All the most fashionable shapes boys Blue Serge Knicker suits also Blue and Blok Berlin and Diagonal Serge Plain or Leafy trimmed boys three rat Knicker suit i Blue verge Grey Serge Diagonal Serge fancy Tweed melange Tweed a Large and Obole assortment boys knickers Only in Serge Berlin Tweed Drill hundreds to select from boys White flannel Bailor Bulto boys fan y Check and strips flannel suits boys fancy Bengal silk Bailor suite boys China silk Sailor suits Boist White and fancy Diu suitor suits Bojc sateen and Fth do Drill Sailor Salta boy fancy Galilea Stripe Sailor sails boys Jersey Knicker but a very Large and Choice actor tent Plain and very Pretory trimmed Boje Sailer blouses in White merge Blue Serg. Fancy tripe Flinne China Silt. Btu Gal Plain and Stripe silk Drill sateen and Galatea Stripe Boyt Timock blouses i t Lue i White Serge Wash ing material silk Drill boys and youths National Sac Coats in Tweed Blue Erge Grey and Brown Eduige Tete Drill sateen boys and tooth Tweed trousers Statts in Plain and Fanoy tweeds Rey Brown and Fawn melange twee of fancy tripe fian aet Bine Diagonal Serge to strange Serge Taok Berwin to All the Nuat its Hoo Abie styles. Manoh Esteb Deyab Menc. In this department a have opened up a Large Anorton tent of Cotton shirting also one Union Fanoy silk tripes Ceylon Fine Oxford Tennis stripes a most Buha Aie for blouses. Tennis Cricket acc. Fine make Plain French flannels in wide widths thoroughly to it inv Exellen flannel for summer near Fine de Saxony flannels of Jonia Foj Adela cellular cloths in Cotton or Wool Verandah Blind , a great variety of and patterns Plain Guipre and Madras lace a Milfs go put Lake quilt with embroidered Satin or Plush Epes i Large sizes White outfits Wen assorted Stock of various makes coloured quite in All sires Fine Indian Long Loutfeg for ladies Anil children s Wear vote Flam Lettes american soft twill Swan skins a Wool figured flannels for in wig gowns. Ako children s hosiery depart. Heht. For this department we have opened up Vevera Large bup Menta of new goods comp Isug Eele Tiona of a Euate make from leading Nottingham Leicester and Continental manufacturers in add Uoo to novelties which from their special features and improvements in manuf store Are sure to command the attention of our customer. The Novelty i ladies Black Cotton Hose. This Patent consist not the foot being Loter Woven with esk and Wool thus preventing it be Connig Bard and Naoom Lottabel Darior Wear the Iron we a Novelty in ladies Cashmere Bose the foot being interwoven with Unen thread Meb greatly enhances the Wear and is eau old in each a Way that it to not noticeable even it worn with either shoes of dippers children .Bbtd oath Mere Hose Block or Navy Nesbed feet vacs 2, a 6 Price a 16, de 9d, Lod per pair fact Dye Cotton has always been a special feature with us and we Are now Wall to sorted with Makas the solar and stateless a Alida 01 which we can recommend to our Cost Omen with every Oon Fidenso ladies Plain Cashmere Hose 7 a Loid is. Is 24, is 6d, i 9d, u us sa6d, 2s 80, 2a us 3 3d, 3b 6d, As lid per pair fancy ribbed addition to such popular makes As the Tjie of Ueen 2h6 of Ontic the London the Empress we have opened up cerebral d a Patteri. Inc Lodh s a very effective make at the following prices Sixes a 3, 4, 6, 6, ladies. Falces is3d, a sad is7d, us a sold Laud bilk sproed hosiery. Just opened a very Nice line in this make ladies fees Only. Colts Black and Navy Price 2s lid per pair children s Plain Cashmere Hose Well finished sizes 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, knots fid Lod lid la 18.id per past. Gloves. Just opened a Large assortment of cur Standard makes of kid gloves in an the newest shades Tsoa varied assortment of pore silk and taffeta bilk comprising a. Quantity of tipped and trebly Woven Finger which Are noted for their durability. Ladies pure bilk gloves in tacs and Blok. U 6d an extra Quality do in Una fawns Grey White and Black tipped finders. Is lid ladles a Theta bilk do tipped fingers Tan colors is6d ladles taffeta she gloves in tans Black fawns and Grey. Is and 1b fld Pei pair oar French kid doves the Chartran make,4-Bnuons, 88 lid Duns Black. Qutb and a Tea on Oriana cloves in tans slate and Bias tit front toys. 3s us. Men s clothing depart est. In Totua department we have opened a very urge and Choice of new goods comp tiring men s Tennis suits i the newest material and Pat terns men e Tennis Trou ens i White and Grey groaned stripes and checks he be Tenoia Coats newest patterns Hen a Tweed finite i scotch West of England and Oerman tweeds. A very Choice of the newest designs men s Tweed trousers and vests. A i Rwjr Choice Ken s fancy silk sacs Aud dast Coats in the nearest Pateros Hen s White and fancy washing vests in Cashmere Baden Marcella a Woollen and to Lobing department. Fob Spring and summer season. Marshall s specs duties Fob the same. Are now in a position to show the largest took of these goods v the City and Challenge comparison for variety Novelty and value com prising scotch and English tweeds Homespun Salonies West of England and soft scotch Oil Serges clerical sultane livery suiting Oric Kat Tennis boating suiting. can recommend our Black worsted for summer. Our dress rotting is Perfec Tion nothing better to be had. Our Stock u Large and varied in worsted wills melange and venetians including the new Craven Ette coating. Trouse rings. We have Given Spidal attention to this class of goods and Are now in a position to Nippy our customers with the Bat value to be bad. Weon Hesi Tau ogly assert that in our Best goods no House can do better it co Cru As our Range of Westol England Cashmere and scotch tweeds. An old proverb is applicable in this instance goods Well bought an half mid. We keep two competent tort Ojers and for style and finish in getting up the separate garments they have always Given the most entire Satin faction. Trouse rings 10 measure 10s fid she new Surrey beige specially made for thie class of Tao fer for further details see Register. To a 11-a is Hall it of. Adelaide and London. Essex shoo Board and residence. A Nitro thit heading if prepaid in Wor i it Fri motion. Tint into Tumi u. To. A Jtb Thomas s. Peron House . Street private Board and residence ladies gentlemen mined Oon pet Aad visitors moderate Central. 261-65 x my. J. H. Tuvoa of Otto Buooa us aug and residence tuned couple terms moderate Flinders. Reel. 184-878 to one nou id Tingle room near . Avow Central to Soffle. So y a comfortable Home offered to Yonne a. Gentleman to Eha a a room with another Only Boiden in private family ," this of a. If apartments select 15 minutes of 07 go i table no children boarders. Apply 168. Ward Trett. North Adelaide. 2657 t by and Bitting room furnished Rait Mari we Kiu in. State terms to buckle this office adj Utonn Boom to for Alfahed or , in Zorray Street Korth Adelaide. A Onala � Job Lor three Young men Sod Board 14s. Elj mrs. Mckenzie Start Street Comer of Liverpool Street. Zt63-6 t Ady would give Board and beside Noe to a i another for companionship Sod help in the Boose.ho., Kensington Terrace Norwood. 2616 i of Mozota the Dihdjg-800118 stm9. Hoadley by Kkt. 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