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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 20 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 20, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia by bh8hg Volt Crux. ? Fob they Combine Uch Ness with Bora bitty avd safety with ease of detachment. The Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. Us item Reak Klin Street Adelaide us at Melbourne Sydney path Brisbane and Christchurch . . Cd Litho ? a Only Genanne and guaranteed to i by in in iss8. Far anon Ever once. By be hiiiat1c Tyre co in St . Adelaide. Marie shipping. ? Orient line. S ., on the undermentioned de to Kapit. Marti get. And Gibraltar ? and fortnightly thereafter. Twi ii i . 6auku. To a Doft ule 2 return �65 to �110. Laird is. �15 is. �1j. 17/, and. Galoon to Colombo go vhf Stern Saloon �4 10/ to �6. ports Are available for to Haniby p. And Steamers having room. 1 aka cubs of. Gees & co. And Andes Bost Anderson it co., Fenchurch Avenue. Full of articular on application to 1l c Anderson Branch Masa crr. Liea Anc ? go. Cre Feu Street. Special to baits for passengers and Visi jobs to the r.1ls. Rotava ill leave Adelaide for the sea end of Lares pier at 10.32 a. And u.8 . On thursday september 21. The Ian launch for the Shore will Leawon the Rotava at 1.50 ., to connect with a special train which will leave the sea end of Largs pier at Tayja ? ag-4 p. & Steam a i cation company. For Emu him Onder Royal Waii contract. Win dispatch the lol. Knot Diamera calling at Albany. Colombo Aden Vii bout Gibraltar and Plymouth with a Hartr to Call at Brindisi. ? steamers. A commander. Leave. Aft Adia -.1060. A. & Login sept Jerome i5w i. Oot Rte on. 1 Himalaya pm w. L. Broun oct. At Oceana is5 u h. Crawford bbl Kattia. .16525 f. H. Seymour Tov. 23 Yipu it weft. Leigh ? dec 7. Fenmin for Brindisi Tram help to port said. Ewtice to pm8emcbr. Whole Cabins reserved. The accommodation in Kotb second saloons is Onro Rotam. A la from Bonne a can be a minced Hoe. A Mimi Auto Weott tank their Fanner ister Maate Potts. Sooran Twcet-lndi., China. Japan a Sonad tie wort Torf of id.7 pw8ace Bates. Tickets tamed at Lomat current rates. ? special return ticket to in Moo. Croft Noka time tabla and All particular Ai to Miu Money. To. Forwarded on application. We feb Tatum i co. U1oted, Jenu. ,. ? ? v a. Of 3gceotl.-l283c Mil of Lull Hak Tihe 4 Usu l ,,,6ckz,. Null be Bank Rand monthly Aalo nowt ? ssai8rag-i8�t Fel Rabb Toebak booked to Bombay India taint Barb Vlad Aoa. Pass ask Moh ctr As Lam nifty by Tush t1cke1b at re i . Emolah of Okokon Board. ? for Cutten Moniat Spiri Aii or of us udi �i�0l ask Bot Ca Bort id dad Kwi Lulb is dolt ?. Team ship of Spaht. ?v?4 monthly use of ? ak3m? Fasi passing by St Eames Towe soothe Katoa. A twerp. Juo ? f3hibhb8k&iu0l� Cauca at Vexa Stask Mem Mcaleb re. Port Field Naples and i radar Root tact with the Imp Srul Fri Ifim Girj a i. U.mulmi-? ? ? ? by Gro a a Bay at noon.-. Nese Petrr a Korten Bias oct m ? is ? uan. G to Iwaji Mytr a Adelaide. It to a torn Paaaina available Tor in Row err. A Watt. Every be fit i -cm4 the 5$&f --w�4� lr�eii1i.elirs Witt of two Cabin up Wien my break Claa Tor bout Faunston. In. Mage to met All Htun. A Ocen Saad att Anfe conv Crint with the a Aeirah Lii Midi iii min Mil car of booked through Tom do. And Porfie Tysl european. Adriatic. Us Amerie a Porta. ? to my Iti Lor enc tand an saved at for my jew and an other particular Anuw Ezoto Adelme and pert Daw of line steamers ?�iwi��i�runjmmrtla�t6teamectaxiappotnta Volta Storud Claida Waif Nata Cape town. And u3ndon mho and s,078tona, about oct. U Warrnambool i till torn to Idow. Yarra Iroka our by to Lozow. ? Warrum. re Rilet Reni ? ovation for Paat in. For Tristorpa-aieaj9ly & co. Ittak be said. Fart Aloe. And port we. � port Victor to London. . Yopack a big. ? capita Ion. Barber. Wol from port Victor about 4ta pa33bx& 3 in ample Lima Lor november Wool sales. Geow wjo5&,Adelaide and port Adelaide h Lahd Fiebe cot y car amt i a Keai Sesi Oats 9n-�smber_woolsales. Port Adelaide folo Don and con to Hettal ports. . Of Park ? i. torn. j Barber we to brat eyed Tram Ocean Mamera wharf. Pore a Laue. Viasso anal a above about 5th october. For Tun partly Tulao apply to Georgc wills & co Adelaide and port Adelaide. Main att Cermak australian steamship co. Antwerp and Hamburg. . Meissen. To ton. Capua j. Bruhn. Will leave port Adelaide for Antwerp and Hamburg via sues canal Alao take or Careo for other Conti Bau Alporta about 7th october. For fret it apply to George wills &. Co agents Adelaide and port Adelaide. Susji cats vember Kvool sales. Uwd3n and Continental ports via Suez canal . Nestor ?.wtom. Captain w. Asquith. It appointed to leave Ocean a Tamera wharf port Adelaide for above Porta on Mth september. For fre Fht and Lull Paru Colan apply to George wills & co., ? Adelaide and port Adelaide of ski wills line of sailing ships. Robt Adelaide to Lokden direct. Ibe Wall known 100 a 1 Iron barque Myrtle Holme Istona Captain w. Cobb b How loading at Ocean steamers a baby. Poet Adelaide and will have prompt dispatch Tor London direct. George wills & co. Mutuc Adelaide and port Adelaide. Bellas a ram us Brool. All claims accounts in taint attic above ves a must be rendered in duplicate at our Ivor of tic in n j before noon on Ivoun Radov a Toni it us or Ilion will not be Rico Gnu. D. & w. Mit Ieuv. Limited accents. Town ind l Orl. ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship company limited will dispatch Tesmen from port Addaide under. Ofin instances for Alabat and f Joe Mantle. Of a Perth Ebay Upton All Ponxs. And Esperance. On Brough Bdl of lading. Abl of ? 7? Friday i sept 29 i 3 a Callis Vise and buc Bory. For Melbo Kukk and std Ket Fok Oliwek slake posts. Wollo wha i a Reiuitt i 21 i 3 fee Cebu s Belv of vice. Fok Poki Ujj col. 11oos1a. Wallaroo. And Labbok ferret ? i tuesday j sept. 28 3 Pokt3 fir1e, ak1i Agosia with passengers and cargo. 1xvest1gatob i Sam Day sept. 23 i pub. Pot i Kloc to so Bey and Newcastle. A Dama. ? saturday sept. 23. Cargo must be delivered along de Etea maa two Bouis prior to Juv revised time on Day of mining. Passengers ticket Iascu by this company an with Steamer of the . Co. Between All Porta. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co., Ltd. Carrie Street. And commercial wharf. ? port Adelaide. ? 62c West att strata the Adelaide steamship company. Lux old. The australasian cited steam navigation co. Ltd. Joint sekv1cb. From port Adelaide to Albany and Fremantle. Trash piping or Perth. Gerald too . Porta and rape race u under taboo Aga ? Friday. Sept. 22. A bilk ? Fuimo sept. 29. Bumba ? Friday. Oct. 6. Wol Lowra ? Friday. Oct. 13. Passage tickets a client accommodation for Stock. Lowest rates of freight and passage Money. For Lull particulars apply ? the Adelaide steals a company Ltd Adelaide and port b. W. 1cacdonald. The . Coy Ltd Carrie Street a-1eliid-, and Queen s wharf port. . Co., old. The favorite Passek Geb steamers of above line will circumstances permitting be dispatch Al a. 1 war00nga, Husu jul raid at anal suit fobs j Irons tip to Fremantle. Mou Auta. Pkg i Dott twid a a Viz \ bulimia a stews /tuesday.septembersis. i j Careo received daily at Ancen n wharf up to one our before Saillie a Dick Xii interchangeable after the first port with the steamed of the Adelaide steamship com Pany. To Atnita for Farei and Fri cats apply to b. I. Kac Donau. Of at. A Caturi Aue to pit or. Queen s we acc port. Cerman australian steam Shinjo. November woo sales. . Meissen ? Uoo tons. Captain j. Bra fan. Melsn port Adelaide via Sun canal for London in ample time for a above sales about nov Obs 7. Isaas & w. Murray. Ltd Virton Yusek ka1s11a, a uax1la, Hok Gkonos and Japan via Sydney br1sbaxe. And tovvxsv1lle, will leave a under ? i com i Sci i Kami of Steamer. Minder. I Bourne. Sydney. Kasoga Marc Ludwell 1 sep. 20 j sep. � edtam1 Mab Hiu coat oct. 18 oct. -2a tues Steimers have most Superior a commock Tion for pus Engen in All classes and Are fitted with the most recent improvement. Full particulars As to Reight and passage from Ucile Itaru. Pucka Cukan & co. Prop., i muted. Agents. Is. Grenfell Street. It sonic tat South East ports. For ims. T Kingston and l Acu port los it Cyan it wednes div. Sot i. Ssiss ssh i. Urice 4 co., Adelaide Kingston. 238,111.8 a. & k. port Adelaide. .1 Mue . Ceres via be dispatched Efi if a x As under to Stansbury Eiery Buke tuck Day and saturday at &30 ass a ., from stax obey every mox Day leaving 10.30 a-ni., and thursday Cav intr s no. To port Vic kit every tues Day at 8.30 ., irom port y1xcent every wedm23day. Leaving 10 . 36ic a. . So Arcury. I Aeilt tse Erski Ida Gerasta Iron ? York. Consign Kes ire Roqu and to pass entries at oct. Bills of lading Mart be presented and freights paid tour tort Ollie before delivery. So i Linw will lie unless damage has pointed out on und up. And ship will Noc be Rispon Siulc for Abbt Acil i of by Jirels or of incr bonded goods a Stop drum packages wit of out in lie a liar in bad Ordo and subsequently Chi minor in flip presence o the Captain. All outs Impi Pinr i Harper will Btu land Oil and stored at on a acc s risk and expend. Captain dolt will not in bkswjss1bl.k for any debts contract in a the a Riv without iii written authority. D. & j. Fowler limited. 262-3 town and tort. Conveyance and livery notices. Telephone Adelaide 100 port Adelaide 77. H. Graves & co., sri lira and Al carriers. Us cams House and forwarding a gusts to All pans of the australian colonies. Goods received for storage. Furniture careful la Lse moved. Kim s supplied by Day. To Vuk. Month or year with lion pcs n Ehk is and Drivers. Special att Miou Pristu to the collection of Parbon sorb for shipment or Oiher Rise. Ollavi iii made Arn Iusi to n s with Len seams iii companies our men Loard All Tea Mars on Arri Al it Largs Bay or port Adelaide cur the collect Ion and delivery of parcels and lure rage to and part of the Colony. Head office ill Carrik Street. And Divett Street 1 Ort Adelaide. Isiah be ? giants seeds. ? . Africa ale Zunnia. Amphion. Aria. Austria Bavaria by Russia Burundi a butt Rdv yellow Buddha comic de Boudinard. Count of Turin 1l Wendland Beria italia la France. Madame Crozy oceanus Pandora purse by Pluto. To Ueen Cliar Totte souvenir d Antonin Crozy Wim Elm Beck suevia 6, per dozen or the 2j for 10 Tor Cash with or Der. Lots of one dozen and upwards free to any railway station in South Australia. Tor one Only. E. & w. Ii Ackett seeds men and nurserymen 73, bundle St. Adelaide ? 5 jsss6 is sorghum Amber Cane hot la or Kafir Corn horse tooth Maiso 90-Day mails c0bbetclfrn. E. & w. Hackett seed Mev and Mise Ilmo. 73, Rundle Street Adelaide. ? pm Law so tomatoes. Cox s asic Elsik a Bizet and i. Kalv favo Tilte Are two of the Best tomatoes cultivated As proved by growers hut Kush. Seed. 1/ per picket. Canadian wonder Beans Eaton Kerr Lucern seed seed i oui Oes t nut. J Trees. Manures in. ? s. As. Is o Csc a o., i Tonj Market Taat Terrace. 20706 ? shipping. ? tee Howard Smith line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf a full own of of Ralfh july Alai Naff Notti to g .,._, 1 . A tji few i monday. October .fbe9untlk \ fas Sencen and cargo Mel Bobbora -. Sydney Oak a Bokosh Ca stome �.. Bikini Abbeg. Friday september 28. Buck Hampton passe Ngua and cargo. Bowen ca1kns Porto Oagle a j cargo must be delivered alongside teamed not less than one hour before advertised time of sail return tickets Are interchangeable with the Steamer of messes. Huddart. Par Ker & co. And my wraith. Jice Achan. And co. We. Howard Smith & sons Ltd. 113. Kins William Street Art Laido. And Korth Parade. Port Adelaide. Be Mcilwrath Mceacharn co. . Ujj Jotko. Will dispatch the four tog passenger Tesmen permitting Nubia Hole \ monday. October 2. Trana hippie or be wharf Balston and ail . Sorts on throws a fill s d Radii note. Be torn tickets Are us messes. Howard Smith & sods and Heddan. Par Ker & co s 6te�mers. W. R. Cave & co. Grenfell Fitnet Adelaide j. Raw Lutcs a 60s. Port . St Huddart Parker & go. Lukof Tasy. A mixed Mil dispatch bom port Adelaide Curcur Mfrances permit ii k�2stw 1 Anglian me Mantle j monday september 25. for ueral to i. The Olga Bills of lading top Bibl return tickets interchangeable with ecu with Meacham & co. Proprietary limited and Howard Smith pc sons proprietary. Limited. In & j. Fowl Jar. I.tmttf.t-. Agents 60c Adelaide and Post Adelaide. West Australia. Joint weekly service. For the Cote Niece of shipper3 and passengers the and reigned have arranged to Bun the following steamers at regular intervals . Anglian. 1 monday sept 23. Vii. Half Iosue i monday. Oct. 2. Fax. Cabo. T won a oct. �. . Cools Abib. J monday oct. 16. And regularly every Hobday thereafter. Lowest fares and freights. Return tickets interchangeable. Huddart. Parker. & co. Props. Ltd. Mil Rarra. Mcneac Ziarn. & co. Proxy Ltd. We. Howard Smith it sons proxy. Ltd. Of ? Mac a. Tort Wakefield sipping Job a company. Re r port Wake Jeff a Kield Annie Watt fails Day Mph instant at o A. & e. Lemk Leigh port Adelaide. 202-3 drapery and clothing. Wilson brige and company one of the largest Imp outters of loves engaged in the retail Trade of South Australia. Our Well managed Glove department have opened their summer Stock. �100 Worth of Fohne s gloves. A newish made the beet in tie Icord. the kind you can put on your bands with the Assurance that they will fit you properly and give you excellent service the different makes arc registered and obtainable Only from mos my & company. Once you try them you will henceforth Wear no Olur. The Adeline kid Clove in assorted Shad of Taos and Browns with self stitched , it 1,11 pair is a real gout to govt for Eho Pfuno Aud or Dinay Wear Tor a Low Iiri cd kid Usu be there arc Dune better. The reliable kid Glove 1-Buucn, in fawns Tab and Browns Wiki or a Jacl by itching at 11 the Rittir Are Maile Rihl in every particular. The Milton 4 Button so Ede Lovlis in aborted Cavor Tolovi with either Ceil or Black Points Al 2. Ii Jair. These two Liaci you May search Laide through to equal and come a i a comply liar Edcil for they arc right in style fit Aud Luibli and very much belter in Quality Itan to Urainar run of gloves at this Low Price. Till Lasalle so Ulie 4-Builons, a Brauti Fult of of the highest e i ii a manufacture in Ore to Licavsi. Lauri and Diode with it lick to i Al Lite or Biak a out of the Best Quality. C can iii Kiy till your or Der in All izes at To the pair. The Valtoria 1-butu.n kid gloves in a keys Unixes tans ainu Bro is Deli Seii White or Blaik Iwine Price 3/11 the pair. Can lie relied on Tor highest Quality Best Tiyo a and in ar3ji Good service Lou and Jour Trieulua Isle in on them. The ire Witt is a 4-Binton f1rst a Lalith kid Glove in Utai ers modes Greys i an Ait Browns Wii ii to ill tar suit , or Black Points pril a 4,11 the pair. Each Lair . Lady s Glove in every by list Oluic Moid. An entirely a Button lady s so Ede Glove ill fawns modes and a Caver Colon Vilh Hie Ijmte i Tlygie of ency 6lilcliingi Price 4,11 air. A Lovely Quality As Sou As silk acid As As Eia tic. The a Onofia Buzon so Ede in Caver Grey Tan mul is own Skiados Wii ii either to or Hilti or iii ask Points Irue of to r Tair. Tins is Abdul us by the wry la a Quality Ciuc that au5iu--Tlijlul my of Udo t lad1ev 4-Imtton White kid gloves Vith of or Blaik Miu hings Price 2, 11, tiie same ? As oui will Kovin coloured Jet liable kid. Ladies White Castor Fel Ede Washin Glove the pair Tell so Dasilv Anu Well trial they require no describing. Lakucs 4-Butnn kid gloves with Biak in Jiunti at i. 11 inc pair arc distinctly m a and will undoubtedly and favor this the same Ricaut Ifill Quality Glove in Pink iii Grey rid Uilah either White or Black , a 11 pair. The Rai idly increasing Sale of Good Fabrio gloves makes it necessary to have a reliable Kurcz of Supply for obtaining inc right cuing As you require them. L be this department when you want Cood Fabic gloves. It will serve you o.c1ckly and Well. The Richt kind of fabric Glove and the newest la our egyptian suede Lisle Quality 1, m White Fawn Grey or drab with Sci or Black Points Price la the pair. Quality no. I egyptian suede usle in White Grey drab or Fawn Cost 1,6 the pair Lith of these qualities represent the highest of fabric Giovis a Peri etly made Glove that is a Delight and Comfort it a wearer while the Price is very moderate. Ladies 4-Button Fawn and drab net Lisle gloves Price pair. Ladies 4-Button White Lilac washing gloves in late and White Points Price 7id. Pair. Ladies. L so our Glove department if Vou like i by ing i Roii quilt in gloves. Wilson brige and company up paste lie Arcade in bundle St. Marshall s popular list of up to Date prices to suit ail ribbons. La the latest novelties. Fridge Edge. Picot Evige and Cord to Tjw ribbon in great variety wide Width 1.6. 1aud 1,11 per Rard. White and Cream faille ribbon very Rich Quality ii in. Wide 1/ per Yard. The newest narrow Draa up ribbons Black and colors. 1,3, 1 11, 2 i 2 11 toot per to in. Prey fancy millinery ribbons Lud. 1/, 1,3, 1,6, Viand ill or Yard. Sew Satin Rili hons in Tali it Frojm and Milors t in. Wide. Oil and cd. Ger Yard Oiler widths in Proi onion. Black reversible Sal iii Eil on. Oxler Ordinary value ii in. Wide 7\-l it Yard Ollir Widt if in proportion. Sew Miltine ribbons a sol candid Loid., 1/, 1/4 per Yard. Black while and Navy Aih Elsian beatings 4id and id. I a Yard. Marshall a great lace department. Always co jaded. Lakes. Facts. Laces. Hundreds of pattern s is bal Tofu in dress trimming lacks. 60 pcs. Rcv Brel Oono lace incl wide. Id. Yard. So pcs. Fey. Vol laces 3 Inch wide id. Yard. � pcs. Key Valenciennes Law 3 Inch wide Iid. Yard. 15 pcs. Fey Guipre lace j Inch wide 3d. Yang. At pcs. Fey Guipre 1-Ai-e. V Inch wide. Sid. Yard. Boat Tifful va1.enxn�, lace As Lundeb guar Kahly value. 72 Gross White Val. Lacs i Inch wide Lou. Dozen cards. 120 Gro i White Val. Lace 1 Inch wide 1/ dozen Yards 84 i miss White vol. Lace u Inch wide a � dozen cards. 7 Gross White Val. Lake Al Inch wide 1/11 dozen cards. A Beai Taftt. Ilat Brial. Sellin to cheap. 30 pcs. Rcv allover Loco insertion Cambric for blouses and fronts 27 Inch wide till Tor ill Yard. 40 a. Fey. Allover for blouses acc is each wide 5.11 Lor 2,6 Yard. Dress department. Spring an d summer fabric s. 5o0 yes. Coloured serfs. 3 3 dress length. oils. Fancy waved Isloel Atli o s dress is Earth a Ftp yes. Fancy checked in Lerial double Width 1, per Yard. S w yes. Lip lit Shielly s filk and Wool double Width in fan and Heliotrope fancies univ 1,3 per Yard. 500 yes. Fancy mercerized she and Wool material double Width 10 per Yard. 700 yes. Mis a Flake tweeds special value at i la Pel Yard. 5w yes. Cha tip mixtures All Wool. 1/11 per Yard. 700 yes. All Wool for Crecli voile in Navy Brown Fawn. Racy. Freen and Heliotrope double Width 1 19 per Yard. 500 yes. Fancy a Pis my mar wig lit and a Cir tonal Kcjr -2.s p r Yard. 0o yes. Coloured Mlan of. In Souble and Peci ally Good Wear. 2 per Yard. A 0 tvs. Coloured from a Poppins 5,11 per Vard. Coo yes. Melandre extra Quality 2 11 per Yard. .400 yes. Tench i oplinus very Rice goods All Wool. W Inch wide. Per Yard. 50n yes. La Suizu . Soft4iniied. Gra Erfu draping material. V in. Wide. M1 or Yard. Household linens. Sew table damask. 1 1/3. 1/6 Yard unto Huck towels 101d., 1 ,. 1 ? 3, 1 fica h n cd Hollands for dresses wide widths 101d., 1,1/6 re n a bleached Irish Lawn for blouses. 1/j1 Vard Swiss muslims sw., Lulu. 1. 1/3, 1,6 said sent slut wins Favl. Sid., Lold. Yard Plain Organ die Muslin very Fine texture. 1 6, i la Yard special. 50 Boot frilled muslims for curtains in we c and Cru. 1.3 Yard 30 boxes Beautiful coloured frilled Muslin tie latest no set wide Width 1.11 Yard men s and i3oys1 Straw hat department. Large and varied assortment men s and boys White Straw of Waters. Just arrived from Melbourne and so ency. Special reductions. Fine White Lyrl boaters twill bands 9d, 1 3, 1 g. 1,11. 2 i Fine Canton Straw Hau. Will bands 3d. 1/6, 2.11. S i. 4.11 splendid assortment of men s and boys fancy Straw boaters 12.u. 11. 3 0, 4.11 trimming department. Nov foties in fancy trimmings just to hand. A in. Cream Cotton fancy braid trimming3d Yard 3-in. Cream silk fancy braid trimming. M Vard White silk applique trim minor. 1 in. Wide 1 3 Yard i in. Fancy silk and Cord insertion Trina Niino All colors 4jd Yard 1-in. Plain Jet trimming of 1 i dozen Small Cut steel and slides up to Date fashion. 1 ii an ill dozen buttons the n or ii in paste. Plain. Glass and fancy Prest Glass dress buttons k1. I. I is. 1 la Aoh i fairy Cut Jet dress slides. 1 in. 4vj, � in. 1 i Famy Mother of Pear dress slides. 1 in. 0 d. I in. 1 i Chili ladies fancy Holt Clas Ris. In Silver and Silt ladies Jet and Silver and Gilt fancy Belt clasps. Nov de i is 1 ? Cadi a in. J Lai i White Olton a Shin draw Cord braid fld dozen tailoring department. Ii Toi enrol. New Sci tin is. Coatings. Skitges a jul n is and . The Kkt 1 Sac Tiu its to . Lk.m1ing ? in Grey or Fawn Melanie i Unes. In fancy or Plain melange. I in fam a summer iced 70. Great Vall k. Tailoring department. Continued. A Large and a cell selected assortment of Trou Sering. Ail a at Cencel and Typ to Date Vattes. To15, i , 21/, 23. To measure. Fit Ana style Guam anti to. For Good i Coful tweeds Ami Serges boys. I i. 1,-, i a single Width i ill 3 11, double Width. Boys clothing dept. Boys . Suits sizes a 1. 2., i wonderful value at ii 4,11, j 11. Boys Tweed knickers 1,11, 2,11, a 11 1.50u pairs to select Toru boys 3 Gai mint suits 12/0, 15,6, 17/6 Wasl Lilis blouses 111, in 2 i 3 i Sailor 1-Ioms, old id Iam cric an collars to Lod 1/, 1,3, 16, 1/uboj5 trousers mud vests 3/11. O ii 7 11 Serge Sailor suits 3/11, 4/11, 5,11 Portsmouth collars de 9d each. Mantle and costume departments. Ladies Pink Blue and Black and while striped nun blogs is. 2.11 Cadi ladies fancy Ami Floral Crepon Sibirt blouses,2,11 Aad j.11 ladies White spotted Muslin Garibaldi blouses. Trimmed Law 3.11 ladies 1 ick Ivlue and Black and White strip cd 1 Iwuc Coats and skins 5/11 ladies Fushimi Siulc pique Aud fancy Cambrico sluts &.11 and li.11 ladies stylish cloth and Serge coat and skirt costumes to j Aad 21. Ladies summer washing wrappers Cambric and Crell 1.11, 5.11, = a Juliio Nablo Lustre Dua cloaks 12 a ladies Solis i Gloria silk just cloaks a 2u. 0, 35j ladies stylish co Ali cams Plain and braided 12. A 15.it. 21/ ladies fashionable Black lace mantics trimmed ii . 5. Ladies stylish washing Roros to be worn with jackets 1,11, 2 11, a/11 children s fancy and Floral Cambric and Muslin co suanes i. 11, 4.11, , to 11maids fasl unable Tialii coat and skirt a Tuines 2l. 2-j/b, u5 ladies St Loii White l Sjue coat and skirt cos Tumes Toad i ladies fashionable Black and coloured cloth cycling skins 4, 11, i us la underclothing dept. Ladies summer washing skirts. 3 a 4/11 0.11, Tach Lauie stylish White petticoats trimmed lace and co Rodery a. Ii 0/11, 6, 11, 10,11ladies summer ribbed Cotton Lucr Viste. 3d., 6d., ad., ad., 1/, ladies Brown Holland cooking aprons 1/. To l11, 2,u i ladies stylish White Muslin aprons embroidered 1. A i 1,11. 2.11 ladies perfect fitting corsets Fawn Grev and own Tju. 2,11. 3/11, 4,11 children s White Nain Sook Pinafore. Trimmed , 1,11, 2,11, 3,11 Kew summer bloomers and vivid cd skirts 3/u. 4.-11, 0.11, 6-11, 7/11, a a children s co Witeny ctr Pic Cashmere Pelias a and tunics us 10,�. Liu 15,u children s i Retty White f ique Pelissey and tunics trimmed embroidery of Syll 10, a j iii Loren s Styli Sli Sun Hau and bonnets White. Embroidered 1/11. A. 11, 3.11, 4,11 ladies fancy and flank Cambric Garden sub bonnets 1, each in faints very a Recty credit far few hats and. Duds 4. 11, a ii 0,11,.5/lvw/a ladies hosiery dept. Ladies Plain Black Fash Marc Rosc Ull Wool. Seamless Eccl la id., 1/ per i air Lasics twin Fine summer to eight Plain Black Tea Siemere Liose 26 Aud 2/11 i or pair ladies 1 lain Black Lisle Liose , 1,11 per air Laudics Black lace Lisle Rosc English manufacture last Dye 1. 1.8, 1-h, and i per pair Fine summer weight Lilac k cae Limcac Louse pm Brodic cd fonts 2and 2, 11 per i air Tuc of Montus ma3-x fact Rera samples in All clas.-5es of i a Oskry. Now Selling at prices. Splendid designs in Ambroi dared Cashmere Lloyc j 1. 1.3, 1,0, and 1/11 incr pair i ladies spun silk lace hosiery in All the newest tints for Cenin Wear 4/11 Lisle thread do., lace Ankles 1/11 Cotton do., 1 4 per i air women s Black Itil bed Hose Cali Marc finish headless Icet t1-1. And Loid. Per pair indies do., wide Ribe Sid. Or pair ladies Biak Cash Marc ribbed Lloyc All Wool seamless Leci 1. Special. Children s Tan and Cream lace Cashmere three Quarter Hose 1/ per to air children s Bill lace Cashmere socks pm Bruit Rcd tints All fizz a Jid. Per pair Haberdashery and Small wares. Novelties Anu links by Lve Liv mail. Tile co a skin weight. Cyclist skirts kit Down effectually wit Lieut Inco veni i Clio a this Sii i be invention. Kudo in n also a skill Quot Cicior. The leather Fate i re Genii friction of tue shoes cd. Cath the butterick fear skirt us Pierter Alao ii Olds tic Waist in r 1, each flip 1 Omi Hildour comb to much worn in Ems from 1 each newest in we velveteen skirt bind inns id. Ard also Mupi nent of Amazon Waleri roof Cord a in Ikirt i acing. In. Vard Drof Anker s i ins i a. I Black Ball mending ool. 2d., m., 4m and 5io. Lall Neu uni i in Oll to crewel Silks. 1/ i own Shai cd Arras be Jii i macrame twines. Small a Diamol leat11kks. Luil. My 1-� i be dozen. Toliese were bought Job in London hence i Ali Evv Low Pricert. Liiro Ziff Jujic Silver Nii Melcs Ako Iwu Glit Jiu in Loudon cd. And 1 ii Cadi astonish Liuigi or Levi grip and Warren s hos Sun orters in Wijdi s. Child Riu Jini maid with or Wilh n a shipment Hom Tox and Point lace brands. Also in edgings and collars. Furniture at Marshall s. It is with extreme pleasure that messes. James Marsha 11 direct attention of buyers 10 Home particularly High Glass f its 2ti t u 2,�, which they have this wee s opened irom the a knowl decl test manufacturers of Europe. Exclusive quaint artistic of Sterling excellence a construction and finish. These original de signs Are on View in our War Anouse ice Bare a51 beat incl bed ooh suites. Bedsteads of design and construction positively to Australia and Only obtainable irom us. I ing Kroom suites. Departures from the beaten track creations absolutely. Abreast of the times ahead of Competition. For something in household decorations and appointments visit , s. We have some elaborate and Dainty furniture of the very latest styx jobs. These goods Are undoubtedly the first of their kind introduced to South Australia. Ladies appreciating distinctly exclusive designs should visit Marshall s show. White enamelled fuck Nitske Ament lax. We have just unpacked a. Very comprehensive assortment of latest novelties in this charming furniture which has acquired such extra Ordinary popularity in All american Ana English cities. In addition to the wonderful Range of valuable Art pub nttltb.s1 our Gigantic Stock of Good medium household appointments Well seasoned honestly made at moderate prices invites inspection and keenest comparison. i. a . Jig Fob i ii Eai without doubt or question the leading and largest establishment manufacturers cabinetmakers upholsterers and de signers not merely vendors. O drapery and cloth am. % 90 and 22, Hindley St. Summer novelties by mail. Stea3i- u this week. Showroom goods. Summer hols i a grand variety Littig White Urx hloi., trimmed lace insertion Iron veil newest 6 6 to 13/b coloured blouses neat , spots and checks in French Cambric a 4 6, 6/6, 6/9, 7/6, 8/ti Dressy Loles in coloured figured French muslims tucked frilled and lace trimmed 23/6 and 25/6 is . Blog uses a Large selection in Al vices and Pongee Silks Vest , latest designs in White pique Aud embroidered muslims. and lace Hatles. ? Viloice and High class Foli eld Kelv ladies. Nov elites in ilk and lace capes for Young Lidie from one to live guineas. Coats Aud skirts. A iii Stock in Ulack and lv.-t11es, Kik lined Cost Liyim 59/ Light weigh cloths and tweeds from 35/6 Navy so Corgi braided at 296 White pile Coats and skirts from 27/6 Holland do. Do., braided from 32/6 coloured Muslin and Grexa disk Mes Over coloured Silks Black troche and peal de some silk costumes Wostl me 8kiuts Only in pique hol land Lustre Grenadine and Black Silks. Latest shapes in Sailor hats in Al qualities from 2/11 to 10/6 French Mill Raery Boxx ets to Cep and hats. A second ship next of sunshades and parasols. Tuc very latest Anil to i exclusive styles have just been received. A unusually Large we Epieh Black and White dress and Blouse Silks in great variety from 3/6 Yard to jetties in Blouse Silks in single Tyuse lengths coloured Olaoye Silks am Liadis handsome Ulack kill trl Perez Prev adige. Very super a striped taffeta bloc sucks very special. 1/11 Yard White China and Japan Silks 1 2 1/5, 1 9. 1/11 27 in., very Best qua Lity 4/9 Yard. Of Bench wove Bress goods. In the Grev shades. Silk and Wool voiles silk and Wool Canvas French Cashmere prey n eur Rose and Spur Blu a Black and White checks summer weights Black dress a materials in the makes Black poplin Alixes Black silk and Wool Grexa dines Black silk and Wool Canvas single Robe lengths in Black silk reps Black striped and spot Grena dines dress Aad Boitse Heliks. Another grand selection just unpacked. A White spot White lace stripes White tucked and embroidered muslims Black and White muslims White and Black muslims Choice unmade Muslin Robes Ace department. White and Cream Guipre laces bitter and beige Guipre laces novelties in trimming lacks Valenciennes is. All Widalis a assortment of the White washing belts. Anderson a 20acd32, Windley St. 257c unprecedented millinery Foale s. This it. Untrimmed 1. Mis Itai iii Titu z 11. % Shierlaw & co. New shipments of boys & youths clothing. A Large Stock of it arabic and useful clot big to select from. Trousers suits 13/6. 15/6, 17/6, 19/6 Serge Sailor ii 5/u. 6/9, 7/6 2-Carment suits 4/11, 5/3, 6 9, 8/6 Send Illus tried Price list. Post Fres. Alf immense Stock of get fashionable White Stra in hath Kew shipments of hats and cats at lowest prices. 10 and 18, is bal Ley St. 10cxl3c diapers peint1noexecuted on the shortest notice Aad on Liberal terms at the ave bal or Job office. Drapery and clothing. Pen Adelaide corsets. Sole importers and a Obi Siors Charles Birks & go. The maniac taters of Uiese Well known corsets have placed their exclusive Salk with cables Birks & co. They Are unrivalled or value and give great satisfaction to ladies who Hare tried them. They can be had in the following qualities and in All sizes we Adelaide corsets Quality 5. Grey. A Quality 10, Cream Foj / j a Quality 15, Cream. Qaq jollity so Cream o a Quality 25, White Fly Quality 30, Grey. \q1q belted Quality 97, Black. J 2. /6 Quality to White Canvas. J a also it special Quality of belted Queen Adelaide corsets beat Greenland whalebone Quality egg Grey or White to Quality Row. Black o7/q the following makes of corsets also kept in Stock in various qualities and All sizes izod s a Thomson a by Hington s & p.d., &c.,&c&a Charles Birks & go. Largest Corset warehouse do the City. ? ? ? g57c my bros., Birli Figoti. House have received by the Steamer additional lab Essip ment Sof the latest and most fa6i0nable goods and novelties ? ?. Foe in Kimi weak inc Huung Coats and skirts Rich silk mantles Chiffon and Jet shoulder capes Fawn and gee cloth capes French Cambric shirt blouses French and English . Neey hats ladies Straw hats fancy shapes ladies Sailor hats styles. Further shipments or hew Black and White sunshades Collar ettes. Ficus smart scarfs Keck finishes a the latest Blouse and Tiu mtg Silks including a further Supply of Click and while Glace Silks the printed Cotton foulard i Kench camb bics Blue a bound sateen Vruth Wuite Peist Ings piques. By the mail Steamer Arcadia we have received some very Choice exclusive styles in dress fabrics in which silk and Wool Are blended by a method producing very Rich effects for Spring dresses. Also a further Supply of Kovel French muslims printed foulard effects f�e2-ch my skins. Floral Moose lines Sile sateen japanese Sile fabrics. And a variety of other materials for Spring dresses of the latest and lost popular character. The most Correct materials for Coats and skirts. Repps Poppins ssidn%h5e? Black materials of Weaver stylish effects in French grenadines. Patterns of materials posted on application to Martin bros., Burlington House. Ulip Tiah Bazaar Frundle Street. A genuine clearance Sale of baby Linen underclothing Milu Nerr. And All fancy goods at greatly seduced prices previous to to building premises. Plebe note that during alterations bu6inss trill be carried on at 75, bundle Street next to ate Are. K and Xiv. Blackett. Leeds Mei 207-97 general merchandise. On Sale and to Iron Jrsn Vanir hire a bags pier Iron in Arbyl wire lieu no a a screws Wiro no ruins Comsat Lvi Siptle Zino Isth d Dropp to Jot Tor Oil nails Iron four. L osts Oil Staves is por phosphate Jylli Ina iii faint strychnine lilo miss a. Murillian Ullins a a izod Iron ave guano injun filine of Jint sins to incs i iii iary a Semper Dulcia woo Pavla Willrd oals j the coliseum. 1 Rasmon s latest i elites. Lao Chi i on scarfs. Spring neckwear very styx so goods we Are showing Chiffon scarfs in Cream with at 1/11 each. Lace Rovreit l/6ecli Are a Bee Tive and pretty. Cambric sets with embroidered edges 4/11 a set Are Selling freely. Coloured silk 1 sunshades. I High Grade goods oertain1.y Owra Aab a High priced. It is prices an very a Deate. Of i to olo Rcd by Shade at 3/g is a Marvel of cheapness. In Ute Buta novelties laces. New goods . Onnatal Las in Cream White and tet Tain let up to a ii Yard Are Orui seeing while in Guipre la i assortment has never been shown. Dainty Batten in Gutov insertions from 3jd per Yard Are also to be seen. Ladies kid go 0 ves. A offering grand value in 1b 3 u. White kid gloves with White Eti Tehin at mra iii pc flip wearers. Delicate Shade in suede at sol and 4per ass i Grey Fri Inch repps. Pool materiais.-grey8 Are very maw after this season. French Keps in a Nades of Etc Doss 4/6 per Yard Are real bargains at the Price and 1 1 1 i ill Imi iii oot very fast lost effective goods for Spring Wem to iT3 co los e do French Cashmere. All Wool Cashmere in fawns. All the leading shades from a Altos lev is the Arvak we would draw Pees onti0bis3s goods. Tto values not die Best Row a 9 i dress j materials. All the newest cloths in Fa-wss.iab3bhannd other stylish colourings Are open. We Anat Rihm i splendid line in 42-in, cloth at 8/11 the dress. ? m ? t Shlit in Greys and Fawn at lire the dress Are very note ? j printed Cambric. Ask to see our Best French Nambe toss a per Yard. The patterns Are exclusively our own. Waj�fcih33 value inset aued. O33 in. Printed cute Ulsess Saint 5id per Yard is marvellously cheap and Well Worth eeb Orin coloured roman satins. These goods Are in great &e9ealh%3bliil value we offer is exceptional. Toe very Best Quality to Tufili Fiji ill Stock and the priced per Yard. Every Fili iii Mizii Tii a Iissa i few battens Linen Ettea Aad All the newest linings an afar Musi ? ?. ? White dress muslims. I this is to be Abig Muslin season. Braf gym i stripes at 4id per Yard and at pm and 8jd, Areej red Vaubie a Atyinn Ini Nfn in infill Niu Ilii my fim ii be had from 10w up to Mil per Yard. We also show of creams and colors. L i sprig White i lace curtains. New shipments. New pattern it oaf bet a Range of prices trom 2/u to 29,% per pair. Swiss Carta Sib Kef a Knees have also just come to hand. Hii Nilli Tlell iii Kimii Libr Oriental silk curtain Are amongst the assortment. A Pine and i Cream flannel ties. Special values in these goods Jiaw is a arrived. Onr33-in twill in Cream White and knit pm dozen is Well Worth 5$d. Per Yard. 33 and Stan. ettes from 5m to sad per Yard All exceptionally cheap. It a pure White Cali Coes. Very special value in Cali Coes Jyh ill offered. Our 36-in. Poro cloth at 4/6 the dozen u i Jieri of known to Many of our customers. Those who have it by Tina jts i should ask to sea Titis cloth. A full Range of Tinl i twin Ujj Crewdson s have just arrived. -. To a curtain m u s Lins. All the newest Swiss muslims am to wow Lwe Are offering line in White and Cream at Wajd iii in better goods some very pretty patterns Are to hand �wb8 should be secured Early. %1%�sm clothing foe i Mem and boys. ? Spring suits to suit All p0rshb. Butew suit we sell is puts Wool and All Wool and tin on Fadipe that every buyer has a fit. To t ? Mil i a. Lill Frlj to some very pretty aty Laa at Price. \ a a by men s i Spring underwear j All the Spring garments have Naaem hand. Light Wei pets in pore Wool shirts and pants he in a prices. Special value is offered in men s eau Faoa sift go less Merino doable heels and toes ats Dpn pair am.jujji5usjgn men s and i boys straws. I hundreds of men s and a Khz Joje a straws of All descriptions. Our value in these a become talons. We Are showing an extensive Range i sub go styles. ?. Frai the Coli sex a 16 and 18, Rundle Street. Y 3isbm horses carriages a under Tiu tic Adine in Pili Kubuj is words one ? in Saruon 1/ three insertions g/6. ? abbots n Aggon Lacfi Coal boxes. Mamie exp Sao i a nulls Spring arts Vnye Levavy and us tit horses l sonics a do script Uon of Hanie a Siddle bridles traps on hire Troy s porec Bazaar gales Arcade Cir first. ? Guffim Ala Uuk assortment of Spring Drais expresses abbots Waco Netles Eom but pics. I Uii carts 1 awful ils i Pitons Lurnis Bue is hanios., a addle Bridges. A ores and tonics Willi Riviau trails of every dec Inuos in Uriu. Old it i Ylli Anrod Loloi its and traps to i it or Trai let Xvi Eliout Lioi pcs. Won t forget to inspect. Cheapest Plai a in Adelaide w. 1-x Rywak i co., -.-, a Nouth St and 17, Cupric St. 1-Jlat Lisle i in lag. ? 361z abbots Mamie backboards expresses i Lutc Lons Amicus Judie rays Spring iii id heavy dray4 troies in a Russ of a descriptions in Stock reliable Busey t sonics and Hortes with trials Lor Sale or hire at 5/ Dally. The Boru i ave Clai bought under Axce Pruonal i cum i incas and to Lieselore Are being sacrificed toccata invited. & so 79 73, 5, critic Street. By i iii 15.1 god a for. An liar Neas to anti. Quiet. Apply Teddy Koral Uil will pics. Way Mutli is. ? by Mora food a Liere suit Hawker 50. Amsl sell. Kana a Baker -. 153. Liroi us horse Marneca. A 2 tip lop Bakers cans �13 and a Spring Dray ice Wood Dray i 150 horses and traps of Day. W. \yaple3, criterion stables. ? s.m-c6 cattle. The Bradbury Universal Catt Urence the Best surest Medicine or cattle. Harris scare. I co. ? 123aivf 31 for kale Small Len rec or Mialik suit old couple i Cap trial. Apply Frnklin la ? for fair Pood Sprinc Wanton almost Carr Lour tons or Exclia pre for or other Stoik. Apply la in quell Yicloria-si., t Rafikh to ten Nimitr. ? t7jor see. New and secondhand traps pane Ujj tons Wagg Nettei. All iinds of Trumpl made to order. Cox & wit Erick Way Morith St. Fok kale Spring Drav hairy ton chaff Cutter no. 7 bags Liaw juice children s Pony. R. O. . Port. �61-3 or Sale �7. Spring Dray horse. 6 care. Oroumi. By Danu Hert any trial. White Hart he of. L eco St. ? so fast Grey Tony trap and harness for �20bicvl-le taken As part Pax Raml. Ueo. Craig .1. Kab hic Ai. ? 261-4 horses infested Wiki Worms. Bradbury worm Equino in fallible. Double work bait feed grand condition. Harris. Scare. Air f Ixo Kinder Bugg for Sale Zirli or i without i a Hood very smart turnout bargain. W. Kli Rogrs it. ? 361-3 proxy in a sturdy and stylish suit lady trial thoroughly broken go anywhere in aug live. W. Bright Jil Berlon. 2ss-9.b5 Povy turnout to ii tended order very quiet suit Cli Ildron Tor Sale cheap. X.k., care of it. O. Evans. Port Adelaide. 361-3 All Shetland i onies together or be Parau Limey Slone tip Dray. 3 sets buggy har Ping drive horse and harness for Sale to Kether or Parasc. Trevail dutuud., . Near Wailan Orth Tram. ? 2$l-i 1r shapely horses and ponies direct from i lined i private Sale some prize takers express us dog cart. �7 1j Spring dry a hirer Stockl must eel. -ja�1er Lime Coy. Raymo Iilah it. -s toachjjuildll\0 inspection invited to our Laboe Stock of and secondhand vehicles Fob Bale very cheap. On easy Tinaa if required. Secondhand vehicles taken in Exchange Erti Matea Given for repairs. Write for Nhut nud catalogue and Fric clients. Clarke bios. Four Ilia to c19eiwio�5 Here Carriage my Duncan Frasell ?6. Ato tat. Juie Lawe a i Mita foe if Fuafua we can sat Afy Yon. ? i . L my Kkt . A secondhand Burgim taken in sex Taafe my. Bobber urea or Camus and Buenie Sia is qualified astir faction try them. By paid a Jug. Sig Nai Tuic Well done at Modura Teet wb�t3kat.-sm by Werft cold proc ebb. Lie is of Amaleka cd irom 31 per wheel. Atabai John Reid & co -1 to vast so Abb Isof bombs i coach Bolij bus. To a 42, Waymouth St Adehl a Boe show of vkhkjle8. J she terse St Stock in Adelaide to dam Staak 9bt-t Tehina. Trefy lm1ano�ri1au�-� Ston Tutaya. 100 Tea at Lamew Sadt Girtin a a to , Vuk�j74 Buot to order and old cola taken m exc Haac. A -4aaa . Is sett a business Hof Aeo. ? j 00mpob0iiet% w arc this Siz � 41tend or Birski Chuwer. Swim

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