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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 14 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 14, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping messa6ebies Masities Stefam ships under Hail font Bax Frith the Renc Hooters. Adelaide to London rat Maie Felle Ashlag at Albany Bey Belles Aden fines and port Adelaide to London its Days. . Tto Oom Uander. Leave Ade Ulde you and i 98 f. Fiasco . Sit oct. 1 Fultn e2bil. Boulard . Wed nov. Al Abs and cubic h4sb a. Poy Denot . Sab., Deo. 8 Aro Maum. 8 2&q. Didier. . Aton m Jan. 2, s3 Ocean a. 141981 f. Fiat by . ?., Mach 3 Baliag or Jasa in Jude wus scr aus at mean. Nooss orb blab Sioum Marselles to los Dosi tossed Here tourney u hours Only. The company ii to Ebeier Tei will to company through passengers my Maneule to Paris and London. Luggage Oon toyed re by Steamer from Marselles to Londo. By two Steward. Mho now carried. Iongi ticket Tomar aies from �20 to ass. Be torn from �84 to 106. To accommodation unequalled. Vim Art included in Rana. Is Wini iii an booked through to Mauritius a tenon. And South of bios Vul sey Heues. Rasse Gers booked to Bombay via Kobb Moheb to Brandi be from Aden. Taboo booked through to Havre Genoa Antwerp. Pm nuts Hamburg Bordeaux and London. Tor ran or Taonan apply to 8228w510 a bother. P. & S. N. Co. Under cyal Man font Root will i Patch he fou own tag by Sinen Lor London calling at Albany Colombo. Aden bin disc Malta qu3ral Iab sad ply Mot in Miami isl in?.i of Munti. 1 i Java i 4748 r. Aah Down sept. U Rabb Amaha m Harris sept. S8 Mso Fraser oof is a Briannia _ szs7 b. O. Murray Boob. So t3arthaoe Bdl in de Home nov. 9 to Tobia _8268 . Adamson nov. S3 Oceana 636 e. Stewart Deo. 7 Nadia bsc2w.randrews.bji3. Deo. Is Oak -&646a. B. Danu Una. 4 Una and beyond Saloon set Means allowed to task the journey at Tator mediate ports. Cabins Ssan til on special terms. u ism is durum the Steak passenger season. Passages from England can be arranged Here. B the second Saloon the arrangements Haye been reorganised the offered ba3sb or pass Job Mont. To Long non first Saloon _ no to �70 bolts a Porto do. _. Pm to �65 cd London in second Batoon. Cwto�s7 Cobau aporia do. Cboto�3s in in fininis Fin iii get Joeus reserved unto s pan. In the monday and pm Dubi till noon on fee tuesday prior to Steamer is Montre. I h?ndboolrjarj4 an Tal Ormason apply m Al dub Smith it co. Tom pm axe nov ?888a5we of text line of Royal mail steamers. The following Royal Man steamship be tanning to the Orient and pad to companies will Imp Adelaide semaphore at 12 noon on the Modem motioned dates for Plymouth and lao Dan via Albany w Colombo sues canal Naples Sod Botamer. Toas. Norn Mattw. Date. Gnu 5,60 ,b a sept Jaq inapt _ 624 f. M. Take out. 6 ouzo _ 8,916 j. V. Anderson oat 19 orm _ 7,000 nov. S ii us 6,. Tom Tutti Boyal mail to Tah Tut Foft Itaw in inn a the ctn Flea bulb. Mabipo3a will leave Sydney of Ocer Hestor at Okland Honor dec. And Bab Bandoo. Dawn Fri booked to though to the pal Nind ports Al Asar Fraind great Britain. A Rcv subs Man of the Abov tool Prysny to nala Isab Edasol of Eam cat ill sew Kab 2 Mit Muoma. Ports we a Matt not Iwa Bapa a via hol it. Hac Boto via we Langton a Xvi Tisev septem tier 13.mbbxhkez _ Anat. Vis Shah september 82. For rates of freight and passage apply by Bic . A do Talasian United steam Nayi Sazion company. Looted. Pass of snood cargo brio kid St through rates Fri a a i and fijian Ponxs souk a and new Heb Bode Ibe Arlah lil by irm hip company s steamers run in with the above company s Fleet am a at Melbourne or Sydney. Cargo also takes by the 8.8. Kab Weera. Cargo Reod Ved fat a yams. Through of we a Sage Tori am in of w Paw? Brothers Adelaide and pert. A Annc to to a team to Sydney via Tal Dii Al Roo and Post Rne Tamer Kab Aneesa a tons. Oaptar blown we Sau from part Adelaide ical Hok at Wallaroo and port Pirle Tor Sedacy and Newcastle on wednesday september 14,�55 or o., a Burato for an Queensland plan new zealand and Otter port. Gab Harrold brothels. Foksa of ton. Tends Streak. And denial Bay Ibi Keln Derry win Taa for the above forts at noon on saturday 17th i Sti. For freight or passage no pay har old boo thees town and port. 253.6,6,601 by Atoot Jota a Ibex. So. A Elsie loading Bale Eari. B. Honey Moll Titow Yard. Port and town. Of. Job Abd Bossa n. flee twang to Stansbury every the Bedat and saturday at 8 an. From 3t? of corp every monday and Friday at 11 . To port Vincent every tuesday at 8 Etc Ming same Day. Leave no at 4 80 . Aalto a. Umess Dieb. Secretary. Nob my Nindie 4nd wiuoanni4 ? Biver Steamer will leave hurray bring for above places Yatung at intermediate ports on monday 19th lost j for farther a. T Cullis apply to of a Geo Ferguson & co. Port Adelaide. Plants seed debt Gold Tripoli Bush pkg. Marrow. Steel s selected Telegraph Coomber Lajpat orb Tomato table Queen it Notum Tolon Teer is up Hokeii. Foe Booe Squash. Is. Packet. Banana my me on. I packet. Jordan s Grey Monarch Watermelon is jacket. The foe goods annual Poinsettia is. 6d, packet e. & w. Hackett seeds Rev rub Seymen fat it. Rundle Streez Adelaide. �. Is Bai Ping. Tbs Adelaide steamship company la rms will dispatch their steamships As under for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping Lorao Queensland ports. . Adelaide _ i Sau Rdv i sept. 17 i 2.15 . 8.8. Inna Winoka saturday sept. 24 2.16 . West australian service. For Albany Tod be Manck. Tran shipping to All Northern pobi3. 6.8. Albany tuesday sept. 2014 . Cargo received till 4 . Previous Day. Southeast service. For Kingston Robe be chop to and Hao Donnell Bay. 8.8. Franklin _ _ 1 sept 20 j 2 . Cargo received Oil 11 a in. Western Bays service. Fob Post Eluston Streaky. Venus and polkas 8 a is. . Lubra _ _ saturday sit. 24 0 . Spencer s Gulf services. Fob foot Lincoln. Moot to Wallaroo. And Fra Kun , calling at Tummy Bat this Trp. Sj3. Febber Tut Day sept. 20 3p.m cargo received Tell 11 for ports at Ousta. Pirik. And Verhein. As. Invest Gator. Sator Tay set 17 o . Cargo received till 1 . John Turnbull Secretary. ��3iuao Carrie Chambers. Currie Street Adelaide. I a Bic companies. Ill land and investment company la Iund. The Twenty second Ordinary general meeting of thank holders will be be mouth Streec on Friday the soc september at 3 o clock in the afternoon Lor the put pose o receiving the balance Sheet and report for a bal year ending sin August electing two direction in Platoe of the Hod. Jno. Ctr j pand g. P. D Molotte. Feq., j p., who retire by rot lion Bat Are eligible for a Etc tied alga appointing two auditors and firing the remuneration of the auditors for the put half year and Twansa Aing any other business which May be brought Forward As Sbar bolder intending to propose a candidate for the office of director is retd red co leave Node in writing of such intention with the Secretary fourteen dear Daje before the Day of election. The trawler books will be deed from the 27th to 30th september too tire. By order of the Board Charles n. Collison 2tb 9 72 Secretary. A in Shickk ask bios and Silver mining company Lauteo. In liquidation. Notice is hereby Given that All claims against this company must be Reno eted to As at advertiser Chambers sing a spam Street Adelaide on or before the Suth a of Bette bbb 1892, otherwise they will be excluded from Partick Attan in any dividend which May be declared. A d. Handyside "1 w. B Boun Serveul liquidators. J. C f. Johnson. J advertiser cd Muse Adelalde september 18.1892. 25-9 Mee Brilliant extended Gold Minim x company. To liability. Notice b hereby Given that a tenth Call of i per share on ail contributing shares numbered 56.001 to 76.000 inclusive is due and Oay Aole to the manager at the registered office of the company Noe. 18 and 19, Ware Chambers sing Wiliam Street Adelaide on or before wednesday the fourteenth Day of september 1892. All shares upon which the Call remains unpaid on that Date will be liable to forfeiture. All country cheques Cust have Exchange added Leo. A Fiaux a manager. Adeside september 6. 1898. 258-3.8 i he Bock Talb Freehold Gold us nine x company no liability. Notice a hereby Given that the director have made a Call the Devento of per share on shares 5.001 to in Mem and Moat be paid at the registered Otoe of the company Universal Boi using Grenfell Ettelt Adelaide on or before the ugh september 1882. . Manager. August 23,1852. In emitting Call exec canes to be added to inter of finial cheques and progressive numbers riven. 885.43.51.8 or Abb mount Malvern Silver mining m. Company no lab Muir. Notice is hereby Given that a Friall no. 6 at two Sut Lukus am Biff bks 2a. 6d. Per share on shares to. 1 to 1,290 Indi Ife Haa us Day seen made by the Al Ireton and must be paid at the begun ted office of tils company widows fat Batu age get Fen Street Adelaide on or Bottore uth Day of september 1592. Adelaide. An gusts isb3 by order of the Board 245-6,68 Geo ski Lake. Legal manager. Of be muck Bosun veto Gold j. Mai Ike Ooi Paky no liability. Notice is hereby give that a meeting of the allot Les of Sha is in the above company Mil be held in the to a Hail building Adelaide on wednesday uth imt., at 8.80 no. Lor the Pur pose of ageing to Boies for toe Hwn sement and in Rimes of the Abo c company and to elect directors the not. A sad Dfcia 2nd Day of september 1892. Vinrace Law Bank Hanayer. Fagle Chun Bera Pirir Streec a teide. 247,68 rrb Edi Acaba Consols Silva or musing x company to i Abiley. Notice 5? hereby Given that an extra Obi Naby general Meeyung of die above named company will be held in the arbitration Boom Exchange Plurie Street Adelaide on Friday the Toth Flay of september. 3892. At s o clock ., for the Pirp oreo Par air Tate following resale Tiodos 1. That the a Niacar of noels Silver Huting company no liability be wound of voluntarily and the directors be appointed liquid tors to Herrif. 2. That a new company be formed to be Rausi Ibe hew a Viacara co Sou 81, my Ruder Xheva a companies act Issi a a co a to company Widt nominal a pm of �bu.rm. Divided into 25.000 he re of �1 each Soch Ehrea to be to Aoel As paid tip to one Pound a share. 3 that every Bejre Holder in the Edl Cra Consols Silver mining company to Ltd Billy shall be eur Tea to one Hue in the new ii act Romols Silver mining company no liability for each Chan held by him in the Edi Oais console Silver mining company no liability upon App big for same All the office of the Eduara Consols Stiver Ito engr company no Zubil to on or before the uth Day of october 1892, and upon payment of the am of to Spence a share application . 4. That any Cha Holder la the Edia Oara Consols Slorer mining company to liability not applying Tor share in the new Edia Oara Consols Silver mining company to liability As aforesaid and paying the application fee of sixpence a share on or before the october. I�b2, Abell Torrao Bis right to any Barea to which be would have been anti led bad he duly applied for same and All a dub share not so applied for As Afore said shall after the uth Day of october 1892, be the so Solace property of the St Edl ears Consols Silver mining company no liability to be dealt with a May Here ctr be deter mined by the be Edi Acara Consols Silver mining comp and. Noli acuity. 5. That the whole of the assets and debts of the Edi Acara Consols Silver a fining company no liability be bans red to the new a Viacara Consols Silver mining company no liability As the consideration for the Issue of each shares a id up to �1 a share a aforesaid to theohare Bolderson the Daianara console Silver mining company no liability. 6. That the liquidators of the Edi cars Consols Silver mining company no liability Are hereby empowered to carry on the badness of the Camii company the incorporation of the new e Cua Consols Edver mining company no liability and Alao to do All Ench acts and thing As May be necessary to the aware eld resolutions or by of Fatm. Daed at Adelaide this 9th Day of settember twi. W e Dalton manager of tie Edi Acara Oao sols Silver mining company no liability. books of the comp by ill be closed Horn Friday. The Souid a of september. Is haul proxies my be lodged with the of tanager on or Bottore the 29ih Day of september.189 258.65 Legal notices. E William Connor to the property act of 1860, notice is Here in Given that All creditors and other Persona having any claims a Btu Wesr the of i Iam Omoor lat of Adelaide out or Biu iness who dil on the 4 Twenty Evoid Day of december last and whose Wal has been proved in Ibe supreme Urt by Babert Welt of . One of the executor appointed by the said will Are required to sed in want iii on or Oetner Jii Olst Day of october next to Ibe nude run a William Dearman solicitor or the raid Foj Kaler. Their names and address and Kuli Patti Culbas or to a Oia Inu. A to which Date the Sid executor ill be at Liberty to distribute the Asau of the and dec rated Amo orb r Vernoni Tui g a claims a gait me estate of Sarah he on or before the 31at Day of october next a cer which Date the of tutors of one will of the said Doe and Wilt Dis tribute the assets of the said dec aged amongst the parties entitled hereto having regard to the claims ? of which they shall then an bad notice. Ditto this 12th Day of september 1892. George Francis Mich ill solicitor Lor the executor. 368,40,3. �0, Ircy Moath Trees Adelaide. Biu Ping of be Howard Smith line. New service. Further reduction of passenger fares. Fore Saloon. Return. Cabin. To Melbourne Llo 0 �2 10 0 co 16 0 Sidney _ 8 0 0 600 160 freights at lowest Bates. Without transhipment to Brisbane. For Melbourne and v Sydney a Bis no Maryborough Rockhampton . D e b w e n to Mackay tuesday september 20. Townsville i2.lfip.rn. Geraldton 8.8. B o d o n d Cairns tuesday september 27, port Douglas 12.16 . Cooktown thursday is d. No Brakton for ports Pixie Ermein and Augusta. . Derwent wednesday september u noon Tate cheapest and most convenient route to broken Hill. Saloon beam. Varea Abio. To Pirie Loo �1 16 0 �0 1 0 to Augusta. 110 0 210 o 100 from Smith and Cave s Wurf. Fore win Pas Engen Are end plied iii food and bedding free. Full Partie ulat on Pabli Patlon to v. E. Cave & of agent. Ore fell etre Eti Adelaide 228inao Larson Street port Ade Ulde. Conveyances and livery notices. Thu Phon 160. H. Graves and co., railway and general carriers. Custom House and to Bardin agents to All Imuta of the a Tullan colonies. Goods received foe storage. Special attention Given to the collection of Pas eeneu8 Luggage for shipment or otherwise. Having made special arrangements Wita the steam ship companies our men Board All team a on arrival at Largs Bay semaphore and port Adelaide for die conveyance of parcels and Luggage to any part of the Colony. Head office39, Currie Street. Al Epson Street port Adelaide branches i Good sued North Terrace. Port Arrau in. F Shortland & sons Sydney. Too Niamat a Broadbent brae., Melbourne. Bent?fo1 Llie Leav not Brown. Adelaide port v Pirie. And broken am. Set Tao Hoota and shoes. Ball season. A splendid Assoc then of la dub and gentlemen b evening and dress bhoe3 just to hand and eol Toa for she season. 6auies Satin Shoeb. A colors from 5/6 pet Palt. Brandon s shoe warehouse trundle by been. Tau son a 414. A san business notices. P. A. Howell and 00., is bundle treet of Potice messes. O. Birka a 00. Pianoforte 1 organs on the Thuv payment by Tom Fimi Tofta from 30/ per month. Violin6trom3o/oh. Accordions m m 10/6a the Laten novelties la music received every month. Tuning a repairs on the shortest Nobile. Brass string bands completely fitted out. I Ces and catalogues on Appl Loaton. 14gna?aoiai9a Poult Mallee boots Coke. In Large or Small quantities at lowest current rates. We. Howard Smith & sons. Ltd Coal office North Parade port Adelaide Gnao tit anted known brazilian pebbles spectacles a a per pair. Why pay 12a., lie. Per pair elsewhere. We keep a Pebble tester on the premises and Ace for yourself. American Novelty shop 68, King i Liam Stre to. 162twackdl25o violin of a bows and strings completa out is from see. Mandolins the latest Boll borate from 80s. Ritter harps ,?Nix org Neues banjos Guidus Cep Byi Comet mutes so., to in great variety just h. Fray. Leo Bandle Street. A Bunao Nowon View a Large shipment of James Dekon sons and other celebrated uak kist ser Leno Silver and Best ele Otbo plate afternoon Tea bet. Luncheon 081 et3. Butter plates Claret jdo3. Biscuits jams Abb a most exquisite assortment of Are noon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst later. Sir bras106, bundle Street. Mio a boat Pron of or lessons pipe on com or i it two manual instrument 17 stops. Oot Lega of organists eyed flotations. Rray ii u. H. Fray. Organist and choirmaster fit Petert tue Neh Worsaa studio 16% bundle. Street. Full part toolbars Ace prospects. Of Fialova Money. In a a a wanted to extend Rapouy in areas Abs cult ing wines go recur it Liband interest. Apply in first place to Finnoe this of be. 257-9 Money to lend at current Bates on Freehold Fie Curier. Apply to J. Of Biscoll oui Zens life Assurance company bh-61 8, Klin William wrest. Adelaide. Money to lend at lowest current . W. Bullook too Fra null Steelea. 176-l7baatn up ust m o n e v 8 Large and shall sums waiting immediate in Teet ment at current internet rates. Nathl. Oldham & son Imperial Chambers King William Screes. 2320a1b8 Mok to i a meet & Letchford land and loan agents King Ednam St sett. Wagon Syroney to lend in Sun my i. A no Umoh included in the repayments. Advances made without delay and repayments of Loans to extend Over any number of Yean aul table to the Borrower. And Kanokb an also made on personal sour Ltd. Bins of Bale Deposit of deeds and from a to �6.000, at very moderate Baths a test repayable by weekly. Monthly m instalments. A Vanors Iamb on babes Bills discounted daily for farther a formation apply to the Mana rat Bank Wui Boot daily. Mondays and thursdays Toft. I7boala drapery and clothing. James Marshall and co., the Universal providers Are now showing several Hundred oases of new season goods comprising one of the Obi debt assortments Fin All departments they have tier Bod the pleasure of submitting to the South australian Public Lack department novelties. Plain end fancy leather and sue tie brits the new milk elastic Belca. In Laok White and Colon splendid assortment silk and Xenia Beal maltese pm handkerchiefs Plain shot brocade Stripe and embroidered Chiffon All widths and Colon Linen cuff collars and habit fronts new est styles no Volt of the scarfs in Biff in embroidered Liege and Broche silk Black silk Spanish Chantilly. Guipre and Needle ran lace newest designs 4 to 16 in. Wide Oriental Guipre Irish Point Valenciennes and other makes of Lake 27 in. Lace and embroider for yokes Black silk barque and shirt lace Flou icings very Choice patterns Plain Brooke and embroidered silk handkerchiefs. In All Colon fancy and Plain Fri Lirgg Tor the Nick ladies and a Birdiene bilk sashes real and imitation Torchon laces Rew this season our Stock of Yudin Aid Cambric embroideries is now Complete and consists of some of the Best Pat terns and beet Valoe goods obtainable from the beat Maddra Taren a Clit Berfond and Germany. Cash s Plain and frilling Sod baffles pc in. Embroidered flounce and tucked Amlin and Cambric Lor under Kute veil nets widows sets bridal veils so. Bibbo depart kept. Tinsel and Batin gibbous. 1 and a in spot ribbon Black and White Navy and White Navy and Gold sin. Striped bib Boua Tor hat bands in 16 different colors 3-in.fchot silk ribbons with Floral bolder very new and inexpensive sin. Shot moire bib hons 12 different Colon 3 in Stripe ribbons two tones Salmon and Bronze Fawn and Brown Black and Toscan Cream and Brown cardio Al and Fawn Cream and tuscan 8 in. Moire and Satin Stripe with Al ral Centre 4m. Shot Surah ribbons very Choice for millinery and orces trimming bin. Navy end White spot Bibbons Tor Windsor Carver sashes rec Illigert. A 10 in. All silk Pongee ribbons 30 different shades. Sunshade dip no. Shot silk sunshade with frills Black silk Sunti Udes. With frills bark embroil Cereal thu shades trimmed Lac Black inn shades with coloured Border Fawn White Cream sniff on Bone hades Fawn. White Cream to gee Pii led s int hades de Teh pm in snot silk and Brown Aud Black leva tone Black Hoire sunshades it Wren s end ads Sandi Ades inc imbros shot Vitas and satins in meat a ratty. Boys and tooth a frothing depart Kent. Bojuc Tweed Sailor eni Oker suits in All the latest designs and very neatly trimmed in Brown Grey and Fawn fancy Etrope and Check tweeds with open or Dora Fronta boys fancy Tweed Sailor eni Oker salts in fancy Steipe melange also Plain melange in srey Light Brown. And Fawn. In All the most fashionable styles boys Blue Sailor Knicker suits a very Large and Choice As Otto tin in Strong Tor school Wear also a Fine melange sense or summer Wear and Good Strong twill in Pun Orve Sypret tily Tajii Mcd Boje Farcy Tweed Knicker baits in a one latest styles in tweeds also All the most fashionable Bapes boys Bine eni Oker suite also Bine and Blank Berlin and Diagonal bom Plain or neatly maimed boys three garment Knicker suits in Blue . Grey merge Diagonal fancy Tweed melange Tweed a Large and Choice assortment Bob knickers Only in Berlin tween Drill hundreds to select irom boys White Flinel Bailor Soita buys fan y Check and Stripe flannel suits boys Randy Bengal silk Sailor suits boys China silk Sailor Butita boys 1 White and fancy Bill Saunor Soita boys a teen and Plata Drill Sailor suits Boyt fancy Galatea Stripe Sailor Soita bomb Jersey a ticker suit a very Large and Choice Aagor Teot Plain and very prettily trimmed bojs1 Sailer blouses in White merge Blue fancy Stripe flannel. China bilk Bengal Plain and Stripe silk Drill sateen add a Latea Eti Ipa boys Smock blouses in Blue at White merge Wash ing material silk Drill boys and youths National Sac goats in Tweed Blue Reeg eve and Brown it lunge Sere Drill sateen. Bomb and youths Tweed to Reuters suite in Plain and fancy tweeds Grey in non and Fawn melange Tweed fancy Stripe Fla Roei Blue Diagonal a Etc of Lance , Black Berlin in a the most tas Lioi. Abie styles. Manchester Deyab Menc in this department a Nave opened up a Laura Fasott Turnt f Cotton shirting also Fine Union of nor silk by pipes of Ylon Fine Oxford Tennis Stripe. A most suitable Tor blouses. Sennit Cricket Etc. So Fine make Plain French flannels in wide widths Micron Grutly Bounk i Rye Wolf it owl inf my Wear Fine vide Saxony flannel colonial flannels cellular cloths in Cotton or Wool Verandah b in , great variety of widths and Patter a Plata to Inre and Madras Lake q Kilts Guipre lace quilt with embroidered latin or Plash stripes in huge size whip quilts Weil a sorted Stock of variant makes1. Colon d quilts in All Bizet Fine Indian Long Louis for ladies and children s Wear White Fiann lexus american soft twill Swa Isains All ool figured Flannell for Dri Asing Cowns ladies and children s Hosier to depart Merit. "1 for Hite Depar men a have Ope top Large shipments of new goods be lesions . Fro Otos gha Este to and Oon twit of Macula carers in addition to a avg Oes which bom their be Cir features and improver Rensin manufacture Are sure to command the attention of our customers. The Novelty in ladies Black Cotton Hose. Ibis Patent consists of the foot being inter Woven with silk and Wool thus Rev enting it be coming Bard and Dorian Wear the Iron Novelty in ladies Cashmere nose the foot being interwoven with Linea thread which greatly enhances the Wear Aud is up toed in such a Way that it is not noticeable if worn with either shoes of 8l uppers Chitren a Cashmere Hose Black or Navy tabbed bet sizes 2, 8. 4. 5. 6 prices 6d. 7d, cd 9d, Lod per pair fact Dye Cotton has Law a been a special feature with us and we Are new Well assorted with makes the color and stainless qualities of which we can recommend to on in Tometa Wii every conf Denoe ladies Plain Cashmere Boss. 7 a 10 a is is 21, is cd is by is us 2e 6d, 2 a 2s us 3o 3d. 3s Al i is lid per pair fancy Bibbd addition to snap popular makes As she the Queen the the London the Emit ass we have opened up several new patterns inc Padlog a very effective make at the following prices sizes a 3. 4, 6, 6, ladies. Prices Issod a sad is7d, l?9d. Loud is lid silk to puked opened very Nice line in this make ladies Tibet Only colors Black and Navy Price 2a lid per pair children s Plain Cashmere Hose Wen finished sizes 2, 3. 4. 5, 6. Prins 9d, in us. La. Is. Id per Par. Loves. Jnet pmed a Large assortment of on Standard makes of kid Uloet in All the newest shades also a varied assortment of pare silk and taffeta silk Quao Ticy of tipped and trebly Woven & Gen which note Tor Mieir Duran ii y. Lidice part silk gloves in tans and Lack la 6d an extra Quality do in tans. Laws Guy Tux and Black tipped fingers. Is lid ladies to flotta silk do tipped fingers Tan Cotora is6d ladies taffeta silk Glove in tans Black fawns and Gray. Is and is 6d pet pair on French kid gloves the Harbron make,4-Buttonb, 38 lid. In tans Black drabs and dates on Orlina a lots in Tan Sutemi and Bie Cait 6 in tons. 3s lid. Hen s Olof hike Depaeth ent. In Titis department me have opened a Era la be and Choice lot or goods comp rung men s Tennis soils in die newest materials and path terns Lien s Tennis Trout in in White and Grey grounds tripes and Hecks Hen s Tenn a coat newest patterns Xet e Tweed Butita in scotch West of England and German tweeds. A Choice lot of the newest designs Hen s teed trousers and vests. A Irge variety i scotch Watt of England and French i Weed checks and a tripe. Nee patterns must ted Troua is. In Tina line we Naveo Iiene about 8,000 pairs in my c diff Kent kinds and Pic teme. goods suited toll tastes uen a Farcy Alpa Mikco to in new dark it eos and mall stripes. Verj Choice Hen s fancy silk sacs oust Coats in the newest patterns Hen s a cite and fancy Wae Liing Vesta in Cashmere Bolen m a r?.ii. Of. Thou seeing. We have Given set civil attention to this class of goods and Are now in a position to Supply our Ous too in wira the Bert value to be had. Weun Eai Watert that in our Best goods no Boule can do letter if so w-11, As Oor Range of Weet of in grand Cashmere an 4 scotch tweeds. An old proverb is apply Ahlo in this in Storoe Good Well too Sta Are old. We keep tvo Romp event cutters and for style and Nike in tip the Spirat Garmeau they have the must in Tummett Selah of Mab Suall s Stoi duties toe the 3ime. can recount need our Black worsted for Eum Roer. Our Oresa coating is Perti c god co timing better to be had. Our Stock a Large and varied in worsted wills he laugh a and venetians inducing the new Ora venue of Itzig. 6i Are now in a position to show the largest Stock of these goods in the City and Challenge Tor variety Novelty and value oui prism a scotch and English Twe of Homespun Saxon few West of England and Slit cleric Al suiting livery Sai unus Oricht Tennis boiling suiting. For further details fee Register. Its. Let a Suall & fq., Adelaide and London. Essex Sec drapery and clothing. First Spring show of millinery bonnets and hats is Dow being made at Charles Birks co s How books no. A fitted be St been around floor. The attention of the ladies of Adelaide is specially directed to tie unrivalled Dis play of Spring to Velthea. Millinery bonnets millinery hats millinery ribbons just opened and now ready lot inspection. These Beautiful goods Nave been selected with the utmost care and Good taste and represent the latest Hovel ties from London and Paris. The newest things in mantles & jackets. New shapes hew materials for Spring and summer Wear. Etes7 department crowded with novel ties. New dress materials in endless variety. New designs in fainted Cottons. Hew Delaine neat Small patterns. Of splendid windows Are now the of Anibal att action of the Oil a but at though they an ten in number we find it impossible to fairly represent the wealth of new ideas with which Fabe Stock abounds. New string goods in Svery department now ready for inspection at Charles Birks & co s. 8420 j. T. Fitch the Corner Bindle and Pulteney streets importer Draper Clothier and Boot warehouseman. Now opening new Spring and summer goods in All departments now opening new Spring and summer goods in All departments j. T. Fitch the Corner Rundle and Pulteney streets. Lilc summer Days Are coming. Hoyle a pm into hoses Cambric. Hoy us Billet web hot ets be pays Boyle s battens a a Oua bantered fast colors. Please look at tiie piece and if Hoyle e name is tamped on Tod will get Peb feet goods thai will Wash and Wear. Ask Youb Draper Fob Hoyles Mare Bokas Boyle & sows Afa Chester. 100 tears. 824-Sua. Drapery and clothing. Spring shipments. First grand show of the season to Day. J. Miller Anderson and go. Are now showing a magnificent assortment of new Spring goods in All departments. J. Miller Anderson and co s showrooms re now Replete with the newest fashions of the by in millinery costumes blouses gowns a j. Miller Anderson and co s Cotton dress department is Folly stocked with an the novelties of the season. J. Miller Anderson and co s Wool dress department comprise most Complete assortment of English and French dress materials. J. Miller Anderson and cos trimming department. The display of sew fashions in trimmings u exceptionally Laige and Choice. J. Miller Anderson and co., so and 22, he9dley-Street, 1 has Bitsos alarm tit. Londos. 2120 Waddingto n s knitted co Rosa of All kinds for Wear and Quality cannot be equalled to thing but Best goods manufactured Cardigan jackets ii both ladies and gentlemen. All a fade of Bode Bleab for ladies and gentle men in All Colon and textures. Hose and socks of All kinds. G. Waddington so. I arcane. 165aiw25k Hunt Corry & co. Hunt Corry & co. Hunt Corry & co. I first great show. First great show. First great show. By big and summer millinery. Spring and summer millinery. Spring and summer Mii Wisert Spring and summer mantles. Apr dog and summer mantles. A prig and summer mantles. Spring and summer dress stuffs. Up big and summer dress stuffs. Spring and summer dress stuffs. Spring and Schmee feints. Spring and summer flints. Spring and 6cmmer pbint3. A prig and summer goods in All befarthekt3. Of bin and summer goods in All departments. Spring and summer goods in All departments. Our Stock Lias been bought in the very Best markets and for variety and Price we Coon comparison. Weite for Patent ass. Hunt Corry & co., Huipo blebs and Cash dbaper3, Law wait London and Adelaide. R. C. Castle & compy. Abe offering to the Publio scotch and English tweeds Cut in tie leading fashion and made of by fire due workmen at the following reduced prices. Trousers the. Tor 18s. Fid. Sao suit 90s. For 655. By Kuig dress suits. Al 10s. Footballers win please notice that our last shipment at football clothing has arrived consisting of jerseys Hose Cap sashes and Bif cons in All the club Colora. B. C. Castle & compy. A allows and shr taken. 87. Bandte Atra etl Hall & Savage tailors. And Clothie a 105, Rundle Street Adelaide. Now showing a msgr Flornt lit of Lye designs wonderfully cheap Leod 2t 6d, 3j 9d, i 4s lid 6e lid 85 us 10s 9d, Lis 9d i Cream lace curtains us 10j 9d, 12s 9d saw applique curtains be w. 268, 29e Fri 355. To wait i drapery and clothing. Countess of Burlington House. Eton jackets and frilled blouses. Tace every lady Cinoa Rodlee fashion atall my be the Post Sor of an Eton oort and Fiille blouses Coli Enriave Elfae to quite out of Eton jackets. Batki Hahnjr a Large demand for this very stylish Frape on aeon it of its being to writable for a we with uie Eton Oost me. The Tawa filing Lamb race dark ground with White spot. Rings to � la 73? see the o"1", Wmk bad. Bine and Black Spoto Binge 6c, " of ruled 2/11 in washing of Embries White and dwt in Ned Wuh spots rings sprigs. &?., frilled 3/j j Kotredes in frilled Oripon and silk blouses. Ladies Etoh waistcoats in Cambric "fto.ce," and filk a frilled. Martin Brothers. Sefla \ h. J. Bailey & co. H. J. Bailey & co. First show. First show. Wednesday sept. 14. Wednesday sept. 14. In consequence of alterations Sod improve Tec dts to our Stow room we Are Idon cantly compelled to make on first show a late As i wednesday september u. We take inform Monr Many Patrona that on hat Day every depart meat will be fully stocked with the Lateri Proon Coos. In the meantime we an Makine a Dis play of new dress goods. New dress goods. I these Ethnea All the latest productions of the Best maa factores of France Belgium englard and Germany and Are Well worthy of a special visit. H. J. Bailey & co., h. J. Bailey & co., bundle Street. Rundle Street. 853-8 general merchandise. Loffie bomb co. Have of Sals on a pot or to arrive Stoat Ninnes a bottled by o Brien the Dagger Bland Edmond celebrated pig Brand. Whig by. Scotch a Llantin Eta con Brand to balk. Shelving Clear Fine Spruce deals Ash base Wood Hickory wat out Vyp. Flooring. Kente me trysts a water White it. Red dark and Bent grades. Praeter Windsor new Nyma Brand. Oak Staves for wine casks Goa Mionis vinegar bulk and ease. Tobacco and cigarettes old judge Brand. Csare Choice Javanna i Flor de Castio soda m per cent. Soda Ash. Silicate of soda. ? g nut Mph in dynamite fuse detonators. Linseed of raw and boiled. Hingh. Loti Fanf when. Pm met try pm run. and ceilings. Teas Low to medium Congo us hew season s. Preserved meats an descriptions of Queensland heat Export company Brand. Indents executed. Felfle ?.bome.&oowaymonai detion co Defi Verv. Either by Road nil or boat. Dripping and lard. In tinsot4o,m, , t la. Or m kegs also lard a bladder. New Fox Oll Normo Asbrook 09 Fasana. Is. Fob Price lists. Wholesale and address Ain Olev Street Adelaide branches it Bunma int of. Bunn Lanm. East Enid of hip if Niti a Flam. Ann. 861msjs

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