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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 6 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 6, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia cycling so ? Kabi East ? by Riding ? Fob they Combine Uch thess with durability and safety with ease of Petac Kmezt. The Dunlop pee Swatic Tyre co. United 69 Franklin Street Adelaide and it Melbourne Sydney. Perth Brisbane and Christ Church . A babe of imitations. Siul i of Juke a. Are Only so nouns and Enar Antooa Tom Hweien tbsp boar this a Ihry first in sis. Foremost Ever since. \ the of Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co., is., Trade s3, Fras Kus Street Adelaide. Mark. _ ? shipping. ? Orient link. Tic Loucius Sua Athir. By a contract will leave Adelaide Largs a by j on the dil a i Rev Moutri and London via Albany. Colombo Tor All Indian rur a 1 ? a plan. Main ill ii. Ami rih Rallar ? cd Huq ? 8,9181 a. J. Cost . Up. 7 oko Tava. . Ivy Ivins sep a of Elzaba w.i971a. Mcwatt a a ? and Formi Eliely Luer Carter. Saloon to lung of. Inteli. A to Jer torn. Iio to Iio. Third class �1 15/. �1 7. And is 1 Saloon to Colombo i 5l-- a v return �33 to a. Western Aua Kaua. ? Saloon 10/ to �7. Third. �4 10/. Faausu irom any Jet ran lie prepaid it re. Kettern tickets Reret Saloon Between . Pouts Are available a return 1y p. And Steamers Laving mom. f. Go Ken & m. And a Dir son. A Tebson & co., acc Church a canc. London . Fall particulars on application to m. C a Deuson. Brand a tanager. To Dato ? a. Of a full Street. Peciaro train s for passengers and Visi toys to Alifi . will leave Adelaide Chr the sen end of Lares Pirr at 10.52 8.m. Aril u.48 . Of Eliut today sep Lem Burthe Tor Pic Shore will 1 lie Cuzco at lbs ., to Cormett with a special train Wick jul leave the sea and of la or to. & or Emeail Kavi Wattos com past. For my Otoju a War Toyal mail Cotnua will Fuoau to f0- a fetal Steamer. Calling at Albany. Up Tomb. Aden Marseille Gibraltar and Plymouth with Liberty to Call to Grinam. ? jul camera. Int. Commander. Lexc Aust Rama Hool j. Mcevo sept 1 Arcadia him a. A Loggia sept 28 bomb ? sm5 i. Co it w Himalaya nag or. T. Bram oct. Is Oceana. I b. N. Crawford or. S. Ihu Tania Buffis r. H. Seymour of. 21 Lippi. ? ran t. Leigh. ? of Phil Hui few Pron disc Tran ship to port said. To to Timeto passo Chis. A Cote Obata a card. Tue Acra Modalion in a my Moons Imp Amuan. 3fmmgt torn Europe. Een be Arnn ted by so their iss Rier Timofte Torii China. Japan in Jiuu the of it l tit. In Inette Tao cd i Junja Mimi rates. Inc Teal in tent. Tickets is Condon �110 & �c5. Suf books. Ririe Lulea and a Paru Cuba at to nage Moy. Acc. Forwarded a a plication. it Retog a Piid of Ami ilm a iii . Mihuc to Hbl Boonme spy Rawji f Ai a Jsn train utter a mtr Row a Romr i . Da3mktttltt jail add. . Of ii a Bah lab unit nor hot Miu Lynroy i Mhz Bat at Koom. A5sdsass&iisei1 the. ? Job cab of. ?.?- of r Obj i Kat tit of Pifei of i if try j ? a t Sydnor Infra �4btj i bunt a v Bep to i sep. 5 Job at after a h troit whig Accomac Nail % Mje Daas. And an aued j a ants a. . Lenaie Luff sues steamers ? Lwana mlrg�rmda�t6tidcrii�rappoint li�1a�1kanirtadeuanwf- at a Cape town. And London who Amu . U was rom. ,. a i ism be fifty i Al i egg pams0miato tart store Nan Pluto Plohg Davilus he of a if Fate a. Al ? fihe 8js. Cubes vol be dispute bed i Fisk j. A Ander. To stabs Duy every. Dub a Hub Day and Batu Ebay at &30 a numb stans bub every 1i0n Dat Tavins us an. And tub Day Icar Jar s To Post Vui us Jet every ties ply at Bjo am from port Van cent every 3ees8esday, leaving 10 am. V 8wc a. Lemes Saieh. Secretary. A Oil bail ? 10 Vas by Scales Zlmko sets any Moat b&yj3. And Mem a Nii if tort a of Golb aha wed Stoat the Beaton. To thin uni a. W. Flan Foed fco0yciir, tilt i a turf. A. ? Al to it Wakefield shipping o0m up a butt Nils wednesday. 6tli ins Kemmr at 6 ._ a. & e. Lemiles Dumett port Adelaide. ?t8-9 Ujj to Eulae line. Post Wake Job a. Field. A Malcolm. September 6. 4hmkv Florence Maud. September 0. ? ? b. Fh1ckek, port. Aug Bawa from Hamburg. Cons1ckeks Are requested to pass entries at once. Is of lading must be presented and freights paid at on port office before Lindy. No claims win be acknowledged unless damage has been pointed out on Landing and the ship we not be responsible for abstraction of spirits other banded goods except from pack age sainted oat on the wharf in bad order and examined in the presence of the Captain. All goods impeding discharge Vii be landed and atom at consignees risk and expense. Captain a Ehberg will not be responsible Lor any debts contracted by the Crew without his written authority. U9-6q feakc1s u. Snow City and port. Drapery and Ciol Tung. Unprecedented millinery Foale s. This hat. Tjo trimmed. Iii. ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship Compaq limited will dispatch rom port Adelaide under Cierras Linic a penal twins fsr &1/uaa1 and Fol Mantle. Than Allie Minu for Fesh udkal0tox, All on Ali Gourli Bills of lading. Wollow a ? 1 Friday sept. 15 1 3 Calls Vass and Sunbury. J for a a Bose a i Aud 5td5ey, Fok ports. Maulolo ? Fri Dikiy j sept. 15 2 pin. I-peackfe.5& to tit aul vice. Foli i ukr 1xnc0ln. . Wallae ii uti-1 tuakkl1x Ila Boit. ? Ferket ? to madly i Sci. 12 i 3 . 11�hts l Juleli Luien Asu aug aia. I with Passen Keis and oar fro. Iwest Gaton i saturday f sept. 3 1 Post film lab to sy&1key Amis ale. Leg Bemont Castle i tuesday Rcpt 12 cargo must be delivered along kit Suwnie i two Tiloura prior to advertised i on Day of � g Raae neen ticket issued by Din Are Willi to Runcis of uie . Co. Bal ctn a tons. For All information apply to the Adelaide steamship co. Ltd. Cume suet Adelaide and commercial ,port Adelaide. 62c West Australia. The Adelaide Etea Lisull company. Liju ted. Nie australasian United steam Kavigan Tion co. Ltd. Joint service. From port a Lelm be to Albany Aud Fremantle . For l Cath Geraldton . Ports and is Penn. Eai lines As under Buluta ? sat Day sept. 3.wol Lewka ? of Koay. Sept. 13. Tarounga ? ? Friday set 2i 11aiiloo ? Friday. Sci a 2a. Via bust tsp keys . ? event accommodation for rates o freight and Passaic Money. For foil particular apply tue Adelaide team ship company. Ltd. Adelaide and i Ort b. W. Macdonald Pic . Boy. Udo Cupric sect Adelaide and Queen s wharf. A Ort. ?. Is. Due fan Rila 1 Asse Mger steamers of Abri in will permitting be tuna thud a Bui Amsa a hrs fat Lair. Septembers. C tuna iii at for cantle. A Tel ,1 Rupa parts. / saturday. Sept. 9. At uus Bamst i Midnight. ? so a Otter f cargo received Laily at Qorea a Whart in to one bout been iii Ike. ,. To i t a ticket altar the Bret port t with the Steamer of the a i it steamship Oom Nwoye ? i s ? ?. Pm my and Frau rats Najy to. ? b . Seut. If Cox i treet Aile Aua. Or Queens w11abk. Port. ports. Qi9 for Bobe. Beach Post Cygnet. Saturday september 9, taking cargo for Lla Dos Neu Bay. ? ? j. A Bice be co., Adelaide Kingston. & t Temes Soleh port Adelaide. A. -. ?bst61-2 ,1 in sings notice. ? Nib tvs by Tobolic generally i Conrad wishes to Call special attention to the Large and ? Vaniea sort intent of a Fichie and we selected goods. The following arc Only a Tew of the Many tempting lines i \ spiced Rolls beef. Of tongues. Prime corned Bounds. Rooted it to oocyte ? Enbysk. ? Elul burst. Sorbi a meats Are Well is Koneci Are served direct from he huge / v ? i $ ice gha3beb ? k Ion the Bremke. Taf Brnoit perfect car Cit and in the-i0dy. ? Call we in Spect convince yourselves then Send along your order to. The �. T be jmeir both Herlog establish ext. Al. Of Mew Rdidley Street. Rex be Street . Post. drapery and Ciot blog. ? Shierlaw s stocktaking Sale. Boys1 a youths clothing. Our and Well selected Stock at Eho mods Redt Cooms. Trot sets cons i2/b is 17/5, 10/j Asage Sailor a so 7/g beefed Jace Eis set 6/9. A a 6ebok hic ears. W. Sib. S/3, 3jx All Oak 1mm�s.e Stock be dvc�1� to Cleak. . Post free. Large Stock of hats & Caps in latest shapes at Sale prices. 16 and 18, he Judley St. Socks and hosiery . C Wao Diocton a to thank his in Nero Cua omers or very Uoc ral Hronik. And wishes to state that be has made arrangement for the Continua Tion of his Bug Inex under Llana Gimbut. And Hopes to a it a Liberal support. A discount of 20 per gent allowed Osall Cash purchaser Umil a rust 31. On september 4th we open our summer goods when of All kinds of Good in silk and Wool. Merino and Wool and All Wool summer Wei to. Cycling suns of All kinds a speciality for Eod or Racine. All goods marked in Plain Ficor. G. Waddington. 1ianufactureb of All kinds of knitted clothing Avo. 1, 3, and 5, Arcade Adelaide. 21sc Lilliput a i Bazaar. Rundle Street. A Gercise clearance Sale of baby liken Hilliery. And All fancy goods at greatly reduced prices. Previous to Kornil Elbe premises. Please note that during alterations by in ass in be carried on at 75, Bradie Street next to Glessn. E. My w. Hackett seeds men. ? a 7-37 apes printing executed on the shortest notice and on Liberal terms at the advertiser Job Pri Kytsa office. ? shipping. ? tee Howard Smith i its. Leave to Ward Smith s wharf As follows circumstances permitting Albany. Edn Buky t fkr chatte. S-fix-n33v i Newcastle bib scams Gladstone a twi Abeita Rockhampton Hacay Cowen sown Szua cajuns pob.tdo0glas &s.Gabo. Tuesday september 12. I As Sensen and Caisa . Tawf Early. Fob above ports. From Wallaroo 1 _ r ctn Tartt or 1 fonday sep. S from port krie/5 �ovkbciue6daj.-bepi2 cargo must be delivered alongside a tamers no less i Nin Cue hour before Advertis etl to of of sail tet nil tickets Abe Trifa the steamers of messes. Iolj Dart. Par Kerti co. And Ucile bait Mceacharn us co. A. Pc Prsa uni . It. Is. Bins a Miami St Tibet. Adello. And Korth Parade. Port Adelaide. 21c Mcilwraith Mceacharn co. Kopi Uetake. Uteta \ in dispatch the following passenger steamers a Tram f Coop Sayche. Tsiu �i0sl.ay, september 18. far texts a ton. And ill . 3pob.ts on Throns bits 1 lading. Kote. Return tickets Are interchangeable Tab Lesses. Howard Smith & sons and Suddart Par Ker. & co s Ete nacre w. B. Cave & co. Arc Fdl Stilet Adelaide or j. Baux1kcs ii son. Port u-l-i-1 2tc Huddart Parker & go. Iii Petetsky. Uniter Bill Din atch from tort Adelaide 5sv Anglian Behan the j monday september 25. Foll Gerald Tox. Through Bills of lading to Perth. Be turn tickets enter changeable with Mel i wraith a Mceacharn to co. Proprietary. Limited and toward Smith it sons proprietary. Limited. So & j. . United. Agents cd Adelaide and 1obx Adalu Hilll West Australia. Joint weekly eeb fice. For the convenience of 6h1ppee3 and passengers the onders ened have Abrak ged to bus the following steam webs at Keg Clah 1otebvals ? a Gabo. 1 tuesday. Sept. 12. cooing audit i Moksay sept. 18. A aug Siam. F hos Day. Sept-2i of Ujj Kal Roo Aije j monday oct. & Ayrf ? Bettj ably every monday thereafter. Tvo West fares and freights. Bet xxx tickets . Wil hosta by Edith & sons Popy. Ltd. Ucil Batih Ucac baby. & co. Popy. Ltd. ? nub Abt Parker & co. Rboft., Ltd. ? ? use drapery and clothing. Spring goods Wilson Brice fl$?ttl8, il8i 1rdndle-St., Adelaide respect Faux Ali Donca to Las ladles of South Ani Iralia Fiat ther Hart just not cited and opened Lor nip econ Cir _ first shipments of Early Spring and summer novelties comprising the newest makes and styles in Woollen and Cotton dress goods Pirle finish he mugs for Coats and skirts Blouse and Silks focal to Silks of hence org Audi muslims Swiss muslims 1-Lcked Ollovett muslims. French Cam rr1cs, silk grenadines cd showroom goods in cad loss variety. Millinery novelties Orna ments. In Ckles curl quills. French Flowers and feathers. All the newest and most Correct shapes in trimmed and untrimmed Sailor hats cd Sulu Eby boys. Oriental Gui puke and toech0n laces Duffos Chiffon re a hings Chiffon ceilings. Novelties in fancy sunshades. All the newest summer shades in one Standard make of kid gloves. Ladies tailoring. To avoid disappointments As experienced last season through the overcrowding of orders a have in addition to our Well known and act successful ladies tailoring room in a Edaa efficient Cutter from Sydney whose reputation As a. Ladies tailor should ensure our giving the ladies of Adelaide every possible satisfaction. He Lias had a that experience and the Honor of Mak ing garments for the vice regal party of Sydney. Ladies favouring us with tailoring orders a l have satisfaction guaranteed. Wilson brige & go. Verandah lounges folding Canvas chairs ? Camp stools. Marshall s popular list of up to Date prices to suit All Good medium cheap. Spring and summer show sunshades and parasols Blat Fauzy Tab sols designs. 5.11, 7,6. For 11, and 19 c. Sew Liol Silt parasols very in icily calorie is 5 a 7 a 611, 10 la 21-. Blast moire Paka Iol a i Ici Bijick and White l Aii Sou Pilts rns 3u. 5,11, 7,. To u5. Very Preny novel by . New 6iupia, no too Alito prices Verv in Oilra to. W ii Ilc and Cretin so is Padus Ivill to in great demand our irises Range irom 5 11 loj. Cluj exp Slot Madts of very kind Froia 1/11 10 5. U. Marshall s great lace department. The Patent lines lace., Uca Iki Tunu like Trio Rej lace splendid value Ai 1., 1. L., 1 11, 2,11, 3.11 dozen Yard. Beautiful Uljon Valex Pleines laces Toff Quality and Tini a Pait Cras Al 4j a d., Luj. 1, 1.3, 1/6 dozen Yards. Cult Fois Cheri us. Ull Coors in die sea. I Kilili of Foini 4 inches aide to. Jiju a i tutors a indies Vav Ide 4id. Yard. Lots and Lois of to lir Oken l Laid Slauf our la1hes, at m. Ca. 1. Aili 1,11 each. Leis lace scarfs 2 Yards Long finest Quality Ai 1/3. 1 i. A ii a 11 cat 76 pieces Lovely to lle Smock cd double Widla i a fur Lud. Vard. Mab Suall s Linex Cou Labi foe ladies. ? a Crest up to Date shapes sit a d., 7m-, did., Laid., 1/ each. Ladies cuffs at old. Pair Svi pair 10id. Pair. Gloves. Ladies Lule acct Loes Willi Sucic Lule Palms in White Fawn tans and Haiti Puri or White Tail cd in ills 1/0 pair. Silk Xet Lovlis. Suede Lisle Palms Sime Harjes 2/0 pair. I bulb i Britou sned Lisle gloves in Clatk no few to. Inc act ?.i Toj Grey Ali it or arc Juii 1. Pair. Ladies Silt lice mitts in Cream w5ute, and kick 7/6, 1/11. 2/6 pair. Cibuls silk lace juts. In Cream White Aud Black lib and i of pair. Ladies 4-bution kid gives ? Stidd cd on Lack Nih Pink Jule jiul Wiite or self in shades Sil prints Cambric and ? coloured muslims. Xet season s washing goods just Aee ived. The largest and Best selected Stock of Horrox uate oils in the City.1 sew Piusas in Light and dark grounds Nice designs 4/11 per dozen # xer cambb1ck. A splendid Range of patterns All designs quite a Cambric Oliai will a Asb and Wear Well 5/11 per dozen Hevr Cambric for blog ses and dresses a splendid Range of Pai turns some a Santiful Pink and Light Blue grounds Floral designs Qaji cupid value 5/11 per dozen indigo and China Cambric for blouses and dresses in stripes and spots flu incr dozen Swiss 31ususs, White grounds Wiki coloured spots various a lored spots at Lold iwo Tard ser Suver silk sate eks dark ground Floral designs absolutely last colons 1/il or Yard Beautiful Fez fun co Floral muslims in Pink Cau inst Wue Buttercup tx., a 1 j and 1 11 per an very Rich designs of colors in Saliji zephyrs. Lor blouses. &c., a 1/g and 1,11 per Yard n sateen us evettes Uati stes &c., &., for linings a ladies and children s hosiery ladies Black lace Lisle Hose embroidered in sky Pink Cardinal and White 1/11 per pair Ladics Black Lac a Lathi Hose 1/ per pair ladies Black Cotton Hose embroidered silk fronts. 6�and old per pair ladies Tan lace Rosc 1/4 and 1/9 per pair ladies Plain and ribbed Black Coupon Hose old special value in ladies Black lace Lisle Rosc English manufacture lil and i g per pair children s ribbed Black Cotton Huse All per pair. Children s White lace Cashmere socks embroidered fronts cd Pra pair ? ? children s All Wool Black Casamere nose ribbed Seamer Teet All sizes 71d per i air. Boots and shoes. For gentlemen s War we Are showing a very Choice lot of americas Glace kid lad boots for 16/6 per pair. Also the Conan iii. Boot in Button or is/9, with very Best Patent leather to Cap for on Tlemcen s Wear a arc showing a Boot in Black various Sli Ancs in toes name la Nar Row medium and Square docs at Laid it pair. These boots live wonderful satisfaction. Clanning Tan boots from England and America. The american pointed Jud medium toed Blois fit perfectly prices from 22/0 to 30/ the English Westminster is in Square toes. Made of Beautiful of hence calf lined with English calf Derby Sluice. I tend its Pratt Shade tax is altogether a Nestle Mas s Boot. The same Quality of Boot and same shape in a medium toe Price 27, g per pair gents hat department. Splendid assortment of ends Terai and 1h.v5uu hats. For season to weak. 1 my Ami Tricy Terai Flats 2 11, 3/11, 4,11, 5 11 Lau with pug Liucc newest Blu pics 5 a o.,. A j i uis White Straw Boater Flats just arrived 1l 1, he 3/6, i a a of i invt Juit ois Fixl a Fps candid variety of fancy i in hat Raxus m Lii travel Gnu just arrived. The millinery. Tiu a a Lolly to see pretty trimmed m1llineuv of the very Stylos idiom Pic leading centres of fashion. 1 ii cart of Tuit All. We live in Boru a a special l1nl of Laic. falling bonnets for old cry Ai Usu Crau Jirvil is. Our Illus Lia cd Calwyn be be Nidy in a jew Days. Al will a push i free i ii plication. Leading no Cut ii and popular Price arc the tenures of or Lilli Vicry i add. V Lla Ivity 1 Ciuro hats our children irom 3,11 to -1 ack the Ycmat untrue Mcd Suau Flats from ill to a. 11 ath. Lovely and. Exquisite to prays from cd. To 4,11 Cadi i nov Clair in out. Las. Aud Lyril Ziaul ornaments Jiom Ala. To 2,11 each pretty i5o act Simays in Black from 1,3 to 2 11 Ach Ker of claw and Mousty Daws a from 1/11 to 5/11 Cadi to Cliv c1 cite and oat mounts at All Price. Girls popular log Homics at .1,0, 1,11, i a 2/11, to t la each girls coarse Straw hops at 1,3, 1 0, Lull. 2/9 2.11 Cito ? children s Dion mushroom Shade hits from 7 it. To 2 11 each o Ems. Mob sailors. Popular 1 kicks. � a Brand selection of to pics and sailors Jurt Otic cd. In Tow leading ii tic trans an qualities air. and in Linn cd from 1,11 to la each. In the 1jiullt luf Ilju saw we in eit Pplk latest Jinai is at 1, 1.0, , 2,0, 2.11 each. In the Jap Canton i Cal five end tuscan and Oiler makes our assortment i Complete. We ton finally invite our snap action. V1s1toks to Ade afire Sai Ould not miss seeing the Tuow Lioom ti1is week. Underclothing. New Wilile my in aprons embroidered and trimmed lace 1,11,-2,11, 3,11 Xci Uati in c Cost unite Navy and fancy colors Virsle Sannit 2,-h, 3,11, 4,11 Liu thing Fos Tutics and fancy double ear mint. 4.11. Cd la ? l a Insook. Trimmed lace and fibroid cry in Reat Tiri Ety Xci arc iii Caslan be Dis i and tunics embroidered. S 11, 111,12/3 Hevr Siun Laii in i Vivoni Iota. Crib in to lice Aud embroidered 2,11, a 11, 4,11 Sun Flats Large tits buttoned Crow is 3/u, 4/11, 5 11 or nil silk and material bonnets for in. Fanu trilled 3 11, 4/11, Eil Xcvi Ali it i attic trials Tiiu Uick Torch of and pm. Broider 0.11, ,m/9, White 1 Tii Ciiab very Lucid some trimmed real la 21/, so Babine cups Urbais and silk also silk Isturis i. 1.0, , 2/11 per teen us aug corsets arc Mai Ali it and Grey 3,, 4,11, 3/11. U a fans. Call and Sec the Lacost Novelty in it sixty Evemy tans. A tile rage in London and Vasils. Oliai mind midget Loial fans buttercups violets and daisies Only ill each Kebl Mes. G. Main yrs & co s celeb into French per 1tmes, As used by 1iauamk Sakai Belin a intr Rose chop acc. Blanc Helio trope Imperial rus i Violet fion a i of pop Onyx Vlad in Blanp us i13, 1,0, 2/0 bottle boys and youths clothing. New goods. Boys Serge and Fri Sirc to pics to fit boys irom 2 Var any size madi1 perfect fit our and Well made l j g. 11 i 12 c Airrion collars Plain and fancy 3d, 1/, 13 1 i 11, 2 3. 21 boys u a Shiner blouses. 1,11, 2 6. 2,11 each 3--Anncnt Mclan a suits. I1, 0. 12/ i 10 0 melange trouser suits 15 a 17, i i i. Cricket Ware. Tic follow iii bats Art All wll Sta Sonol and warranted c . Customers can Rdv on our attn tin if sch Cimon is rift to us. Men s All can a uts. H Sacii Man s am practice Flats each men s All Cane match Bais u i each men s rubber and Fane Hals. 15 u Cah men s Kui Zixt and Cane bats 1b 6 each. Cricket balls. The ran.t1. Correct size and Weicht. 4 g each. A very Call Ruar Antocs to inc Liand mud through Supi dior treble cat Pru Ball fill each Catsuit Uzwy Halcli Ball. C -.1 Tai i Calgut and silk sewn Ball 7 a each pfc lib tit 3lt%g?mom je&x3 Marshall s. New Ane Rattan and Bambo chairs suites tables lounges. For tha approaching summer season we have imported a Charm Vas assortment of fancy Bank purr sure which com Bines most pleasing1 and artistic effects with lightness durability and extraordinary cheapness. We also have some Beautiful Cobey Corners. Over mantels whatnot easels brackets and screens also Bamboo blinds. Marshall s. Bedsteads. To make a special study of bedsteads and our prices Are considerably less than obtain else where. Eur Bedstead Stock comr rises Many thousands of All makes and designs. Tona Twark a unique display of every conceivable kind at very reduced prices. ? toilet sets. Marshall s prices Are right. Invalids chairs. A Range of prices in various makes always in Stock. Dining room suites 7 pieces in fancy Panta Scote leather Cist los. Drapery and clothing. 20 and 22, Hindley Street. Spring shipments fun Thok a rivals this week. Bress department. Silk and Wool feexc1i Deess goods in Nekat vak1ety. Th12 Kew Robes. Em1juo1ukred Cashmere Robes. Awl1que mail Anglo Robes. Silk and Wool Kiel is and Poppins. Newest coat and Similt materials. An immense and Choice Stock of Grena dines and silk and Wool voiles. Very Choice French cam131ucs. A grand selection of patterns. French printed Cotton Fox a allot having All the appearance of silk goods. The Cotton Delaine Small and medium designs. A wide Range of costume Art linens. A Large Stock of Cotton goods specially adapted for children s Wear. Printed piques. White piques. White and coloured ducks. Lace Hepard Keiit. The latest nor cities in trimming facts Are showing in the follow get tie. Oriental Klencon Valenciennes and Torchon. Lace ficus and collars. The Dainty embroidered sets Chiffon and lace Hows. Novelties in ladies1 scarfs and silk bows. Newest ruching and Teck Fri Lings. Showroom. Elegant mantles in silk Gui pure. A coloured cloth Cal is Fawn Grey a. Coats and skirts in cloths tweeds melange and Serge pain and braided. Costume skirts in Black and co lored Lustres. Paris and London , very select Sailor hats in the Ixa Ding shapes. Sickroom. Printed for hard and japanese Silks Beautiful designs. The bordered printed silk Robes. Blouse Silks in great variety. \ the Chine trimming Silks. and Broche Black silk grenadines Verv Choice. An extensive selection in Blackland White and White and Black Blouse Silks sunshades to match. Curtain department. Swiss Tamboure French lace and Nottingham curtains a very Lar a Stock just opened. J. Miller Anderson co., 20 and 22, Hindley St. 2ioe business partnerships. Under this heading 0 prepaid is words one ? insertion. 1/ three insertions 2/6. ? Tilou disposal an old club Lishco store with a Wick License apply first instance to demo this office. ? 217,9,51 Parfit Nult wanted or a half share in a restaurant situated in Hindley St. Good opening for an energetic Man outgoing �14 per week. Apply l .a., this office. 213-9 and i Isu business shop round f-0 to customers horse cart genuine concern. Voung Co., opposite Touti fall 217-u v\7oodya11d and lodging a Lousy combined Low a rent Ciiab Lilied St Ven Vears owner act Irinio. Young & co., opposite Toimi Hall. ? 217-1 to its Man wants working i Anners Uip in Good ii winess cult about j1d. Apply my this ? a unit s1xtkks Superior Hoard bag Ollous 11 Wou rooms Good connection filing count in incs. Ill health g.t.o., Adelaide. ? to so Gen bal store about 10 Miles from City takings �2s a week snowing 25 per cent profit easily enlarged just at valuation of pc about �330. Gene Kai. Storb shop t rooms rent Only 11/. Cood lease Cash takings Jacso month Stock about �120 a Good opening or drapery a butchering comfortable Little suburban Bosi. West killing 1 bodies so Odd Small Man years in name hands Cood slant cheap. Dining room a Well and favourably known substantial Buu Ines Cash takings from �40 to �50 a week Nas splendid connection while position commands a Larae Trade Virner retiring. Blacksmith and Wheelwright s business very old established in one main Road position takings �l,ic0 a Jear first Claas Plant a a a pleaded opening for Good tradesman. Drapery takings. �000 a year Thorn end Stantial profit or put five years Stok at valuation about �i50 half Cash suit a lady. Small Stoke suit a lady Good steady Trade. Hol Jils in All parts City sur Abs. And country. Town and county business Exchange 20. A Atolia sol teen. 312c plants seeds. -3.ajb5-zs-.a.s. Ainoa Alemania Aux Guiou Asia Austria Bavaria. Lio Russia Liu Gundia buttery Vellow ii Doha Cointe Bouchard count of Tunn u. Wendland Iberia. Italia la France. Madame Crozy oceanus Pandora Perseus 1 Lutol Ueen Charlotte souvenirs Antonin Crozy. Wilhelum Lieck suet a. A per dozen or the 25 for 10/ for Casio with order. Lots of one dozen and upwards free to any railway station in s uth Australia. For one month Only. E. W. Hackett seeds men and nurserymen 73, Kundie-St., Adelaide. M 5 tr56 is tomatoes. Cox l excels Volt pr1z� and Tauly favo ii Are two of the Best tomatoes cultivated As proved by growers last Teason. Seed it per packet. Canadian wonder Beans season s. New Lucera seed seed l oui oct i Ruil Trees manures in. ? is. To. -3 q 3e to c Market last Terrace. Telephone 90l 2o7sog ? entire horses. ? 1 1 ii i1 l a t o b i a Allax will stand this season at Sydney tart Edward town. � Kim �. Fenev. Drapery and clotting. J m1rti bros., Burlini Itou hons have received by the last mail Steamer additional Large ship sent sol the latest and most Fasi Kable goods novelties Fob Spring us Coats and skirts Rich silk mantles Chiffon and Jet shoulder capes Fawn and use y cloth capes French Cambric shirt blouses Feench and English . Nery hats ladies Straw hats fancy shapes ladies Sailor hats styles ? further shipments of Black and White sunshades Collar ettes. Ficus eit Abt s0a11fs Keck kit lakes a. The latest Blouse and Tai coring Silks include inc a further Supply of Black and White Glace to elks the Kew printed Cotton fold ads Raecke Blue a bound sateen Vilh White Frist Ings piques. 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Ii its St. Adelaide. ? 2-s-Su Fok boys pair Macniff Civit trolly horses Owoo fit for show ring Stanclik and shapely bargain 11 Spring drays 01m make guaranteed cheap Strong Kilcarr Drav a a Tyler Lime company. A to Atli St. ? s-7-9 late assorted Stoak of Vebi Olei. New and secondhand for Sals cheap for cask terms to suit i Rachaun u Raia Irei sepi Lri speciality. Clarke bios. Feast ill Sibaei a Kudo 4? diff Atif to if f Horsey Carraia Rylma i crr bars Bay to i i if tub Ruyh Al 7 \ fast Good in All aito3t-t. R1aseg�� pm Clos opa Anding Bay Marc tort 6n go Abb Jonir a sep & Coli us sir Stabile Bork tinny . Fco a 42, Waymouth or Adieu til Iange show or Ysa aasa.? of is the largest Stock in Adelaide to Eta ii a Tulili m. C 1 1 j . Finni la Fie. Alovio Norb and Onle wit facials. A a mount to order and old Ona taken in Che teach a t i nut Zirian in shh Wor Turpa Jold final ? Bpck boast iii sew and second bad. Ski a a Kab Fob the bold. 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Junr St cbpaavii9 of Rel Merj in Australasia ,-rfj�j38 in info Paulion ice. I of Ncncy us l Ibitson. ? i l-x�e2f3bm Madam Blasc Aust Aua a Goa wat tit Eltive psalmist acc. Baden cd. Neat a Beecham to or. . ? w-5al Madam and professor Kennedy Samotis Bop Aniste. Rheau Laitta. m it in business lie ally. Adapt Busty. N. An a Hadah Vera Palmett Marx Hou Foj Jauts i hate us Chart of fac Gui Tader. Dam ing. Send to Zadane Oett Cah wis liable. 13 Samps stamped a Ktie of a

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