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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 29 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 29, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Shippings Orient line of Royal mail steamers. For Plymouth and London via Naples and Toulon Colling to Fremantle Colombo Tran shipping to All Indian ports and Suez canal ports. Ills. Otway. Tray to. Osterley Toruta. Orsovai. I ton commander. 12.077 12,12 12.120 ,023 12,036 passenger season 1911. Dec 28 i 1 a f. S Simon ,, oct. 31 w. J. Jenks. . I not. 14 a. J. Coad. . Nov. 28 1. F. Henley .1 dec 12 orontes. Orvieto. Oprah. Otway. Otranto. Osterley Torii. Orsovai. Orontes. ,023 12430 8,130 12,077 12,12 12,120 12,98 12.030 9.023 h Gas Taunton . ,. Brooke synth . F. S. Symons . A. J. Jenk. . Parsons . A. J. Coad . J. F. Heal. . . Jan. 9 Lan. 23 feb. Feb. 20 mar. 8 mar. 20 apr. 2 apr. 17 mar 1 All fitted with wireless telegraphy. All twin screw Steamer. T triple screw. Probably calling at Hobart in Roste to Mel to mine from Sydney. Visitors will not be allowed on Board within to Murat of time of sailing. _ special return tickets issued available for return by Aberdeen line. ,. For Fremantle . It earners w0i eau from Adelaide outer Harbor As Therre. Fares Erst Saloon �7 10/ return �11. Second Saloon �6 10/ return �9 to. Third claw. �3 18/ each Way. Vor Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane. Steamer will sad from Adelaide Omer Harbor is follows i Osterley i 12,129 Towt j saturday j nor. 1 Orama i 12,928 tons saturday nov. 1� and fortnightly thereafter. Are to Melbourne. �1 3/ to �5sydney �2 6/ to �9 10/. Brn Bane �3 ii to �14. European Tours. Including bail travelling and hotel accommodation. Holiday trips to Ceylon. In conjunction with Ibe other Hail lines. Or third class passengers. Special accommodation to 12,000-ton / Steamer. London fares single �17, �19, to Joe torn. �32. �36. �39. Spadoni promenade decks. Some Boom ladies music room on shelter deck. Many two berth and four berth Cabins situated on main decks Large we Vento ated Dinino Saloon of main deck. Write for illustrated Circolo Grink fun Par Eulin. H for further information apply t i m. 0. Anderson. Age �7iwcxs0sc a King Wiillam Streis adeside. P. It o. Fremantle. India Cutna. And Europe. First and second saloons Only. Steamer. Moldavia. Medina. Mongolia. Macedonia Malwa. W0oltan. Morea. Daloja. Marmor 4 tons i commander. 10.000 12.500 10.000 10.500 11.000 10.000 11.000 32.500 10.500 e. H. Gordon i.b.s.notioy. c.u.bennett.. K. Tho Kidron . ,. . pamphlets Dan particulars of application. George wills & co. Limited. Agent susie83. Grenfell Arcet Adelaide. A Geries Marx air. French Mau. Steamer fit for Marseilles via. Fremantle. Colombo. Bombay. Aden. Suez and port said. Fares to Marseilles. Bingie. First. To 2/ to �78 2/. To Loo Don Ria Paris. First Clase. �71 10/ to �82 to in eluding table spoken on Board. For further particulars apply Dalgety & co. Lid. 301-3.319,213 n. D. L. Ger jux mail steamers. To London and continent. Jwa Fremantle. Colombo. Suez. Naples Genoa. Algiers. Southampton. Ant Werp. Bremen. Steamer. . Pc Haunhorst. 8.388 to. S toll boor Roon. 8.174 a. Witti trin Korgin Luise. 10.783 g. Meinen . 8.008 f. Hac Erme ver Eielen. 8.021 w. Van Senden Friedrich duh Grosse. 10.771 r. Pc sch Boon. J 8.174 a. Wittstein Lea to. Not. 4 dec. 2 dec. So Jan. 27 feb. 24 mar. St april 21 All twin screw. All steamers fitted with wireless laundry on Board. Departure hour 1 ., from outer Harbor zip Cecial train from Adelaide at 12 noon. Reduced Cabin fares.-1st class single. I71 10 return. �107 5 2nd class single. �40 Retarn �60 3rd class from �15. Holiday return tickets issued interchangeable with All mail lines. Inter state first and second Saloon retard ticket interchangeable with All mail steamers. H. Jtj Ecke & co. Adelaide and port. Agents. _27sit80 " Bucknall steamship lines limited. . Dunkirk or Calais. Hull London and Antwerp via Suez Casal. The Fine fast Steamer Katuna is due at port Adelaide november 4, for prompt dispatch catering for Wool from Ade Ludu Sale of 3rd november Tot All Continental and Ork Shibby centres. London. And America. For freight and further particulars apply elder Smith & co., looted Adelaide and port Adelaide. Austral european line for , Hull. And London via Suez canal. The Fine fast Steamer austra Lind is due at port Adelaide november 3, for prompt dispatch catering for wools from Adelaide Sale of 3rd november for All Continental and Tob Kishibe centres. London and America. For freight and further particulars apply elder. Smith � co., limited �2c Adelaide and port Adelaide. Ailing notice. Blue funnel passenger line. . Ascanius passengers by the Aboe liner Are notified that they must be on Board at the outer Harbor by 4 To Day wednesday. Trains leave the City at 1.s6 and pin. George wills k co., Ltd., agents s3, Grenfell Street Adelaide. Blue funnel line. For Liverpool and Glasgow. Via the Cape. The steamers of the above be Are some of the finest and fastest passenger and cargo boats afloat. Steamers taking cargo leave port Adelaide 10.m8 tons j about oct. A 10.06 tons about dec. A for passenger Steamer see special advertise intent alternate Days. For freight and particulars apply to George wills a co. Limited. Agents. Apbusic_33. Grenfell treet Adelaide. Port every wednes Day. Princes bb0&. In step. Toracs a. Eat. S shipping the Adelaide steamship company limited ill dispatch steamers punctually from port Ade Laide As under circumstances permitting Albany and Fremantle. Tran shipping for Perth Geraldton All North West porn and Singapore. Wanilla. I 7,785 j sat. 1. 3 Wol Lowra. I 1 toes. Nov. L8 3 . Wanilla Steamer twin Crews wire less telegraphy carrying 1st and 2nd Saloon and Steerage passengers. Melbourne and Sydney. Tran shipping Tor All tasmanian Queensland and zealand Porte. Wanilla thursday november 73 j 3 30 Wol Lowra tuesday december 2 3.30 . West coast service vul edit Burgh. Weekly saying to All ports. Streaky Murat denial Fowler s Bays and Carawa. By. Rupaka Earth. Elliston Venus Steales Streaky Bays. Ferret i saturday i Sor. 1 i 9 am. Steamers sail from commercial wharf on arrival of 8.48 . Express from Adelaide. No cargo received after 8 an. On sailing Days. Spencer Gulf service. Largest steamers in the Trade. Port Lincoln town jetty and Kirton poin Tumby Neill Arno Wallaroo Cowell. A Rupaka. Tuesday nov. 4, 4 Ports Lincoln Kirton poin Augusta and Pirie. A. Marialta i saturday i nor. 1 i 2 Calls Pine for passengers Only. No cargo received after 11 am. On Colins Day. Ports Lincoln town jetty and Kirton poin Tumby Arno Wallaroo Hughes cx7well, Neill North Shields. . Investigator 1 thursday oct. 801 4 Ports Victoria Wallaroo Broughton Pirie Minla Cowie. Turton. . Quorn Ai saturday nov. 1 1 4 Freights prepaid to Turton Minla Cowie. Vic Toria germen Arno Beul Tumby Louth North Shields and All West coast ports except Elliston. Saloon passage tickets interchangeable with i other inter state companies subject to conditions. The Adelaide steamship co.,-limited, Adelaide and port Adelaide Ryphe Adelaide steamship company limited. Edith Burgh. Steamers sail twice a week from commercial wharf a Rupaka every wednesday at 9 pm. . Ferret every saturday at 0 . Leaving edit Burgh every monday arid thl Kasday at noon. Owing to paring Accident Rupaka is withdrawn temporarily. Fares-4/ single 8/ return excluding meals. Lowest rates of freight 239c of Phi. win Irnis rav . Kayga oct Island Kingscote. _ steamers twice a week & it Marialta. Saturdays 2 direct to Kingscote. By Bot Aba wednesdays 9 via edit Burgh. I owing to paring Accident Rupaka is withdrawn temporarily. V leaving Kingscote mondays and thursdays. Large dining and smoking booms ladies i lounge. I _ faxes. Mrle Iff ton 16/. Including meals. Saturday to monday 11/ return meals inclusive. Lowest rates of freight. "273c a. U. S. N. Steamers leave permitting for Albany � t Indaba 10,000 Tranh sipping for Perth i lalsj2�rstate Geraldton. . Ports i s. U ?0." _ landsm galore. "1 Melbourne Sydney. 1indarra, 10,000 tons Tran shipping for Fiji i thurs. Oct. So Tasmania Zeaf a Land and Queensland a thurs. Nor. 17, ports. J 8 Twin screw. Fitted with wireless. No cargo received after 11 . Sailing Day. Carrying first second and third class Pas sengers. Saloon tickets interchangeable with other inter state companies subject to conditions full return portion of Ordinary first class return bail tickets Between Melbourne and Adelaide Are available per Steamer. Register bldgs., Grenfel St and port Adelaide. 103c Melbourne cup. The magnificent twin screw Steamer Ingarra 10,000 tons fitted with wireless electric lift swim Ming Bath Verandah cafe and All up to Date arrangements. Leaves 3 . Thursday Soth october Landing passengers in Melbourne Satur Day morning in time to attend opening of Bacina . australian steam a ifs circumstances permitting Slof 1 s not. Fremantle Lodo beb noon Tran shipping for Wes. Tuesday nov. 11. Tem australian ports. Cargo Only. and second cuss Steamer tickets Are interchangeable after first port of Call with other inter state companies subject to conditions ascertainable on application. Foil return portion of Ordinary first class railway tickets Between Adelaide and Melbourne available by this company s steamers. Howard Smith company limited managing agents .p. Buildings 19, King William Street Adelaide " and North Parade port Adelaide. Telephone , 6163, 6189 port 5l _.__24e_ Mcilwraith Mceacharn s Une. Fast passenger service. From the line s berth no. 2 Quay. For Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping for Perth and All . Ports. Karoo la. Katoomba Karoo la. Katoomba to. Screw to. Screw to. Screw to. Screw tues., nov. 4 Sar nov. 22 tube., dec. 2 sat. Dec 20. 4 2.30 4 2.s0 Fob Melbourne and Sydney. Tran shipping for Tasmania n.z., and Queensland ports. Katoomba Karoo la. To. Screwthura., nov. 614 Tow. Screw mon., nov. 17 14 Karoo la. Katoomba or. Screw thura., dec. 4 4 To. Screw imon., dec. 15 4 All heavy baggage must be alongside at least one hour before advertised time of sail ing unexcelled Acconzo Dativa for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers. Private suites and special state rooms. Terms moderate on application. First and second class tickets Are interchange Able after Tret port of Call with other inter state companies. Conditions ascertainable on application. Special train leaves Adelaide for port Adelaide on sailing dare j Mcilwraith Mck Oharn & Cost a proprietary limited. Managing agents scottish House 117-119, King William Street. J. Rawlings & son port Adelaide an j r. Bowering & son broken bul 77c Huddart Parker line. To Albany. Fremantle. . Zealandia. 7.000 tons. 8aturpay. November 8, 2 . Zeal via. Saturday. December 6. 2 To Melbourne and Sydney. _ . Zealandia. 7,000 tons. Thursday. November 20, 4 sailing from Queen s wharf. Carrying 1st. 2nd. And 3rd class passengers wireless telegraphy. Reprice rated cargo carried. Cargo booked through to Perth. zealand ports. From . Riverine november 5 Victoria. November 19 t.sj3. Uli Maroa november 22. From . Uli Maroa novem ler �. Samon passenger tickets interchangeable with the inter state companies subject to conditions. Poll return portion of Ordinary first class rail Way tickets available by mitc state steamers. 24c d. & j. Fowler. Limited. Agente. Melbourne steamship co. Regular passenger service. Albany. 1 Fri a a Fremantle. I to � Bunbury. F Kaunda for Perth and . Ports. Fitted with wireless ample spar for refrigerator Careo. A . A Spunda tuesday. Nov. 4. . Dimboola. Monday. Nov. 10. Trade hippie far Acland and tasmanian ports. First Falcon. 3rd class. Single. Return single Fremantle " 3 to 6 a 16 6 �313 6 Melbourne "220 s10 n 110 Sydney sufi 9 6 6 0 2 2 0 Saloon tickets interchangeable with other inter state comr Nice. Subject to conditions which May be. Ascertained of application. Splendid Stock accommodation. Melbourne steamship co. Ltd. Port. Geo. Wilb k co., limited. Passenger agents. To. S3. Grenfell Street. Adelaide Edwin h. Crop Ley. Broken Hill. Be australian Oriental line g. S. Ycilla & co. Limited. Manila. China and Japan via Zamboanga thursday Island and Queensland ports. . Taiyuan bluing from Dalgety wharf Millet s Point. Sydney on november 1. Also . Changer december 9. For fall particulars apply to k. G. Yarte Holmy King Wlliam Street. 3�oad0 shipping. Clan line steam to Calais or duk1kk, at Steamer s option Hull and Antwerp direct via Suez canal. The Fine fast Steamer clan Macnab 4675 tons Register w. H. Ridgway commander. Due port Adelaide 6th november and will be dispatched As soon As wools Are available from Adelaide Sale of 3rd november. Taking Wool and general cargo at lowest currant rate. For rates of freight apply to Bagot shakes & Lewis. Ltd., l8, King William Street. Cargo received at port Adelaide. Telephones 3105, 3106, 3107._332-9 via san Francisco. To All american ports British Isles and continent. Calling at bar Tonga Cook group and Papeete Tahiti. Moana. Nov. 1, Aorangi. Tahiti dec. 27 from 6ydney. Nov. 29 from Wellington. Frisco. Nov. 7. Dec. 5 Jan. 2 due nov. 27. Dec. 25 Jan. 22 and every 23 Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passages and freight apply h. Union steamship n.z., Ltd., a.u.s.n., limited agents. 87ic Register buildings Grenfell Street. Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Imperial japanese mail line. Manila. China and Japan via Brisbane Townsville and thursday Island. Steamer icons. P Oom. Melb. \ Sydney. Kumano Maru 5,000 Winckler 1 oct. 22 1 oct. 29 tango Mara i 8.000 i Tominaga nov. 191 nov. 26. And every four weeks thereafter. Fastest and most luxurious steamers in the Trade. Special through booking to All parts of the East America and Europe. All particulars from Mcilwraith Mceacharn & co. Proprietary. Limited agents Adelaide _27uaic australian Union line. For Liverpool and London or Dunkirk direct via Suez canal the fast twin screw steamship Indra barah 7,395 tons r. E. Hollingsworth commander is due at port Adelaide about eth november for prompt dispatch catering for Wool from the 4th Adelaide Wool Sale of 3rd november for All Continental and Yorkshire centres and America. For freight and further particulars apply Gibbs Bright � co. Agents Adelaide and port._30 West coast shipping co. Will dispatch from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting ports Lincoln Kirton Point and town jetties Tumby Arno Wallaroo Hughes Moonta and , every thursday 4 Waits arrival of 3.s5 Train from Adelaide. Freight Tumby and Arno prepaid. Passengers to Wallaroo by Ade Kaiue and Brinkworth trains can catch Steamer on saturdays to Cowell and Monda s to Arno Tumby and Lincoln. Reduced Faros to All ports and round trip occupying six Days. _ Elliston Venus Sceales Streaky. Smoky Laura Murat denial Fowler s Bays Point Sinclair and Carawa land , wednesday november 6 8 freights prepaid except Elliston. Seduced t All Boris. 14te x & e. port. J. & a. Brown la be. Steamer will circumstances permitting b dispatched from port Adelaide As under Ber tas. Camus Newcastle thursday oct. 30. For freights apply James & Alex. Brown company s Basin. Port Adelaide. Tele phone 197. S01-3 Gem navigation co., Ltd. Fob wa�kerb2, Loxton and Renmark. The Steamer Ruby will Cleave Murray Bridge every wednesday at 10.30 ., and from Morgan every thursday at 7 pun., for above places taking passengers and cargo. For Renmark Wentworth and Mildura. _ the Ellen Wai leave Morgan every tues Day at 7 ., and the Gem every 8atub Day at 7 ., for above places taking Passen Gers and cargo. Further particulars from Gem navigation co., Ltd., 48maccre Feu Sfa eat. Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. The Gulf steamship co., Ltd. . 9 ajn., wedge Days. Saturdays returning thursdays mondays. , 9 wednes in re. Saturdays returning thursdays. Mondays. Hiles s coach greets Island Kingscote and hog Bay. Catling at Glenelg both ways weather remitting. Varatta 8.30 ., saturdays wednesdays returning mondays thursdays freights prepaid. Week end tickets Ava Labu saturdays returning mondays a return. Second , 8.80 wed Nei Davs. Returning mondays. Freight prepaid. American River Salt jetty Popoola tue rays 5.30 , 9 a.ra., thursday re turning same Day. Popoola saturdays re. Turning mondays. Port . 9 tuesdays re turning wednesdays. Kooring. Fridays retain. In ame Day. Wool , saturday 9 jn., re turning monday. Steamers wait arrival of r5 an. Train from Adelaide for Kun. Ports and 8.48 . Express for Gulf port. Of cargo received after 8 . On Day of sail ing. Only perishable goods and Stock received sailing Days for Kangaroo Island. Tickets of Beard Luxa a. Lemes Subiel Secretary port. Raul Ash , Ardrossan x sails this . & e. Lemessurier port. Esperance sails / saturday. Freight . & e. Lemessurier. Port. 302-3 the port of Hull. T3ie special attention of growers and shippers of Frozen meats. Rabbits. Fruit. Butter. Eggs and All kinds of produce is invited to the fact that Nell is the cheapest of the principal ports of great Britain. Serves by Means c4 port and conveyance chores which Are lower than those obtaining at and from any of the larger Porte of the United kingdom an area in England populated by Over 11.000.000 people. Frequent and regular services of fast steamers old Between Hull and the main european ports. A great Market attended by British and foreign buyers. And excellent base of distribution. For further information apply to e. Becher Vaise. Australian agent. Hill and Barnsley railway. S00-3 17. Salop Street. Geelong. Patents. Boyi signal Protection. Letters Patent and Trade Mark registrations obtained throughout the world. C. Stanley Burgess Patent and Trade Marks attorney. Katta Aal Mutual buildings King William Cercet. Inventor s handbook peat free on application. 94ic patents. Designs and Trade Marks. Collison & co., registered patents and Trade Mark attorneys. Eagle chamber. King William so Adelaide and at 4�. Collin it Melbourne _123ainxl29c missing friends. Arah Gwyther Niece of late William Henry Gwyther Tate of Carlton. Vic Toria communicate with the undersigned to your advantage. Lawson Jardine. Solicitors 4. St. James buildings William Street _melbourne._238,302,5 mrs. Annie Vanderweg Call at the . Lui a Fetter. L jas. Marshall & co., the shopping Centre where the people congregate. ?. Frundle Street and Stephens place. Beautiful gowns Model millinery Long scarfs and Engiles pretty ties. Coloured. Hosiery Dainty shoes Long sunshades j Good fitting gloves. Hot weather season. "_.1 v. Something Cool Ald refreshing. ?. ? % to Day a Lar real american soda Fountain opens with flavors that will Appeal to the most a. Fastidious palate. The Mosi up to Date american soda Fountain. J ? Row open.-. Orchestral music at intervals. 4 enter by the Corner door. Aus v kindly observe uni to Day we throw out Salvage goods damaged by water Only. Us the phenomenal rainstorm on Sundi y penetrated several of our departments saturating pounds and pounds Worth of season s Stock and in conformity with our general business methods this " i " " saturated season s Stock a offered to Day regardles9 of Cost or original Selling Price. A. Hill thet millin Ery showroom. Trimmed millinery slightly damaged by water Worth 18/6 to 45/, Selling to-day1 1/11, 2/11, 4/11 each. " children s Cream millinery hats and bonnets damaged by water Worth 6/11 to 12/9, for 1/11, 2a1. Children s Mil Hnery slightly damaged Selling to Day 1/11, 2/11, 4/11. 4. Deluge in the Flower and Feather department. Osprey grass mounts. Slightly damaged 1/11, 2/11. 3/11, for 6d-, 1/, and 1/11. Ostrich mounts the latest style Worth 6/11 to �12/6, for 2/11 and 4/11. Feather wings and mounts slightly darn aged by water 3d., 6d-, and-1/. Men s ready to Wear department was one of the chief departments to suffer. R. Hundreds of pounds Worth of damage occasioned by the rain. We particularly mention men a summer unlined suits. The whole of our Stock of which suffered. We have had them All remove from Stock boxes and fixtures and reduced them to such an extent that an imme Diate clearance will be effected. In addition Tweed trousers pyjamas dress suits Tweed suits &c., All damaged by the water and in consequence heavily reduced in Price. ?., these goods will be on View this morn eng at 9 o clock Sharp. V get in Early and secure first Choice. Men s Bath gowns All wet 21/, 25/, 29/6, to go 8/11,10/6 men s dinner Coats , usual Price 55/, 63./, 70/, All to go 21/ a few evening dress suits slightly damaged 105/, to Clear at 63/. Men s pyjama suits slightly damaged by water Only to Clear 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 7/6, 10/6. .-.? f ? ? men s flannel summer suits damaged by water All to go less than Cost Price 38/6 to 75/, to be cleared 15/6, 18/6, 21/, 25/, 29/6, 35/ men s Tweed trousers damaged by water 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/6, 8/6, 10/6, 12/6. The linoleum department afro sustained a big influx of water consequently we offer paper Felts 5 it. Wide usual Price 7�d. For 4jd. Yard 6-ft. Wide Cocoa matting usual Price 3/6 for 2/6 yard3 it. 9 in. Passage Oil cloths usual Price 1/11 for 1/3 Yard it. 6 in. Passage Oil cloths usual Price 2/6 for 1/6 Yard. 3 it. 9 in. Cocoa matting usual Price 3/6 for 2/6 Yard 4 it. 6 in. Cocoa matting usual Price 4/11 for 3/6 Yard? 3 it. Best fancy matting usual Price 3/6 for 2/6 Yard a. Linoleum Mats 36 x 27, usual Price 2/11 for 2/ each. Cork linoleum Mats 36 x 27, usual Price 6/6 for 4/ each Cork linoleum Mats 45 x 27, usual Price 8/6 for 6/ each. ? outside door Mats slightly damaged on the edges Only All at special Salvage prices.1 those who know who have investigated examined and tested our values speak in the highest terms of the Complete satisfaction to be gained by completely furnishing at Marshall s. Client resident out of Adelaide take advantage of our mail order department. Prompt and efficient attention Given to All enquiries or order per Post estimates for completely furnishing patterns quotations and Huq information posted to any address free on request. Toilet sets of tie finest displays a Australia direct Oom the world s leading potteries Wadud in a fall Range of exclusive designs m shaded or obd Sci coloured Art sets. " Juso some particularly exclusive de Igns from Don tons White to Jot sets Fob son 6-piece sets 10/6 set James Marshall & Coy. Complete House avd hotel furnishes. Drapery and clothing. Please note the special line at foot of this 3" advertisement. Something each Day. Com tie the store noted " for uniform Good values. V k two Days Sale. Goods damaged by water carpets and rugs damaged by owing to the heavy rain on sunday get Ting into our furnishing department and damaging a lot. Of carpets rugs a we shall hold a clearance Sale of these to Day and to Morrow. I two Days Only � Many of these Are Only slightly Damp and their wearing properties will not be affected in the least. Kidderminster carpet squares. Light ground bedroom designs size 9 it x 10 6, 77/6 for 63/. Size 1q6 a 12fl/"67/ for 49/6. Size 106 x 12 of a 79/6 for 65/. Vav size 10 6 x 12 it 97/6 for 84/ \ Sie 19.6 x 1% it /105/ for 87/6 size lox 13,6, 99/6 for 79/6. Size 12 it. X 13 6, �5 5/ for 87/6. Size 12 it x 13 6, �6 15/ for 97/6. Size 12 it x 15 it. �5 17/6 for 95/. V Opal pile squares. Size 10 6 x 12 it a 15/ for �4 15/. Size 12 it. X 13 6, �7 17/6 for �6 10/. Axminster Mats. I size 27 in x 12 in. 3/11 for 2/11, 4 6 for 3/6, 4/11 for 3/11, 6/11 Foi 5/6 piano Mats 10/6 for 8/6, 9/11 for 7/11. Axminster Hearth rugs 19/6 for 15/6, 25/ for 17/6, 35/ for 27/6 also other Odd lines slightly Damp at reduced prices. J tables of soiled silk blouses slightl1 damaged through water shirt and trimmed styles All half Price table of ladies costume skirts damaged by water sicilians Fine Serge and a few Odd Muslin and linens All h Alf Price. Lace blouses slightly soiled half Price. Ladies crepe Robes 12/6 for 6/11 ladies coloured foulard Robes 17/6 for 9/11 ladies sponge cloth Robes 17/6 for 9/11 enormous reductions in ladies corsets. The following goods must be cleared regardless of Cost the goods contain All rust proof boning Queen Adelaide and Warner s make 10/6 and 11/6 for 7/11, 9/11 for 5/1l 15/6 for 9/11, 17/6 for 12/6 underclothing damaged by water. Combinations 5/11 for 3/11, 6/6 for 4/11 chemises 4/6 for 2/11, 4/11 for 3/6, 5/11 for 3/u night dresses 8/11 for 6/11, 9/6 for 6/11, 13/6 for 7/6, 13/6 for 8/11, 17/6 for 12/6 Watt 240 Yards All Wool Cream Delaine double Width. 2/11 Yard for 1/11. Etui amt this line will be supplied at tvs Price for to Day Only. Country customers will be supplied if order be sent by. First Fini Ter Deh Rerer of mme v drapery and clothing. Foy & Gibson Babbara Anahi will hold i special Spring Sale / and bargain carnival to Day i i n i with x of a. W v x big t \ bargains in ". Aul j departments a Wing to the late season stocks having increased besides second shipments of goods Are to hand p. & g. Have decided to give their customers and. The Public the Benefit of securing fashionable goods at greatly 4. ? reduced prices. There will by big bargains in All departments Foy & Gibson pty., Ltd., Rundle Street. Adelaide phones 1310 and 131l l John Martin Ftp pts butyl Busyk always Busy Good another big bulk Job Purchase of i j Honiton lace venetian lace and \. Drawn thread fancy a Dens beautify a goods. F \ a va.11 to go on Sale to Day and Wilile they last at the Sime remarkable Low Pri Cesas those we charged for similar few months ago and which were so rapidly cold out. ?. V All bargains All marred at special clearance prices. This big Job Purchase comes Juett at a Good time for those ladies who ill of Horn be making up their. Xmas gift list what better Christmas gift could one make than a collection of fancy lace Ano Linen goods such As those Clearing out to Day the values Are most wonderful for in this lot is marked atom Halto a. To Ltd less than Ordinary prices. A. The collection is Niad Ejup tis follows be. ? -. Honiton lace goods. Dainty do Leys round and Square of \ Retty tray cloths Square and round k handsome supper. Cloths h v j Beautiful table centres a _ a j k ? " Choice sideboard cloths of charming piano top runners i and neat Duchesse runners venetian lace extraordinary collection exquisite venetian lace goods with lines of Tift and All lace pieces., magnificent Pillow Shams elaborate centres Oblong , \ elegant tra1 cloths � v i delightful Duchesse sett x Duchesse runners Vand do Leys of every Styes drawn thread fancy linens \ also he stitched drawn thread t and embroidered goods. An enormous assortment tray cloths supper cloths Pillow Shams bed speeds. Duchesse runners seder Oak cloths 1 the whole forming one of the most interesting Money earing code croons 4i fancy Art Linen goods that you have seen since our last great clearance. Come in while the assortment is Complete and Max your selection for your own use and for Christmas psf purposes. .?., see our. Big window and departmental displays to Day we trill be pleased to have Yon come in and inspect these Beautiful linens an lace goods whether Yon wish to Purchase or not. &g2�dlb5ebs�� Adelah the Best a cc5# a weekly. Burkes whiskey

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