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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 19, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping a n wms Maniam. None. By i. Font Bali wlm Frank Orraj. Adelaide to Lon Doh Ina Marseilles ii icat Albany. Bevo Wallat. Aden. Sues and forms aug Laid to London in 88 Day. Sufi Juns a leave Adal Abl. Ron Mim so. Boo Larrt . Wed nov. 1 ?d?. Sat Deo. T ans Luis 16 q. Didier Mon Jan. Oca Aims 1.198 f. Fun Wei . Frida ,mucb9 i?4js l. Bollard. . Ato Day. April t Bures or a Saab include wins or Sia at mean Chi loss Oval Luis to Tara Marseilles to a Tarot Woad Here journey m hours Only. The comp Sofii Beer prefers will to Tampany the Ufa Passnger torn mar urn a Paris and London Luggage Oon Ayed ran by Steamer from Mars Effloa to Lon Doc emf ten stewards Milch now carried. so to. my Tram �34 to �106. Roseb Cuba to equalized who sad an Cabin foam store to needed in fares. Faa Ewen an booked through to Maui thu Union. And sooth Africa la sey Heuss. Passengers booked to Bombay via Kub Baohua. Bar Bra Rah line trom Adea Karoo booked of Crotus to Havre Genoa Anu Sra Vanurk Hamburg. Bordeaux and London for it Oart Tozun apply to Swain both wbk & o. S. N. Co. Efs i. Sles Colombo. . Brindisi Malta. Vibral cab and Plymou tit Aas Amesa Tea t a mands least Britannia . Murray. By b. Oct m or throb mis Mac Home nov. T Fiu Tibia. 82bsa. W. Adamm not. M Oceana. Sesoi it wart Deo. 7 Arcadia _ bsb2 ,. Deo. N bomb. _ ii a. B. Daniea Jan. 4 Balla Abat. It Cial terms Liberal c ice Sioss made to families during the Slack Der Mason. Passages from England can be arranged Ben. In the second Saloon the have been Tao roughly Reo ganged. The Coon Moda Taon offered Heulur Unsun me de Bates of passage Money to Europe in first Saloon a to �70 to ear a. In second Saloon. A to�s7 tickets �06to�lu Sorgi a Rived Unco . On to monday and pa., Fen chum Verne. Load on. . Full nation Lara on apr Uoo tog Anderson. Braack Mam a. Stat aide 88. Ore leu Tret. Jct obd Deutscher Lloyd. Emf fat. Ill beat Lar Momaly line Otta of Kef Steamer to South Aptos j Astana we a twerp and Bremen. Alun at Adea sues port and Genoa Oon Sec time with mail and passengers from port Baid to 3rlodisi under mail come not wits the Imperial Barman government gds Mars a Fol be daa atom at i cows steamers. Tons i Oomman Dai i la. And. Habsburg _ Josh Nolder nov. 9 Karlsruhe i 7 of. Sussler Dee. 1 Olu Kne leg _ 5.t46 oath Mann Lan. 4 Hohens Tafs j b in feb a a Branco line to Samoa and Sooga. A Teanie saves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for ties wands Paauwe Money from Mem or to Bremen from �14 to �60 great redux tues on resort a aces available for six nine or twelve month very facility la offend Tor banging Cut friends b Fay meet of passage Money Haw. Oasis i Finin any break their journey. Menu spec Italy arranged to Smi a Naasona. A off Ioen and stewards Oon Vanant wish the Goci ish Lake Page. ? phase Gera and cargo Rook a Sno agn to Londot sad Orino Ipa to Opean. Aalst pc and mfr tar an landed a Jott Harros. In Tatur Possi Mai a Fol land sad sat bark at Isop ??? h a Taw scents b. Sub Oak co. Inetti sort port ans Stu St Blaw a team so thursday Island. Esp v put Dabow. And Hono jas in Kif a it Ken and astr Lan a Titi i steamship company limited under contract with the Toi h Aust Liau of Ern Cenc Lor the onre Javoe of mails the favorite feta Muhip Katteb thick. 100 Al at Loyd a.3os on Register n. Bannon Oom Manuer. ?01 be Diw Acebed of no Sydney for Island port Darwin and to the ate Alicr a Cavil port Adela de of Saturn november Sisa. Shipp Are re queued to Hind saw. Bezel to our port office who win Issue through Bills of lading in Etna. A Elm a Monwai will leave Sydney o. Out Ber 31 fat Auckland Tea Moisono. Caa Esgen books Uzoaga to pm Nepal o an Sod great Brit sin. Xoa aug a him a Namow at the above Oom sudlspm2sdmlimovs.eaulga. All sew asst nit Tad tasmanian Para Stew Gaia he Bojt Viik. Wmk Soubhi a i Tae Alvesa Fla october 20. Ramst Donatt. J a bub Waffie Nroa october 86. For rates at baht and in min Appl Bess Pic Hawbold a nerd Hotham Karma tools company limited Paese neen and cargo a oked at through rates Tor a Queensland and fijian poets also Jocame and new a Ebbdee. The trl a steam whip comp and steamers no in with the above company seat transhipment at Fri Bane or Sydney. Cargo also taken of the . Eab Akeeba cargo received u any time through Mill of lading and Putter Coreia used by Hab bold a bothers Adelaide and . it Cyri Eucla ? j i r lady Robibson Jet by will Tail on scone Day 19th iut Aaraas for in igbo or passag Pelt Baybold Buot bibs gag.m.,3 two and port j. Mike Estwald lint for flu6 Isuf ton Venus Streaky a rower to a Tansbury every thursday Assassa and saturday at 8 from Bra Bobbin it saw fleeting Lily Cave pm leis wharf. Fon Adelos Ever Vadna Day Al pin. In Jupo of tuesday. R for of Keb port missing friends. Under out beading i prepaid word. Hate ration it. Three Inse Timu. It. 60. La t Ali Haas of Flinders a -. Col Nyol Virtona. Teaser who was last h 1 1-Uiie in the year 1883, Luau sad to a a i Sie with mrass. Brahe & air 119. William it my Urne solicitor when he will Bearol 60 a n k Bis advantage. Any information re or Isif a i 1be thankfully rewired Brahe and Gar no 3, fit. Jump be i Mug a William Street Melba him. Tss-94 shipping. Fiji Audi aids steamship company 1. Limited. A Dis Catob to Tell steamships under for Melbourne and Sydney Tran Lippi or fur All Queensland ports. 8.8. Inn Aminea i saturday i oat 22 i 2.16 . . Adelaide _ 1 Oai Arday i oct. . West australian service. For Albany and Foeman la. to North urn ports. . Albany i Edue Day oct. Isl4p.m. Cargo received we 4 pm. Previous Day. Southeast service. Ror Kingston Bobe. Beac Hobt and Hao Donnell Bay. 8.8. Franklin i oct. 36 4 . Cargo received Rili ii an. Western Bays service. Tor port Eluston. Streaky. Denial and Folk a Bays fall log at other Bays when necessary. . Lubra _ tuesday i oct. 6 . Spencer Gulf service. Fob Post Lincoln. Mokhta Wallaroo. And Franklin Hab Rob a ferret to caday i oct. Ski t Coco till 11 am Fob posts Augusta. Piris. And Hermein. . i san stay oct. 22 i g pin. Cargo received till 1 pro. John tub Bull. Secretary. A Sbialo Curtis Chambers. Currie Street. Adelaide. Insurance companies i cab Dian Assurance company. Or Brad orca i Okusi text. Lamas. crib d capital _ _ �2,000,000 paid no _ _ l,0t?,uo0. Total funds towards of 4.508-00 total annual 1 come _ 928.000 the Undene knt having been appointed Kaeteel buna106. Bundle Street. In who a i works on hand and to , itty Oflyng tunese Oaks and fountains never before been in Australia Way Lex it 00., 115, Hindley Tenet agents for Best English and of Bise Fin Woas. The Trade Rop pm. make sped Auy Liberal terms for Dis Pla a of fireworks in any Parta of the Colony and will be pleased t Furnoh programmes on Appu Cati a to any i Puy from �6 to �600 please to re Memott to with of november Atuf cd 145. Hedley of tweet Sod net supp cd with but goods at lowest prices. a orders by Post or Telegram promptly executed. Fireworks. Fireworks. G?in?3bs Montserrat Lime juice quarts. Lemon juice Mason botanic Beer Mason wine essences. G. N. & w. H. Birks dispense chemists 59, bundle Street. Susbe Thiol in. Oases bows and strings Complex oui v 6t from 26a. Mandolina tie lat sat ens isl Nae. From a tvs. Siar Bare i Soolos Fin Tea Pyp of organs Mata. Banjos guitars Sephyr Toomat mutes to., 0., or great Varia a oat opened 1 h fray Law Street full Partio ulan cd Prospe cuu. Lts2aiuo Kianos organs los Fotioo invited Beai r makes . Kuhnel Kitoe net Bolusi shipping. Rehb Howard Smith line. New service. Farther seduction of Possum Ger fans. Fon Saloon. Brearn. Cabin. To Melbourne Llo 0 �2 10 0 01i 1 Sydney _ 0 6 800 Ifica freight a at lowest saxes. For Melbourne Anda Sydney Brisbane Maryborough Rock a Pton. S. Bunin Yono Mackay tuesday october 25. Towns 6 . Geraldton Bodo n d o. Cairo tuesday november 1 port Douglas . Cooktown thursday 180. Normanton Rourke Tovtyn Fob port piste germ in. And Augusta. ?.s. Ducr West 1 saturday i oof. 22 111 pm. &8. A Blenx i Wedum Day i oct. So noon. Cuing fire on port. Adelaide. Public companies. Pity of Adelaide and aids investment company. It fazed in liquidation. Second in a reran Only to the claim of which notice has then been Reo tved. Dated the 4th Day of Ort brr. 1892. Sinclair & Cruickshank advertiser buildings. port Adelaide. 882.88.308 solicitors to the Amuri stator. Re William Connord eat pursuant to the property act of 1860, notice hereby gives that All creditors and other persons having any chalets Gal it the estate of William of nor. It of Ade mine out of business who did on the december last and whose jul has been porn Ltd in be supreme court by Robert Welu of Wasley station Namer. One of the executor appointed by the will an r. Quire to a bad in with for. On or of run Slat Day of october next to he in Derain a William Deanna. Solicitor for the Caid kit Qatar. Thir names mid add Saa and full particulars Otth a claims a Ter which Date the.id executor ill be at Liberty Anaeta of the i Boob be a Autheo Hare had Bottoe Baccei the 3rd Day of sep a bar iss2. De Abuan. Central Bamben. Adelaide ass tb. Roll due for the exec Cor. Tenders and contracts. It Tif of add Laid tenders will be nce ived Vita monday next october 24th. 1592, at 1 o clock Tor the following works namely no 61 Sand depot. Lease of Sand depo from Ria key badge to the Jerk Fiaai beet i Bain. Meitner the lowest nor any under necessarily accepted toe plans and specification can be Wen and further pvt hours obtained at the City Surveyor 1 office. October 18th is3j. 283.e Puou Guing tenders rubs of to Lough ing aboat2saore.lufnn Road Noel Vrol until october 20. 6poctfloationaaclu,. 386n a. School of hikes and industries. Models technological a Secil tenders an invited of to noon of wednesday 10th Ira St for of t cd lowing Mozeb. So Bia to pomace. Bosiok Fomade. 10-h-ad scamp Battery. Tiv cad . Plans and Seculo Adomi May be consulted and further Marci Pulju obtained on application to both tray. At the Bob of to a a inst for the a Bettos of a Pir of cuz caribs a Sokch Adelaide. Not Nasr accepted. Cd Ward Davies f&au., architect Cotua pro id fit Boudion 292-5 21. King Liuia Street. Of vulders Are invited till Coop off id. 2-af i for stores Bole or it. Bran Grain potato. A for Twive Mouths to the 200 logical gardens. Farther Rev Micalan on application. No tender necessarily accepted. 88 4 b e Anischin. Director. Ten Debs to Van Ayarra Iron Fonenot n. Soap Maken and Mcben. To Rai Diat Bavins oreo cold the undersigned invite tenders to. The whole Orsoni Olaof the and Plant in the boo coolie to hols. Of port Adelaide Here it can be Hosp Soteo Okaoa tango Rhone Power angina org Dige ten Pang am Home room Zibor i Tertule. inventory and All Patitu an Oao be had at Oor offices. Tenden will be received of to2ou net Okpani a by Cheque Tor 25 per cent of amount. To Tenner up Wiy Anor twi sat we . Refro mation and prick of Btu Estok 1 Laos tone Kerbs and building atoms can be obtained Iran. H. Hants Hortt Only whew samples Oan by area g Gianni . Vow do plants seeds. Wirben Fod Dut right Thrush the Sammer bal vat been sown 5 Jeto so to of tons per acre. We Hare just received a Aree consign meat of Tut season Oare Fallt one Stoa seed. Early Amber Cane 8d in. Early Orange Cane. 8.1 in. la in. Price per Bouselot 40 a c application. E. & w. Hackett seeds men. Attr Seymen. A. 78, bundle Street. Adela de. Bisi Money. Money to a cwt on Reot . W. Bollock & 00, Franklin a ert. 1761755in a "p bold Security at from to cent., suit Borrowe. Abo on shares broken Bill mines at lowest be u rides repayable by the week or month Bills discounted daily. Correspondence u ensure rep y . Sau deits. Ata Nacer. Ass. Pirie chanbers. Arr time Ondon loan discount and mob Toaga Bank. Pixie by react. Opposite Union Bane. The Bank in Noar prepared to Nikac Vanor of fre Hoij securities of e c it Willy Tav Rabb serums at 6 per out pet Zoum rep or be am per Obj tables which an obtained of to plication at Tai Bak. The up cd adva Nuges claimed an to Oom Mission. To Survey fees Bat the rate of interest six a i sent. Per an a Udu Deu in there a ment. Advances made without delay ears out sub to be borrowers. Advances Are also made on personal Security Bula of Sale Fpo it of Deer and Bodum Ortis cams from �5 to �5.000, at very moderate rates of internet re table by weekly monthly or Quad ten id Sun orients. Advances u Ade on of babes. Bills discounted daily. For farther information apply to the manager. Bank soon9 toe a silk. Mondays and Thomsd Vij to 6. 17 Susie drapery and clothing. A t. Fitch the Corner bundle and Pulteney streets. We respectfully invite inspection of our new and fashionable drapery clothing boots and shoes a for the Spring and summer Bessona. New prints be i id. cd. i id. dozen Navy and while prims 3a lid Dosen 1 per Yard Navy and Biu prints fancy Ana Floral patterns find cd Pery Aid Fano Prim Epler raid Sicos cd 7jd. By Yard . Ltd 74 per Yard Cotton Meiai i 6jd or Yard be Choice patterns bad did per Yard new Delaine Llyl per Yard All woul voile lame Best French Manola onre. A cd Tiery mrs new dress materials de . Stud per dozen Deif Oord Nroy Mojola per Yard Fano dress we 1 ?0, per Yard 4t-in. Fanoy dress Mairul 7/1, la4td a in. Fancy die Tweede u so l-6d. Tsum new Ait Muslin la i id. 2 lid or dozen special Hue in Nuli pattern 3a a per dozen suited funnel thu cd. Stud. per dozen he by on twill sheeting 6j. Bad per Yard spotted Turkey wills. Co 7jo Pery Aid Cre tonnes loud stud it a town a Dat Purche suns Badra All very Choice handles snot Silks 10. 8j Tor 7 lid 13s de Tor by Flo ass a torl4ed Fried Stane Bades stud. . Sud 8a a shirt blouses frilled and Plain. 2a a cd special line a Ribaldi Blouser la6d, la ladies new walking jackets a 8a Saud 10s and the Eton jacket. so b p Oil lines . Used upwards Black Lake Cape trimmed , be itor2l ,37eadtors7ebd dust Clotta newest shapes b i6td, ladies striped Ootton Tanas Aid. Jud. Lames Oast nere ?e,7jd, fld a Lead. fld Ladin silk neck . Embroidered 7ta ?. On Imren fancy Borders from to per ladle taffeta gloves Black and san Jid. Idd a sad last Dirr kid gloves Blok and Tan u Lold. Stud Oati Dmn a last Bourne hate special Tea Ali 1 by newest shapes in ladles and Hhd or a a White Aad to and Straw Hata u stud. a a so lid. cd. 8s9s a. In darting the Nadu Oom Btu Side Nam Torquay a Aubo Dun. And East oame. Sun and bonnets in variety ranging from la of wards Liberty Slik Hata Aad bonnets a lid. lid 7sud. Tailoring department. Gento Tweed suits to maasure.47sd,,, 7?, 70s, 7ts get tune emerge Sac bits. To me rare. 6bs gents Beilin Dao suits found to a sure. 70s, 76e gents 1 Heladia Sao suite to measure 67a 64. Men a youths and boys clothing department. Men ted suit 9d. 16 Ftp a a men Trouven Aad Vcab-.9sud,Losi, ? Afen a Aegir Soia a tooth to a suit 16 fld. 17s a. so tit a Boya Tweed soil. 14s cd. Lbs a. a. 17a a boys Trouven and Vass 8m, so Tweed Enio Kersus 0.1.2, 8.4.6. So a sold 4su4 a sold 7aud men White Braw Hata Pei l by Noya Bla Okana Waita Straw hats so Hawf Labitad Buok and White Straw Hata lad la Boot department. Lautas Levant Oxford Shosun. Sam a fld. Stud Littias Liaqat it. Boota to cd. Fia u hew Flannelette a sold stud 4 Udac clothing and Mercery departments. Men suits new Gooda lie att. a tit a Sla so my Goli Merino Tox. 4 4.6fd d. ?.ia6d,,,. 4a Geo ties new goods. 4fcl 6id. 9jd. La. La red. U . Giove and Hob Ikey . 4-Buttnn pm . Denis stud la lid stud a Uluao Blok taffeta gloves. Sad. La is6d 164 d. u6d, a 2. So pair ladies Stripe Balfa i Gan Hnis bed Hose. 610.05 d. U ladies of Sahman Hose la be Flo. 1 used pair. Children outfit department. Bora 1 Sod girls Sailor costumes so 4e9d, ass ba9d,los9d Di-perpuuf4es.la.u9d,ss9d.3ssd,4slld. 6lldchudren she Linard Silc Hata and Bonnet se9d Fie fid 7e9 .9s9d Gene silk Handke Rabieb la 91, stud stud ,Caud,6au. Mantle Mulu Abbt Depatti pants. Ladle new Baiin-Faoedjaokeia. .bs9d, ladies a wot so by. Ass so 4es isdiee1 print Boose jackets u6d std 8b 91, u9d to Diee shirt blouses Ltd. 4 lid. Saud unmounted rotes from la 61 per Dot Flowers. Corset. Umbrella. Avd Underco Rhino . New of peseta. 1b lid . . . A lid umbrellas ,s9d, s m,?d, ?d. so. Ribbon and Lack department. New neck bit Abone. % i 3jd, 4jd. Ard 2-in Satin Ribb various o. Lor 3d Yard White embroider a. 1 . A sold. Sofia. 4ssd, sew Patten. In laces Ufi 6d Doc White and Gold by gongs Large. Dor. Orts new bread boards platters and bread Essres fld per pair write for has line Bismarck lamp glasses la 61 Doc lamp Wicks 6d grand line of Large sugar Bajaa and Batter dish fld Peir. Ait country order Mill Nee we car very burst Atten won it Mousy must be remitted with Guarden me Are Cah a Rapinz. A Tom Sioe Kupert and the Trade tend throughout at of thai Staafe Iafe Cal Priam. Re. Brau Thot the Trade it our speciality and Oil who Are runt at i Ginsu inet Timu them to Imprest Ourett can give a Large variety for atlatl amount of Money Hunt Corry & co., wholesale and retail Cash Dubaj Ebu and importers. 112, u4, u6, 118. Bonu att asi.?. 117?Ain drape r b printing axe outed on the shortest Nattee Andon Rob Era terms at the Job but zit office. T drapery and clothing. James Marshall and co., so 18, 80. Bundle Street. Adelaide Stephens place Iceni the waeehoose3, ?. Jew in be scene London. We too packages at beat of opened this season direct from the if Airit set hew goods arriving weekly. 151 dress department. Special Sale. We have to do thrown out a double Width dress material All Wool at the following pilots 1/6 26 the 1/ 1/11 2/11 the 1/3 2/11 to 4/6 1/6 v text Epe Ciau a Good nkw6 for the children. ? or Tot Bala inac Seoul Bow room a Stria Day opened idl olt will be Lowood the largest and but Aas rent of toy Amna lne. De National mechanical Aad Pazz Wiuf raw Aoma in Analaide. Special duo not allowed to Bazaar rain a a inspect Eattle. A dresses. Very specie All woo Cream non i veiling. Cd Yard doable Wall Wool dream Ana White Muot Sci Imp u6ly r Donal. Width ail Wool Cream Black and White Maine 11l Ard Gnu blk want double Widt Nauwood Cream and White Crepon la Layard doable Width a Wool Tamatane Beiga. so Yard a Wood . Of Jenofa printed Delaine yarn All Wool so in. Floral Elainea. raid All Wool 82-in. Spit and vioral Delaine the Bert Baal it made la fld Ard doable Winta a Wool let Iange Tweed. Ltd Jart doable Width scotch Tweed mixtures be m and lid Yard ver special Une of Tweed effects � Ltd Doi. White Pongee Boa. 33-in. Wide Yaj \ new shot Silks very oho Ioe j j Yard berth bilks All colors j Ard blame silk me Veilleox i ii Yard Worth lid Lull japanes silk la lid a. Slid. A lid Yard Pongee Suka mud it lid fld. To told Yard Dolored Liberty a beat Quality do 2-so. Pon Usuka. A Jois i lid Yard boat Uia Sam 8 lid Yard Woolord faille frail a. Be lid Yard o4ored watered Engaline. La lid per Yard one Grain fur skirts. A. Yard ool ared by a. S of. Stud. Dard by amok Biles a a gift sent took to Deleot from a Loprire btaok6a a 114, sell Black Rale. lid old cd ild. A Blae satins. A9d,,? toc Aore . In u of. La in boil line. Liao Dmn meat Cream Ardc Owrid spot Blouse Ernola la / 1/, 1/11,2/111 Alna. Laiwa of i to arb Jid each splendid a tier White silk and cd u bad Kun Mscabe in bps tax pub base of Bilben a White Gol pime Eais Rodery collars each ladles in and Buok leather Bella la each habit Tooa. White and Colora la la 6d, la lid Aoh oot Orad Bath Rodery Chiffon cd Yard a in. Shot Chiffon All Ooi a 4o Yard ?mleohis.forb4on. So Yard Brooke and enee.rbbone.4id Pery Aid in. Trip a ribbon for Anui Aero 9a Ard Hove Ltd Sia shot Jobje ally hades. so Yard 87 dec ladies shot Finney arts at the giving away pro of 2/g tort arrived some of the newest novel ties irom the London Market Boot 40 Doz. Todor and Goodwood hats. In Buok dream Grey and earn 4a . Fia ,7a a ready Good foe of Boos Straw Flop eats Isido Dulido a motion Doz. Hats newest shapes a fancy Saba . Beat value we have Ever uttered la. 3d. la. U the Kaeti oame in Lalii Winf Romusod a a tend Aaton meet of Btl Dbette Sailor hats with bands in White and spec Tot strawa.tromsslid.bsud.asuif. . 7e . Zolfia 20 Doxen Only of the Hen lot Boa Tea. In the . With buds be in Deab Straw bonnets in All the leading abates and Colon be cd. . 2a cd. tossed our Shook of that Man kiiunsb7 for tolf shape and Good value Vannoo tie waned in the Day Itz Lundby bonnets from . ,9iud, to 9d. Iss a. 17ad.sla, sob. 80b, 35a, ass cd. To 635. In Doz ladies Oam Beio a bits with Fri of spotted strip. Sings Light and dark grounds .2/h 1 on Doz. Bummer Cambric shirts i a no out fall spotted. Striped bings fas clo ill 1 7cl tajiks tawk ant bet Tweed 4 i of Jao Weib bettor and 801 l Collar shapes to6/ll q 7 ladies Fawn and Grey striped a Ltd Ste debt cloaks a asian shape 6d, Udu. aft. Lofia. In ibs toilet and satan q Wissin 11 Rizw . Good ass fitment in sing. Medium and fan sums Silver Grey blankets equal to Good White rat in Al Tab at i 0 6d, 16e, 18e 6d. Trimming department. 4 new Chenille trunk ufos Tow a the rage i Ryard soc silk Ruch Bue. now worn in. Vide. A i a All n 4ore, 1 Udya a % sew jetted Gigot. Vari a patterns 6j4 Yard new Marguerite costume , dozen. New Wool Ruc lip loj Dyard be seaweed set Triu Ulings. La 9d Yard new Jet bodice lets turf rash new Jet of suite Panelo. 6? lid each the unique co Tome Ora Amrita 4 id dozen the Princess costume ornaments dote hew Dree buttons Burklea clasp. And dress bolder. A. To. Patens Post free on Appu option. For further details acc Register. Jas. Marshall & co m Adelaide and London. 2680x280 drapery and clothing. 4a, Rio c countess of a Martin bros., Burlington House. Hosiery. Metton. Martin Brut have just received Large fresh shipments of Rowy and during this Viett they Are aiming in their window a charming assortment of Alt the fashionable Mic Tofor the Samson. Stainless Black sanitary Black Cashmere Hose /10j. A 1/3,1/6.1/9.1/11 . 5/u, 6/11, 7/11, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6 per half Doz. Pair. New weaving for the season. Str Melv Woven Heel and toe presents the Aase rom giving out a new shipments. 4� new color. Toe fashionable torn Lutsian Brown and. Boat i Rausei. New departure. Laos Cashmere How. Just Aniced bom London and perfectly new in style. Embroidered Cashmere Hose. Lisle thread Hose. A at seasonable prices. New Felts of just been trn parted from London in great varieties. New buckles. New buckles. New buckles. Beatings in every fashionable Shade per the last steamers. Fall nets. Fall nets. Fall nets. Fall Neta fall nets. Fall net fall nets. Fulle Austral clothing. J. Miller Anderson and co. An now bowing a fun assortment of their Superior make of boys and youths clothing. Austral clothing b perfect fitting Austral clothing made of Good materials. Austral clothing b moderate in Price. I a fashion note showing the various Stylet Mitt be so Noonie on Apptt town Havy Serge Hani feta. From to to 7a fld Navy Serge Blouse Sailor smoker suits from 10 fld to s3ted Tweed and wonted Bloom Sador Kooker Butts bom 11 6d to 35a Sooh Sailor Kirpekar Salti id Berwin White Serge striped and Chee re Serges. White Drill Galatea stripes and the . A inf Yefin i Gen with a Dicker 6aili Wawer Jey Knicker suits Norfolk eni Oker soft blocked blotter snicker Boits smocked kids hopi l trooper snit be Mao of Watrou or Sains 19s6dtos8s6d Navy Kwa absence Rugby knee Kersta 24a fld to su6d Tweed do. Do. 6d to ass i sack Berlin suits 29? 61 to 87a fld. Choir sons. Navy Serge Eton Knicker Sutts. Tram s7 fld Bank Berita Eton Snickar suit from in Navy Serg Eton to Roamer sub. From ass fld Back bar a Eton trouser std Tram 15a. �0018? Cambridge to Hoke suits. In Savy Bine Serge Tiara 27s 6d in Tweed bom a 6d in Blank Berlin texns7a6d, Boya and youths hats and papa. glares Woollan ties shuts both school bag. Ficq j. Anderson and co., so and a in Idle a Bekx. So undoubtedly tie most striking value in the Trade it to be found at Birks a in Rundle-St., when All Wool. Doable Width. French Deess materials Worth lid. Be fld. And per Yard. A a being freely sold at eighteen Pence per Yard. Lovely goods in the choicest Odorine. Sob the window the Best display la the City. Pery Aid. Sb9o Hall & Savage. Drapers. Tailors. Milliners Jed drkssuaeer3, 105. same eld and three Doon. Scat of Arcade. Now showing a Baan Tinl assortment of the Umed hib Tina and Beer plug underclothing made of one Calico and Nain Sook nobly trimmed. Having Bau Etri these on very advantageous terms we Are offering at prices very swig. Below those usually charged for similar goods. In wait drapery and clothing. Gentlemen undressed White shiets. A Large Stock of Ben excellent goods All sizes in six qualities Chas. Birks & co. S7bo r. C. Castle & compy. A c do Reoe Ivad their fint shipment offspring and summer goods. Newest taters. Coating . Hosiery. New Hap Jib in hats Large tank of White Shi Bxs in All prices. Men a buys. A a youths Beady made tailoring in All in bran Faes. Dress coals frock suits. So snits in bots. To Tbs. And men. Knitter and Eton Snow. Cat to Mea ure. Aim. Quite at Home in the cutting of Bodinar habits Ana liveries his Heet pud killed workmen always kept on the premises. An experienced matter constantly in Auen . Castle it comp Zavors u2wa\awcxl? 37. Boudle a Tenet. Conveyances and Lavery notices. Tibu Rhomb 160. H. Graves and co., railway and general carriers custom House and for Abdinur agents to All parts of the australian colonies. Gooda received for a towage. Special attention Given to the Coue Onon of seng Bugage for shipment or otherwise. Having made special arrangements Wito the steam Taip companies our men Board a Stram on Arriol at Large Bay semaphore and port Adelaide of parcels and bin to Ani part of the 00umy. Head office Roanie Geetu Fupton Street port Adelaide Bree Hes Gooda sold to tort Tenaye. I port Germain. Shorland it sons Sydney. Imam i Broadbent Bros lid Bones. Treleaven it Brown Adelaide port 4. Piria. And broken Bui. A sumac wanted to by. Under this heading if prepaid Murat on intention. . Three insertions u. 6d. A a. A. A a. A a. A Ive any Quantity furniture and pianos wanted at Onoe nooses bought right oat for o of numb boosts an ame payment i am pre pared to Gera Ridden Lenaiy High Apnoea for a the Romire i by. I would Patio Abiy state slut Lam not buying for the auction room usually done. Out prices i senere and then Send forme and set then Hest a Aehle Price. Toe new Dodd a shop. Luuru quare West aide twee Doon pastor in St neb private add twi Norm Street off Flinders Street. Letters and telegrams Promp in at tend to. 189 178 Oil jobs Bones cast Iron. Metal bought Lor oath highest Prates riven ape Cul Proea Lor polio Hooke . Kope. ?. M6-866 , a Ood found Hack with trial state age and odor to Hack this office. M at tits zoological gardens. B6o m . Young a Tysall kind Lefi off clothing letter att need to., opposite of Oral office. 89u8 . Sears buys left of clothing i etchers a booed to Annac Street opposite of Al Ray o 61. Franklin Street. 2al-3t wanted a wn4e plate View Lens must be cheap. Apply office. 2824 oaiikmuota6oat, apply Geo. Smith. Wright Street a St 291-8 warranted to but of Stem galvanized v t Iron. Eegao Dharod or Labo office. Pol Trey it not. 8821 anted to but enamel Bath and Bath Heater Artwood apply hoi Esby. Hanson Street 292-4 . Good 6kcondhand piano. Price and Piaker. to. Uncle. T233 anted Good cooking stove. Chvatel Price Aad Wand " , advertiser office. Port Adelaide. 393 anted to boy Honey extractor. Aop y. Eating Price x. M. Walker Boshert Street Adelaide. 293 wanted to sell under thit heading if prepaid18 Mordt oat i insertion . Three insertions . Cd. Albums. Bar today cams. Books and gifts foreign tamps and packets rubber Tampa for marking Linen 3a.andrew, s3, Arcade. It Moang Bat White sugar i a b 1 in. Of Tih in famed la cd. Ceylon Tea and 4 in. Best White sugar. Hie lot Tor 2a.lmport company 181, Grenfall Street. iwo Rio Tower car u Bookwood Pony Carta 0 1 pars Phaeton Rhoodes Carta 5 foor wheel log farm 2 tip drays 6 hooded Abbott baggies 1 hooded wag Gonette 1 heavy trolly Lopes wag Gonette 1 Spring vans Mike heated baggies i Baness Abs ladies 1 Tenn re Ecat Bast Aad Gendemeh saddles and by dam cheap. And Pomes trials j bid co., 42, . Hones and traps let on hire. Ss3j7 splendid condition �1 each owner retracing Ken Edy. Beverley my Meholo Atu room Etc lip. Mrs Nom Nna. D Wisp lot for to Quality and piquancy in equalized. Address Oon Noisseau father arts Lairta. Epic est general agent 883,6,8 a Hack to Jeb and quiet doable or ems4 c Hanes 14 bands Hatzen Corr magic and Denham roads. -5 now for . Quiet and Ennd just caved. J Edward Clement chaff store Hanson Street South. 293 do Koa gift fab bund lbs. Ranklin St Kkt. Adelaide. Hare on Sale hew. Beyond had. A bomb Glisa Frony Phaeton i look under Gattola anal of Aioo boggles bluer Niglas Village Phaeton Pony cart Pony Phaeton hooded Bony nmsjsa.ftil.. Bnokboarrta7ftoft?. 8883 m in Piv shoe Bonks foe Sale very cheap. I Brandon. 57. Bundle a eel observe the Aiice of the bed Boot in front of that Eranda s4bc Kines and Boilea. 8, 3,4. And c h p., so a. Portable Emden and boiler engines 1 stand a . A. Smith it co., Wakefield Street. Aetna Sig a Tob Sale cheap. Horn bps twine Bendeb Sun aels n e Side Ciji Ery Hor Rake Al o Douce Funtow plough. Sooth reversible Pong a and Sab Oil plough a in Good on Jer. Henr Dunstan. Jew Mington Park. 59.6,8 nor Sal. So hive at bees and atack of Good �1 manure. Apply. Dily new Glenel. -8 or Sale. Whaleboat Crft skill Cabin a sub �.playfair. By Enheld. 293 i fat toe Saia. Tents planing. Of ruling punch f Gas machines forges Andros Winch Nocks pulleys doors ?.w. Watking Poirie Tel 359.6 Fjor Sale Good quiet family cow. Second calf. F Geo. Baker West me Park z291-4 Cir Sale. Pont express Light express two r tid Oriya two Cood ponies . It f. Dodd was mount Street. 22-4 Rejto Sale covered Spring Day with i r to ital Tor faawksr.e7. Childen Street North Adelaide. 2?-? f7k r Sale piano Goon order. �18 Cah a c gain. Apply octave Tom Offida. G 88.91,3 Rio Sale Cam waggons two Light fool Box buggies 1 secondhand wag Gonette and on Poy Ort. Amey warm Ais Ocao Bunden fee. A Aaimo Ore Feu Tes Adelaide. 7 0b Sals mowing machine and House to bake Good order. Apply to c. Wire Dollarton Road. ?3 5 Itter taxi two Rover Biot cles Bau bearing i the our bout. Price �10 eve. Apply h. A. Davis Guia Street. Se-5 Job Sale Euhong Spring Dray Good repair f also Light bros., Payne am. 898-5 7tor Balb. Good up ebs. Cheap. Apply b. F pres. Sat Enoma Ket. 298 Ottob so old newspapers and 1 Prin to Rel or apply Box 151, o. &3 Good quiet Alpin co a with tiler Camii suit it Piv in . H. Kelly Queen head hotel North and Jaide it Anddore h Hite Pony for Sale qui t for x lady to drive or boy to Rine Poil Al 5. I � i me. Lime. L i h e Elj pc the Trade beat aah to. Apply Kluun re Wood Coal and chaff Merom it. Port Adelaide. I 2-9 30j not Induke o and All bookmakers Ana re Tirera at. Lowest prices Arthur bean Stephens place off Kun Ith Street. 292-4 lano3. Obj and of nor nil flute too Ordons Fate. Warnat 80, Hindley Street. Instruments tuned and repaired. 9dmwhs f a Aba Nikob Oer 100 patterns to of Faross it irom. Kuhney e piano Wanho Nae Pirie St. _ Lola to of feb bicycle Fob Salb. Find a order. Apply j. Hooper Kensington bakery. High Street Efra Ireton. Sbb-6 Superior Brougham Fob Sale carry soot nude. Fun Shcier Nisi t it fumes of Tinag few torn of Good Deu aant Fob Sale 8. Cboroha., Manuala. 892-4 celeb flow Rotas quiet family much just calved cheap to Roarty . A. By. 2. Waymost Street. Or bes lok. 891-g Tatam ted to Light Phaeton to Pony two Vert of Drej two a Ping carts one Dray at Wood sorter Ana Spring Van one a i. Secondhand wet Sprng Drav. Apply no f. Townsend Blok Mahb. Uimer my Tabram 88b.8ij r in. Bicycle Bau bearing Stturr Aboul nearly or new by . Hey Osman can herring Vic aria Ecra re est. So a it and Foo tasks very Low Pete at Acour guaranteed deed Fras axed Iliev Imrei a. James. Oval Oak Tuet. Soto Dowde. I Batna � i Bura staunch Pont Cane in addle or str harness Orlady or child. Apply /. Do. Bren. O deep Toner. Wring Tetraut a stat s4t la. Each postage id. To Bibe agreement Forks a Flash of 38.6d.perdoz.poetage,. Bill of Sale forms Al each at St. Oll Dot postage id. Each the above forma can of obtained atom general printing of Tjui of Waymouth by Benz. All kinds of commercial and general fed Cibo etto ted on the shortest notice and at lowest it take books b Oba a 9 Boot doth . A Bunya anything ada2 ency Tai. Famished apartments to fat. Moot Lent on Nional mity Hob and tows a Ufa b44tta . Bowman Cert floated midwife fro women Hospital Victoria i my Lilii a ouf Ioor pro use Homer Pulteney Wadw Akril id Street. St so. Turner qualified midwife has oooo twi Ationo iavits terms i. Ang Axtin. 891? a m. Klapec we wipe. Bah at await near Waefleidtnet. tin Baa isl and most comfortable for Latta Darins Oanfa nement Orer it Jutt be Riper att oct to ?m6 Beard and residence. Undo ii heading if prepaid18 Teford at . Three jnurtumt.tt.6d. Bogyus House a pm Nutant . Portable private Home Jadie it Maimu i. Married couples Quinn moderate dose Gojio. _. My a t a a Bohas. Pen Fra some. Aqna a. Street private Board and read Blok. Lad.. Go Linen married Koopus and visitors mod Nate Kentrat eds. 64 night so. 1 a. Laide film Swo Storey nou e off Oroth Traas . Ssba9 i Oabed we 88.1-enok required by Gentt Maud in private family Coo boarding Bow horse pre Emil Witri Aito atm in Garden. Be Tara " borne ? office. Baboom want in Vieu Rity Walken Iua Sorou Vaerton Tor errand . A Han of. A thud door from Bank Chen ust ss3 in milkmen. Oort Orawe Home a nerf con Vanmoe ones engaged in Day Oao hav a Obat martinis dining booms 84, sub. Len to to. Ja2 ao7 Nas Ady having beat ital Der Vilu Deribas to let rooms to Raj Tii a. Lig Farfal Asoono. 0.p.0. 811 apr want Board and residence for ? Fortuni Erht lower Nordi Adelaide preterm re. Prompt. Oom office go Riv the family mid Neon Booth Terrace offer sit Hpe to sent Lumen Wenty Monr Tenor Flaata. A i . Swobe. Most comfortable some offend invalids or others Laig horns Odipo Attsie piano Moira and ," to of file. Bobs. Of few Csc period Board and bes Denok abase o rooms piano Bra a maj. Oscar Kaneai. Street next to or Budoo a Sisi c a period Board and residence. ., Wash Wright Poreet from King Wium Street. Sam two Tor mud bedrooms to lbt. Irh i with Contos a ?e?.-Mtame of three larg famished books to Voth it ii a names East from use Prince of Wain Bead. S9l3 a Fibre friends can Ohio -1 Board of Tindal of other boart a fad Rajk . S9h Dow lady offers Seta Home to two Yod no ladies Don to Dij no Otter gnaw i. Peace inv Kochi Alelaide. Baht rated lodging a Nastase. Tea. Sud Wash. Me War town wow pref emd. And Ocas lost and found. Vert Ian. . Three insertions 2k. 6d. Pound that. Kahnes wat Hooga Pyrle Rafeii u toe cheapest and Best Tor piano and Onu. Unsafe r Ost from or. Pap Phi a. Beak Oad ebb Ion i Fox Tab bib Pup finder Naai ded 4a. Tiner i a Maiuri. S9&b i Ost Date Aoker greyhound Slot team i Retar nto or . J. Blonks to Marsh. 9sb4 Ost. A Friday pert Slot i Pup. Hlaoky and White head Hack Sapota Boyatan. Any one brute fax aame to or Manby Pate Ford mad win he awarded. A Ost or Stolk. Cheout if Are. Via to Maze on forehead to brands Reward on re tanning to j. Devine soon Shaad near Black font. 9tt Ost. So Edoo. Brown and fam imm. Twi i on one Side Reward detainer prose Tad a. X Robert. Royal exo Hanee. Sam r Ost. Probably Norm Adri aide band sir i contains Olsh parse Money. Bewail 8. It it cell. Federal Goa Myers. Slog Winigan Verrat. Ost. Between jas. Mars Sira and oof. J fondles net. La Silver Walcoff and Chain. Bernrd. Jas Masiba Littna Sag Ost in City Large b ack dog. Lart wednesday no Moflar. Finder . 1. If Twena Parade. Norwood. 2bbh v Ost. Thor teen 13 sheep from Alberton i inn red Caff ribs. . A. Conrad. City or port 289b lost. the and old to unto spec non done Fin. Beart shape. Bewail. Poler. Oare oat Corae k of Lawler Piane x291-3 e found. Shoninger a Beu orrutcuodittlw1 , in Laie miscellaneous. A mfr out beading if prepaid Oordt a it trim u. Three inter thu. St. Cd. B8 whittle. I Uimer Torquay Street pm Ger Ralg in old Goon teen pkg and take bin. Haw. Tom tits. Breaw. Dyed and the and. Ss9 of Fly Magbiro ladies Madam go an oar. L to any address Artoe a. An drass Fem it it. 3smc room Paddoc Kinq. Plenty o water for Al Flat he Bones or cattle sea Jenk blk five water Springa. Woo Tille. 2984 prep into futurity Madam Gibson Ejmi past. Portent and starts etmoes off Pirle Street a card Madam

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