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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 18 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 18, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Orient line. The following steamships under boy Contact tril Leive Adelaide clangs in f ., of the undermentioned Date Tor 1 m. Moth and l0hd05, via Albany. Colombo trans hippie for la Indian pita. So canal. Kaptola. Mineff Lei. And Gibraltar Sobota 1697 a. K. Lavinua oct 19 Ophir act toil w. Kershaw to. 2 Kodba. ,5,57j. Lin Kuter Inov. 10 obm1iz 6js5u. V. Livest nov. 30 and Ort uighur thereafter. Twin screw. Sanook to u m o1 single. S5 to �71. Rotum �65 to �110. Thyri do �16 is �17 17/, and left in. B�ni-�33to �45. Western Aga Numa. Saloon d 10/ to �6 third �2 10/. Pm a trom and Mart in i in cupid Here. Get duh tickets first Saloon be Veci 1\ rt3 Are now available ii Fem by p. And o. Steamers having room. Mavas ebs r Green co. And Ander. Go ? ahdeb90h, it co., . London sex. Foil particular a application to in of ande Isoif ten much is Sci. Timex the Orente treet. Speg Uii that jas for passengers and Nisi toes to the b.1ls. Oho a win Leare Adelaide for the sea end of lugs pier at 10.32 an. And 1l46 . On thursday. 13th inst. The la launch for the Shore will Lam the or ova at pm pjn., to connect with a special train which Wolf leave the sea end of lugs pier at 155 my p. & o. 6teah Kat cation Rolf Psi. Fob lok Boh. a re am get Onder Boural Hail contract will dispatch the i fearing steamers calling at Albany. Colombo. Allen is Raffles. Gibraltar and by Mooth with Liberty to Call at Brind hts. ? steamers rim commander. Leare. Himalaya egg Elfr. L. Brom oct. � of Omaha 88ml. &. Onem Sot. B. Betta Mia bus p. H. Seymour nov. A Norou. ? Roulo. Letch dec 7. Wot Obia 6fig i a. Crore ? Jacc. 21 i Liberal re Lucions in iii ? whole is bins reserved the accommodation in Tot Trtat and stand Saloon to in surpassed. Fuss mar bom co rope atc9 can be Anan sed Beje. Tosh of nowe to Belr journey at in mob a Cotta India China Japan fee. I baud the world 9vm i i i a pa6sace Ratis. 1 to Fafata Lamea a to Floc current rates. Or Al Teui i tic Theta to Loddon �110 it �68. Banff Ioka. Time table and All Patti Nuna Ai 16 Artesa Doncy. A. Forwarded on application. Leuenb. Elk tub it oo., umsted Jena. Mice cow a a la Aaili ? of a Tortona. Onder Petal Aii go ? of Wamar off lift a t r at 0b�swpbt opt to Salta. ?. sog5.j-v.-rgg.-ov. To a -1 far Woken to Tod to Gombor. India. Carag. To. Lip. Raja of a Bidet a to �7p. Ice Blanc table Wawa Joez Tbs that to b8 mmfiwrpfmfe3tmfanmj. For Uda Rota Bowon xxx fort Adelaide ? ? \. ? ? ? fls8b in Paige ,. By a i his Steak to . And Xiv be Yool to Caps town Olla in at Albany. Stelae sew twin screw St camera of Thia line 1 it leave Adelaide a under Viz ? Steanna. I Tom. 1 Date. Mtg or ? Jii october. Bib but z us ?1l�s4 fou pm. De Etc. 1uw Polloway. By Kyj. ? to follow. ? the Auenson of the Trade inc Pozuc and tap pea of my b Dawn to the splendid Tulp Bent of Tea Ead. ? fhasi3sijieffm or i Vij Hillsr pc Briw a lift a. 9b so. La the jt17 17/. W Job Apo a j4/ to �1b to. Of dip booked at Tim Ucb nto Nir All continent _othe5tortaf Barton a ecu a Han. A. W. Ottov Hortet. T j79c ? a i a a 4iki the to rial jja1i, steamers. Stamen. . Lea wad. Jip b9b Walter Soti 43 wet Mab Matin Sleeker dec tire Mph i a. Iersch set a Fth. A. Cboaaam61m�t. Blochel Wndy soae pm win. 17. = Imbu Rejeaner from Adelme. A to Tonat be Octlona on Betnun Pancra. Betal Elm total idea. Para the from Europe one Arnuad Beta. To alien Ini tin mar Daae to Sidon us in lat Apo ten on in 6tomen. Jul. Print pith j euro pm Wjk and att a fun ii for for Iffatt a if birr. Tsa other m my in haste. ? h. Huj Bueb it co Adelaide and put aae bide Lund s line steamers Natal. Cape town. And London i so mss . Futon to 11 Goth pfc Wilus & co. Sonata Adelaide port Daude. And to wills . Robt Adelaide to okd a direct. The now 100 Alton barque Myrtle Holme a steam Captain w. Cobb. Flow Utah tag at Ocean stea1ibbs1 wharf George wills & co. My ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. Dunkirk and Antwerp. The 8plendfa fact Steamer &nglo.australian, Captain 1. Fanona 4,019 Toad Riu by Ana Anle for Careo at Ocean Steamer wharf port Adelaide for above Porum Strtt oct Obs and will Remein prompt ? Antn a a Bra to tappetto Geo. Wills & co., Adelaide and port �n.ainr. ? Zajc i ufos Nusejr Kaisha. Manila Bonc Eok. And Japan Iasi diet bib Sake and towksv1lle. Will Leare a Ander com jut. Name of Steamer Mander. Bourse. Sydney. Futala Maro Hula at oct. 26 nov. 1 Yawata Mabo. Mona nov. Is nov. U these teamed have most Superior accommodation Lor f Mill 11 11 in in All Ciakas ill Are fitted with the most recent improvement. Foil particular i a to freight and Pat Iee from Andl Barru. He Oharn. & co. Peop. Limited. Tamta. Al Grenfell Street. 179uaicfobe . Cubes will be dispatched cab Vici As under to stax Buhy or err 4flb�tbcbsda� and sat buy at ., from Stansb by every Mon Day to Ting 10.30 ., and thursday Leav ing 8 . To port Al Vest every tues Day at &30 ., from port Vincent every wednesday Lear inc 10 . We a Umess Kieh. Secretary. .4i Crouth East ports. For Bobe. Jufa Beac Hobt Elsie ,s19 october 18. J. Grice it co., Adelaide a and Kingston a. � Lexes Surisa port Adelaide. ? 289-91 1h&aky, Murat denial and Fow Leit s Bays a cent Suk air. And Flagstaff was Uxa. The Wol Louai win mail h Ednus Day. October is. Cut go now being received. Ails let be Mill Hitt Tel it b. Lemes Turlek. ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship company limited will dispatch steamers from port Adelaide As under circumstance permit tinier Ter Albany and of a Perth Cebal Tobt us Koliu wuss Toevs and Espe bake. On thro Ueli Bill of lading. Harloo ? i Friday oct. 27 3 . Calls Vasse and Liu Nunry. For . S1dkey, Piso Fob qveek8lahd posts. Steamer Early. Fee Keck s Civ if Bertice. For 1-Okt i Kolk j1oosta, Wallaroo. Frankx1n i1abbce, Tumby. And Louth Bays. Feitl tet ? 1 tuesday ocl 21 1 3 . 1 outs gee Meln pm Lii and act Sta. With passed hirers and Carco. Lyv estimator saturday oct. A i . Put Rukla Sidney and Newcastle. Dove Dale ? i Satur Dif 1 oct. 21 cargo Muat be de littered alongside ate Ameo two hours poor to ave nixed time on Day of a ailing. Paa Vencen ticket waned by thu company an with Ucamera of the co. Between a porn. Fornall inform Uon apply to _ the Adelaide steamship co. Ltd. Corrie Atzert. Adelaide and commercial wharf ? port Adelaide. A West Australia the Adelaide steamship co Paky. The aos Balasian United Steak Kariga Tion co. Ltd. ? joint be Swage. Tram port aae Iaione to Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping for Perth to Geraldton. . Rat and Esperance. _ a Llanga Ai under taboo ? saturday oct. Al uak Loo ? fk1day, oct. 27. Bouaba ? Friday nov. 3. Wollow a ? Friday Kov. 10. Paha Lack eur accommodation for Stock. Lowest rates of relent and nil part Culan apply be Adelaide Stea Huip company Ltd. Adelaide and port b. W. Lla Cdonald. The . Coy. A Currie Street Adelaide and of been a wharf Poi. A.u.8.n. Cal Lithe favorite passenger Etea Hees of above Une win circus Iunce permitting be dispatched a i . Ports 4 Shoa fobs paroo. Sat Day october is at noon. Sta ship at Fremantle. am Mil of str i . J bulimia Friday october m Cit go received Dally at Queen s wharf of to one a trek Eta interchangeable after the Flint port with the teamed of the Adelaide steamship com Pany. Limited. For fan and Fror Fitt Apner tos. W. Mao Doklia seat ,.tania-Axreet, a Lauu. ? or. Que13ts dual Elf. Tort. -.1 a team to Ekus and Streaky Fra a bats Flat Sra f . Jul so Sci Klu. And Vowel los Bay. . Aroy1j sails 3 o clock toes Oay. October 17tb. All Fri sub must be pre paid. A. W. Sandford it co., City Prince s Bart port. ? g8c Baue Loch Lomond from eds Are requested to pass sex tries at once. Bills of lading most lie presented and Frei Sun paid it our port office be fore Dorr cry. So claims trill be acknowledged Mien damage has been pointed out on land ing and not be responsible for rtt Trae Don of spirit or other banded in Otu except from Parka get pct Ltd. Out on the Wurf lit bid order and an sequently Crami Icid in tic presence of the Captain. All goods impeding discharge will be landed and at red at consignors risk and cd penal. Cottain. Catarau. Will Vot is res of Saffil for any debts contracted by tic Crew a cutout by Wrilen authority. S90-1 Cebue Walls & co., port. Conveyance and livery notices. Telephone Adelaide Iso port Adelaide 77. H. Graves & co., railway and general carriers Cratous a Louic and forwarding agents to All parts of the australian colonies. Goods received for carefully removed. Finny supplied by Day week month or year wry Hora ii vehicle and Drivers. Special attention Given to the collection of passengers Una rare Tor shipment or otherwise. ? ? Baring made arrangements with the steamship companies our men Board All steamers on arrival at Largs Bay or port Adelaide for the collection and delivery of parcels and Luggage to any part of the Colony. Bead office 39. Cubbd2-si6eet, Divett Street port Adelaide. ? la Saioc Hants seeds. Flower and vegetable seeds and plants. Me and reliable Stock of an kinds for present sowing Alto sorghum punters Bueno Maize Lucerne a. Send seek a. East Terrace East end Market. ? Baraoa obo iii -3jajo3sir.aja Africa Alemanni Amnion Asia Austria Bavaria Boussu Bur Gundia but Lynly yellow Buddha comte de Bouchard. Count of Turin in Send land Beria italia la France Madame Croze oceanus Pandora. Perseus Pluto Queen Charlott souvenir d Antoniu crony Wilhelm Beck Suvia. Per dozen or the �5 for 10 for Cash my or Der. Hots of one Doten and upwards free to any Balway Slation in South Australia. For one month Only. E. & w. Hackett needs Man and nurserymen 73, Hundle-St., Adelaide business notice. ? Cal i mrs size. A if by this Dom Dom Bullet Luvea pills ? Nero i oust is Tsi Oci Ziats 1 a Cost Bat of pan this 5iz6- wan Dart one s8wh6 a bout we 8irkj cms.�ai5r. A Runolf St it. Tunall Stob. A shipping r the Waud Smith line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf a follow permitting Albany. F see pedal advertise fbekant1ve j ment. Derby and Melbourne cup. Be tue tickets Ava Bable by the steamers of Tui tee of pakies. Xxx dision fabe8. Mel Boushk ? Sydney Newcastle Bis baht Katybob Bogh Gladstone by Nabeko Bock Hampton Hackave Bower towmuv1ujc Cairns foot Dooboi As. As. Gabo. Tuesday october s4. Passengers and cargo. Cargo most be delivered alongside reamers not less than one hour before advertised tiny of sail Beton tickets ask with the steamers of messes. Budd Abt. Pay eeb. & co. And Mil wraith. Mceach Abs. And co. We. Howard Smith & sum . Ltd 113, Kins Wlliam bar two Asla Lattle and Korth Parade. Port Adelaide. Tea Mcilwraith Mceacharn co. Fb9pjbjxtast. Umit a will dispatch the following passenger steamers in if Irr Isle Ednes dal oct. 18, Tor tax to. It half Cek Alston and All . Outs on through fills of la4u, Bourne. Was Gss a Kote return trek Eta Are interchangeable with messes. Howard Smith t sons and bad Dart. Par Kert co s Stermen. W. E. Cave it co. A Renfau Street. Adelaide or j. Bat Jucs t 6om. Port Adelaide. Us Huddart Parker. & co. . Tauten will rftparr4i Trani Foci Tito Lait cifir1tnirt split i b of Tutti time go i Anglian Eukert j monday. October 53, Beh Ahtl j Iran Hoppins or Gen Luton. Situu Vuu Hills of Luduig to Petu. Betson tickets with Mebs Bara a co. A Mcmutary a snit Jurji Bowsard a Faith Sens proprietary. Limited. To. Jami tied Asaata 60c Adelaide and Post add nude. West Australia. Jootto weekly Wasvick. For the Veniece of 8h1ppee3 and Paese noes the under aligned Bava As baked to bus the Foll Wiko steamers at Bevolas utter ovals a. Cools Aux in 1 . Dangluk i Job Gaso. J to Day u in. Mondat. Oct. Is. Monday. Oct. A monday Kov. 6. Ana bed Labolt Teeby hos Dat three after. Lowest Faber and Beig bib. Bet can tickets . Mcilwraith. Or Kachair. Co. Pbopi., Ltd. Add debt. A Bleb to co. A boat in Vul. To Ward 6mtth assist Popr. Ltd. 165c drapery and clotting. Fitch Drif fifi tailor Clothier and bowwareb0useh1n seasonable goods stylish and cheap. Dress goods. Pfc a washing pk1kts, 2/11 dozen and Dauk Ubol and Cambric. Us fancy Check Zepi Iyub reliable goods 5jd per Yard hoyles1 Celebi rated was Mac Pbast. Light pounds 4/11 per dozen Navy grounds 5,11 i a dozen Luck and a Lite grounds 5jd per Yara fancy Waihung camb bics sad. 7jd. Lord per fancy figured mus djs Specula colouring heavy skip a Foden a 6jd, 9jd, Llyd per Yard. Showroom auxt to Cit us ousts 1-fi, 1,11. 2,. 2/11 ladies stylish Pugl k ill fit blouses Cambric shirt blouses assorted patterns a ii. 3/11, 1/6, 4/11, ? ladies cloth Coats and skirts. Fawn Grey Black and Navy 19/9. 21/6 ladies stylish must Blouse and skirt costumes. 4/11, s la 9/11 ? ladies fancy pm be costumes Blouse and skirt Superior goods 12/6. Millinery. Chii Drevs Plain Flop leghorn hats 1/6. 1/11. 2/u. ? children s Peckl a Straw Galatea hat Bow at title 1/9, 2/11 iii lip is s drawn Liberty silk hats. 3,11, 4/11. 5,11 children s Laws sex baskets Ith frills .11. 3/11 ladies coarse Straw Sailor hats medium brim. 1 0. 1 11 ladies coarse Straw sailors trimmed band and by Kle. , 38. Clothing department. Vex s Tweed uts very special Alue 17/8. 250 men s Mela be suits Good fitting and stylish i,6. Be a men s Tweed trousers. 3/11.5/9. 7/ boys Falatea Bix uses. Lull. Btl 3,3 titled trousers and Vest 11/9, 15/6, Boot department. 3,11. 3,1l the Oxford. Ladles Mckind Oxford shoes toc spa. Sewn soles Samp Surle As above 3/11 men s Tan Canvas of Kobe shoes Tan aps and facings 2/11 a fasts Cuce kid Balmoral. Patent six Sii. 4 to 0. 2 11 Laurits Olce kid two strap Gem shoes. Of it Loci aps 4 0 men s blurt has boots Spriggel soles and ill tips. 3 11 children s leather pm shoes two strap. Birrs 7 10 10 2/11. Sires 11 to 1 3b ladies Glace hide Oxford shoes Patent . Extra Good Wear men s Satin calf Golosh Balmoral Iva it ick. Toe Caps. Sewn. So is lasts Glace kid strap shoes beaded fronts sizes 3 to 5. Is. Patte Bxs and Price lists free of application. The Corner Eum Dow & Pul Tonty its. Loot Marshall s gloves. Ladies 4-Trattom kid gloves in bed and dark tans 2/h paid ladies 4-Batton Lisle gloves in tans beavers fawns. White. Cream and Black a pair Box of a correspondence cards cult Decea and envelopes to Ingv in assorted it. White cer Lurean or antique 4fldb0x Only 2 Superior Bank Ftp Teppper. Font Pencil lines Only Marshall s. A splendid line few prints All sice Stripe of ii be d0zgk a very special line of Nice de signs in Cambric suitable for blouses Eli Peb dozes ladies Black lace Lisle Hose. 1 fes paid ladies Black Cotton Hose embroidered silk fronts go and did Peb paid Marshall s. A beat Good Black Satin ribbon in. Wide. Kith faille Back Aid per Yard pretty coloured French Cambric parasols Voy fashionable a each 2 boxes Braat full frilled Cartan Enslin White and Ben. 4 a feb Yard White Nain Sook Henslin special Noe �/5 dozen Marshall s. Bruff Hitoye in Large balls ror knitting and Crochet. Cood sinus Tinte for silk new Bange in Plain and o1d Peb Ball shaded colors &2 Beal Chamois leather email4qid and j in Cozen to Tbs Weed to Over suits sizes s Only 4o/ft Ordinary value 19/6 fancy Tweed . Snits Sixes u and. 4/m Marshall s. Men s clothing deft. Men s All Wool Tennis suits be Lauerna. Ftp a Hen s persian Cord and Alpaca hairline Sac Coats single and double breast. H in to 19 a Yin fancy melange. Sap. Feet fist shades flu. ?. To measure got scotch Tweed suits. Marshal l s. So dozen gents Suk Stripe j Tennis shirts i a each s5 dozen Lien s Strons Cotton i shirts Colian or bands j a each ladies Superior Kustic Gem Bat skew shipment each 30 Boren Carifi Cream lace hats special value Olf each mar s h a l l s. Ladies american Glace kid lace shoes flexible soles stought Patent Cap Patent facings 44 a Peb Paia ladies american Glace kid Button shoes ? .ranuaeele,8tmichtl1ment 12/6 Rae Taie fio a sides Check cloth coat \ and skirt costumes ,42/9 each 70 ladies fancy Cambric Doz a i and fireman shirt blouses Linen Conan onto Tufts 2/u Kach Marshall s. Linoleum department. Japanese flattens squares without seams All afaese Cricket hatpins per get Complete with Iron pegs go / floor cloth 6 it wide 1/6, 1/9, 1/11 Peb Tab carpets and furnishing department. Filled mvsl1n, coloured Edge 4 to Peb Yard fringed health bags 1/3, 2/3 each Marshall s. Unbleached twin sheeting a Inch special value did Peb tabdo2 100 Floral sateen covered cushions a each 250 dozen ladies Creme knitted Cotton Lender vests go each 161 dozen ladies White Muslin and cooking aprons at each Marshall s Black figured Lustres in the Kewest patterns direct trom the Kauffa Taren All double widths and fast permanent Black from q id tue full dress length 10 o 4 f of of Llu Vyford 700 tards of Para silk Surah All Good shades special value. Jujj pm Yard Worth us full Range of shad�3 in japanese eur acted pure silk 4 to Peb Tab a Large importation of Floral spot and figured voile de Laines on Light grounds. Verj pretty designs for smart Otros �7-in wide 4 lid and 4 Wner Yard 1u� i of Marshall s. 50 dozen ladies Linen habit fronts Biclie collars Vilotti each 37 dozen ladies Muslin and lace yokes fatty shapes lots of patterns 4/11 Loro of each fancy trimming braids in Black White. Cream and Aid Tab colors an designs 2 Jet trimming Gimp special a bice1/3, 1/6, d 1/11 China glassware depart Benz. I 26 pieces dinner sets in Bromn and Green Colon i Only per get j se1s of jugs 3 in eat 1/9 per set. Youths and men s White Pobe boaters twill band i. 1/6. A cbi1.dken-s � site Ca Kiok Galatea Straw uits. Satin bands 1/3. 1/tt, 1/11, to 8 Marshall s. P new Austria Bentwood dining suites. Each suite comprises settee 2 and 6 Dinine chairs in Wood stained Green Walnut Ubo snood or Black. Chinning Dongas. 4juito2te-r �6 15/, a 10/. �1010/, is to �15/15 suite. Marshal l s. J. Rattan chairs b att an. An Early shipment Slif Huy soiled at very to prices. For Seaside or bin residences n verandahs lawns deck in. We Abe Seluke this lot debt cheap-St/6 for 17/6. 51/ for 13/b, 16/6 for 10/sl order Early they aze Sung rapidly and cannot be repeated. Marshal l s. Real leather dining room suites. �8 15s. P pantasc0te leather dining room suites �6 15s. Garden seats 6-ft. Long los. 6ol Mars Hal l s. R handsome sideboards Large Bevelled glasses All fittings 63s. E austrian Bentwood chairs Large size 4/9 each. Kitchen chairs i la Echt Wood Beo Rosm chairs 3 each. Last be assortment of toilet Abc from 6,9 set. Marshall s. Or apary and clothing 0 Lio Usif Coats and skirts a White pique Coats and skirts from 21/ to 45/ coloured pique Aad Drill Coats and skirts. From 16/6 to 21/ Cream Fakkel Coats and skirts very Cor rect. 37/6 ? Suu Meb of overt coating Tweed and cloth Coats and sk1bts, coals lined silk from 32/ti to �5 is Black Cream and co Lokke Alpaca Coats and skirts. Tau lined silk. 19 6 and upwards fashionable costume s5ubts in White pique from 7/11 in Holland from 9/11 in Sere from 15/6 in Black Alpaca from it/8in Black and White Check from is c in finer Rick materials from 19/6. Shirt bl9vses. A feb exc striped Camus pc shirt blouses. Prices 2/11. 311, i a i/6, 5/11. 6/6, 6/11, of to 10.6 each Hite fas cd and spot tit saw blouses and White tucked and embroidered Muslin Lou is. From ill to -25 White Piofer Rhibbs. 4/11, t/6. 10/6. Of to 15/ silk blog an variety in All the newest Silks. Incudine Glace also in Blae Kand a Hite. Striped silk 4c. From 15 up to 55/ each test of boxes very Correct in silk. Muslin or pique prics from 3 3 to s/6 each smart Spring capes in fashionable Plain cloth and Eor Reet colors braided or trimmed narrow Satin edgings 13/0, ,6, he 25.up to 42/ smart Fawn coat lets. Toy Fishio Nible with moire iii acre and or Amir 32/6 fast notable Niiori Deb capes in silk Grenadine lace. Chiffon to. For summer very Light in Veicht. And handsomely trim coed. Sunsh1des. Star sunshades. In Toat a. And Patt Asol arriving by mail steamers in the latest styles with the most Correct handles and mounting and trim Mimer in shot silk. Block and White silk Check silk moire to Chc Chiffon. Lace Luscia e., s c., pries f 3 31 to lib a iii. Ladies 6tk4w hats. Fancy shapes in All the latest and most popular styles Sailor shapes a cry great variety and a full Stock of the Bivort a clinic styles in ladies Sailor Hau prices from 9d. To 6/11 each. Neck finishes. 8cabfs, a. An enormous Stock of Valenciennes laces for trim nine underclothing lace t ours ficus cravats. A. Radii Snible Cut nut Point lace in White Creme. And Butler shades Margot Point lace a new Lake Keu Point in a Kuisk Lee and insertions the new Garland Locc trimmings lands orc 1 piece uces for Lopicc coverings fashionable Odule cab land laces sew Muslin a a lace nets silk finished tucked Muuss pretty embroidered Hus joins with Valenciennes insertions ? Novelty Cut out Point Stets the new Sailor knot Oba vat smart Collar ettes Laci bows and scarves Dainty Muslin collars and Collar ettes ? the present. Fashion Lute and Muslin sets Linen ii lace scarfs tucked Musluk Collar and cuff Seta a Choice assortment of the new handkerchief scarves for ladies. The it Cut fashion. Uses collars and offs new Nam stitch in collars and cuffs Best Linen guard collars pretty insertion collars and cuffs ladies cycling collars reversible four fold Linen cuffs new turn Down collars. Lace handkerchiefs embroidered and lace handkerchiefs edit bleached Linen to ked handkerchiefs him to Ched i in handkerchiefs. To. Bows. Cb4vats. Made up lace Jodi. Buium. Fillings Windsor scarves of fou bite. Fri Apo in collars and costs. Draw Bibbons Chiffon bucbing6, cd the Stock of the preen inc is Coos Huntly being replenished by fresh shipment. Dress go9ds. A very Curc Stock of new and fashionable dress materials in every conceivable kind of Woollen and Cotton fabric. Upon application we Forward a most varied assortment of Pat. Black alpacas double Width in Small nest designs manufactured Light in texture for sum Mer Wear from 1 14 to 2/3 Vord blast lace cloth fabrics. These Piave be Toroc popular made up Over coloured linings prices a 6jo 2/11 yrs Black poplin a double Width All Wool 1/9 to pla1k Black Lustres. To to 46 inches wide 1.6 to 4/11 fan Nkoy Black mohair Lustres. All the new designs incl Dir a spots and fancy stripes 4i Incis will.-. 2,3 to 4/11 Yard Black ilk and Wool irk Ladines. In fashionable in Udint spots a j stripes Pri Refl from i la to s to Yard Black pipe silk a bin amines stylish de Black French coating Serges warranted ii Roble ii birr 1 3 in t n Yard cd ked Woollen fabrics All Wool be Xci Poi , is new is icon Ato Hujcs. 42 inches wide. 1. Zuj i s Yard v1gobkalx coating Serge u inches wide. 1.11. I.3. And 211 Yard i Vrle coating and by Itin g fabrics Mann. Lectured specially for Coats and Skirls 44 inches wide 3,t Var new fabrics. Tweed effects in fashion Able colors and summer Wal pets 1/6 Yard fancy Check uater1als. All Wool very Fash Ion Shle. For Blouse 42 inches wide 2/6 Yard new ski hard s Check Fau Kics. In Block . Brown and Blue. In. U Indra . I Rio 3.11 Yard vow fancy Kenvil voiles costume lengths . In Grey Rawn. And Buck. 39, s can l \--1lks. A must suitable fabric for sum mtr . Ill Ard Fani v poplin. 2/3 2 6 Yard Cream voile. Silk Stripe. 1/0 and 2/11 Yard Miland a value Allu vol Cashmere in the new Shade of Rcv 2/11 Vard if in he wide. S1lils. Black brocade silk very special value All pure silk suitable for promenade or evening Cowes a to 7j6 Jsmrd few bed Pongee silk for summer Dreau wide Width. 2 6. 3 6. 3,11 Yard Boilard Silks in Flonly designs 2. 11, a Yard special value Whitt brocade silk newest designs la 3,6. And 5,6 Yard coloured satins All shades. 2/3. 2/11. And 3,0 to Stork Silks for dresses. 1/. 1/6. 1/9, i/3 Black and White Osieck Silks. 2/11, 3/6 Black and White Sybil e Silks 2t. 2/u, ored Pongee Silks All shades snit Abl for draping. I. 1. 1/11 White japanese Silks. La 1,11, i/3. For other departments Sec also our advertise ments in the resister my bros., bar Lingtang hot lab. I ulip Tiam Bazaar Rundle Street. A Geuike clearance Sale of baby Umen Onderco Othic Milli Hert and All fancy goods at a rattly bad ced prices Pravel Tia to rudins fre Agauas. Pleas note that during alterations stud Ness win is carried on at 75, Rundle Street neat to Hesss. & and w. Hackett. Seeds men. �0747 remember remember the 5th of november. I Bee to notify the Trade that i have it received a Large shipment of the latest novelties in i chinese & English a Trecel of Liscs some of which have never before Leen of me in tooth Australia. Country orders promptly attended t \ please Send orders Early and obtain beat selections. Of Sale at wholesale prices at 232, rumble Street and Branch Bop at 25, Morphett Street. Snoe Way Lee & co. Drapery and clothing. I 80 and 9%, Hindlet St. Noiin Ufir by Katt Ste a Jive this week Sotel ties for Lake department Cream lace ficus 2/11, 4/6, up to 15/. White and Cream lace scarfs 2/3, 2/9, 3/6, s/6. A beam �1lk maltese lace scarfs ladies silk scarfs in great variety White Black and White and co lors. I a 2/6, 2/11, up to s/6. Ladies Chiffon and silk bows for neck. Chikko ruffles in White Black and Black and White. Ladies 1jxen collars in the fal lowing Lizard Rowenna Rie Marie a. Ladies Linen cuffs the Dox Rose Ohilla. A. He stitched sex collars and cuffs. White Puritan sets in Muslin and lace. White Puritan rets in Cambric embroidery. A Large Fetock of new laces All a Jii Slis. White and Cream Milel Weiris. While and Cream Guj ure. White and Cream Point de Venise White and Cream Point d Klencon. White a ctn and butter Valenciennes ladies new Belt in silk. The White macrame a Shiner Belt. The Wiite new washing Belt. The White pique Belt. Buck Siik jetted Bur. The new embroidered and lace inserted mlsl1ns a Choice Stock just opened. White embroidered Blouse chiffons. White Swiss costume muslims a Large selection in spots and new figures. Do., do., with lace insertion. White my Mylo Robes embroidered and lace inserted. White Swiss Book Muslin slips White Muslin and Lawn embroidered unmade blouses. Another of sooner Blouse and costume Silks. Printed foulard Silks Light pounds in Floral and new stripes. Printed Navy and White Satin foulard new ruckj2d.chlffons. In Black and All Avite Bick Boche Silks extra value. A Large selection of Sci jams at 3/11 specialities in mule Blouse lengths of newest Silks. Stylish parasols and san shades. The new coaching handle Sun Shade in Broche moire Black White and colors. T ? lattes summer Fulder doting. White ribbed Cotton vests 0d., sd., 30d, he. White India Gauze vests 2/3, 2/6, High neck. 2/6, 2/9. Cream ribbed plaited silk vests 1/3, 1% 2/9, 3/c. White silk and Wool ribbed vests la Dies and children s. Ladies India Gauze combinations .v9, 4 Ladies ribbed Cotton combinations 5/ 5/9 ladies natural Merino combinations 5/9, 6/9. Ladie ribbed spun silk combinations 12/6, 15/6. White Cotton stockinette bodices 1/3, 1/9.2/3. Spun silk Spencer bodices 3/9. 4/9. Summer Long Loti underclothing and , trimmed frills. Lace and embroidery 5. I 6/u, 7/9, 8/9, 10/c, and up to 30. Langeloth Bodi Cox and camisoles from 3/3. Baby Linen in All its by Arches. Infants cots in various sizes. Girls leghorn hats. A one Tel Purchase of real leghorn Flop hats extraordinary value 2/6, 2 11. S la each. Ladies Bailor hats in All qualities and in most approved shape. J. Miller Anderson co. Adelaide. 287c unprecedented millinery Foale s. This hat. Untrimmed iii. This hat trimmed 2/11. ? boots Ana Shoaa. ? 57, Rundle St. Brandon s Beautiful Stock set Meme goods is Tot opened Brandon s shoe warehouse 57, pc Tols Street. Drapery aaa clothing. Special Glove and Lake f now proceeding at Wilson Brice and cos in Adelaide Glove Mariner. I ? having had consigned to them by tar Steamer arc a � ten is rec Missor uncut of ladies fabric gloves a manufacturer s Stock bought Uniker in circumstances at less than they Ost to make and As it is a very Tuiach larger than is usual far hem 10 import and considerably larger than would Supply a their usual i Imirea rats the Inre a Tunod to Jet them to a up trial so prices. There Are thousands of pairs to select from in the fallow ing prices and Mac. Ladies Black Lisle Ilover. Self a a or hit Points. Eld., reduced to 4jd. Pairoj Jib Clov. In Licati or shades and White Lilack and self Xii cts 9jd., reduced to eld. Pair Leddus a lotion Lisle tons end and Beaver shades kith Ulf and Black Points 1/. Reduced to 9 d. Pair Lames 4 super Lisle cloves White with Lilack Csc of Sziich backs lord. Reduced to red. Pair 13. Reduced to Lois. Pair ladies 4-Button Sefc tatted cloves Grey n4 bearer shies. Of and Black swims. 1/3. Re did to Llyd. Pair lad s a Villon silk tall cat cloves Black and v of with Black and self Point. 1,3, o 1/3 Laii a 4-Button silk-4nisj in Fly olives Proy and Beaver shades self and Lilack paints. 111, reduced to 1/3 a do s 4-Button extra . Sarde Lisle Olores s splendid Kunii Ilion of real suede Rcv and Beaver sh�-3 of and Wnek Iio Inis 1/9, reduced to 1/3 of. Do. Do., with heavy Cord Points 1/11, reduced to lie. Ladies 4-Button cycling gloves net backs. Suede Lisle Palms Beaver and Grey shades self and Black Points 1/11, reduced to 1/6 50 Dor to. Jutton kid gloves. Uns and Brown =.rord self Points owns ii make 2ifi for 3 ii pair ladies pure silk incr lit to. Cream White Ana Blacks Inch. 1/s for lord. Pair 10-Iuch, 1/g for 1/ Piir 12-Incb, 1/11 for 1/0 pair. Oriental and Torchon l1ces at Sale prices. A tory urge consignment direct from the makers far too Many for us to at Ordinary prices during one season. We Tvr decided to let them go at the following reduction. Thoj Are All the wry latest Lfloy-1900 patterns and it tic prices will be found extra Pood value. Oriental laces. Cream and to hit. 3 inches vide 4 id. For id. Vard 1 inches vide. Old. For Sid. Yard 3 in fact wide. Std. Ror 41d. Vard c inches wide. D. For 6 d. Yard. Fink Cotton to Chirov laces. Equal in patterns and appearance to the beet Cal torsion. 3 to 2 inches wide 113 to pc dozen Yards insertions from 1/3 to 2/6 dozen Cuares Cotton Tor Boa 1jv, nil tic mind Pill my Dies Sld Rte. A a Faith Ful imitation of the Best heal torsion 11 to inches wide. 1/11 to 3 11 dozen loser lids. 1/11 to s 4 dozen. Real uses Tod nov laces. A Beautiful assortment of lie newest patterns. 1 to 1 inches wide 3d. To cd. Yard 2 to c inches wide for ladies skirt. 7 d. To i Yard. Wils0n7 Brice and ?%., the Adelaide lace mar set. Shierlaw & co. shipments of boys & youths clothing. A Large Stock a durable and is enl to twists to select from. Trousers suits 136, 15/6, 17, 19/6 8e8ce 8au0r, ii Soi. 6/9, it 2-Carment suits Svi 1, 6/8, 6 9, 813 cod for unstated Price Utt. Pot fuss. An immense Stock of gents fashionable whits Straw hats shipments of bags and Caps at lowest prices. 16 and 18,. Locue ladies and gentlehe5ts in to tailoring. Walls i a kits a co. Have pleasure in an sounds lie arrival of a Complete assortment of sew goods for Spring and summer comprising one of the Park Cost and choicest selections of fruit nos. Trouse rings and cloths in Ade Laide Many being suitable for ladies Well As gentlemen s Wear. Die prices will be found extra Good value All our orders hating been placed with the Mills prior to the Advance in Wool thereby securing a great advantage which our patrons will have the Benefit of. The reputation . And co. Hold As ladies and cent Lutnen a tailors throughout South Australia for perfection of fit and Al Midi As Well As value justifies them in hoping that they will receive a share of Jour orders. Their head Cutter who is an expert both in ladies and gentlemen s tailoring was formerly with messes. Ked Fera & son London a. And messes. Ii. J. Nicol and co., Regent Street London a. So they Are in a better in tuition to Day uan they live Ever been to Frua Ranu �jli3a.uon in All of tailoring. Ladu uts and a lilt from �3 31. Get Lelles s Sac slits from i 10/. Next Lumex s morning suits from �3 3,. Knt Lemeus trousers from 15/6 a. And evening suits a speciality. A full assortment of patterns sent free for comparison or selection on applies. Wilson Brice & co. Do apes p b 1 t t 1 a executed of the Ahu trat notice and am Liberal terms at the Job Prim tick oft1ce. General merchandise. On Sale hoop Iron in Iron Crews Sheet Zinc fails slaves strychnine Iron Ceza ent a Emper Dulcia Lou sic and fencing wire a barbed win wire netting steel droppers Iron Fng. Posu superphosphate Thomas do. Cave Coane sewing twines Wool Dacia to a Kite talus beanbags cossacks Castor Oil unseen Oil Lemauu paint Ena Meline of Najr seed rolled oars of oboe wills a co. Xoung Man wishes to correspond with your Toman. About 23 or 21. With View to mat. W. Add cab Bob , drapery Aad Cir Jifung let s pot Norh Esmus top her like sensible people. You moot to Trade where Yon can Sta Utitz j most and Best for j this advertisement is Hoe to Waas ? ? p.1 Avinger Post to Tell ton where to a befit a More astonish inc at15. Tons. i fancy Geary tour Inch a Wmk. Of Lutr a fim Khial tallies less rest i Plain creak Satin lt3&ib$lfp . ? f j Naff a Jutt ? h a Plain Glace silk Babi i her leak inches wide. Bettj to in i of f ajar Slva to � s our Stock of Faroy Muncey ribbons i top our patrons Tell a no a Selling cheaper Ihm Frimm time. We can t help. Win like Selling Good stuff m Low ? 2isi 1,596 Yards Navy Emo ideas and Black petted calf Belic pm w in. Id. Heat patterns. Pm 4,533 Yards 32-in. Chief ground cambei08, in Spoh to ers and strips a in Mai a Erc Stur float to it Fame i k k 69 prs. 42-in. Lack Zogob adj Brilliant Lustres a wearers Odd tool nine him p -3 42-in. Summer self if material8, ? Jet i Vij of Odd Meata of on Stock. Thrown -9/l Al maa Haig Astvat a is 1,123 Yards Black 8l.jc figured Grepon stat at Jim. A mar Emu we quote one Price oni. Tie goods do auth Tau tic 1 listen to these value speaking. T 48 dozen ladies fabki0 gloves ? ? summer might a 12 dozen ladies Holland aprons boys Tweed knickers lined Miroo Boot Sixes to 10,. 1/6 per pair ? ? 100 dozen men s Merino half hose3�d per pair 33 pieces 40-in. Bordered Ari muslims ? 2/u doze 68-in. Unbleached tw5uc sheeting ? per it Aaraas ass so my Aba a ? this motto Job Waist a have on it lab ? to one and tbde3 i Cou Seii i tub Gur Atoe a i Only applies to boo Star bearing Una tide Mark. By Kobe genuine without it. The do Flop pneumatic tire co. Of Australasia ___l�im3-, a . Adelaide. Goo mess tvs Good bsh touts. Tile be Livre to Al sex Tret being Quick in action Reabie am Cap Abu of plem Tif of Ham Mem on rough boats. The Dunlop Neu Mitic Tybe co. Of Australasia limited. To. Flak Klyk so. Adelaide and at Tribon rur Sydney. Perth. Brisbane Aad .

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