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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 12 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 12, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. An a name Mica Naan Nolya. Nnami mail con Bax us to Nob of Tomb Adelaide to London a Man Tum Musiat at Albany data 6uea, and Fob bad. Adelaide to London in to Days. Atop Lynsi commands. Sawad scald Polt Matsu 5428. Bollard. . Weil. Rot. ? amps so Sec Hossia. Pov Denot us. Sat Deo. 8 Amer aus 6-Sbjo. Didier. . Moo Jan. 2. 8s of Nikiks 4196. F. Fia?. Frid .much3 wis. Bonuro. . Monday. Panli Eun or passage include warn or Abs v meal cd Bobb of us Titan Marseilles to Uwi a toned Tun journey Tram a the comp interpreters 01 woo Mpanje through passenger. Roxamma Raemi to Paris and London. Long Gagean Reed Rushy Steamer from Marseilles to London a Beugli stewards. 1 now and. Sikie tickets to a Neffley from pm 0 of. Be torn from St to �106. _ cum cuss unequalled. Wuu Lod All Cabin in Fate. Hwan Are booked through la Mauritius bunion. And South Africa via be Yebenes Kwh often boated to Bombay to Kubra Hokk. A Branon tins from Aden. Taboo booted Doaga to Ham. Genoa. Antarr Dunkirk Hamburg Bordeaux and London. Vat Antly iii Mim. Apply to gig Gaic Boot Hub p. & o. S. N. Co. Under Boral haul of Anta. Will dispatch the follow toe St Unera Lor London calling at Albany Colombia. Aden. Brindisi. Malta. Gibraltar and Plymouth Maun. E of b Teal mail both Amaua the following Boyal mail steamships be Road a to the Orient and Pacific companies will leave Adelaide semaphore12 noon on to undermentioned data tar Plymouth and Liu Odon Vul Albany . Combo Baa canal. Salec and bulb altar see Aser. Tons. \ commander. Dace. A Ciao _ s.9is j. F. Anderson oat. U Tais. _ 7,000 j. F. Kat oven Sot. J Luzam 7 a. W. De of. 16 Yokota _ in. E. La Vinman nov. So Obi it _ 6.386 to. C dam dec 14 Oura _ 0.081 a. E site Bijj a dec. A obo Tava _ 6.55j in. Sadder to j us i Ord a _ 5652il.hay.rji3. I Jan ski ,m. 6.6-a it. K. Take it s and Ron Ignatiy the Realier. Saloon allowed to break their Sorn a. Exibe Cabins reserved on Moat Liben Nim passage Honey. Saloon _ _ �55, �63. And �70. A cond Clasa _ �soasd�37. Lori _ _ two berth Baa s3x each Arntt. No. _ _ four berth Cabins �20 co adult. Esee rare _ open berths. �17 1 each adult third and Etc rage rate i Clade Ledding Mew a Tonaus. A. I a Ion e Rara ticket at Rodahl rates. Prepaid passages from los Dok. By ecu tac Litie Are now Asui oed Tor ? Tori Riend and Reu Avet by the prepayment of Page ate none nere at above rates. Muia Een of. Green & 00-, and andean. Ander you. & cd Fence Orch Avenne London . Foil a Trocola of apse icon to u. G. Akderson Branch manager. Is Saioc a. Greul Ell etre 3tt i word dust Scheb Lloyd. Jeff. I ref Colar monthly line at Tut Pas mi3s? Steamer to Southampton. Has Saba a Tweep and Bremen Lauing at Colome. Aden Sato pore said and Genoa con Tesu to mail and Paseny Fere Bon fan said the a Tindal Coder mail contract with the Imperia scan government tit Austn a Fol be do paused at i Aira Sceamer. commander. Jav. And. Hohet Colleen s.o9s Euphel loot. Is Habsburg _ is bolder Inov. 0 5j 7 if. Keesler dec. 7 -15.845 loathe Mann i Jan. 4 a Bractt Une to Basoa Ai d Loer a St Saniei Zeares Sydney on arrival of each Stumer Tor Tsam passe Money bom Adelaide to Bremen Tram �14 to �60. Great reductions on return Pas aces available or fix sine or twelve Nion Cut Ever to Chiev to offered for bringing one irian dab payment of passage Money Hen. Cabin i Auy break their journey. Meno specially arranged to not All nations. All office and stewards Eon Venanzi with to Golith language. Panagen and cargo booked the Contti to Lon Flot and principal Kua Opean. And a Meriac Bora passengers Tot England Are landed a . In tatar passenger will land and embark m Bip for trek it passage Sod an other particular App As tace Vacenta. Cd Stew. -1 of Alepede Bay to Lon a n jag in direct Harold s line 3jl32jpr the Well and Ivoti tily known Clipper by Buzga. U 3o ton. Captain Maye will be dispatched irom Kirc Tenn Onri Iier . For Kates it t Reight Aop a Habold but others. A4-Laine ? d port Adf Tawf or to j. Bof be t co., is Sec Kics to n to Risoji Otka ship Compaq Fri a u . Us red 38hss Kotal mail Jion thl be Ovioe beat by Stark Tho Doh America to la. To Kuwait will leave Byone of. Oct Ber 31 for Auckland Honolulu and say Iba Sosoo. Etc Rutn Noo aaa Mon get to Pono am Tea and great Brit Aill the Magn Cenc Sie Amera of the above too Coj in dispatched v to Laws. Hajung is All Star it Alaor my to Unicio la orly mkt Salakp do vice. To mini menu it Akau via Hoban from Mil Bounk \ a cipher 18 i Hakuto a Weli Insoo. _ o Toher 15. _ j a Wawera via an Ekland. October ii. Far rum of Ireri Choc and but a to ply bs23aic a told Broth is. Costs Lalasis United steam navigation company. Limited pure crr and Carco a oked at tit rough rates of All Outcen slake and fijian ports also Kocmer Oca new hebrides. Tie and guide sets Muhip company s steamers run in conjunction with the above company s Fleet transhipment at Melbourne or Sydney. Cargo also taken of the . Eab Weera. Cargo Reoe ired a any time. Through Buls d Liaise and Pasaak Jicka is Ned by haeeol3 Beo thees Adelaide and pan. 2%.ma o a. Sites Tizabi Lik re 4?. W Elliston. Vents. Streak. Tic of denial Anu Fowler s meet Debby sails saturday. 15th into at noon for Fughs or passage apply Habold a bothers. ,6,b town and port. S. Ceres will 1 dispatched ass so to by is Bey every thursday " and saturday. At 8 in. From 6t?u Bury every monday and Friday at 11 an. To port Vincent every tuesday at 8 a of Letu Ming same Day leaving at 4.80 . Boic a. Lumens utter. Secretary. _ a to. Ii team to pfc Klakk. Tukur is offs 15 Worth. Mems die. And w Ujj Itaas Paknia. Takuso. The Bibb i Steamer Emma. Solo Addic Willie a Murray Binge about Sator a october 15lb inst Morgan tuesday 18th but. For Frei let and passage apply a h. , 266 Sec Ster cub when. Grenfell net. Boots and shoes. 88, a h d o a � shoe warehouse will be closed thursday a Friday Kest of Tobey 13tb and 14th. Reopen saturday evening a usual. 282 c plants seeds been of Oduj a Rikat ten us the summer has a Bunko no Oltia 30to6"toiwper acre. We have Juar received a lame consignment of this Fie Ajan Asare ally Electea seed. Early Amber canes so. Job. Early Orange. 9.1 la. Unden Dibble be. La. Price per Bushel 40 la. Of application. 1 e. A. , seeds men a. Is. Brio i Tiz bet Aoe Taice sst�2 shipping ribs Adelaide steamship company x limited. Will do snatch their steams sips As under for Melbourne and Sydney inn Riippi is Tor All Queens Laid ports. . Adelaide. I saturday 1 oct. 35 2.16 . . Inn Minoka i saturday oct. 22 2.16 . West a Stetman service. Far Albany and feb Mancle. Tran shipping to ports. Is. Albany wednesday i oct. 19 4 . Cargo received till 4 . Previous Day. Southeast service. Ror Kingston Robe. Beau Post and iliac Donnell Bay. A Franklin _ _ tuesday i oct. Is 14 . Cargo received till u . Western Bays service. For pout Elliston Venus Scales Streaky. And Fowler s Bays and the bight calling at Ether Bays when necessary. . Lubba _ saturday oct. Is 6 . Spencer s Gulf service. Fob port la noon. Moonta. Wallaroo. And Franklin Harbor s3. Ferret tuesday oct. 18 i a no Rex ived till u an Fob posts Augusta. Pixie. And Hermein. . Izvestia Atco i saturday oct. Is b pan. Cargo received Tai 1 . John Turnbull. Secretary nil lao Norrie Chamb is. Cur if Street. A cum zoo r Ard Kousa Njo a Fleet win princes wharf port Adelaide every wednesday at t pin. To Plator of tuesday. Mel r. Frisk or. Port Vel o b a r do s of spa. V James Comrie a sub on Tam ayn and Thure Daje at 0 ajn., re i Law Tumine tame Day. 2sie h. Muck a pc co. Swit. Ness notices. To Ike Vottus. a. Omu Ese for reworked band and to arrive i Irti diff Chinesa Jack and Fourt sins Neier Beote seen in Talia Way Lee a co., 145, Hindler Street. Accents for Best English and cd Mitt Firewo is. The Trade cup plied. W. L. It co. Make open ally Liberal terms Tot do Puvalo fire ports in any parts of the Culong. And will if Lav from us to jts do. Plea a to renown bar the s cd with bust goods at lowest prices. P orders by Post or Telegram promptly executed. Fireworks. Fireworks. Et9ioa3ss a Tio Lusa ones Law same Tomio Oom Pwu oui v no from . Mandolins the taunt prox list craze bom Tom. Poitr harps i Pooloa flue a Bambi Arga Atems , Iru Iaan Zephyr Kornec did tee. A so in Grea variety most h. Fray us on Cilo to Tom. If Poar Poa at Allee boots Coke. In Large or Smau quantities at lowest a Tut rate. We. Howard Smith & sons. Ltd. Coal ofic . Peri Adelaide Slonac p. A. Howells and co s3, bundle Street opposite Mes is. C. Birka & co. Pianoforte a 1 organs on the time Rayment system. Fiao Fortes trom 30/ per month. Violins from 30/ each. Accor Donstrom 10/6 All the latent novelties in music received every month. Tuning repairs on the shortest notice. Be ass St Klui bands completely fitted oot. Prices and catalogues on application. 14ioaiba-xm9c now on View a Large shipment of James Dixon & sons and other celebrated makers steeling Silver and Best electro plate. Afternoon Tea sets. La Norkon chiefs. Better plates. Cla i jugs. Biscuits jams a a Mosti Esq Sii Astor Tenent of Are noon Teaspoons. A. Brunkhorst a to h. St swab. 106, bundle Sti meet. Unto Roan practice or lessons pipe on cont Pine two Mannal instrument with pedal. 17 atop Coppol Onni Ian . Fray s j h. Fray. Organist at d choirmaster St. Peters . Orcan Stdio .50. Boole Street full ?r pms Waii. Isl sign general merchandise. S Sale and so a bib woo Paasa steel standards Beamone Sorna Aoka Strei droppers strychnine beanbags win strainers Galata line potato bags steel wire kerosene Hoar bus Iron win Oak Staves Ore bags galvanized win flooring sewing twine Harbe Dwojra dealt Salv nixed Iron wire nettle a shelving Flat Iron Pic Iron american Deer Slack sneer Iron hoop Iron plaster Sheet Lead Enugu Bocoka Sheet 2uu Hematite paint Oatmeal ii oaten soda Sto la yemeni Lii i a indents Olad classes of Mamta Fairet seem Tiv Xerma in All parts of the world. George wills it co., Cavendish Ohan Ibera Toaia Erealu atom. Conveyances and livery notices. Maraon 160. H. Graves and co., railway no general carriers custom House and Fow Akdins agents to Axi Huaxu of the an malian colonies. Goods received Fob storage. Special uie Naon Invin to the collection of Pae rm-ib1 Luipage Lor snip meet or of Beyrise. Having made special arrangements with the steam ship companies our men h Iari ? 4e sur tier repayable by the week or Mounib Bills discounted daily. to ensure rep y Mut. Contains Tam s. Saunders. Manager 859z0 s. Pirie a Barnera. Adriand Ondon loan discount and mortgage Ihrk pirate Street opposite Union Bank. The Bjk c favourable hit is at 6 per chit per cum ? v per our tables which ran he obtained on application at the Ca k. The Ftp Cial Eva Utako Cia suied Are no ohm Mission no so a Vav k is but the rate of interest. Six per cent per Ani us we , at very Modet Tate Bates of inter tit reps tq6. By id work no. 11. To form met and pave private Street off Jeu Road to Augusta Street soft no. 12. Form. Metal kerb and pare a ton Street a private Street from Clyde Street to Elba Street 210 it. So. 13. Form Metal. Kerb and pave unmade portion of Alma Street. Iff feet specs Cuton of the works co he seen at the corporation offices. Town Hail Glen eur Dur info office hurs. Or at the office of or. W. Poeju 0.e., Milin t Corner. The Lowrant at any tender not Neceta warily acre pred. By order. J. P. Bickford town clerk. Glenelg town Hali. October b. Isk. Isth tenders i tub Milf Lough mail Road. Rec Elrod until october 20. Specifications a 1 it bundle Street. Of Elfio no Are a Vaud until n on i of Whitne Oay. 12th. Or building cot take at Kotb kor Wood. Plans &0., a my office. The lowest nor any tender not Nice warily accepted. V. Amo Ebson. . Arc Teot Currie Street Weie. Adelaide 27iua66 pm Are invited until noon Jot Friday. Us. For Cox Aoe Zukley. Plans ac., at my office. Neither the lowest nor any tender necessarily w. Anderson a s.aj.a-, architect. Is Laib car in a it vat. Adf Larfa or Enders will be received by the undersigned Tot noon of wednesday 14 inn., for additions and alterations to shop premises. To tender Nee Manly accepted. Edward Davies. architect Kaituu provident buildings 21 King William into risen dvrs will be received by i in Denitia de , nov Makr 10, kit for con St Cutino about twelve 12 Miles of pm ban Keiit too tannins about 170,000 Smuc Yards near a Cuington. River atom. . To tender Neces Tarity accepted. Full air iii on application to Sbl-7 q. A. Jeb Vrtis Wellington. . Tenders will a until noon of wednesday. October 19, for ten erection of House at Glenelg. Plans cat on office. D. Williams. Jib 1 , Chab. T. Good f amb Teota. �79-30.8.6 9i. King Wiiiam Street. Rio Buiu ebs Tes Obus will he Civ to until 1 noon of wednesday 191b inst Tor additions and alterations to shop. Of. Masonry carpentry Iron working. And plastering. For further into nation apply messes. J. Dare and Cohagill-r3d, Malanos. No tender be Only accepted. 2sb tenders wanted for a to Ultimo shop win -1 Dowd and new fir tubes. Apply Tot specifications 22 o clock conday. 366 k. J. Brown Glenelg. Mendeas. To san attn Iron Fonden. Soap 1. Takera. And others. The Faulding having been sold the undo Kinrd invite tenders for the whole or porno of tic Machisen v and Pla Tui the boo coolie works Ola port Adelaide where it can be inspected consisting of horsepower engine arg inet accompanied by chef e Lor 25 per cent of amount. So tender Nec an vac Cepepa. Bmat Naixa tyke & co. Cunie Street information and pick of we Kitoi Flag stones Kerbs and building Stone can be obtained from w. H. Martin. Son Unley where Amplas Oan is . Janvi. Tit Rynn Tir Itsu drapery and clothing. Hunt Corky & co. We Are now showing a fall ats moment Iff Spring and bin user drapery in All departments Ana. Note submit our new Price list. Dress and print departments. New flaked striped Drew Homespun 4a us 6s lid a la Doz. Granite Orte cog Tome Tweed 6a a Doz. Be Wool Delaine spot and flowered 8s 93. 12s 3d Doz. White Nai took Muslin to 9d, s9d. Bs9d. 6s9d do Art Mutus Nev patterns 1 lid 2s lid 3s us. Of Sotl a new prints f Quality Light Sod dark grounds. 6s 6d Doz near Nav ground White spot prints 4s 3d. 6s 9d grand value in Black Cashmere is in a. W a 8 Holland Calico. And sheeting departments. Cream Hollands. 9d, 69 s Dsa 9a, 10s 3d Doz. White Calico. 2? lid is lid. U lid 5a lid lid 2a t 4 pair. Chiu Ren s outfit department. Boys and girls Sailor costumes 2 bd.4e9d.ga9d, &9d.icm9d Disper Pinafore 1f1,1?94,2?9d,359d,4s us. 5 lid children s Martin and Sui Hata and bonnets 3s 9d ss6d, 759 ,9a 3d Genu Suk handkerchiefs. La 3j, 2s us 3s us. Is , Ciui. Mantle and Milu Neby depart mints. Ladies Newjsatin-faced4acketa.es ,6s9d,loe9d ladies new Otu Nan silk Manues. 6bd, sism 46s Ladin print Bouse jackets 14 6d. Is 9d. 3b 94, a 9d ladies shirt Blouse. 2a us Saud 4 lid. 5a us in Moused roses from is 61 per Doz. Flowers. Corset. Umbrella avd Kude clothing departments. New Coreeta is lid 2a us 3 us 4s us. Saud umbrella. Is9d, is 3d. 3. 90,4 of is 9d. As 9d. Ribison and Lack dip abutment. New desk Kibbons. 211,34d, 4jd, Jard sin Satin ribbon variousc.Lor.3d 6ji. 9dj 3s. Haberdashery and Tim Iran department. Pearl dress Button old. On Drem Makinia and have secured the services of mrs. C. John atone who was formerly with messes. Robertson & Moffatt of Mel Bourne. And Madame Lalor of Launceston to take charge of the department. Fashion aisle style period til old Good work by be relied Opan. Fri Cealus. J fila to j drapery and clothing. James Marshall and co., 54,?, is 30. Bundle St been. Add aide fun Mituse wave houses Tab so Jedi cd Ebent. London. Sew goods opening every week. Dress department. Special Sale. We baie to Day thrown Ott it pieces one Hon bed and Westy seven pieces double Width dress materl4l to be sold of wednesday oct. 5, and Fol Owino dats. At the following prices 21pieces.nsualvaluels6dto2s6dperyard.for i / 66 pieces usual value is us to stud per 1 a Yaro Lor 1f" 40 Pieora usual Rains stud to a fid per i 1 1 Aid Lor having just opened magnificent assortment of the Vay Keet materials worn for the sunni i 8eon, tiz., Crepon Silks. Munkins. Grenadines tweeds ers. Veili uss a equines. Sateen Tiam bars a &l., in All the leading shades we big to remind the ladies of Addaide and our patrons or orally Fiat our had Dre makers fid.l2jl. Iss men s Nan keen and a Tirol Coats 4sm, m us ss6d.ee lid 6s e a special line of White Linen Drill patrol Ovate 9s fid Glen e Blok and coloured Alpaca Sao coals 8s a lot 6a,lxe6il boys washing uni Oke. Suits. Oti 3/11, 4/9 " to boys Tweed Knice ebs Only in a Boob of to Jed. X 6j 2/9 boys Tweed Ekic Ber bars used the Boob. 2/u, 3/n, 4/9 Beys Tweed 6attor sum. In fancy of amok Sod striped brow fans. And Greys. As lid. 6s Ltd 7s so to a. Rafid isaid. I�s6d, 17sd.a so bos Leunk Sailor Tweed knits or Soiu Greys Browne Inaba. Fawna 10s 6d, 13s6d, us 17stkl, 19s 21s.2sr.3ss boys Bias Serge Sailor Kucker salts Sood Cornn Serge Tor school Wear 3s dts was 11d,6 9d, to sort boys Blue fierce Sailor snicker Suita in Meunice and , flu so us of. Us 16? fid. 18a so 21s, Las 36s boys fancy melange Sailor Knicker sinus. In open or dosed front in All the latest patterns and Stales. Us. 17s 6d, 19s, 21s, s3? 6d. Is. Lbs Boja Wobito flannel uni oks ruts in Plain ornery Matly trimmed. ?s6d. Styk. Us fid 12s a us 17s d,20i.238d, 25s boys a Linnaes o by to White Serge. Blue Serge Ohina blk Bhopal silk and fancy sailed Suk 7a fid la to. Used Lis cd. 13sfid. Unsod. Oca Dom ladies summer Cotton ribbed a u unde Kves is a to Wendul line go each in Down ladies summer washing a bit a skirts. Lyu each 1 in boys Kummel washing tonics White Luj Drill trimmed Navy and Cardinal a ii each -6/i 7k dozen ladies White Merino Ohde lord. Is 3d, be 64, la us table Napkin is Llu 2s us is 6d, and up to 60s dozen cheat Glass Ooth is to. Is i 4s us &3 is to Kwh roller towelling. 6 4, sad. 10 4 whip Tutuh cart a. All but tic ten is 3d. Ladies moeocx3o shoes from a ladies High legged Balmoral from 5 11 children s school boots from 2/q Penis shoes from re a Chi Wien i vant str a shoes from stud pair children s whole cat Patent shoes from Sud Pur Juite a cd ice abort Genii of infants Patent scrap and fancy shoes from is a Piette Sho for girls the Excelsior three Fane leather soaps and Melvn stars f of 7s 9d the Best Assort ent in the City of ladies Glade How with and without Patent from is 9d the French shoe. Venine bed from stud a die Morocco boots Kab from Faud Ladio kid boots. E from 7a us ladies Surat leather boots from 4s us men Btu be from 3 lid. Child bin s speckled a thaw sax lob hats Broad brims Tail ends go each boys speckled Straw school hats a Model school Caps go each Baril leather a Tabels Lone straps Obj a Boog m bul Road saw hats. Is a hts. Broca brim with pug Sanse 4s Basill atelier Poznan teams 5s by 6s a. 7st& Grote White Bur Uin globes to Clear 2s 6d pail boys and git Tweed Caps 6d each. Gents washing Finx Debby Scab Fil 3 id. Each2 gents fancy silk bows. Fob St mme cd. Each gents silk Debby scarfs go each men s woe Brown Cotton halt Hose 4jd pair men s coloured Merino Hall Hose. 4jd pair a i s Strong Flannelette Shirm. 9a and is each men s beat a shirts collars attached is so each men s drab Cotton undershirts is us each men s coloured Merino underpants is us pair. Of jas. Marshall & cos celebrated Excelsior White shirts undressed. It just opened. Latest Novelty. Gents White so fits collars Sod cuffs to match american manufacture. Puro Linen natural dressed. Guaranteed perfect fit. Woollen department. Special. Iines in men s suits to order. Tweaks to suns. 30 / 63/ 7q melange Bac sous. 55/ qty j u trimming department. I i new a nettle trimming now All the rage. Is a Yard us i new silk Robings As now worn s in. Wide i i in All colors. Is us Yard x new Jet a Ginns various patterns a Dyard new Mai Perlta tvs time ornaments is la dozen new w. Of bushings 10w v re new seaweed dress trunking ii is 9d Yard new to. Rcd ice us 4 old new Jet costume panels 6s us each the unique costume ornaments 4s us dozen the Princess costume ornaments. 4s us dozen new Diess ita Xmas. Buckles clasps and dress Bolden. 4c, a. Fatm rns Post free on application. For farther details Sec by mtr. Taxes Tiff a fish a Ftp i Adelaide and Lon Doh. I St Acesta drapery and clothing. Tothe ,y0 countess of Martin Brothers. Ladies fashionable blouses and shirts. It tax Martin brother Tarn pts Amer. In announcing to their mum Trout Patron that buy Hay re be two during the Tost Day tonal consign a of to e popular Eton bunt a during of. Out foe Twedis Martin brother have told an pm Trowt Quantity of them goods More is Petiaux with die Frilund front in hating Mode the Ahto Turly next Saxy Hun Birrd of la ifs have testified to the Large variety Fau in to Janaf. G 6 dozen Fine Cambric shuts in White and licht a round. With w Amdo jute do to St xxx. Tb2o gentlemen s undressed White shirts. A Large Stock of then excellent goods All Bine in six qualities Chas. Birks & co s. 2780 summer Days Are coming. Holva no bib to tiffs Lamb Bias hoaxes Sou Etc hot lab 2epvbb. Boxlb-8 Bate Knob Abb Eda bantered fast ool Obb. Ysais look to to Piso Tandu Boyle s name it tamped on Tod Tiu out Hub Fox goods that a Fol Wash and Wear. Ask Odb do feb Fob Hoyles Maee comas Hotze it cobs Manchester. . Smi. Drapery and clothing. Charles Birks & co s dress department. Special notice. On and after wednesday october 5, we Dull show in on windows a splendid parcel of All Wool doable Width French dress materials in Undine the finest texture in dress tweeds in tin newest dudes at colouring for Rammer Wear. These in pet goad form part of an extensive Purchase bom a urge Melbourne warehouse and Wen imported for the very Best Collins Street Trade. Do Purchase Baa been made on such Deroig m to enable us to sell the goods at about half their genuine value which we intend to do. Believing the really cheap goods Are always tire Best possible advertisement. Ton we found to be the Case in the put Winter Ard we seed not do More in order to Somme i the goods now offered to your favourable nonce than recall to your re membranes the marvellous value of the Melbourn Drew Tweed which formed Suncha striking feature of our mater Trade. The Beautiful Good now offered although costs to or of to Bikk distinct qualities Are Tobe Eort at one uniform Price Viz one and sex Peck per Yard. All Wool doable Width French dress materials 2/11, Lor a a per Yard. Lor Jug per Yard. S/11, for Jaq per Yard. A single glance at oar windows win Render any further statement superfluous. Hie goods speak Lor themselves. Charles Birks & co s great dress warehouse bundle subset. S7bo it Fitch the Corner bundle and Pult Enex streets. We respectfully invite inspection of of sew and fashionable drapery clothing boots and shoes a for the Span and a Mimer seasons. New prints. U lid. 2s a. 2e he. 3s lid doses Navy and Amie prints 3 lid dozen 4 3 per Yard Mavy and White Evita fancy and Floral Fatema fancy Prinst splendid designs 6jd, 7jo\ m per Yard shirting Cambria. To 7d per Yard Cotton Dalai set 6jd per Yard new French Mcelwe Choice patterns end. Us pet hew Delaine Llyd per Yard All Wool voile Bone beet French manufacture. Lie d per Yard hew Drew materials 2s so 2s my 3s lid per dozen self Corduroy cloth 7jd per Yard fancy dress 7 weeds Uja is per Yard 48-Jn. Fancy dress material 7id.ksd.k4id a in. Fancy do tweeds is and is6d, is by new Art Muslin is lid 2 up dozen bipedal line in Tau patterns. 3s 6d per dozen striped Flannelette used 3a lid. 3a lid per doses heavy Grey twill sheeting 69, sad per Yard spotted Turkey wills 6 of 7id per Yard Cre tonnes is us 8s Ltd pet dozen special Purche sunshades All very Choice handle ,los9aior7sud,l36d for 9e cd 23a 64 for used frilled sunshades 3s us. 4s lid. It Are eligible for re election elect auditors and transact any Otter Ordinary of Castlean. W. L. ,. Adelaide 10th october. 18u2. 285-0 eel Eivet Gold mining x company no liability. Notion is hereby Given that the direct in of the above pm Spany Nave made Call the 30th of one Pekrt per snare on All Shane numbered turn i to 88.483. Both ind Osue. Payable at tie registered office of the company commercial Chambers Gilbert place Adelaide on wednesday october 12, Ike. Shareholders in remitting Call m to add Exchange on country cheques and Forward scrip or cute bombers of shares on which they Are urine. A. H. Scaiefe slander. Adelaide. 30th september. 1892. 277 ,8b plateau mining company to liability Guildford. Notice is Henby Given that a 44th Callot per share hat been made on All shares in the above company numbered Tram 1 to 20,000, Doe and payable at the registered office of the company Franklin Ford on wednesday. Ochtow 12.1602. 356 this Price Alamger. Fun we mount Malvern Sib vib Junuios j. Company no liability. Notice is hereby Eiven that a Call no. 7 of two Tui Lulu n per share on shares Hod. I to 1,898 inclusive has been this Day made bythe directors and must be paid at the registered Offida of the company widow s fond buildings a Henttu Stroh. Adelaide on or before wednesday the 13th Day of october 1892. By order of the Board 27j-s.s6 ceo. T. Lake. Ogal manager. Of Uli sex Tokuei guld mixing a company. No liability. Kotoe is hereby riven that an eleventh cell of Thurk tent per share on a contributing snares numbered 25.h01 to 7�, dust is do and pay Able to the manager at the Besig Terry office of the company new. 18 and 19. Ware cd Amon King i vellum Trett Adelaide on or before wednesday the twelfth Day of october. 1592. All shares upon which the Call remains unpaid on that Date will be liable to forfeit on. All country cheques most Hare Exchange added. Geo. Beabout. Manager. Adelaide october 4,1898. 378-80.6 Row mount Moott Gold Minlu Cost j. Fast to a Busty. _ notice is hereby riven that Call the 9tb of Tenn rack 3a. Per Shan has been declared to the directors payable at the registered office of the company Earle Chambers Pitie Street Adelaide on wednesday the 12th Day of october 1892. Country cheques Mart carry Exchange. Shares will be absolutely forfeited and sold if Call not paid As Troy used by clause 127, Sebec Caird 6 Clack 204 of i a. By order of the baud visa be Labbance. Manager. Eagle chamber Hole attest Adelaide. a Beholden Are requested to get Ourthe Monse Otiva in men of the bares Tobej bold or enclose voip certificates. �79,88 wanted to this heading if prepaid is Cordt one Inse Tim la. Three insertions a. Cd. I t. Z a a. T. At a any Quantity fun tube and pianos wanted at once boosts bought Rightout for . As i now Amish teases on time payment Iam pre pared to rive ridiculously High Price for All the furniture i tray. I would particularly state that Lam not baying for the auction room As is usually done. Get Proee elsewhere and then Send lorme and set the highest possible Price. The new . Dodd Eshop Victori quare West eid Toree doom past Grace Street. Private add rate Boxer Eveet Oft Flinders Street. Letters and telegrams Promp a at tended to 180 178 Dot Zlab Bonks cask Iron. Metal 13 body by Lor cub big aest prices Given special prices for Pablo Bonas . To. Is. Harde Ega re. Syssa bans Ocbo based at the Zoc Ligual gardens. 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Transit tins office. 280 Oak and Btu Enck at Era. G. Bern s Custos House wac Eflem Street Sitoni. Gem. Yemen married . 5864 oeds sixpence night to. 1, Hor Beti e Street Adelaide first two Storey Bouse off Grote Street. Next to Woodyard. 386 both to let one axe Hen. Bath f Soic married couple or Aiola people.3b, Gould Street opposite Lang am Hatel 286 ten lev lady Blende y often Board Ana be Demge to not fast wit Bont a child a and help in the Honse Alpha Morwood . Up Oki Fate Boa Daod j single and Balcony roams. Urb. Osce Palai Hackney pay exam Tram passes Dot. Aas-7 i up Ebion Saccom Moranon Lor two Canato -13 men very Central separate a rooms it n . Bourke Tavistock Eamoe Xavi Toek tree. 888-7.9 Ruvi b?oheijo58 of . My Ren 1. Large airy bed ooh with fint Claas Hoard charming a Fritton and View of Ter Noe ," this office. 288-8 urto let two of Smirti a about booms Grey 1. Convenience terms vary moderate. Sue. Jan my Loe it Oft . Xss44t to books to Lor a dressmaker apply at store next brain san hotel Helgn tree. Kenan too. E286-8 am keep. Ocea Akmal private Byaro. , i near ton or to in ."wauing" . Adelaide. G6 %?7"anted by lady with Chad Board tat w lodging in private family at semaphore for two weeks. State terms to immediate up . 256-8 x7"amlia. In Oaris Oan family. Some Lor girl of 10 ?k or Ful Onumah pref and state Tenn Mother bal Armah 286-s anted by lady engaged in business Hohe in private lamely dts. Adieh quate this office. As anted in nine Furt of Giebeig Boob boat Dugle prefer Max and Parol Board. Address Thi office. Sb6 Vianos tip big Eft Best and most of mete it Stock in Australia at w. In Biel a. ulna to lost and found. Under this heading if prepaid is word on insertion. Is. Three instr time is. Cd. A Olu owed me Home on saturday so sep a dog. Of arc can have came by paying expenses a. Keil Jamet Floreet Cay. 7iound. W. T. Tampon s new and s Iod Hviid my Forn tire depot and ome Parmensi easiest Terma in town first Dass Stock always kept. Googer secreet. Year Central Market. 2-8 round pm be containing Money. Owner can f have came by App Luig to. C Jones com Mercial College a Tetona Mae ago Ono that w. Kyhnel a Wai Hoase Pirie Streat is the cheapest Ann beet Lor piano and Organ mini a f the lady who was been to pick m m jas pub a in Harde a aare yesterday afternoon Tuut rat 4 dots not return flame at once Toh. J. , Chen ust Hurds Square her name and add feel win be in burned. Sb6 Ost your Collie dog. Name and address of Collar. Beward f. Wicked Painter Franklin Street. 286 r Ost. In North Adelai a Gold amethyst sad Pearl i Smooch. Bewail on re comm aame Lyl Hili Street. . Zyga is bayed from the jetty hotel. Semaphore too. Monday Rutht very email Black Pony Matel detainer prose mud. Beward at Jahn a jetty hotel semaphore. Sb6 us reason who left half my Causer can have it by applying at or. J. White a Parade. Kor Wood. Egg Fri Odd. Shonu Iger s Bell organs can Only re m at the warehouse of ,? Lolo Alo produce for Sale and wanted under this hauling if prepaid is nerds Vns interian. Is. Three to Artiom to 6d. Of Sale splendid crop of Cape Oats Arvn. C ten l7 a is. Apply Flagstaff hotel. Oa4mton. South Road. 28flr6i Nhsn Debs Are invited to to Octoba Bitici Purchase of growing crops a 12 acres on mrs Chinu s farm game Plains. Unit ther for whole or pan and with or wit bit the . To. Pope Adelme 277ains5 wanted 10 to 15 tons at this season s Haida Livard at Par Katie a. W. Bollock co. B a p e b s pm Intima exec Edothe aha Tut Nousias and on Liberal terms a a a Job plumbs i Zig

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