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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 11 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 11, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. ? p. & o. Steak navigation coup ast. Coder Boal Luil contract will dispatch the �1 lowing ate Amera. Tailing at Albany. Colombo. Aden Marseilles Gibraltar and Plymouth with Liberty to Oil it Brandi at ? p1 i i to leave. Bome ? is45 m. Dowie oct. Ii Himalaya Hwy Jeff. L. Bryron oct 26 Oceana Oettl. A Crawford nov. of. B. Seymour Sov. 23wd1a ? of melt. Erich ? a Pii Nui for brio thai Tea nude at port said. Notice 10 passed cubs. A Cral co Lauita a. Whole Babiss itt tired. Ibe accommodation in both pint and second saloons is unsure pasta. Rii in from Europe pc can be arranged Here. Up Wiki allowed to break their journey a intermediate Norta. tickets India. China. Japan face. Bosom the warm ticket ird. _ a sates. Tickets based m. Who Jymm Pectal return tickets to London �110 it ass. Hand books timetables and a parity lbs Ai to passage Money. A. To raided in , Aura. Ca Mutt cd. A a. ,. Orient like. Hie following Ste Mustur Unuer to i a contract. I Tea a Adelaide Larga s no. On the undermentioned Dales to try. Sooth and London via Albany. Colombo All Minu Ihu. Auer cilia. Hamlet a Arseius and ? 0hova 6,2�r�e. E. Lavington Ort. A opium. 10,810 a. A. i nov. Aruba. I 5.w7�lindsay Hay Inov. 16 1 Oit Muz cs7e. A. Veale. . ? and apr nightly thereafter. Twin screw. Frauk Botjo uus Duji single. Of to 7u. _3g return big �110. Third cd. �15 15/, �17 i. And is in. Caloon to Colombo re. �22 -. Benm �38 to �5. Western at Obj Imja. Saloon �4 10/ to �6 thirds 10/. A Bike is a Chi 31 � 1-Vtt ? to i ? i a -�.tr. Veton tickets first Baloon bet cedi a by i Lokk 1-Obla in sow a Sakie Man by f. No o. Stamen Bavins room. Luha Gebs to. Been co. Run a Deb sort Ardesson o04 rend much blame Lomon . ? la taut 18. 1 Al Slit Maui tiles Jyh. Tiv Duby Tol Ikpoh. Taco Tahbo Pabis Somjen of e, the Fondi cover debt Caff to Lieubo Miltne Adelaide Albany Colombo Suk and Post ? 6aihirnilina�pmcbed monthly afoll6��- Myma Fca Chev Auer oct. Aop Jorl kor. 4. Anna Job pfc Jaydan Othor. Gisk. W dec. T Fask boobs booked is Bombay. India China Bata a and Japan. ,�s6to�70. Send iii table Yrinea. Acc tube t1ckkts at . For tartfcen�rtai�prfdaujtmfkco.l.td.,aae. Hide Togeal Eko Oson l. Port Addaide Tina or h i the Stab i x e. A dealt to los Dolc Aster a. Ana us we i Tok n. Catong at a1bant. Lie few saw twin fax new steam cars of ten line i Grill Tan. Adelaide s-mi3cr, Viz \ . \ Pate. Ikic ? i , i. October. Vlco ? j i a omber. Ossic ? 1 11,�s i follows. Stevie. ? i 12.00u i Fol Loire. A a i ? 1 Fol oct. Ibe attention Al the Tut Luaa Public and Dup Pitt Senenky is drawn to the splendid unzip Mei of these vessels. Wang to accommodation for one class Oil Constatina of two Betti and Long with cab. And open berths also Reading room and Milf jute room lavatories and but Broohu. Olrik Lac Saloon whole Fri dts of Chip. = Sara pen Andualem rare Ion. Electric Light to to Baths w Vass us Money. To Cipe tows a a it. To Ink pcs. �1 11/ to e1s la the emf Rateb Rall Goft Traen Ial Wiuf Bouton As Murrll As Jan Cue Ter Bradford a for Fnu up Tichun Applyby Ngeth pc Copham. Guiteu 21. Curtie so jct. 79c jew. Al. Ujj. \ Soto ded Uschett Lum tall mail Ste Liebs ? Fowks mathi5 company win be dispatched. Lin i air. And Raj Rosarly to easter ?p1 � Booth autos Antwerp and bbb Mes iria be Mantle Colombo. . Jor said. Siples. And Cinoa. I4ta, Teaa Bay a if ooh. Yamei Oom minder. Leave and. Stoft Abt Fiot Bia. Kuenemann oct. 14 Ceka. Stasiu. Be isl nov. 11 pub let told Tsila. Walter nov. S Ifo Aub. I Flo. Sleeker Ore 9bremen ,. . Beim Baste dec. It i Jgwo it d. Crosse 10s811m. Eichel Jan. To Talase Tamra Vaa Sace gooey from Adelaide. �11 to �62. Cicat reactions Fin Ctorn. Passages. Ueberal Conca tons to families. Pua age from pm Ope can be arranged inn. Cabin passengers May break journey. 3blrd out to land in a English spoken on All stament Gamin and cargo booked the Gogh to London go principal european. Asiatic and american Forte. For freight Pange and us other Par so As a Adelaide and port Adelaide. Lund s line steamers town. And London 55-si -4.ss7 tons to follow merrily him Mimi for Iret fat or Faaoga apply to Geo kit wills & Ca of a a come. Fort Adelaide and fer Firla. Wills Theof sailing ships. Foot Adb lube to a Offish. A Lect. 100 Ai Iron barque Myrtle Holme Oie Tona. Oaptar w. Cobb. I How loading at Joeab Ste Luebs wharf Row Cadello Aid flu have Lor London direct. A George wills & co. Maine ? ? and port a i in to a 1ppon Yusen it Aisha. A Tamla. Hon Kong and Japan via Sydney bib Snake and townsv1lle, will Lent a anger ? com Mel Kame of Stetner. Mander. Bourne. Sydney. Futami to oct. 28 nor. 1 Yawata mad. Mows or. La nov. A these teamed have most Superior accommodation for passengers in All few. And Are fitted with toe Roost recent improvements. Fall particulars As to freight and Paa Saex . Urea Hakk i co. Pop. Lusted. Avesta. 5l Cecal cell to ret i79oaie ,-�4 c Outh East posts. For k1suaho Ston Ami beaci1port.m\l Kov Uon Lewis. Wednesday october 11. Bib j. Grice & co. Adelaide and King. Of a Hessl bib. Port Adelatde. ? 360.3-t-3, tort wakkf1ku ship no an a Post hike a aug Field. Annie it att sails ived nes Avivi Day. Atli inst., at a . 2s8- a. & e. Lemes sublet port Adelaide. To Rue As. Cubes will be dispatched Somsy. J As under to Stas Buby every Sig thu say and saturday at Soso , from Stansbury every Mon Day leaving 10.30 a-m., and sub Day. Lev s pan. To Post acc cent every tues Day at 8.90 from Post Vincent every wednesday leaving 10 am. Abc ? a. . Sec Reury. To tilt test Jii ast suut1xg Coy. Jug i by w for Stils of Rachel comes sails to Day octo Benxi. A ? a. & e. Lelles Subiel. Styx any. Jul that. Denial and Fowler s b is and Point sis Claib. The Wol Loivai will sail in a few a. Cargo now being received at no. 1 shed. A freight must be pre paid. 284 ? a it e. Lomes sublet. Wjk a team to i Tiace sett. Cosh2 o 1ients, Kex Mai. so Worth. And Mildura River Kim ii Brav. Obowa leaves Murray Bridge every wednes Day or Benmark Tran shipping at Morgan for vent Orth. Gem Captain h. King Leavora Morgan every Batur Dar after arrival of Adelaide train. Special Bates Fob excursion pab11es. For for debt or passage apply to a. In Landseer. Ts4 begin Star Chambers. Nir fell stent. Abode Geert Becida Gerard a from sew d Yolk. All claims and accounts against above vessel must be rendered in duplicate at oar port office on or before wednes pay Letl instant noon or they will not be re Jem d. J. Fowler. Looted. ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship Coffi part limited will dispatch Ste Tiaera from port Adelaide at under air Constancw for albak1 and s Bui Astle Guanill Luj ing f0k Pertll Cebal Tobt All aost11-wks1 of Kew am esp bake. On through Bills of Lodi our. Wollow a ? Friday Oli. 13 i 3 . Calls Tasse and Jon Hury. For 9uluovbke an Sydney Tuan Allyl l in. Fob Quvee Suksi forts. Half my ? is inlay. Oci. . Fee Keck s calf fee tace Fob i out Lincoln Moonta Wallaroo Tubby Bav and aka Mon -1aubo1�. Ferket ? tuesday 1 oct. 17 3 . I ours -kkjiii.\, i-juu., .viul�i.-. With and Carro. Rates Tickton san rear i oct. H. 1 . Pkt Bifelt x4� to Vyvey and a was Ink. Dove Dale ? thursday oct. Id cargo must be delivered in c -1r cute Accra two Boon prior to advertised time in Day of sailing. Paste users ticket issued by thu company Are with steamers or toe . Co. Between a Purta. For All info cation apply to the Adelaide steamship co., Ltd. Currie meet. Adelaide and commercial wharf ? port Adelaide. ? ate West Australia. Tue Adelaide steaj1sii1p coi Tasy ? Foj Mitkin the australasian United steam navigation co. Ltd. Joint so Vicc from port a Deiaire to Albany oud Fremantle. Tran shipping for Perth. Geraldton. . Porta and Esperance. Of in As under Wollow a Friday oct. Is. put Quay oct. S j. Uak Ulo ? fb1day. Oct. St. Bdl tuba ? Friday nor. 3. Passage tickets accommodation for Stock. Lowest rates of freight and passage Money. For foil particular apply the Adelaide area Ilsup company. Ltd. Adelaide and Porti b. W. Vac Bonald. The . Coy. Ltd Norrie Street Adelaide and Queen turf. Port. ? of . . The favorite fast Koeb team Tbs of abort line will Donau Atances Pur Mittic be dispatched a Sakir a. Iwa Koonga. Gjert ass jut of Hay. October Uga Pauc a Nim snip at Fremantle. Re i Kuumba Ufi Jug / Friday. October so. And a other Porta. J cargo received daily at Queen a Warlop to Ana tour before sailing. All Ucker after the first port with the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com Pany limited. For farm and Focht Arnolv to i. Hac Donatia ant. U. Lurie ctr set. Jts Tumama. ? or. Of Eek a u11ahk. 1 Ort. A cd team to exits and Streaky insk.i3 Bays Fuaga Taft Landing us Foint sin Claut. And Fowlks s Bay. . Arg the sails on Mon Day october 30th. All freights must be prepaid. A. W. A a Fokd & compv., City i Ricc s Lari. Port. Tele conveyance and livery notices. Telephone Adelaide 150 port Adelaide 77. H. Graves & co., Bailey and a neral carriers customs Loiue and ton Rardin agents to All parts of the australian colonies goods received for carefully removed. Finns supplied by Day. Werk. Month or year Witti Llorans be Hiemes. And Drivers. Special attention Iriven to tie collection of pass Jurers in Cage Lor shipment or otherwise. Slavins made am Semenu with tie steamship companies on men Board All steamers on arrival at Largs Bay or i on Adelaide for the collection and delivery of parcels and Luet Cut to any part of the Colony. Head office 39, cd brie Street. Divett Street. 1-Ottt Adelaide. Is Liine drapery an clothing. John Martin and company Umito. Special Purchase of Mia boys. A youths clothing. We beg to Anko Unck that we have purchased at a substantial discount the entice retail Etoyce of the . Woollencoy., and will offer the same to the pub us at a ept Mohall Low prices. The above clot is made from All Wool tweeds Manefa cubed at the Onka paring Mills. John Martin and company Ltd., Rundle Street Aoe Uidl ? =73.&i,t ladies and sent Lemeus w1ls-, bk1vk, &. Co. Rusc pm Oruro in Anao Uncino 1ho arrival of a Complete assortment of never Good for Spring and summer comprising Ono of the Urgesi and choicest selections of suiting Trou Sering and cloths in Ade Lii de. Many being Fui Uble for Ladieras Well As Gea Lierma s Wojt. The prices will be found extra Good Valuet All our orders having been placed with the Mills prior to the Advance in Wool thereby securing a great advantage which our Poss will hive the fir of. The reputation . And co. Hold As ladies Ano gentlemen s tailors throughout Knuth Australia for perfection of fit lad finish As Tell As value justifies them in hoping tout they will receive a share o your orders. Their head Cutter Iho is an expert both in ladies and Ceat Lenin s tailoring was formerly with i losses. Redfern 4 son. London. A. And messes. Ii. J. Nicol and co. Bernt Streit London a. So Thev Are in a better Pillion to Day Han they have Ever been to a uranus Sites faction in All branches at tailor info. Ladies Coats and skirts from �3 3,. Be Ellen s Sac suits from �2 .10. Uenh Emen s mob mar slots from �3 3. Centi Wen s trousers from is. Of Kristl Ami eve Fnu slits a special or. A full assortment of patterns sent free for comp Arbod or selection on Applina Wilson Brice & co. ? shipping. Tee Howard smite line. Leave Honrad Smith baby As follow Circo Mances permitting Albany. 1 Melbourne Sydney hew Castka Brisbane Giad Boot attn Dalebo Bowen towh&v1ux ca1rms Bott Jogi Assee special advertise ment. . Gabo. Tue Nav october. Passengers and cargo Fob above posts from Post Pirik. Boverick. Tuck Day october is. Cargo must be delivered alongside steamers no less than one Bow before advertised time of us . Bet Tjun tickets Are Vita the steamers of he Sara. Had debt. Par Keb. It co. And Mcilwraith. I Kahtia and co. Wit. Howard sum & sons . Ltd. 113 King Wliilam Street Adelaide and . Fort Adelaide. 2te Mcilwraith Mceacharn go. Frcpr1etaky. In Hite fill dispatch the following passenger Tea Mars circumstances permitting Albany j \ Uon Dav oct Beruk m inn wharf Oes �i.d7on. And a . Fonts in through � to lading. T Kote. Return ticket a Are interchangeable with a Basra. Howard Emetti be Sana and Buddan. Par Ker. & co s Stermen. W. B. Cave & co., Cren Fril Street Adelaide 3. Bat jugs & Tiosh. Fort Adelaide. I Hub Dart Parker & a take. Usu pm will dispatch irom port Adelaide permit Inci Bunbury i Anglian bulb out j monday. October s3, be Mantle i Tran mapping for cer Aldun. Tub Oulu Tiu a of Luduig to Pei Al a turn tickets wits hell wraith. Uce Albam it co. Proprietary limited an Howard Smith it sons proprietary. Limited. D. & j. Fowl a United. Acis Nta 011c Ahei aide and i of in c West Australia. Joint weekly eeb vice. For the Wooste Rencs of Chi fees and Pas sences the undersigned Nave a banged to eds thu following steam webs it Ulab 1htebvals , a monday oot 16. If. Acc Imam. I Alo Dat. Oct. A. Pc. Aux Coobic Honda oct. 3a Kyj. Abo. J . And Begu ably every monday . Lowest fakes and Frei Goa. Bet can tickets intebce1ngeable. Atm. Howard Suttah it sons Popy. Ltd mall wealth he Achak be co. Popy Ltd. Mud debt. A Bleb. It co. Popy. Ltd. Use drapery and Jolt blog. ? tis a poor heart that sever rejoices and it would indeed be a poor heart that has not already rejoiced after tie splendid rams of the Ian few weeks causing hundreds of country Folk to visit our City because of the 1m proved prospects. Copped has gone up k Price our Princi pal Tuple Wool in to a pk1ncely Khe to heat up in Price and even the j Ackers from on the backs of our despised Bunny bits lion a big Advance in ti1eib value. And still we find grumbles. One Man because he can t find a cold mine up lilt North another because lie fails to find a person Tolt enough to lend Biru Money and we heir of another waiting who says lie has been offer ing to give the Public pounds for fifth ii shillings Alii cd. And they Dou l respond and Rush Aftab the i Olds. Friend. Tell this to the filipinos and Tot to alsthal1ans. In Rase you fact the average Reily to fa1by yarns go Oil what Are you Gavin us. But to a Liante to a More serious subject. Wilson br1ge, and company Are offering for Sale to Day a Large shipment of not the Dainty or Library served up with Green Las by the Good housewife but unix Fiji shed ducks for Malang ladies coals and sorta in 12 distinctly new colors s2 mules wide acc 1/ Yard. Herring Bone drills Satin Gisli for ladies dresses boys Wear &-., 10 i Sercl shades 30 inches vide Trice cd. Jard. Roth Tatoff . Another shipment to hand of Liis most popular material 5 new Spring colors incl a ing Black. Price sad. Yard. Black dress materials we allow one of Pic largest Arm jest Assonet Stucks in tiie loony. 150 different Lutterus Aua Black Alpaca double Width Price in. Jill 2,6, u 11, so 3,11. And per Yard. Black figured Alpaca double Width Price 1 1 3, i. 1.6j, , 1,11, , 2, 11, 3,11, 4.0, Aud 4.11 in. Some particularly Choice Pat unit them and like silk itself in their brilliancy. Black no n s veiling All Wool. Dome Width Price i. L is and 1,11 Ier Jard. Clack heal nun s cloth. Us arc the Only Ifo Ulli australian firm Shou in this material a Ali 2 1j. 2 11, and 3,6 per Yard. Black i or in All Woolf blk Width Price 1 11, 2 ? 2,6. And 3-6 per us. Black Delaine All Wool double Width Price i i i 2 a and Sli per Yard. Black fancy dress goods an immense assortment of new patterns for tie summer Trade Lidice i. 1,4a. I/6j, 1,9, 1/11, 2 2 11, s/6. 3 11, and it per re. Black Boche silk and Wool dress goods. Ini ported direct from pab15. These arc particularly Choice. Ladies requiring High-cla3s should inspect our Stock. You will be astonished at our Assort ment prices commence at 2�. 6. And go on at 35,. Ii. I 49,6. 59-6. -0j, 75/. Anam the dress length Tingle dresses Only to Cadi pattern. Bla to silk grenadines double Width prices la 2,6. 3/11, 4,6. 4 11, 5.6. 6.11. To 11. 11, pm up to �4 ii for the dress length. Many ladies who have had business transactions with in come to us Acain and again for this Rua on Liry Are fully a re that Wilson Brice a Many Are Well acquainted with styles and Viluci. Ano that we know the Drc a goods Ami silk business. Patterns on application to Wilson brige and company Rundle Street Adelaide. Marshall s popular list. Read 0t7b, advertisement and look at Oto window show. ? washing materials washing materials. St surf to Day Abe o1i1sg. If you inquire a Nice we Shiner a a if a Pinn Mer Var. Visil James mar Ull & company ency a who King Laundr my of in Amiul Phi Terri i i =11 the new nut Ruu Lor a Priour iii sur nor Waii in. Logins Tom Tinl or Ich Kiin. My in Oren Cine. Muslim us i run ii --imlirils., French Lowr. Enl iii Carn Iris. It rid san us. Swiss Ilus Lins Avivi a of Lorna . Wiklins for Luu mousing War. Black Btu Jho sat in a prints Nice pattern i 11 per ooh sew prints dark in ends. 3,0 per spot and Stripe print. ,1j Pijon a brits j Kjilen diff re Ruric of in limn. Some Nii null Pali is Uit we for girls War fast Folk up. 5 to per Oken a Vii a ground Piid China i ii Riec fast .ml.irs. A n per dozen. Floral t. 1 i or Vapi Piv a i Mii in. 1 4-,t , Rel so n in . Hevr Batik a new Hyson. Sir i x. A i. Us for Nyu St i Jujj of Btij to i Viii Frum j. To 1,1. In a Yard. N Evv Humalt skirts is. Gloves. Ladies 4-Bulton White kid Black or 5? a rfcs ?2/11 pair ladies 4-bution wit it Ca to cloves Plain or Blar we itched sucks 26 pair Ladics pure silk gloves -1iubly-w-ov. I Finger iii in Cream Vrh . Or Black. 1,-11 pair taffeta silk i love. In Tiani. We iii tacs or Mack i and 1 -. Piir 4-Huuon us of Jirrie of loves in us fawns beavers Black White or vain washing. Ill 4-Button Foj Inglish Melsnes silk a Lovcy in -r.-am. Uhke Lawn a at of &uu1, or Mack Var Tojic Cial. 2 11 pair latties -.-Vlin? Junves in Tan Fawn or is iii. It i it. 1,g pair girls Mepua silk Glov for Strong Vear in Crum a i silk Lane Pitts in various qualities in ii jul dream. Or m in. Ladies belts. Wit it Tver Linc bits with i curl or Gilt clasps. 10jj and i Mil White Waii Rinir belts part la clasps. 1 each White moire Jelu frit clasps 1 ii Scicli Black webbing belts Nickel clasps 101d Black elastic belts Nickel , 1 Black Satin belts. 2/6 coloured leather Belte with jew led Cami turns 2.11 Cadi Black a Hurt belts with Ste a Asp and fittings 5.9 race tin i Coloon belts. 4/11 White in other belts i 6 Tan Auer belts 1/3 buckles and slides. Steel slides 2d and 3d each bark a lice 3d. 4d, and Tii each Gilt slides . 3.1, and id each Pearl slides id of and 9d Marti Nickel and Gilt clasps. C-1 Cadi pretty Nickel buckles 1 Cah Xiv enamelled buckle. I la paste buckles 2/11 each German Silver buckles 2 11 and 4 g Silver buckles 5/11 each ribbons. Ribbons. Some special purchases. A rare ci1axce. Fancy coloured Gauze ribbon in in. Wide really pretty for Milliner and summer dresses. Seven Pence half Penny per Vard very Choice fancy i said silk ribbon 5-in. Wide a most stylish trimming. One shilling per Vard so pieces Black Satin ribbon la in. Wide three Pence per Vard s5 Jive pcs Buck Satin Bill a , Kour Pence half Penny per Rani ladies sunshades. Boi but Job in Lou of. Black and a bite Cambric 1 Arae ols. A and 3/11 Wiite Panr roles either and but tips 1,11, 2,11, 311, 4,11 self lored fancy Cambric parasol is Black anal Wiite clock string Ana l land Para sols of cell. 10/11, Novelty trimmed Tsurui Lutovs in great variety at Mort. Mode Tate prices shot silk pm Sola in All new colors 2 11 3 11. ,15.11, 7,6 millinery. Fancy Shaw hats. shapes. Al Tosh shipments. A Yarpp Onsi in sent of new Omri mined Strain Hals after be Sou s prices Joist to Lund. Toliese arc All prot to. Siv Lish and fashionable Shams i. Be stave marked them Al try Low Prit to effect a speedy Mac. Prices 1 j 12 i 2,11, 3 i 3,11 each at s. I a weks. Flip wars. I o i. Bit Jim Pijl nov Flowers Over i,.-w Token to Blo it prom. Tiik or wet. The latest. Am the 1ifjt every Konx a i at a Eky prick Putty plea sat. Popi Lar for iut trl mix a. More of than Vii set. Ros4-s, poppies. Wheat . Iris. Pear and Apple int srum violets. Paid sit ilinjl1 Llie imams. the Vul Lcy. v. A i fingers. Lilac mrp Crite carnations Lara into and bar tip Lover. s on lids. Heath Buduen a i a , Bol Iaco. Jail Lueky continued Llly k. Block arid Wiite. And All a hit to Loscri in . Rriiis-4lil, of. M. 11,3, 16, 1. Ii o. I 11 a Jimj. Tiik millinery showroom. Trimmed gems. N. 1-Cjiuon Hirju cum landed 1 Raih no. -1 in s Lii jul. A a hard. 1 a. I a. Of jumbo Mraw Jen. �i1ii band and quills 1 ii sch no. It ure strew a. Iri Aimel Styli Lily with i at vivit . Ikje Laughl in with . 1 11 Cali Oiin Vii Pekin. Full lev. I i Ai ii r m so. Ii us k ring iii i Licefi l be Sinaw irm. In i tiiiv.-. ? 11 cart . 7 Riu a sir air Sailor style Fly Trimn cd Wil i ii Toiv stand ii in color and tit iii Usu wiil no Lii in with buckle Lily 1 11 Rah no. ? or Unin Gem. Prettily trimmed with Ril a. I Wijit feathers arid ornament. A i a a. A 1 1 or. M , Llu it a. Trimmed Wiki in i. Ai d omani ii to e Var Tucal stolen. 1., 1 int ten Triin pm. Sum rior Quality Lin i a will Ril,h,.ii. A soft tit. Feather iii Nunu a Audriu in Wim pm calf Pic Only 5 11 Fiji sai1.or hats. Boys clothing dept. Tivod Xic acre. Ijl.5 0,2 11 boys to fed . Suits sires 0 to to 3 11, 4 11 ?111. 5 to i 4.11, 5 11, 6 11. 7.11 11% 12, 4.11, 5.11, 7.0, h 11 boys Norfolk Neil in a a jape. I i. If 6, a i Sonje Sims a 11, 4 it. J buy � Clifford suits. 1�-. 1j,c. I c Odd pc St. To Rutili Clifford Siritz 4.11, a i Wai Liine blouses. 1.6, 1. 11. 2. S. 2 Al Sair Toi Lais and Tuffs in Fri it and striped pique and Rill 2rt it set Sailor rents -d., i.1.3 Ann rican Cours pm in and frilled 3d., 1/. 1/8. 1,6. 1.11, , hat department. Just arrived no v Sliwi Rae it of men s Terai Hals prices i 11, a. 11. 4.11, 5,11, 0 i up. Boys Straw boaters. Hoys speckled Sirju boat cute. Cd. Yd., 1/ boys six med Straw boaters very social for Sui ool Ivear i of club hats 1. Bow Linen hats 116, i la men s while Straw Hati in tie latest Rii pcs 1i. 1.11. I 11. 0/6 up straws Roll no Aud put is your pocket 3.11, 4.11 household Linen dept. Beautiful gop hered frill. Curtain Muslin in new lilo ring 1 11 it Vanl Ecru and White frilled curtain Muslin one Side frilled. I s per Yan new Swiss ? Lorl Rusf and Blouse in Ecru and Nizic from 1 old. Birr Yard new dress Hollands vet Ushio Nable from 10id. Per Yard new uti Cotton Fords for costumes and turf 10id., 1/. 1 3, , 1,11 per Vard new Pinafore Kari is White Muslin 5jd., 7w., Lold. Yard new Nain Sook Muslin 2/6. 2.11, 4, i dozen mad Polam Muslin heavier than Nain Sook 71d_. Sid., loid., 1, Yard 4i in lies wide Floral Pinafore Art Miskins 3.11, 4.0, 5/11 dozen new Art muslims. Ill. 2/11, 3.11 Doten. Lamps in great variety. I 1 Hancine Ruhp Bown above Filce la Complete. Size larger. 2/1 Complete. Dec ant Sevi sigh machines. In i i 0 s. N j o i o i a i ? Marshall s. F to r n i t u r e new and attractive furniture. In White i \a5ielti d furmtuiii., its with Pleu ure we Are Able to out that in Many i Tancos our Knees Are Lossl Hautau uie Cost asitha in other White enamelled afternoon Tea tables. Easels stools music backs. Tabouret. Mars Falls Superb showroom for novelties. Bedroom suites. We have some striking Ray original and distinctly quaint and charming marshalls Modem Al entire is artistic. Rattan chairs. An Early shipment slightly water stained at half Price for Veran Dah Lawn. Seaside or Hill use. This Opportunity for securing bargains should not be lost. A word about bedsteads. We can give you Sale vivid value Tor your Money no matter what style or sue you require. We Cin Supply to select from and our prices Are Correct and our Stock enormous. The latest to big in toilet flee at Marshall s. F u r n i t to r e Marshall s. Drapery and clothing. Most Coats and skirts a wu1te i a True Coats and skirts from 21/ 10 45. Coloured p1qit. And Fiill Coats ands Kluts from to Sickau flannel Coats and skirts i Ery Cor acct. 37, 0 soil kit co Jutt coating tee and cloth its Ami Skinn. Coats lined silk from 32,0 to 15/ Black and coloured Alpaca Coats and skirts. Coats lined . 9 and upwards fast Jon Akle i of Stltt skirts in a Liitt pique from 7/11 in Holland from 9 11 in Seroje. From 15.6 in Milark Alpina. From 17 a in Hla a and Khier a Liok. From is b in fancy Lark a atals. From j9/6. Shirt bl9vses, a Frescki striped Cambric shirt blouses prices i ii. 3 11, 4. To , 5 11, 6 i 0 11. Up to each White a Xiv and spot it Sun in oses and White tucked and embroider ii Muslin mouses from 5 17 to in White pm Al e shirts. 4/11. 7 6, 10 6. Up 10 13 Sok blouses an immense variety in All the newest Siks. In.lu- a also in Blackland White. Striped silk a. Firn 15/ up to a each Vest a boxes. Very Correct in silk. Muslin or pique prices from 3 .1 to s 6 Carli smart ebb capes in to ssh rouble Plain cloths and Correct for braided or trimmed narrow Guttin edgings i3,, 1g,c, 21/, 2i/, up Sjef Art boat diets. To ctr fashionable with moire fac mrs and Kraidin .12 ? fashionable capes in silk. Irr Nadine Ijmte Ahlbor. Pc. Tor Slimmer very Light in Weir it. And ii2ndom?1v trimmed. So shades. K Swiryt trades. In Vouthas. Mid f crawls arriving by mail steamers i i to latest styles with the most Correct Anil mountings and a in Saint i a. Ulack and in Lilly Silt Check silk. Moire. Roche Chiffon lace. . Itic., Pri Fri s ii ? ? il., Wil. Ladies 6tbaw hats. Fancy shapes in All the latest Anil most popular style Sailor shapes a very Prmt variety and a full Stork of re brat Nelling styles in ladies Sailor hats prices from 3d. To 6,11 much. Keck finishes. Scarfs can enormous Stock of laces for trimming lace collars Fichti cravats. 4c Fiji Honable Cut of it. Point Liace in White Creme and Hutu shades Margot Point lace a new xer Point de vhk1se la a in insertion then a lace trimmings find Home piece laces for bodice coverings fashionable Odule Caillaud laces sew my a in and lace nets Siik-bni5lied tucked uus uns pretty my suns it Talca Cleanes insertions Novelty Cut out Point vets the new Sailor knot Cravat smart Gollab ettes Laic Bok s and scarves Dainty my Sun col an Aud Hie Para i t Nice Ani Cluj n bets Luv Cuil Lam Scarci tucked my Sun Collar and cuff sets a Choice a uni fill of the new handler chef scarves. For ladies. Toe latest a lion. L1kk.v and cuffs \ a Ilem stitch aoll3rs and cuffs it Linen fird collars pm try i fortion Lars and cuffs ii pics cycling collars reversible four fold Linen cuffs new turn Down of diary. Lace hair kerchiefs no embroidered and Solt bleach---1 Linda handkerchiefs tucked handkerchiefs in to handkerchiefs. . Bows cravats made is lace Roods. Ruffles frilling. Windsor starves. Chiffon 1w--. Nev Shap Nullar. And cuffs. Draw by wis Cliffon Rue Hinks a. A. The Stock of tie Parr mine is consent by bang replenished by fresh shipments. Dress goods. A very Marci Stock of new and Tishio Nable dress Matsu my. In Eivor kind of Woollen and opolion fabric. Upon apply Raudon we Forward a most varied assortment of Pat alpacas Soublo Width in Small not Desipris i fret in future for Sui Rorr Wear from to -2. Yard Black lace ci/1ti1 pabh1o. Tics Haw 1 . Pork ii or nude u Ove Dolored lining Prii i if to 2 11 Van Black porlies Juble Width All Wool 1 9 to s 11 Vard Plain Black list res 41 to 40 inches wide 1, 10 4 11 Yard fancy Black Monhaut a surf. All Rio if in iii. Including Suriou and fancy mripi.?, 41 Inch wide i 3 to 4 11 Yard Black si1jc and Rool Gran Adins. In fas. I Nahje iic5im Ola and to pjs i rites from 1/11 to6 Vard Black pit a silk . Stylish do Siens mires in a 2/11 to l i i Ard Blank of Bench Coati i sences warranted durable die prices 13 to -2 11 Yard coloured Al Wollek fabrics All Wool French popups in new fair icon Abl shades. 4-2 inches Wise. Ujj an i 2 an Vito bal x Coatis Serge 44 incas wide. 1 11. 2-3. And Sll Jard per c Matist and is iting fabrics. Anapu. Manured Cerully for coat Jurij Skirls at inches wide. 3 i Yard new dress fabrics. Tweed off its. In fashion Jolt colors and Prim Nifer wi.iijrfii-. 1 6 v Are fancy Check Matek Iaia All . Ivr. Fall , Biou a. 42 , Yard saw Sikkim guru s Check l Fukuji. In Lault Atni-1iite. and ulue. Pc 44 Inch = from 1 to ii tire new fancy voile i. Costume a off is Only in Prev Fawn and Black 33/6 Tan Plain voiles a . Sui Rule Foj Brit for sum Mer Wear. 1 11 Yard fancy 1 Opma. Ii and of Yard Cri am voile. Silk still e. 1, and iii Yard. value ail we a 4 Asi Imek. In the new elude of Tirey 11 Yard 4. In ties Ivide. Sills. Black brocade Sliv very special a Niue. All pure silk suitable for prime narc or Vve Ngirur owns 2. 11 to 76 Yard f1gi Kei i Ouke 5-. For summer dress in. Wii Ith. -2 i.?. T 11 Yard Fol Sll Jis. In a Virji Deli Gnu. 2 ii 3,0 Vard ape a value White Muk am silk Cewos. Tsien 2,11, .1amiit Vard r by i i Satin All Sims. I .1. 2 ii and 3 c to Sibok . For or a. N. 9. Ali of a am Miti Hick Silks. 2 11, wan i Mai Ink silk 20. 211, so. Coi red poster si1j5s. Ail shades suitable of r Rai Inz. 1. 1 �. I 11 White Jai an if. Silks 1 a 1.11, 3. For Orlier if. Par so also our advertise mrtlfbros., Burlin toil Hense Glt ask your grocer for Ixl Bacon awarded special prize Silver cup Adelaide show. Drapery and Csc thing. So and 33, Hix lev St. Sam user further Large arrivals this week. Ladies ca311sk1c costumes with fashionable bodice trimmed embroidery. 21/, 25/ Cin a ski Zypher costumes to Diouf unlined i3/6 fancy camuk1c costumes with to acc. 29/6 Pix Tel Cotelleso and piques a iii Sioum bodice. Unlined 23/g Stush Coloski Publ los with trimmed Bodiee. 32/g, 37/0, 42/French printed Satel ins with Iodico 4t/6 Washimi costumes with length and trimming for Bodiee White prixte1 piques 1s 6 Cambric 21/ Black and White fat sch sat teens 25/ rotors. 27/g new clip ted zephyrs stylish 27/6 printed Lawn silk a Necef 22/6 costume skirts in White pique also i Laek Aud Coloriti Lustres costume skirts in Holland 13/g, 1c/9. 21/ flemish Holland Coats and skirts unlined braided 32/6, 37/6, 39/6 Holland mks. With fashion Able bodice trimmed embroidery a 45/. Blouses blouses. Further novelties received this week. Choice designs and in perfect filling shapes. Morning gowns. Our new Stock now on View. Fancy Cambric morning towns Plain and checked Zephyr Mornik gowns printed Law and Muslin morning to Vas White Lawn gowns trimmed embroidery checked and figured silk Tea gowns Black Pongee silk Tea gowns novelties in morning and Tea jackets. Summer undershirts. Striped Cambric frilled. 3/6. 4/9, 5/6, 7/6 Plaj Zepi Yesk embroidered it fila 10/6 coloured Lustre skirts frilled 0/6, 10/6. 13/6 Black Lustre skirts frilled 8/6, 10/g, 12/9. A Larch selection of White my san and Long Cloux of kits. Trimmed Torchon 3/3, 5/6, 6/9, 8/6, 10/9, 1479 better qualities up to 45/ each White Muslin and Long cloth skirts embroidery trimmed 5/0, 7/6, 8/6, 10/9, 12/9 Black striped Pilk under skirts Superior goods for Best Wear. Little toys Galatea Straw hats White and speckled. Various qualities. Black Broch Silks Buck br8chesilks. Another shipment to hand this week. Hanii or .-Ign?. Special value 3/11 fancy 151x11 so Silks a acct styles Tell ski Anil mural dared Blouse muslims Ai Over Unis in Wiite fancy ceilings a Mcrand selection nov Lii in lace scarfs the no Windsor silk scarfs in checks Chili Acx and embroidered. Kijack Broche dress Lustres ii -2/2/, nil to 5/6 Yard sicilian alpacas in Black Greys Olive Myrtle Violet and Navy. Boys1 Clothil department. The season s sol blk of our celebrated Austral clothing is now to iia Iid. Cut and finish equal to ordered goods. Little boys slits in new Liapes the Malvern Fol it a great favorite to Lii Hoys of t to 7 years Blouse Saha r slits All sizes from 12/6 upwards tie nok1olk suits in tweeds and genres the Rugby suit Lacket Vest and knit Krill for boys of 10 10 15 years youths Gamut Edge trouser suits in spite. Melange a from 30/ boys and men s Straw hats in great variety. Floor Loui and linoleum department new shipments no showing. All new selected patterns in various qualities. Linoleum. C it. Wide 2 3. 3/0, 4/ 12 it. Idu. In the following prices 12 it. Juare 2731/, v.vu4/ i 12 it. S 15 it., 3 5/9, 3s/l, Al j. A 80/. Floo Clotus. 6 it. Wide 1/11, 2/0. 2/9 12 it. Wide beet de Tinb in following j 12 it. Tuare 31/, 44/ 12 it. S 15 ft., 3s/9, 55/ j 13 it. Ouji a 9s/9. Passa a fax of Clottis. A Large Stock in All widths and qualities. J. Hitler Anderson & a. ? 30 and 22. He duct i73a Lilliput Ian Bazaar. Rundle Street. A be Kobe clearance Sale of baby Lime Milu Hery and All for Akca Gooud at greatly bed ced prices a Allons to Premura. Ilcau note that daring alteration bos Natiq a carried on at 75, Randle Street next to hears. E. My w. Tuckett. Max Dumra. 20.�7 57, Rundle St. Brandon s Beautiful Stock summer goods j 3ntctv opened Brandon s shoe warehouse new shipments ? � i we announce this morning1 farther new. Shipments is . Ophir. Trimmed i Heum re. Stu Tiiu i a r3oord Fob us in Beauty for a Boob. We nut in re intr claim perfection1 in these Nev shipment the prices will Surprise you. The hate themselves will won you. Both Torci Lior will Delight you. To inn run inf the pm jul Sailor Are included in the showing styles Enji Zivaly on own. L a � s i silk i undershirts i7oltabe sure to roof probate our de Light in this , Annex Ostad for Grace Aud Richness a manifold assortment of a Tia. Color and trim Niino. A lice garments specially selected for this season Utada i Chuld a tit b Ith your ready approval. Ladies i umbrellas and sunshades. All silk j3ftft Slyn Shoobs. Of Beautiful Quality Ethelrod Nann a Ifil Tami. Natul Wood and fancy candies elegant and . ? Dainty taffeta sunshade in fairest styles and Colon. Apnoea to. Suit every a rare. Plain and i fancy ribbons. I we have been successful in Benzz Ngram exceptional values in Bibbons. All silk faille Bibb by a fat Are Bema shown at 2jd per Yard. Drawn silk ribbons in All � Shndo-2 at Ltd Yard and in millinery Bibbons offer inde is Fifer. ? in All silk at lord per Yard every Shade. ? ladies new shipments of these simple pretty and gowns have reached us. To Are in a position to offer it Eph tonal values in All kinds from the Ordinary print a Tapper to \ 4/11 to the most elaborately trimmed at fits guineas Gas coca ,. Special lines j special values in dress goods have j reached us. Pitman fancy Black Iiri Bijai pfc Dpi tie boat makers have Arri red sex onic. Ask to see 4 b Faanan finl Bright Lustres almost like silk. Oar figured Lineal Fry Iid is a wonderful bargain and at 5/h the Drees oar value is nneipnirva., Hemn ams j in dress materials. We Don t like remnants. To Are Nilon i it rid of them. Yon Are so Ioos to yet item ? loud Trion makes bargains faster than we can Vinte it Down. A lag Tania Ful will be offered to Day to half a Bike. Ibis a i Bondas s Cashmere Al Lapool Epps summer tweeds 4c., Juko do tit miss an Opportunity like this. Rohan satins. Ail shades. Our Phi Fortis Popup Bill Moji thib s Yard. Ivory Shade can be proceed foam oar Benr a rim. The now silk finished linings in every Dauo aaa same str special Valnes Are also offered in sat teens Tab Nottis Laid mar. Linin is. ? ?.re x new season s laces. laces Abb continue Aliy. Fobs he opened we have also made some Emsa Tirumal inuit i in a these goods. Narrow Laoag for trimming bloat a a snaky Fidati 2-.d per Yard can now be bad for id per Doreo Aad wider one cafe 9d and 1/ Par dozen. We have also placed on oar \ dear Auoe a Tino assortment ranging &oni4 do of id in ii Cha Pai can select from at 2d per Yard., l novelties i is neckwear. I we Abb catering 7blb 4creasing Trar-e.-wetiatosnb�m4 oar Uada / ment to double its former site and it Jmar Nob a tube Mali Judithe City. Oar London buyer bus to keep Many a v to with fresh novelties every week oar lady us i Tomura can always depend on jotting urn vary latest Tyte. ? a v ,. Ladies fabric i and i kid gloves j special. Values it . ? we Cau now offer our lady Castoreo ? a Katsul a life id Glove six Batton at Par pair Taplen fluid Wear i acc a we Bava Aba opened an exceptionally liner int Tif Ahmad newest fabric gloves. A visit of inn motion a foliated ii he prints Ami Cambric. I new printed Pic Joes Wiite a my Doid Siig. French Cambric printed lawns. Organ diff Clam and. Zephyrs biscuit Cream and White muslims and the new is Iceni Are All Ope Nuur up fresh and Ever needed i Haberdashery Unes. I we offer special values lot All w5kiqlbi Dasher y lines. Fresh arrivals incl ovarian threads flourishing throws tapes blocked and in candies. Ask our boxes of assorted Pius ats a Par Box assorted hairpins at 2d is Rex and Linen buttons c idiot Inatio asst Allax a optionally cheap. = ,. A i. ? coat and skirt costumes. coat and Seybt costumes in a a latest styles Are included in the new Ambala. Flain Grey Aii Fatran cloths neatly braided and lined Throux boat with fll�.4i a. Good value at 47/6 each. The fit is Petreo tend quite equal to any nude to order. Brj. Country customers Are requested to write he patterns. We deliver free of Cost to any railway station in the Colony All parcels exceeding Twenty shillings in value. The Colls Eulf 16 and 18, Rundle Street. I drapery and clot log. Unprecedented value millinery Foale s. This hat untrimmed. 111. This hat trim he 2/h. I ser ii & co. shipments of boys & youths clothing. A Large Stock of durable and Csell riot hits to select from. Trousers suits 13/6, is/6, 17 a 19/8 Serce Sailor los a. 6 9, 7/6 2-Caruent suits 4/11, 6/9, 6% 3/6 tend Tuot rated Price Pijl port fat an immense Stock of gents fashionable White Straw hat3 have Filip meets of vats and Caps at lowest i bikes. 16 and 1s,. 10cxl3c drapes pr1ktikoexecuted on tit aborted notice and of Liberal Vertna at the Auve Boisek Job Phi Tinq office. Rofes Sioval and Trade addresses s. Truran lot of Ranee Trapani. Family dispems1nc chemist. Toilet be Quinte resume or. Bruni. Patent Yueai i iii. Herbs Trust Douch Encuna or Kahn. Zorae. Cattle. Poultry and do Bedic Mea. Zrakovi Corn cure Iran s Beau Iber or face 1/ bottle. Forest drugs. Lowest mugs. A Wahob at aet Psar Maor. Forir Wairta. Ulm try Ordan to Liridad. To Teebor a. ? . Remember. Remember the 6th of november Bee to no intr the Trade that i Bare Joat Nee bad x Large shh sekt of the latest novel Testa chinese & English m my a i Jan to Star a ? i Home of which ban never before been on Sal Ala South a Straut. Country Ordener Ampter attended to. 1 lease Send order any and obtain on Sale at wholesale pricks a a Bix be St bet. And Beako Bop a ?25, Mou Finett Street. 577 306 Way Lee & co. ? Icera tubes of flt Crimel Phe modern a ? so Fuick c a Ruthc. Birks Rittuc us Prius or bilious Ness a Hsk us Tow a ? Immitt Noti 4 v or. This St 9 Waxiler on Situm a a jaw h Birks a a. I ? . . My general merchandise. J of Sale hoop Iron Pic Iron screws Sheet Zinc Kaila Kara strychnine Mahx med Iron Mouco ? ? and Feo Cioc wire j barbed re wire Jet Jbv 1 sted drop pen Iron fact Pola j lbasa3o.j Mamik ? is guarantee ? i obit my Tel to f of i Aidif Attr a bearing Thia Trade Mark. A Itose of Dike without it. Itt whoop rheumatic ty1e co. Of Australasia . ? ,. ? 3 Good tithes Grok Ood bbmii.t8. The be a tyres Art Thev being Quick in action. O3jable, . Aele of withstanding plenty of Habo Sung of rough roads. The Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. Of Australasia limit up i. Franiuk St. Adelaide and at me1h�i in. . Brisbane Bod k.2

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