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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1892, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 5, 1892, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Mab Itule Fiona ship Una. If a Hail font boat but the Freob scam to London Ritamar series mar at Albany. Bey Heues. Aden. Bues. Sod pen bid to Lon Doh put Day 6 St i Tusi Oom Mandet Leatea Gelald Taia maa "4sbl. Bollard. . Wed not ? Ammasi b?mci4ss a. Pov Denot . Sat Deo. A Vanuum. A 28g Didier. Mon Jan. 2, of Bakick 41951 f. Fia Chi . Friday March s Pultka Tes l64is l. Bourd monday. April bans or Pansano include wins or aus at Heab re Boob tvs atm Ticora Marseilles to a Cydoi is nud Hen journey 14 hours Only. The company. Tavern rears will a compan through passenger. Paris and Amnon. Luggage Coo toyed fax by Steamer from mane let to Lendo Fra Bush stewards. Itoh am carried. to. Be ?njntroma34ttl�lofi. accommodation one Quillea Wolni my a Labia of Taimre Ino coded in fare. Ituna Are iwo ked to roof to Maybit Itab Union. And South Africa via Sec bees Puse Ogen booked to Bombay. Is Kob Bohr met Branch line from Aden Ojasoo booked though to Bam Genoa Antwan the Kiric him Borg. Bordeaux. And London. Bot Hub. P. & o. N. Co. Under Boyal Hail contract Wili dispatch the follow inn be Unis Tor London Rule t at Albany. Do Lobo. Aden Blu Disi Malta if aral Kar and Plymouth Linamen Jim a Tomman Flet least Hass Uxa i4ntl. C 25.-? St Kuitko link of r Yai. Matl Etta mate. A the following Bora mail steamships be Lan Csaji 10 the Orient and Pacific companies will leave map Home t 12 noon on Tow dates itt Flym Yatfa and London via Albany fwd. Coto ibo. Sues canal a pics am War afar by easier. Ito Aci Oommen data. Date. Fecit in _ 6,63 of. M. Tuke oct. 6 Dosoo _ 8.915 j. F. Andi no oct in Ophir _ 7,000 a. F. A striven of. J of Misti _ 6,077 a. W. Onto boy. 1 dior _ 8,067 e. K. Stain Tau nor. So Otanm _ bps h. G. Darby dec. 14 Dunn _ 0.031 w. E Watt bji3. Dec so Oto Ravi _ 6,fi5 k. Add it Jill 3 Oeub a 658 l Hay Jan 5 " adj Lorenn Antly theft tuft. Saloon pane news allowed to Brek Belr journey. Cabins refer pm on most Liberal passage Moet. Lafoou. �55, �63. And �7a Jowood class _ �waiid�o7. Curd _ two Brito Cabins. �s2 each adult do _ _ Cahens �s0 each adult a Terrace _ _ open be Tbs. �17 is each adult. Third and Steerage rate Lourte i Emit my Slicius. A. I amoo remora to Tinoi at Reda oed rates. Prepaid passages from London. Special fac Iline Are do a med for bringing out fiend a0 relatives by the prepayment of Yates ii 9sjaume Here at above Rase. Itana Eert of. Green & co., and Andeana Ander co., Fenchurch venue London . Fall partionlarao3 Appl Satim to a g. Andeo3on. Branch manant a Gallo ass. Grenfel Treel i. A told Deit Scheb Lusyd. Toti we 1 regular Nodily line of fast Fae Luia Mcneer steamers so sooth a Antwerp and Bremen calling at r Ai Aden Suez port said find Genoa con 9ijnir to mail and is Stengen from port said to Brind Tal Coder mail contract with the Imperial Etie Amert cd be dispatched s Lolina a Ete Amera. R tons Lcou Unander. . a Obi Weichel oct. 1 habs bub 3.0w nov. 9 s. 8? of. Kesler dec 1 Oldenb cog 6.ms Taa Themann Jan. 4 a Branch line to Samoa Aud Strain i leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer Tor them wands. Passage Money from to Bremen from �14 to �60. Great reductions on return Pas sages available Tor six Cine or twelve month every tacit is offered Fox bringing out friends a payment of assuage Mossy bars. Cabin past a say break Thenson Ney. Mean specially arranged to Salt All nations. All Aricer and stewards can Vanjani wits to Blu Ami image. Page Gera and cargo booked he rough to loom and principal to Opean Nufi Katf. And Antrio ports Pawn Gen for Edt Fand Are landed at Southampton. embark at Lars for freight passage and so Ether parti Nolan App to the a it i. H. To Ixko it co and port Adela. A mum 3. _ Raki on steamship compan eb9 u of new zealand. United total mail monthly seb Tob to beat a Ciao the Bough am Exoa. Tea . Mok Owai will leave Sydney Otoo Ersi lot Auckland. Hohol Cluj. And bad feb Amouta Ras Semron booked through of Par Tao -1 ans Rioa and great Britain. Ike hag"""-1" Steamer of the above to wird Lapatches As of rows loading a All Bew if Alai Gow zealand by Oviok. I Waik Bapa via Ai Kitlan -. i october 6. Nom Brobst _ make of via Wellington i october 8. Hirase of Fregni and pastue a Oulu legs suit ear sold Broom cars. Otheim to Sydney Prou Wal e=s9v a3 Lalioo and port ? jt-fc3 a fuse summer tire a Kab Akeeba tons Captain blown win Tram Wallaroo calling at pot Pirie for Sydney and Newcastle 00 wednesday october 5. Taking cargo at through rates Tor All , Zijun it zealand and other ports. 279 Hab bold brothels. A us Balasian Smied steam navigation a. Company. Limited Paw Igros and cargo a oked at through rates for All of Ecksl and and fijian ports also Momme a Ana new hebrides. The Adi i Milf compan s Steamer Ron in conjunction with the above company s Fleet Transki Pichat at Melbourne or Sydney. Cargo also taken by the . Kab Akeeba. Cargo received at any time through Bills of Outing Sod passage 2 skete i am by Hab bold brothels and port. 228.k8u0 a. A Abd Ossam \ waifs. Fleet Wdig r Len Prince wharf port every it its Sass wednesday at spin. In Laor olt Nadav v met b. Fricker. Port j a _ 01 s. Ceres will be iii patched Ai m i pct a is a Luad if see Sig T Beans East every ?"5b3 and Atu Day at b an from stans Burr every monday and Friday at 11 am. To Post Vincent every tuesday at 8.n it atropine same Day. Leaving us to a a. A mess bib. Secret my. A to Estwald line Fob Wra. To Streaky. Fowler Danu Jab denial boys thew irn Alto win sail at noon on wed Anav St lost. For Fri int or passage apply Hab bold brothels 173 to a and port to cd team to Renmark went Worth and Mildura the Ustim Obowa Captain j. Tait win leave Lunay Bridge on Satur Day. October 8. And Morgan october 0. After Ari iral of a enter trains fortnightly trips. Or freight of Paige apply a. H. Landseer can Jer. Grenfell Bleet and Geo. Of Jerguson & co. Ct9.81 port . Conveyances and livery notices. Xelspc3kk 150.1 h. Graves and co., railway and general carriers Cost of House and forwarding agents to All oars of the australian colonies. Goods received for storage. Special attention Given to the collection of Pas so Gros Loe Jage for shipment or otherwise. Having made special arrangements Wito the steam hip companies oar men boart and 6tfam? on arrival at Largs Bay semaphore and port Lor the conveyance of parcels and Luggage to any fart of the a . Head offices9, Cunie by Teeth. Rupon Streec port bus Doe Good Sid North Terrace. I port germ in. 48hortlsnd & sons Sydney. Broadbent Bros. Melbourne. Treleaven & brows. Adelaide port fide and broken hoi. Sig Iago shipping. The steam6hip , will Disna Teh their steamships an under for Melbourne and Sydney Troj i pm a fur a Queen slash port s. 8.8. Inn Amin iia. Suida i oct 8 1215 . 8.8. Adelaide 1 Sai Rudaj oct. 15 j 2.1s per. West australian service. Fat Albarr and fee Mantle. Annahi princ to All Nobi Hubn is. Tenterden 1 tuesday us. no i de til 4 . Irenious Tlajy. South East service. Fob Kingston Robe Beac port and Mac a. F&a3skus. i oct 11 14 .cargo received till 11 am. Western Bays service. Job port Tlustos. Streaky. for if s Bays calling at to Thor Bays when 4.5. Lubba _ i wednesday oct. S 3 . Spencer s Gulf service. Tor Pirt Lincoln. A o to . An i. Frankly haboob calling a Tumby Bay this trip is of ebbs _ i tuesday j oct u1 3 Cairo arc Eimi till 11 m so is a 5wsta. Pirie. Ano Germenis. 1 oct s i 6pjn.cargo received till i pan. John . Secretary. Tola so Corrie Chtaih a. Rutrle Street. Delahe. _ruo.?Art. I Harkeu. & cold few is. Bal wind Ato Ith tit sir is Neu Usis Al rat Frimu Nylk. Gerald ton Cossack Aid to Kijun with cum Ard of in. Stoin port for Abov. Ports. Without Tran skirment on Satur Dat Octor 8, at noon. For f Roar it or Wasuge apply �7i 4 7.0.51 d & j. Fowler. Boots and shoes. T b i 5 l o s shoe warehouse Tolbe closed the spay an a of Broay next 6th and 7th october. Beaten Etc Day evening an Ituna 575-s1 business notices. Firewo ius. Mart chinese r Firewo Tui on hand and to , cd Nese Jui Sand four ufos Nivea be o e seen i at Natalia Way it co., 145, Bindley Street. A rents for Best log Lii and it unit . The Trade Tun Plim. W. L co. Make a Petiny ueral terms to dip of fireworks in any Passof thu Long. And Rill be pleased t. Furni a nun Mia on up Licau n for Mir Dir Plav from to �.vw. Plea e to remember the 5.h of now her and cell at 14."hindley Greet and t dec up Purd with by goods at lowest prices. F s. Alt Omen by pan or Telegram promptly executed fireworks. Fireworks. 579iu?335 p. A. Howells and co is bundle Street Opi a Choin Nasser is. Pet go Mulc. Orcan a radio .60. Bundle Street full Paru Wiilam we prop ecu. Is Aioo Pau mall a boots. Coke. In Large or Small quantities at lowest Currert rate Wil Howard Smith & Bons. Ltd Coal office Korth Parazie. Port ii Mac Vrr anted known brazilian pebbles spectacles. Is 6d per pair. Why pay 12s 16s. Per pair elsewhere. We keep a Pebble tester on the premises and see for yourself. American Novelty shop ass King William Street ifi�iwaccwoxl2bo now on View a Laeve shipment of James Deon & sons and other celebrated makers steeling Silver and Best electroplate. Afternoon Tea sets. Luncheon Obi ets. Sotter plates. Claret jogs. Biscuits jams. Abb a met exact site Assort nit of after soon Teaspoons. A. L. Brunkhorst later. St Kek. 106, bundle Street. Uwe plants seeds jew seeps. Watermelons Seminole Florida favorite Jordan Groy Honarah. Sweet melons sew Earl Hack Mack banana St. Baise. Ford Hook Squash excellent new a Cuble. Tou toys Zaoie a neck i custom Early Chennis duo tear smurf Bampton. Authea Boi 1" p a. E. & w. Hackett seeds men. Ortr Seymen a. 73, . Adelaide. Bss4s Money. Monetto lend at lowest current . W. Bullock & co., Franklin Street. 176178ain to i go to Bustard other Mones to lend touuir1 Low iut Erot Small or Large a tined to build bargain Hoose Vaia. Ken Parkside near Oral �320 Worta �460. eight a Rea Corner Block to tame f r Tir tens. Robeap. Also w Kirkman s mock by Rex. Wanted Boule l to or in Good coi ulry Parkside and , Rona end Othriee. B. Tabrett & co., Weymouth Trett. Telephone 61 so ioa39 Londo loan discount and mortgage Bank. Pirie Street opposite Union Bank the Bank is now prepared to make Advance a on fre Hoij securities on exc option by favourable terms at c per cent per Annm Rapij Able a per our tables which ran be obtained on application at the bant. Thi War intakes calmed Are no commission. No Survey fees but the rate of interest. per cent per is included in 1 he repayments. Advances made Witton delay. Aad Kep men s of Loans to extend Over any number of Sears Eui Cable to the borrowers. Advances Are also made on Persona Security Bills of Sale. Depot of deed and bonded Certia Cates from �5 to �5.000. At very moderate Bates of interest by weekly monthly or Quad try inet Ulmanis. Advances hade on shares. Bills discounted daily. For farther information apply to the manager. Bank hours9 to s daily. Mondays and thursdays to 6. It Otic Monet to lend at lowest & Letchford. Land and loan agents King William Street blame Oil Piaf pc v lend on first class frees i 4ultr bold Security at from e per cent., in to suit borrowers. Also on shares broken Hili mines it in Weet Teret trans feb leases mortgages. Wills and other documents under the real property act prep red Bents col teed. House property let or sold selectors Surrey Derick Nader the sew acs Impre rented. H. Kings Borough. Licensed l cd broker estate agent Lui Oao Unity chamber curries Reet . Oan and discount Bass a a to �1.000. Cash advances from any mount to trades Hen Home Oldsby. Of others on per Sonal be cubits Bills of balk scrip of All kind or any available As homies repayable by the week or month. Bills discounted daily. rep a Moat contain stamp 6. Saunders. Manager 85910 be Haic Haj Ben. Kiwi to shipping. J a phys Howard of tilth line. New service. Further bed Mcdon of passenger fares. Fore Saloon. A Tarn. Cabin. To Melbourne _�1 10 0 �2 10 0 16 0 Sydney _ 3 0 0 800 160 freights at lowest bastes. Without transhipment to Brisbane. For Mel Buebke Aud Bri Bukh Maryborough Rockhampton is Mono Owera. A Okay tuesday. October 11 12.16 . Geraldton is 4abrabool, Cairns tuesday. October 18. Port Douglas 12,16 . Cooktown j Turits Day is a. Normanton i by Kirktown j i Fob Robts Piru. Hermein and Augusta. . Kon Zowarka i wednesday i oct. 5 i noon the cheapest mod Man convenient route to broken Biu. 6?Foon return. Fore Caun. To Pirle _ �1 0 �1 16 o no. Augusta �1 10 0 �2 10 0 �10 0 from Smith and Cave s wharf. Of 10 Oil. 1 the inclusive in the stove Danied Syndicate ban be made a the i in Cire him ii. P jul Atif revise ered office Ware chamber. No 112. Kins wih metre to . On wednesday the i2ui Day of october is j2 w. L. Ware Mana rvs. Adelaide. October 4. 1592. 279 i h Mimnau company limited. In liquidation. Notice is herein Given Mia the liquid tora will afar Asigbey ully oin. Ren k i i All to Mem of shares Aro Romm by Norfi in Ken on or if lore of Caber la. None scrip will the Assn a but a in of a e Lra ree of so tres -4 ? lore id Between the let sept Mer an froth on a i in it of he of ironed new company As Sheti Aldei in a Romlne a in the above company. Of w a Tab c v. The a a metered office of be ?, Gilbert puce Adri aide on wednesday he 12 h Day of Owh a via. A. H. Scarfe. Gs-9 Legal manager. Queen Bex i Nike com Amy no liability. Notice in hereby Pren him ? second Callol flite Pett per Bara upon All Bie in the bore co i Pany ban bran made i the directors thereof payable at a Segic tired office of the Knop any at Ett Dundt on u cd Needa. Octoba r it 1692. Potted 4lh october 1892. S3 Foster. Manager. La Wjk comp aka of South Al Australia. Umit Iid. The Twenty third did bad no Pavatte. 878-2 he Sparks manager. Fahe Brilliant ext mini Gold i mtg x. Company. No liability. Notice is Here fax Tutiven that an eleventh c 4ll of Tansu Runci per share on a l font hating shares on Berot 25.001 to 7a.o w inc Urive i in and pay Able t the Lianas re at the serrated office of the company no in and 19, Ware a Baviben. Kroc Adena Fror on or b twelfth Day of october. 1592. All Sac upon Whigob the Call remain unpaid 00 in v Date will be Liae to forfeiture. All country Chr Nea most Hare Exchange added. Leo. Searcy in Eer. Adelaide. October 4.1892. St9-s1 Tuk broken Hill Junction North l Silver Minikon to Famy. Lauteo. Notice is hereby Given that All shares is he alive taxied copt by in de Altof the ninth Call of Enrit Spence per Bhare. Due on test Lufa Day at May is i Are liable to be Fob Tieu. Unites Euon Call is paid. Toge kit certificates. 279,86 of Asch Jistel fib Assurance comi any. I hereby Gie notice that the office of the Afner company in now at Imperial Chambers. King Willuam Street and that Darine my a Leoce from or. Cimias a. Oldham will acs for me and on or behalf. Walter d. Bred. General a cent for s. A. 6, Mutual Chambers october 1,1592 it be under signed Here v nut App cation 10 rib Istatt the High am Iron St be flux company a a to 1-%eiuty company under the Peoria ions of the mining companies act. 2. The came of que company a to in the Hicham Ironstone flux company to 2. The place of operations is unon sect 3ns to. 410 and 422, h n undred of Noa Ilunga in the province of South Australia. 3. The kept szered Lotfi of the company kill be i tuned at the Royal Exchange him 4. The number of harm in the company is 6,000 often Rhill i a each. The Wybou of which Are to be issued pain up to two shillings each. 5. The number of shares us Heribert for is 6.000. 6. The name of the manager is George Sydney Aldo def. Dated this 29th Day of september. 1e92 Geo. Al Ridob uan acer. Witness to signature auras to Cavies solicitor . I George Shoket Alde Idoe of King William Street share broker do sol enily and once Rolf declare that 1. I am the manager of the said intended com 2. The abort statement is to the Best of my belief and knowledge True in every particular and i make this a Damn declaration con scion Tinsly belie inc the same to be the. Geo. 8. Alridge. Taken before me at this 29t0 Day of september 1692ebsest 6iekm n. A Justice of the peace for the Privince of South aant Ralia. 879 general merchandise. Pm us Abd so Abbiati. Fool pasta steel standards Bate Steve Maacks steel droppers strychnine Bra ban wire a trained Gudzune potato bags steel were Kero Alne floor bags Iron win Oak saves Ore bags galvanized win flooring sewing twine barbed wire deals galvanized Iron wire netting shelving Nutron Pfel Ron american doors Black Sheet Iron hoop Iron flatter Sheet Lead eng Ashcake . Ous Sheet Zano Hematite faint Oatmeal axes a Sod. S., indents of All cd saws of Maunula Clinies executed a Jowett texan in sol put of the world. Be oboe wills a do. Ottenga thu Bart Oato sent Elute. Drapery and clothing James Marshall and co., 24, so 28. 30, bundle Street. Adelaide Stephens place furniture warehouses Ash so. Jewon Crescent London. Dress department. Special Sale. We have to Dat thrown out a it pieces one hts Nabed and Twenty Esten pieces double Width dress material to be sold on wednesday oct. 5, at the following reices 21 pieces usual value is to is 6d per Yard for i / 68 piece usual value is us to � us per 1 to 3-Arfl, for la 40 pie ens. Usual value 2s us to m Al per 1 1c Yard for a u a James Marshall and co. Dressmaking. Having a Iet opened a in airing ent assortment of uie very be Esi a term Wum for Itie Sampier Sepon tiz., Crepon Silks a Lurkins Grcina Rivies tweeds. Serves Fri lines. Delaine. Stamu Ombres in. A a in Alltha Law lira a bad we b g to re Niue the ladies of Adaile Aid oar matrons Duerally Itiat our h Addre Nia Keis him Mckenzie not Mio Kea to Arp admittedly the Premier mediates to South Australia a sister by Elff no Trarica a or Kettl. a rat Dass tit con bind with Tai Patch us m 3 y l l 4 boy Tweed Sailor suits in fancy Check and striped Brown fans and Grey. 5s lid. 69 us to said 9s 6d. A of 13s 6d 166d. 17ed.20s Melanz Sador Tweed Knickr soil Ottys brow of Grabt Fawzid 10 and i2a 6d, ibs 17e 6a, iss 2u.23r.26s Bunyk Blae Sitro Sailor kicker suits Good Etrone Sege tar dec bowl Wear. 3a de 4s 9a, 6 Ltd 6a 3d. 7s 64 boys bin Serge Sailor Knicker Saint. In Nunn and twill Serge 9 cd. Used life i6a6d, lsesd.2ls, boys Fane melange Sailor Knicker suits in open or closed fronts in All the latest patterns and styles iss 17s 6d, 18, 21s. 93 m 3th, 23? to White flannel Kniker . In Plain Orver a aug t rimmed. 7s 6d, 9s cd. Us 6d, 13a 6d. Luis. 17s 6d, s k 2& so. 253 Bork us Xmas o by in White Sere Blae Serg China silk Bengal silk and fancy swiped bilk 704.6s Ilyf 10acd, l&6d, jss6d, used. Underclothing department. Oon dozen ladies summer Cotton ribbed Sou in Debesis a splendid line and each a n dozen ladies summer washing print4" skirts a a each 1 cd boys summer washing tonics Whitelow Drill Fri tuned Bry and Cardinal Al t each .4/1.1 7, dozen ladies White Merino us debt u vests. High Lve Oksana Short Hie for 1 1 each a 7q dozen ladies Urey and Brown corsets Allaizer Maple Didline. Vijh each m dozen ladies White Huaxin aprons. Check and pain for go each. White Muslin department. White Nain Sook Josuns from 0/11 per dozen Beautiful White Chimp muslims Hie Correct thing for blouses and Deeee Fanon White and a beam my sucks hundreds of near patterns from 1/11 per dozen and up wards Lili. White Nain Sook Musl Ujj. Specially Ina our lured for ladies underwear. Household linens. Cream and Brown Hollands 3s lid 4s 6d, cd 6d, 6 40-Uwh Hollands for dresses White diapers t cd few. Is. Is so is 6d table damask 7ii, fold la 3d. I 61. U lid table napkins la us 2s us 3s 6d, and of to 60s Orozco Beok Guss cloth 2s 60, 3s us 4a us 6s 6d dozen Torkian Bouer towelling. 6 4. Bid 10w Wtipil Lutkeh cloth All widths irom is 3d. Boot department. Ladies Morocco shoes from r Etty Sho for girl. The three fancy leather straps and aug a Start of 7s 9d Tea Best sort tin the City of ladies Glade shoe with and without Patent from 8 9d toe French shoe evening Heel from stud la lies Morocco boots eds from Fie us Ladin eid boots 8.5 from 7ud ladies Stout leather boots from 4s us men s by Zachere from stud. Hat department. Children s speckled Straw Sailor hats Broad brims Tail ends cd each boys speckled Straw school hats cd each Model school Caps. Go each Baril leather satchels. Long straps vary Branc 91 Bau Roath Straw Hata. La 8d " Terai hate Broad brim with up geared 4s 6d Basil rather Pon Manteau is 6d, 6s7s of gents White Bockshin Glores to Clear 3a 6d pair boys and girls Tweed Caps 6d each. Shirts. Gents washing pm Dot Debby Slabis Gid. Each gents fancy silk bows Fob summer and. Each gents silk Debby scarfs go each Meisne Brown Cotton half hosed pair men s coloured Merino Hall Hose. 4m pair men s Strong flannel a k ass hos Dos. L mouse of drapery and clothing. Charles Birks & co s dress department. Special notice. On and after wednesday october 5, we Ball show to our Wii Daws a Dpi ended parcel of All Wool double Width French dress materials indu Dinc the finest in Sereg in dress tweeds in the newest Efa Adra of Cole Rioja Tot Eammer Wear Dree Superb Cood form part of an extensive pure tee from a urge Melbourne warehouse and were imported for the Rev Best Collins Street Trade. The Purchase has been made on such tetons As to enable us to sell the goods at a Bouc half their genuine value which we intend Tod Beli Erinc that really cheap Roods Are always a beat possible advertisement ten we in unit to be the Case in the past Winter cd pm need not do More in order to comte Enid the goofy now offt red to Jour favourable notice than recall to Jour remembrance t a mar Renous value of the a Elbourne dress tweeds or Faith formed such a Cui King feature of our Winter Trade. The Liean lol emd now offered although Oon Stine of lilt Teg distinct qualities we Tobe old at one of Nizami Price Viz Oke us gluing and shape acc per Yard. A Wool Cable Width French dress materials a for Jug Par Yard. 3/6. For a per Yard. 3/11, for a a per 3rd, a single Ftp sense at out Wio Donti win Reader any further erste wit superfluous. The goods speak for Tut a solves. Charles Birks & co s great dress warehouse de Nylk Street. St so Hall & Savage. Diapers and Tail its. 105, . Adelaide. . We Bare Jast Coji Frua a editions to our promises to enable us to cry on and Bave secured the Terri yes of u uhf Sec Ion of the following new goods Melba Blouse Jin a White and Silvia Blouse Stpe Tauy a elected Gau Wilex Blouse a Pat Terra. Eton jackets in obeah Seboe ecos jackets in Natt Seege Exon a Oeleis in Blok Serge Watteau jackets in an Fie leading shapes and material. White pique waisxcoa3b, Colo eed silk want coat Fanoy silk a so boats. Ladies will do Well to inspect this shipment As the above lines comprise some of the prettiest goods shown this season. H. J. Bailey & co. 275.7.9 Hunt Corry & co. We Ore Nourr stowing a full assortment of Spring end trimmer drapery in All departments my note submit our new a la burst. Dress and print det abutments. Kew flaked striped dries Homespun 4s lid Fla lid doll Doz. Unite ores castanet id flj6ddoz. Hew Wool Del Timex spot and flowered is 09. Isis Doz. White Kiiu oof Shiulin. Is 9d, 4s 9d, sad 6s 3d Doz Art my jew. Be Patteri u lid 2b lid 3a lid up Sotl a Kew Uprinia f Quality Light and dark grounds. Is 6d Doz Kew Navy group i White spot prints is 3d. Is of found value in Black gub Meres. Is is 6d. Is of is Holland. Calico. And sheeting Cep ointments Cream Hollands so 6 j 9d, is 9a. 10s m Doz. White Calico 2s lid. 8 lid 4s ,6a lids lid Doz. While table i mask 18, la by 1b 114, a lid. 3 lid hew 2s lid 3s lid 4 lid la lid 6s us clothing and be Ceby departments. Hen s suits new Good. J Fis a. Id 3d, 26? and. 3d men s g l Merino sox 4li, a 9m. Is ten Wor Kiok shirts la de u lid 2s us 8s us 4s Menifi to sen goods i 6 do of la. La6d. Is us. Glove and hosiery departments. 4-Bnttmi kid clone. Def 9s us. Saud Lyrl a in. Tau a Black taffeta Glove. 9id. Is. Is 8d 18-in. Pur 91k gloves. Is 6d, is us. 2s 9d pair ladies stripes by. Ige finished base. 6 to old. Is ladies Cash More huge in. La re is l 69d.2s9d.ssm.4bhd. Silly Chil Frt a t us rain and us debts and bonnets 3s 9d ss6d,ts9oi9d Gente silk handkerchief of is 91, to lid 38 lid 4s lid. 6 u \ g. In. Mantle Ako Milc Netty departments. Lures new Max Jackera 8 lid is of 10s9d ladies new of Timian silk Marlies 9d. Ass 3d. 4ss lady print b ouse jackets i 6d. Is 9d, ?. 94, is 9d ladies shirt blouses 2a lid 38 lid 4 lid 5s us in mounted Borea from is 61 per Doz. Flowers. Of Onset. Umbrella a d under clothing depakt9ients. Kew corsets is us. 2a us. 3 us. 4s us. Is lid umbrellas la9d,zs9d,s?9i ,4ssd, as9d.ce 3d. Ribbon and lace department. Hew seek Kibbons. A 3jd, 4w. J Aid 2-in. Satin Sibbio Vaud ask Lor 3d Yard White embroidery. If us. 2? in. 3d by. 4s by. 6a6d sen p4tten? to laces. 2ji, us 6 1.91 is. Babes Dashev and Buu Iino department. Pearl dress buttons via. 4 cd end 9jd. Is Doz. Coord machine Cotton 2uo jaws be lid Doz. Do Black 9v Doz. 8t Lacee. Sid. 3jd. 4m, 6jd fancy and stationery departments. Swiss leather belts 910, 1b 3d. La 6d � Loire notepaper cd. Bad 1b Parl Eti her cattle and court Hape envelopes 4 a 6jd, old is per 100 Bis a Csc lamps. Kew goods 2s 9d each Tui Ubl re 2 6er Yard Fai by Drew we a it ii is per Yard 4? in. Fancy dress material Vij and bonnets in variety ranging from is upwards Liberty silk hats a a ,4b lid 54 lid 6s lid. 7a us. Tailoring department. Gents Tweed Sac suits to measure 47s 6d, 655, 635, 7a6rt, 7 ,76e got due Serge Sac suits to measure. 60s. Is outs Berlin Dac suits found to measure. 70s, 75s Genta a lunge Sac suitto measure bit 6d men a youth Sand boys clothing department. Hen s teed soil. Us 9d, 16a 9d, 19s 9d, 31s 6d men s ? and v est 9s us 10a 6j, 12s 13593 men pc Serge Suiro 2 is of youth the suit if 6d, 17s 6d, 199d, 33. D boy Tweed Haxe. I9 6d, its 6d. 16s -8 it Lack Ann Woite Straw hat. 91 new flatted Loci and White Straw eats is 6j, la uid.zs6j.3d6l Boot department. Ladie Levant Oxford shoes. 4 6d. 6s 6d. S3 us ladies Levant is. 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Eeward,box3lb,g.. 7?m lost saturday night Between Basoo Street Hin Matah. And Peacoc Avenne West to Barton. Gold brooch. Finder to Hubly re warded. Aptly Janus Fagot Street. West the Timon. 379 Ost on september 28. In Adri aide. I 1 5-Dollarooin. Finder rewarded Ato. Sob Nataa jell a. Port and guide. 277-9 Ost on Arth Road fou Riak Sof a Corban to?uship9. Beaud on returning game to a Rock. Photographer. Inn be treet. 279 Ost. Black Oeky Boond log White breast branded h on neck of strict 48 Reward a Juer or be ended a. Hag kill. Goodwood. 278 Ost or stolen Bay House from Oval Plant i Uon off Hind loot unite no Brand viable. Be Ward apply w. Blight. Bindman 2774 Ost on thursday. Gold brooch Ruby in Centre. Finder rewarded at Ltd office. Port . 278-80 Ost. Do Bella Ivory dog s Hama handle in botanical gardens. Apply g. A. Wall mum Baiei Cha Mbeni . Z2784 be Pound bev7abd.left in port train wednesday lady a bag. Conf ism Rizig Money Kry two pones &.shepban� . Wood ride. 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