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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 4, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ? shipping. ? Orient line. She wowing 6teamshjrs, under Royal mail Cost it will leave Adelaide Largs bar at 1 a jail co the undermentioned dates ply i tooth and to Dos via Albany. Colombo for ail Indian arts. Suez canal. A Jipsey it Offles. And Gibraltar ? to Masaru i6.2s7ia. Mcwatt oct. 5 our 16,257 a. E. Levin Jon. Oct 13 thib silo to. A. Scr Sliwi i Lov. 2 Obb a. Fes57hjndsay Hay ? i not 16 and fortnightly thereafter. Twin screw. Sauk id ims Dos single cs5 to ? a Begum. �5 to �110. Third Dan. �15 15/. �17 it and �16 is. A Sincle. Tus. Betarn-�33 to �15. Western aiferit.4l.ia. Saloon jul 10/ to �0 third �2 10,. A Imu i Tir nil Urt re. and A. Bed by tickets first Saloon Betrea . Fob Tsi Are now Davao Wolc in Etnan by p. And o. Steamers Bavins mom. Yujia Haces f. Cbee3t & co. And Alder Oil a Debroh. A co., Fenc Narch a Noe. Ifs Aoa . Tau Parttic nuns on abdication to a . Uranyl i Manar. Etc ?. ? is. Oren full Street. The Tolar. Toa1vs fur Page heirs air Al i 91 jobs to the . Orizaba trill leave St aids for toe set end of i Nurs vier at 111.32 a stand th3 . On Tulett slav 5th most. Be it Lann Cli for the Shore ill leave lie Somuba at 1 pm to connect with a Aal to of Hych will leave tie sea end o urps pier at sags p. & o. .I.I.Viiu cat ifs Roll fist under on mail contract will of Date.I.I. Tol jaw a steamers caning at Albany Colombo. . Gibraltar and Plymouth with Elbert a 1ft Call at Brincat. ? it Fly 1 1 ns.1 commands. Leave. Jomir. So /. it 12souuxi a u. L. Coan oel i a Asnik h. Crawford so a Itaskia -b2� f. H. Seymour nor. S a Jpn. Fanija ?. Letcho t. To it pm l for Briod Jii tray arts at port said. 5\ti_ Potice to pass embers. ?-.jatenl a Nichiow to jew of it toss arced. Flip accommodation in full acc Tim Al gee old saloons m Nosk Pasaro. Kew my Tan grape. Cd can be Junn cd Here. Wmbbjljlowed70-Kalt their Jon my at 4�3kim5ttatin.li. Oittis. Japan to. Of to. Ri4fs8ce a 8 & a a to Teuton tondarcil0 it. Ijjs5kfclsnie5sbl. And a parti Calais a be Kef 3w. Pc forwarded an . ? quoted Aetna. I a 8-a of Stet haritikei1 in w to i to tort oct 7 tmajbb�mb8.�00todtobnbat, India. 65. A by it wow. Jet com tickets at Fie a�b0�. on Board. Tor ssa5wbnairirdauibnroa, eolsrebkfeskc�ftade3 wik i Intaj Iffla ,v5 a Imp tial mail Stea Heus at tins company will be Dis Pitchai has Arno errand Rwy Larry Sig of a to plos astr exp and a i Astle Colombo Aden. a Twat Cronander. Pts and. By Fulst in Iosa. Venemann oct. U 1&w&&bpbb0ld s3n. Talter nor. S3 my. 553h. By Cater dec 3 , mat.I.I. to land i to lond a cake co. Of if Iaac ? Adelaide and port and Eulic. Armday Island port Darc win Hon Kong China. Cobea. Saa Tatios co limited. I,1 Floc Chintu ii. Naes commander will leave sync by on of. �1ober-l? far above Yoste. ? Ceca catch her Mill be forwarded free0p, per Waro Osga on saturday. 7th but. In mrs us of lading being Given for Lute Bec Cit. Of Fik Treft Dit cup no Appl. --.?-?. Lorue mine. & Cozub City Lipsou erect port. Whits line steamers ?.?. A in of turd tau6tnmenanai-Pomlod Kijuc a town. And London u as2?iia. . U set Fingal it sl7tontotobowa Wim Kotti Ifaf Oah Ebarra i brute Hoof cd a Aito to 1v St co. I of of for Hber Wool sales. 3lpu by a Loh Doh and co i . Yopack ? Stona. Captain 3 barter. A a Abri twin from Ocean Steamer wharf. Port canal a above about St october. Geouge wills & co. Adelaide and port Adelaide. Sbsiu will s Theo falling ships. Atoka Adelaide to lox Dox Diket. ?3teclttaiowa 100 Al Iron barque Myrtle Holme ?15 ton. Captain w. Cobb h sow a mag at Ocean Teames wharf. Post Adelaide and win have a comp dispatch Folio Sidni of direct. Ceorge wills & co. By. ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. Nipros Yusen Laisha. To Manila Hock Kong and Japan vul so Dey. Bb1sbake. And Townsville ?. Will Leavie Annew ? i Conr i Mel 1 Kuae of Steamer. Mander. I Ordner. Kasica Kan Baswel sep. So i sep. V Rotam map ,. Huncoat i oct. 18 oct. A. Beae steamers have most Superior Accomma a 1 Una for paid Mui in All Caus. And Are it Tel Tylli the Moat recent improvement Adi i 1 T a to freight and passage from Udo wraith. Uceaohaiu.-. & co. Pbop.,. A dote. A gets. 51. Crenfall Strtt. Lt9aaic. Vai c5outh East posts. For ji3 kd9gstok and Beac port �z9f Cyc Stet. Wednesday. October 4. A j. Bice & co. Adelaide and Kingston a. Pc e. Lemes sublet. Port Adelaide. A Joet Wakefield s5h1ppixc com&3fc� Pant. Fob port Wakefie 3e& Annie Watt sails wednesday us 4hikr hi., at & run. A. & e. 1�mks Shier. Port Adelaide. ? s7g-7 1rowe . Cakes will be dispatched Grok. J As under to tax Bury Virv 9bf�thlirsday and Turda. At Josh .., from stars Burn every mox Dat. Leavine 10.u and thursday Leav he 3 Fum. To port Vincent Ever tues 1ut at slain. From poet v1xcext Ivory wednesday Ravine 10 . Tac ? a. Lemessurier. Secretary. A dec nah use. Post Field. A a Malcolm. Oct. 4. Flobeck Mai oct. T. ? ?. ? r. Fr1cker. Port. to Eccl a Obeba. Eyre s v Al i Patch. Israelite. Point3bkk Malcolm and Espelt Axce tic Schooner Grace Darling vow be ready to receive carps on , St is Tant at Prince a wharf. Hesby w. Thompson & co. \ sva agents fun Adelaide ? shipping. ? the Adelaide steamship Compaq limited will dispatch Stepmom from port Adelaide As under circumstances permitting ? for Almasy and f a Shakti is. Fob Perth be Baltok All Abtil wll . Aki exp Ebasco. On to Xou ii Dills of Fradino. Wol Lowra ? i Friday on. 13 3 . Calls Vass and Liu Bur for a Elbor a and sy0set, Lana us a l.s-. For Queens land Ponxs. Mai Juo i Friday oct. 13 l 3 . Feveck Ceaph 4,1 of . Fok 1-Ort Linchia Moonta Wallar to and 1i1amujn iia Lucr. Ferret ? j tuesday o a. 10 3 . Ponta pih1e, be Tours and Auuusta. Wit i pasese and Circo. j Saui Day i of u 7 4 pm. Pitt to Sabkey Abed Kew Castle. Labanca ? i Swir Daj i oct. V cargo Moat be delivered alongside steamers two hours prior to advertised Lime on Day of Aii inf. Paa Engen ticket named by this company Are with of the a link. Co. Between All ports. For All information apply to the Adelaide steal ship co., Ltd. Carrie Street Adelaide and commercial wharf port Adelaide. Inc West Australia. The Adelaide steaj131ip company lu1ited. Use acute autian un1tud steam kav1ca 1j25.c Ltd. Joint port Auer.I.I.to Aio Aii and Fremantle Perth. Gerald Lon. . Ports Sahinen at under bulk a ? ifc1dav. Oct. La 1xohua ? Friday oct. 13. Ivan Tonga ? Friday Otu 20. A Julio ? Friday oct. I7. Panase Nicketa Antjuan Riib Ewt trat accommodation for notes of Frei lit and Paa Sace Moner for full particulars apply the Adelaide steal ship company Ltd Adelaide and port b. W. Macdonald. The . Coy. U6l, Corrie Street ail Clavite. And Queen a wharf port. ? ? we . Go., id. Xue favorite passenger steamers of above line will a � to be do patched a Sih Capott a bulimia Friday october Otti Bommar 1 by Debs. Hon Tuul. Pkg Josd sad Auono Jan feral Nurul Porta. J wab00nga, Saiu Dat october 7. At 1 . Cargo received Day at Queen a wharf no to on All tickets Intengan Seable after the scat port with the Steamer of the Adelaide steamship com Pany limited. ? for and of Refema apply to b w. assent. V u. L Ujiie direct Adelaide ? . Queen s Wii Ltd. Fort. Barquett Tebele from Are resumed to is 1kiks at ones. Birls lading must be inc. Centi a. And beit Yiirs paid at our port office before deliver -. No Caius null be if now cd no unless damage Lus been pointed out on Landing and Ilic strip nil not in Rispon Ilc for Abar artion of spirits other bonded Rood i capt from us Kan oin cd out on the wharf in and order and examined in tie presence of the Caplin. All goods impeding dist Luroff will be in did Aad . Cons Mec o. Risk Send a Pease. Tpt4iiwcblcaebteb will Sot. Be Cestos is Buytor any Uelk contracted by the without nos written authority. I s76-7. T. Tie Ohge wills &. Co. Conveyance and livery notices. Telephone Adelaide Iso tort Adelaide 77. H. Graves & co., railway and general carriers. Customs us Csc and forwarding agents to All parts of the aus italian colonies. Hoods received for to race furniture of ill run Bvrd. Firms earned a Day wot. Month year with horses.I.I. ices and drives. Special attention riven to the collection of passengers Luggage for shipment otherwise. Having made arrangements with the companies on men Board Ull steamers on arrival at Lares Bay port Adelaide for the collection and delivery of parcels and Lucyga a to any part of the Colony. Head office. 30. Currie Street and Divett Street 1ort Adelaide. If Ciuc missing friends. Under this Beadie if pre Saidt. Is Wyrla. Ona insertion la three Naert Loiis. Is. M. If this so would meet the Eye of Willia Sawers. Who Ramc put in Lue ship la Tay to Melbourne in 1s91. an the who can give any information about . Will in thankfully received by d. Graham. Morris Street it Odaly. Colonial papers please copy. I27ti-s drapery and clothing. The old adage one Mao s loss another s gain. Wilson b7ice,& co. Wisla to Call Cay one s attention to an instance of thu tort Sluti will inc Rufet All ibo i ave boys to clothe. A. Big loss � St be hade. The pain will in yours if Vuu Are a Huvers and Tutt loss will i ave to be i add Todd Liy the Lium Laturco. Al o Liy a mistake Lun double Tiangco Jur St son s Dorp Lor nov and youths clothing in other words Scal us double the Jua Tity we should live bad. We Buve no Toltin Uliver it Host be Giuld Sec have do tidal to Oscr the whole Stock at an Cnoc pious Disei Una off res lir prices nol v join Tankink tiie tact that the Roods wore in voiced before Tiv f5 Chr com. Advance in Wool. So you will ret a term i uis ii to Date stuck at commencement of attic season at much Leas than the Ordinary Sale prices there Are several hundreds of boys Sailor suits mule can. Clifford. A Nolk and Kubr uits from a Low Quality up to some of the choicest buit Ever ii Nauru d to the Radcli Iida Lark to to to acct irom. Don t miss this . It is Bona fide.I.I.a list o Vius and prices on application to Wilson brige & co. Shierl1w & co. shipments of boys & youths clothing. A Laree Stock a durable and Useldi clothing to select Frau. Trousers suits 13/6, 15/6, 17. 19/6 Serce Sailor la 6vu. 63, 6 2-Carment suits 11, 3, 6 9, 6 Send non tinted Price Jib Fostre i an immense Stock of gents fashion Able White Straw hats new shipments of hats and cabs Al lowest prices. 16 and 18,Hindley St. If Ciuc ? shipping. ? tee Howard Smith line. Leave Howard Smith s wharf As Tollow circumstances pen Nittine f .gabo. 5bmr. Tuesday. October 14 Fate Mantle Fassen Carso v. And sunk. Melboorne sent nov newscast us ski Bakx Gladstone Bochau poit Laclav Boht towns ilk ca1bmb Polit so oguu5�.& Bra. Thurs Quay. October i at Sam. Ca Coonly. Joe above posts Oboh fort .I.I.. Bov Ekic to Day. October 9. Cargo most be delivered alongside steamers not less than one hour before advertised time of sail ing. Return tickets Are with the steamers of messes. Ltd Dat. Pay re. & co. And . Lice chars. And co. In. Howard Smith & sons so Bret Ltd. Il3, King wiil Iaia Street add Ianc and North Parade. Port Adelaide. Be Mcilwraith Mceacharn co. Sen Start. Unasa. Will dispatch the Folb Rinc a veneer team cry a .I.I. in a Aruba tar f . Ubau Nixb i monday october 10, for Fez to Kauv sub Altton. And All . Of cats in Throns in of a Audij. Note. Return tickets Are interchangeable Man to Tessa. Howard Smith sons and in Darc. Far scr 4 co s mers. W. E. Cave & co., Grenfell treet. Adeside j. Raw incs & son. Port Adelaide. Sec Huddart Parker & go. Ill cruet a. I utes ii Dib Ralrh irom port in Hurt 1 monday. October 2s, face Mantlepranab Ftping for enl Don. Til Ruusu Alulu of lads to to peul return tickets with my wraith use Aubara 1c co. Proprietary limited and Howard Smith & sons proper Ierard. . It j. To web Uku Jed. Vacenta 60e tin Simc and l Ort adkla1oe. West Australia. Joint weekly vestice. For the convener be of shippers and Paese Gers the in designed have area ced to bd3 thu following steamers at regular intervals Kab. Gabo. \ tue stat oct. 10. . Coo Luarde. I 11okday. Oct. Us Angi Ajkan. F a Okay oct. 23. Salgo Bubilonda. Oct. 3u and regularly every monday thereafter. Lowest fares and freights. Return tickets . ? Vic. Howard Smith it sons Popy. Ltd. Mcilwraith. Itce Acharn. It co. ., Ltd. Judd Abs. Parker it co. Proxy. Ltd. Use drapery my olo Taing. Cheap fists mu8lis, and dress goods. This morning Wilson brige and company will offer Fob Sale 100 pieces of Navy to bound prints. Riith Flowers spots stripes to Price 11 and per dozen Yard so pieces Witk dress and Pinafore i s uns Pic a 11. .1 11. And 411 per dozen a pieces primed Bush is Lawas All pretty Ruit Tiiu Aud fast olo Prico 7d Yard. These make Luvly curl Blo Sci and urls pcs for the hoi a rather 400 pieces of i1o\xk.s Rill its Light grounds. One piece to each pattern to Kurp them a elect Priit keen. 4 -i1 Trio Dunn vans iioyles1 a kits in Endiso and China Blue Proi lids Rii a 5 11 Tho dozen Wardd 1iuy1.ks in a ulnar cambh1cs, Cibl color Ivar a Autch Price d us Jard primed sati jus in Xavy and Black Gratin of Iri old the Yard every Bokiy know Homs prints and Liat Alliry Asli Ai d Uriu thu in Ori Frizal patterns Afu a the in Nilion. By t everybody won t sit to retail Luisiii to you at these cheap priced. Bit hold hard it s a lox bb1ce, & compact. The i Hijab drap13es. Yoi Are slim. Ii with and Thomas i Moyies & sons Calico printers Manchester. England who specially them Lor you. Jod know ill say Vou i la buy. T1. Mckei Xai Sook my s Lxi arc in i and Sei Joe Bat cars. We hive Ilion in a different paid is in pcs lnjd., 1 1.3. And 1,6 the Yard. Track in tie dress Section is advancing at a .I.I. time rate. Wilson Bra e. Of Paw s 11re.s. Siux la St a Little but Tek Tolian other Peoples for Liis reason we arc a Littie More particular in Cec ins our Stork us at nothing but boo a our mate tins cry care Foh -. Sparing neither time nov pairs in Fattini mrs. mis shopper the most material trom the Llo inc Ark is an article not Only for but for Sterling wearing i Ual.I.I.. Hence Olk progres5. Wilson brige & Coy have been tested Ard found reliable by hundreds of ladies for pretty dress materials and trip most Cik Nur aping part of the wliok1 a Lant Emont. Ladies my Only Admire. Bit Licy. The newest for Ltd ii Coats and skirts is Ripley s 1 Irle finished so 1t i wiil a will not either Cocker spot a shrink even ii drenched with s. Australian run Whiteb to Don t seem to pet tax Mui a of but we & Ian by Aad byc if ire Wail Long no ugly Withol t . By tiie Bye. Just i change the so be to bul univ i to a moment. Y u it new dress you will want one Liis Suu Mut. Mill you of i oui Cou will. We know this. It s we make ladies 11rkss mat Lilal a nip i Anda a thirty. We link a out them and w to Reata aleut .I.I. i a never Forlie Monu ii Al in.I.I.other than i How Pui Dias cd irom Wilson brige and company the Mie and silk me Krets of Hundle Street Odd site tie axe cum 27�c Marshall s popular list. Bead Ott advertisement and l00e ? at Oitt window show. ? children s Straw hat department. List arrived. Splendid Vail e. s Tolotea i Trow la -. L., to. ?. 11 0. I ii. 2 11. A i 11 l.I.I.run i 1 lick tip Latch Lojis. Wry Strong. 4 .j., it. 1/ Cli Ildren o Faner Oala Ca Straw half -jj., m., 1., 1,0. 1 11 rinos inc Fra Latch Straw Flats vul Livau. 2 11, i to. 4 i 11 Wiite a tar ilits. Bound Edge. S 11. Us. I 11, 3,11. 7,0 bin the White Purl Straw Liat. Neat Lupo. . I i 2 it 11. 4, Marshall s extensive Manchester and household Linen department. Ask now kill of Attr Althans. Team Ifni muslims for Una in bal a Lansing in Birru. Hite. Aad Flora pattern of y 1.1 Ami 1 11 Ard Fri cd Smilon czae. Nair out if Good Calico and Ell nude. 11 pair 72-Incii we.I.I.twill Siu Eivins. Kij value n frikir.ral sati in l.I.I. ions. Ski facial. Pc try p.nurn-. And koo.1 Inu iii. I ii. La Eai h n Imp Liin Ixon Colo Lulu. Lin Iiren Nuiji i. 11 p. R Yard llulljni.-. own for 1-Adi.s . Pc ,13,i Yard. Linoleum and matting department. of latest patterns in and .I.I.Luif in All i vicites and of � ? Nuriu Ioor Ilotti so narc. In one Snerr. No join any in us to order lift. X ill. No. J. W-5 no. -. Cai a 12 it. I 12 it. So. I St -. -1. A Chi 12 t. X 13 it. 0 in. No. I. 21.-- no. I �,0 life. S 1 it. To. 1. 27 0 so. 2, so each 12 it. \ 10 it. I in. No. 1, 32, no. 2, Crk it matting Complete. A Yards Long and it. I in. Wide. 51 length of s Yards each 4 it c in. Wide in. Can ize. Made to order Lvim Lon and c it. Wide. S3, Cali 2 a a plus of s Yards each i. Wide. T9, per 1 the millinery showroom. Novelties. Novel tips. Exquisite . Dainty ii ats. to Rinc a Supert Colln in itch y Itoi Gifun six scially Impo Noj for Niidjlr-asco1 Civ Ray ladies. Larvic common Auer Lizius shapes icon singly trimmed. Prices 21. 25, s6 Carciu children s . Lot Oil picture hats and Grannie bonnets in Fream. Silk. Muslin and Laeo. To very latest styles in drawn wishing silk at popular prices -?11. 311, 4 11. 5 11, 611. 7,11. Us 10,8, ? k.9, 15 6 each. gym hats. Further shipments to hand. Every sort in Stock. Thu popular rustic Cero 2-s 2. 11. 11. 11, a to. 0711 each the Muth Wom utom Cem. 1. 6, 11, 2,6, Tolfe Dainty pedal Gem till. 3, i u, 11, 11, pretty no hat bands for grm. I,1. 3, 6 each i nto assortment of in inned is to select from at 11, 11. 11. Of 11, Sll each. Leg horns. Wide stud i echoes. Brood fitting a Heads. 1,11, to. Ill 3 6. 311, 4 6. 4 11. To by each coarse Straw rustic flops 1,3. 11, o. 2,u Brown Droop mushroom hats 7id �i., 101j., 1,. H each prot to soft White boat her mounts. 3d. Each White and Black wins. 1/. A. 1 Nair. A and Black ospreys us Hussa. N. Black Oit Ucli tips. �., l be 211 new White and roam Ostrich tips 11, 11, 311, to is Cadi. Novelty sunshades. A 1tp.to-Wate lot. One each of the Folia Wing Pink ground smothered with White Ruche w1.ite and Black All Over fouls. White with graduated Heliotrope Stipe lined White lined with Turquoise trimmed lace Cream with two tone Green lining All White frilled Chiffon Ceri All Over frills trimmed acc Liitt trimmed Cerise lined White Cerise trimmed Black Chiffon White trimmed Turquoise ribbon vim with Pink diff on Ruche Black and a bit striped Fulcd Turquoise White and Butk Stripe lined a lilt Cerise Fulcd and trimmed inc and Buck chif Fon White trimmed Black Lait Waik Satin lined Rose Ink and Laceink. Air area Black lace Black Satin trimmed 5 rows narrow drawn Helio trope a Hon. Lined Heliotrope Wilile trimmed Heli Trojie Riun and lace Fawn trimmed Blue Draa a cuff on conic Picot. Trimmed while ribbon parisian plaid lined eau de nil blast and Avite Stripe lined Cornflower fancy toilet soaps. Pc gating bouquet. So. A Box l. A Tuit s complexion old Tablet told Cream and Glycerine go Tablet scotch Oatmeal cd Tablet Vinolia a Tablet Almond a Tablet lieu do Cologne 1,3 to Violet i 3 Hatsuno Ila a 1s mnol1a Percx mrs. A. Vinolia perfumes. A. I2 bottle Violet powder id. And go packet Fuller s Earth id and cd packet up Salve and tube shaving soap. Cd stick complexion powder 6 Box pomade. A bottle but Itrich. Id till Vinolia Cream 9 bottle ladies and children s hosiery. Children b ribbed Casimire to. Allu ool Fie am be feet All sizes per pair Cli Ildren s Itsvo and one Bil by Black of Slimer Hose i Tow Knees sizes 2, i j. I. 6 lid Al 7m. Cd Loid Perl in children s All soul i Ancy ribbed Blaik Cashmere Hose seamless feel 2, 3, 4, a 0 7id, would 11 ii per pair children s Black ribbed Cotton Hose All sizes to t Dyis Tor old it fair children s while. Laii cd Liniere Era Bridei eds a. All sires Ilder pair children s White and Tan Cashmere Ali acc no Artur Hoh. All sizes 1 per pail children s Black Cashmere Dilu All Tizes for 71j la pics Black Isicc Lile Hose 1., 1,8. And 1.11 ladies All Wool Plain Illek Ras Limero How. Mill ski feet. Ideiil. 1,. 1 3 it pair Verj Ravnal ladies All Wal Biack pm unit Hose Lull last ironed with split to ankle 1 to per air ladies Blaik lotion Llo a. Embroidered fronts. Train in to 2 i per air Iitv Plain Beljik Ortlon to _ fast Dye. In cd. Sid. Lud. T 2 o a pair Liidi Yandry i howl Kael live Blaek motion Luw 5m, till to u iwo pair i Wililie i Caslis.I.I.Ilise. I a Inisss ii t. Fast a per pair i Wool ilits. 1/ pair ladies Tisu a la a Isle to i cmdr .I.I.Rcd fronts special value. I la per Jair a guck Job 250 Strong hamper baskets. Suitable for trave1.I.I.- of pm emf Oas liets. Lii own Wicker. In hrs i x v. \ 7 in., a Ual �11 Cash. Itt t i size i x w. X s in., Tifal 12 u Cadi for s 9 Yaeli in in i 12 j. In in., a i Ai 13 i each for 11 i sin ? v ix.I.I.., us a 1 m each for u i Winitt Palm. With Cane handles. Size . Supoj in., Uii i 7.11 each 4,6 Sia us x 11 it in., Unal a. 11 i. F,.r ill .I.I.x i x t in., usual 1- c. Camii. Iov 7 n Cam Lelm in and Lati its . Sitea x id x cd in., Mui 10 i Atli. For 11 sin i x 11 x 7 in., usual 12,6 Caeli. For 7, j cd ii a \ 12 x 1in., usual us Cai i. Tors a men s clothing department. Lien s ii.I.I.Ord Ilai Litu bae Coati 7 to c. 1 12, i men s hairline persian Tiu Sim s lira i a Iuliu Sac . 4ii men i i and Laik a Lindi Nie Oats 4,11 Minn Lii ask Alpaca Sar Toralf. I.I.I. i u Hen s silk a. Loats ,. Mill s Jeniss t loth suits 3 pin Nellis is 0 men s Khaki Sililo. Mia Nua lil 1 u men s All-wo-,1 baits .I.I. Man i Lazr Lim a oals i 11 Rich s All vol Uia Zor Lunke coat. I men Fane Vouhli breast Wii i inc it Rel n g 10 Illi ? men s Ceylon Choli pyjama suit i \ i k, Slen s . Mitrov and Ilab Mclaire suits a i 42. Coloured dress materials. I Amy .I.I. in Cucil a lants 2 11 the n coloured arc. Crores Jorj Cli Cap s3 the dress icons in l any Titock dress Tweed Amible Width 4,6 the dress Buck and White Click dress material 4,-i the i Ancy Wared Soliel Conui. In Blue Brown Green Fawn Greys 5 in uie Grey Fau a ctr solicit cloth exceptional Wear e the dress fancy mat Coral in Silt and Wool Chalk double Width. 13 per Vanl All Wool French voile in Fawn Grey Brown Krecun and Nat ler Ard a Wool Vigoureux. Uus i lab a and Pood Wear 1 ii per Yard very effect it Kanj poplin durable and fast Dye. 2/ s per Yai a ai1-Wcn i French Vigoureux for coat and skirt costumes. 2,11 per Yard fancy Biarritz in Fawn Lirou a. Prey Navy Green for lands orc vol Erin cosi Unica. S in per Yard coloured Fancis. All Wool Thorou Jalily shrunk and uns Pouble 5-in. Wide a a per Yard prints Cambric fib coloured Misuns. We Are now Sii Uwins our a i.I.I.b shipments of the of some of la Tia test novel tics of theoc Asuri fancy prints 2.11 per dozen Var Nice designs dark ground inn Tai wide Width various patterns,36 it dozen Diphl around Cambric All stood iat tems 11 Pel Dor a a splendid line of Good useful washing Cam Brit suitable for blouses to hisses. And Birls ucar. Including some a incr Small neat patterns it in Ulbric Ilia will really a rive Vou Batis fac i 11 per dozen new Cambric in stripes and spots fast lors a splendid washing , Worth by.I.I.Nat ground find China round Cambric fast color various Sci Kirns i 11 per dozen another slip Piunt -4 cat Rte Fol Floral French muslims Tambu Sputa a Itable for blouses dresses in. Pc. 11 11 to Yard Hau column i my Sullns. Bliek arc Nadine Muhi ins coloured stripes 6 per said Klai a Grenadine muslims suitable for mourning Nice Ami Light for summer near 1 1 per Vard swi muslims White ground vul Rcd is ols 1/ a Yard x a sateen Utti Tesic. Into lining. Mantle had costume department. Ladies Black lace Mantle. J Ireilis ?-3,. Fll6. Is. Ladies a landform Black Ijac mantles trimmed let. A c. -li, 42411/6 Lakucs Lovely Black silk mantles Ricilly Iri Momcil. Ai a 45,. 49, s ladies handsome Sionil i coat and skirt cos. Tums. And 4 guineas ladies Black and Navy Serge coat and skirt costumer. Zip 42/ ladies Fawn Orcy Navy and Black coat and skirt costume. 15h, 21/. A ladies Mummer cloth Check coat and skirt cos Luicus 12.v ladies White pique coat and it it costumes b a a buttons i. 2 -. / ladies new Faney Cir on Walliin wrappers in k1i. I. 9. 12. Aladies Sulci our fancy i Pon Wail inc wrap. 1.t-. 15.-.i. 21. 2i/ ladies mashing shirt Lou is. Linen collars and cafes 2.1l 3,11, 4 11, i 11 ladies Blair ..c and White silk Tiari Hajji Blou a. 32 9. Is 9. 21/ ladies while a puked Muslin car Iliardi blouses 3.11 la Iris laity Cambric and Cream car Itulid blouses. 1.11, 2,11, 3.11, 4,11 s and Maida was .I.I. costume11 4 ? underclothing department. .I.I. Utton Gnu chests mud 1- 1 6, l 11 ladies new White Muslin aprons i 1,6, 1,11, 2 11. S.-i1 indies new Alliue Jwj Holland cooking Irons tip. Uil. , 1,11 children i Jiuu Alicd in hats All size in 3 11, til Oil Drin s White pique Button Sun hat 3 1 4 11. V. 11 Izidie a air size Fane Cambric an in Sun bonnets l. new washing Faney undershirts 2 ii. 11. 4 .I.I.11 in div no lieu embroidered and lace Petti. A Al 4 11..I.I. 1u,i ladies new Colun a . All -iz., i 11 i 3 in. 4.11, 0,11 ladii.1 Tiv Cyreine . I i11 s ii. g Lade ii. . . And uni ekers. 1,11. C 11. M1. 4 11. I. s no fancy iii div. And i Liscs. T ii. -. 11. S 11. La.I.I. Loren s sea utitus in ii. Ash Riv to.i.no a.I.I. -.-il, t 11. u. 15-1 and infants White Sun icon nerf 1 11 2 11, ii. 4.11 Marshall s. B e d s t e a d s at special prices. Bedsteads. James Marshall & Coy. Take this Opportunity to direct their customers and the Public s at Tention to an enormous Stock of Superior bedsteads purchased by them on most advantageous terms in England for Cash before the last two to per cent advances in Price were made by the combined manufacturers. The very exceptional terms of these Purchase a the enormous variety and great Quantity of bedsteads places them in a position to offer some genuine bargains in 3beex-so?, splendid variety. ? ? ?. Boost bad abslt1dlv cheap. Magni cent value children s cots and bedsteads at b e d s t e a d s Marshall s. Drapery nil clothing. V so and 22, Hindlet St. Ninsi incr slip.I.I.iils further Lar a arrivals this week. Lad1kr Camit Kii Cost miss with l it Otico Lri Muic a Ambroi cry. 2125/ i Lluc Kij lil Vlku , Llo Dii of. Uni cd. 23/ fancy Ca-muk10 c St mks Gritl Lodi . Sec. I hint i o1tk1xks and piques with a Lou a it lice. Unlined i. 6 styum1 olo .I.I.my slips with.I.I. Inci Jodii. A a. 42/ Fli exch Lutki sat Kos with disc. 47/fi \vash1ncost mrs Wii.I.I. nigh and Tumini u for a pk1xtkd p1qi is. 1s/0 t Amit lilacs 21/ Kim k am White Fyk Ixl la sat to Kos. 25/ Solors. 27/g sky Chick Al zephyrs stylish 2t/6 printed Lawn. Miss i fat us 22/0 Cost me skills in White pique also Black Aud coloured Lustres Cost we hkwt2, in Holland 13/6, 16/9, 21/ fijcm1sii Holland Coats and sk1uts, unlined braided 32/6, 37/6, 39/6 Holland costumes with fashion Able Lodice trimmed embroidery a 43/. Blouses blouses. Further Norelie received this week. Choice designs and in perfect Tilting shapes. Morning gowns. Our Xci Stock now on View. Fancy came talc Molt Ning was Plain and checked Zephyr morning i towns printed Lawn and Muslin morning of Vas White Lawn of Vns. Trimmed pm ? Broider checked and figured silk Tea Cowns Black Pongee silk Tea gowns novel tips in morning and Tea jackets. Summer undershirts. Striped Cambric filled c, 4 a 6, 6 rain zephyrs ? embroidered frills 10/6 coloured Lustre skirts frilled 6. 10/is. L6 Black lust1uc skirts frilled 6, 10/6, 1279. A Larse selection of White Nitshik and Long cloth skirts. Trimmed Torchon 3, 6, 9, 6, 10/9, 14.-1 belter qualities up to 45/ each White Muslin and Long i both skirts embroidery trimmed 6, 6, 6. 10/9, 12/9 Black striped silk under so Loti Superior goods for Best Wear. Little boys Galatea Straw hats White and speckled. Various qualities. Black Broch Silks Black Broch Silks. Another shipment to hand Tai week. Hand orc do Sims. Special value 11 fancy blog is. Silks Elevi styles tucked and embroidered Blouse my skins allover net in Avite fancy Reilio is. .1 fir in a selection novelties in Lack scarfs the new Windsor silk scarfs in Cirei is , and embroidered. kroci1e a Lustres 2/, 3, 9, up to -v6 Yard sicilian alpacas in Black Mirtys Olive. Myrtle Iolet. And Navy. Boys . Tie Xci season s Stock o our Mcclel Intel Umrai Cut Ruino is now to hand. Cut and .I.I.a of Uil to ordered ipod. Little in is is its 111 new a ii.c-. Thu Malvern suit a Prat favorite. To ii lion of to 7 ve. Saju k slits. All -7. Lim Lovli upwards the Lori Olk slits in Wei a and tic isl City ? suit .i.i.-Kci. I. And knit.I.I.a .s of 10 is a per. Yol ills Cambridge Altol ski spits in . Molj.I.I. a.-., .im a buys in men 1 raw hats in variety. Floor Dotoli and linoleum department no showing. All new s1clkcted Patten is in Varsh s qualities. Linoleum. It. Ii of i 4/ 12 to. Vido. In tin follow ins p i- 12 it. Miyare. J7. J1. I. .2. 12 i. I it.,i . A. X a. A. Is. I Sooim Lotus. 0 of. Wide 11, 2/ 12 it. I in in a i minus in follow Vine Pitico 12 it. Iiara. Is ii 12 a. \ l. 11 is 15 it. I Marc. I. Passage i. Hum Lotus. A.I.I. a stuck in All widths j. Miller Anderson co. 20 Aad 22. Hindley St �73c liliputia4 Bazaar Rundle Street. A Gesicke coca bake Sale of baby Unen Milu Nery. And All fancy c jobs at greatly reduced a Wicas prs Viiu to Kobe rung premises. Peace note at Durup Alt rational husio9ss no be carried of at 7j, bundle Street next to Uessie. E. And w. Pack Cut. A Dauen. 207-57 hotels a for Sale to let under this hauling.I.I.Prpa Jis words one insertion i.,1 thai to actions. A i la is. A. . la. Ii a Ril . A., a to hand country business Exchange hotel brokers. . Oia Zix of ail sizes in cite. So Liukas us Cou tev. Cock by a to Ndini pm inc fret House about �7&u also snug Little House about a Ift free and Cir Little Freeli Oul. About �%0 . Suburban Host dmm Home sex Ollease Tal Natica Cash required about �300 City several Cood Hout i to to Oou. Faisitt Tecc unused lot but in. Isic drapery and clothing 9iarti bros., Burliz Ugto House. Are now showing some of the latest and most Correct styles from London in Spring novelties including Coats skirts capes dress fabrics ladies shirt blouses new collars Vest fronts frilling ceilings lice scarves Nesk finishes chif Fons belts cd. Coats and skirts a we Loti i Coak iiskirts fwd .I.I.Thi o i Lyl k and Drill Oats and skik19. L Pilkau cuts an3 skirts co is a mob i what re tic twin cd and liar in a so hits co its lined silk irom in to i us 13/ Black i a Tokaji and coi Pohlid Alpaca Coats Atu ski its. Ots Lincul Tilk. In and ii War a Wostl my a uts in .I.I.to i Itic from til in Len Lump from 11 in c. From 15.-0 in Ulm Kaip. From it.I.I. War i and Uli.I.I.Liu a. Arnm 1? i in a i Iida Marciak. From Vij 0. Sii iat blouses. A. I f. 11 .I.I.i u Nic shirt blouses. .I.I. la. A in in 0 11. We link fat Xiv a pot a visas flu Vii -. Aiali it Tudrej and Muslin Illus of. Minini 3 11 in ii Witk.I.I..I.I.hts. 4 ii. T-5. 106. Up 10 1slut m.i-ks an.I.I. Irno variety in All Lii Lii us Silks a. Ill in our Kunj whip s rip of silk. I. From in. Tin 1.1 -. A. I vast fronts very mar Ort in silk. My in in .Nii a saudi Shaft is Rixo . In Plain is. Jail wow oilers. Virji.I.I. Nairn Eakin Cogings is of Lei in ?2z up smart Fawn coati4t. Virv with Moir. Ivins an.1 . Is so Hal a i Cail a. In silk. Lila in whip riot. And hand Only trimmed. Sunshades. Pc so a snacks. In tout As. And i Anasal. Arrivi Nir by mail Man was. In Abc latest styles Van the most Torr act 4iandlcs and mounting in shot silk. Ulock and Whitt s in. C Liis a silk Simuro. Liro Chc Cliffon. . Jun. 4-v., pc Pri is 311 id cd u. Ladies Straw hats. Rank a har.I.I. All the latest of most popular Alu a shapes a Virv Cruji variety and a full Stu of lir huh Vollins to yrs in ladies jailor llat.= prices from 9j. 10 0.11 each. Keck films hubs. Scarfs can onor moist Stock of jacks. For Iriemi Vimr i acc Collar . Carrau. Oil Orr , in White. In Nin. And butter slides Margot Point Lack a now Law i a Point lie vhf Ltd Law and insertions lir new Altini a Trio minds Lland no pick i jews. For Torii cd coi a riffs Kasai enable -Axu lacks of my Sun awl l a nets Tik Kkt muslims a Ivriy Niiro scrod Ileal los. Wii i Valenciennes instr .I.I. Vav a Point Olirs tie a Sailor knot Iraq at Smirt c0iaab Ettus Tjho bows and St Jarvis Dainty my sex collars and Collar rom Tim in Cal fair in Laco and Muslin sets x i Lik lice scarfs tick.I.I.Riun. Collar and cuff sols a Clio Itu As and Jit of the pm Han Dukk Chiki , fir i lox a lion. ? j.1skn troll lbs and ci3ff5 Lycin in Textcollars and cuffs i Giul Collar Proty Insor Tian collars and cuffs Ijiiio-1 Cox line collars Kour fold Linen cuffs now run Alwn collars. i a Ambroi sred and Laci a it Loach a Linen handkerchiefs tuck i Hanil-cn4iiof Heni-.= Iown tips a own. Cravats made up i ice Iod Kufalk. For Allinei \vin3sor sear Vvs. Ii Offori. In in diaper in Collar an a Cliffy. Draw rim ions Chiffon .I.I. Liinus to 4 o. Tie Stock of Ilic Dine is Eon Stanlly Lucink replenished of Ircel slip men a. Dress goods. A very Larce Stock of new and Ashi Onalle dress a totals in every mock Abl kind of Woollen and Colton i Abric. Upon applied tin pc to Nard a Moat varied assortment of Pat urns 10 Ehert from. Bijek acc pass. Double Width. In Small neat i of Diphl in texture for turn Nejira. From 1 i 10.I.I.Yard Black Lack cloth fabrics. Tick have in popular nude up Over coloured linings prices 0 10 no re Black of us double Width All Wool 1 9 to 2 11 Ard Plain Black u sties 44 to 46 inches wide 1 6 Toii -,1 fan cd Dlack mohair ui5tres. Ill the. do Kirns. Indus Ink spots and fancy stripes h Clack silk and Wool Oryx Alixes in Fash to Wilile skin incl disc spots and fir jirsrii.-s my i la to is la k irk silk Orka Drefs Styli i do sinc Prici s a 11 to 4 g in Black wbk Xii Ciati strikes. Warranted i Ralile do i Iriti 3.s to ,1i Yard Colosey Woollen fabrics Frkich 1opl1\s. In new lion ii tile Lill. I .t-n wide. Inv ail i Vard Vuk Ihk Aix it Atin Skrok 41 in Hes Wije. Ii. 2 .1. Jud -_-.t1 1 Vri Chat ii Ami fabrics Manu lur.v specially for costs and Skirls. 4inc fact . I to Var of a kit Hhd i fabrics. Tweed Efferts. In Fashionto .,1 a unit Well Ali ?. A i Yard i a Check mat Kikals. All Wool very Ejli . For Rio in ,. 42 in. His Irle Jar Nett a cml k fabrics in Hla a id a Licitr. Uwin-1 lilo. Si-., 44 int lies wid. .m 1 to 1 nov. Fancy Ruvil Vilks. Time x \-ill.fs. I Usu la 1 Al.I.I.fur vim 1 u-.. 1 .1 Ord 1 ency Imi , a iii ? ii Yonl Oik am . Silk sir san i tin ii yer a. -,.,.I.I.l i ? . .mimr.ri. In new Laos i. J 11 i..i 1-. I.-i wi.li-. Sills. Shaf.I.I.hex my. Silk. V. Typ ill value. Jul Ili to % 6 i.I.I. ? full Ltd i imn Elk Sll i. For summer dress univ . I i .1 .I.I.11 Yard rot Silksi Oral designs. 2.11. So Yard vim .i, Wallfi Huboi Adi silk in Ivest designs , in. c to.I.I.san is. All Madts. In. And s 0 to ss4- Silks . 1. 1,. In. 2 a and Blini Alft k Silksit. L 0 blk Stripe Silks. 2-j, j 11, Cul Iri i Pon i a silk. All Ude. I sub air .t. I. -. I. Ii White Silks. 1 ii 2,3. Mlrtlfbros., Bolington House me produce and provisions. Toast Mack fruit and produce merchant business a Oduis East Esb uni Kov. Ades Maide. Rudens bubm8ide it duh obm0h0. Goods .vn from tie packed to All parti cd . Al i act.I.I.Bible. Rialti rfcs Lonus a Tiplic j. Tic Only Market oar Dentt Wiio iia is Orivl to the Nailer. Ucil i Tuzii Orange Tret True to name carefully Peel a Ruil and yest bars fold on commission from the a. Viila a . And working men f blocks. By ii to motto Small profits and Quieti re in. Civility attn tin straight and honorable Kalonj Tebuu. Soul Itkis. Terms chm. Issaie Cellaneous wants. In Der this Kading if prepaid is words one insert. In. A three in stations cl Knish by Mou a wive use Suiku re is ere i Itri pliant l .I.I. re Fost no i Hor Iao i l. Bot , ail sic re donor. A try us and a taste Quali a prices Cut it halves to Day at Otto weekly bargain Salk at a glance you know what Yon can Saro Ign Malasig your pure leases wit i values i -?-8 new season s laces. I Kiev narrow lines / a 4m so fashion we for Blouse 1 new fancy malines laces. ? we Baa Tuul patterns usual Vatu pm per go a fancy Cotton laces. A new designs in writes and batters usual value 4idpertfl,-j-�s&sptcial Peice 0ne Penny i a novelties in fancy laces. -. We All 3siakbs and desc options usual prior eld per Yard ?.?.?.?. I &z%�-3sm real torn holy laces and . # special Melbourne Jolt Tirc Liares ? i my will be sold to Day at half Price usual values from 5d to 8,1311sl-Ecial Sale packs. God to 7d Tor 35 ladies White is us Lin aprons. / if embroidered All Over desperate id a alg a ladies White Suslin aprons. ?. I so trimmed embroidered also in Plain full Eize Ubu Alj Bir jump i ladies White Lawn aprons ? ?.a Pulla izes. Eartra Ordinary values. Usual ices a Grey ottoman Satin Clothsv ? ? Ign a Moet becoming material for summer dresses usual Iva ii a up a fancy dress tweeds mrm�3m new checks and other makes Suelue a fancy washing zephyrs ? ? pm by past colors neat patterns Suali Artoe my fancy primed Cambric. Is Mesa extraordinary values season of ladies Grey and Fawn 4at and set ? j a costumes .? lined silk braided. Portion of a Large Melonnie usual Price 75/, by 4ein. Fancy Art muslims. ? feb new Desi is. Usual Vail new Mem Jajw a special valves in White Nain Sook my skins we Nave bought Large parcels in these goods a Pic Iron a Price. Leoffert emt Yat a t2id. Unbleached twill sheeting ssi smut a 36-in. White Cali Coes. ?./. Amsi a splendid cloth usual valued White frilled Pillow slips Kwa we made and of the debt Sau Comy our special pbi0e to Dave of jul Al pm special values in All Depar Mehte the coliseum ? 16 and 18, Rundle Sibuet. F is drapery Hafl clothing unprecedented value millinery Foale s. This hat. Untrimmed. Iii. This hat trimmed 2 ii. In general merchandise. Is Sale and to Akrive a i Loop Situu Ris Iron screws i Short Zinc Kaus Stives str canine Call Flaiz i Iron i Cement Semper Dulcini Lopaic Fenci Sitf wire liar taxi wire win setting steel i roots Iron neg. Post superphosphate gliomas do. Cave guano sewing twines Woolpack i tags Umi laps Ulm sacks Caylor Oil linseed of Hematite paint Canary seed Kollard oals George wills & co. Business Noblea remember remember the 5th of november. I Bee to notify the Trade that i Hare Jun received a Large ship meet of the latest novelties in chinese & English Folk few w or1ts, some of which fave sever before been on Sale in South Australia. Country orders Promroy attended t. Please Send oilers Euly and Buin Best selections on Sale at wholesale picks at a adv file Street and Branch shop at �5, Hor Rilett St Teet. A Way Lee & co. 57, Rundle St. Brandon s Beautiful Stock summer goods now opened Brandon s shoe warehouse y 4cbw bmjae8iat6hd-iv to dumdum Bullet 1 Luve Nipius k smo/6�suo# # my ,tmi5 to ? my 1 fam ask Fob a Bocey Fig t 5t t. �1 Batoog awarded special a filet i Adelaide sho1 i a. Lafe a a a a a a a a a a a / a a \ f-aeleasa9lisf Al m ax9 my of Tad guaranteed Hal Hurri when Tey Bear Tai wbb7 i Furtta Ojess. Foremost Evertine. A the bbh10p neb Mic tube cold Trade i 69, Bank us St beat Adelaide. Mart. Gate mtg in ? 1 Hask East ? by Eiding ? ? ? foe twiet Combine uchtne8s with durability am safety Wito ease of detachment. The Dunlop Wei Atic Tyre co United 19, Fra Kex Street. Adelaide not Melbourne. Sydney. Perth

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