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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1899, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 29, 1899, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping. Or1ekt allowing Stea rower under Kojl on tact. Rin Law Adelaide Lares bar ? dam of the undermentioned dates Lor at oct and los Don. Vul Albany Colombo Ferrara Vimmie tar All Injian Wrt to. Sex canal. Jun Lea marae Pei. And i Bojur ? Okuruz ? 63s7 h. W. A Brett nov. 30 Oheath ? sett j. F. Ruthven dec. I Bau ? 5525 dec �3 oooo ? s�16 b. L. Gare Jan. U Ort Oxil ? $000 Lindsay his Jin. S o&i&u3a. ? 537 a. I Watt t a. & Bova. ? jj87 e. E. Vim Ron Keh. 22 Ophat ? kilo e. A. Wale. One ugh. 8 of trap. ? As j. Linklater . Am Unni Ulf thereafter. Twin Kiev. Cd Popli to Wdon-5ingle. T3i to 40. Betula �65 to �110. Turd Dua. Of 15/, �17 17/. And �13 in cd Austo Colombo Snorie. �21 iou Betm �33 to a. Western Audi Kalu. Fla Laon �4 10/ to �6 thin�2 10/. Tasman i Roitt Ai. Ii Urt ? ? id h a. A Hitoji ? tickets Fiat Saloon Bettea fur1s Are Avaiu Aie Tor ? altars by p. And o. Steamers having room. Masa Gebs of. Green it co. And Andes if flt ahd8rs0b. It 00 it Church Irene. Toll particulars on App tation to k. G. Andersonia Mir i Mara a. Mepua Cream Street. Cjpec5al tbais5 for and visij3 tubs to the . Ormuz will leave Adelaide for die end of i pier at 10.s2 in and 11.48 . On Tush Day 16ch inst. The last Bunch Tor the Shore in leave the Onatz at u0 ., to connect Irich a special brain Winch will leave a end o Ursa Herat. Tun. ? ? 4 p. The o. For Wolc Stefl ? Caza Gsg at if of Kali lir Coder Koyal 1u11 i Tram win Lisp Audi the Potdar Atza Aaen. Railing to. Aba nor. Colombo. Auen. A Tannoia. Gibraltar and Plymouth with a Hertz to tag at Bra . ? ? a Tamera. Flop ? cot wander. I care. Hidu j911 w. . Worcester idec 7 Tombola a. Or Robt in f to a. Ogoki l beens wan. 4 Alcasta a. C. Loggin Man. Is bomb. ? sh5 j. A carte feb. 1 but Oxana s6 w. L. Broan feb. It Ocba a ? a i h. Crawford War. 1 Bau Taska j 65s5 v. H. Seymour mar. 15 Tim a Tor to part said. White. Cable a Erma. Ite Iccomb Dation in Aptt fat and Good Ealo Opl it Umu Iuca. L. Tan Coramae pc to face Ai daubed Here nil i h Norf to took their longer interned Date Lorta of trawl Jse Ficeto ind China Japan . ? Boot of worm t1i-v�r to Nia. Taw a at in Cut current rates. To cd it tars tickets to London. �110 it bus. Tina booing stat Tuhlei. And of Par coun u ?2ssfisn�5&i5ttabsbs so jul Ai Ariy. Colon to 6dez, and Post Tad taxi Ilta Penowi ,. Von Noo a Lyja. 1p.m. ?3ssrtii53r Roy Mutt a or. Skot. � dec. 1 Hook u oba�7. India China itttatataad4wae.mesafibti0ner.jm to �70. . Bax Oak tickets u be mh3htbaieb, . For s55zyar�.tti.tiai/mntra. . Gir a Icib min 1qt trait to to ? 3lj. Jim ? ? sos . Of cent fart film. Kapla. And ctn a. ? ? _ a ate amyl. Tom a Wimet wily. A Tad. . Nehal Jan. M Gabaon Unaka six w. Brakat feb. It. Vlku Lojba. I Law. Bight to car. 17 i b. Maroc Jrsn Ali a a tur apr. It to Al Artw am . Mai Monty from and Alafale a to a Orat Bedoc Loaa on ,vet9rr\pamaca. Liberal. Vota i Onul 4o ii fee ache tron Sroc i. 9ur4 Jiaa to a i cd. Is. Will of i cd or Era to Lara ton . Mutuc and amerlois arts. For freight Poa Aee and ail other Par to Schlatt App to. The f to. ?. ? �wi1ejnid part train few c3asskoebs Anim Tooks a Ade jdc to io60 a. On a Patter Day Tor Thasa end. Arca pier. ? try Lund s line steamers anevintl4vnd tort cd to Loti fam Mel Aldr b Brt j f Atal. Cape town. And London wat goal 4.ffto�. About Janna Iyo. Youj Oolooloo vs1 los. Too dirt 1�iloannia t,�50 toot of follow. Marriam Box. S. 10? to follow. Yarba Wofton 4,, Tot Bow. We fit for Ngen. ? Agac Walt is icon Alt , adelame.pdponpm�. Lomoh Antwerp Dunkirk. She fast and fix powered sew ? Seal Tab South Australia 4.0m Tom. Captain basses will film Artud Tram Ocean Steamer Whart sort Dehu Atabong 15th december Torso ,4aune Carfo Alao Tor Antwerp add . to. George wills &. Ca. Sol Alec a . .1 it elder line of steamers. Fob Lomoly Dunkirk Hamburg and a twerp. Tab fab fix of Webka a Teauey Leitrim 4,k Loo k. Lilt at Capuito. Will be port december Mample time Fob the March Wool sales. For full particular Panl j to Eldes Smith & co., Ltd ? 3o.33 Pon Adseh ka1sba. V 1iamila, Host Kos and Japan us to Ket. Bb1sbaxe, and towns Lille. Win Law a under ? com Uei Kune of Al terms. Dander Bourne. Sydney. Tawata Mabo. Uorca Kov. 33 nov. 30 Keoga Kabu. ? dec �1 dec. 28 ? beat Steamer have Mou Superior accommodation for Paa Engen in All Ali Iris. And Are fitted with the Moat recent improvement. Foil Paru clan a to freight and passage Tram cull Tkatch. Mceacharn. I co. Pop. A noted. ? agent is. Crentell Street. Ltd uric a to sob Pajeau Qader this mov c prepaid is word one Liam Llo. La. Three injection a. To. 6d wanted Exchange Ball bearish invalid s Carriage for adjustable Cane chair or would Purchase. Particulars Bekus p.o., Alber ton. Ss1a5 conveyance and livery notice3. Telephone Adelaide 150 port Adelaide 77. H. Graves & co., Rai Foay and general Carriera ois Toms Douai and Forward inc agents to All parts of the australian go Tocea. Mccoo received for storage. Furniture carefully removed. Firma applied by Day week. Month or tear with horses vehicle and driven. Special attention Given to the collection of Ali monju Longare for shipment or otherwise. Have bag made arrangements with the steamship flip iii oar men Board All steamers on arrival at Large Bay or port Adelaide for the collection and delivery of parcels and lip rage to any fart of the Colony. Bead office. 39. Curbie Street. ? and Over Street. Post Adelaide. Dbapebs1 printing executed on the shortest notice and 00 Benl tanks at the adtest1seb Job office shipping. The Adelaide steamship compari limited fill i Spalli steamers from l Orl Adelaide As i a Almasy Nandita Nira the . .,.% for Reboh Cesa Yiotos. All of Louvik Wabiis Polis. Aka ctipebai.v�. On Jar ouch will of lading. Wollow a ? i Friday dec 1 i 3 Calls Vass i to injury. For Manloo ? i Friday let. 1 Midnight for t-�0k�v and Kett Castle direct. Cargo Only. Our aka ? saturday 1 dec 2 if induced exit. 4sf�&c�m & ill Kkt Kolce. Fob. Post Ink cold Moo . Wait abut am Franklin haj1boe. Ferret ? i tuesday 1 dec s i 3 okts Augusta gklulr.o-, a.s1 t kit. ? a feb Fawe gets and Carso. In so Latou i saturday dec 2 j 4 Cargo must be delivered alongside steamers to noun prior to advertised Lime on Day of sailing. I As Engen tickets issued by Thia Rstom Omny Ane interchangeable with Steinun of the . Co. Between ail Pona. For All information apply to the Adelaide stkamsh1p co., ., Carne treet. Adelaide and commercial wharf ? port Acyl aide ? West Australia. The Adelaide steamship company. Looted the australasian United steam navigation co. Ltd. Jodett Ervick. From tort add to Albany and Fremantle Tran shipping or Efth to Geraldton . Ports and Esperance. Kef Linic of under Wollow a ? of Bidet. December leak xxx ? Friday december & l Aboo ? Friday december 15. Passage tickets . Excellent accommodation for Stock. Lowest rates of freight and passage Money. For full bar Eulars apply the Adelaide steamship company. Ltd., Adelaide and port b. W. Macdonald the a jul. Coy. I Currie Streit Adelaide and Queen s wharf. Tort. Ajj.8.n. Co. Old. The favorite 1 Griea ii Ras ctr Abon line win permitting be dispatched Lor ? paroo of Bidet december 15. Irana Bip at Fremantle. Saask Aarbu Ottar i j Pil Babba of Bidet december 8. Treo received Dally at Queen s wharf of to on tour before sailing. All ticked interchangeable after the first port with the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com Pany limited. For fan and Forf diff Ermir to b w. Wacdoha1vd. Agent. A a tile Eveet Ade Lawty. ? or. Queens Tell vhf. Port. i. A team to a1u.age Settle or a to a tests. Menu ask. Went month. Aul Duba Bivey mob Obowa leave Murray Bridge every wednes Day or Ito Mark Tran shipping at Morgan or Wentworth. Gem Captain h. Eing leaves Morgan every saturday after arrival of Adelaide train. Special Bates Fob excursion parties. For freight or passage apply to a. U. Landseer. Ss1a12 Register Lumbere a Renfau Street. South ask la Marque to a ? Otago jew tailing Early. Awls or for passage apply w. Nam Hurt Chi or Chambers. Currie Street is hotel a. For Sale or to let t0io Mioch Dytrt business exch Anceto ooh Sobeki. B. W. Swab manager.bots1. keys. a Orr Zaneb or a sizes. Couch Jbv first Dan free Bouse about �7&a skua Little Boase about �s00 nut Only lot. Eur Burbal rent data Mam Road stand splendid summer Trade. Be abide hotel. About 26 a comfortable House rent Only 16/ Cood Chance for the summer. City Good family hotel just at valuation five Yean lease several Good hotels. A to . Assistance akan god Fob buyers. Site ? our goods our values our prices Are All we depend upon for securing ail retain ing your custom Hie Success of our easiness depends a great Deal upon our abilities to give you better value for your Money than our contemporaries. Otto premises our our. Stocks Are up to Date in every particular. 5 special lines to offer you. 5 1,704 Yards dark ground Cambric assorted to to dress patterns ? ? i la 1,97 Yards Light Cornflower and dark a i dress ground Cambric ? 4/11 3,143 Yards Royal pub ply bad nil or dross and or Lily coating Serge ? 7. W 43 pieces Bright Black figured Lustres a i 1 1 dress 40 in. Wide ? 4/11 734 Yards electric or Lily and Fawn silk to i dress Anu Wool dress dweebs. 9 . 4 special lines we intend quitting. 4 47 boys Tweed Knicker suits lined through 1 i suit. Out sizes o to 5 ? a 139 pair gents ribbed Blus Serge trousers j i i pair. All sizes ? 11 73 men s Gray and Fawn melange suits �7� suit. Grand value ? i w Jbf Tuii heavy weight Brown moles usual a a pair. Value 6/11, ? i 3 special lines Worth buying. 3 ladies lace mantles trimmed Jet and a each. Chiffon ? Elf of ladies White pique Coats and skirts Jii each. Worth 12/6. For ? wll ladies Cambric undershirts usual value 1/11 each. 3/11. For ? ?1/11 2 special lines we cannot repeat 2 73 pieces 30-in. White Calico a perfectly pure 1/n Doz. Cloth ? ? a l. 2 Yards wide floor cloth painted Back ? Yard. 1 special Gigantic offering. ? 1 173 pairs ladies Patent court shoes sizes 2 to 6, leather heels and Stoat Solea being 1/11 pair the balance of our immense Job Purchase. A if you wast advertised to Day mildly come or write at once As you know we arc a Waytt Selling and we cannot Promise to repeat t Fie goods at the Price. Chas. Moore & co., 70, 72, 74, 76, gouger Street. ? shipping. ? the Howard smite line. Leave How Aru Smili s by half s3 follow Raune taboos permitting Albany. Fk1chatx,b a Elbourne Sydn Liy the Castu Bris same Kasai Bocok Gina Stone attn Dabeke Lockha Ottob Mackay to Wen ca1b1ms i Talt Llong Las a. Gibb. J1onuat. December 4. A swoons Carso and Stock. Benin Yong weds Suay november Sal 4 Pas senecas an Carca Buk Istok Orace eds Thiouf to Queensland without transhipment. Wa1aaboo / thou sat. Cargo Ennst be Dittl cred lob kid Awamura not Las than one Bour before adre Nispa time of sail return tickets Are interchange Ali 1tb the steamers of Hesss. Huddart. Par Ker it co. And Sicily Baitis. Urea churn. And co. Coal ban Cring at Adelaide. Melbourne or port Spiric tide taken at and time. Wit. Ramum sir sri a Sims Popa or astr. Ltd 21% Kliing will late a Trot As Lavalda ? ? and Kolh Yanule. Port Ari Uio. Csc Mcilwraith Mceacharn ii feb Fri Takt. Mkt eur will dispatch the follow Lar Paa sender amen drum instances a Bahy 1 Coosaia unix Rem anti / a Okay december 11. Tranate Romb a is bib Haubt. Abb Xvi Don and All a. To Kab an i Broom. Dills &1 Liitt Kote Batum tickets Are interchangeable with a lesbos. Howard pm Ltd son and Goddart Par Ker a co s Termen. W. R. Cave a co create a tweet Adelatde j. A Huvos a 30m. Port Adeis . Of Huddart Parker & go. 1 . Kill tfx try train port Adelaia in i u is i Nemesis Freha tie f of Bidet. December 6, Ingarra i noon. Tekal Utun j in Kougl b1u� of lading to Petta Bevurn tickets interchangeable with mall wraith Ucac Ani & co. Prophet air limited sad Howard firc Ith it sons proprietary. Limited. In j. Fowl a . Site West Australia. Joint weekly service. For the convenience of ship Pei the Onden lined bar a Bah okd to bub tas following steamers at Reod Letb . Gabilonda . .?.ir.�a�i� i monday dec u. Ancion. F monday. Dec 18. j monday. Dec. Is. And regular it eur monday to Krefter. Lowest fable and freights. Bed by tickets inter Cuba Rob in. We. Boward a Mth a Mot Thopy. I to. Mceacharn. It co. Phopy., is. Add debt. Parker u co. I boat Ltd. ? Mje j. Oldie As. Ceres win be sch a. Jlas under to Stansbury Era jul tvs and 6atubday, at &80 a ajn., from Eta Buby every Mon Day leaving 100 -, and thursday Leav ing 3 porn. To Post pc jest every tues Day at &30 -, from port Vincent every wednesday leaving 10 an. 36tc ? a. Lemmess Dieb. Secretary. _l-g.=t. Ts7est coast shipping co. Afm w for Eluston. A timer Lilue Hawkins she will sail wednesday 29th inst tag a a. & e. Lemessurier. Port Adelaide. A esders Are invited by the undersigned until a noon of thursday. December 14, or the Purchase of the paddle Steamer Kes Nedy As she lies at port Adelaide. No tender Noces Sarilia accepted. A. & e. Lees Urleb port Adelaide. 33ls.5.9.42 Marshall s Bead All advertisements then read the following and look at our windows for prices. Marshall s. Marshall s great lace department. Beautiful skin Cipun Oderies Luil depth of the skirt the Handso Nii is patterns in sat Valen Cic incs lace and tucks very Good and very i Cap 6, u for 3.11 Yard Lack Zobka. Lack Robes. Charming . Blia cd skins and3 Ards of embroidered material for bodice lace costumes a Tor 33, each Lacr costumes 80/ for 47,cab lace costumes 110/ for s9g Cadi there Are b Only in All of the above Beautiful costumes. Real maltese lace goods. Just opened a line Alyson mint of scarfs Kinchus sets Pla Strons collars Mats and handkerchiefs in aide real maltese goods. Handkerchiefs from 1/ Cadi scarfs from sol each Fascinator from 15/ each sets from 10/6 Sec 2,000 Job neck novelties a manufacturer s lot. Ladies scarfs ties &r., to Day we. Each ladies scarfs. Tics a to Day 1, each ladies scarfs yokes 4c, to Day 1/3 each ladies scarfs yokes fisches to Day 1/11 each ladies scarfs ties yokes a to Day 2/11 each. Clearing Sale of phonographs graph phones. And Ger nine Edison pm Only 4/ each. Edison stand and 1 Kono graph Complete with records in to dear �6 15/ Edison Home Phonon Kali Complete with records &c., to Clear id Edison up King motor l to of graph com plete with records a to Clear �s2 10/ special graph oppose Complete with re cords a to Clear 50/ Columbia Kapu Opyoke Complete with re cords a. To dear �5 10/. Send for Ca Taitogue. Linen department. Fancy Uken goods for Xmas presents. Beautiful hand worked Teneriffe drank Turead linens Yues tray cloths to cloths runners fringed of yuck 3d., a 6d. Each applique o lies 4 id., oid., ted. Each Torchon trimmed Olics lojd., in. 1/3 each fringed coloured Border runners 1/ each fringed coloured Border Tea dots lojd., 1/ each Large damask cloths with red Borders fringed very special 2/ueach embroidered Pillow Shams 3/11. 4/0. 5/6, 7/0 each ladies embroidered handkerchiefs sid., 10 d., 1/. 1/3, a 1/11. 2/6 Ach men s clothing department. 9 men s Simk in Sci Bac Coats. 4-/0 to 12 j men s Itou Bli by Clit Bat. Costs 14/6 men s hairline Alpaca Sac Coats 7/6 to 12/6 men s hairline l Erslund Cord Sac Caj Uja. Vlj6, men s double breast hairline persian Gold Sac t Uil men s Tirey Serpette Sac Coats us men s Black Surgette Sac Coats 12/6 men s Grey Alpaca dust Coats. 12/6 men s Black Alpaca dust Coats li/6 men s All Wool Tennis suits patterns 15/6men s Flannelette Blazer Coats 3/11 men s All Wool Blazer Coats 12/6 men s All Wool lounge Coats newest 21/ men s Khaki suits extra Quality 12/6 Lien s Flannelette pyjama suits our own make 4711, 5/6, 6/6 men s Ceylon cloth by Juna suits 6/6, 7/6, 6/6, l /6 men s fancy double breast washing Vest. 8/0. 10/6, 12/6 men s White Xan keen Coats. 3/11. 4/11. 5/11 China Glass and electroplate department Xmas and Dewyea presents just bought Large stunt it traveller s samples,. Ware All the latest novelties. . Cake baskets 21/, 25/6, 27/6, 30/ 35/ . Butler dishes 17/6, 22/6 . Pickles 12fi, 15/ . Crumb trans and scoops 35/ . Anu mirrors 27/6 . Ai.ivor Date calendars from 5/0 . Hairpin boxes t-/6 . Gents slaving mugs and brushes �9/6e.p. New Patent cheese Holder 25/ Al. Letter we Mehte . Pillar candlesticks 15,6, is c. . Children s mugs 6/6, 10,6, tj/6, 12/c . Pepper and bait cruets b.6, 12/6 . Salt cellars and spoons in Case 12/6 . Flowerpot holders with pot 12/6. 20/ . Smaikl 10/6 . Puff boxes lb/6, �2/6 . Jewel cases. 21/ . Soap boxes 12,6 . Mustard pots 12/6 . 1 cups 12/6 to 50/ . Snoe lifts and Button Hooka 12/g . Biscuit barrels 21/, is . Tua Sros 35/ up. I Trinu cups so 35/, . . Iii 25/, 27. 17,6 . Us shins butter coolers 42/ . After noun teapots 22/6, 25/ . Afternoon sugars 22i. 37,6 . Afternoon Kovanas 22.s, 37/6 . Afternoon slops 37,6 . Jam spoons Ivory handles 6,6 each . Pickle Forks from 3,11 to 14/ please Call and inspect the above goods All samples and splendid value. Straw Bony sett 13 pieces Sll set filters filters filters 5/9 up to 37/6 1 is Peix dessert set 75/ for 35/ just opened. New shipment dinnerware shapes various colors 54 pieces 47/6, 63/ 70 pieces a .10 Lnor Wilion invited to see the above. Marshall s furniture for the cottage the Villa the mansion. Solid substantial artistic durable and at most moderate prices. Well made sideboards with Bevelled plates �3 3/ dining room suites asjs&lbms1ssauejss drawing room suites to Choice d �8 15/ bedroom suites in Light or dark Woods comprising double door wardrobe. Toilet table with Bevelled plate Birble washstand Towel rail and 2 chairs seven pounds ten shillings �7 a a bedsteads bedding toilet Mcabe chairs. Incomparable value incomparable goods at Silks. Novelties Kob summer Wear. Xmas Bou Silks 1,3, 1/c, 1/11. 2 a 2/11 per Vard sinus dress Silks 1.11, 8/6, us Sll 4,11, 5/u i a Jard Niks for decorative purposes 1/3, 1/6, 1,11, Loi or a ?. -. A la a Wiful Large of ski in. Silk or co crass Cus Jio is of Renora Ling i Dordo a quil in Sanns Plain Silks and Floral designs 1/11 per Yard loi7ur aids we hold a full Range of shades in Jap Silks. 30, 22. U in. Wide 1/3, 1/6, 1.11 per Yard wore Silks for Holiday costumes and Glouas wiil Waji Well stand Rouglin Wear and retain their , 10id., 1/. It 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1,11, 2,3, s/6, s la 3/6, Sll per Yard the latest i Ariton erase Usab Silks in Plain and Stripe to match so in. Nid. 3,11 and 1/11 per Yard boxed cos. To lot is Yards of washing silk 6 Yards of lace and 6 Yards insertion 12/ the Robe. 1 Oti Black Surah 12 Yards of Fin Rah 6, Yards of lace and 6 Yards of insertion 50/ the Robe would make a. Lian some Christmas present. A Ruperh Chico of Black Silks showing for the Christmas ? Trade in Surah from 1,11 to 5,11 Merv ?.- to 6/11 faille 2/6 to 10, los Galinus 2.11 to 10/ glories 1,11 to 4/u and Many novelties that we have opened by the latest in glib mail boats. Foulard mks in Nav and White and Blackland a Lite in Ihn a qualities 1.11, 2,11, and 3,11 we have marked. Them to dear for our Christmas Trade. and 1/11 per Yard 27-in. White brocaded Jap Silks full Ranee of patterns a ii per j mid vol and Cream up sucks 1/11, 2/3, 2, Sill 3/0, 3/11, 4/ti, .11, and s/6 per Vard 24-in_ 27 in., and .18 a. Wide washing Lilouse Silks 1/fr, 1/11, 2/6, and 2/11 per Yard. Xmas at iia Boball s. Gents Felt hat department. Value unequalled. Gray and Fawn Terai hats Good shape with pug Garee 2/11, Sll 4/u. 6/11 Rcv and Laws Terai Mats latest shapes with pug Garee 6/3. 7/6, 8/9, 6 Fine White Straw hats turn brim a splendid Bike hat. 3/1l 4/6, i/0, 6/u Panama Large brim Sun hats m., 1/, 1/11, 3/6, to helmets helmets any shape 2,6, 2/11, 4/11, -j6. A/6 Straw hat department boys Strong Check Straw hats 6i, 3d., 1/, 1/0, 1,11, 26 boys White Purl Straw hats newest shapes a. So. 1/, 1,--, 2/6, 3/c spfx.1al reductions. ? youths and Mevs Straw hats. Fine White Purl Straw boaters twill Silkette lands Good shape Worth 2/li, 3/11, for ud., 1/, 1/3 White Cotton washing hats 1/, 1/5, 1/11, 2/s, 2/u just arrived our xxx Sample Straw hats. To be sold at half Price. Children s Straw wat dept. Just akk1ved. Unequalled value. Splendid assortment. At Job prices. Fine speckled Galatea hats 4id., 6d so. A s. Fine White Galatea hats Satin bands Babette ja3r2 avd Matteis i is a. 4/u Large assortment of Sample hat. Thrown out at half Price. Excelsior dress department Black fabrics. Tetlack figured Lustre in All the Mason s Lut cml and last permanent Black at 3/6, i a drs 1,1. 1/s, 2.3, 2/6, 2/11, 3/u per Blick Sercus. Summer weight in Cashmere Serge coating and a Tamene res at , so the in 1/1, 1,6. 1a�. I. 2/�. 2 s k. 3/3, 3/0, 3/11, 4/0, 4,11 per Yard Blank i s Vei ung. Cice Donaj values at 5/3, fill the j/6, a. La. 2. E by 1 Black striped and figured lace cloth a per in Coly Cool summer unas combining All the dualities of a i Nadine Rich in Noniah and fast colors double Width. 1/9, 1/1l 2/3, 2/u, s/3, 8.11, 4 6. 4/1l Yard All Wool French Poppins these arc so Well known for their us Rhine Wear and permanent Black at i a i i 2/11, 3/, 4/, 4/11 Black figured Delaine Chese Are in Small Pat terns in silk and Wool always a favorite owing to its Good wearing qualities Graceful draping and Cool summer fabric 2.3, 2/6, 2,9, 3/11 fancy figured Drom fabrics in All the latest designs elected Pic really to meet the require ments of the Cupric uus australian climate at 1/6, a. 2/3, 2a 2,j, 2/1l 3/s, 3/6, 3/11, up to 7/6 per Yard. Sunshades and umbrellas. Important notice. A e have just opened several Lota of ladies parasols which Wen bought Job in the London Market. We Are Selling them at the following Verv special prices ladies Wiite parasols in great variety at 2/11, 3/11, 4,11, and 5,11 fancy brocaded silk parasols very Choice Quality Only each fashionable Black and White parasols in various designs 36, 4.11, 5,11. La and 10,0 pretty striped parasols All Rilk Beautiful Colon a real bargain at 7/11 each a grand lot of of silk parasols 2/11, Sll 4/11. 5. 11. 7/11, 8/11, and 10/6 a Dainty lot of fancy sunshades suitable for Garden fetes races Carriage use ic., not two alike sunshades with the latest handles 4/11. 3/1l 6/11, 7/6, us 10/6, to 21/ drapery and clotting. 0 Lious coloured Woollen fabrics. All Wool French Poppins in fashion Able Bhadti. 42 indies wide 1/9 to 2,3 Vard Vrle coating and suiting fabrics Minn fractured specially for Coats and skins 44 inches wide. 3/6 Yard Vigoreaux coating Serge 44 inches wide 1.11, 2jc. And 2/11 Yard special value in Tweed effects fashionable colors and summer weights 42 inches wide 1/0 Yard Black and White Check fabrics excellent value. 44 inches wide 1/ Yard fancy French voiles costume lengths Only in Grev Fawn and Black 39/6 each fancy Check materials All Wool very fashionable for blouses 42 Inch a wide. 2/0 Yard blouses. We arc showing a very Large assortment of ladies summer Ulouse in various colors and St Tea Light grounds with Blue Black and Pinx Stripl a detachable collars and cuffs 2/11 each a special line in spotted and striped Pat Scroi in All the non Cost slip pcs and most stylish signs with detachable White collars 3/6 and 3/11 each the popular White pique blouses in Mand 4711 and 7/6 each. Trimmed insertion with detachable Collar and cuffs Sll each coat and skirt costumes in the newest and most stylish shapes such As Chesterfield double breasted open fronts in in White pique 15. 25. And 28/6 each in striped pique 16,6 each in striped Drill 17/6 each in Holland trimmed White braid is/6 and 21/ each ladies White pique costume skirts us each ladies Holland costume skirts the newest i Lopes. 9.11 each. Special value. A varied assortment of ladies coloured summer capes in Grey Fawn Blue and Black Light weights trimmed braid for 12,0 each Christma Bazaar ?�a3r Burlington souse. To give greater facilities to customers who visit Uruu Niton Bouse during the weeks preceding Christmas Martin Bros have opened a a a payment especially for the display of their varied Stock of glassware. Clil aware stationery. Perfumery toilet soaps toys books and the infinite variety of other novelties of attractive Duracher which has been specially selected by them for Christmas presents. Every Effort will be made to Raa Tain the Burlington House has gained for Christmas displays in past season and in due course win be announced borne very novel attractions which arc sure to meet with appreciate iii from the thousands expected to visit the Christmas Bazaar Burlington Bouse. Millinery. Laditi Sailor hats. In All the newest and most popular shapes and straws 00., in 1/3, 1/0, -1/11, up to 4/11 each a most becoming trin med Sailor hat the mar Low in die popular japanese rus Caiu Straw trimmed corded ribbon bands 2/11, 3/g. 3/11, 4/6, 4/11, 5/11, and 7/6 each a special line of Sailor Ila is in japanese Straw exceptional value 1,11 each the Good Hope a very smart Sailor hat in japanese strut rim Iod Crane and Black carded bands and Pearl buckle at Side. 3/11 and 4/11 each a Broad brim Sailor hat in japanese and jumbo Straw Lor girls trimmed Creme corded Tivod 211 and 3i each. Of special value Are the allowing becoming Bolero shape mantles in Black silk and mat Classe. Beautifully beaded trim leu uce and Black Satin ribbon. These goods have Beta Verv heavily reduced As we desire to Clear them right out before Christmas 3tf, for 27-6 4,6 for 2�6, 5�/ for 37/b, s4/ for 59/0, to for i 0 3 Only three Quarter length bark lace man1i.es silk Linc a Yoke trimmed Black Satin ribbon 40/ i div jetted and braided shoulder capes in Black Over coloured bilks 35/ for 10/, 42/ for silk Jsse and Jet shoulder capes trimmed Goft rred Chiffon with Floral silk linings 63/ Lor & a Musun zephyrs 27 inches wide 7/6 for 4/11 Doten fancy uus jas. Worth g d., for 4jd. Yard fancy muslims. 27 inches wide 7/0 for 5/11 fancy muslims Worth 5/6, for Sll Dodo White Silks spot and fancy Ocane. 6 c for Lill dozen White la a Stripe skins 27 inches wide. 5/0 for 3.11 dozen Wool mixture Delaine 27 inches wide Lold. Tor 7w. Vard Cami tracs. 31 inches wide special Price. Sll dozens Ift finish Cambric latest designs. 31 inches wide. . Lor 5.11 dozen fancy of Eliric prints. 29 to 30 inches wide special Pec. 2/11 Den unas Ort a lines in fancy zephyrs. 2s to 30 inches Uirl. Fc.6 for 4/11 dozen Martin bros., Burlington House. 32c Mia Kweitel Srur pm use cot paper 3i� pattbw8 of bresse8. Hub a Ltan Les. A cot in a bal Boznu Leif Fernt sizes with i Lustra b9b j Milan Arddin Taoda. Journal by a i sported id., including free a g pattern renew posted 2d. Is. Address Harris & Kemp a Hab a Ottwill 22, Arcade. ? in Sines notices. ? ask your grocer for Ixl Bacon awarded special prize Silver cub Adelaide show. Tax to o x Jobu Elsec 2aaid7x2b3dkw Frodo a Lor Sale and wanted. Under this a twin if prepaid. Is words ohm ? i Seroon. 1/ three insertions. 2/6. ? a. Walled to Purchase 10 tons of prime hav lose or sheared. John Hutchins and co. Currier. ? it acted to buy. Eight or ten uns Hay to � � be Deli Rcd at Walkerville. State Price. Apply j. M. To Jeu Scantey-St., . ? \1tanted, about c tons oaten Hay delivered Vav hide Park. Gawler Lime and Cement com a Way Monib St drapery Aad so and is Hindlet St. Slimmer shipments another special shipment of British & foreign goods Many novelties and scarce lines. Just opened from mail Steamer. Now of View in the various departments. Ostrich Feather Boas in Grey Grey and White natural and ail White from 19/6 to 63/. Novelties in ladies Chiffon bows ruffles collars. Ficus. And scarfs. White Tamboure net shaped ovens kits from 29/6 embroidered Blouse muslims Tuc lied and embroidered Cam Brics and mulls White striped and Fig Redall Over nets for blouses Cream and twine Guipre piece laces for yokes. 4c. The Puritan Linen and lace Collar and cuff sets shapes in indies Linen col Lars and cuffs All sizes Scarf nets. Wiite &c., 9d. Per Yard maltese lace special value from 2/9 to 15/6 each a grand selection of Valenciennes laces in White. Cream a Guipre laces and insertions Oriental laces All widths in White Cream butter and beige from 3d. Per Yard up to 5/ Fine Swiss embroidery edgings and insertions Best goods White pique embroidered Robes unmade shaped skirts White pique of Osime a kiwis from 9/0 each. A shipment of embroidery linens in 40, 45, and 54 in. Widths one Hundred Blouse lengths. New Silks a special bargain at 2/11 and 3/11 Yard. The Windsor Silks in Black Broch designs 3/3, 3/11. Lace curtains. A Large shipment showing in White Cream and Ivearl very Tine designs from. 7/6 up to 5 Guinea a pair Madras curtain muslims in Cream and cifors us to 2 Yards wide shades in Blind Holland. J. Miller Anderson go. ? Adelaide. Foales great co operative Coupon remnant every wednesday morning tooled the remnants accumulated during the week. 6n spent 14, 16, 18, Brown St 132, 132a, gouger St closed to Day at 1 o clock Llic Shierlaw & co. New shipments of boys & youths clothing. A Large Stock of durable Aad is eau a totems to select Irma. Trousers suits 13/b, 15/6, 17/8, is serve Sailor a ii Soi. & 9, Garhent suits 4/11, 513, Sib a tend for Hla Antel priv Lut. Post frat. As ii Ilene Stock of gents Blablo Nible White Straw bats like ship heats of hat3 and Cape Ai lowest be iced. 16 and 18,tll\dlev-St. General merchandise. On Sale hoop Iron Pic Iron Surara Sheet Zinc fails Suva galvanized Iron Anent Semper Dulcis mania a a fencing wire barbed wire wire netting steel droppers Iron Inq. Post superphosphate to teas . Cave guano Mcvine Twila Wool Pada to oboe in abb1ve Urc tags Branzai cossacks Castor Oil linked of thematic paint Brillian Ashiae Knam Eline Canary seed rolled Oata drapery and clothing. Wilson Brice and co., 114, 116, 118, bundle St., Adelaide Ake offering a Verv Large Stock. Of Holse Holu drapery in their Wash goods department. Imported direct from the York St kept flax Spix Nix he Faist. Urine ver Cha ills locked in our lines Dupai Mikut we shall 01tkr the useful and absolutely articles in every House hold for Sale at special cheap rates. The Low prices that vill be asked for these thoroughly reliable Quality Linen goods will make it Worth your while to come and Purchase. Spec1s1ek prices herewith. Extra heavy double loom Cream table damask Width 58 in., Price 9id, Lold 1/, and 1/3 Yard ., to in., Price a 1a 1/6, and 1/9 66 in Price 1/c, 1/9, 1/11, 2a and 2a Vard ., 72 in., Price 2/3. 2/6, 2/9, 2/11, 3/3 Yard Avam anted All pure Linen of Superior Quality and All selected designs. Superf1xe hand loom 1tush damask. Sun bleached pure White All Linen. Some particularly Choice Pat terns including Snowdrop Border spot Border Trafalgar key Border greek scroll Tazza Spray Shamrock scroll Primrose foliage &c., a. 30 different patterns to select from wad 63 in., Price 1/6, 1/9, 1/11, 2/6, anal 2/11 Yard Width 71 in., Price 2/6, 2/9, 2/11, 3/0, and 3/11 Yard. Full 6 it. Wide Price 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, to 7/6 Yard. Breakfast and tier napkins. 250 dozen in Stock to Selert from. G size Price 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, 4/1l to 11/9 per dozen 5 size 4/11, 5/u, 6/9. 7/6, 8/6, 9/9. Pure uses afternoon Tea cloths either in Plain Linen drawn fancy veined or embroidered aze 30 x 30 Price 1/8j, 1/9, 2a 2/6, 2/11, 3/9, pure Linen table centres and sideboard cloths. Size 17 x 5 in., prices 1/61, 1/11. 2/6, 2/1l 3/6, 3/11, and 4/11 each frilled pillowcases Price 1/0, lace curtains a special line in White curtains Price 1/6, i jul 2/3, 2/6, 2/1l 3/11, heavy ita Ocab Tain. In White Cream and two tone of the very finest Quality 3, 3j, and 4 Yards Long prices 5/11 8/1l 7/18/11 9/11, 9, -t2/6, no to 25/ per pair. Over a pair in Stock. Wilson Brice & Cor. For in the household drapery line. We give Best value for least Money. Try us and taste our Quality. 27-in. Grey Calico Price i he. 2/11, 3/11, and 4/6 Dissen 35-in. Grey wig an Calico 3/0, 3/11, 4/6, and 4/u dozen 36-in. Grev mexican Calico 3/11, 4/6. 4/11, and 5/9 dozen. White Calico and Long cloth. 35 in. Wide Price 1/1u, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, 4/1l and Sll dozen 36 in., Price 3/c, 3/11, 4/6, 4/11, 5/6, 5/11, to 8/6 dozen 36 in. Fine egyptian Long cloth. Price 4/11 5/11, 0/6, 7/6, 7/11, 8/6, and 10/6 per dozen 36-in. Mada Polan Calico very Fine Long Foth for ladies Wear Price 4/11, 5/11, and 6/8 the dozen 36-in. Grass bleach Coronet Calico. Linen finish Price 4/11, 5/11, c/8, and 6/11 dozen ? unbleached Cotton sheeting either Plain or willed. 54 in. Wide Price sjd., 9jd-, lojd., and 1/ Yard 72 in. Wide Price Lold., 1/, 1/1j, 1/4j, and 1/6 yard80 in. Wide Price 1/3,1/4and 1/6 Yard 72 in. Fine mexican twid Price 1/, 1/3, and 1/4 Vard. ? bleached Fine twill in Plain sheeting. 72 in. Wide Price 8 a lord 1/3j, and l/4ard so in. Wide Price a 1/3, 1/4j, 1/6j, and 1/9 Yard 90-in., condensed twill Price 1/6, 1/9, and 1/11 Yard 90-in. Pure Wigan be Cine 1/9, 1/11 Vard harness skins. For drawings cur ? gains a in either White Cream or cof fee color Plain ground with spots sprigs a Price lord to Ltd and 1/3 Yard double Wodtli Tasso re Hollands pure Irish Linen these Are in great demand this season for ladies dresses a. Price 6ld, 7id. 8m, i0r Llyd and 1/ Yard Snow White surplice linens and embroidery linens for blouses and ladies dresses Price 1/1, 1/3j, l/4i, 1/6, 1/9, and 1/11 per Yard White and coloured Plain Satin drills Price of 8jd, 9w, 1/, 1/3, i and 1/6 Yard coloured fancy Satin drills in Navy Green Pale Blue Buff and Cream grounds with spots and stripes 4c., tx., Price 1/, 1/3, and 1/44 per Yard Oxford shirting a great show of 50 different patterns warranted fast colors Price 6w, 8jd, 9jd, and 10w Grandille Shib gangs for cricketing Tennis boating a Price 8d. 9jd, and 1/ Yard Ceylon and China crepe Blou sings very and pretty with silk stripes Price 8d, lord i 1/3, 1/6, 1/9. And 1/11 the Vard a very Large assortment of tucked Nain Sook muslims some with lace or embroider others tucked All Over Price 9td. Had 1/0h, 1/2, 1/3j, 1/6, 1/9, and 1/11 the Yard ladies if you Are interested anything in our line correspondence solicited. What you get by patronising Wilson Brice & Coy. A thoroughly sound and reliable article at a moderate Cost. We Post patterns free on application to Wilson Brice and co., opposite tie Arcade in by Tedaus Street. 331c drapery and clothing. Our Little prices Are Attra Tim ladies trimmed Canvas Harts trimmed velvet and Feather at Side. Iten our Price to Day i i i each. R ladies a wet pit hats trimmed White band. Usual priv to ? Price Tomb Mai ill Boa i ladies White Pisa trimmed hate 1 ? ? Bat. To Saal Price 7/s, i. Price Tilv play Elf 2/61 fancy let an silk ribbons fsr Baunii or Sank Wear. White moire Omada with trip to Bibbio vet pretty i our Price to Day lid to of a bus our Short pricks reach Tail Wui i fancy Cream Milr Nery ribbons be Alao Tor Keck Wear Tunal Peciu 1/ pm Yard ? ? Price to Dav. Fancy Cotton lace a Good in Alithea. In we inca Canna Ana ? Batten. Us Antalne to Miido i a. Our Price to Day fancy laces 7 tall Macri Poona in Whites Cream and Shillam up to 9 in. Id Width. Usual nine from 7jd to / per Ard. Our Ariceto Day we never go below Josm limit of goodness in % Quality. Roadster tyres c0a8antce0 Fob i smooths. Ekls goal satan re Only applies to roadster bears re Thi Trade Mark. By Sone genuine with Orr it. 0 the of Flop pne0m4t1c Tyre co. Of Australasia limited of a Kux Street Adelaide. Good to web Tubac Good . The Best Lyrea Are Imiolo Heedly they Seiko Quick in action. Reusable am Cap Able of w1tm8tandinc plenty of hard Riding. On rough roads. The Dunlop pneumatic Tyre co. Of Australasia Imu cd a. , Adelaide and at Kalb form Bradner. Forth Brabaw. And Corii Church.

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