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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 26 1913, Page 1

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Adelaide Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 26, 1913, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia to kist to i o c i a Happy figure Cowes stocked by All Lenin shipping. 0rient line Boyau mail steamers. B3 Lmke onto to Mab ular at fee Mast. To prof to til Cidia a Para . ��1?1 rbo0nt b. J 0.0� l�oj3touatoiugjrjt. Jan. 9_ Avo to ��.1�d Otway. A i Anasto ii 0mit 11.12� Kava " is see i. Symor no . . . L�aqtmt�?,,h., feb. 6 mar. So apr. 3 apr 17 May in. Orsovai. My a to a 8w the abets. Vav Hobart roote to my. For a Lamb. Bend Whaita Herb mowed. Mutable " . A v / �1\wi retard a set. I is 18/ way/_2j_ Fidney and bus base it pm a Clyide outer Barbar a a ask the i a Birdall Xor-o.�vf8� tool saturday j my u .tliereaftr.v,. ?pfictoiier.f3/ to aft of -�2fl/.ta x9-j0/ ,r ? i m Aifiti i with tace Otte Matt Paev it l 4.n�i see Marion apply 2 a Kroc Mia of 1$ tout Chota. And eur bomb. J j fat s a for and be oped bal0o5s1onl�. . Leave. E.g.liewelunlb�cb . T Afao Paba Deb Kurt deco1 jao.15 ia.-�, Marali Merj maritime. Ii � a to Tan a am . I ii j Waw i ii i i i ? l i i i i. ? a i ii ? i i j j to ,. Try a Serif. tit told risk Niini 7jbdiyfltt Board outer Harbor. It Jaffet urn Lott. V Mon Claas be. _ betob.4 i 5/.s i and c1 single . � sri Cla. From �15. "okbo.spedal5 Holivy Bema ticket a Irith a xau Lio. B-0t�te fun a and 8eco�4.8al�oa bet Ora a a mall Kentera. U Adelaide and . Blue funnel Une. Gene Adelaide. 00ojm-&djaide about �. rep Pard Ftp stat i ? ? a Tor the6�b Adelaide of tue of Cine boo vember to rate a Oon Rolf ii Yorks flirt �v4tobk8hibb air Star tier apply strip Frig Tiht Adelaide steamship company. Limited a for Rapaich. Steamer a actually As Der Tom j pert Adelaide arcu matinees permitting. Albany and Foeman shipping for Perth Geraldton All Bort Wert ports and Singapore. Wandita 7,785 sat 1 nov. Is .-, dec m s . Queensland port " wollow8a -j.l.taes. I decs 3 30 a. Wandella 7,785 Fin Ira. Dec. 11 j p few. Steamer twin screws Wirrie telegraphy. Fort and Accord Saloon and peerage paa��2e2. So Dey and Queensland ports . Camera cargo Only Thor. 1 nov. 27, 5 p no i 1 v a j _ i West coast service vul Ron Broh. Str aet a frat denial Fowler s bats . Wednesday nov. 26. 9 kill ton Venua Scales Streaky bats. I j and Carawa. Is to prot i saturday i nor. �i9 a Steuder ail from oar Aerial wharf on it vital of 8.48 . Exr sea from Adelaide. No i cargo received after 8 . On a Alling Ccu Erv Ucb. I largest Steamer a the Trade. Oin Lincoln frown Jet Jar to is a i Touby Arno Wallaroo Gofel Neill of a Hinca tuesday dec.-. 2, i ? it a a a cowm2 Nortoff srhoj. A investigator thaw Tor. � 1 p a Boms vat of Varile Apo germen Pirie. Joii Dowie Turbo of Tea Day to Dee. � 5 ni., Star Renai tooth few Jpn Wywie Vic-1 mfr Rik. Nai Tummy a South North Taudt la weit coast Porta except a conf to " �r1 a t. A Plum wh1 Mer. Inter state companies subject to Pond hip. Is Adelaide Stea Ushie co., umsted of Tiff Adelaide and up orc Adelaide., of re xxx Adelaide steamship company Ltd. A Dithal Yghi v it in Tail twice a week from coir Dertle . Rotary every wednea9ay. At 9 tags go bet every a tardy at 0 no 1c\vinodr�hbt3roa every monday Irskay fat noon. " _ 7\sing�e/-6/tretara Edo Ding meal. F�iata�3 fit Adelaide team ship boy. Limited. _ "2 i a twice a week. � � a Ivo Zuffa satoadat�,�pjb., direct Barbo Taba wed Exray � .ib., via Edita Xii Kote monday and Taja Daytro leraditt/&j3dricidk Booma ladies lounge. I a mfg a Lam ret twi i i Nerti be Meela. , 11/ return meal Tachi. Agil in v .1 j " Fly fatal it freight. Nwe. I a Vav via a 0 � a Vav Wren at iii Iai s-.,.r Tinderra 10,000 no1 1 interchangeable Wiff. I Jat a �. re a second dts � steam ties with other ii tar estate comp Joe subject to Coo. Inte ton Rapp Slastion to a v railway. a a this company s i steamers in aft a Colin pm. A a a a a a ".-. " Lek Wilby at reel Adele idea Vav. A in it Lawaide a. A a Josz it i Ecil. .-Rscr�w� b�t3rd�c.�9 Tel Prooea. Katoomba. Karoo la. Katoomba 4.p��nv. 2j0.fp.ni. Trip iii �30 re for 6tdxey.-.- Hhd Olieen slam Ali i heart baggage Muat be alongside at lab Khodr Attr err a of sail a i Titi for 1 Flam trial i attn to " ". ? i ?. A ?. A in vac bit a a a a anti rid Bei id leter Able after St tort c4 to enter Bute Tomo Anle a conditions Alee trainable on Applina i spa Cal Adelaide Ftp Ade tide � Lii i of Batra Mucea Charife a proprietary United v.? ? y Ivas a to son port Adelaide. And broken Hilj 877e v�f��.8airu, 2 A of Liania i january 3, 2jav-.- and /. Thursday december l8-. P.m., sailing from j 7s--� by i Queen s us. Weer Ali erred agents. Melbourne steamship co. Regular passenger service. 1 Kaunda Albany i toes., dec. 8. i , j tots., dec 8. Omita Albany. Pitted with wireless flirt Saloon and thud Das passengers Only. Ample space for refrigerator cargo Tran shipping for Perth and to w Porta. Melbourne. Is. Dimboola Sydney. Monday dec 6. Newcastle. I a Kaunda a 3ioxday. Dec �. Tran shipping for new zealand and Taama lab ports. First Saloon 3rd claim. Single return. Single fremantle.�510 6 �816 g �313 Melbourne. 220 3 to o 110 Sydney. 3189 �60 220 Saloon tickets interchangeable with other inter. State companies subject to conditions Whick May be ascertained on application. Splendid Stock accommodation. Melbourne steamship co Ltd port Geo wills pc Cov limited. Passenger agents no �3, Grenfell Street. Adelaide. Edwin crop Ley. Broken Hill f _ 8c australian Oriental line g s Yuill & co limited Manila China and Japan via Zamboanga. Thursday Kamand Queensland . Of Anusha trom Dalgety wharf Miner s Point kidney on december 9. Also Taiyuan. January 10. For full particulars apply town to . Is web Al shipping. White Star line tiie largest vessel in the australian -.de. J the Fine t.. Ceramic is 4si Tong will Lea a the outer Harbor on 5ui March 1914. For Bubb a Cape town Plymouth. And London one class passengers Only. Special attention is directed to the j�agnd7i of Cut accommodation on this Steamer Roomy Ana Well ventilated Cabins immense deck accommodation. Gymnasium swimming j Baths spacious lounges and smoking rooms wireless telegraphy. Ice fares to Curtan and Cape town from �13 15/. To Plymouth and London from �30. Through rates to to York and Canada from �25 5/. / i cargo booked at through rates for All Continental ports new 1qkk. Yorkshire centres. A latest facilities for the Yamase of fruit in Cool Chambers for met life particulars apply to _ Dalgety 4 cqmpajt1, looted ?3231wc_ Adelaide and port Adelaide. ? Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Imperial japanese matl China and Japan via Brisbane ."towssviii.e, and thursday Bland. Steamer., tons. Com. Melb 1 Sydney. Tango Maru 16,0001 Yoshikawa i nov. 19 i nay. 2 Nikko Maru Takeda dec. It dec 24 and every four weeks thereafter. Fastest and 3�ost luxurious steamers in the Trade � special through booking to. A part of , and Europe. T All particulars from _ Mcilwraith pcs Anharn the of proprietary limited agents Adelaide. 27ua c via san Francisco. To All american ports British Isles a continent. Cd Lent to atom a look a Rob and " Papeete Tahiti. Ker. 2� dec 27 _. Jan. 24 Aorangi feb. 21 Aorangi. To Mill. Moana. Tahiti. From ". From . Sich. 21 dec 6 Jan. 2 Jan. "30 feb.f27 due Friaco. Dae 25 Jar. 22 feb a mob. 19 cd. 27 api. 1 and. Every 28 Days thereafter. For particulars regarding passages and freight a pay / � \ Union steamship co., of-n.z., Ltd. . Limited agents. V. L 20? "register1 by drags s Grenfell Street coast steamshipstl1mited will dispatch froth port Adelaide As under circumstance permitting i. Edithburgh.-warrawek., 9 , wednes Days. S. Returning mondays. Freight prepaid. ? american River Salt jetty Kopola r30 . S �. . 9 ., thursdays re $55� ,s2&i-Vi saturday resuming mondays. �jp0rt Vincent Juno � times keys. Re Lonimer " wednesdays. Kooring Tori Dir .1 Tanting same. Wool bay.-rwarttawee.�va.ra., saturday Sanro Only evs., wait arrival of pc an. Train Iron Amu cute Al Paris and. E/48 a. Expat for West coast Szefc Vrca. Orts a Lncoln. Kirton Point and Tot toes. Tumby Arno a liar ighe8 Moonta and co Well rwandan by thursday j 4 pm. Waits arrival of 3 n. Train from Adelaide. Freight Tumby Salame � a1. Lemesurier. Seo try. Gem navigation co., Ltd. For Wai Kerie Loxton. And Renmark i the Steamer Ruby will leave Murray Bridge every wednesday at 10 30 and from Morgan. Every thursday at 7 pin. For above places taking passenger and cargo. For Renmark. Wentworth. And. � i f " v Mildura. 1 the Ellen will leave Morgan every tues Day at and the Gem every saturday it Pitfor above places taking passengers and cargo i �.fnrther.pariioulars, from / Gem navigation coltd248foac, Oren feh Street. � bold s Lese of River Steamer in limited. Weekly a 5sexger"�nd. Cargo service. The new Steamer Renmark leaves Murra Bridge. 10 tuesday Morgan 7 , wed Neslav. Arriva at Renmark noon i May Setaras same evening " " Cantor consigned Arnold should go into the railways two cays prior to departure of boat j particulars of fares and freight. ,. Soiu Aie James Bell . Dort Victoria Minla Cowie Luckaby x Turton. Lewis sails thursday freight prepaid a. Fucker Portal t�0rt Wakefield Percy sails this Day. A a. & Lemessurier i. R. Flicker port. I1 a j if Wellington sails this Ardrossan Wel ing �v1-a. E. Limes Strieb port. S. Souther from next Yorkjr expected so. 25th. 1013 consignees Are requested to pass entries promptly Bills of lading must be presented and freight paid at our port office before claims packages landed in bad order must be pointed out on the wharf and Etc United in the presence of the Captain and Jill claims for damage Hort de Verv rendered prior to departure of the vessel Thor will not be recognised. All goods impeding discharge will be landed and stored at Consig nees Risic. And expense. Captain Jalland will not be responsible for any debts contracted by Crew without written authority. _ elder. Smith & co., limited Oil of Melaide and porn plants and seeds. Protect your fruit. Bird netting Bird netting. In Large Small Quantity electro a Senate of Lead 25 per cent better than the Best Otter Matea. E. B. Cox & co., seeds men a Corner Rundle St and East Ter Adelaide. 43cx40c Hunter River Lucern. Canadian wonder Beans. Aster. Balsam Zinnia seeds. Tomato. Cucumber. French beams. E. & w. Hackett. 73. Rundle Street. Adelaide 542x00 a insurance companies. Aachen and Munich fire insurance company. Established 1825. Funds exceed �900,000. The undersigned having been appointed agents for South Australia for the above company Are prepared to transact fire insurance business at the lowest current rates applications for agencies in the suburban and country towns invited. We. Haughton & co. Lowic Royal Chambers Currie-St., Adelaide. Guardian Assurance co., Ltd., fire and exceed 61 millions. South australian b1anch Board. Hon sir Langdon Bonython. , Pirie Chambers p1r1e-Stbeet. Adelaide application invited for agents. Good term for live men. Susita. C. G. Back. Branch manager. Business notices. Draper b print i no executed on the shortest notice and on Liberal terms at the sdyeb3538bl Job Ebitt a orcs. J James Marshall & company the shopping Centre where the people org negate bundle Street and Stepheng place. Summer gobs. Models in hats walking dresses boots and gloves. Also novelties in Christmas presets and toys. Bright and Lively Munsie during the Day. Grand opening of the children s theatre7 performances to Day. � " Brineff the Little ones and amused yourselves. Lados gloves. _ ladies suede Lisle gloves. 4 Button with Broa stitched Beck in Beaver. Fawn. Grey. Black. And whitc.l/6 pair ladies suede Lisle gloves. 5-Lontb. In Tosa orc Chi pame and White ill per pair Lake it vex gloves. 3-Lencth. In tubs to. Yellow. Grev. And Black 3/u ner pair ladies Elbow length Doe skin gloves in White. 6/6 per 5ffl. Ladies Elbow length gloves Fine French Kui in Champagne fickle Russore. Grey and _ White 6tl per pair x. Ladies 2-dome Sid Glove with stitched Haeft. In Chi pame Fawn and Black. 3 11 per pair Beautiful Robe los goths to Day. 20 Siik embroidered voile Robe lengths Lovell Shadow work full depth of the skirt. 5 cards in each Robe. White biscuit color special 2b/ Bobe. 2s Lovely Cieve Robe length. Silk embroidered in Cotton. Crepe no starch required when doing up cd Ems the goods. In Iwhite. Biscuit Bis Cuit and a. T Yard length to Day for 35/. T. V 53 hand embroidered japanese crepe unmade Robe All Skut and bodice beautifully embroidered All to match All in White. 0 cards of material tenth each also embroidered Collar and Raff Peck a 17/6 each �2 Only Vera exquisite voile and crepe Robe leists. In Wlate Only. Beautifully embroidered full depth of the sort 5 Yard in each Robe length. Heavy Nch work a Vecial to a 39/g each ask to sue these special Robes at the lace counter. Mill Sery showroom. Lov la Fruh Millie re Flowers pretty poster. Small Bude. Dainty Flowers new trails. 6mall Flower and ponies. A treat variety once 6�. 9d. 1/. If shop x ". Fine Chip Ard real Tagel hats All smart Sailor and new drop shape. . Champ. Black and Colon paces 2/11. 8/11. 411. 6/11. 6/11. 8/11i ?. Real leghorn an tuscan bats All new shapes paces 2/11. 8/11. 4 10. 5/11. 6/11. 8/11 up \ Beautiful White Panda Ard Panama hats 3/11.4/11 5/�j. 6/li. 18/11 us. Just arrive smart and stylish ready to Wear Hail Chic millinery for smart every Day Wear. Hats of. Terms Golf and Street Wear. Price 4/11. 5/11, 611. 8/11. 10/6. 12/6 no smart Hatam Chip. Tare leghorn and Panda and Panama for girls. 211 up special in girls and ladies White pkg to. Linen and corded silk hats. 1/11. 2/11, 3,11, Climmi s White pique hat 1/. 1/ff. 1/11. 2/6 Jost arrived novelties in Milliner Flower Ostrich mount Lan feathers. Real out novelties upor Christmas presents at the Haberdashery have just received a ver Choice Range of electroplated and Sterling Silver novelties with the australian coat of arms in Silver Gilt and enamel on each article Electroplated cigarette cases Gilt lined 11/6 event " Nimatuj p�h8, 2 in High 4/11 each Era set it . Lam cop emt a Wpm Tankard Wim Doe handle 13/8 a. Email Silver miniature Goblet Ebony sad standl.fjo/6. A Waed te.""u/6 do , bandlesjs/6 a Large sited do., with two haad Ltd 16/� these Are manufactured and imported specially for us. And Are exceedingly Choice goods. Stuck. London Pafch Suejet stated washing Silks in Navy. Black. White and Cream ground with White and coloured Striper. The value of these Silks is 2/11. We Are Selling them at 1/11 per Yard. F " see our another special line we Are Clearing. 40-Izr. Radium silk m two bade of Saxe., to shades of Grey., electric and Black. 6/11 far 4/11 per foulard these goods arc a highly mercerized they look like pure no silk Sid., kwd., 1/, 1/3,1/6, l/8_y�rd we Ari. Offering of cry special line in coloured poplin very m Cream Saxe Blue Champagne 1fr�wieux Bose revs White Brown Blank spent Price 5/9 the dress Beautiful colared-8pa6gejclotns very much worn this Eca in double Width 41 5 cards will make a frock 1/lj, 2/6, 2/n, 3/3, 3/6 intr Vard v t i l of japanese crepe a Eolours also in White re quires no ironies searching save a lot of labor logd., Lylse Yard Rich coloured Cher Woys double Width very Strong and j Wilt of car Well in Browns Saxe blues Cimfe can Page Navy Black and Cream #6 the Dak a. � \ like department. Lovely we verses Ike doyley3, 8?d, 10 1/3, i of 1/9, 2/rsjeacfc �. \ new venetian Tsoi Itra cloths 5/6, 7/6, 9/6, 10/6, 12/6 each. Lake flyable covers 14/6., 16/6, 18/6, sl/6,i27/6, 32�6., new Venetia i ask spam covers/,-3/6, 6/6, 8/6, -10/6 each 2=3358? New table jew of , 2/11, /6, us per Yarr f a �3&a new ?m.7/6s�a10/6, i2/ 15/6 dozen in. L Ladi children s ladies coloured bordered embroidered 2/6 per to. i of a ladies fancy cart wolof a and Kechte a 1/6, 1/1l containing three handkerchiefs Chad run Soj a Xvi set catch ef3,.v2�1i 4m, cd. Each. So ?.1 f ladies ,v,gls3�f kid boobs pump sales peace sip a. Pair c irs 1�1j�flic and Ico lore Canvas shoes pay air ladies self Cap Stout Seawri Isolet Price 8/�1 a 1 air gent Crockett & Jones aft Yace kid shoes welted wojtes Ciban Jirels special Val once Jien s Beady to Wear department. Prepare Tor Henley of Torrens. ? cat ate f Cricket �ten�7--�d boating troopers men%wpjtej.1�s3p,-.spec�l value 2/11 my Volt a -in4ias" so with Jan military pockets ,�9/6, 21/, ?"s/6lj25/. A in men a suits quoted collars and Fourl military pockets 21/wf3/6, 25/,-27/6men s lounge smoking and Blaser Coats with Cord and braid edging. 8/11, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6 men s pyjama suits in All the latest cloths 5/11, 6/11, ,7/6, 8/6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, 18/6, 21/. Glen Coats special make 12/6,iw/6, 15/6, 18/6, ,21/, -25/, 29/6, 35/. 38/6, 42/ men s summer washing � suits a a sues special fit ,-21/, 25/, 29/6, 85/, 38/6, 42/, 45/, 50/, 55/i men s Lustre Coats in Black Grey and stripes 8/6, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, 18/6 juvenile boys and youths. Clothing department 590 washing tunic suits in ass Merrilene. Tus i Sorette and tweeds to fit boys from is months old at 5/6, 7/0, 9/6, 10/6, 11/6, 13/6, to 35/6 f boys scout suits in Russore Merrilene ass Galatea Brown Holland and summer tweeds size 0 to 8, to be cleared at 0/6, 10/6, 12/6, 1�/6, 17/6, 19/6 the suit including leather ? Belt boys Norfolk Marshall and Cote Wald suits in Best washing material and summer tweeds sizes 4 to l8, at 10/tf, 12/6, 15/6, 17/8, 19/6. Up to 59/6 the suite Sanchester department cheese cloth for doors and windows 6jd, 7jd8jdtl0 d.,-l/, 1/8. 1/6 Yard sinned ticking for doors and windows 86 to loss 1/, 1/4j 42 in., 1/u-, 48 in., 1/41, 54 in �/11, 2/2, 2/6, 58 in1/6, 1/11, a 2/u Ard 72 in1112/6, 2/11 Yards oiled Linen bag Sid. 1�ld, 1/6, l/lvi2/s �/6 each nlshture�5 Case 1/, 1/6, 1/9, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 each a Brusti and comb bags % $. Work bags crash 1/6 each _ shoe bags 1/9 each t Cushion tops tapestry loid., 1/, 1/6, ,1/11 each j a of japanese chair Coli tops 1/ for 6d a " j copies All colors filled Kapok 1/rate by copies 1/6, 1/11, 2/3, 2/6, 2/11, � 3/1v 4a1, 5/11 each face Cus Mois 1/1, 2/6, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 6a1, 8/11, 10,6, 12/6, 15/6, 18/6, 21/ up Coloreo bedspreads 5/11, 6/11, 8/6, 10/6 up flags id. 2d., 3d., 4dof94, 1/, 1/6, 1/11, 2/u Marcella a quilts full site 801, 10/6, 12/6, 15/6, 18/0, 51/. 25/, -30/ each 50 single Larcella quilts special for to Day honeycomb quilts single 2/h, 3a1, 4/tl, 5/u, 6a1, 8/11, 10/6, 12/6, 15/6 each Horroc Koscs White Calico. 36 in 4a1, 6711, 6/11, 7/u, 8/11, 10/6, 12/6 dozen mad Polam 4/11, 5/u, 6/u, 8/11, ,19/6, 12/6, dozen f Long cloth 3 ii 4/11, 51, 6/11, 8/llf 10/6 dozen White twill sheeting 54 in., Sid., 10u.� 1/ 72 a lord 1/, 1/3, 1/6, 1/11, 80 in., 1/, 1/6, 1/u. 2/3 Feather pillows 1/11 each t Sommer shirting Cream 3w, 4�d" 6jd.,-8w. Lojd., a 1/s chairs the strongest and Best Amie. The chair a Comfort Wear and Good appearance. Folds fat the of take is made of wrought Iron and painted a pleasing Ossie of Green. The Afa Sood seat is neatly shaped for Comfort. 1 priced to Day 7/6 each. For verandahs Lawas gardens Sec cannot be excelled. Hotel and boarding House keepers will find this an Ideal chair for Balcony use. Bamboo blinds Cane and sea grass lounges wire blinds Complete stocks of All summer requirements now show intr a. Our furniture warehouse. As write a and doors. James Marshall & boy. Complete House furnishes drapery and clothing. Please note the special line at foot of this advertisement. Something new each Day. The Stop a. Noted. For uniform Good values. Men s Mercery department this department being Over. Stocked we Are offering special lines suitable for summer and Holiday Wear. A " these Luces Are All new " t goods an blare genuine reductions. Fashion shirts. 8 dozen White grounds thread stripes stiff offs. 3/6 for 2/11 12 dozen White and Grey grounds with Bim Black and Grey stripes a/6 for 3/11 9 dozen japanese crepe Gauntlet ? gaffs in White White Grousd with ,-s/6 for 4/11 / 15 Dozea Oxford and Zephyr with Gauntlet cuffs baht and dark grounds 7/6, 8/6, for i i., ". ? " pyjama suits. " Lightc weight fun ". Nelette 5/6 for men s Cambric and Zephyr ,id/�.for"-8ai, Oil men s japanese crepe �$5 for Sample silk pyjamas. ,35/,-for a. ? 27�63�/ for a mor 35/. und Wear shirt 1/11v for 1/6 Panta 2/6 for 1/11 ? t Balbriggan underwear shirts -2/3 Iov Fyrl Pani 9 for 2/6j x j. ". Woven underwear. T shirts 2/11 for 2/6 pants 3/6 for 2/11 Knicker drawers3/3 for 2/9. Fine All Wool. \ shirts 5/6_for 4/5-pants, 5/11 for 4/11 Knicker drawers 5/6 for 4/6. Tennis shirts. V " 20,"dozen Plain White Mer a cried Collar and pockets 3/11 3/6 10 dozen Plain White Mer Cerise collars and. Pockets 5/6 for 4/6. Silk shirts. Japanese silk collars and pockets silk bands 11/6 �. And 15/6 for 9/6. Men s half Hose " so dozen Jaegers fancy half j a ""Hose,.2/6, 2/9. 2/11 pair for. 1/11i 40 dozen Plain and fancy a Black ail Wool half Hose 2/ pair for 1/9." a i handkerchiefs. I " White Irish Lawn 5/6 dozen for 4/11 stitched Irish Lawn 6/6, 17/6 dozen for 5/6 coloured Excelda handkerchiefs 9d. Each for 6d. 1/ each for 9d. T Plain White japanese s. handkerchiefs 2/6 each for 1/11 2/11 each for 2/6. Initial White mercerized is " Celda handkerchiefs 1/ each v " iforl9d. I v braces. ? Samson 1/3 for 1/.fancy braces 2/ for 1/9. 3/6 i for 2/11. -.,. 6�x-"s�spenders. A easy catch 1/ for a. Bathing costumes. " " 2 piece Canadian Cotton Bath \ ins dress bound edges Blue White Cardinal 2/li for 1/11 2 piece Canadian Cotton Bath ing dress bound Blue a site Cardinal 2/11, 3/6, for 2/62 piece All Wool bathing dress Brown grounds White Blue Gold edges 6/11 for 5/11.see our Island window for All lines advertised we should like to show you these specials. Feglar 50 dozen ladies seamless Cotton Hose Tan and Black 10y2d. Pair for. 7y2d. I this line will be supplied at this Price for to Day Only. Country customers will be supplied if order be sent bar first Post after Dej Yerx of paper. Drapery and. Clothing. Foy & Gibson s Xmas fair begins nov. 28, 1913, with a grand display of. Toys dolls books and useful Christ Mas and new year presents. Good wishes for the new year. Were you too late for the Xmas mail there is still time to wish your Fri eras at Home a Bright and Happy new year. Last mail sails november 27/ will arrive in time for new year de livery.? a Large assorted Stock of new x ear cards to choose of new year and Xmas cards assorted. 25, 6jd. Pkt. 15 Superior cards 9d. La extra Quality cards 1/3 Pkt Aew year postcards m Good variety let us Send you an assortment. Xmas cards with. Adelaide views Pkt. Of 6 views and envelopes 9d. And lord. Boxes of Superior cards and envelopes with assorted Adelaide views 1/6, 1/9, 2/3. 2/11 Box. This is just the thing for sending away to your friends. Don t Forset that the last mail for act year closes november 27. Artificial Flowers. Be have just opened up our new Stock of artificial Flowers for decorative Pur poses. These Are beautifully made and arc a splendid imitation of article. Poppies 1/3. ? 1/11, 2/6, and 2/9., Rose sprays 4-jd. And a each. Trails 1/3. Quisle by. Spray. Sunflowers "2/6 Large Spray. Tulips 2/6 Spray Dis Tinct colors. English Lilac White Helio 2/, Large Bundi. Iris m various colors 9d. And 2/t Spray. Begonia., 1/3, 1/u. 2/11. Extra Large 3/u. Halve 1/3, and 1/11. Water lilies 6d. " and 1/3, iii yellow and White. Acacias. A in yellow red Pink Helio Ana White. Scotch Thistle 2/. Cyclamen 1/, in White red and Helio. Grapes m Long trails 2/9 a new shipment of that interesting Pic Ture making game. Pictures and How to make them. It teaches the children to draw. Box contains l8 perfect models of animals Trees a houses � �se., two coloured pictures As guides 12 outline Pic Tures As guides Pencil Ana 6 extra sheets of draw Rig paper All for 2/11. Can make hundreds of different pictures with them. Buy a set and try your artistic ability and amuse the children. Pictures after Weirts outlined can be painted if desired. We have Only a limited Quantity for the Xmas so now is the time to buy and so avoid disappointment. Bargains in boys clothing. 150 Strong Tweed Norfolk suits assorted dark patterns suitable for hard Wear usual paces 17/6 to 22/6, All sizes at 10/6 boys a typed Linen crash Coventry suits sizes 4,to 7, 8/6 s "to-10, 9/6 11 to 13, 10/6. Juvenile tonic state a new lot a a design sin English and australian made it tos Roar tvs Fly tet 4soi Way in Chi 8,11 and v-8/6. Boys. Stromer Tweed school Knicker dark pattern tvo 3, %2/6, � to 7j 2/9�8 to 10,3/ Jerto a s/3. Bargains in men s clothing a. Strong Tweed working trousers All Good patterns special Price 6/11 each better qualities 8/119/6, a tip a a. V " suits to order. In thut department we Are showing a finer Range of patterns than Ever before. Goods suitable for the summer and holi Day Wear m australian English and scotch tweeds and flannels from 55/� to ensure prompt delivery we Are making full array go in Nee in our workrooms to Cope with the Christmas and Holiday Trade and will be in a Posi Tion to turn out a stir within five six Days from Date of order As before. Bargains in men s shirts. Crepe lounge shirts turn Back soft cuffs White Linen bands Well assorted Pat terns full Cut Well made shirts All turned out in our own Fae tones special Price 2/11 20 dozen Light weight Flotte shirts with Collar and pocket regular prices 2/11 and 3/6, special once 1/11 each men s Ceylon shirts with turn Back cuffs White Linen bands m a very Nice Assort ment of patterns special once 3/u each. Better qual fac 5/11, 7/6, 8/11 men s Woollen taffeta shirts with turn Back soft cuffs and very neat designs 10/6 each. Fashion shirts in French Cambric All the new Black and White san pest. This Quality is usually sold at 5/11, special greatly Worner now on. R Long silk Pinon Abies " � that tasteful dressers will Welcome this Cool Dainty and for wearing Vals there is Nat the align test doubt _ t we a glorious collection of silk Ninon veils " unit ceilings in our Well stocked Vei Hng division. Scores of boxes of this popular ve�insjaj1 Yon to choose from in All the fashionable colors of the Dayi in a Walitt i paces that must Appeal to All smart economic shoppers ? s a 22 m Rich silk Ninon xes having 11-in. Hemstitch Border High it Cellenti values at the Price. Colors to select frans1. --""v3p " x a c5hampa�nb. Brown _ Navy. R Shantung � v a Rosens \ i Light Saxe 3t\ a mid Saxe � Light Grey a 5&jp mid Grey " Violet if Lime " r also " White f j3iack- cart 22in Hig Grade silk Ninon veiling with Jin. Satin fax a i to ted Money newest of Oder All colors Excepha gamer i adiffifflttilfi22 Silk Ninon vein go. With four self strip for Border very " shades excepting Lime Price Only 16 Yard of heavy silk Ninon ceilings 22 a. Wide Border of four Ortw str. Ery effective colors pretty Saxe Light Brown mid Gre a Isit excellent Quaty Price 3/11 Yard tto Tiv of 22-in silk Ninon Veals 21 in wide i Yards Long i Taj an tit the newest snadt2sj Fine Grade 2/6 each l j t a &rviis8 is i also in a. Heavier weight 3/11 each. T a a Piffl s fashionable Suk crepe of a very Fine showing,.of Beautiful soft silk Crep Towi Rikkii with wide self Border and two strips Good weight. Irett Juie affix Pasez Are Nebo. Brown Navy Moss also Creme Whiten Balej 5 " Ninon will be worn extensor by tins season a dain1y4u�aitorwty�v _ 2/11 Yard we net Vei kegs a Lff ? a few Abe Here sin a t y go edit variety a i-it�jf$8&t� length -b1ack a in Miaad we real haiit5 itches Udo Al 22 in Long Clr s Toj a tip i /41 vhairingts.-1 real hair nets in the turban Shusi Ful the Poncev 6�d each. � a ,/5fe�� fringe near in real ? hair fines Jade goods All we pest m medium size j. A. ? Large size i. � a i & Sjef Large size m Grey. To. Of no re a silk turban hair nets with elastic Strong make aus Shade a dozen special line 5 for 1/.-, t j j. I l j a stylish 45-in.miall�vei� embr01deri�g. When you Are in the store to Day visit our embroil i Waw est orca to show Yon the latest 45 an ? now Selling Beautiful goods my a ni3stvattraciv%ngeoi, 3/6, 3/93/11, 4/6/4/l�j Frh 7/6 Yum Roll vip Fri 4v&& Saleswoman i arc new aet11iuiw-v to v parents Boboul Dobring their children in to see this prtttyipeet�r10 before the great Christmas jokes place. No charges. Its Frei the largest up showing of Low priced Soffia " ii Vav Christmas gifts in endless varied a in the magic cd be ? for-1 " r the Best value / in. Iced fruit Flavoured sodas " ice Cream sodas and ice Cream v visit " v our All White american soda Fountain. " a is & the Bio in " iii

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